Cape Girardeau Co

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Cape Girardeau Co.
Place Names from USGS

NOTE: A list of all Cape Girardeau Co MO place names from the USGS, including towns, cemeteries, schools, churches, streams, valleys, etc., including many that are historic but no longer in existence.

Cape Girardeau Co. Place Names from USGS

Total 522 feature records & Names

Place Type Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' Map
Abernathy School school 371715N 0893735W Gordonville
Allen Cemetery cemetery 372033N 0895051W Burfordville
Allenville populated place 371318N 0894527W Whitewater
Allenville Cemetery cemetery 371321N 0894454W Chaffee
Allenville Covered Bridge bridge 371255N 0894601W Whitewater
Allie Creek stream 373533N 0895109W Friedheim
Apple Creek stream 373356N 0893137W Neelys Landing
Apple Creek populated place 373457N 0894416W Oak Ridge
Apple Creek Cemetery cemetery 372956N 0893742W Jackson
Apple Creek Church church 373001N 0893744W Oak Ridge
Apple Creek Valley School school 373413N 0894452W Oak Ridge
Apple Creek, Township of civil 373132N 0894535W Friedheim
Appleton populated place 373550N 0894246W Oak Ridge
Appleton School school 373515N 0894251W Oak Ridge
Arbor populated place 370933N 0894808W Whitewater
Arena Park park 371843N 0893325W
Arnsberg populated place 373411N 0894639W Friedheim
Arnsberg Community Park park 373406N 0894745W Friedheim
Arnsberg School (historical) school 373405N 0894745W Friedheim
Ash Slough stream 370532N 0895144W Bell City
Assembly of God Church church 371758N 0894953W Burfordville
Bainbridge populated place 372438N 0892613W Ware
Bainbridge Creek stream 372333N 0892557W Ware
Baker Cemetery cemetery 372700N 0894918W Millersville
Barks Chapel church 371551N 0895133W Burfordville
Barroll Post Office (historical) post office UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Bayou Bill stream 370603N 0894808W Bell City
Beach Cemetery cemetery 371848N 0894224W Gordonville
Bean Branch stream 371535N 0894509W Burfordville
Bee Post Office (historical) post office UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Bella Vista Lake reservoir 372824N 0893442W Cape Girardeau NE
Bethel Church (historical) church 372031N 0893937W Gordonville
Bethlehem Church church 371648N 0894921W Burfordville
Big Bend bend 371555N 0893127W
Big Lick locale UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Big Muddy River stream 373425N 0893101W Neelys Landing
Big Spring School (historical) school 372430N 0894555W Millersville
Big Swamp swamp 371505N 0893217W
Black Land Bottom area 371528N 0893233W
Block Hole other 371247N 0895025W Whitewater
Blomeyer populated place 371326N 0893935W Chaffee
Blue Hole, The basin UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Blue Shawnee Creek stream 373355N 0893728W Neelys Landing
Bollinger Mill State Park park 372159N 0894810W Burfordville
Borneman Cemetery cemetery 371650N 0894720W Burfordville
Bowman populated place UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Boyers locale 371308N 0894016W Chaffee
Brick School school 373410N 0895037W Friedheim
Broadway School school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Brooks School school 372133N 0892840W McClure
Brookside populated place 372733N 0894146W Jackson
Brown Lake reservoir 372118N 0893054W
Brown Lake Dam dam 372118N 0893054W
Buckeye Creek stream 373500N 0894019W Oak Ridge
Buckeye School school 373345N 0894044W Oak Ridge
Burfordville populated place 372203N 0894825W Burfordville
Burfordville Covered Bridge bridge 372206N 0894809W Burfordville
Byrd Cemetery cemetery 372628N 0894419W Jackson
