Family Reunion Scrapbook

Family Reunion Scrapbook


Scrapbooking is hot.  After your family reunion is over, have the creative person in the family put together a scrapbook of the reunion.  Then make copies of the scrapbook to send to people, or just bring the scrapbook to the next reunion for folks to browse through.  What should you put in the scrapbook?   Mister Spiffy thought you'd never ask.

A synopsis of the reunion (there Mister Spiffy goes again with big words... he just means a short overview of what everybody did at the reunion).

Photos that were taken at the reunion (group photos, individual photos, photos of activities, pictures of the location).  If you have a scanner to scan these photos in, it will be much easier to make copies for everybody.

A record page for all those awards you passed out at the reunion (oldest and youngest attendee, greatest distance, Fire Dragon, etc).

A statistics page (how many people attended, how much food you went through, how long it took the back lawn to recover)