Chariton County Courier
07 November 1902
Donated by :  Madeline Reese
A chrysanthemum show and butterfly social will be given under the management of the Ladies Aid
Society of the Christian Church in the church's parlor in Keytesville next Thursday and Friday
nights, Nov. 13 and 14.

There will be three prizes awarded as follows: First prize $5 for the largest collection of
chrysanthemums, second $2 for the finest variety and $1 for the handsomest bouquet of cut
flowers. A musical program will also be an attraction,  Mrs. Benjamin Hayes has kindly consented
to sing, also Miss Emma Mann and her vocal class. Admission at the door: fifteen cents.

Probate Pointers

The following accounts are allowed against the estate of W.F. Neal of Salisbury, with interest, at
six per cent:  Murphy & Sims $22.50, Scudder-Gale Grocery Company, $17.50.

Meredith A. Knappenberger was appointed executor last week of the last will and testament of his
father, the late John Knappenberger of Brunswick.


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W.D Vaughan, Keytesville .

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The Brown House, Keytesville, Proprietor: J.T. Colley