Byrd Cemetery cemetery 372818N 0894533W Millersville
Byrd Creek stream 371956N 0894735W Burfordville
Byrd Hills other 372736N 0894301W Jackson
Byrd, Township of civil 372328N 0894002W Jackson
Byrds Settlement populated place UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Calvary Cemetery cemetery 372349N 0894935W Millersville
Campster School (historical) school 371702N 0893508W
Cane Bayou stream UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Cane Creek stream 372108N 0894547W Burfordville
Cane Creek School (historical) school 372309N 0894405W Jackson
Cane Spring Creek stream UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Caney Fork stream 372622N 0894904W Millersville
Caney Fork Church church 372943N 0894919W Millersville
Capaha Park park 371845N 0893213W
Cape Chapel church 372042N 0893050W
Cape Girardeau populated place 371821N 0893105W
Cape Girardeau Country Club locale 371958N 0893013W
Cape Girardeau County civil 372300N 0894300W Jackson
Cape Girardeau Institute school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Cape Girardeau, Township of civil 371846N 0893225W
Cape La Croix Creek stream 371630N 0893139W
Cape LaCroix Creek stream 371451N 0892923W Thebes
Cape LaCrus (historical) locale 372051N 0893429W
Cape Rock summit 371943N 0892945W McClure
Castor River Diversion Channel canal 370843N 0895513W Dongola
Cato Levee levee 370818N 0895634W Dongola
Cave Hill summit 372300N 0894920W Millersville
Cedar Cliffs populated place 371436N 0893938W Chaffee
Cedar Lake reservoir 372622N 0894816W Millersville
Cedar Lake reservoir 371930N 0894918W Burfordville
Cedar Lake Dam dam 372622N 0894816W Millersville
Cedar Lake Dam dam 371930N 0894918W Burfordville
Central High School school 371828N 0893246W
Central Junior High School school 371837N 0893243W
Christ Evangelical Church church UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Circleville populated place UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Cliff populated place 371007N 0894718W Whitewater
Clifford School school 372813N 0894436W Jackson
Clippard Cemetery cemetery 372834N 0894433W Jackson
Clover Hills School school 372411N 0893808W Jackson
Coker Knob summit 372244N 0893033W Cape Girardeau NE
Coker School school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Concord (historical) populated place 373028N 0894135W Oak Ridge
Council Ridge School (historical) school 371445N 0895130W Whitewater
County Memorial Park cemetery 372035N 0893542W
Cousins Orchards locale UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Cousinville Post Office (historical) post office UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Crawford Creek stream 372607N 0894519W Millersville
Crawford Landing locale 373220N 0893120W Neelys Landing
Criddle Cemetery cemetery 372248N 0894947W Millersville
Critesville populated place 373055N 0895005W Friedheim
Critesville School (historical) school 373103N 0895017W Friedheim
Croft Post Office (historical) post office UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Crooked Creek stream 371324N 0894746W Whitewater
Crump populated place 371643N 0894945W Burfordville
Crump Cemetery cemetery 371638N 0894903W Burfordville
Cypress Lake reservoir 371931N 0894930W Burfordville
Daisy populated place 373125N 0894735W Friedheim
Darby Cemetery cemetery 372854N 0893626W Cape Girardeau NE
Daughertys Creek stream UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Daughertys Mill locale UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Davis Cemetery cemetery 371926N 0893855W Gordonville
Decatur populated place 371741N 0893120W
Deck Cemetery cemetery 372327N 0894757W Millersville
