Early Colemans in Virginia


1.  HENRY COLEMAN of Elizabeth City./a>, VirginiaAlthough Jamestown, the first permanently settled English colony, was founded in 1607, the earliest known Coleman to settle in Virginia was Henry Coleman.  Henry may have arrived as early as 1622.  His wifeís name was KatherineThere is no evidence they had any surviving children.  After 1655, there is no record of Henry and it is presumed he died that year.  In 1626, Henry was a witness as to property owned by Margaret Bayard who died at sea aboard the Furtherance on 23 Aug 1622, enroute to Virginia.  In this context, "property" could mean her personal belongings on board the ship, in which case Henry Coleman./a> would have been a passenger on that same ship.  The word "property" could also mean land in Virginia owned by Margaret Bayard with which Henry was familiar.  Margaret may have been visiting in England and died on the return trip to Virginia.  On 12 Dec 1627 \\\\\(Pat. Bk. 1, Pt. 1, p. 84) Henry Coleman 150 acres at "Buckroe", Elizabeth City.  On 30 May 1634 (Pat. Bk. 1, p. 147) Henry Coleman, planter, of Kickotan, Elizabeth City, 60 acres upon Southampton River upon the plantation called Indian Howse Thicket & formerly granted to Thomas Flint, assigned to said Coleman by Francis Hough 3 Jan 1633.  On 7 Oct 1634, Henry Coleman was excommunicated by the Council at Jamestown for 40 days for using scornful speeches and for putting on his hat in church \(Hennings Statutes at Large, p. 223).  Henry Coleman, 150 acres, 6 Jun 1635, E. upon neck of land of Mr. Eaton for trans.  3 persons: William Fann, Thomas Jones, Elizabeth Smith.  On 6 Jun 1635 (Pat. Bk. 1, Pt. 1, p. 360) Henry Coleman, 100 acres, Elizabeth City at "Old Poquoson" called by the name of "Foote Ball Quarter" for the personal advancement of his wife Katherine, and 50 acres for transporting one servant, Jaques Dela Ray.  On 17 Oct 1642 (Pat. Bk. 1, Pt. II, p. 336) Henry Coleman, 104 acres Elizabeth City, bounded west upon Hampton River for transporting Robert Peltrinaise and William Knight.  On 15 Oct 1655 (Pat. Bk. 3, p. 393) a grant is described as adjoining the lands of Henry Coleman: bounded on W. with Hampton River, on S. by the Gleab land & N. by land of Henry Coleman.

2.  ANTHONY COLEMAN lived in James City./a> from 1638 to 1650.  He was born by 1618/22 and apparently died ca. 1652 without issue.  Anthony named as his heirs: Edward Knight, Joseph Knight and William Coleman, relationships unknown.  On 21 Sep 1643 \\\(Pat. Bk. 1, Pt. II, p. 891) Anthony patented 82 Ĺ acres in James City adjoining the lands of Sir Francis Wyatt, Alexander Stoner, Mr. White and "lands of Anthony Coleman./a>.quot;.  By order of court, 3 Dec 1639, the grant was "for the better strengthening and security of James City"; 21-year lease from the feast of St. Michaell the Arch Angel 1649; annual rent 3 bbls.  & a bushell of MerIndian corne sheld at the State House in James City.  On 9 Sep 1648 (Pat. Bk. 2, p. 150) Jane Perkins received a grant of 27 acres in James City adj.  Anthony Coleman.  This land was given to Alexander Stoner by CaptWilliam Peirce in open court & forfeited by said Stoner unto John Knight, who assigned it to William Edwards, who assigned it to Edward Prince, who assigned it to Robert Miles, who assigned it to Mrs.  Perkins.  On 1 Jun 1654 (Pat. Bk. 3, p. 240) William Harris assigned 24 acres in James City to MajFrancis Morrison.  The property was known as the Glass House, formerly assigned to Anthony Coleman by Sir John Harvey, Knt., and by Edward Knight and Joseph Knight, the heirs of Anthony Coleman.  Later, an assignment of this same property was made by Joseph Knight as attorney for William Coleman, joint heir of Anthony Coleman \(Pat. Bk. 3, p. 367).  On 1 Jul 1657, the aforenamed grant to Anthony Coleman was renewed in the name of Thomas Ludwell.

