Family Directory

Family Directory


As that creative name implies, a Family Directory would be…a directory of your family. Anyways, create a family directory to give as a take-home gift to everyone who attends the reunion, or you can charge a small fee to cover the cost of producing it. Use your home computer and a word processing program to create the directory.

List your family members’ names, addresses, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses if they have one. You could also include their birth dates, ages, important anniversaries (like Little Billy’s trip to the hill where he broke a rib), special interests or hobbies, school information, pictures, and anything else you want to put in that describes them. Don’t forget to include college addresses, et cetera, for kids who are living away at school.

Compile this information into a book format. Use the plastic binders that you can find in the school supplies section of your favorite retailer to bind the information in a cheap manner, or you can take it to your local quick print or copy shop. They can reproduce as many copies as you need and attractively bind it with a variety of bindings in different price ranges.