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This list is not complete for all cemeteries in Buchanan County. Some of these cemeteries are no longer in existence.

Cemetery Name Nearest
town or city
Adath Joseph St. Joseph No
Agency Agency Index of burials only
Allen Gower Yes *
Antioch Dearborn No
Armstrong Atchison East No
Ashland St. Joseph North - On Ashland Avenue No
B'nai Sholem St. Joseph North No
B'nai Yaakou St. Joseph North No
Bermond San Antonio No
Bethel DeKalb No
Black (Sugar Creek) Atchison East Yes
Blakely Agency New *
Bowen Cosby New *
Bretz Agency No
Brinton Edgerton Yes *
Brown St. Joseph No
Brumley St. Joseph No
Bryan Wallace No
Buechles St. Joseph No
Callahan DeKalb No
Calvary (most remains transferred to Mt. Olivet) St. Joseph No
Camp Ground St. Joseph No
City (Old St. Joe) 


St. Joseph No
Clouser Faucett No
Cobb Edgerton Yes *
Compton St. Joseph No
Corby Chapel St. Joseph No
Courtney Cosby No
Davis (two by that name) S of DeKalb No
Davis (2nd) West of Faucett No
Deakins Edgerton Yes *
DeKalb North of Faucett No
DeSpain St. Joseph No
Dicksen Rushville No
Dobler St. Joseph No
Dunlap SW of DeKalb No
Ebenezer Agency Yes *
Elder 3 miles SE Garretsburg Yes
Elliott S of Rushville No
Ellison S of DeKalb just N of county line No
Everett S of Frazier Yes *
Faucett Faucett Yes - new
Felix St. Joseph No
Feuquay / Fuqua St. Joseph South Yes *
Finney Wallace No
Frame (Old) SE of Faucett No
Frazier Edgerton Yes
Yes2 *
Freeman Easton No
Gabbert E of DeKalb Yes
Gore Atchison East No
Grable Arnoldsville Yes *
Greenard Agency New *
Halleck between Taos and Halleck Yes
Hebron Edgerton Yes
Yes2 *
Hickman DeKalb No
Hockaday St. Joseph No
Hudseph (Old) Atchison East No
James Eastib No
Jones (D. E.) E of Rushville No
Jones (Peter A.) S of DeKalb No
Judy Dearborn Yes

New *
Karns Agency No
Kerlin Halls Yes
Kessler Agency No
King Hill St. Joseph South No
Liliger St. Joseph No
Magget Wallace No
Marks W of Faucett No
Martin SW of Gower No
Maxwell N St. Joseph No
Memorial Park St. Joseph East on Frederick Avenue No
Miller St. Joseph No
Minor Cosby New *
Moore S of DeKalb No
Moxley Easton New *
Mt. Auburn Saint Joseph North No
Mt. Mora St. Joseph - located on Mt. Mora Road (off Frederick Avenue near 16th Street) Free look-ups - e-mail Barbara Turner
Mt. Moriah Frazier Yes *
Mt. Nebo E of St. Joseph No
Mt. Olivet St. Joseph North No
Mt. Pleasant aka Old Frame Arnoldsville Yes *
Mumford SW of Gower No
Nelson St. Joseph South No
New Frame Edgerton No
New Harmony N of Gower Yes *
New Knob Hill St. Joseph South No
Number 6 Edgerton Yes
Yes2 *
Oakland N St. Joseph next to Ashland No
Odd Fellow S St. Joseph No
Old Sparta S of St. Joseph No
One - O- Two (102) E of St. Joseph No
Ozenberger Cosby No
Parker St. Joseph South No
Pepper S of DeKalb No
Pile S of Frazier No
Pines St. Joseph South Yes *
Pleasant Ridge S of St. Joseph No
Redgister S of St. Joseph No
Richardson Dearborn No
Roberts NE of DeKalb No
Roundtree N of Wallace No
Russell E of Wallace No
Saint Joseph Easton New *
Saint Mary's Cosby No
Sampson N of DeKalb No
San Antonio (old) San Antonio No
Seever Rushville No
Shaare Sholem St. Joseph No
Shewmaker S of Gower No
Sparta (Methodist Church) Sparta  No
Sparta (Old) Sparta No
Stafford Dearborn No
Stele Rushville No
Sugar Creek Atchison East Yes
Sunbridge / City or

Old St. Joe

St. Joseph No
State Hospital St. Joseph No
Taos Taos No
Tobin Edgerton Yes *
Tootle E St. Joseph No
Turner Dearborn Yes
Union Dearborn No
Wallingford NW of DeKalb No
Walnut Grove St. Joseph South Yes *
West Lawn DeKalb No
Wells W of Dearborn No
Wheeler E of Dearborn No
Wilkerson NE of Dearborn No
Williams Cemetery Dearborn Yes
Willis Dearborn Yes
Witt Edgerton Yes *
Wright Arnoldsville Yes *

Yates Cemetery


Yes *

* Does not include any burials after 1968



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Want to know where in Buchanan County a cemetery is located? Click on County Index and find the reference number for the specific cemetery. Then look at each Map to find your cemetery reference number. The file was so large, the map was put in two parts. Good Luck!

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West Buchanan County Map

East Buchanan County Map

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