3.  WILLIAM COLEMAN of Northumberland & Westmoreland Cos.  In 1635, William came to Virginia in the Assurance at the age of 16 (his birth year would be 1619) \(Hotten, p. 113).  His will was dated 12 Apr 1665 and proved 6 Sep 1665.  From Westmoreland Co. VA Deeds, Patents, etc.  1665-1677, Pt. I, abstracted & compiled by John Frederick Dorman, Washington DC 1973: pp.268-69, will of William Coleman: "being very sick in body, all my worldly goods as land and cattle and hogs and household goods to my brother Richard Coleman and make him my executor.  Unto my neighbor & friend John Ward a gold sealed ring with a deaths head of twenty shillings price.  I make void any & all former wills whatsoever, more especially one made to James Cleton \(Clayton?) for his unkindness towards me.  Signed, William Coleman, wit: William Clarke, Abbigale Durrant."

Part of the estate left to his brother Richard included two tracts of land on a feeder branch of the Yeocomico River, one tract of 300 acres, the other of 80 acres \(VA Land Patents, Nugent, Pat. Bk. 6, p. 264, 13 Dec 1665).  The Yeocomico opens onto the Potomac & is part of the lower dividing bounds of Westmoreland & Northumberland Counties.  Cherry Point Neck is on the Northumberland side of the Yeocomico.  The 200 acres Robert Coleman of Mobjack Bay purchased from Francis Carpenter in 1659 was at Cherry Point Neck along the Yeocomico River in the immediate vicinity of the land owned by William Coleman, land later inherited by Richard Coleman.  The land William owned was in that part of Northumberland from which Westmoreland was formed in 1653.

William was given John Walker, son of William Walker, for 7 years, on 10 Mar 1656.  William Coleman gave to John Walker, Jr. a brown heifer on 16 Feb 1657.  William Coleman witnessed a deed on 1 Aug 1657.  William and Robert Baynham were assigned the patent of Richard & Dorothy Flynt, 75 acres, on 7 Aug 1657.  William was assigned Robert Baynhamís portion of the Flynt patent on 12 Jul 1658.  William Coleman proved the will of William Bacon in court, 20 Jul 1660.  William Coleman was a witness for William Thomas on 8 Sep 1662.  On 29 Jan 1662 \(Pat. Bk. 5, p. 294) William was granted 300 acres with Robert Baynham in Northumberland Co. upon a creek of Yeocomico River, adjacent William Presleyís plantation.  The land was originally granted to Thomas Sheppard and James Claughton \(Clayton?) on 6 May 1652, and after several sales, was assigned to Coleman and Baynham.

4.  JOHN COLEMAN of Northumberland Co. VA.  John was born ca. 1615 .  Onn 21 Sep 1654, John was assigned a cattle mark: ."Know all men by these presents that John Coleman of Yeocomoco in the County of Northumberland doth give for his marke of CattleÖ." See link "English Roots".

5.  JOHN COLEMAN of Northumberland Co. VA, probably a grandson of #4.  Born ca. 1672, John d.  1702.  His wifeís name was Dorothy and they had a son John Coleman, b.  19 Jul 1698.  John Jr.ís will was dtd. 3 Mar 1737/8, proved 12 Sep 1744.  On 17 Jun 1702, an "orphan" at the age of four, John was given to Thomas and Margery Smith (with the permission of his mother Dorothy\) until he was 21.  After Johnís death in 1744, his wife Mary inherited Johnís horse, saddle & bridle.  The remainder of his estate was to be equally divided between his wife and his daughter, Margaret Coleman.  (Northumberland Co. VA Wills & Abstracts 1713-1749, compiled by James F. Lewis & J. Motley Booker, M.D.\) See link "English Roots".

