Caldwell County Lookups

Do you live in Caldwell County?
Do you have access to resources of genealogical interest?
If so, and you'd like to volunteer to do lookups, e-mail me,
with "Caldwell County lookups" as the subject line.


Guidelines for Requesting a Lookup

* be kind -- limit your request to ONE at a time
* put Caldwell County lookups in the subject line
* be specific - names, dates, locations
* double check for accuracy before sending!
* don't forget to thank the volunteer for their time & help!

I have a book written by Janice Mercer and Virginia King McBee titled Out of the Wilderness and will help with inquires regarding the families listed. 

- William McKnight


My name is Linda Marsh Nixon and I have a genealogy business in Cameron, Missouri. As you know Cameron sits in 4 counties, Clinton, Caldwell, Daviess and DeKalb. My home page is http://www.pobox.com/~nwmresearch or e-mail me. I am also listed on the Clinton County page. Please check out my homepage and consider adding me to the Caldwell page.



I recently acquired a book titled "Missouri Marriages Early to 1825". This book covers all of Missouri. I would be available to do lookups. Please e-mail me at raecampbel@aol.com.



My name is Harlon Woodbury and I have the following two books about Caldwell County, Missouri records which I volunteer to do lookups in. "Marriage Records of Caldwell County, Missouri 1845-1871" compiled by Elizabeth Prather Ellsberry. "Cemetery Records of Caldwell cuonty, Missouri, Volume III, Braymer, Missouri" compiled by Elizabeth Prather Ellsberry.



I would be happy to do census lookups for Caldwell county for the census year 1880. If possible, I would appreciate it if the individual needing the lookup would first look up the information on the census index and send that along with the request. I would ask $.50 for each copy and $3.00 for parking fees downtown. This is what it will cost me out-of-pocket to do the lookups. E-mail me at gwenwoods@bresnanlink.net (Gwen).



My name is Judy Mace and I would be willing to lookups in the 1850 and 1860 Caldwell County census. Please include a first and last name and limit each request to 2 per e-mail. Also make sure you put the county in there as I do lookups in many other counties. E-mail me at Jkaymace@aol.com (Judy).


Every Name Index

Several years ago, a man named Jim Stout, compiled an every name index to HISTORY OF CALDWELL LIVINGSTON COUNTIES, MISSOURI, originally published in 1886, **1972 reprint**. He doesn't have access to the book itself, just the index. I will have a copy of the index if you e-mail me with your inquiries. Terry Parcel


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