Delaps Mill locale UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Delta populated place 371148N 0894410W Chaffee
Deray locale 371244N 0894449W Chaffee
Devils Backbone ridge 372732N 0894841W Millersville
Dickman Cemetery cemetery 373443N 0894641W Friedheim
Dillard Creek stream 372029N 0894801W Burfordville
Dissen populated place 373503N 0895031W Friedheim
Ditch Ward School (historical) school 370814N 0894818W Whitewater
Dog Hollow valley 373123N 0893048W Neelys Landing
Dogwood School school 372525N 0893746W Jackson
Dry Creek stream 372529N 0895110W Millersville
Dunns Ford locale UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Duskin Creek stream 372730N 0893207W Cape Girardeau NE
Dutchtown populated place 371510N 0893935W Gordonville
Dutchtown Ditch canal 371452N 0893455W Scott City
Eakon Cemetery cemetery 371833N 0894301W Gordonville
East Channel Whitewater River stream 370245N 0894523W Bell City
Eastern Ozark Border area 370714N 0900200W Sturdivant
Ebenezer Church church 372415N 0892900W Ware
Eggimann Cemetery cemetery 371609N 0894011W Gordonville
Egypt Mills populated place 372418N 0892749W Ware
Elmwood (historical) populated place 371510N 0893453W
Emmanuel Evangelical Church church UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Ervin Cemetery cemetery 372158N 0893253W
Estes Cemetery cemetery 372810N 0895116W Millersville
Evangelical Church church 371548N 0893844W Gordonville
Evans Lake East reservoir 371524N 0894030W Gordonville
Evans Lake East Dam dam 371524N 0894030W Gordonville
Evans Lake West reservoir 371530N 0894106W Gordonville
Evans Lake West Dam dam 371530N 0894106W Gordonville
Fairmon Cemetery cemetery 371900N 0893243W
Fairview Church church 371017N 0895035W Whitewater
Fairview Church church 372355N 0895111W Millersville
Fallenash Creek stream UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Flat Rock Post Office (historical) post office UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Flatrock Creek stream 373512N 0893823W Oak Ridge
Flora Creek stream 372025N 0892836W McClure
Fort A (historical) military 371829N 0893103W
Fort B (historical) military 371903N 0893137W
Fort C (historical) military UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Fort D (historical) military UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Foster Creek stream 371712N 0894106W Gordonville
Franke Lake reservoir 372518N 0893830W Jackson
Franke Lake Dam dam 372518N 0893830W Jackson
Franklin School school 371827N 0893219W
Friedheim populated place 373412N 0894912W Friedheim
Friedheim Station locale 373315N 0895002W Friedheim
Froggy Branch stream 373535N 0895036W Friedheim
Fruitland populated place 372655N 0893819W Jackson
Fruitland Normal Institute school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Fulbright Cemetery cemetery 373010N 0894518W Friedheim
Fulbright School school 372927N 0894628W Millersville
Garms Lake reservoir 372154N 0893548W
Garms Lake Dam dam 372154N 0893548W
Gartung Cemetery cemetery 371612N 0894437W Gordonville
Giboney Creek stream UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Gizzard Creek stream 371129N 0895140W Whitewater
Gladish Cemetery cemetery 372416N 0894614W Millersville
Goose Creek stream 372136N 0894047W Gordonville
Gordonville populated place 371840N 0894045W Gordonville
Goshen Church church 373121N 0894329W Oak Ridge
Goshen School school 373150N 0894436W Oak Ridge
Granny Creek stream 371725N 0895153W Burfordville
Grassy Knob summit 372326N 0893238W Cape Girardeau NE
Gravel Hill populated place 372127N 0895024W Burfordville
Gravel Hill Cemetery cemetery 372208N 0895130W Burfordville
Gravel Hill Church church 372738N 0894544W Millersville