  1. RICHARD COLEMAN of Westmoreland Co. VA, b.  ca. 1624.  His will was proved in 1678, Westmoreland Co., but the book in which it was recorded has been lost.  This may be the immigrant Richard Coleman who is listed as a 1654 headright of Mrs.  Margaret Brent of Westmoreland Co. He was probably in Virginia before 1654, however, based on a deed of that year.  On 9 Jun 1654 \\\(Pat. Bk. 3, p. 373) Richard was granted 600 acres on the north side of the Rappahannock River for transporting 12 persons.  This land was adjacent Silvester Thatcher and Thomas Whitlock, beginning upon the head of a branch of Mr. Smartís Creek.  This patent was renewed by Richard Coleman on 9 May 1655, assigned to Roger Richardson on 6 Jun 1666 (Pat. Bk. 5, p. 506) who then assigned it to Francis Jett on 21 Jan 1667.  Richard was given a cattle mark on 27 Mar 1656.  On 20 May 1658, he bought livestock from the William Bacon estate, "a black calfe, one iron pott, one frying pan and one pestle".  On 13 Dec 1665 (Pat. Bk. 6, p. 264) as heir of his brother William Coleman./a>, Richard was granted 380 acres of land in Westmoreland Co. near the Corotoman River.  This land was originally assigned by Richard Smith to William Coleman and Robert Baynham.  Baynham granted his right to William Coleman.  Itís interesting to note that Richard relinquished his 600 acre tract to Roger Richardson just six months after inheriting his brotherís estate.  Richard was the father of at least one son, #7 John Coleman, and may have been the father of #8 Robert Coleman.

  1. JOHN COLEMAN of Westmoreland Co. VA.  In the 23 Oct 1655 will of John Meeks, John Coleman was named a son of #6 Richard Coleman.  In Meeksí will, John was given a Cow Calfe "if there fall any the second year after my decease".  John married and had at least one son, #9 James Coleman.

8.  ROBERT COLEMAN of Westmoreland Co. VA, b.  1665.  On 17 Apr 1678, Robert was ordered to serve 11 years as servant to Honorable Coll.  Nicholas Spencer.  Robert was "adjudged 13 yrs.  this day".  It is not certain that Robert was a son of #6 Richard Coleman, but the idea is suggested from the 1678 death date of Richard.  Any underage children he may have had would likely have been bound out.  This may be the Robert Coleman./a> in a court action 30 Jan 1688/91 in Westmoreland County: Robert Coleman vs.  Thomas Stone.  Robert bought a horse from John Wright but the horse was found in the possession of Stone.  The court ordered Stone to deliver the horse to Robert Coleman.

  1. JAMES COLEMAN of Westmoreland Co. VA, b.  ca. 1670.  James was a grandson of #6 Richard Coleman and a son of #7 John Coleman His will was dtd. 22 Mar 1722, proved 10 May 1723.  In his will, James left his second wife Jane two negroes and 70 acres of land.  \(The name of Jamesí first wife is unknown.) His sons James and John were given land in Yeocomoco Neck, while son Richard was left unspecified land.  On 16 Mar 1694, James was mentioned in Westmoreland Co. records.  On 14 Jun 1695, "In presence of James Coleman - John Brownís tobacco, 14 Jun 1695; James Coleman of Youcomoco in Cople Parish, Westmoreland, a planter, 300 acres formerly in the tenure of William Coleman and Richard Coleman, now in possession of James Coleman".  Acknowledged by James Coleman 16 Jun 1695.  In 1696/7 he witnessed the will of William Rust and Margaret, his wife.  During the same period, he was a witness for James Harris.  In 1703, he was a witness for Henry Duncan, Charles Lucas and William Chambers.  This may be the James Coleman summoned to Westmoreland Court 27 Nov 1706 to answer a petition of his late servant Ellenor Mackmorriss relating to her "freedom corne and cloaths and to show cause why he doth not pay her according to customs of the country".  \(Westmoreland Co. VA Order Book 1705-1721, Part I, John F. Dorman\)

