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These are archived Surnames from before May 1, 1998 when the new query and surname system was added. Your surnames in your queries now are automatically be added to the surname list.

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Surname (s) Year(s) Town/Twp Researcher(s)
AGNEW 1830-1900 Harrisonville Stephanie D. Eledge
ALDERSON 1800's Belton Diane Evans
ALESHIRE 1882-present ? Shirley Dubuque
ANDERSON ? Pleasant Hill & Polk Twp David Anderson
ARNOLD 1870-? Peculiar/Pl.Hill? Marcia Hardesty
John Burdick
ASH 1800-present Garden City? Donna Sattley
BANE 1850-present Drexel/Freeman Ron McAvoy
BARDSLEY 1890-present Garden City Florence Phillips
BARKER 1880- ? Belton Desiree de Nantes
BEETS 1840-1860 ? Stephen Maul
BELL 1910-present Pleasant Hill Loren Smith
BENTON 1873 Peculiar/Pl.Hill Marcia Hardesty
BILLITER ? Peculiar/Pl.Hill Marcia Hardesty
BILSLAND ? Pleasant Hill & Polk Twp David Anderson
BLEVANS/BLEVINS 1850-1900 ? Charles E. Austin
BRITTON 1875-1920 Pleasant Hill Jan Aldinger
BROCK ? ? J. Nichols
CARDER 1857-present Harrisonville Judy Johns
CASIDA,CASSIDA,CASSIDAY 1860-present Dayton Larry Krull
CAVE ? Pleasant Hill & Polk Twp David Anderson
CLOUD 1830-present Stone, Cass Twp. David Hobock
1850-1900 ? Debra Rowland Bergman
COOPER 1860-1890 Harrisonville Harriet Lytle
CHRISTY 1905 - 1922 Harrisonville Glenn O Parsons
CUMMINGS 1850-present ? Bob & Dianne Dayhuff
DAHMAN/DAHMANN 1840-1940 East Lynn Kelli Dahman
DAVIS 1860-?
1870 - ?
Dennis Davis
Desiree de Nante
Ray Jennings
DEFFENBAUGH 1876 Peculiar/Pl.Hill Marcia Hardesty
DICKERSON ? ? J. Nichols
DICKINSON 1832-1961 Harrisonville Jaime Westbrook
DUNHAM 1900-? Sherman Twp. Patti Ashcraft
DUTRO 1826-present Pleasant Hill Glenn McAnarney
EASTER 1840-1940 East Lynn Kelli Dahman
EVENS ? ? Andrea Wieland
FAUST 1861-? Peculiar Donna Ritola
FLINN 1840-? ? Sharon Marsonette
FLORA 1870-? Harrisonville Pat Hageman
David Anderson
FOX ? ? Don Fox
FREEMAN 1860-1890 Pleasant Hill Tom Pearson
GENTRY 1873 Peculiar/Pl. Hill Marcia Hardesty
GILMORE 1890-present Garden City Florence Phillips
GUTHRIE 1856-1932 Dayton Inez Jackson
HAMMONTREE 1800 Pleasant Hill Hank Hammontree
HARPER 1860 - ? Freeman Doug Long
HAYS 1905 - 1922 Harrisonville Glenn O Parsons
HAYTON 1861-? Dolan Twp. Donna Ritola
HEMSLEY 1895-1936 Pleasant Hill Ruthann Patterson
HENDRIX 1847-present Dayton/Austin John Rider
HERRON 1850-present Belton Darlene Homme
HESS ? ? Don Fox
HILEMAN 1800's Belton Diane Evans
HINK 1860- ? Freeman Desiree de Nantes
HIPSHER 1856-1932 Dayton Inez Jackson
HOLLINGSWORTH 1882-present ? Shirley Dubuque
HOSTETLER 1880-1910 Camp Branch Lori Hill
HUGHES ? Pleasant Hill & Polk Twp David Anderson
HUSTON 1870-1940 Dolan Twp. Larry Hoefling
JACKSON 1847-present Dayton John Rider
JONES 1860-1890 Pleasant Hill Tom Pearson
KARG ? ? James Karg
KEETON ? ? Andrea Wieland
KINKAID ? ? Tom Scanlon:
KITE 1930-? Amoret Rosemary Knutsen
? ? Barbara Kitterman Shepherd
LACY 1880-present Coldwater Twp Doug Long
LINVILLE ? ? Andrea Wieland
LONG 1879-1970 Drexel Doug Long
LYON 1833--Van Buren Co. Peculiar Marcia Hardesty
MAJORS 1820-present
Dolan Twp.
