John Coleman, Sixth Child of Robert of Mobjack Bay Virginia

Sixth Known, Surviving Child of Robert Coleman and Elizabeth Grizzell
Of Mobjack Bay Virginia


    Traditionally, Samuel Coleman has been listed as a son of Daniel Coleman2 (p. 472).  The first mention of Samuel in a legal record occurred in 1728 Gloucester Co. VA when he was named in an indenture.  Samuel would have been at least 21 years of age.  However, he may have been born during the late 1690ís, in a year when no entries were made in the Abingdon Parish Register.  Daniel Coleman2 left Gloucester Co. early and was living in New Kent Co. in 1688.  By 1691, New Kent Co. had been divided, with more than half of it becoming King & Queen Co. where Daniel Coleman2 made his home until he died..  It is extremely unlikely he was the father of Samuel Coleman of Gloucester Co.

    Landon Bellís "Old Free State, Lunenburg Co." says John Coleman2 had a wife named Ann and a son named SamuelUntil recently, very little was known about John Coleman2 other than he had two wives, Margaret and Ann (surnames unknown) and sons James, Richard and Samuel.  An article printed in Coleman World, 97-1, p. 5, regarding John Coleman2 of Petsworth Parish was a major discovery affecting the Coleman family history. 

    The Coleman World article was reprinted from Family Puzzlers No.  1462, 26 Oct 1996, p. 4, describing an exchange of land between William Thornton Jr. and Francis Thornton of Petsworth Parish, Gloucester Co. VA and Ann Coleman Clarke and her son Richard Coleman of Hanover Co. VA.  Ann and Richard, whose wife was Johannah, exchanged the Petsworth Parish land inherited from Annís late husband, John Coleman2, for land on the fork of the Pamunkey River in Hanover Co. As part of the exchange, Ann Clarke and Richard Coleman also received five slaves named Gloucester, David, Bess, Betty and Honor, owned by the Thorntons.

    The article was evidence that John Coleman2 had left a will, although his will has since been lost as were so many other Gloucester Co. records.  The reprinted article mentioned no will date, but John is believed to have died between 1709 and 1710.  The last mention of John as a Churchwarden in the Petsworth Parish Vestry Book was on 5 Oct 1709.  Ann Colemanís last mention in the vestry records of that parish occurred on 26 Sep 1711.  From the article mentioned above, we now know her second husband was John Clarke of Hanover Co. VA.

    This evidence was very important in solving the puzzle of the Goochland Co. connection with the children of John Coleman2At the time of their fatherís death, Richard and Samuel would have been very young.  While their older half-brother, James, may have lived in Hanover Co. for a few years, the younger boys would have been raised there.  Hanover and Goochland Cos.  border each other.  This may explain how Samuel Coleman met and later married Ann Mourning Christian in 1731 Goochland Co.

    Essex Co. Deed Book 18, p. 181, dated 8 Jun 1726 shows Richard Coleman giving his father-in-law, John Clarke of Hanover Co., 200 acres of land in Essex Co., part of "a tract of land which was patented in my fatherís name, the patent specifieth 1200 acres........." From this deed, we know Richard married his stepsister, Johannah Clarke, and we know his father was the John Coleman who patented the 1200 acres of Essex Co. land.  \(Jim Clayton of Burlington, NC has done extensive research on this Richard Coleman.  Jim pointed out that the only patent grant of 1200 acres in 1704 was to a John Coleman.\)

    John Coleman2 originally lived in Abingdon Parish, Gloucester Co. VA.  His son James was baptized in that parish in 1693.  Shortly after the birth of Johnís son Richard, in 1702/3, John moved his family to Petsworth ParishHe was charged with 200 acres of land in that parish on the 1704 Rent Rolls.  It is unknown if he retained ownership of the Abingdon Parish land, but he quite likely did because his son James appears to have lived in that parish at least until after the birth of his own son, John Coleman, in 1722.  Son Richard inherited the Petsworth Parish land and the 1200 acre tract in Essex Co. (some of which became part of Caroline Co.\).  In 1691, John Coleman2 also owned land in King & Queen Co., originally part of New Kent Co. \(His brothers Robert and Daniel also owned land in New Kent Co. which eventually became King & Queen Co.\) Who inherited his King & Queen Co. land after John Colemanís death? The answer to this question is very important in the development of Johnís line.

    Several years ago, a second Daniel Coleman was identified who had apparently been lost in the family maze for years.  The common use of the name Daniel, the tendency to name daughters "Grizzell", and cousins with the same name living in the same counties all combined to push some family members into obscurity.  This is apparently what happened to the newly-discovered Daniel Coleman and his descendants.

    The new Daniel (p. 786) should not be confused with his cousin Daniel Coleman (p. 476) whose wife has traditionally been given as Patience ElliottThis issue is muddled due to the land transactions in which the two Daniels were involved.  Daniel Coleman and Patience Elliott lived in King William County until 1745 when Daniel bought 400 acres of land in Goochland Co. The 400 acre tract was in that part of Goochland that became Cumberland Co. in 1749.  Daniel Coleman remained in Cumberland Co. until his death in 1769/70.

    The newly-discovered Daniel Co.eman had a wife named Mary and a son named Daniel.  They were living in Caroline Co. as early as 1733.  Daniel was involved in several legal transactions and served on several juries.  From other court actions, it was established that Daniel and Mary also had a daughter Grizzell who died in 1739.  Grizzell owned 345 acres of land in Goochland Co. at the time of her death.  Her father, named as Daniel Coleman, was administrator of her estate.  \(Daniel Coleman and Patience Elliott had a daughter Grizzell who married William Edwards in 1750 Cumberland Co., eleven years after the Goochland Co. Grizzell Coleman died.)

    It should be noted that the Grizzell Coleman who patented the Goochland Co. land may have been a son of Daniel and Mary, rather than a daughter.  The name Grizzell, a Scottish form of "Grace", was usually given to daughters in this Mobjack Bay family, but it was not unusual to give a male child the maiden surname of his mother or grandmother.  But it was also unusual for a daughter to patent land.  Judge S.B. Coleman thought the patented 345 acres was made by direction of Grizzellís father.  Unfortunately, both legal transactions involving the administration of Grizzellís estate were generic: "Daniel Coleman, father of said Grizzell".  For purposes of this record, Grizzell will be referred to as a daughter.

    Daniel and Mary Coleman were living in Goochland Co. in 1741, on the land inherited from their daughter Grizzell.  In that year, Daniel also purchased 400 acres of Goochland Co. land from George and Martha Cox.  It is important to remember that the other Daniel Coleman, whose wife was Patience, did not live in Goochland Co. until 1745.

    For purposes of identifying the separate Goochland Co. Colemans, land deeds show that Daniel Coleman3 \(Daniel2 Robert1\) lived in St. James Southam Parish, Goochland Co. His cousins, Daniel3 and Samuel Coleman3 \(John2 Robert1), lived in St. James Northam Parish, Goochland Co. In 1744, that part of Goochland which lay on the north side of the James River was called St. James Northam./a>.  That part of Goochland which lay on the south side of the James River was called St. James Southam./a>.

    The discovery of this new Daniel with wife Mary was exciting, but opened the door to even more questions concerning his parentage.  Thus began the process of elimination.  With the exception of Daniel Coleman2 and John Coleman2, all of the children belonging to Robert Coleman1 and Elizabeth Grizzell were eliminated as the probable parent of the new Daniel.  Although anything is possible in genealogy, it is unlikely that Daniel Coleman2 would have named two surviving sons Daniel.

    That left only John Coleman2 as the probable father of the newly-discovered Daniel Coleman who lived in Caroline Co. in 1733.  It also answers the question as to who inherited the King and Queen Co. land owned by John Coleman2 in 1691.  Caroline Co. was formed in 1727/8 from Essex, King & Queen and King William Cos.  From court records, we know Daniel was living in Caroline Co. in 1733, although he had probably settled on that land much earlier.

    When Grizzell Coleman was granted 345 acres of Goochland Co. land in 1736, she would have been at least 21 years old, placing her birth year at approximately 1715.  If her father Daniel2 was at least 20 years old at the time of her birth, his birth year would have been about 1695.  The baptism date of James Coleman3, son of John Coleman2 and his first wife Margaret, was 1693.  Daniel not only fits comfortably into the line of John Coleman2, he may even have been older than James.  There are no entries in the Abingdon Parish Register for the years 1691 or 1692.

    For purposes of this record, John Coleman2 had at least two sons by his first wife Margaret: James and Daniel.  By his second wife, Ann, he had sons Richard and Samuel.

    The theory of the newly-discovered Daniel Coleman3 being a son of John Coleman2 is important in placing Julius Coleman.  Just as there were two Daniel Colemans of the same approximate age, owning land in several "same" counties, there were two Julius Colemans.  Fortunately, the existence of separate family Bibles has made the task of identifying the two Juliusí much easier.  The two lines are:

    Julius5 James4 Daniel3 Daniel2 Robert1 \(Family Bible held by the Edmund Pendleton Chapter DAR, Falmouth, KY\)

    Julius5 Daniel4 Daniel3 John2 Robert1 \(Family Bible held by James M. Anderson Jr. of Enonville, VA\)

    Julius Coleman (p. 487) of the James4 Daniel3 Daniel2 Robert1 line was born in 1745 in Caroline Co. VA, and died in 1824, Licking Co. OH.  In 1773, he married Elizabeth Chiles.  Judge S.B. Coleman was unaware that there were two Julius Colemanís and thought that this was the Julius who had married Elizabeth Coleman.  After serving in the American Revolution, Julius was given 4000-1/4 acres of land in Pendleton Co. KY for his service.  In 1801, Julius sold his Virginia land and moved to KentuckyHe and Elizabeth named their children Elizabeth, Thomas, James, Daniel and Mary K.

    His cousin Julius Coleman (p. 798) of the Daniel4 Daniel3 John2 Robert1 line was born in 1743 and died in 1842 at the age of 99 in Buckingham Co. VA.  In 1789, he married Elizabeth Coleman, daughter of James Coleman and Anna Cocke (p. 484).  Julius lived all his life in what became Buckingham Co. Julius and Elizabeth named their children Anna, Daniel, Martha, Eliji, Sally, Guilelmus, Augustus, Judith, Mary Ann and Julius.

    Although there is no proof that Julius Coleman of Buckingham Co. is descended from the newly-discovered Daniel Coleman3, the 345 acres of Goochland Co. land patented by Grizzell Coleman, and later in the possession of Daniel Coleman3, eventually became Cumberland and Buckingham Cos.  It is referred to in an old Buckingham Plat Book as the "old Grifsel Coleman" tract of land.  In the family Bible, Daniel Coleman (son of Julius and Elizabeth\) is listed as "Daniel Jr." (1792-1825).  Daniel Sr.  died in 1821 (family Bible\) and would have been Daniel Coleman4, son of the newly-discovered Daniel Coleman3 and wife Mary.  The firstborn of Julius and Elizabeth was "Anna", named after Elizabethís mother, Anna Cocke, who married James Coleman.  The second child of Julius and Elizabeth was named "Daniel Jr." after Juliusí father.

    For this record, and until evidence proves otherwise, Julius Coleman (1743-1842) will be placed as a descendant of the newly-discovered Daniel Coleman and his wife Mary.





Son of Robert Coleman/Elizabeth Grizzell


(6) JOHN COLEMAN    of Gloucester Co. \(Abingdon and Petsworth Parishes\)

                b.  ca. 1665

                d.  between 5 Oct 1709 and 4 Oct 1710

                m.  (1) Margaret Unknown

                (2) Ann Unknown

John lived in Abingdon Parish until shortly after the birth of his son Richard in 1702/3.  John then moved the family to Petsworth Parish where he was charged with 200 acres on the 1704/5 Rent Rolls.  (Records of Colonial Gloucester Co. VA, p. 86, Polly Cary Mason\)

Johnís 200 acre plantation in Petsworth Parish was on Bennetís CreekHis will devised the land to his wife Ann for her lifetime, then to pass to his son Richard and his heirs.  (Family Puzzlers, #1462, 26 Oct 1996, p. 4, reprinted in Coleman World #97-1, pp. 5,6)

On 26 Apr 1704, John Coleman was granted 1200 acres on the south side of Tappahannock River in Essex Co. VA near Occupacia Creek, for transporting 24 persons into the colony.  \(Pat. Bk. 9, p. 597) Extensive research by Jim Clayton of Burlington, NC revealed that of the original 1200 acres, 893 were eventually in Essex and King & Queen Cos., with the remaining 307 acres in Caroline Co. The 1200 acres patented by John Coleman in Essex were part of the Old Rappahannock lands adjoining Richard Colemanís "Settlement" patent.  Richard Coleman was granted 1300 acres in 1652 and later relinquished all but 100 acres of it in favor of other land.  \(See p. 39, #14)

John Coleman was mentioned in the Petsworth Parish Vestry Book on 6 Oct 1708 and again on 5 Oct 1709.  By 1709, he was a Churchwarden of Poplar Spring Church.  He and John Royston were ordered to collect from every tithable person in the Parish 30 lbs.  of tobacco as the annual Parish levy.  The last mention of John Coleman in the Petsworth Parish Vestry Book was on 5 Oct 1709, for a meeting of the Vestry (Petsworth Parish Vestry Book transcribed by C.G. Chamberlayne, 1933, pp. 46, 96, 101, 108) At the next Vestry meeting, on 4 Oct 1710, there is no mention of John.

On 26 Sep 1711, MrsAnn Coleman is listed in the Vestry Book as owed 1319 lbs.  tobacco for "keeping William Bowels \(Bowles\) and 3 quarts of Clarrit".  The rate for keeping someone per year was 1000 lbs.  After that date, Ann does not again appear in the records of Petsworth Parish.

Ann Coleman married 2nd, John Clarke of Hanover Co. VA.  John Clarkeís daughter, Johannah, became the wife of her stepbrother, Richard Coleman, son of John and Ann.