Green Cox populated place 370826N 0895020W Whitewater
Green Cox School (historical) school 370827N 0895029W Whitewater
Greene School school 371723N 0893138W
Greens Ferry locale UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Gulf Junction locale 371615N 0893215W
Hager Cemetery cemetery 371618N 0894229W Gordonville
Hahns Creek stream UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Hanover Church church 372110N 0893335W
Hartle Ford populated place 372559N 0895111W Millersville
Hawthorn School school 371921N 0893359W
Hayden Cemetery cemetery 371806N 0894017W Gordonville
Haynes Chapel church 372314N 0895023W Millersville
Headwater Diversion Channel canal 371353N 0893847W Chaffee
Hebron Church church UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Heitmans Mill locale UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Helderman Creek stream 372105N 0894552W Burfordville
Heldermann School school 371942N 0894822W Burfordville
Herzinger Cemetery cemetery 372338N 0894610W Millersville
Heuer Cemetery cemetery 372237N 0893355W Cape Girardeau NE
Hickory Grove School (historical) school 371858N 0895100W Burfordville
Hickory Ridge ridge 371047N 0894758W Whitewater
Hickory Ridge populated place 371024N 0894818W Whitewater
Hickory Ridge School (historical) school 371033N 0894810W Whitewater
High Hill School school 373226N 0893240W Neelys Landing
Hilderbrand populated place 373432N 0895114W Friedheim
Hines Landing populated place 373328N 0893135W Neelys Landing
Hitt Cemetery cemetery 371032N 0894808W Whitewater
Hitt Cemetery cemetery 371807N 0893749W Gordonville
Hitt Cemetery cemetery 371943N 0893649W
Hitt Cemetery cemetery 371949N 0893622W
Hobbs Chapel church 372027N 0892943W McClure
Hog Creek stream 371650N 0895121W Burfordville
Horrell Cemetery cemetery 372350N 0894149W Jackson
Horrell Creek stream 372633N 0894407W Jackson
Horrell School (historical) school 372912N 0894136W Jackson
Horseshoe Bend gut 371340N 0894632W Whitewater
Houck populated place 371803N 0894455W Gordonville
Houck Stadium park 371834N 0893151W
Howard Cemetery cemetery 372402N 0894307W Jackson
Hubbels Mill locale UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Hubble Creek stream 371401N 0894028W Chaffee
Hubble Creek Church church UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Hubble, Township of civil 371711N 0894305W Gordonville
Hughes Creek stream 373504N 0894039W Oak Ridge
Immanuel Church church 372036N 0894456W Gordonville
Indian Creek stream 372858N 0892922W Ware
Indian Creek stream 373556N 0893915W Oak Ridge
Indian Creek School (historical) school 372720N 0893155W Cape Girardeau NE
Indian Park park 371802N 0893119W
Ingrams Mill locale UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Iona Cemetery cemetery 372625N 0893008W Cape Girardeau NE
Iona Church church 372626N 0893152W Cape Girardeau NE
Iona School school 372614N 0892920W Ware
Iron Hill summit 372856N 0893701W Cape Girardeau NE
Jackson populated place 372256N 0893958W Jackson
Jackson Military Academy school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Jefferson School school 371753N 0893227W
Jenkins Creek stream UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
John S Cobb School school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Juden Creek stream 372003N 0892931W McClure
Juden Dam dam 371706N 0893424W
Juden School (historical) school 372040N 0893050W
KAPE-AM (Cape Girardeau) tower 371645N 0893328W
KBSI-TV (Cape Girardeau) tower 372423N 0893344W Cape Girardeau NE
KCGQ-FM (Gordonville) tower 371247N 0894050W Chaffee
KEZS-FM (Cape Girardeau) tower 372423N 0893344W Cape Girardeau NE
