Blue Springs Historical Society Membership Application
Blue Springs Historical Society
-- Membership Application --

______   I/We wish to join the Blue Springs Historical Society.

		          Individual (annual) ______ $12.00		

Business (annual) ______ $ 25.00             Nonprofit Organization (annual) ______ $10.00

Mr. / Mrs. / Ms. / Miss _______________________________________________________
                                       (Please indicate how you wish to appear on membership records)

Address _____________________________________ Phone ________________________

City/State/Zip ______________________________________________________________

Please mail Membership Application and Dues Check,
payable to Blue Springs Historical Society to:

P.O. Box 762
Blue Springs, MO 64013
ATTN: Membership Chairman

**Membership rates are prorated monthly for new members joining in the middle of a year. For example, an individual joining in March can subtract $1.00 for January and $1.00 for February and pay $10.00 for the remainder of the year. Membership renewal begins January 1. All amounts in excess of the prorated membership amount, not equaling a renewal amount for your membership category, will be considered a donation to the Society.