22 November 1895
Chariton County Courier
22 November 1895
Donated by :  Madeline Reese
Marriage Licenses

Harry Sellers and Miss Daisy E. Bradford
R. W. Pearman and Miss Sarah T. Metcalf
A. G. Brockman and Mrs. Linn Parks
J .J. Renahan and Miss Effie B. Brewer
Geb White col., and Mrs. Mary Hurt, col.

In Jail on a Serious Charge

Deputy Sheriff J. R Dempsey went to Marceline last Tuesday where
he arrested John Asbury on a warrant sworn out by Henry Trow of
near Westville.

Asbury is said to be the young man, who, in connection with Dan Fuller
of near Marceline. feloniously assaulted, beat and wounded the affiant with
a deadly weapon, to wit: a revolving pistol and attempted to rob him at a
point near the old John Withers farm in Clark township on or about the
night of Nov. 4th 1895.

At the time the attempt was made to kill and rob him,  Mr. Trow only
succeeded in recognizing Dan Fuller, but as another party was with Fuller,
the warrant was sworn out for Fuller and another person whose name
was unknown to the affiant.

It has since been learned that the unknown party was John Asbury,
hence his arrest last Tuesday.   Asbury was committed
to jail from Justice D eMoss' court Tuesday evening about 6 o'clock.

Fuller has not yet to be arrested-in fact we understand he hasnt been seen
about his usual haunts since the assault and attempted robbery of Trow
occurred. Although young in years, Fuller has established quite an unenviable
reputation for himself and has for some time been going from bad to worse.


Balch & Sons of Brunswick have turned their Keytesville flour and grain
exchange over to A .M. Brill who is now conducting the business for them
in the rear of his grocery store.

W. S. Wyatt, a substantial farmer, of near Eccles, has sold his farm with
the determination to move to Texas County, MO. next spring.

G. L. Sisler, who lives at Keytesville station, shipped a carload of 15
fat bulls to St. Louis last Tuesday, which averaged 1,800 pounds. These
bulls were formerly worked to Mr. Sisler's ditching outfit. He has 16 or 17
more he expects to ship in about a month or six weeks.