10.  Issue of #9 James Co.eman of Westmoreland Co. VA. [a] James Coleman, will dtd. 28 Dec 1735, proved 27 Apr 1736, gives godson Samuel Rust 1000 lbs.  tobacco.  James gave his brother Richard his land and the remainder of his estate.  In 1723, James inherited land from his father in Yeocomoco Neck.  [b] John Coleman d.  between 1723-35.  He also inherited land in Yeocomoco Neck from his father.  [c] Richard Coleman, will filed 14 Feb 1764 Loudon/Fairfax Co. He mrd.  Eleanor Critcher on 3 Dec 1730.  She was a daughter of Anne Benge and John Critcher who devised a negro named Beck to Eleanor in his 27 Mar 1749 will.  Anne Bengeís name is known from the wills of her father and brother.  Anne and John Critcher raised the daughters of her brother after he died young.  \(Information from Regina Barry of Wilmington, DE.\) Richard inherited 100 acres of land from his father in 1723, but the location of the land was not specified in his fatherís will.  Richard and Eleanor had (1) James Coleman b.  1739 Westmoreland Co., d.  1817, mrd.  Jeane Critcher.  James was a Colonel in the American Revolution.  He and Jeane may have been the parents of the John Coleman who m.  Susannah Critcher on 18 Jan 1788, Westmoreland Co. They also had a son Thomas Coleman whose wife was SarahThis is known from a deed of gift for 237 acres from his father, James Coleman, on 5 Nov 1810 Fairfax Co. VA \(DB2, p. 241) Thomas and Sarah were living in Christian Co. KY on 18 Aug 1820 when they sold the 237 acres in Fairfax Co. to William Latimer of Fairfax Co. (2) Elizabeth Coleman m.  Henry Brewer (3) Mary Coleman b.  Fairfax Co. VA, d.  before 1780 NC, m.  Edward Masterson in Fairfax Co. VA (4) Jemima Coleman m.  before 1763 Unknown Hurst.  [d] Elizabeth Coleman m.  by 1723 Joseph Carr and had James Carr, Joseph Carr and Mary Carr.  Joseph Carr inherited 1 negro and 1000 lbs.  tobacco from his father-in-law, James Coleman in 1723 "for the schooling of James Carr".  Martha Sparrow, daughter of Jane and Robert Sparrow, and step-daughter of James Coleman, inherited two negroes from her stepfather, to be received after the death of her mother.

11.  STEPHEN COLEMAN of Northumberland Co. This may be the Stephen Coleman who came to Virginia on 10 Jun 1666 as a headright of Thomas Boswell: "the North Point of Ware R. Point including Racoune Island adj.  Nathanial Fletcher" \(Deed Bk. 5, p. 667).  Stephenís wife was named Katherine and on 19 Jan 1698/9 they sold land to Henry Mayre.  A Stephen Coleman had a son also named Stephen b.  in 1707.  The 1666 headright Stephen Coleman would have probably been too old to have a son born in 1707.

12.  STEPHEN COLEMAN of Charles City & Surry Co.Stephen was the brother of #19 Robert Coleman of Isle of Wight Co. Stephen died in 1690/1, had sons mentioned in his brother Robertís will, but not named.  On 7 Aug 1671, Stephen witnessed a deed \(Charles City Co. Court Orders, p. 534) On 27 Jan 1691, the Surry Co. Records 1687-1694, p. 291 list an inventory of Stephenís estate.  From Charles City and Surry Cos.  came Brunswick, Lunenburg and Mecklenburg.  Stephen may be the ancestor of the James Coleman and John Coleman of Lunenburg & Mecklenburg Counties.

13.  JAMES COLEMAN of Brunswick, Lunenburg & Mecklenburg Co.His wifeís name was Clarissa \(Clary\) and he may have had a brother, John Coleman, whose wife was Susannah.  On 3 May 1744, Mecklenburg Co., sold to Andrew Moreman 300 acres on Roanoke River.  Clary released her dower rights.  On 20 Aug 1745, Brunswick Co., James bought 400 acres.  On 20 Sep 1745, Brunswick Co., he bought 274 acres.  On 30 Mar 1750, Mecklenburg Co., he sold to Martin Phifer 20 acres, part of land James Coleman "now lives on".  Clary released her dower rights.  On 2 Nov 1756, Mecklenburg Co., sold to Samuel Phelps 100 acres on Colemanís Creek (part of tract he bought from Henry Decker\) adjacent to William Phelps.  Clary released her dower rights.  On 10 Jun 1766, Lunenburg Co., he bought 380 acres.  On 9 Jun 1766, Mecklenburg Co., with John Coleman, sold to James Speed 217 acres on both sides of Allenís Creek, adjacent to Maury & Scott (now Burton\).  Susannah, wife of John, and Clary, wife of James, released their dower rights.

14.  RICHARD COLEMAN of Lancaster, Old Rappahannock, RichmondKnown as "Settlement" Richard Coleman.  See link "English Roots".