In the 10 Aug 1726 will of William Thornton of Petsworth Parish, he left 256 acres of Hanover Co. land, on the fork of the Pamunkey River, to his son William Thornton Jr. , and the rest of 1350 acres to his four other sons.  On 13 Feb 1730, a four-part agreement between John and Ann \(Coleman\) Clarke, Richard Coleman, William Thornton and Francis Thornton, the 256 acres of Hanover Co. land was exchanged for the Petsworth Parish land devised by John Coleman to his wife Ann, then to their son Richard and his heirs.

The 1704/5 Petsworth Parish Rent Roll shows William Thornton Sr.  with 525 acres, and William Thornton Jr. with 800 acres.  The Rent Roll for that year also shows John Clarke with 100 acres.


From (6) John Coleman/Margaret/Ann, p. 785



1st Marriage:

(6)3811 JAMES COLEMAN    bap.  30 Aug 1693 Abingdon Parish, Gloucester Co.

                    m.  Elizabeth Unknown


(6)3812 DANIEL COLEMAN    b.  ca. 1691/5 Gloucester Co. VA

                    d.  after 1746 (on Goochland Tithe List 1746)

                    m.  Mary Unknown

Legal records place Daniel in Caroline Co. as early as 1733, although he was probably in the county when it was still Essex land.

From Caroline Co. VA Order Book 1732-1734/5, John F. Dorman:

(11 Oct 1733, p. 104): John Cox and Mary Cox acknowledged their deed of land indented to Daniel Coleman.  (14 Mar 1734/5, p. 280): Daniel Coleman acknowledged his deeds of lease and release of land indented to Benjamin Walker./a>.  (10 Jun 1727, p. 425): Dick, a negro boy belonging to Daniel Coleman, is adjudged 13 years of age.  Years later, Daniel was on the Goochland Co. Tithe List with negroes Dick and Sue.  (8 Jul 1737, p. 434): Daniel served on a jury with cousin (5)2186 Thomas Coleman in the case of Joseph Bickley Jr. against Richard Bradford.  (8 Jul 1737, p. 438): Daniel Coleman and Mary his wife, being examined, acknowledge a deed to Benjamin Walker and the same is admitted to record.  (12 Aug 1737, p. 440): Daniel Coleman and Mary his wife acknowledged their deeds of lease and release indented to Benjamin Walker.  (10 Mar 1737/8, p. 464): Daniel Coleman acknowledged his deed of land indented to his son Daniel Coleman, and the same is ordered to be recorded.  On the same date and page number, Daniel acknowledged his deed of land indented to James Coleman.  This was 405 acres Daniel sold to his cousin (5)2190 James Coleman on 8 Feb 1737, found in Caroline Loose Papers, Call #22656, Virginia State Library. 

(14 Mar 1739, p. 588): Daniel Coleman served on a jury in the trespass case of Thomas Fox against Peyton Smith.  On the same date, he was a juror in the trespass, assault and battery case of Timothy Ellis against Henry Burk.  In both cases, jurors found for the plaintiff.  Goochland Co. Court Record 19 Feb 1739: "By court order of 18th this instant, we met on lands of Grizzell Coleman and appraised the following laid before us by Daniel Coleman, father to said Grizzell, items valued at L74." Signed J. Terry, Thomas Harvey, Henry Terry.  2 Dec 1739.  Goochland Co. Will Book 3, p. 264, 24 Dec 1739: Inventory of Grizzell Colemanís property.  Daniel Coleman is referred to as her father, who would administer her estate.

(8 Aug 1740, p. 630): Daniel Coleman sells his Caroline Co. land: acknowledged his deeds of feoffment with livery of seizin endorsed, in separate deeds, to John Rore, William Holland and John Holland. 

After selling his Caroline Co. land, Daniel moved his family to the Goochland Co. land inherited from his deceased daughter Grizzell.  On 16 Jun 1741, p. 416, Goochland Co. (no deed book listed): George Cox and Thomas Walton and Martha his wife of Goochland Co. to Daniel Coleman of same, for L20, 400 acres on south side of James River, as by patent, it being in the name of George and Martha Cox, with all houses, etc.  On 21 Jun 1741, p. 449 (no deed book listed) : Daniel Coleman to Robert Bagby, for L8, part of 400 acres Coleman bought of George Cox and Thomas Walton, south side of James River on branches of Solomonís Creek, 100 acres.  No witnesses.  Signed Daniel Coleman.



2nd Marriage:

(6)3813 RICHARD COLEMAN        b.  26 Feb 1702/3

                Abingdon Parish, Gloucester Co. VA

                        d.  Will dtd. 21 Mar 1791, probated Jul 1791

                        in Rutherford Co. NC

                        m.  (1) Johannah Clarke (stepsister)

                    daughter of John Clarke of Hanover Co.VA

                        (2)    Mary Webb, a widow (in NC\)

From Essex Co. Deed Book 18, p. 181: "I, Richard Coleman./a> of the County of Essex in St. Maryís Parish, do give unto my Father-in-law John Clarke 200 acres of land during his natural life quietly and peaceably to enjoy the same, it being a part of a tract of land which the patent specifieth was pattened in my fatherís name, the pattent specifieth 1200 acres and the said John Clarke is to have the said 200 acres where he shall make choice of as witness my hand this 8th day of June 1726", in presence of John Scott, Robert Coleman, James Richeson.  Signed by Richard Coleman.

The only Essex Co. single patent of 1200 acres recorded to a Coleman was to John Coleman in 1704.  A John May grant \(Pat. Bk. 9, p. 619) adjoining the Coleman 1200 acre tract further verifies it as being near Occupacia Creek.

Richard Coleman is listed as "of Essex Co." in the deeds from Book 18, but on page 115 of Deed Book 19, on 20 Apr 1730, he states he is from "Gloster County".

Richard was a Tidewater merchant, dealing in tobacco.  He acquired property in St. Martinís Parish, Hanover Co., near Daniel and Ann Clayton\(Hanover Co. Pat. Bk. 23, p. 709, Pat. Bk. 31, p. 93) Ann Clayton was probably Ann Clarke before her marriage, a daughter of John Clarke and sister of Johannah.

From Essex Co. DB 19, pp. 399, 400 Ė 19 Mar 1732: "Know all men by these presents yt I Johannah Coleman, wife of Richard Coleman of ye County of Hannover in St. Martins Parrish doe Constitute & apoint Mr. Edmun Booker of ye County of Essex in St. Anns Parrish my true and lawfull Attorney to acknowledge my right of Dower to Mr. Nathaniell Fog ye said land being in Essex County & my husband Richard Coleman acknowledged ye same to ye said For & whereas I did not then acknowledge my right of Dower which I have in ye said land therefore I doe by this instrument of righting impower my frend Mr. Edmun Booker to acknowledge ye said land to Mr. Nathaniell Fog notifieing & confirmeing wt.  my said Attorney shall doe.  In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & Seale this 19th day of March 1732......"

In 1738, Richard was appointed Surveyor of Caroline Co. In 1739, in the Caroline Co. court, Richard was accused of adultery with Margaret Straughn Clark.  The court ordered a forty-pound bond "not to meet for a year and a day".  On 14 Mar 1739/40, "Richard Coleman./a> acknowledges himself indebted to the Churchwardens of St. Maryís Parish in the sum of L40 current money to be levied in case Margaret Clark, wife of John Clark at any time during her natural life become chargeable to the parish".  \(Caroline Co. OB 1732-40, part 3, 1737-40, p. 586) In 1744 Caroline Co. Court, Margaret Clark was granted separate maintenance from John Clark, despite having been convicted five years earlier of adultery with Richard Coleman.  (Colonial Caroline by T.E. Campbell\)

Essex Co. Deed Records:

\\(DB18, 21 Jun 1726): Richard Coleman was granted permission to run an Ordinary \(John Clark, surety).  Spilsbe Coleman (2)289 was later granted the license for the Ordinary.  After his death, the license was granted to his wife Mary \(Crow\) Coleman.  (DB18, p. 212, 16 Aug 1726): Richard Coleman, of St. Annís Parish, sold 150 acres to Edmund Booker for L45, and 50 acres to Francis GravesWitnesses: Richard Billings, James Slocumb and Francis Slaughter.  (26 Aug 1727): Richard Coleman, in Drysdale Parish, King & Queen Co., sold 100 acres to James Jameson of St. Annís Parish, Essex Co. for L22.1, land lying in Drysdale Parish, King & Queen Co. Witnesses: John Vawter, Edmund Booker, David Vawter.  \(DB19, p. 117, 20 Apr 1730): Richard Coleman "of Gloster Co." sold a parcel of land for L50 containing 293 acres plus 91 poles in Essex Co. to Nathaniel Fogg of said Essex.  The land was by a swamp known as Muddy Branch \(King & Queen Co.\), by a branch of Cockleshell Creek \(Essex Co.\) bounded by Francis Graves and MrsAnn Thacker.  Richardís wife Johannah agreed to relinquish her right of dower and appear in Essex Court when required.  Witnesses: John Vawter, Robert Parker, Salvator Muscoe, Dr.  Mungo Roy.  \(Note: A pole is a unit of measure equaling one square rod.  The land Richard sold was 293 acres, plus 91 square rods.  An acre contains 160 square rods, so the parcel was 293 acres plus less than an acre.)

Johannah may have died by 1753, the year Richard and his children left Virginia and moved to St. Johnís Parish of Old Granville Co., NCThere are no records of Johannah in NC.  The date of Richardís second marriage to widow Mary Webb is unknown.  A deed on 27 May 1783 mentions Richard Coleman, William Webb Sr.  and Mary Coleman as witnesses to land "on the Second Broad River".  Richard remained in Old Granville Co. for about fifteen years.  During those years, his land became part of Bute Co. and later Warren Co.

One of Richard Colemanís closest friends was James Payne \(Paine\) who had settled in Old Granville Co. by 1743.  In 1767, James Payne moved west, to Orange Co. NC.  Not long after, Richard Coleman also moved to Orange Co. NC, settling close to James Payneís land.  Richardís land in Orange Co. became Caswell Co., then Person Co. NC.  Richardís daughters, Elizabeth and Sarah, with their husbands and families, also moved with him.  Richard's sons, John and Richard, moved to Orange Co. and bought land near their sisters, at Allenville.  About 1775, Richard Coleman moved to what became Rutherford Co. NC, where he lived until his death in 1791.


(6)3814 SAMUEL COLEMAN    b.  ca. 1706 Petsworth Parish, Gloucester Co. VA

                    d.  Will dtd. 1 Apr 1748, admitted to probate

                20 Sep 1748 in Goochland Co. VA \(WB5, p. 481

                    Inventory-DB5, p. 505)

                    m.  17 Jul 1731 Goochland Co. VA

                    Ann Mourning Christian

Ann, born 1712 and died 1766, was a daughter of Thomas Christian and Rebecca New.  On 17 May 1737, the will of Thomas Christian was probated and mentions his daughter Ann Coleman\(Goochland Co. WB3, p. 32) The will of Samuel Coleman names wife Ann, sons James, Samuel, John and DanielExecutors were Ann Coleman and Jacob Oglesby.  Witnesses were Robert Woodson, JnoWright and John Prior.

From the Petsworth Parish Vestry Book, Gloucester Co. VA 1677-1793, p. 213: 3 Feb 1728 An indenture between Samuel Coleman./a> and the Churchwardens to bind out the son of Mary Nettles, 14 yr.  old George Nettles, to Samuel Coleman.  Samuel and his heirs were obliged to give George Nettles three years of schooling or to "carefully teach" that he may read perfectly in the BibleThey were also to provide him with sufficient meat, drink, washing, lodging and apparel, and to teach him a trade or business so that he did not become a burden on the Parish.  It is interesting to note that the 1728 indenture was for a period of three years, and Samuel married Ann Mourning Christian in 1731, three years after the initial indenture.

In 1729, the first Goochland Co. court record of Samuel Coleman is made.  In OB II, p. 112 "Samuel Coleman vs.  Constantine Ladd".  The earliest record of Samuel owning land occurred on 17 Jul 1731, the day of his marriage, when Thomas Christian deeded 175 acres to Samuel on Beaverdam Creek.  \(DB2, p. 263, Goochland Co. Records\) The deed was witnessed by Robert Christian, John Cox and John Coleman.  (11 Apr 1732, p. 407): William Mills, 400 acres Goochland Co. on brs.  of Licking Hole Creek, adjacent Samuel Coleman and Henry Chiles.  40 shill.

Thomas Christian gave his son James a 210 acre plantation bounded by Samuel Coleman and Nebuch Adams.  (19 May 1735): Samuel Coleman witnessed a sale by Edward Scott and Stephen Hughes to Nicholas Cox.  (17 Feb 1735): Samuel Coleman witnessed a sale by William Mills to William Chambers.  (6 Jun 1736): Land sold by William Mills to James Walker was bounded by Samuel Colemanís land.

\(DB3, p. 554): Jacob Oglesby, wife Constant, of St. James Parish, to Samuel Coleman, same, 67 acres on south side of Beaver Dam Creek, next to Samuel Colemanís land.  \(DB5, p. 117, Goochland Co. Records, 12 May 1746): Samuel Coleman and Daniel Coleman were witnesses to a deed from John Woodson to James Mundette.

On the 10 Jun 1746 Goochland Co. tithe list, Samuel is listed with son James and slaves named Peter, Phillis and Nancy.  In 1755, his wife Ann owned slaves named Peter, Tom, Ben and Phillis.  In 1760, their son Daniel paid the tithe on those same slaves.

\(DB7, p. 99, 9 Jun 1756): James, Samuel and Ann Coleman of Goochland Co. VA, Deed of Trust to cover debt, 248 acres on Beaverdam Creek, plantation where Ann lives, negroes and stock.  /s/ by James Coleman and Ann Mourning Coleman

Ann Mourning Coleman was listed in the St. James Northam Parish Vestry Book in 1758 for "keeping Rachel Gavin", in 1759 through 1764 for "keeping Mrs.  Gavin", and in 1761 for "keeping David Clark\(e\) for five months.






