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Steamer A.C. Jaynes (view #-01-)

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Husband, James Allsup, and I are de-cluttering.

He was born and raised in McClure, Alexander County IL across the river from Cape.

In the process of going through drawers, we found a 3 X 5 card with a picture of an auto ferry on one side, departure schedule on the reverse.

My husband's Father picked up passengers as they deboarded the train in McClure, drove them to the River, and onto the ferry to Cape Girardeau.

The boat is Steamer A.C. Jaynes, "steel hull, 40 car capacity, non-sinkable". I would guess the time frame is teens to 1920-30. I can check that with my husband in the a.m.

This card represents a picturesque early history of mechanized transportation in the area, and we would like to share it.
Submitted by Carol Kimmel Allsup Poster-#-136-

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