15.  JOHN COLEMAN of New Kent Co. VA.  This is probably the John Coleman./a> who was a headright of RowHorsely and Robert Lancaster on 7 Mar 1675/6 \\(Pat. Bk. 6, p. 589).  If so, he was born by 1660 in order to be named a headright.  Horsely and Lancaster received 767 acres in New Kent Co. for transporting six persons, one of which was a John Coleman.  From a 1688 New Kent Co. land grant (Pat. Bk. 7, p. 634), it is known that John Coleman was an owner of property adjacent Joseph Goodrich and Stephen Benbridge.  The land lies on a branch of Ashawaymankecacke Swamp.  There are a few New Kent Co. Colemans mentioned in later records.  Josiah Coleman had a son John Coleman b.  12 Dec 1724.  Many years later, a Josiah Coleman had a son Shephard Coleman b.  ca. 1808.  Shephard had a daughter Harriett Coleman b.  27 Jan 1837 in Meade Co. KY.  On 26 Sep 1772, Anna Dudley Coleman was born to Thomas and Anna Coleman.

16.  JOHN COLEMAN (2 men) possibly of Old Rappahannock/Essex.  On 16 Jun 1649, CaptRalph Wormeley received a patent for 3200 acrs of land on the south side of Rappahannock River at Nimcock Indian Town, etc.  This was in Old Rappahannock Co.nty, the part that became Essex in 1692.  Today this is Jones Point just below Tappahannock (History of Old Rappahannock Co. VA 1656-1692 by Thomas Hoskins Warner, p. 158).  Two of the headrights used by Wormeley to obtain this patent were named John Coleman.  \(Wormeley patent from Nell Nugentís patent & grant abstracts, Pat. Bk. 2, p. 170)

17.  ROBERT COLEMAN of Mobjack Bay., the subject of this website

18.  ROBERT COLEMAN of Nansemond Co. The date of his arrival in Virginia is unknown.  On 20 Apr 1684, he was granted 530 acres on the west side of a reedy marsh on a branch of the Chuckatuck \(Land Pat. Bk. 7, p. 378).  On 28 Oct 1697, he was granted 450 acres near Wickham Swamp in Upper Parish adjacent to John & Thomas Milner \(Land Pat. Bk. 9, p. 110).  Robert Coleman had two sons, both of whom died in Edgecombe Co. NC, William in 1752 and Robert in 1761.

19.  ROBERT COLEMAN of Isle of Wight Co. The date of his arrival in Virginia is unknown.  He had a brother, #12 Stephen Coleman, but Robert left no male descendants.  His will was probated in 1715, with a death date given of 8 Mar 1715.  Legatees were Elinor Giles, "brother Stephenís sons", Benjamin Beal, Martha Murray, George Martin, John Watts, Christopher Reynolds and Ann, his wife \(Ann Reynolds\).  On 29 Sep 1667, Robert was granted 634 acres in Isle of Wight Co. - 300 purchased from Ambrose Bennett and 334 for transporting seven persons, including a Robert Coleman \\\(Pat. Bk. 6, p181).  The headright Robert Coleman may be the Nansemond Co. #18 Robert in the previous paragraph.  Nansemond and Isle of Wight bordered each other.  On 4 May 1670, he was granted 938 acres with William Ruffin on the western branch for transporting 19 persons (Pat. Bk. 6, p. 336).  On 21 Apr 1695, Robert was granted 80 acres in the lower parish for transporting two persons (Pat. Bk. 8, p. 422).  Robert was listed on the Isle of Wight 1704 Quit Rent Rolls with 1500 acres of land.

20.  ROBERT COLEMAN of Charles City Co. This is the Robert Coleman whose family was chronicled in the book The Robert Coleman Family - From Virginia to Texas 1652-1965 by James P. Coleman, former Mississippi governor, now deceased.  Robert was born by 1622, came to Virginia in 1652 and died in December 1688.  He had three sons: #23 Robert Jr., #24 John and #25 Warner.  Robert Sr.  may have had three brothers: Nicholas, William and ThomasNicholas Coleman came to Virginia in 1656 \\\(Order Bk., p. 51) and may have gone to Pennsylvania; Thomas Coleman came to Virginia in 1655 (Order Bk., p. 39) and nothing further is known of him; William Coleman came to Virginia in 1655 (Order Bk., p. 50).

