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County coordinator and webmaster: Sharlene K. Miller, CG

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This Buchanan County Genealogy website is part of the MOGenWeb and USGenWeb sites. The primary purpose of these sites is to provide resources for those who are interested in people who lived in Buchanan County, Missouri.  This site contains historical and genealogical resources and data.

This site is organized to help you find the information easily.  The navigation bar at the top takes you to the major areas of this web.  The links in the column to the left will take you to pages devoted to specific record types.

Note to Contributors to this Site!

The information on the website will continue to be available for personal use, for the use of libraries and genealogical societies. Commercial use of this information is strictly prohibited without prior written permission. If copied, this copyright notice must appear with the information.

If you have information to contribute, please e-mail me: Sharlene Miller with your information and if it is appropriate, I will be happy to add it to the website.

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I have started a new blog about researching in the Midwest. The blog will cover topics about how and where to research; history pertaining to settlement of the midwest; genealogical events and other topics relating to family history research for midwestern ancestors. Your blog posts are welcome too!

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