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Hollaran School
This one room school gave Butler County an outstanding citizen - Asst. Supt. of Poplar Bluff Unified School District.

PHOTOGRQPH Halloran School Students about 1945 on Ten Mile Creek, Epps Twp., Butler Co, MO.

Notes below from Steve (the contributor) about classmates of his Mother
and second note is from Jo Cornelius a girl in the photograph

My mother is Margaret Josephine Whalen Jackson. She attended Halloran
School, as did all of her 9 other siblings. 

My Mom, attended Halloran with Jim Rickman, and a few others.  She would
walk the 1-2 miles, next to Ten Mile Creek, and I believe there was a foot
bridge they had to cross to get to school.

My Aunt Laverne Kearbey Whalen taught at Halloran School, and several of my
cousins also attended there.

I was fortunate to attend a Halloran School Reunion once, and there is a
good photograph of the many Alumni at the school.  
Photograph Contributed by: Michael Stephen "Steve" Jackson 

I am in the photograph but not identified in the names below the photograph. 
The year was 1946 or 1947 depending upon whether the photograph was taken in the 
fall or the spring. I was a second grader.  The teacher of Halloran School at that time was 
Laverne Kearbey Whalen. I am the little girl in the middle of the two little 
boys holding the trophy.  I have no idea what the trophy was for. 
The school did have two rooms, but at the time I went there (1945 - 1948)
only one room was used. 

Warren Davenport in this photograph was my oldest brother.  He was in the 8th grade.
This Two room school was the start of my brothers his career in education.  It was the
Halloran school for his first teaching assignment. He continued to advance in the 
field and at the time of his retirement he was  Asst. Supt. of Poplar Bluff Unified School District.

Jim Rickman. (not pictured here) Jim went to Halloran 1st-8th grades. 
He graduated from Halloran the year before that picture was taken.  Subsequently he taught 
schools in Butler County  and like my brother continued his education and obtained his PHD.  
He moved away from Poplar Bluff (to Jefferson County, MO) quite some years ago; but has 
been in Poplar Bluff since his retirement about 15 years ago. 
If I am not mistaken his mother (long deceased) may have been among the very first teachers 
at Halloran School.   Some of his ancestors were among the earliest settlers in Butler County
- that would be in the TenMile Creek/Walton Chapel area.  Of course so were my ancestors, 
my g.g.grandfather was Benjamin F. Turner. 

Name Correction also shown on Halloran Photo
MICHAEL STEPHEN JACKSON [] requested the correct spelling for his aunt 
8. Agnes Levonda Whalen  

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