From (6)3811 James Coleman/Elizabeth Unknown



(6)3815 JOHN COLEMAN        b.  4 Feb 1722/3 Abingdon Parish, Gloucester Co.

                    bap.  26 Feb 1722/3 \(Abingdon Parish Register\)

                    d.  by 1782 Buckingham Co. VA

                    m.  Rebecca Whitney

Rebecca Coleman died 1793/taxes, 1794/estate in Buckingham Co. VA.  In a deposition taken at the home of Sarah Burkes on the James River in Buckingham Co., 29 Aug 1792, Rebecca stated that she was the widow of John Coleman and that he had built a mill on the land of Jeremiah Whitney./a> 40 years ago (ca. 1752).  She also stated that James Christian was the heir-at-law of his mother, Susannah Whitney Christian.  The suit was tried in Prince Edward Co. in which James Christian sued to gain property as an heir of his mother, Susannah Christian, daughter of Jeremiah Whitney.  \(Prince Edward District Court, Reel 19, p. 69)

On 4 Sep 1760 \(Henrico, Albemarle\) Susannah Christian, widow of James Christian who owned 200 acres of land on the north side of Fluvanna, sold her dower to James Dillard for L40Witnesses: John Coleman Sr., William Gilliam.

John Coleman died by 1782, for in that year Rebecca is shown with six slaves on the Buckingham Co. tax list.  From 1782 to 1789, Rebecca is on the tax list with 80 acres.  In 1790, her sons Jesse and Thomas each gave her 10 acres.  From 1790 until her death in 1793, Rebecca is on the tax list with 100 acres.  That same year of 1793 is the last year Jesse and Thomas are on the list.






From (6)3812 Daniel Coleman/Mary Unknown



(6)3816 GRIZZELL COLEMAN        b.  ca. 1715

                        d.  1739, unmarried

On 17 Mar 1736 \(Land Pat. Bk. 17, p. 295), Grizzell Coleman was granted 345 acres of land in Goochland Co. on both sides of Little Buffalo Creek, a branch of Willis River.  Court Record 19 Feb 1739: "By court order of 18th this instant, we met on lands of Grizzell Coleman and appraised the following laid before us by Daniel Coleman./a>, father to said Grizzell, items valued at 74 pounds." /s/ J. Terry, Thomas Harvey, Henry Terry.  2 Dec 1739.  DB2, p. 264, Goochland Co. Records, 24 Dec 1739: Inventory of Grissell Colemanís property.  Daniel Coleman is referred to as her father who would administer her estate.  The L74 appraisal of her estate consisted of eight penny nails, two horses, a saddle and bridle, and "sundry articles".  The appraisers found a negro male clearing land and breaking ground for the planting of "divers fruit trees".  This may have been the negro Dick, belonging to Daniel Coleman.  In a small clearing was a wheat patch and the framework of a 12í x 24í house.  \(The 345 acres of Goochland Co. land Daniel inherited from Grizzell later became Cumberland and Buckingham Cos.\)



(6)3817 THOMAS COLEMAN Sr.        b.  ca. 1718/20

                        m.  wife unknown

The 10 Jun 1746 Goochland Co. Tithe List has "Thomas Coleman Sr., slaves Ned, Joe, Easter, Jeff and Jane, and "Daniel Coleman Sr.".  The tax list is evidence that Thomas was married in 1746 and had a son, Thomas Jr. The Daniel Coleman Sr.  living with Thomas was his father Daniel.  Thomasí mother Mary was deceased by then.  Thomasí brother Daniel was also married and had at least one son, Julius Coleman.



(6)3818 DANIEL COLEMAN        d.  17 Jan 1821 (family Bible\)

                        m.  wife unknown

On the 10 Jun 1746 Goochland Co. Tithe List, Daniel paid a tithe on one slave, Toby.  On the 1782 Buckingham Co. Personal Property Tax Book (the first year the tax books were used), Daniel was listed with slaves Bob, Kate and Jack.





From (6)3813 Richard Coleman/Johannah Clarke


(6)3819 JOHN COLEMAN            b.  27 Dec 1737

                        d.  Estate inventoried 19 Oct 1789

                        \(Caswell Co. NC Court Minutes\)

                        m.  Elizabeth Unknown


(6)3820 RICHARD COLEMAN        d.  Will dtd. 24 Apr 1812, recorded in

                        Person Co. NC Record Bk. 6/156

                        Richard died before May Court 1813

                        m.  (1)

                        (2) Sarah Winstead

    Coleman Clayton (son of Elizabeth Coleman and John Clayton\) served in his

    Uncle Richardís place during the Revolutionary War.  \(NC Pension Appl.  #W6692\)


(6)3821 ELIZABETH COLEMAN        d.  ca. 1810 near Allensville, NC on the

                        headwaters of Mayo Creek

                        m.  ca. 1757 John Clayton (d.  1799)

                        son of Daniel Clayton/Ann Clarke


(6)3822 SARAH COLEMAN        d.  1823 near Allensville, NC on the

                        headwaters of Mayo Creek

                        m.  ca. 1759 Thomas Clayton (d.  1799)

                        son of Daniel Clayton/Ann Clarke


(6)3823 SUSANNAH COLEMAN        m.  (1) ca. 1760 Richard Clayton (d.  1778)

                        son of Daniel Clayton/Ann Clarke

                        (2) John Fuller Jr. (d.  1802)

    In 1803, Susannah settled her second husbandís estate.  The family lived near Storyís

    Creek in Person Co. NC.


(6)3824 \(DAUGHTER\) COLEMAN    d.  before Mar 1791

                        m.  Richard Bradley


From Jim Clayton of Burlington, NC





From (6)3814 Samuel Coleman/Ann Mourning Christian


(6)3825 JAMES COLEMAN**        b.  1732 Goochland Co. VA

                        d.  Will probated Sep 1796

                        \(WB3, p. 323, Albemarle Co.\)

                        m.  1751 Goochland Co. VA

                        Elizabeth Leake

James and Elizabeth were married in St. James Northam Parish.  She was born 11 Mar 1732 and died by 1788, a daughter of Walter Leake and Judith Mask.  Their daughter, Judith Leake, married John Christian \(Douglas Register, p. 15)

James was probably living in that part of Goochland Co. that became Albemarle Co. in 1747.  On 16 Nov 1784, James and Elizabeth made a deed selling 334 acres of land to Archer Payne, "land whereon Samuel Coleman, deceased, had lived".  \(DB 14, p. 100 or 144, Goochland Co.\) The will of James Coleman was written 31 Jan 1788.  No wife was mentioned, or daughters Jane and MaryExecutors: Samuel Coleman, John Brumfield, John Hatter.  Witnesses: Tallow Woodson, Joseph Holt, Edwin Gibson.



(6)3826 SAMUEL COLEMAN        b.  by 1734 St. James Northam Parish

                    Goochland Co. VA

                        d.  Will probated 11 Jul 1803 Buckingham Co.

                        m.  (1) 30 Mar 1756 Nancy Ann Wright

                        (2) ca. 1776 Elizabeth Doss

Nancy Ann, born ca. 1734, died ca. 1775/6, was "Ann" on their marriage record, and "Nancy" in an 1819 Thomas Wright lawsuit.  Samuel and Elizabeth were married in Buckingham Co.

On 29 Dec 1758, there was an indenture between Samuel Coleman and James Woodson where Woodson paid Coleman L20 of current Virginia money for 120 acres in Goochland Co. In 1761, Amherst Co. was formed from Albemarle Co. Amherst Co. records show that this Samuel owned land on the Tye River which is now Nelson Co. Samuel owned 500 acres in Buckingham Co.1782-94.  After 1795, no Colemans were listed on the Buckingham Co. land taxes.

In 1755, Samuel paid a tithe on himself.  He was not listed with any slaves.  But from 1782-86, he was listed with ten slaves.  Samuel was on the 1773 Buckingham Co. Tithe List with three tithes.  In 1774, he had two tithes.***



(6)3827 JOHN W. COLEMAN        d.  Will probated 7 Sep 1778 Amherst Co. VA

                        \(WB 1, p. 437)

                        m.  Elizabeth Lucas

Executors of Johnís estate were wife Elizabeth and cousin John Christian.  The lone witness to Johnís will was John Daniel Coleman.  Elizabeth was a daughter of Thomas Lucas.  Her will was dated 16 Aug 1819. 

May 1783: In land of Thomas Lucas to Elizabeth Coleman, David Crawford, John Daniel Coleman, Thomas Coleman, Samuel Coleman, Nancy Coleman, John Coleman, James Coleman, Betsy Coleman and Mary Coleman tracts, etc.  Mary was not yet born when her father died in 1778, but it was his wish that she be named Mary, if a girl.  John Coleman died before making deed, but in WB 9, Jan 1778 he names Elizabeth his wife and children same as previously mentioned. 



(6)3828 DANIEL COLEMAN        d.  Will made in Cumberland Co. 1769

Daniel was on the 1760 Goochland Co. Tithe List with slaves Peter, Tom, Ben and Phillis.   



Some information from Ronald D. Coleman of Salt Lake City, UT

**A Contribution to the Coleman-Leak Genealogy by Irene Moss Sumpter, Genealogies of Virginia Families,

Vol. II, pp. 280-285

***Virginia Tithables From Burned Record Counties by Isobel B. Woodson, September 1970, p. 22






From (6)3815 John Coleman/Rebecca Whitney


(6)3829 JOHN COLEMAN Jr.        b.  by 1753

                        d.  by 1787

    Whether John married or not is unknown.  He was on the Buckingham Co. 1774

    Tithe List with one tithe.  In 1782, the first Buckingham Co. tax list shows John

    with 160 acres.  He died by 1787 for he does not appear on the tax list for that

    year, and his 160 acres were divided between his two brothers.


(6)3830 JESSE COLEMAN           

    From 1787-89, Jesse was listed with 80 acres on the Buckingham Co. tax list.

    From 1790-93, he had 70 acres, having given 10 acres to his mother Rebecca.

    Jesseís last appearance on the Buckingham Co. tax list was in 1793.  It is not

    known if he died or moved away.



    From 1787-89, Thomas was listed with 80 acres on the Buckingham Co. tax list.

    From 1790-93, he had 70 acres, having given 10 acres to his mother Rebecca.

    Thomasí last appearance on the Buckingham Co. tax list was in 1793.  It is not

    known if he died or moved away.




From (6)3817 Thomas Coleman/wife unknown


(6)3832 THOMAS COLEMAN Jr.        b.  by 1746, known from information on

                        the Goochland Co. Tithe List



There may have been other children.






From (6)3818 Daniel Coleman/wife unknown


(6)3833 JULIUS COLEMAN        b.  1743

                        d.  10 Jul 1842, Sunday morning between

                        10:00am and 11:00am, Buckingham Co. VA

                        m.  24 Sep 1789 Cumberland Co. VA

                        Elizabeth Coleman (5)2282

Elizabeth, born 15 Jul 1771 and died 1 May 1858 (11:00am Sunday\), was a daughter of James Coleman and Anna Cocke. 

Julius lived all his life in what became Buckingham Co. VA.  In 1780, Julius was assessed as owning one tithe, two horses, no slaves or cattle on the Buckingham Co. Personal Property tax list.  In 1784 and 1785, he owned three horses.  In 1798, Julius paid taxes on four slaves and three horses.  In 1811, Julius was taxed for ten slaves and ten horses.  On the 1840 Buckingham Co. census, Juliusí household consisted of 50 persons: 5 white males, 4 white females, 16 male slaves and 25 female slaves.

Julius owned 200 acres on the eastern border of the county, adjoining Cumberland Co. Payneís Creek was his specific residence.  Payneís Creek was a tributary of the Willis River and flows from Buckingham into Cumberland Co. In 1806, Julius purchased an additional 163 acres of Buckingham Co. land from Samuel Allen.

In the Buckingham Co. Court session of May 1788, "Julius Coleman, assignee of Permines Coleman, Plaintiff, against John and Robert Nowell, Defendants, sued for L44"\\(OB 16, p. 150) During the same court session, Julius Coleman sued John and Robert Nowell for debt of L15, 13 shillings, 7 pence.  (OB 16, p. 192)

In February 1794, Julius was paid 30 cents for travel and attendance to be a witness for George Anderson in the Cumberland Court, for one day.  The distance from the courthouse to Juliusí home was specified as 10 miles. 

Cumberland Co. Court Order Book 35, p. 453 on 23 Oct 1832: "This day, Julius Coleman a Revolutionary Soldier, came into court and made a Declaration of his Services upon oath to entitle him to the provisions of the act of Congress passed 7th June 1832 which said original Declaration is ordered to be certified to the Secretary of War." No record has been found to show Julius Coleman applied for a pension.

For more information on Julius Coleman and his family, see A Coleman Family of Buckingham and Cumberland Counties, Virginia, 1997, by James C. Coleman of Pensacola, Florida.






From (6)3819 John Coleman/Elizabeth Unknown



(6)3835 RICHARD COLEMAN           

    Married and had John, James, Elizabeth and Matthew.

(6)3836 DANIEL COLEMAN                m.  1789 Lucy Bumpass








In 1810, John, William, Richard and Edward were living in Edgefield District, SCSeth lived in Person Co. NC.  In October 1810, the living heirs of John and Elizabeth sold the 596 acres of North Carolina land on Deep Creek to Samuel Yarbrough.



From Jim Clayton of Burlington, NC






From (6)3820 Richard Coleman/wife unknown/Sarah Winstead


1st Marriage:



(6)3842 JOHANNAH COLEMAN                m.  1813 Drury Allen

(6)3843 CATHERINE COLEMAN                m.  1817 Mandley Winstead




2nd Marriage:







From Jim Clayton of Burlington, NC






From (6)3821 Elizabeth Coleman/John Clayton


(6)3848 JOHN CLAYTON Jr.            b.  ca. 1758 NC

                            d.  1833 Person Co. NC

                            m.  1792 Nancy Merritt

John was 74 years old in 1832 when he stated he served with his brother Coleman Clayton during his third tour of service during the Revolutionary War.