Karleene L. Morrow
Doug Long
MANNING 1860- ? ? Dennis Davis
MASON 1850-present ? Bob & Dianne Dayhuff
MAYBERRY ? ? Frank R. Mayberry
MATTINGLEY ? ? Susan C. Miller
MCALEXANDER 1833--Van Buren Co. Peculiar Marcia Hardesty
McCULLOUGH ? ? Gary Robertson
MCKINNEY ? ? Andrea Wieland
MONTGOMERY 1890-present ? Ray Jennings
MOUNCE 1900-present Union Twp. S. Howard Dreelan
NELSON 1830-present Freeman Beauregard Ernest Nelson
NEWMAN 1870-present Pleasant Hill Deborah O'Dell
NICHOLS ? ? Tom Scanlon
OVER 1895-1901 Austin Twp. Ballita Schafer
PAGE ? ? Don Fox
PATTON 1848-1926 Dayton [email protected]
PEYTON 1850-1920 ? Pat Stamm
PLUNKETT 1890-present Peculiar area John A. Plunkett
QUAITE 1870-1940 Dolan Twp. Larry Hoefling
RAFFURTY ? ? James Karg
RAMSEY 1890-present ? Ray Jennings
Richard L.Reams b.1865>1833, Yale, OK
1865 ? Jeff Southwick
REECE 1835-present county wide David Reece
RHEEM ? ? John Burdick
RICHARDSON 1895-1901
Austin Twp.
East Lynn
Ballita Schafer
Kelli Dahman
RIDER 1847-present Dayton/austin John Rider
ROBERTS 1870 Harrisonville Nellie Miller
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ROBERTSON 1881-1893 Creighton Gary Robertson
ROBINSON ? ? John Burdick
ROSS Ross Genealogy 1870-present Creighton Jason Ross
ROWLAND 1850-1900 ? Debra Rowland Bergman
SAMPSON 1880-1899 Freeman Desiree de Nantes
SCHNELL 1880-1920 Harrisonville David Reece
SELF 1900 Harrisonville Patrick M. Casey
SHALER 1860-1920 ? Pat Stamm
SHARP 1833--Van Buren Co. Peculiar Marcia Hardesty
SHERMAN 1850-1950 Pleasant Hill William R. Sherman
SHIPMAN 1800's Belton Diane Evans
SIDEBOTTOM ? ? J. Nichols
SKILLMAN 1850-1900 ? Debra Rowland Bergman
SMOOT 1885-1895 Garden City Marlene Skaggs
SPAIN 1839- ? Harrisonville Larry Brizendine
SPEAS 1858-1917 Freeman Desiree de Nantes
Sprague 1870 Sugar Creek Township, Post Office Dayton Linde Carter
STANDIFORD 1850 ? Tom Scanlon
STORMS ? ? John Burdick
STRICKLAND 1830-1860 Harrisonville Carol Mieske
SWICKARD 1868 ? Mckay
THOMAS ? ? Don Fox
TURNER ? ? Don Fox
UNDERWOOD 1838- ? ? Ellen Marquis-Horner
VANRIPER 1870-? Harrisonville Pat Hageman
VAUGHN 1900 Harrisonville Patrick M. Casey
WALL/WALLS ? Pleasant Hill & Polk Twp David Anderson
WALKER 1850-present Belton Darlene Homme
Ware 1959 Belton/Raymore Jeri Jones
WHITBY 1875-1893 Austin Twp. Ralph E. Whitby
WICKERSHAM 1800-1867 Pleasant Hill Twp. Frank B. Robertson
WILMOTT ? ? J. Nichols
WRIGHT 1847-present Dayton John Rider
WYATT ? ? Tom Scanlon
YODER 1910 Camp Branch Lori Hill

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