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Robidoux High School Index


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This index was generously provided by Larry R Patterson.  He provided this description about the school.

My research indicates that the St. Joseph Junior College opened its doors to students in 1915.  At that time it was housed in the Central High School Building.  By 1925, the college had outgrown the high school building and after a long struggle with the St. Joseph School District the college was relocated its own building, an old elementary school.  In 1933 the college relocated to Robidoux Polytechnic High School, where it remained until the 1960s.  In 1965, the college changed its name and became Missouri Western Junior College and relocated once again to a "new" building at the corner of 10th and Edmond. 


Last First Middle Position Notes
Abbott Agnes R Instructor Household Arts
Adams Frances E Instructor Music, Orchestra
Aitchison D T School Board
Ballard E S School Board Retired April 13, 1920
Barrow John Doyle School Board Elected April 6, 1920
Bradley C E Instructor Stenography, Bookkeeping, Penmanship
Brown Naomi H Instructor Industrial Mathematics, Civics
Butts W L Instructor Bookkeeping, Penmanship, Mathematics
Dolman John E President of School Board
Fulkerson W P School Board
Gallagher Winifred Instructor History, Civics
Goodwin L M Instructor Salesmanship, Stenography, Bookkeeping
Hanks L R Head Instructor Commercial Department
Hann Fred R Instructor Vocational Electricity
Hawkins Olive Instructor French, English
Johnson Clara Louise Instructor Typewriting
Knapp Settie A Instructor Science, Mathematics
Loving A L Secretary School District
Lynch Glenn Instructor Military Instruction
Mays Vernon G Superintendent of Schools
Miller Edith G Instructor Physical Training
Miller Henry A Instructor Industrial Mathematics, Civics
Mitchell Orestes School Board Retired April 13, 1920
Polk Ralph W Principal
Richards Archie L Instructor Vocational Woodwork, Drafting
Roinson Hester Instructor Art
Root Clyde S Instructor Vocational Printing
Schulze Emma J Instructor Commercial Geography, English
Thompson Mildred E Instructor Physical Training
Tooey Stephen A
Welty Lois Head Instructor English Department
Westover H C Chief Engineer
Zollinger G A School Board Elected April 6, 1920



Last First Middle Graduation Year Students Notes
Addleman Ralph 1921 Junior
Allnut Alice 1923 Freshman
Allnutt Josephine 1921 Junior
Andrew Jake 1923 Freshman
Andrew Ruth 1923 Freshman
Arst Arnold 1922 Sophomore
Awbrey Mildred 1923 Freshman
Ball Mabel 1921 Junior
Barrow Lucile 1923 Freshman
Baumer Alice 1920 Senior B Class
Beachamp Ruth 1923 Freshman
Beachamp Walter 1923 Freshman
Becker Chester Industrial Department
Belton Berla 1923 Freshman
Bigelow Donald Industrial Department
Bogard Lola 1922 Sophomore
Boor Roy 1923 Freshman
Bordman Rose 1923 Freshman
Bordman Sam 1921 Junior
Bordman Sam Industrial Department
Borngesser Herman 1921 Junior
Bornstein Nettie 1920 Senior Sr Class President
Bovard Irene 1920 Senior
Boyle Kenneth 1921 Junior
Bratek Agnes 1921 Junior
Bratek Agnes 1923 Freshman
Brown Ester 1923 Freshman
Brown James 1923 Freshman
Burger Adolph 1922 Sophomore
Burke Helen 1922 Sophomore
