Chariton County Courier
25 July 1902
Donated by :  Madeline Reese
Cupid's Capers

HAYES-PRICE On Tuesday afternoon of this week, the 22 inst., there was a quiet wedding at
the home of Sterling Price, a few miles northwest of this place, which on account of the wide
circle of friends of the contracting parties, will be of interest to very many of our readers. The
groom is our esteemed friend, Benjamin Hayes of the Forks of Chariton, and the lady in the
case is Miss Nannie Price, widely known and admired in this county, and some years ago, and
for about five years just past, the occupant of the positions of housekeeper and manager of
Missouri cottage in connection with the Industrial Home for Girls, Chillicothe. Only one or two
of very near personal firends, besides the family of Mr. Price, the bride's brother, were present
when the vows were plighted and the words spoken by Rev. Franc Mitchell which made these
lives henceforth one. After light refreshments, Mr. and Mrs. Hayes, started at once for their
home, where a few of their neighbors had prepared to give them a hearty welcome, and which
unfortunately the writer was prevented from enjoying with them by the untimely rain. The
Courier wishes to lead their hosts of friends in congratulations and best wishes to the happy
pair. By the way, how did the papers get the idea that Miss Nannie was going to Virginia?

The Criminal Calendar

Lamb Bradford, a female of Ethiopian antecedents, was arrested Friday on the charge, preferred
by J.W. Green, of being drunk  and disorderly. She was arraigned before Mayor Edwards. The
case was continued to July 30.

Sylvester McAllister, and Blaine Dewey, who derived their hue indirectly from Africa's torrid climate,
were arrested Sunday by City Marshal Tisdale, on a warrant sworn out by Geo. Wilson to the effect
that they had robbed him of some money in the alley in the rear of the saloons.  The accused were
escorted before his honor, H.A.Wheeler, justice of the peace, who ordered that they be lodged in
jail till  Monday. When the case was called Monday, they were discharged, as no one appeared to
prosecute the case.

"Charlie Parker's uncle" as he has come to be known in this community, the gentleman we wrote up
a week or two ago, a confidence man who has been making his living by claiming kin with well-to-do
people, and making them entertain his claim and himself until he could borrow a little money from
the , pending the receipt of a draft from Canada or some place else, was arrested Wednesday in
Kansas City.  Sheriff Veatch was notified at once and before our paper is in the hands of our
readers, the venerable and respectable looking fraud will probably be boarding behind the bars
at Chariton's free hotel.