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To request a lookup from any of the references, click on the address of the owner and ask them politely.

If you have reference materials relating to Butler County, Missouri, please consider volunteering to look up references for others. Send your name and the names of your reference materials in an email to Mary Hudson.

Click on the volunteer's name to request information from the listed reference. Please remember that these are volunteers who will look up information for you, not researchers who can solve your genealogical puzzles!

1. Limit your request to TWO names per request.
2. Put BUTLER CO MO LOOKUP in the subject line of your request.
3. Put the book name in the first line of the message
4. E-mail your request to the lookup volunteer.

As you can see, volunteers are needed.


Reference AuthorOwner/Email
"Cemeteries of Northwestern Butler County", Gen. Soc. of Butler Co., 1996; Allene
Cemeteries 4 Vol Betty Hanks 1997 Mary Collins
Cemeteries vol.1-4 and Catholic
Betty Hanks 1997 Brenda Rodgers
I have a copy of the Second Edition of Deem's History of Butler County, Mo.,
published in 1940 by the Poplar Bluff Printing Company
There are wonderful pictures and illustrations of the early settler's houses and businesses.

I can lookup, scan and email copies of pages anytime between May and November

Deem's History Kathy P

Death Records 1910 - 1955

State of Missouri

  1. 1. the complete book of emigrants in bondage 1614-1775
  2. 2. supplement to the complete book of emigrants in bondage 1614-1775
by:   peter wilson coldham Mary
I will be glad to look up items from books that I have on
Butler County.
Carter County Cemetery Books and Marriage Books to F;
Stoddard Co. Cemetery Books and Marriages;
Ripley Co. Cemetery Books and Marriages.

"Cemeteries" - I have all the Butler County Cemetery Books and my co-worker and I are in the process of updating these cemeteries at the present time for the Butler County Genealogical Society

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Shirley Pearman
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