Burnett Bernard 1923 Freshman
Burwell Lee 1921 Junior
Burwell Lee Industrial Department
Bush Hava 1920 Senior B Class
Bush Kirkland Industrial Department
Byers Zenneth 1922 Sophomore
Caneday Doris 1923 Freshman
Caneday Edwin 1921 Junior
Caneday Marion 1922 Sophomore
Canfield Harold Industrial Department
Carr Lois 1923 Freshman
Cherniss Lillian 1923 Freshman
Chipp Fern 1921 Junior Junior Class Reporter
Christie Marilla 1922 Sophomore
Clark Emmet 1923 Freshman
Clark Louis 1923 Freshman
Coats Irene 1923 Freshman
Cochran Louise 1920 Senior
Collins Beatrice 1921 Junior
Conner Arthur 1923 Freshman
conser Theodore 1923 Freshman
Conyers Lila 1923 Freshman
Coons Mable 1922 Sophomore
Cooper Cecelia 1923 Freshman
Cox Lawrence C Industrial Department
Cox Will 1922 Sophomore
Crouch Franklin Industrial Department
Crouch Melissa 1921 Junior
Crum Alice 1922 Sophomore
Crum Bess 1920 Senior B Class
Cummings Ethel 1922 Sophomore
Dailey Helen 1922 Sophomore
Daily Julia 1921 Junior
Dalas Jenette 1923 Freshman
Darst Eva 1923 Freshman
Davis Buford Industrial Department
Davy Bernice 1923 Freshman
Dennis Doris 1923 Freshman
DeShon Faye 1922 Sophomore
Dillon Ellen 1921 Junior
Donelly Norma 1923 Freshman
Duncan Brady 1923 Freshman
Einbinder Hanna 1920 Senior
Einhorn Milton 1920 Senior
Eisberg Sophia 1920 Senior
Ellinger Christian 1923 Freshman
Ellis Ruby 1922 Sophomore
Estes Charlie 1923 Freshman
Estes Walter 1922 Sophomore
Eyre Maxine 1921 Junior
Farmer Helen 1920 Senior B Class
Ferrie Hazel 1923 Freshman
Ferril Leone 1922 Sophomore
Fine Alice 1920 Senior B Class
Fine Mary 1922 Sophomore
Fine Sarah 1920 Senior
Fischer Emmet 1923 Freshman
Fisher Floyd Industrial Department
Fishman Jennie 1921 Junior
Foresman Edward 1923 Freshman
Foster Wilford 1922 Sophomore
Fox Pearl 1922 Sophomore
Frakes Ferril 1923 Freshman
Frank Hortense 1922 Sophomore
Frantz Clifford 1923 Freshman
Fraser Edward Industrial Department
Furbeck DeWayne 1923 Freshman
Gage Willie Industrial Department
Gardener Leona 1923 Freshman
Gardner Clinton Industrial Department
Garelich Alice 1921 Junior
Garrison Theodora 1922 Sophomore
Garrod Haelen 1923 Freshman
Garvey Alice 1923 Freshman
Gaunce Lucreta 1923 Freshman
Geiwitz Chester 1922 Sophomore
Gibson Gladys 1922 Sophomore
Gilborne Aileen 1922 Sophomore
Gilmer Fred Industrial Department
Gitz Wilton 1922 Sophomore
Gode Mildred 1922 Sophomore
Gold Samuel 1922 Sophomore
Grafton Donald Industrial Department
Gregony Byron Industrial Department
Hadley Willard 1922 Sophomore
Hall Lula 1921 Junior
Hamilton Alonzo 1920 Senior B Class
Hamilton Ruth 1922 Sophomore
Handell Edith 1923 Freshman
Harnion Louise 1923 Freshman
Harper Lee 1922 Sophomore
Hartig Marjorie 1923 Freshman
Henn William Industrial Department
Henry Lowell Industrial Department
Hensley Velma 1922 Sophomore
Henson Owen 1923 Freshman
Hessler Theodore Industrial Department
Hill Lena 1923 Freshman
Hiner Elmer 1923 Freshman
Hiner Etta 1923 Freshman
Hines Ray 1920 Senior B Class
Hitzelberger Clarence 1922 Sophomore
Hopkins Ruth 1921 Junior
Horigan James 1921 Junior Junior Class Treasurer
Huersch Edward Industrial Department
Inman Florence 1923 Freshman
Jeffries Daisy 1922 Sophomore
Jeffries James Industrial Department
Jennings Chase Industrial Department
Jennings Donald Industrial Department
