Caldwell County Maps

Caldwell County Maps - 1897

The USGenWeb Archive Missouri Map Project has completed adding maps of Caldwell County for 1897 to the Missouri Maps website.

Our thanks to Mary Hudson, the Missouri Map File Manager, for sharing this information. 

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Caldwell County 1897 Plat Maps Towns

Caldwell County - 1914

Source: 1914 County Maps by State

Comments from source:
"This is from a book found while tearing down an old shed. There was no cover, and the last page was missing, which I believe was Nevada and Washington. The maps are dated 1910-1914. That is why I called them 1914 maps, that's when it ended. The name at the top says Atlas of the World."

Note: Permission from Janie Edwards was given to use maps from her webpage on USGenWeb Project pages.

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