Back row left to right:
George Wisdom, Ethel Sprigg, Isabelle Gray, Dona Langly, Erin Rushin, Mr. J. M. Staffoerd-Teacher, Dick Hulems,Alice Cochran, Ruel Counts, Cora Pottenger
second row from rear:
Daisy Nixon, Belle Counts, Jeff(Tom) Tinsley, George Pottenger, Art Wisdom, Muriel Armstrong, Burl Cochran, Jim Armstrong, Clyde Stafford,Belle Nixon, Emma Ward
Third Row:
Seth Ward, Alice Tinsley,Johnie Evens, Edward Ward, Felisa Nixon, Annie Armstrong, George Ward, Cal Ward, Bessie Gray,Gertrude Counts,
Front Row:
Earl Tinsley, Sylvia Belcher, Thelma Belcher, Eadith Stafford, Ernest Counts,
Orpha Ward.

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