Johnson Ernest 1922 Sophomore
Jolly Juanita 1922 Sophomore
Jones Alice 1923 Freshman
Jones Flavel Industrial Department
Jones Landis 1922 Sophomore
Jordan Malcolm Industrial Department
Kalis Dorothy 1922 Sophomore
Kaplan Abe 1922 Sophomore
Karoh Emily 1923 Freshman
Karrasch Leona 1923 Freshman
Kelly Irene 1921 Junior
Kelner Alice 1923 Freshman
Kendrick Roy 1923 Freshman
Kerr Charles 1923 Freshman
Kerr Charles Industrial Department
Kieffer Otis Industrial Department
Kilgore Frances 1921 Junior
Kilgore Lorene 1923 Freshman
Kilmer Viola 1923 Freshman
Kimmel Florence 1920 Senior
Kimmel Gertrude 1922 Sophomore
King Ethel 1921 Junior
Kistler Mildred 1922 Sophomore
Kleiner Eugene 1920 Senior B Class
Kleiner Glea 1922 Sophomore
Kline Walter Industrial Department
Kline Wilberfone Industrial Department
Knopinskii Sophia 1922 Sophomore
Kuebler Amelia 1920 Senior
Kunzelman Oscar 1923 Freshman
Kurtz Henry 1923 Freshman
Lapides Laya 1921 Junior
Larrison Eva 1923 Freshman
Leak Hilda 1923 Freshman
Leeper Edna 1922 Sophomore
Leibfried Bertha 1921 Junior
Leibold Louise 1923 Freshman
Leslie Franklin Industrial Department
Leventon William 1922 Sophomore
Liggett Margaret 1923 Freshman
Lindsay Lee Industrial Department
Lowry Ben Industrial Department
Magoon Myers 1921 Junior
Mahaffy Norma 1923 Freshman
Marti Bernice 1920 Senior
Martin Ruth 1923 Freshman
Matheny Evelyn 1921 Junior
Mathieson Hazel 1922 Sophomore
Maxfield Walter Industrial Department
McCarthy Edward 1920 Senior
McFarland John Industrial Department
Means Adelia 1922 Sophomore
Meuer Clara 1922 Sophomore
Migge Louise 1920 Senior
Miles Mona 1922 Sophomore
Miles Rosalie 1921 Junior Junior Class Vice President
Miller Gerald Industrial Department
Miller Grace 1923 Freshman
Miller Nellie 1922 Sophomore
Mindell Julie 1923 Freshman
Mindell Max 1920 Senior B Class
Mindell Mollie 1923 Freshman
Minter Jerry 1923 Freshman
Moeck Louie Industrial Department
Moeck Wesley Industrial Department
Moore Muldrow 1922 Sophomore
Morehouse James Industrial Department
Moreland Lois 1923 Freshman
Moreland Mary B 1920 Senior
Moskowitiz Jake 1923 Freshman
Mulvania Mildred 1923 Freshman
Mund Sadye 1920 Senior
Murphy June 1922 Sophomore
Myers Lucille 1922 Sophomore
Nelson Beatrice 1922 Sophomore
Nelson Dorothy 1922 Sophomore
Nelson Eleanor 1920 Senior
Newell Rolind 1920 Senior 2nd Term Reporter
Newland Paul 1922 Sophomore
Nichols Lee 1921 Junior
Nitz Hazel 1921 Junior
O'Neal Elva 1923 Freshman
Orth Pearl 1921 Junior
Osborne Raymond Industrial Department
Osburn Irene 1923 Freshman
Pape Margaret 1920 Senior 2nd Term Secretary
Patterson Ada 1923 Freshman
Patterson Fay 1923 Freshman
Peck Mildred 1923 Freshman
Pendleton Frances 1922 Sophomore
Perleberg Irene 1922 Sophomore
Perry Munroe Industrial Department
Pickle Francis 1922 Sophomore
Pistone Vincent Industrial Department
Pitluck Molly 1921 Junior
Pitluck Ruby 1921 Junior
Pope Helen 1922 Sophomore
Posnack Harry 1922 Sophomore
Press Bennie Industrial Department
Rabicoff Isadore 1922 Sophomore
Ramsey Lucy 1921 Junior Junior Class President
Rankin Josephine 1920 Senior
Raymen Sam 1923 Freshman
Reid John 1922 Sophomore
Resnick Tubie 1921 Junior
Rich Austin 1922 Sophomore
Rich Doris 1921 Junior
Richter Melvin 1921 Junior
Rinehart Arley 1921 Junior
