The Estate Records for William H. Price



William H. Price was part of the Price family that left Prince Edward County VA to live in and around Keytesville.  He was born in 1810. The death certificate for William can be searched at:


The Will


Know men by all these presents that I W.H.Price being of sound mind do make this my last will and testament.


I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Phebe all of my property both real and personal to have and to hold and to dispose of as she sees fit.

I do nominitate(sic) my said beloved Wife Phebe as my sole executrix of this my last will and testament.


In testimony whereof I hereunto set my hand and seal and publish this to be my last will and testatement in the presence of the witnesses named below, this the 15th day of Feb. 1884. Signed Wm H. Price

Witnesses: Guss Fisher

                Thomas Maston


(He died the next day)


Will was filed and admitted to Probate 22 Feb 1884 by Judge H. C. Winter

Bond of $3000 was given as security by Phebe W. Price and James D. Ingram 22 February 1884.


The Estate was appraised on 23rd Feb 1884, appraisers: Ganden Lutscher and J. B. Hyde.  Items of interest in the appraisal were l mule, l bay horse, seven cows, l heifer, 9 hogs, 1 buggy, 25 stands of bees, 4 dz. chickens, and farming implements.


The personal inventory  was sold off on 5 March 1884.


The Estate Inventory was submitted and approved 15 May 1884.


By 15 February 1885, the executrix, Phebe Price, had died. Her duties were taken over by James D. Ingram who concluded the affairs of the estate. (James Dabney Ingram was the nephew of Wm. H. Price)


A list of persons who attended the estate sale on 5 March follows and is included for anyone looking for the presence of ancestors in 1884 in Dalton, Chariton Co., Missouri.

Agee. Lot

Arrington, A.G.

Barr, Henry

Bayne, Lem and D.W.

Berwick, G.P.

Cox, Alvin

Ewings, Wm., Mrs. and Richard

Fisher, Gus

Franklin, Sam

Fuhrer, A.

Garnett, S.

Gilliams, James A. and G. B.

Grotjan, Lee

Harper, Jarrod

Hastings, J. R. and Mrs.

Hughes, Robert and Wood

Ingram, James Dabney

Jenkins, C. H.

Jones, A. and Dave

Kellison, A.J.

Kuhler, Wm

Lane, C.

Lessley, A. and Wm., and Thomas

Martin, Dr.

Miller, Geo and Les

Moore, A.

Morgan, Wm.

Morse, S.R.

Myers, D.A.

Page, J.J.

Perry, T.J.

Ponsler, G. W

Prather, M. A.

Price, Davy

Redburns, F.

Skillman, Thomas

Strother, Jerry

Tucker, Sherrod

Tisdale, Robt

Tretn, Henry

Vandiver. A/C/

Veatch, H.

Walton, Wm.

Wolfskill, M.D.  and Jim Wood