Prairie Hill-Chariton Co MO

"Historical, Pictorical, and Biographical Record of Chariton County, Missouri"
1st Edition, Press-Spectator Steam Print, Salisbury, MO 1896.

Transcribed by Nalora Burns


Among the many prosperous villages of Chariton County, Prairie Hill, situated six miles north and three miles east of Salisbury, in Wayland Township, easily takes front rank as a substantial trading point.  Exceptionally located on a high rolling prairie, surrounded by rich and fertile soil as is to be found in the state, this village has all the advantages essential to make it a substantial business center. The business men and citizens of the community, about 150 strong, are enterprising and progressive and never let an opportunity pass that gives promise of being beneficial to their interest. The beginning of the town dates from the spring of 1880, when J. H. FOSTER erected a building and opened up a stock of general merchandise. In 1881 W. H. FAWKS opened up a stock of goods for L. C. MOORE, which he conducted for two years, when he purchased the business, which he has since conducted for himself. Since '83 the village has steadily increased until now it has fourteen business establishments, as follows: Two general stocks of dry goods and groceries, two drug stores, two hardware stores, one furniture establishment, one millinery store, two blacksmith shops, one racket store, one hotel and a restaurant.

The moral and religious influences of the village are exceptionally strong and are being constantly advanced. The Baptist, Christian, Cumberland Presbyterian, Southern Methodist and Holiness people are represented by strong organizations, the Christians, Holiness and Presbyterians having substantial church edifices. In the way of Fraternal organizations, the Masonic, Knights of Equity and Modern Woodsmen of America, are well represented by flourishing lodges. The educational interests of the village youths receive proper attention and cultivation at a good school under the efficient charge of Miss POGUE, during the year of '96, the enrollment being forty-five.

As a place of residence Prairie Hill has few equals among the villages of the state situated off the railroad. Its people are sociable, hospitable, and intelligent and are harmonious in their undertakings.

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