(6)3849 COLEMAN CLAYTON*            b.  ca. 1760 (pension appl.  #W6692\)

                            d.  1 Sep 1839 Person Co. NC

                            m.  14 Oct 1793 Franklin Co. NC

                        Jane Layton

Coleman served in the Revolutionary War as a substitute for his uncle, Richard Coleman.  Coleman first enlisted on his own and served three months.  In 1780 and again in 1781, he enlisted as a substitute for his uncle.


(6)3850 DANIEL CLAYTON            m.  1800 Frances Long


(6)3851 WILLIAM CLAYTON            m.  ca. 1800 Sarah Clayton


(6)3852 SOLOMON CLAYTON            m.  1806 Frances Carver


(6)3853 BETSY CLAYTON            m.  Wyatt Painter




From Jim Clayton of Burlington, NC and

* Cindi Witting of Hillside, NJ






From (6)3822 Sarah Coleman/Thomas Clayton


(6)3854 DANIEL CLAYTON                m.  1798 Ann Crews

(6)3855 WILLIAM CLAYTON                m.  1793 Rachel Crews

(6)3856 RICHARD CLAYTON                m.  1806 Nancy Day

(6)3857 THOMAS CLAYTON                m.  1810 Elizabeth Ragland

(6)3858 MARY CLAYTON                    m.  1796 Benjamin Crews

(6)3859 SARAH CLAYTON                m.  ca. 1800 William Clayton

(6)3860 PATSEY CLAYTON                m.  1811 Robert Cate

(6)3861 NANCY CLAYTON                m.  1817 Thomas Clayton Sr.



From Jim Clayton of Burlington, NC






From (6)3823 Susannah Coleman/Richard Clayton/John Fuller Jr.


1st Marriage:

(6)3862 DANIEL CLAYTON                m.  1789 Caroline Mason

(6)3863 NANCY CLAYTON                m.  1791 Julius Burton

(6)3864 REBECCAH CLAYTON                m.  1789 Daniel Clayton Jr.

(6)3865 BETSY COLEMAN CLAYTON            m.  1794 Isaac Fuller



2nd Marriage:




From Jim Clayton of Burlington, NC






From (6)3825 James Coleman/Elizabeth Leake


(6)3867 LUCY COLEMAN                m.  1 Jan 1772 Albemarle Co. VA

                            Evan Watson


(6)3868 ANN COLEMAN                m.  16 May 1773 Goochland Co. VA

                        St. James Northam Parish

                            John Brumfield


(6)3869 JUDITH COLEMAN            m.  (1) 1776 Edward Taylor

                            (2) 6 Oct 1798 Albemarle Co. VA

                        Thomas Polson

    Thomas Polsonís first wife was Nelly Ellis.  They married 1786 Albemarle Co.


(6)3870 ELIZABETH COLEMAN            m.  20 Feb 1776 Goochland Co. VA

                            St. James Northam Parish

                            James Isbell

    Had at least one child, Nancy Isbell, born 2 Nov 1776 and baptized 20 Nov 1776


(6)3871 SAMUEL COLEMAN            b.  1752    d.  23 Jul 1824 KY

                            m.  (1) Mar 1785 Milly Coffey

                            daughter of William Coffey

                            (2) Ann Unknown

    Milly was born 1765 in Nelson Co. VA and died 28 Sep 1823 in Todd Co. KY.  Samuel

    was in the American Revolution.  He moved his family to Casey Co. KY about 1806.


(6)3872 MASKEY COLEMAN            m.  3 Feb 1785 Albemarle Co. VA

                            Bartlet Fitzgarel

    In her fatherís will, Maskeyís husband is referred to as Bartlett Jerrol.  His surname has

also been given as Fitzgerald.


(6)3873 SUSANNAH COLEMAN            m.  28 Sep 1787 Albemarle Co. VA

                            William Johnson


(6)3874 JANE COLEMAN                m.  10 Mar 1794 Albemarle Co. VA

                            Milton Durham


    Milton moved his family to Casey Co. KY ca. 1806.  He and Jane had a daughter,

    Mary "Polly" Durham who married her cousin Daniel Coleman (5)2500.


(6)3875 MARY COLEMAN            m.  John Matthew Hatter

    John was born before 1760 and died 1820 in Nelson Co. VA.  \(Will dtd. 21 Jun

    1819, probated 28 Aug 1820, WB B, pp. 115, 116)




In James Colemanís will, he left daughters Judith and Jane 210 acres of land plus his plantation tools "to them and their heirs forever".  Son Samuel received three separate parcels of land: 200 acres, 56 acres and 100 acres.  Samuel and Judith inherited their fatherís bed and furniture, equally to them and their heirs forever.  Daughter Mary Hatter received 130 acres on the Tye River in Amherst Co. adjacent the plantation where she lived.  Daughter Lucy Watson received 146 acres "part of the tract of land whereon Bartlett Jerrol now lives on".  Daughter Susannah Johnson received 146 acres "part of the aforesaid tract of land on which Jerroll lives".  Daughter Maskey Jerroll was lent 146 acres "enclosing the plantation whereon she now lives during her life and then to be equally divided among all her children".  Daughter Ann Brumfield was lent 146 acres , part of the tract Bartlet Jerroll lived on, and after her death, to any issue she may have.  Granddaughter Nancy Isbell inherited 100 acres, part of the tract Bartlet Jerroll lived on.






From (6)3826 Samuel Coleman/Nancy Ann Wright/Elizabeth Doss


1st Marriage:

(6)3876 JEANIE COLEMAN            b.  18 Jul 1756 Goochland Co. VA

                            bap.  6 Mar 1757

                            d.  1757/8


(6)3877 JEANIE\(Jane\) COLEMAN            b.  22 Jun 1759 Goochland Co. VA

                            bap.  10 May 1762

                            d.  before 1803 Buckingham Co. VA

                            m.  Benjamin Pendleton


(6)3878 DAVID COLEMAN            b.  6 Jan 1762 Buckingham Co. VA

                            bap.  10 May 1762

    David was listed on the 1774 Buckingham Co. Tithe List with Samuel Staples,

    who had nine tithes.  There is no evidence David married, nor was he mentioned

    in his fatherís 1803 will.


(6)3879 SALLY COLEMAN            b.  1763 Buckingham Co. VA

                            d.  before 1820 Buckingham Co. VA

                            m.  ca. 1784 Buckingham Co. VA

                            Mace Pendleton


(6)3880 ROBERT COLEMAN            b.  1766 Buckingham Co. VA

                            d.  6 Mar 1846 Appomattox Co. VA

                        (formerly Buckingham Co.\)

                            m.  1791 Elizabeth Burks, widow of

                            Charles Burks

Robert, American Revolution pension application #1833, served as a substitute for his father in 1780, at age 14.  His stepmother, Elizabeth, said he was living in Buckingham Co. when he left for service.  Robert first appears on the Buckingham Co. Tax List in 1790 with 50 acres.  He is on the list through 1794, after which the records stopped.


(6)3881 ELIZABETH \(Liza\) COLEMAN        b.  ca. 1768 Buckingham Co. VA

                            d.  Nov 1837, unmarried


(6)3882 ANN \(Nancy\) COLEMAN            b.  ca. 1770 Buckingham Co. VA

                            d.  before 1807

                            m.  James Wooldridge


(6)3883 JOHN COLEMAN                b.  1776 Buckingham Co. VA

                            d.  1865 Wilson Co. TN

                            m.  1799 Julia "Fanny" Harris

    Julia was born 1782 and died 1869, daughter of Captain John Harris Sr.  and his

    wife Mary.



2nd Marriage:

(6)3884 MARY COLEMAN            b.  ca. 1778 Buckingham Co. VA

                            m.  Unknown Pendleton


(6)3885 WILLIAM COLEMAN            b.  1780 Buckingham Co. VA

William was a tithable in 1799.  In 1811 he is missing from the tax lists and does not reappear.  In 1803 he sold the 150 acres he inherited from his father Samuel, to his sister Frances and her husband Robert Harris.  William may have been the family member who left home and went to EnglandThat Coleman became very wealthy and left money to kin in Virginia.  A lawyer from Appomattox Co., H. Sackett, handled the legal details.  He was given a sheepskin with all the family ancestry.  No one knew what happened to the money, but lawyer Sackett became involved in a number of shady deals and finally took his own life.

(6)3886 FRANCES COLEMAN            b.  1782 Buckingham Co. VA

                            m.  1800 Robert Harris


(6)3887 ELIZABETH \(Betsy\) COLEMAN        b.  ca. 1784


(6)3888 SAMUEL COLEMAN            b.  ca. 1788 Buckingham Co. VA

                            d.  or moved away by 1833



(6)3889 JAMES COLEMAN            b.  ca. 1790 Buckingham Co. VA


    James inherited a slave named Frederick from his father.


(6)3890 DRURY COLEMAN            b.  1795/6 Buckingham Co. VA

                            d.  1835 Warren Co. KY

                            m.  Mary Still

Mary, a daughter of William Still of Buckingham Co. VA, was born ca. 1799 and died before 1850.  She married 2nd Jacob Hearn on 3 Mar 1835 (his 2nd wife).  Drury was on the Buckingham Co. tax list in 1818, but does not appear again.  On 30 Nov 1818, he purchased 250 acres of land in Warren Co. KY.  On 12 Feb 1831, he donated an acre of this land for a school.  In the December 1836 term of Warren Co. KY court, Clairborn Still was appointed Administrator of Drury Colemanís estate. 

By September of 1835, Mary had married Jacob Hearn who petitioned the court to grant Mary her dower rights in the land and slaves.  A lawsuit was filed against Jacob and Mary Hearn by James T. Dillon and wife Emily Jane Coleman who was the guardian of her brothers and sisters.  \(Book 16, p. 217, August 1837, Warren Co. KY land records) Jacob Hearn was sued because he took the Drury Coleman slaves to his home without the permission of Druryís heirs.  A restraining order was issued against Hearn so that the land and slaves could not be removed or sold without the courtís permission.


(6)3891 GEORGE COLEMAN            b.  ca 1794 Buckingham Co. VA

                            d.  24 Jul 1849 Appomattox Co. VA

(6)3892 ANN MOURNING COLEMAN        b.  ca. 1798 Buckingham Co. VA



The will of Samuel Coleman of Buckingham Co. dated 4 Apr 1803 was recorded 11 Jul 1803.  Witnesses: James Doss, William S. Guigood, Isaac Neighbors.  Names wife Elizabeth, sons William, Robert, John, Samuel, Drury, James and George.  Names daughters Ann Wooldridge, Liza, Sally Pendleton-wife of Mace Pendleton, Mary Pendleton, Frances Harris-wife of Robert Harris, Betsy Coleman and Ann Mourning Coleman.  His will also says "my grandson Benjamin Pendleton had by my daughter Jane to come in as one legatee".  The names of Jeanie and David are from the Douglas Register.


Virginia Tithables From Burned Record Counties by Isobel B. Woodson, September 1970, p. 2

From Ronald D. Coleman of Salt Lake City, UT






From (6)3827 John W. Coleman/Elizabeth Lucas


(6)3893 THOMAS COLEMAN            m.  2 Oct 1786 Amherst Co. VA

                            Ann \(Nancy\) Coleman (5)2286

    Thomas inherited his fatherís mansion house, and 86-3/4 acres of his motherís    land.

(6)3894 SAMUEL COLEMAN            m.  26 Feb 1794 Amherst Co. VA

                            Judith Childress

    Judith was a daughter of Joseph Childress.  Samuel inherited 166 acres of his

    fatherís land, and 95 acres of his motherís.

(6)3895 NANCY COLEMAN            m.  20 Oct 1794 Amherst Co. VA

                            Richard Hardwick

    Issue: Lindsey, Robert, John, James and Elizabeth Hardwick, who inherited

    216 acres of their grandparentsí land.

(6)3896 JOHN COLEMAN               

(6)3897 JAMES ADOLPHUS COLEMAN        m.  15 Jul 1786 Amherst Co. VA

                            Nancy \(Ann\) Childress (b.  by 1765)

                            "of lawful age when married"

    James inherited 300 acres of his fatherís land, and 45 acres of his motherís.


(6)3899 MARY "Polly" COLEMAN        b.  1778, after her father died

                            m.  (1) 20 Oct 1794 Daniel F. Hardwick                            (2) 4 Jan 1820 Daniel F. Christian

    From her father, Mary inherited 186 acres, mountain tract, and 120 acres adjoining

    her brother Thomasí land.  Mary inherited 44 acres of her motherís land.



From Deeds of Amherst & Albemarle: Joseph Childress Sr.  to Reuben, Jesse, Joseph C. Childress Jr., Samuel Coleman and wife Judith, James Coleman and wife Nancy "Ann", etc.  for natural love towards them Ė on the great Kankawa at point of a small island and a hill over the river on a "drean".  Witnesses: William Peter, Jesse Coleman, Thomas Coleman.  Original to Samuel Coleman 4 Sep 1796 21 Dec 1796.






From (6)3833 Julius Coleman/Elizabeth Coleman


(6)3900 ANNA L. COLEMAN            b.  20 Jul 1790

                            d.  18 Jul 1871

                            m.  18 Jun 1812 Daniel Flood

    Daniel, born 4 Jun 1790 and died 10 Oct 1850, was a son of Noah Flood and Sarah

    FuquaHe was a farmer and fought in the War of 1812.