KFVS-TV (Cape Girardeau) tower 372546N 0893014W Cape Girardeau NE
KGIR-AM (Cape Girardeau) tower 371803N 0892927W McClure
KGMO-FM (Cape Girardeau) tower 372216N 0893152W
KRCU-FM (Cape Girardeau) tower 371847N 0893151W
KUGT-AM (Jackson) tower 372254N 0893907W Jackson
KZIM-AM (Cape Girardeau) tower 371859N 0892906W McClure
Kage School (historical) school 371949N 0893444W
Keller Spur (historical) locale 371659N 0894013W Gordonville
Kenyon Cemetery cemetery 371123N 0894711W Whitewater
Kimbeland Country Club locale 372145N 0893847W Gordonville
Kimmelton (historical) populated place 373442N 0894524W Friedheim
Kinder Cemetery cemetery 371706N 0894329W Gordonville
Kinder, Township of civil 372123N 0894850W Burfordville
Klaus Park park 372037N 0893601W
Kurre Cemetery cemetery 372855N 0894916W Millersville
Kurreville populated place 372831N 0894917W Millersville
Lake Boutin reservoir 372706N 0892918W Ware
Lake Boutin Dam dam 372706N 0892918W Ware
Lake Cedar reservoir 371931N 0894920W Burfordville
Lake Girardeau reservoir 371648N 0895036W Burfordville
Lake Girardeau Dam dam 371648N 0895036W Burfordville
Lake Hollenbeck reservoir 372118N 0893536W
Lake Hollenbeck Dam dam 372118N 0893536W
Lake Sweetgum reservoir 371922N 0894939W Burfordville
Lake Tanglewood North reservoir 372130N 0893136W
Lake Tanglewood North Dam dam 372130N 0893136W
Lake Tanglewood South reservoir 372124N 0893136W
Lake Tanglewood South Dam dam 372124N 0893136W
Lange Cemetery cemetery 372334N 0893011W Cape Girardeau NE
Leemon populated place 372751N 0893518W Cape Girardeau NE
Liberty School school 373028N 0894133W Oak Ridge
Liberty School Number 1 school 373136N 0894103W Oak Ridge
Liberty, Township of civil 371547N 0895020W Burfordville
Link School school 372341N 0894722W Millersville
Lipps Dam dam 372754N 0893212W Cape Girardeau NE
Lipps Lake reservoir 372754N 0893212W Cape Girardeau NE
Little Apple Creek stream 373516N 0894542W Friedheim
Little Bear Lake Dam dam 372048N 0893300W
Little Dogwood Lake reservoir 371931N 0894949W Burfordville
Little Flora Creek stream 372145N 0892647W McClure
Little Indian Creek stream 372812N 0893130W Cape Girardeau NE
Little Muddy Creek stream 372625N 0895144W Millersville
Little Oak Lake reservoir 371926N 0894926W Burfordville
Little Pine Lake reservoir 371926N 0894931W Burfordville
Little Ponderosa Lake reservoir 371954N 0893506W
Little Ponderosa Lake Dam dam 371954N 0893506W
Little Whitewater Creek stream 372406N 0894848W Millersville
Lorimer School school 371812N 0893122W
Lorimier Cemetery cemetery 371858N 0893232W
Lovejoy populated place 373200N 0893141W Neelys Landing
Lovejoy Creek stream 373200N 0893109W Neelys Landing
Maple Avenue Methodist Church church UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Maple Grove School (historical) school 371538N 0894517W Burfordville
Marquette Cement Quarry and Plant mine 371623N 0893220W
Marquette Island island 371541N 0893050W
Marquette School school 371555N 0893257W
Mayfield Cemetery cemetery 372817N 0894746W Millersville
McFerron School school 372518N 0894032W Jackson
McGuire Branch stream 372006N 0894754W Burfordville
McGuire Cemetery cemetery 372011N 0894810W Burfordville
McGuire Cemetery cemetery 372018N 0893918W Gordonville
McKendree Cemetery cemetery 372220N 0893712W
McKendrie Chapel locale 372143N 0893751W Gordonville
McLains Chapel church 372716N 0893152W Cape Girardeau NE
McLanes Mill locale UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Miller Cemetery cemetery 372529N 0894826W Millersville
Millersville populated place 372558N 0894758W Millersville
Millersville Church church 372731N 0894650W Millersville