On 5 Nov 1652 \(Charles City Co. Court Orders 1655-1658, p. 18) LtColWalter Chiles conveyed to Robert Sr.  813 acres on the south side of the Appomattox River in Charles City Co., now Prince George County.  This is the same land later owned by a John Coleman of Charles City Co. who may have been a relative of this Robert.  On 29 Sep 1668 \(Pat. Bk. 6, p. 189) Robert patented 283 acres, Charles City Co., part of the above tract, south side of Appomattox River, west end of Colemanís house swamp.  This is the same land identified by CaptJohn Coleman (son of Robert Sr.\) in his 1725 deed.  On 20 May 1663 \\(Charles City Co. Court Orders 1661-1664 p. 500) Robert Sr.  conveyed to his son Robert Jr. "part of my land on the south side of the Appomattox River, I know not the quantity of it".  On 15 Feb 1677 (Charles City Co. 1677-79, p. 279) judgment against Robert in favor of Capt.  John Rudds for 470 lbs.  tobacco.  On 24 Jun 1678, Lewis Watkins was awarded 193 lbs.  of tobacco against Robert Sr.  In Sep 1689, it was "ordered that the estate of Robert Coleman in the hands of Robert Tucker be inventoried and appraised".

21.  WILLIAM COLEMAN of Charles City Co. which became Prince George Co in 1703.  This William may be the brother of #20 Robert Coleman of Charles City Co. William was born by 1639, date of death unknown.  On 15 Jul 1717, he was granted 100 acres on the west side of Nansemond Creek in Prince George Co. \(Pat Bk. 10, p. 339).  He had at least one son, William Coleman Jr.


22.  WILLIAM COLEMAN Jr. of Amelia Co., son of #21 William Coleman.  William was born 10 Apr 1680 in Charles City Co. which became Prince George Co. in 1703 which then became Amelia Co. in 1734.  His will was written 2 Jun 1743, Amelia Co., and he died in 1745.  He married Faith Godfrey and had: Daniel, Frances, Peter, William, Godfrey, Joseph and Robert.  In 1704, William was on the Prince George Co. Tax List with 100 acres.  On 13 Nov 1720 \\(Pat. Bk. 11, p. 79) he was granted 185 acres in Prince George Co. referred to as "William Coleman Jr.".  On 9 Jul 1724 (Pat. Bk. 12, p. 73) he was granted 154 acres on the west side of the creek in Prince George Co., now referred to as "William Coleman Sr.", indicating his father had died between 1720 & 1724.  On 13 Oct 1727, he was granted 297 acres in Prince George Co. \(Pat. Bk. 13, p. 279).  On 28 Sep 1730, William was granted 400 acres in Prince George Co. \(Pat. Bk. 13, p. 522).  On the same date, p. 530, he was granted 235 acres in Prince George County.  On 2 Jan 1737 he was granted 202 acres in Amelia Co. on the upper side of the great branch of Winticomaick Creek \(Pat. Bk. 17, p. 438). 

23.  ROBERT COLEMAN Jr. of Charles City Co., son of #20 Robert Coleman Sr.  Robert Jr. was born ca. 1642, died 1721 and married Mary, surname unknown.  They had a son, #26 Francis Coleman.  Robert Jr. gave his estate to Robert Tucker prior to 1704, in return for taking care of him.  On 20 Oct 1665 \(Pat. Bk. 5, p. 435) he patented 450 acres, Charles City Co., south of Appomattox River beginning at head line of land of Robert Coleman Sr.  for transporting 9 persons.  On 10 Nov 1717, Robert Jr. was acquitted from paying the county levy for the future, presumably due to age or infirmity.  On 17 Sep 1721 (Bristol Parish Vestry & Register Book, pp. 5,6,11) William Tucker stated that Robert Coleman "lys at his house in a very weak, helpless condition and has been so these six months past" etc.  William Tucker was paid 400 lbs.  tobacco for keeping Robert Coleman for three months and later, Joseph Tucker was allowed 1400 lbs.  tobacco "on account of Robert Coleman".

24.  JOHN COLEMAN of Prince George Co., son of #20 Robert Coleman Sr.  John was called "Captain"He was born between 1674-81 (was under 21 in 1688 when his father died) and married Mary, surname unknown.  His date of death is unknown.  In Dec 1688, he chose his brother Robert Coleman Jr. to be his guardian.  On 7 Jun 1714 \(Deed, p. 16) John sold to Robert Munford./a> 10 acres in Bristol Parish, Prince George Co. On 9 Jul 1724 \(Pat. Bk. 12, p. 64) John was granted 313 acres on the south side of the Appomattox River in Prince George Co. - a tract of land called the Horsepen Branch.  On 8 May 1725 \\(Deeds, p. 834) John Coleman and wife Mary conveyed 208 acres to Robert Munford.  The deed said 12 acres of this land was conveyed to John Coleman by Robert Tucker on 3 Mar 1701 and "the residue thereof is a part of a tract granted to Robert Coleman, now deceased, father to the said John Coleman, by patent dated 29 Sep 1668".  On 13 May 1725 (Deeds, p. 798) William Coleman sold to John Coleman 185 acres on the east side of the great branch of Whipponock Creek.  After 1753, this land was in Dinwiddie County.