(6)3901 DANIEL COLEMAN            b.  22 Jan 1792

                            d.  24 May 1825

                            m.  30 Oct 1817 Sally M. Coleman

                            cousin, (5)2673

    He was "Daniel Jr." until after his grandfather died in 1821.  Sally, who died

    27 Sep 1846, was a daughter of Henry Coleman Sr.  and Patsy Daniel.  Surety on

    their marriage bond was Samuel A. Coleman.  Issue: Virginia Merry Coleman

    born 15 Apr 1819 and Mary Daniel Coleman born 5 Aug 1820. 


(6)3902 MARTHA "Patsy" COLEMAN        b.  1 Dec 1793

                            d.  21 Oct 18Unknown

                            m.  18 Dec 1817 William Edwards


(6)3903 ELIJI E. COLEMAN            b.  29 Jan 1796

                            d.  13 Sep 1829

                            m.  24 Nov 1819 Lillian Edwards


(6)3904 SALLY A. COLEMAN            b.  17 Jun 1798

                            d.  Mar 1885

                            m.  24 Nov 1819 William P. Guthrey

    William was born 24 Nov 1800 and died 3 Mar 1861.


(6)3905 GUILELMUS S. COLEMAN        b.  23 Jan 1800

\(Farmer, Methodist\)            d.  13 Jun 1870

                            m.  26 Aug 1840 Caroline Huddleston

    Caroline was born 28 Feb 1811 and died 24 Jun 1867, a daughter of Thomas

    Huddleston and Katherine Stratton.


(6)3906 AUGUSTUS COLEMAN            b.  8 Mar 1803

    \(Farmer, Methodist\)            d.  21 Apr 1889 Buckingham Co. VA

                            m.  10 Nov 1830 Lucy C. Edwards

    Lucy was born 28 Nov 1810 and died 23 Jul 1899.  Surety for their marriage bond

    was Flemstead Edwards, her father.


(6)3907 JUDITH COLEMAN            b.  31 Aug 1805

                            m.  17 Oct 1827 James C. Foree


(6)3908 MARY ANN COLEMAN            b.  16 Aug 1807

                            d.  Nov 1864

                            m.  Unknown Reen


(6)3909 JULIUS C. COLEMAN            b.  1 Apr 1811

                            m.  17 Jan 1829 Mary A. Woodson





All the children of Julius and Elizabeth Coleman were born in Buckingham Co. VA

The names and dates of the children are in the Julius Coleman Family Bible in the possession of James M. Anderson Jr. of Enonville, VA.


A Coleman Family of Buckingham and Cumberland Counties, Virginia, 1997, by James C. Coleman of Pensacola, FL






From (6)3848 John Clayton Jr./Nancy Merritt


(6)3910 JOHN R. CLAYTON            d.  1872 Pickens Co. AL


        John and his wife had Alex J. Clayton born 1824 NC,

        died 1863 Henderson Co. TX.

        Alex and his wife had Columbus M. Clayton born 1857 TX,

        died 1937 Henderson Co. TX.

        Columbus and his wife had Alexander Clayton born 1885 TX,

        died 1970 CA. 



From Cindi Witting of Hillside, NJ






From (6)3849 Coleman Clayton/Jane Layton


(6)3911 COLEMAN CLAYTON            d.  9 Sep 1850 Pendleton Co. KY

                            m.  30 Jun 1840 Pendleton Co. KY

                            Elizabeth Wyatt

    Sometimes called Robert Coleman Clayton, his date of birth is unknown.

    Elizabeth may have been a widow, because their marriage took place "at


    Coleman served in the Kentucky Militia during the War of 1812, for which

    his widow received a pension and a total of 160 acres of bounty land \(Warrant





From Cindi Witting of Hillside, NJ






From (6)3852 Solomon Clayton/Frances Carver


(6)3912 SIMEON T. CLAYTON            m.  1823 Mary Painter


    Their son, Simeon A. Clayton, married Katherine Dickenson in 1881.

    Their son, John Thomas Clayton, married Rosa Mae Overbey in 1907.

    Their son, Thomas A. Clayton, married Eula Maude Taylor in 1932.

    Their son, Jim Clayton of Burlington, NC , has done extensive research

    on the Coleman and Clayton lines.






From (6)3867 Lucy Coleman/Evan Watson


(6)3913 NANCY WATSON                b.  11 Jan 1787


(6)3914 JESSE WATSON                b.  7 Sep 1788

                            d.  4 Aug 1834 Bowie Co. TX


(6)3915 JOHN WATSON                b.  27 Mar 1792

                            d.  20 Jun 1826 Simpson Co. KY


(6)3916 WILLIAM WATSON            b.  11 Nov 1793

                            d.  4 Sep 1834 Bowie Co. TX


(6)3917 SUSANNAH WATSON            b.  9 Feb 1795

                            d.  10 May 1889 Bates Co. MO

                            m.  1 Feb 1814 Madison Co. KY

                            cousin John Coleman (6)3924

(6)3918 EVAN WATSON                b.  11 Dec 1797

                            d.  17 Jul 1832 Hempstead, AR

(6)3919 COLEMAN WATSON            b.  23 Jan 1800 Logan Co. KY

                            d.  6 Jul 1876 Grayson Co. TX

                            m.  cousin Lucy L. Coleman (6)3927

(6)3920 DOWNING WATSON            b.  17 Apr 1803






From (6)3871 Samuel Coleman/Milly Coffey


(6)3921 ELIZABETH LEAKE COLEMAN    b.  6 May 1786

                            d.  2 Aug 1862 Grayson Co. TX

                            m.  8 Apr 1805 Lincoln Co. KY

                            Collin McKinney

    Collin was the son of Daniel McKinney and Mercy Blatchley.  Collinís first

    wife was Amy Moore with whom he had two daughters, Ashley and Polly.

(6)3922 ANN C. COLEMAN            b.  12 Aug 1788

                            d.  24 Sep 1856 Casey Co. KY

                            m.  John Jones Jr. or John James

(6)3923 JAMES COLEMAN            b.  1790 VA

                            d.  5 Dec 1852 Todd Co. KY

                            m.  (1) Nancy Baker

                            (2) ca. 1835 Susan Hendricks Butts

    Nancy was born in 1797 and died 21 Sep 1834.

(6)3924 JOHN COLEMAN                Called himself Samuel John Coleman

                            b.  ca. 1792

                            d.  1833 Todd Co. KY

                            m.  1 Feb 1814 Madison Co. KY

                            cousin Susannah Watson (6)3917

(6)3925 PATSY D. COLEMAN            b.  ca. 1794

                            m.  29 Jan 1820 Christian Co. KY

                            John A. Bailey Jr.

(6)3926 POLLY C. COLEMAN            m.  20 Mar 1820 Christian Co. KY

                            Ambrose Douthet

    Issue: Lucy, John, Tom, Jut, Polly and Evan Douthet

(6)3927 LUCY L. COLEMAN            b.  17 Nov 1803 Todd Co. KY

                            d.  13 Apr 1862 Grayson Co. TX

                            m.  14 Aug/13 Sep 1821 Todd Co. KY

                            cousin Coleman Watson (6)3919






From (6)3875 Mary Coleman/John M. Hatter


(6)3928 JOHN C. HATTER                b.  1784-94 Amherst Co. VA

                            d.  after 1821

                            m.  19 Apr 1819 Nelson Co. VA

                            Elizabeth Fitzgerald


(6)3929 JANE HATTER                b.  1784-94 Amherst Co. VA

                            d.  after 1821

                            m.  18 Feb 1805 Amherst Co. VA

                            John Forbes


(6)3930 BENJAMIN HATTER            b.  ca. 1786 Amherst Co. VA

                            d.  after 1850 VA, unmarried


(6)3931 WILLIAM HATTER            b.  ca. 1790 Amherst Co. VA

                            m.  (1) 17 Aug 1816 Nelson Co. VA

                            Nancy Meeks

                            (2) 29 Dec 1823 Nelson Co. VA

                            Eliza Meeks


(6)3932 NANCY HATTER                b.  ca. 1790 Amherst Co. VA

                            d.  after 1850 KY

                            m.  5 Jan 1825 Nelson Co. VA

                            Henry Parrock


(6)3933 LUCY HATTER                b.  1790-1800 Amherst Co. VA

                            d.  Jul 1886 Franklin Co. IL

                            m.  4 May 1816 Nelson Co. VA

                            James Sneed


(6)3934 JESSE L. HATTER                b.  ca. 1795 Amherst Co. VA

                            d.  after 1850 VA

                            m.  Roxanna Unknown


(6)3935 MARY "Polly" HATTER            b.  ca. 1800 Amherst Co. VA

                            d.  Jun 1862 Nelson Co. VA

                            m.  12 Nov 1818 Nelson Co. VA

                            Cary Sneed


(6)3936 SAMUEL HATTER            b.  1800-1810 Amherst/Nelson Co.

                            d.  after 1827

                            m.  Sally Unknown


(6)3937 \(SON\) HATTER                b.  1804-10 Amherst Co. VA

                            d.  after 1828


(6)3938 JOSEPH HATTER                b.  1810-20 Nelson Co. VA

                            d.  after 1820 (census)



From Nova A. Lemons of Dallas, TX




From (6)3880 Robert Coleman/Elizabeth Burks


(6)3939 SAMUEL COLEMAN            b.  1794 (from 1850 Appomattox census)


(6)3940 HENRY H. COLEMAN            b.  1796 Buckingham Co. VA

                            d.  12 Aug 1862

                            m.  Mary Sears (1796-1862)

(6)3941 CHARLES COLEMAN            b.  1800        d.  1876

                            m.  1819 Elizabeth Sears (1804-1892)

(6)3942 ROBERT C. COLEMAN Jr.        b.  1802        d.  2 Sep 1865

                            m.  Susan Unknown, moved to Texas

(6)3943 SCHYLER PATTESON COLEMAN    b.  1804        d.  1884

                            m.  Sarah L. Glover

    Issue: Samuel Henry Coleman b.  1837

        William Glover Coleman b.  1830

(6)3944 DAVID MONROE COLEMAN        b.  1806

                            m.  Eliza Moses

(6)3945 THOMAS C. COLEMAN            b.  1808

                            m.  Rebecca Unknown

(6)3946 NANCY L. COLEMAN            b.  1810 Buckingham Co. VA

                            d.  Jan 1856

                            m.  William Phelps

(6)3947 GEORGE W. COLEMAN            b.  1812 Buckingham Co. VA

                            d.  27 Jul 1849 Buckingham Co. VA

                            m.  Sarah A. Caswell

(6)3948 JOSEPH B. COLEMAN            b.  3 Oct 1814 Buckingham Co. VA

                            d.  17 Aug 1886

                            m.  Elizabeth A. Harris

                            (b.  25 Oct 1817 d.  1897)

(6)3949 MARY AGNES COLEMAN        b.  1820        d.  1 Oct 1858

                            m.  John Wooldridge


From Ronald D. Coleman of Salt Lake City, UT






From (6)3882 Ann Coleman/James Wooldridge


(6)3950 JOHN JAMES WOOLDRIDGE        b.  ca. 1797 Prince Edward Co. VA

                            m.  ca. 1824 Sarah Schrader


(6)3951 REBECCA WOOLDRIDGE        b.  ca. 1800 VA

                            d.  1879 Lawrence Co. OH

                            m.  ca. 1818 Andrew Bandy

                        (b.  Botetourt Co. VA\)


(6)3952 SAMUEL C. WOOLDRIDGE        b.  ca. 1803 VA

                            m.  ca. 1830 Lucy Penn Hannah


(6)3953 NANCY WOOLDRIDGE            b.  ca. 1805 VA

                            m.  ca. 1824 Pryor Martin




From William "Ed" Kutz of Concord, CA






From (6)3883 John Coleman/Julia Harris


(6)3954 BOLLING COLEMAN            b.  1800 Buckingham Co. VA

                            d.  Oct 1843 Wilson Co. TN

                            m.  Elizabeth Hass

(6)3955 BOLSIE COLEMAN            b.  1802 Buckingham Co. VA

                            d.  1880 Wilson Co. TN

                            m.  ca. 1829 Buckingham Co. VA

                            James Rakes

(6)3956 JOHN S. COLEMAN            b.  1804 Buckingham Co. VA

                            d.  Will prob.  1 Jul 1839 Wilson Co TN

                            m.  ca. 1828 Buckingham Co. VA

                            Elizabeth Thornhill

(6)3957 THEOPHILIS COLEMAN            b.  1806 Buckingham Co. VA

                            d.  5 Apr 1875 Wilson Co. TN

                            m.  Permelia Freeman Smith (b.  1820)

(6)3958 ARANNAH COLEMAN            b.  1807 Buckingham Co. VA

        "Airy"                d.  1890 Wilson Co. TN

                            m.  Henry Rakes

(6)3959 JULIA A. COLEMAN            b.  1808 Buckingham Co. VA

                            d.  May 1877 Wilson Co. TN

                            m.  ca. 1828 Archibald A. Owen

(6)3960 MARTHA COLEMAN            b.  1816 Buckingham Co. VA

                            d.  1848/9 Wilson Co. TN

                            m.  19 Jun 1838 Wilson Co. TN

                            James Cartwright

(6)3961 ROBERT COLEMAN            b.  1816 Buckingham Co. VA

                            d.  26 Sep 1872 Wilson Co. TN

                            m.  15 May 1865 Mary Jane Robertson

(6)3962 WILLIAM JOHN COLEMAN        b.  18 Apr 1818 Buckingham Co. VA

                            d.  18 Jul 1889 Wilson Co. TN

                            m.  5 Nov 1850 Elizabeth Mount

    Elizabeth was born 1829 TN and died 9 May 1883 TN, a daughter of

    Alfred Mount and Mary Thomas.


