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CLOYD, William P.
        05 NOV 1858--13 AUG 1938
CLOYD, Eliza F.
        28 MAR 1851--15 MAR 1928
        Wife of William P. CLOYD
EAGAN, Barnaby Samuel "Bud"--by Staci Eagans Johnson
        17 OCT 1850--18 OCT 1937
        Born Randolph, MO; Died Chariton MO
HARLAN, Isaac L.
HARLAN, Susie C.
        Wife of Isaac L. HARLAN
        19 SEP 1911--06 MAR 1913
        Born & Died in MO
HICKEN, Hanka F. Saaijenga
        01 MAY 1850--06 FEB 1914
        Born in NY; Died in MO
        Married Peter J. HICKEN
HICKEN, Harold W.
        19 OCT 1924--01 OCT 1927
        Born & Died in MO
HICKEN, Ida Belle Coleman
        16 JUL 1888--24 AUG 1959
        Born in Cabool, MO: Died in MO
HICKEN, Peter John
        23 SEP 1847--01 OCT 1916
        Born in NY; Died MO
HICKEN, Lucas Christian
        24 JUL 1881--19 MAR 1960
        Born in NE; Died in MO
HICKEN, Rosana F.
        20 OCT 1909--17 MAR 1921
        Born & Died in MO
KRAGER, Harvey
        31 OCT 1894--12 SEP 1967
KRAGER, Elsie Maude Saville
        24 MAY 1898--29 MAY 1972
        Born in Prairie Hill, MO: Died MO
        Married Harvey KRAGER
SAVILLE, Benjamin
        01 DEC 1848--20 JUN 1924
        Born West VA; Died Prairie Hill, MO
        Married Martha L. MATHIS
SAVILLE, Martha L. (nee:  MATHIS)
        21 MAR 1857--09 MAY 1914
        Born Macon MO; Died Prairie Hill, MO
SEARS, Edwin Price
        09 DEC 1874--02 JUN 1940
        Died in MO
SEARS, Mary Rutherford
        12 AUG 1872--13 MAR 1948
        Died in MO
SEARS, Rosa C. (nee:  HICKEN)
        Born in NE; Died in MO
VAUGHN, Lewis H.
VAUGHN, Lewis H., Jr.
        23 FEB 1926--29 JUN 1980
        Born & Died in MO
VAUGHN, May Rose (nee:  SAVILLE)
        Born & Died in MO

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