Millersville School school 372550N 0894651W Millersville
Minton Cemetery cemetery 372207N 0893031W
Mississippi River stream 290903N 0891512W Pilottown
Missouri Park park 371835N 0893114W
Missouri, State of civil 381501N 0923001W Eldon
Mocas Town locale UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Moccasin Springs populated place 372706N 0892730W Ware
Mogler Cemetery cemetery 372310N 0894308W Jackson
Moore School (historical) school 371209N 0895041W Whitewater
Mount Auburn Cemetery cemetery 371846N 0893426W
Mount Tabor Park park 371638N 0893521W
Muddy Shawnee Creek stream 373355N 0893728W Neelys Landing
Nash populated place 371417N 0893710W Scott City
Needmore School (historical) school 371657N 0894145W Gordonville
Neelys Creek stream 373017N 0893000W Neelys Landing
Neelys Landing populated place 373008N 0893007W Neelys Landing
Neelys School school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Neiswanger School (historical) school 372707N 0895113W Millersville
New Bethel Church church 373103N 0893513W Neelys Landing
New Salem Church church 373103N 0894758W Friedheim
New Wells populated place 373322N 0893728W Neelys Landing
New Wells School school 373330N 0893653W Neelys Landing
Niswonger Church church 372658N 0895102W Millersville
Noland Cemetery cemetery 372607N 0893031W Cape Girardeau NE
Norman locale 371032N 0894318W Chaffee
North Hills Estate Subdivision Lake reservoir 372348N 0893418W Cape Girardeau NE
North Hills Estate Subdivision Lake Dam dam 372348N 0893418W Cape Girardeau NE
North Twin Lake reservoir 371918N 0893554W
North Twin Lakes Dam dam 371918N 0893554W
Notre Dame High School school 371855N 0893241W
Number 750 Dam dam 373400N 0894548W Friedheim
Number 786 Dam dam 372154N 0893836W Gordonville
Number 804 Dam dam 371712N 0893954W Gordonville
Number 805 Dam dam 371748N 0894024W Gordonville
Number 815 Dam dam 372500N 0894948W Millersville
Number 819 Dam dam 372824N 0893442W Cape Girardeau NE
Number 821 Dam dam 373400N 0895048W Friedheim
Nunn Cemetery cemetery 371829N 0893417W
Oak Grove School school 372022N 0893744W Gordonville
Oak Grove School school 371957N 0893749W Gordonville
Oak Hill School school 373039N 0893422W Neelys Landing
Oak Ridge populated place 373004N 0894347W Oak Ridge
Oak Ridge Baptist Church church UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Oak Valley School school 371202N 0894734W Whitewater
Old Apple Creek Church church UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Old Camp Ground area UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Old Caney Fork Cemetery cemetery 372929N 0894823W Millersville
Old Channel Hubble Creek stream 371021N 0894134W Chaffee
Old Hanover Cemetery cemetery 372001N 0893324W
Old McKendree Chapel church 372241N 0893709W Cape Girardeau NE
Old Niswonger Cemetery cemetery 372652N 0895010W Millersville
Old Salem Church church 372741N 0894830W Millersville
Old Salem School school 372755N 0894738W Millersville
Opossum Creek stream 372914N 0893016W Cape Girardeau NE
Oriole populated place 372632N 0893207W Cape Girardeau NE
Ozarks area 365500N 0920100W Dyestone Mountain
Panther Creek stream 372422N 0895023W Millersville
Passover Cemetery cemetery 371332N 0895045W Whitewater
Passover Church church 371334N 0895108W Whitewater
Pecan Grove School school 371536N 0893715W
Pemberton Lake reservoir 371618N 0894100W Gordonville
Pemberton Lake Dam - US Survey 2283 Dam dam 371618N 0894100W Gordonville
Pemberton Lake Section 22 reservoir 371536N 0894212W Gordonville
Pemberton Lake Section 22 Dam dam 371536N 0894212W Gordonville
Plainview School school 372548N 0893440W Cape Girardeau NE