(6)3963 MARY COLEMAN            b.  1820 Buckingham Co. VA

                            d.  ca. 1862, no known marriage/issue

(6)3964 VIRGINIA COLEMAN            b.  1820 Buckingham Co. VA

                            d.  infancy

(6)3965 JAMES M. COLEMAN            b.  1824 Buckingham Co. VA

                            d.  Sep 1901 Wilson Co. TN

                            m.  (1) Elizabeth Campbell

                            (2) 21 Jan 1860 Elizabeth Chumley

                            (3) Sep 1901 Elizabeth Grimes

(6)3966 ELIZABETH COLEMAN            b.  1825 Buckingham Co. VA

                            d.  Dec 1890 Wilson Co. TN

                            m.  29 Dec 1851 Thomas L. Womack

(6)3967 \(INFANT\) COLEMAN            b.  1826, died infancy

(6)3968 THOMAS J. COLEMAN            b.  1827 Buckingham Co. VA

                            d.  1865, unmarried, Wilson Co. TN




A record from Liberty Baptist Church in Buckingham Co. VA (now Appomattox Co.\) says Bolsie Coleman "dismissed by letter 22 Jul 1835" along with some of her siblings.  This is probably the date the family moved to Tennessee.



From Ronald D. Coleman of Salt Lake City, UT






From (6)3890 Drury Coleman/Mary Still,


(6)3969 EMILY JANE COLEMAN            b.  1817 VA

                            m.  James T. Dillon (b.  1813 TN)

    Emily and James were on the 1850 Ripley Co. TN census.


(6)3970 WILLIAM S. COLEMAN            b.  1819 VA

                            m.  Lucy Unknown

    William was a stage driver in Logan Co. KY.

    Issue: Ellen Coleman b.  1845

        Mary Coleman b.  1847

        Daughter Coleman b.  1850


    There may have been other children.





(6)3972 ROBERT COLEMAN            m.  24 Aug 1842

                            Sarah Ann Cox













From (6)3894 Samuel Coleman/Judith Childress


(6)3976 JOHN SAMUEL COLEMAN        b.  1799 VA

    \(Farmer\)                m.  (1)Unknown Christian

                            (2) 13 Sep 1849 Amherst Co. VA

                            Rosannah Moon (b.  1813)

Shown living with the family on the 1850 Amherst Co. census were Johnís daughter Christian from his first marriage, and Rosannahís children and/or grandchildren from her first marriage: George Moon 17, Gustavus Moon 15, William Moon 13, Nathaniel Moon 12, Erastus Moon 4 and Ellin Moon 1.


(6)3977 WINSTON A. COLEMAN            b.  1800 VA

        \(Farmer\)                m.  Nancy Unknown (b.  1805)

Winston and his family were living in Amherst Co. in 1850.  Living with the family: William Grant (b.  1813), Elizabeth Grant (b.  1825), and twins Ella and Idora Grant (9 mos).


(6)3978 NANCY B. COLEMAN            b.  ca. 1803 VA

                            m.  19 Dec 1825 Amherst Co. VA

                            Robert D. Grant

(6)3979 SAMUEL WILLIAM COLEMAN        b.  1806 Bedford Co. VA

                            d.  4 Sep 1886 Bedford Co. VA

                            m.  29 Nov 1842 Mariah Stanley

                            daughter of George Stanley


(6)3980 JESSE COLEMAN                b.  1810 VA

                            d.  Will dtd.27 Dec 1882, probated

                            20 Sep 1886 Amherst Co. VA

                            m.  17 Dec 1834 Amherst Co. VA

                            Susannah Grant (b.  1814)






From (6)3897 James A. Coleman/Nancy A. Childress


(6)3981 JOHN COLEMAN                 b.  1787 Amherst Co. VA

                            m.  Jane Unknown (b.  1787)

Living with the family on the 1850 Amherst Co. census was John Moon 12, and Reuben Moon 1.  John and Jane had at least one son, John Coleman, b.  1825. 



(6)3982 REUBEN COLEMAN            b.  1793 Amherst Co. VA

                            m.  Peggy Unknown (b.  1800)

    Issue: James Coleman b.  1829

        Martha Coleman b.  1831

        Mary Coleman b.  1834

    There may have been other children.






From (6)3900 Anna L. Coleman/Daniel Flood


(6)3983 JAMES M. FLOOD                b.  24 Apr 1813


(6)3984 ELIZABETH ANN FLOOD            b.  6 Nov 1814

                                d.  3 Dec 1909

    No record of a marriage was found for her.


(6)3985 JOHN H. FLOOD                    b.  4 Jul 1816


(6)3986 SARAH AGNES FLOOD                b.  2 Oct 1818

                                d.  14 Oct 1885

                                m.  3 Dec 1840

                                James David Anderson


(6)3987 WILLIAM DANIEL FLOOD            b.  1 Jul 1820


(6)3988 MARTHA JANE FLOOD                b.  26 Mar 1822

                                d.  18 Oct 1907


All the children were born in Buckingham Co. VA.


Julius Coleman Family Bible

A Coleman Family of Buckingham and Cumberland Counties, Virginia, 1997, by James C. Coleman of Pensacola, FL






From (6)3902 Martha Coleman/William Edwards


(6)3989 JAMES ARCHER EDWARDS            b.  19 Aug 1820


(6)3990 WILLIAM BARNET EDWARDS            b.  21 Aug 1820**


(6)3991 FRANCIS EDWARDS                b.  12 Jan 1822


(6)3992 JULIUS COLEMAN EDWARDS            b.  7 Feb 1825


(6)3993 MARY E. EDWARDS                b.  10 Sep 1829

                                d.  8 Oct 1829




**This date is probably wrong.  The Edwardsí Family Bible also said the mother,

Martha "Patsy" Coleman, died 21 Oct 1821 although she continued to have children

through 1829.


A Coleman Family of Buckingham and Cumberland Counties, Virginia, 1997, by James C. Coleman of Pensacola, FL






From (6)3905 Guilelmus S. Coleman/Caroline Huddleston


(6)3994 ELIZABETH E. COLEMAN        b.  2 Aug 1841    d.  29 Oct 1841


(6)3995 EDWIN S. COLEMAN            b.  6 Nov 1842    d.  23 Apr 1844


(6)3996 ELIZABETH KATHERINE COLEMAN        b.  26 Feb 1844

                                d.  1936

                                m.  Thomas Henry Dowdy

    Thomas, born 12 Dec 1837 and died 1908, was a Quartermaster, C.S.A.


(6)3997 LITTLEBERRY I. COLEMAN        b.  18 May 1846    d.  29 May 1849


(6)3998 LUTHER DUNN COLEMAN        b.  29 Jun 1849


(6)3999 MARY CAROLINE COLEMAN        b.  20 Dec 1850

                            m.  William F. Wright


(6)4000 ANN LEVENIA COLEMAN        b.  22 Jun 1854    d.  10 May 1863



Julius Coleman Family Bible

A Coleman Family of Buckingham and Cumberland Counties, Virginia, 1997, by James C. Coleman of Pensacola, FL






From (6)3906 Augustus Coleman/Lucy C. Edwards


(6)4001 JAMES FREDERICK COLEMAN    b.  25 Aug 1831

    \(Farmer, Methodist\)            d.  1914

                            m.  18 Oct 1866

                            Catherine Fitzgerald

    James was in Co. C, 25th Batt., Virginia Infantry, C.S.A., prisoner of war,

    paroled Farmville, VA in April 1865.  Catherine died in 1934.


(6)4002 ELIZABETH G. COLEMAN        b.  11 May 1833

                            d.  16 Nov 1836


(6)4003 PATSEY J. COLEMAN            b.  1834

                            d.  1852


(6)4004 EDWARD FRANCIS COLEMAN        b.  1838

                            d.  28 May 1864

    Edward was in Co. C, 25th Batt., Virginia Infantry, C.S.A., wounded 12 May 1864

    near Yellow Tavern.  Minie ball in wrist, fractured both bones, severed artery, arm

    amputated, double flap method.  On 20 May 1864, taken to Chimborazo Hospital

    with erysipelas, an acute infectious disease, and died eight days later.  His mother,

    Lucy, had traveled alone by rail to be with Edward while he recuperated, and was

    presumably with him when he died.


(6)4005 MARY A.D. COLEMAN            b.  1842

                            d.  1843


(6)4006 JULIUS HENRY LEE COLEMAN    b.  20 Jan 1845

                            d.  22 Feb 1920

                            m.  6 Nov 1878

                        Martha "Pattie" Ann Ranson

    Pattie was born 8 Oct 1858 and died 19 Feb 1944.  She was a daughter of RevHenry

Trent Ranson and Caroline Virginia Anderson.  Julius and Pattie Ann lived on a farm in

Enonville, Buckingham Co. VA.  Their children were born there, and the couple is buried

    on the farm.  Julius was in Co. C, 25th Batt., Virginia Infantry with his brothers.  He was a

    prisoner of war, paroled at Farmville, VA in April 1865.  After the war, Julius was a

    farmer, teacher, postmaster and policeman in Buckingham Co. VA.


(6)4007 AUGUSTUS EARLY COLEMAN    b.  29 Apr 1850    d.  29 May 1928

                            m.  (1) 23 Dec 1877

                            Mollie A. Dunnevant (d.  1892)

                            (2) 20 Sep 1896

                            Josephine Anderson Ranson

    Josephine was born 29 Apr 1876 in Buckingham Co. VA and died 13 May 1957 in

    Lynchburg, VAShe was a daughter of RevHenry Trent Ranson and Caroline

    Virginia Anderson, and sister of Pattie Ann who married Julius, brother of Augustus.


Julius Coleman Family Bible

A Coleman Family of Buckingham and Cumberland Counties, Virginia,, 1997, by James C. Coleman of Pensacola, FL






From (6)3907 Judith Coleman/James C. Foree


(6)4008 STEPHEN FOREE                b.  19 Jul 1831


(6)4009 MARY E. FOREE                b.  30 Aug 1832




Julius Coleman Family Bible

A Coleman Family of Buckingham and Cumberland Counties, Virginia, 1997, by James C. Coleman of Pensacola, FL






From (6)3921 Elizabeth L. Coleman/Collin McKinney


(6)4010 WILLIAM McKINNEY            b.  9 Jan 1806

                            d.  15 Nov 1885


(6)4011 AMY McKINNEY                b.  21 Jan 1807 (twin)

                            d.  23 Jul 1829


(6)4012 MARGARET McKINNEY            b.  21 Jan 1807 (twin)

                            d.  21 Jan 1888


(6)4013 ANNA C. McKINNEY            b.  28 Apr 1809

                            d.  13 Sep 1834


(6)4014 ELIZA McKINNEY            b.  20 Jul 1813

                            d.  8 Jul 1904


(6)4015 YOUNGER SCOTT McKINNEY        b.  14 Dec 1819

                            d.  6 Jun 1839




From (6)3923 James Coleman/Nancy Baker/Susan H. Butts


From Marriage With Nancy Baker:


(6)4016 ELIZABETH ANN COLEMAN            b.  23 Apr 1813




(6)4018 PATSY N. COLEMAN                b.  12 Apr 1820

                                d.  7 Dec 1855




(6)4020 VIRGINIA NANCY COLEMAN            b.  21 Feb 1825

                                d.  24 Sep 1835


(6)4021 JAMES SAMUEL COLEMAN            b.  1827

                                d.  28 Apr 1887 Todd Co. KY

                                m.  1854 Mary Ann Muir

                                daughter of Horatio Muir

    Issue: William Coleman

    Thaddeus Coleman m.  Georgia Ann Deeds

        Daughter Coleman

        Daughter Coleman





From (6)3924 John Coleman/Susannah Watson


(6)4022 SAMUEL LEAKE COLEMAN        b.  ca. 1815

                            m.  Nancy Witt

    Issue: Samuel L. Coleman born 1855 MO, married Martha A. Eads and

    had John W. Coleman and Nannie A. Coleman


(6)4024 JOHN DARIUS COLEMAN        b.  10 Sep 1820 Todd Co. KY

                            d.  7 Jan 1883 Bates Co. MO

                            m.  23 Jan 1850 KY

                            Aria Ashford

    Aria was born 18 Apr 1822 and died 19 Mar 1904.  Aria had suffered many

    miscarriages and was brought to Texas on featherbeds to prevent another one.

    Their son, Evan Lafayette Coleman, was their only child.  John Darius Coleman

    fought for the C.S.A. His brother Lafayette took his place so John could go home

    for Evanís birth.  Lafayette was killed and buried on the banks of the Mississippi


(6)4025 JAMES WILLIAM COLEMAN        b.  27 Aug 1821 KY

                            m.  Levanda Belisle

    James and Levanda moved to Missouri ca. 1855 and had five children.

(6)4026 NAPOLEON BONAPARTE COLEMAN        b.  ca. 1824

                                m.  Elizabeth McCombs

(6)4027 EVAN WATSON COLEMAN        b.  ca. 1828

(6)4028 LAFAYETTE COLEMAN            d.  C.S.A., War Between the States

(6)4029 EMILY \(Emma\) COLEMAN

(6)4030 LUCY COLEMAN                m.  Unknown Strode

(6)4031 MARTHA \(Mattie\) COLEMAN

(6)4032 PEDIFORE COLEMAN            Minister, never married

(6)4033 COMMODORE PERRY COLEMAN    b.  12 Feb 1827

                            d.  30 Mar 1897 Bates Co. MO





From (6)3927 Lucy L. Coleman/Coleman Watson


(6)4034 JOSEPH SIDNEY WATSON        d.  by 1862

(6)4035 JOHN DENTON WATSON        d.  by 1862

(6)4036 EMILY ELIZABETH WATSON        b.  9 Nov 1825 Todd Co. KY

                            d.  26 Dec 1908 Grayson Co. TX

                            m.  9 Aug 1847 Bowie Co. TX

                        Cary Watson

    Cary, born 13 Oct 1820 NC and died 13 Dec 1904 Grayson Co. TX, was a son of

Oran D. and Rhoda Watson. 

