A Family Recipe Book

A Family Recipe Book

Source: Family-Reunion.com

Create a family recipe book using the favorite recipe (or a few of them) from each family. 

Collect the recipes beforehand (it makes you look organized, Mister Spiffy says) and put them into a word processor. 

You can include food and family-related clipart to spice up the book’s look.  

Make sure you give credit to all the contributors.  
Everyone likes to see their name in print, 
even when the only people to see it will be their family.  

Print a copy of all the recipes and take them to your local copy shop.  
They can put them together in a book format and bind them for you.  

You might want to ask family members to chip in for the printing, 
or take orders for the in advance to pay for it.  
Mister Spiffy says that you can pay for it yourself, of course, 
but most people wouldn’t prefer that.