Osborn School , Butler county Missouri

Osborn School , Butler county Missouri

Your assistance is needed with this project.
If you can identify a person where the name is missing on these school photographs, please forward to
Marcella Stockton or Mary Hudson --
( the file name and face number name of the person,.)
Several schools are being worked on by the Qulin Historical Society.

A list of names you will find in these group photos are listed below
The names are indexed by FIRST name

Alma Bulger
Alma Lee Bulger
Alma Lee Bulger
Anna Lou Tompkins
Anna Marie Wright
Arlia L. Wright
Alvin Butler
Anglee Osborn
Anna Bell Deken
Augusta Lee Pride
Augusta Pride
Basil Williams
Betty Fowlkes
Berniece Day
Betty Jones
Betty Osborn
Bill Depriest
Bill Nored
Billy Depriest
Billy Hargrove
Bobby Nored
Buel Webb
Carl Davis
Carol Benton
Claudie Osborn
Clyde Pleasant
Charles Hendrix
Charlotta Deken
Claudia Brown
Claudious Osborn
Cleo Nored
Clifton Anderson
Clyde Lancaster
Darlene Osborn
Dewayne Osborn
Donald Hargiss
Doris Osborn
Dorothy Dean Maddix
Dale Detie
Dalph Camp
Darius Osborn
Dimmer Nored
Donald "Pete" Huffman
Donald Hargiss
Donald Huffman
Donald Jones
Doris Benton
Doris Osborn
Dorius Campbell
Dorothy Dean Maddox
Dorothy Depriest
Dorothy Hargiss
Doughlan Jones
Duane Davis
Ed Barnes
Esther Robinson
Eddie Brown
Eloise Diamond
Elroyce Huffman
Ernest Nored
Esther Fowler
Esther Lancaster
Evaline Deken
Evaristus Deken
Ezell Austin
Faye Davis
Franklin D. Wright
Freda Hefner
Fay Lancaster
Fay Lancaster
Faye Davis
Floorreen Roberson
Frank Wright
Fren Irene Brickell
Frieda Hefner
Gail Kiersey
Geneva Brown
Geniece Huffman
Genora Vaughn
Georgia Osborn
Geraldine Smith
Glen Davis
Glen Hefner
Hazel Hall
Hazel Webb
Helen Anderson
Helen Diamond
Helen Wright
Henry Barnes
Homer Nobles
Hyacinth Deken
Irene Robinson
Raphael Langley
Isabell Deken
J.C. Nored
J.C. Vancil
J.D. Hargiss
James Depriest
James Osborn
Jearline Bulger
Jerry Nobles
Jewel Davidson
Jewel Walton
Jimmie Anderson
Joyce Benton
Joyce Davis
Joyce Huff
Junior Benton
Junior Hargrove
Katherine Hall
Kenneth Bagwell
Kenneth Hargrove
Kenny Depriest
Lowell Webb
L.T. Brown
La Vern Barnes
Laveda Williamson
Lavern Barnes
Lewis Brown
Lillian Depriest
Marie Bulger
Marie Diamond
Marie Nobles
Marvin Bulger
Mary Helen Huffman
Mary Lou Webb
Metty Ruth Hall
Mildred Tompkins
Mildred Walton
Mr. Buford Medlin
Mrs. Clara M. Beaty
Mrs. Cora Borders
Mrs. Kade Edwards
Mrs. Rena J. McCutchen
Ms. Alberta Watts
Ms. Margaret Williams
Ms. Rena McCutchen
Myra Mae Hall
Myrene Butler
Nadine Davis
Nanny Hall
Norma Shirley
Nova Wynn
Opal Metcalf
Opal Roberson
Oris Borders - bus driver
Otis Vancil
Particia Osborn
Pat Detie
Pat Kiersey
Patricia Osborn
Peggy Pleasant
Pete Huffman
Pat Detie
Patsy Hendrix
Patsy Keirsey
Ralph Nobles
Rita Fowler
Ronald Davis
Ray Lancaster
Raymond Pride
Reta Fowler
Rita Fowler
Ronald Davis
Roy Gourley
Rugh Mae Davis
Sidney Pride
Sidney Vaughn
Slyvester Lancaster
Tommy Danner
Tommy Williams
Verle Davidson
Verlin Lancaster
Verlin Osborn
Vernon Davis
Virginia Huff
Virginia Vancil
Vivian Osborn
Wanda Lean Nobles
Wilburn Lancaster
Wilford Lancaster
Wilma Wynn
Zindle Pleasant

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  9. List of Students 1923
  10. List of Students 1923-24
  11. List of Students 1924-25
  12. List of Students 1928-29
  13. List of Students 1932-33
  14. List of Students 1933-34
  15. List of Students 1934-35
  16. List of Students 1935-36

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