(6)4037 MARY SUSAN WATSON            b.  ca. 1827 KY    d.  by 1862

"Polly"                m.  13 Oct 1850 Wiley E. Butrige

(6)4038 SAMUEL COLEMAN WATSON        b.  30 Sep 1829 Todd Co. KY

                            d.  11 Feb 1899 TX

                            m.  28 Apr 1853 M.H. Cartright

(6)4039 LUCY ANN WATSON            b.  1832 KY

                            m.  12 May 1853 John Watson

(6)4040 EVAN WATSON                d.  by 1862

(6)4041 LOUISA JANE WATSON            b.  1836 KY        d.  24 Jun 1877

                            m.  29 Dec 1852 A.H. Sherly

(6)4042 NANCY MARGARET WATSON        b.  19 May 1838 Bowie Co. TX

                            d.  21 Jun 1908

                            m.  17 Mar 1861 James R. Watson

(6)4043 MARTHA EMELIE WATSON        d.  by 1862

(6)4044 EDWARD H. TARRANT WATSON    b.  1843 d.  1862 Grayson Co. TX




Some information from William "Ed" Kutz of Concord, CA






From (6)3933 Lucy Hatter/James Sneed


(6)4045 JAMES MADISON SNEED        b.  1817 VA   

                            d.  21 Aug 1884 Hamilton Co. IL

                            m.  10 Aug 1843 Hamilton Co. IL

                            Nancy A. Shoemaker

(6)4046 ELDRIDGE SNEED            b.  ca. 1819 VA

                            d.  1 Oct 1857 Frankfort, IL

                            m.  (1) 23 Feb 1848 Gallatin Co. IL

                            Mary Jane Curry

                            (2) 25 Oct 1853 Hamilton Co. IL

                            Nancy Ann Laswell Coffey

(6)4047 ELIZABETH SNEED            b.  ca. 1825 VA d.  1854-60 IL/KY

                            m.  10 Feb 1846 Gallatin Co. IL

                            Abishalom Ragsdale

(6)4048 MARY J. SNEED                b.  ca. 1828 VA, still single in 1850

(6)4049 HANNAH SNEED                b.  ca. 1830 VA

    Single in 1850, but may have married Joseph Lewis on 20 Apr 1853, Perry Co. IL.

(6)4050 JOSEPHINE SNEED            b.  ca. 1831 VA

                            d.  1884 Franklin Co. IL

                            m.  (1) 15 Oct 1848 Gallatin Co. IL

                            John H. Laswell

                            (2) 1 Dec 1851 Saline Co. IL

                            Calvin M. Clark

(6)4051 ALEXANDER J. SNEED             b.  1833/38 VA    d.  after 1880

                            m.  3 Feb 1860 Franklin Co. IL

                            Dicey Jane Clark

(6)4052 HESTER A. SNEED            b.  ca. 1834 VA

(6)4053 SARAH SNEED                b.  ca. 1838 VA or Casey Co. KY

(6)4054 ADALINE SNEED                b.  1840/1 Casey Co. KY

                            d.  31 Mar 1906 Benton, IL

                            m.  23 Jan 1859 Williamson Co. IL

                            James H. Hayes

From Nova A. Lemons of Dallas, TX






From (6)3939 Samuel Coleman/wife unknown


(6)4055 FRANCES A. COLEMAN            b.  1822 Buckingham Co. VA


(6)4056 ROBERT H. COLEMAN            b.  1825 Buckingham Co. VA


(6)4057 VIRGINIA A. COLEMAN            b.  1829 Buckingham Co. VA


(6)4058 JOHN A. COLEMAN            b.  1831 Buckingham Co. VA




From Ronald D. Coleman of Salt Lake City, UT






From (6)3940 Henry H. Coleman/Mary Sears


(6)4059 DRURY WILLIAM COLEMAN            b.  1824

                                d.  1916 Appomattox Co. VA

                                m.  11 Jun 1868 Sarah Cumby


(6)4060 SCHYLER COLEMAN                b.  1827




From Ronald D. Coleman of Salt Lake City, UT






From (6)3941 Charles Coleman/Elizabeth Sears


(6)4061 JOHN R. COLEMAN            b.  1820    d.  1863

(6)4062 JAMES M. COLEMAN            b.  1822    d.  1894

                            m.  Susan Connor

(6)4063 SARAH ELIZABETH COLEMAN    b.  1827

                            m.  Charles Barnard

(6)4064 JOSEPH C. COLEMAN            b.  1829

(6)4065 AMANDA M. COLEMAN            b.  1829    d.  1888

                            m.  Unknown Mosely

(6)4066 ALBERT S. COLEMAN            b.  1831    d.  1863

(6)4067 EDWARD B. COLEMAN            b.  1834    d.  1906

                            m.  Mary Ownsberry

(6)4068 CHARLES HENRY COLEMAN        b.  1836    d.  1905

                            m.  1857 Martha Jane Lewis

    Charles and Martha died on the same day and were buried in the same grave.

(6)4069 LUCY V. COLEMAN            b.  1845    d.  1910

                            m.  1867 John F. Dickerson

(6)4070 MORDECAI T. COLEMAN        b.  1841

(6)4071 MARCUS D. COLEMAN            b.  1847

                            m.  Fetna Tweedy

(6)4072 THOMAS COLEMAN            b.  1852




Information on the above children is from the Charles Coleman Bible in possession of his great-granddaughter Elizabeth Coleman Covington and from Ronald D. Coleman of Salt Lake City, UT






From (6)3946 Nancy L. Coleman/William Phelps


(6)4073 WASHINGTON PHELPS                b.  1831


(6)4074 EMELINE S. PHELPS                b.  1832


(6)4075 HARRIETT R. PHELPS                b.  1833


(6)4076 ELIZABETH D. PHELPS                b.  1835


(6)4077 LUCY PHELPS                    b.  1837


(6)4078 MARTHA A. PHELPS                b.  1840




From Ronald D. Coleman of Salt Lake City, UT






From (6)3947 George W. Coleman/Sarah A. Caswell


(6)4079 DORA COLEMAN                b.  1834 Buckingham Co. VA


(6)4080 SOPHIA COLEMAN            b.  1837 Buckingham Co. VA

                            d.  1862


(6)4081 MACE HENRY COLEMAN        b.  1840

                            m.  Pauline Cabell Foster


(6)4082 SARAH A. COLEMAN            b.  1844

                            d.  1857


(6)4083 WILLIAM P. COLEMAN            b.  1845

                            d.  1870


(6)4084 THOMAS A. COLEMAN            b.  1848

                            d.  1907

                            m.  Anna E. Fitzgerald


From Ronald D. Coleman of Salt Lake City, UT






From (6)3948 Joseph B. Coleman/Elizabeth A. Harris


(6)4085 HENRY H. COLEMAN            b.  13 Apr 1843

                            d.  1862


(6)4086 JOSIAH R. COLEMAN            b.  5 Jun 1846

                            d.  Dec 1893

                            m.  Mary Neister


(6)4087 HIRAM L. COLEMAN            b.  15 Feb 1848

                            d.  Jul 1893

                            m.  Frances M. Coleman


(6)4088 GEORGE W. COLEMAN            b.  6 Dec 1850

                            m.  12 Nov 1873 Mildred T. Beale


(6)4089 TYLER F. COLEMAN            b.  28 Nov 1852    d.  1945

                            m.  8 Dec 1875 Sarah E. Garrett


(6)4090 JAMES M. COLEMAN            b.  11 Jan 1856    d.  1940

                            m.  Maggie Johnson


(6)4091 SAMUEL Y. COLEMAN            b.  29 Oct 1857

                            m.  Sallie Unknown


(6)4092 CHARLES SPURGEON COLEMAN    b.  27 Sep 1859    d.  1936

                            m.  Emma Ferguson



From Ronald D. Coleman of Salt Lake City, UT






From (6)3962 William J. Coleman/Elizabeth Mount


(6)4093 TENNESSEE AMERICA COLEMAN        b.  Sep 1851 Wilson Co. TN

                                d.  Mar 1878, unmarried


(6)4094 ROBERT FRANKLIN COLEMAN        b.  22 Dec 1862 Wilson Co. TN

                                d.  14 Jan 1933

                                m.  2 Jun 1878

                                Lillian Eleanor Burke

    Lillian was born 28 Jan 1858 in Wilson Co. TN and died 10 Sep 1922 in Salt Lake

    City, UTShe was a daughter of Josiah V. Burke and Josephine Huddleston.


(6)4095 WILLIAM ALFRED COLEMAN            b.  15 Sep 1857 Gibson Co. TN

                                d.  21 Aug 1832

                                m.  10 Sep 1877

                                America Tennessee McRoy


(6)4096 JAMES COLEMAN                b.  1868    d.  infancy




From Ronald D. Coleman of Salt Lake City, UT






From (6)3969 Emily J. Coleman/James T. Dillon


(6)4097 JOHN A. DILLON                    b.  1837 KY


(6)4098 JAMES R. DILLON                b.  1841 KY


(6)4099 WILLIAM W. DILLON                b.  1843 KY


(6)4100 DRURY C. DILLON                b.  1844 KY


(6)4101 NANCY ANN DILLON                b.  1848 AR



There may have been other children born after the family moved to Missouri.






From (6)3976 John S. Coleman/Unknown Christian/Rosannah Moon,


1st Marriage:

(6)4102 HUGH N. COLEMAN            b.  1822 (census)

                            m.  20 May 1844 Amherst Co. VA

                            Mary Jane Christian (b.  1829)

    In addition to their own family, 8-yr.  old William Moon lived with the family

    In 1850.


(6)4103 CHRISTIAN COLEMAN            b.  1835 (census)




There were probably other children born to John and his first wife.





From (6)3977 Winston A. Coleman/Nancy Unknown


(6)4104 SUSAN COLEMAN            b.  1829


(6)4105 MARY A. COLEMAN            b.  1833


(6)4106 WILLIAM COLEMAN            b.  1838


(6)4107 CHARLES COLEMAN            b.  1840






From (6)3979 Samuel W. Coleman/Mariah Stanley


(6)4108 GEORGE THOMAS COLEMAN        b.  1850

                            d.  30 Jun 1915 Bedford Co. VA

                            m.  5 Jan 1871 Almira Virginia Carter

    Almira, born in 1848 and died 9 Sep 1913, was a daughter of William S.

    Carter and Tabitha Stinnett.




(6)4110 NICHOLAS A. COLEMAN        b.  1861



From Jacqueline C. Field of Bedford Co. VA






From (6)3980 Jesse Coleman/Susannah Grant


(6)4111 JESSE A. COLEMAN            b.  1834

                            d.  Will dtd. 18 Jul 1914

                            Probated 17 Jul 1916 Amherst Co.


(6)4112 CASSANDRA COLEMAN        b.  1837

                            m.  Thomas Burley


(6)4113 ROBERT COLEMAN            b.  1841


(6)4114 MARY COLEMAN            b.  1842


(6)4115 JOSEPH COLEMAN            b.  1848


(6)4116 PAUL COLEMAN                b.  1852


(6)4117 SILAS COLEMAN                b.  1855


(6)4118 \(James\) ADOLPHUS COLEMAN        d.  Will dtd. 31 Jul 1903

                            Proved 2 Aug 1904 Amherst Co.

                            m.  Susan Virginia Unknown





From (6)3996 Elizabeth K. Coleman/Thomas H. Dowdy


(6)4119 CAROLINE DOWDY            b.  1868    d.  1915

(6)4120 THOMAS EARLE DOWDY        b.  1869

(6)4121 VIRGINIA DOWDY            b.  1871    d.  1946

(6)4122 ELIZABETH DOWDY            b.  1874    d.  1946

(6)4123 MARY DOWDY                b.  1876    d.  1946

(6)4124 SHIRLEY DOWDY            b.  1877    d.  1953

(6)4125 GUILELMUS DOWDY            b.  1879    d.  1960

(6)4126 HUBERT HENRY DOWDY        b.  6 Jun 1882 Cumberland Co. VA

                            d.  1969

                            m.  cousin Lula Blanche Coleman


(6)4127 AUGUSTUS DOWDY            b.  1885    d.  1887

(6)4128 KATE DOWDY                b.  1887    d.  1958


A Coleman Family of Buckingham and Cumberland Counties, Virginia, 1997, by James C. Coleman of Pensacola, FL






From (6)4001 James F. Coleman/Catherine Fitzgerald


(6)4129 ROSALIND COLEMAN            b.  1869    d.  1934

                            m.  Kemper Dunevant

                            Buckingham Co. VA


(6)4130 CORA LEE COLEMAN            b.  1876    d.  1974

                            m.  E.M. Dunkum (1877-1945)


(6)4131 LUCY MILDRED COLEMAN        b.  1871    d.  1931

                            m.  Buckingham Co. VA

                            Thomas Edwin Dowdy (1869-1927)


(6)4132 EDWIN HARRISON COLEMAN        b.  1881    d.  Mar 1974




A Coleman Family of Buckingham and Cumberland Counties, Virginia, 1997, by James C. Coleman of Pensacola, FL






From (6)4006 Julius H.L. Coleman/Martha A. Ranson


(6)4133 CHARLES EDWARDS COLEMAN    b.  17 Jun 1879 Buckingham Co. VA

                            d.  22 Dec 1931 Buckhannon, WV

                            m.  12 Aug 1908 Mabel Ola Browning

    Mabel, born 29 Feb 1888 and died 31 Oct 1967, was a daughter of John Route

    Browning and Alice Priest.


(6)4134 FLEMSTEAD LEE COLEMAN        b.  15 Jan 1881 Buckingham Co. VA

                            d.  5 Dec 1915 Baltimore, MD

                            m.  4 Jun 1907 Mary Murchison Izlar


(6)4135 LULA BLANCHE COLEMAN        b.  25 Jul 1883 Buckingham Co. VA

                            d.  28 Nov 1948

                            m.  16 May 1907

                        cousin Hubert Henry Dowdy (6)4126


(6)4136 EDWARD FRANCIS COLEMAN        b.  18 Apr 1886 Buckingham Co. VA

                            d.  8 Feb 1960 Charleston, WV

                            m.  22 Sep 1912 Camilla Virgie Craig

    Camilla, born 3 Apr 1885 Summersville, WV and died 28 Sep 1963 Richwood

    WV, was a daughter of James Samuel Craig and Ellen Frances Miller.