Riodan John Industrial Department
Robinson Vada 1922 Sophomore
Robison Gladys 1922 Sophomore
Roeder Marea 1920 Senior B Class
Romberger Floyd 1922 Sophomore
Root Russell Industrial Department
Rose Charles 1923 Freshman
Rosenthal Bennie 1923 Freshman
Rosenthal Morris 1920 Senior Class Treasurer, 2nd Term Treasurer
Rother Margaret 1921 Junior
Rumsey Charles Industrial Department
Rutter Nellie 1923 Freshman
Sager Alta 1923 Freshman
Salken Willie 1921 Junior
Sample Harold 1921 Junior
Samuel Dolores 1922 Sophomore
Samuels Louise 1923 Freshman
Samuelson Fannie 1920 Senior
Schmidt Helen 1922 Sophomore
Schneider Lulu 1922 Sophomore
Schultz George 1923 Freshman
Schulze Edward Industrial Department
Schumacher Lucille 1922 Sophomore
Schwartz Helen 1922 Sophomore
Schwartz Joe 1922 Sophomore
Schwartz Mary 1923 Freshman
Scobbie Aaron Industrial Department
Scott Ray 1920 Senior Class Vice President, 2nd Term President
Searsy Leon Industrial Department
Seitter Helen 1920 Senior B Class
Seitz Esther 1922 Sophomore
Seitz Helen 1922 Sophomore
Shambeau Ethel 1922 Sophomore
Shields Blanche 1923 Freshman
Shortridge Elizabeth 1923 Freshman
Showers Alfred 1922 Sophomore
Shuck Bernard Industrial Department
Shultz Bonne 1923 Freshman
Sidenfaden Helen 1922 Sophomore
Sildenfaden Mollie 1923 Freshman
Skaith Floye 1923 Freshman
Skoken Mamie 1923 Freshman
Smiley Norman 1922 Sophomore
Smiley Paul 1922 Sophomore
Smith Melville 1923 Freshman
Smith Pearl 1922 Sophomore
Sowter Catharine 1922 Sophomore
Sowter Ruth 1920 Senior B Class
Speaker Ernest 1923 Freshman
Spears Carrie 1921 Junior
Spears Louise Industrial Department
Speek Pauline 1922 Sophomore
Spitz Elmer 1921 Junior
Spofford Lois 1923 Freshman
Spring Rose 1921 Junior
Steffens John 1923 Freshman
Steidel Herbert 1922 Sophomore
Stewart Emos 1921 Junior
Stewart James 1923 Freshman
Stivers Dorothy 1923 Freshman
Stone Hilda 1923 Freshman
Stotts Leila 1922 Sophomore
Strong Elmer Industrial Department
Stuber Emily 1922 Sophomore
Stuber Pearl 1923 Freshman
Taylor Edna 1920 Senior
Taylor Fern 1923 Freshman
Taylor Gertrude 1921 Junior
Taylor Irene 1922 Sophomore
Taylor Venice 1923 Freshman
Thirifay Gertrude 1921 Junior
Thomas Gene Industrial Department
Thurber Merrill 1923 Freshman
Tietz Henry 1922 Sophomore
Tischer Irene 1922 Sophomore
Torbert Milton Industrial Department
Torrance Hazel E 1920 Senior Class Secretary
Townsend Kent Industrial Department
Tuck Aileen 1922 Sophomore
Van Nada Gerald Industrial Department
Verssue Bernard Industrial Department
Voltmer Dorothy 1923 Freshman
Walker Elizabeth 1922 Sophomore
Walker Gladys 1920 Senior
Walrath Teresa 1923 Freshman
Watson Florence 1921 Junior
Watts Bernice 1923 Freshman
Watts W L Industrial Department
Way Bernice 1922 Sophomore
Wells Wanita 1923 Freshman
Wendt William A 1923 Freshman
Wentworth Charles Industrial Department
Wentworth Clifton Industrial Department
Werta Waldo 1922 Sophomore
Whitsell Leslie 1922 Sophomore
Williams Phrona 1922 Sophomore
Williams Thelma 1920 Senior
Williamson Merle 1923 Freshman
Woddbury Glenn 1920 Senior Class Reporter
Wyant Helen 1923 Freshman
Zeolin Bernice 1922 Sophomore
Zimmerman Martha 1922 Sophomore
Zmek Matilda 1921 Junior Junior Class Secretary




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