Shannondale News
04 June 1897
Donated by :  Madeline Reese
Mrs. G. W Tudor is on the sick list this week.

P.C. Stacy made a business trip  to Forest Green last Monday.

Miss Maude Crams returned Monday from a visit to Moberly.

Oscar Stacy spent several days with his father the first of the week.

Judge Henry Hayes and niece, Miss Jennie Dodson, visited relatives here Monday.

Mrs. Benjamin Hayes returned Wednesday from a week's visit with Brunswick relatives.

Misses Maude and Mabel Crams are attending the commencement exercises at Prtichett college.

P.D. Mitchell and brother, Eugene, visited friends and relatives east of Shannondale the first of the week.

Fred Lamb, who has recently located at Salisbury, was here Tuesday as attorney in the Wilkerson-Kiting case.

Mrs. Belle Butts closed her school at Bentley school house last Friday. Under the painstaking management
of MRs. Butts, Bentley has moved ownard and upward to a remarkable degree.

Prosecuting attorney Collett and O.F. Wayland of Keytesville were here Tuesday on the case of Wilkerson
against Kiting. After examiningi the first witness the prosecuting attorney enter a nol e pros and the lookerson,
who were for the most part of the sterner sex, and possess of no curiosity or inclination to gossip, were
sadly disappointed.