What Does It Mean To You?

***It means seeing family you haven't seen in years. Meeting their children, seeing new babies, grandchildren, etc...Spending time remembering "when" and catching up on time past. Taking pictures of 5 generations..

What kind of activities do you do?

****At the last one...water balloon toss, egg toss, wet T-shirt contest (males only), sack race, 3-legged race, volley ball game, tug-o-war, relay race, fishing contest, golf tournement, chariot race (pull your partner on a gunny sack), horseshoes, parent feeding contest (for kids under 5 and their fathers) scavenger hunt, dancing.

Where is it held? (park, zoo, a home, a hall, etc...)

****Once in a park, sometimes at a relative's home who has a BIG yard, a hotel at the beach, and last Aug. at an Oklahoma State Park lodge and campground.

Do you enjoy attending?

*** Very much

Why do YOU attend?

***See first answer

About how many people show up?

***85-300 at various reunions

Is the amount decreasing each year?

***We don't hold one every year. We're too spread out. But no, it stays pretty much the same, people die, babies are born...

Do you look forward to the upcoming event?

**Don't have one planned this year. But, yes, I am very much looking forward to the next one.

Do you have a display of your ancestors' photos?

***My family, Yes, four generations of ancestors + the 5 now living, my husband, don't have any as far as I know..

What are some of your traditions involved in the reunion when it is held?

***We have always had a watermelon eating contest (no longer, because my nephew almost choked to death), and a seed spitting contest. And homemade ice cream!

Do you take donations from everyone and use it towards the next one? If not, how is it funded?

***No, we have a raffle, (last year it was a 5" color portable TV) and charge $ per family for the meat, renting space etc, if we don't have it at a family members house. If we do, it's everyone on their own, and we each bring at least one dish and/or condiment.

Do you know everyone who attends? Or are name tags necessary?

***Yes and no...I know all the adults up to age 30 but we wear name tags because not everyone does. AND having the children wear names tags, and we had T-shirts made, assures that anyone finding a wondering child will know where they belong.

How long have reunions been held in your family?

Not annually, but since I was too young to remember...50+

Do you think family reunions are important?



***It keeps families from losing track of one another, and a LOT of important information is passed around and perserved at a family reunion. Genealogically speaking..history, documents shared, pictures taken etc... My dad saw cousins he hasn't seen in over 50 years. My grandchildren met my grandfather who is 99 yrs old. Families are much more spread out now than they were in past generations. And family reunions are an excellent way of keeping a family close...