Pleasant Gardens locale UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Pleasant Hill Academy school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Pleasant Hill Church church 372708N 0893740W Jackson
Pleasant Valley School (historical) school 371635N 0893457W
Pocahontas populated place 373004N 0893820W Oak Ridge
Pocahontas Station locale 372934N 0893928W Jackson
Poor Creek stream 373449N 0894115W Oak Ridge
Poplar Grove School school 372031N 0893942W Gordonville
Poplar Ridge School school 371743N 0894538W Burfordville
Proffer Cemetery cemetery 371319N 0895051W Whitewater
Proffer Cemetery cemetery 371651N 0894939W Burfordville
R-2 School school 372643N 0893744W Jackson
Ramsey Branch stream 371452N 0893312W Scott City
Ramsey Cemetery cemetery 372625N 0894429W Jackson
Ramsey Creek stream 371441N 0893304W Scott City
Randles populated place 370816N 0894603W Whitewater
Randol Creek stream 371832N 0893854W Gordonville
Randol School (historical) school 372232N 0893427W Cape Girardeau NE
Randol, Township of civil 372317N 0893245W Cape Girardeau NE
Ranney Creek stream 371500N 0893558W
Red Star Baptist Church church UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Reynolds Ford populated place 372540N 0895010W Millersville
Riehn Cemetery cemetery 372850N 0895029W Millersville
Rieman School school 372529N 0894904W Millersville
Roberts School school 372545N 0894342W Jackson
Rock Hill Church (historical) church 372532N 0893554W Cape Girardeau NE
Rock Levee ridge 371556N 0893251W
Rock Levee locale 371549N 0893400W
Rock Levee School (historical) school 371604N 0893239W
Rocky Creek stream UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Rodneys Mill locale UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Round Pond (historical) lake 371159N 0894741W Whitewater
Round Pond Church (historical) church 371152N 0894801W Whitewater
Rum Branch populated place 370927N 0895109W Whitewater
Rum Branch Church (historical) church 370915N 0895113W Whitewater
Russell Cemetery cemetery 372636N 0894000W Jackson
Russell Heights Cemetery cemetery 372241N 0894046W Jackson
Saint Francis Hospital Heliport airport 371810N 0893415W
Saint James Church church 372003N 0894454W Gordonville
Saint Johns Church church 372716N 0894111W Jackson
Saint Marys Cemetery cemetery 371911N 0893221W
Saint Marys School school 371802N 0893138W
Saint Vincents Church church 371802N 0893110W
Saint Vincents College school 371746N 0893116W
Salem Cemetery cemetery 371924N 0893702W
Sandy Branch stream 373332N 0894634W Friedheim
Sandy Branch stream 372741N 0894843W Millersville
Sandy Creek stream 373432N 0894619W Friedheim
Sandy Ridge School (historical) school 372054N 0894240W Gordonville
Sawyer populated place 372804N 0893839W Jackson
Sawyers School school 372756N 0893820W Jackson
Schmidt Cemetery cemetery 372929N 0895042W Millersville
Schoenebeck School school 372736N 0894110W Jackson
School Number R 5 school 371232N 0894709W Whitewater
Schrader School school 371941N 0893314W
Schroder Branch stream 372242N 0894820W Millersville
Schroder School school 372316N 0895010W Millersville
Schultz School school 371812N 0893151W
Scism Creek stream 372026N 0892837W McClure
Shady Grove Cemetery cemetery 371553N 0893733W Gordonville
Shady Grove School (historical) school 371551N 0893732W Gordonville
Sharpsboro locale 371215N 0894232W Chaffee
Shawnee Creek stream 373436N 0893538W Neelys Landing
Shawnee, Township of civil 373054N 0893651W Neelys Landing
Shawneetown populated place 373304N 0893907W Oak Ridge
Sheffield populated place UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Sheppard Point summit 372643N 0892706W Ware
Sheppard School school 373016N 0893109W Neelys Landing
