Mrs. Ettie Tillery

From Barry, Missouri

Died, on the 11th inst., of consumption, near Liberty, Mrs. Ettie Tillery, daughter of Albert Tillery, aged about 18 years. Tho' confined to her bed only a few days, she lingered long with the dread disease, bearing with meekness, humility and patience, her sufferings, and when death became apparent as near at hand, she yielded with Christian submission to the will of "Him who doeth all things well" - leaving abundant evidences that she was starting on the journey to a "home in glory." Tho' not a member of any church, yet few of the best of them are willing to say as she didn't, "I am willing to sacrifice myself if it will but the means of saving my brothers and sisters" Christ the King of Glory, could do no more than died for his enemies, and man is rarely expected to died for his friends - tho' for a "good man some will even dare to die" and here we will have a timid lady willing to die for those she loved - a clear manifestation of the "spirit of Christ." She sleeps in the family graveyard, "awaiting her adoption, to-wit: -- "the redemption of her body."

"The Lord is my shepherd, how happy am I."

Last night, Jennie, a little girl of Mrs. Smith, slipped on the frozen snow, fell and broke an arm just above the wrist.


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