25.  WARNER COLEMAN of Charles City Co., son of #20 Robert Coleman Sr., Warner died in September 1689, leaving at least one son, William Coleman, who married an Elizabeth and had a son Warner b.  20 Mar 1732, bap.  26 Aug 1733.

26.  FRANCIS COLEMAN Sr. of Prince George Co. Francis was a son of #23 Robert Coleman Jr. of Charles City County.  He was born before 1667 (a Surety in 1688), died by 1739 and married Honor, surname unknown.  They had two sons, John Coleman and Francis Coleman Jr. Francis owned land in 1717 that became part of Dinwiddie County.  In 1704 he had 150 acres of land in Prince George County./a>.  On 15 Jul 1717 \\(Pat. Bk. 10, p. 338) he was granted 333 acres in Prince George County on south side Butterwood Swamp or Creek, now in Dinwiddie County.  On 9 Jul 1724 (Pat. Bk. 12, p. 70) Francis was granted 350 acres north side of Butterwood Swamp in Prince George County.  On 10 Nov 1721 \(Deeds, p. 499) Francis gave to his son, John Coleman, 133 acres on the south side of Butterwood Run, adjacent to Francis Coleman Jr. On the same date, Deeds p. 500, he gave to his son Francis Coleman Jr. 100 acres on the south side of Butterwood Run where Francis Sr.  "now liveth".  On 12 Feb 1739 \(Prince George Minute Book, p. 383) a deed for land from Francis Coleman Sr.  to Matthew Ligon was proved in court by the oaths of Joseph Lewis, John Coleman and Henry Thweatte, witnesses thereto.

27.  FRANCIS COLEMAN Jr. of Prince George & Amelia Cos., son of #26 Francis Coleman Sr.  Francis was born before 1695 and was still alive in 1761.  His wife was Mary and they had John Coleman bap.  13 May 1720; Amy Coleman b.  22 Aug 1729; and William Coleman bap.  2 Jul 1733 who died in Fairfield SC.  On 7 Aug 1719 \\(Deeds, p. 359) Francis & Mary conveyed 150 acres to Adam Sims.  This land was adjacent to John Ledbetter on Warrick Swamp.  Robert Munford was a witness.  On 10 Nov 1721 (Deeds, p. 500) Francis received from his father, #26 Francis Coleman Sr., 100 acres on the south side of Butterwood Run, on Horse Pen Branch, land where Francis Sr.  "now liveth".

28.  JOHN COLEMAN of Prince George Co., son of #26 Francis Coleman Sr.  On 9 Oct 1716 \\(Deeds, p. 126) #26 Francis Coleman Sr.  and #27 Francis Coleman Jr. of Prince George Co. conveyed to John Coleman a tract of land "whereon he now liveth", bounded by Robert Munford and extending to the Appomattox River.  Nothing further is known of this John other than he received 133 acres of Prince George Co. land from his father on 10 Nov 1721 (Deeds, p. 499).  This acreage was on the south side of Butterwood Run, adjacent to his brother #27 Francis Coleman Jr.

29.  JOHN COLEMAN of Charles City Co. Deceased by Jun 1690.  Very little is known about him other than he was described as being "very old" when he died.  It is possible that he was related to Robert Coleman Sr.  of Charles City Co. because on 18 Mar 1662 (Cavaliers & Pioneers Vol I, Nugent, p. 472) he acquired 813 acres in Charles City Co., south side of Appomattox River adjacent to M. ThounstellThis land was granted to Col.  Walter Chiles on 25 Oct 1652 and conveyed to Robert Coleman Sr.  of Charles City Co. two weeks later.  On 11 Mar 1663/4 \(Charles City Co. Court Orders p. 456) John was a witness in court.  In Aug 1690, Robert Alston filed a claim against the estate of John Coleman for 4 shillings or 400 lbs.  tobacco, owed him for playing the bagpipes at Colemanís wedding.  Either this was an old debt, or John Coleman married late in life and died before he could pay the costs of his wedding.