Missing Links Belonging to The Coleman Family of Mobjack Bay, Gloucester County, Virginia



Information on the family and descendants of Thomas Coleman who married Mary Woolfolk and lived in Caroline Co. can be found in the (5) Daniel Coleman section.

No progress has been made on the unidentified James Coleman mentioned in two Madison Co. indentures.  The first indenture, Deed Book 1, pp. 368-370, occurred 12 Mar 1796 between the heirs of Charles Brooking, deceased, namely William Brooking and Robert Brooking, and James Coleman of County of Orange by a power of attorney for Samuel and John Brooking of state of Kentucy (sic) of one part, and Ambrose Medley....for L46...sell 40 acres...in fork of Robinson River and on waters of Grymes Run, in line of William Twyman.  /s/ William Brooking, Robert Brooking, James Coleman.  Presence of Wharton Canady, Jacob Redman, Joseph Redman.  Recorded in Madison Co. 28th Apr 1796.  The second indenture, dated 23 Oct 1797, between the heirs of Charles Brooking, decd., named William Brooking of Madison Co. and James Coleman of Orange Co. as Power of Attorney for Samuel and John Brooking of the State of Kentucky of one part and Robert Brooking of Madison Co. VA of the other part, L100 for 106 acres formerly property of Charles Brooking, decd., in fork of Grimes Run bounded by Benjamin Smith, Taliaferros line, William Brooking, Ambrose Medley, north bank of Grimes Run, William Hume, Benjamin Smith, Smiths Mill Pond.  Witness: John Yager, Able Gresse, Hugh Mastin, Benjamin Humphries, Benjamin Smith, Charles Smith, William Brooking, James Coleman.  Recorded Madison Co. VA DB2, 26 Oct 1797.  \(Madison Co. was formed in 1792-3 from Culpeper which was formed in 1748 from Orange Co.\)

There were several men named James Coleman in Orange Co. around the same time.  Most of them have been eliminated as the subject of the above indenture.  It is interesting to note that Mary Taylor married Samuel Brooking.  Mary was the sister of Sarah Taylor who married James Coleman of Orange Co. However, Samuel and his wife Mary, and James and his wife Sarah were all living in Kentucky when these indentures were made. 

There is a James Coleman, in the (5)Daniel Coleman section who could be the Coleman referenced in the legal transaction.  Until 1777, James lived in Cumberland Co. on land inherited from his father.  Apparently, James was born under a wandering star because he had a penchant for traveling.  He left Virginia for a few years, moved to Mississippi and then New Orleans before returning to his home state.  In 1782 he lived in Buckingham Co. Nancy Coleman, a daughter of James and his wife Anna Cocke, married Jacob Yeager in 1795, Madison Co. VA.  A Thomas Canady signed the marriage bond.  It is very possible that (5)2210 James Coleman was living in Orange Co. by 1796, having power of attorney for Samuel and John Brooking of Kentucky

The LtRichard Coleman with son Thomas listed in Ninian Boogs Merchant Account Book for King & Queen Co. (1749-52) has not been identified.  A purchase at Todds Warehouse was for "one boys fine hat" and "pair womans Spanish leather pumps".

The Mary Coleman brought before the Essex Co. VA court on 22 Nov 1727 \(Order Book 1725-20 Pt. II\) for having a bastard child remains a mystery.

A James Coleman appears in Essex Co. in 1761, whose identity is unknown.  1 Jun 1761 \(DB E, 1751-61, SpotsCo. VA\) Richard Coleman and Ann his wife \(Ann Wooten\) sold to James Coleman of Essex Co. L30 currency, parcel of land said Richard purchased of Richard Couzens as by Deeds, 5 Nov 1754 in Spotsylvania Co. on Pigeon Run.  No witnesses.


.P>In Goochland Co., Richard Colemans daughter Lucy m.  William Thornwell on 5 Dec 1757.  Richard and his daughter Lucy have not been identified. 

Some Amherst Co. VA families moved to the Elbert Co. GA area after the American Revolution.  This family appears to be one of them: John Coleman b.  Amherst Co. VA by 1740, m.  Susannah Unknown, also of Amherst Co. Johns will was dtd. 22 Oct 1778 in Elbert Co. GA.  John and Susannah had: Charlotte; Thomas m.  Edney Unknown who d.  1819 in Edgefield Co. SC; Elizabeth; Susannah; John b.  6 Mar 1765 VA, d.  11 Nov 1836 Maury Co. TN, m.  1791 in Elbert Co. GA to Mary "Polly" Walker, dau.  of Jeremiah & Milly Walker; and James b.  1775 VA, d.  Elbert Co. GA.



