SUMNER-Chariton Co MO

"Historical, Pictorical, and Biographical Record of Chariton County, Missouri"
1st Edition, Press-Spectator Steam Print, Salsbury, MO 1896.

Transcribed by Nalora Burns


This flourishing little town was laid out by Joel H. WILKERSON and the Chicago, Burlington and Kansas City Railroad Co. in June 1882, at the junction of the Wabash and Burlington routes. This is an excellent site for a town and is surrounded by beautiful prairie country which extends for miles in every direction. The soil is good and produces heavy crops every year, and with its railroad facilities bids fair to be a town of several thousand people some time in the near future. The first house in Sumner was built by J. M. VANCE in the fall of 1892, which was followed by the building of the Commercial Hotel by Professor WILLET. A Union Sunday School was organized June 17, 1883, with Howard WOODWARD as Superintendent, Mr. W. B. PERKINS, assistant, and Professor WILLET, secretary and treasurer. The little village of Sumner has had a wonderful growth in the past few years and has annexed all of Cunningham, save one store and ten or fifteen residences, and is still improving rapidly. It is populated by a generous and accommodating people, who are enterprising in every particular, and are ever looking forward to the best interests of their town. The social and moral influences of the town are par excellent, and never fail to make a favorable impression upon the stranger within her gates.

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