Shiloh Camp locale 372844N 0893832W Jackson
Sides Cemetery cemetery 373332N 0894504W Friedheim
Slinkerd Cemetery cemetery 372320N 0894613W Millersville
Sloan Creek stream 371853N 0893048W
Smith Cemetery cemetery 371859N 0894335W Gordonville
Snyder Cemetery cemetery 372609N 0894637W Millersville
Soakie Creek stream 372222N 0892737W McClure
South Fork Apple Creek stream 373548N 0895036W Friedheim
Southeast Lowlands area 371501N 0893731W Gordonville
Southeast Missouri Hospital Heliport airport 371839N 0893225W
Southeast Missouri Planning Region area 380001N 0903731W Tiff
Southeast Missouri State University school 371845N 0893151W
Southeastern Ozarks area 373001N 0900731W Higdon
Southeastern Ridge and Basin area 363001N 0903731W Oxly
Spivey Cemetery cemetery 371747N 0895019W Burfordville
Spring Lake reservoir 372518N 0893848W Jackson
Spring Lake Dam dam 372518N 0893848W Jackson
Stallings Brothers Dam dam 373136N 0894512W Friedheim
Stallings Brothers Lake reservoir 373136N 0894512W Friedheim
State Training School school 372043N 0893526W
Stoder Cemetery cemetery 371710N 0895045W Burfordville
Stroderville (historical) populated place 371448N 0894847W Whitewater
Stroderville Cemetery cemetery 371450N 0894843W Whitewater
Stroderville School school 371421N 0894851W Whitewater
Suedekum Cemetery cemetery 371629N 0893745W Gordonville
Summers Cemetery cemetery 372001N 0894035W Gordonville
Suttons locale 371353N 0893819W Chaffee
Tabor, Mount summit 371645N 0893525W
Tank locale 370946N 0894751W Whitewater
Thompson Cemetery cemetery 371724N 0894309W Gordonville
Thompson Cemetery cemetery 372344N 0893115W Cape Girardeau NE
Thompson Hill summit 372422N 0893054W Cape Girardeau NE
Tilly Branch stream 370550N 0895017W Bell City
Tilsit populated place 371949N 0894431W Gordonville
Town Plaza locale 371814N 0893259W
Trail Of Tears State Park park 372820N 0892937W Ware
Tricky Hill summit 372935N 0893601W Cape Girardeau NE
Trinity Cemetery cemetery 373414N 0894909W Friedheim
Trinity Church church 371237N 0894842W Whitewater
Trinity School school 371820N 0893150W
Turkey Creek stream 372858N 0892957W Ware
Vangilder Cemetery cemetery 372328N 0893359W Cape Girardeau NE
Walker Cemetery cemetery 372339N 0894219W Jackson
Wallers Ferry locale UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Washington School school 371845N 0893118W
Weiss Roadside Park park 372544N 0893834W Jackson
Welch, Township of civil 371108N 0894451W Chaffee
Wesley United Church church 372724N 0893623W Cape Girardeau NE
West Park Mall locale 371815N 0893440W
Wheeler Cemetery cemetery 372750N 0894332W Jackson
Whig Post Office (historical) post office UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Whitewater populated place 371415N 0894745W Whitewater
Whitewater Presbyterian Church church UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Whitewater River stream 370245N 0894523W Bell City
Whitewater, Township of civil 372710N 0894816W Millersville
Wilkinson Cemetery cemetery 372525N 0894538W Millersville
Williams Creek stream 371629N 0894028W Gordonville
Williams School (historical) school 372237N 0893709W Cape Girardeau NE
Wise Cemetery cemetery 372831N 0894951W Millersville
Wolf Creek stream 372828N 0895055W Millersville
Young Cemetery cemetery 371747N 0894541W Burfordville
Youngs Creek stream UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Zierath Cemetery cemetery 372310N 0893001W Cape Girardeau NE
Zion Church church 371719N 0894012W Gordonville
Zion Church church 371848N 0894344W Gordonville
Zion Church church 373454N 0894412W Oak Ridge

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