Three men appear in Orange Co. records who have not been identified.  They may be the children of the John Coleman mentioned in the Caroline Co. Survey Book in 1729 as "John Colemans children".  Or they may belong to the unidentified James Coleman of Orange Co. mentioned previously.  They were Thomas, John and WilliamYears later, two Coleman marriages in Orange Co. are also unidentified.  These Colemans may all be related.  The legal transactions were found in Orange Co. Deed Books 3 through 8, Dorman.

20 Jan 1735/6, Orange Co. Roger Palmer Jr. vs.  William Pierse.  Defendant with swords, staves and knives on him, did beat, wound and evil intreat him.  Summons to William Pierse 17 Feb 1736 returned executed 19 Feb 1735/6 by Gideon Marr.  Thomas Coleman, security.  Dismissed, agreed.

22 Apr 1736, Orange Co. Bond of Henry Downs, St. Marks Parish, Orange Co. to Thomas Coleman of same.  For L26 current money to convey 150 acres on the Little fork of the Rappahannock River at the foot of Unknown Mountain.  On 1 Aug 1739, Thomas Coleman assigned the bond to Isaac Smith.

18 Aug 1736.  John Coleman was a witness to an order taking William Hawkins of Orange Co., blacksmith, into custody to guarantee his appearance at the next court.  On the previous day, on the motion of Alexander Spotswood, Esq.  It was ordered that the Sheriff remove William Hawkins from the ferry plantation belonging to AlexSpotswood and that Spotswood take charge of the ferry and keep it according to law.  Dismissed.

27/28 Aug 1740, Orange Co. Edward Teal and Mary Teal his wife of St. Marks Parish, Orange Co., planter, to John Coleman, shoemaker, of same.  Lease and release for L10, 130 acres, part of tract purchased by Edward Teal of George Home containing 260 acres, 12 Dec 1738...

26/27 May 1742, Orange Co. George Home and Eliza.  his wife of St. Marks Parish, Orange Co., to Edward Teale of same.  Lease and release for one riding horse and L15 current money, 500 acres in the great fork of the Rappahannock River on the branches of Mountain Run and Cedar Run, part of a pattent to Charles Steward 21 Aug 1735....line of ColoAlexander Spotswood decd.  On a branch of Cedar Runvalley near Fox

Mountain...crossing Bloodworth Road...Henry Fields line...Francis Kirtleys line...  to the Mountain Run to a line of another tract of Teals whereon John Lillard now lives...John Colemans line...to Thomas Wright Belfields line...Spotswoods line...Wit: Phillip Clayton, Thomas Sims, William Duncan, John Sutton, Gerrard Bancks.

27/28 Oct 1742, Orange Co. Thomas Wright and Frances Wright of Orange Co., to John Coleman of same.  Lease and release for L10 current money, 100 acres, part of 251 acres in the great fork of Rappahannock...in Christopher Zimmermans line...head of the glade in Major Findlesons line...

22 Jan 1745, Orange Co. DB10, pp. 269-271.  Indenture between William Coleman and Elizabeth his wife of St. Marks Parish, Orange Co. and Francis Strother of St. Martins Parish, County of .. name="N028869">Hanover...  deeds of lease and release ...  583-1/3 acres of land being the one third part of a patent granted to Thomas Kennerly, James Kennerly and Eliz.  Kennerly for 1750 acres dated 23 Jun 1735 in St. Marks Parish, Orange Co., between the mountains in the fork of the Bushy River called Delamera Forest.  Recorded 25 Jan 1745.  DB10, p. 278.  Surveyors PlatLaid off at the request of Thomas Kennerly, James Kennerly and Elizabeth Coleman...land lying in St. Martins Parish on the Bushy River at the Great Mountsins...all agreed to the division...laid off by Zachary Taylor. 

18 Dec 1786.  James Coleman and Milly Chew.  SurJames Taylor, p. 19 Orange Co. VA Marriages.

19 Dec 1794.  John Coleman and Elizabeth Bradley.  SurSamuel Smith.  George and Lucy Bradley consent for Elizabeth, no relationship stated.  Married 24 Dec by RevGeorge Eve, p. 36.