"Historical, Pictorical, and Biographical Record of Chariton County, Missouri"
1st Edition, Press-Spectator Steam Print, Salisbury, MO 1896.

Transcribed by Nalora Burns


The Reporter was the name of the first paper published in Chariton county and was established at Brunswick by J. T. QUISENBERRY in 1847. A few months later he sold the plant to Dr. John H. BLUE & Co., who, on the 14th day of October of the same year began publication of the Brunswicker. In 1854 Col. Caspar W. BELL, at present a citizen of Salisbury, became the editor and proprietor of the paper and was soon afterwards joined by William H. PLUNKETT. These gentlemen sold th paper to O. D. HAWKINS in 1856, and he to Colonel R. H. MUSSER. Dr. W. H. CROSS became the next proprietor to the paper, who consolidated with the Central City, changing the name to Central City Brunswicker; the name of the Weekly Brunswicker was resumed in 1856. In 1858 Robert C. HANCOCK became proprietor, he continuing until 1862, when the late Dr. CUNNINGHAM assumed control, but two years later he (HANCOCK) again became owner, selling the plant to CUNNINGHAM & WINSLOW in the fall of 1865. IN the summer of the following year J. B. NAYLOR and W. H. BALTHIS took charge of the paper and continued its publication until 1875, when NAYLOR assumed entire control, continuing until 1880, when KINLEY & WALLACE purchased the plant, good will and subscription list. The present company, known as the Brunswicker Publishing Company, was organized June 1, 1888 and is composed of Messrs. J. C. WALLACE, P. S. RADER AND C. E. STEWART.

Chariton Courier, the second oldest paper in the county, was established in 1871, at Keytesville, by Thomas D. BOGIE, and was called the Keytesville Herald. In 1874 BOGIE sold the plant to Wm. E. JONES and he in turn to J. L. HUDSON, now of the Macon City Times, who changed the name to Chariton Courier, in June 1878. HUDSON sold the paper to VANDIVER & COLLINS and they in turn to C. P. VANDIVER, the present editor and proprietor.

The Salisbury Press-Spectator is a consolidation of the Salisbury Press, started by J. M. GALLEMORE, June 1, 1871, and the Salisbury Spectator, started by M. R. WILLIAMS in 1880. The consolidation occurred in July 1881. J. G. GALLEMORE, the present editor and proprietor of the paper, assumed entire control in the Spring of 1884.

The Brunswick News was started in March 1875 by D. T. BEATTY, who continued its publication about 6 months, it them being known as The Republican. The present name was given it in October 1875, when Charles R. LUSTER became editor and proprietor, he continuing the publication until 1893, when H. F. LINCOLN, the present owner assumed control.

The Salisbury Democrat was first started at Cunningham, afterwards moved to Keytesville and then to Salisbury in 1886 by M. A. LEFTWICH, who soon afterwards sold a half interest to W. N. BROWN, who afterwards assumed entire control. In the course of time BROWN sold a half interest to J. E. DISMUKES, and soon afterwards disposed his remaining interest. Mr. DISMUKES, the present proprietor, assumed control of the paper in October 1894, though he has been off and on connected with the paper with different partners since first purchasing an interest.

The Keytesville Signal was established at Keytesville January of 1893, J. K. ROBERTSON & Son, and by whom it has since been published.

The Mendon Citizen, a democratic journal published weekly by J. M. COLLINS, was established in 1886.

The Sumner Star was established in 1890, and has since been published by C. W. NORTHCOTT.

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