(6)4137 JULIUS ANDERSON COLEMAN    b.  24 May 1888 Buckingham Co. VA

                            d.  3 Aug 1961

                            m.  (1) 29 Dec 1928 Minnie Morgan

                            (1878-1935) No issue

                            (2) 8 Jun 1944 Evelyn Anderson

                            (1893-1971) No issue


(6)4138 LILLIAN VIRGINIA COLEMAN        b.  18 Oct 1890 Buckingham Co. VA

                            d.  30 Mar 1959

                            m.  12 Aug 1916 Archer R. Cullen

                            No issue



(6)4139 LUCY LEE COLEMAN            b.  29 May 1893 Buckingham Co. VA

                            d.  27 Sep 1974 Lynchburg, VA

                            m.  18 May 1918 Farmville, VA

                            Richard Branch Rosen

    Richard was born 5 Dec 1889 Buckingham Co. VA and died 21 Nov 1971 in

    Lynchburg, VA, a son of Charles Rudolph Rosen and Eliza Jane Lunsford.


(6)4140 JAMES RUSSELL COLEMAN        b.  23 Apr 1896 Buckingham Co. VA

                            d.  23 Feb 1951 Lynchburg, VA

                            m.  26 Apr 1924 Virginia Irene Minter

    Virginia was born 14 Mar 1904 and died 17 Apr 1987 Richmond, VA, a daughter

    of Muscoe Oliver Minter and Mary Elizabeth Richerson.  James and Virginia had

    no children.


(6)4141 PATTIE ANN COLEMAN            b.  29 Jan 1900 Buckingham Co. VA

                            d.  4 Jul 1979 Farmville, VA

                            m.  27 Nov 1929 James Meade Anderson


    James was born 3 Jul 1893 in Andersonville, VA and died 11 Jul 1975.  He was a

    son of Juan Alvarado Anderson and Lillie Irene Ranson.

(6)4142 FRANK ROYAL COLEMAN        b.  6 Jun 1902 Buckingham Co. VA

                            d.  13 Jun 1962 Toledo, OH

                            m.  21 May 1941 Toledo, OH

                            Margaret Rose McManus

    Margaret Rose was a daughter of Thomas Martin McManus and Bridget Helen



A Coleman Family of Buckingham and Cumberland Counties, Virginia, 1997, by James C. Coleman of Pensacola, FL






From (6)4007 Augustus E. Coleman/Mollie A. Dunnevant/Josephine A. Ranson


1st Marriage:

(6)4143 LUTHER EARLY COLEMAN        b.  29 Nov 1878 Buckingham Co. VA

                            d.  8 Mar 1960 Big Springs, TX

                            m.  22 Oct 1916 Big Springs, TX

                            Ruby Watson

(6)4144 CAMERON COLEMAN            b.  13 Jun 1880 Buckingham Co. VA

                            d.  15 Mar 1964 Baltimore, MD

                            m.  11 Sep 1905 Baltimore, MD

                            Maggie Clark

(6)4145 SAMUEL COLEMAN            b.  31 Mar 1883 Buckingham Co. VA

                            d.  3 Apr 1912 Buckingham Co. VA

(6)4146 CLAUDE C. COLEMAN            b.  25 Sep 1884 Buckingham Co. VA

                            d.  17 Feb 1968 Charleston, WV

                            m.  24 Oct 1921 Spencer WV

                            Loretta Jones

                            (b.  14 Jun 1898 d.  15 Sep 1983)

(6)4147 ELMER T. COLEMAN            b.  3 Oct 1887 Buckingham Co. VA

                            d.  6 Nov 1950

                            m.  23 Nov 1921 Sylvia Hubbard

(6)4148 CONNIE COLEMAN            b.  21 Oct 1889 Buckingham Co. VA

                            d.  29 Sep 1911 Buckingham Co. VA

                            m.  16 Aug 1910 Harry Hall


2nd Marriage:

(6)4149 \(INFANT\) COLEMAN            b.  1896    d.  1896

(6)4150 MOLLIE KING COLEMAN        b.  19 Aug 1897 Buckingham Co. VA

                            d.  28 Mar 1975 Buckingham Co. VA

                            m.  12 May 1923 Buckingham Co. VA

                            John Pierce Word

(6)4151 ELSIE LYLE COLEMAN            b.  6 May 1900 Buckingham Co. VA

                            d.  1900, infancy


(6)4152 ROY EARLY COLEMAN            b.  31 May 1904 Buckingham Co. VA

                            d.  11 Nov 1977 Farmville, VA

                            m.  28 Mar 1932 Richmond, VA

                            Lottie Rebecca Robinson

    Lottie was born 3 May 1902 Buckingham Co. VA and died Aug 1985 Boonville,

    IN, a daughter of Walter and Lizzie Robinson.  Roy and Lottie had a son, Ronald

    Curtis Coleman, born 12 Apr 1933.

(6)4153 JOSEPH BURTON COLEMAN        b.  8 Sep 1906 Buckingham Co. VA

                            d.  26 Feb 1974 Baltimore, MD

                            m.  25 Jun 1929 Maryland

                            Eleanor Marie Schultz

    Eleanor was born 25 Jun 1910 Baltimore, MD and died 25 Aug 1974 Baltimore.

(6)4154 VAN DUDLEY COLEMAN        b.  1 May 1909 Buckingham Co. VA

                            d.  6 Jan 1983 Buckingham Co. VA

                            m.  11 Aug 1945 Christine Wood

    Christine, born 3 May 1912 Buckingham Co. VA died 9 Feb 1975 Buckingham

    Co. VA, was a daughter of William Alexander Wood and Parkie Geneva Burks.

(6)4155 HAROLD AUGUSTUS COLEMAN    b.  22 Apr 1914 Buckingham Co. VA

                            d.  25 Oct 1981 Buckingham Co. VA

                            m.  1 Aug 1953 Buckingham Co. VA

                            Virginia Marie Self

    Virginia, born 16 Mar 1923 Blacksburg, VA, was a daughter of Frank Hill Self

    and Annie Garland Lightfoot.  Issue: Harold A. Coleman Jr. born 8 Oct 1958 and

    William Frank Coleman born 20 Feb 1961.

(6)4156 WILSON DALE COLEMAN        b.  8 Apr 1918 Buckingham Co. VA

                            m.  18 Jul 1942 Buckingham Co. VA

                            Betty Jean Jones

    Betty, born 9 Jun 1924 Cabell Co. WV, daughter of Harry Lee Jones and

    Ila Pearl Grimes.  Issue: Steven Lee Coleman born 22 Mar 1944.


A Coleman Family of Buckingham and Cumberland Counties, Virginia, 1997 by James C. Coleman of Pensacola, FL






From (6)4024 John D. Coleman/Aria Ashford


(6)4157 EVAN LAFAYETTE COLEMAN        b.  25 Jul 1862 Grayson Co. TX

                            d.  25 Oct 1929 MO

                            m.  2 Apr 1890 Bates Co. MO

                            Annie Catherine Robison

    Annie was born 15 Dec 1870 and died 19 Nov 1941 in Missouri.






From (6)4047 Elizabeth Sneed/Abishalom Ragsdale


(6)4158 JAMES E. RAGSDALE            b.  ca. 1847 KY


(6)4159 MARY J. RAGSDALE            b.  ca. 1849 KY


(6)4160 LUCY RAGSDALE            b.  ca. Jun 1850 KY


(6)4161 ERNEST RAGSDALE            b.  ca. 1852 KY


(6)4162 JOHN SAMUEL RAGSDALE        b.  23 Dec 1853 KY

                            d.  24 Jan 1923 Grayson Co. TX

                            m.  (1) 31 Jul 1875 Perry Co. IL

                            Catherine "Kate" B. Arterberry

                            (2) 26 Mar 1890 Franklin Co. IL

                                Eva J. Morris Sneed

                            (3) Unknown

                            (4) 20 Dec 1903 Carter Co. OK

                            Sarah E. Headrick Balch

    Catherine Arterberry died 23 Nov 1889 Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory, OK.


(6)4163 ELVINA W. RAGSDALE            b.  1852/53 KY


(6)4164 CATHERINE E. RAGSDALE        b.  ca. 1855 KY

    She may be Catherine Martin, the daughter of Margaret \(Teer\) Martin, the 2nd

    wife of Abishalom Ragsdale.  They were married 22 Mar 1860 Gallatin Co. IL.


(6)4165 LAURIA/LAURIN C. RAGSDALE    b.  ca. 1857 KY

    She, too, may be a daughter of Margaret \(Teer\) Martin and Abishalom Ragsdale.



From Nova A. Lemons of Dallas, TX






From (6)4059 Drury W. Coleman/Sarah Cumby


(6)4166 THOMAS DRURY COLEMAN        b.  16 Jun 1869 Appomattox Co. VA

                            d.  19 Oct 1957 Appomattox Co. VA

                            m.  6 Jul 1893 Mary Agnes Phelps

    Mary was born 23 Dec 1871 and died 21 Jun 1927.  She and Thomas are

    both buried in the Thomas D. Coleman Home Cemetery.






From (6)4068 Charles H. Coleman/Martha J. Lewis


(6)4167 HENRIA ROBERTS COLEMAN        b.  1858        d.  1884

                            m.  Thomas Goodwin, no issue


(6)4168 THOMAS EDWIN COLEMAN        b.  1860        d.  1926

                            m.  (1) Ida Branch Megginson


                            (2) 1882 Minnie Profitt (d.  1936)

Issue from Thomas and Ida:

        Mabel Bertha Coleman b.  10 Feb 1879

    Issue from Thomas and Minnie:

        Irma Blanche Coleman m.  Mark Cash

        Lewis Ward Coleman m.  Ethel Mays

        Henry Eli Coleman m.  Mary Sims

        Martha Allen Coleman m.  George Kirby

        Annie Laurie Coleman m.  Patrick H. Hicks

        Thomas Edwin Coleman Jr. m.  in New Jersey

        William Newton Coleman d.  infancy

        Charles Abner Coleman m.  Lillie Robertson

        Robert Ingersoll Coleman m.  Hazel Garris

        Thelma Roberta Coleman m.  Carrol Head       


(6)4169 MARY EMMA COLEMAN        b.  1868        d.  1943

                            m.  Robert Morgan, Buckingham Co. VA


(6)4170 CHARLES LEWIS COLEMAN        b.  1870

                            m.  (1) Florence Morgan

                            (2) Lilla St. Clair


(6)4171 ANNA BELLE COLEMAN        b.  1872        d.  1906

                            m.  Wyatt Abbitt

(6)4172 MATTIE WALKER COLEMAN        b.  1875

                            m.  John H. Coleman







From (6)4094 Robert F. Coleman/Lillian E. Burke


(6)4173 ADA MAY COLEMAN            b.  11 Apr 1879 Wilson Co. TN

                            d.  8 Feb 1977

                            m.  25 Jun 1896

                            Samuel Lowell Batcheldor

(6)4174 ROBERT SAMUEL COLEMAN        b.  13 Jul 1880 Wilson Co. TN

                            d.  24 Jan 1927

                            m.  1 Jun 1911 Emily Boyer

(6)4175 CARL FRANKLIN COLEMAN        b.  4 Aug 1881 Wilson Co. TN

                            d.  12 Jul 1964

                            m.  19 Jan 1904 Ethel Blanche White

(6)4176 CLAUD FELIX COLEMAN        b.  18 Sep 1883 Wilson Co. TN

                            d.  1 Feb 1948

                            m.  9 Mar 1909

                            Cora Elizabeth Robertson

(6)4177 HATTIE PEARL COLEMAN        b.  5 Jan 1888 Richfield, CO

                            d.  12 Sep 1974

                            m.  25 Sep 1906 Ernest Baldwin

(6)4178 ALBERT WALTER COLEMAN        b.  22 Jul 1891 Sanford, CO

                            d.  17 May 1971

                            m.  8 Mar 1916 Sophia Ackerlin

(6)4179 OLLIE EMMA COLEMAN        b.  2 Nov 1894 Sanford, CO

                            d.  10 Sep 1926

                            m.  10 Aug 1914

                            Martin Lwelling Dickey

(6)4180 ERNEST HOMER COLEMAN        b.  14 Feb 1897 Pueblo, CO

                            d.  8 May 1900


From Ronald D. Coleman of Salt Lake City, UT






From (6)4102 Hugh N. Coleman/Mary J. Christian


(6)4181 THOMAS COLEMAN            b.  1844 Amherst Co.VA


(6)4182 CHARLES R. COLEMAN            b.  1847 Amherst Co. VA


(6)4183 MARY COLEMAN            b.  Dec 1849 Amherst Co. VA




There were probably other children.






From (6)4108 George T. Coleman/Almira V. Carter


(6)4184 CORNELIUS CHRISTIAN COLEMAN        b.  1872

                                d.  1893 Bedford Co. VA

                                m.  Suzanne H.M. Campbell

(6)4185 ROBERTA VIRGINIA COLEMAN        b.  1 Feb 1874

                                d.  4 Sep 1936

                                m.  8 Jun 1898

                            William H. Ferguson

(6)4186 ORAN DAVIS COLEMAN            b.  1876    d.  1935

                                m.  Minnie Otis Hodges

(6)4187 GEORGIANNA PEARL COLEMAN        b.  1878    d.  1935

                                m.  Unknown Malloy

(6)4188 WALTER CHILDRESS COLEMAN        b.  1880    d.  1977

                                m.  Emma Ferguson

(6)4189 SAMUEL WILLIE COLEMAN            b.  19 Jul 1883

                                d.  11 Apr 1957

                                m.  19 Sep 1906

                                Cornelia Lillian Hancock

    Cornelia was a daughter of Edward N. Hancock and Mary William Foutz.

(6)4190 LILLIAN OPHELIA COLEMAN            b.  1885    d.  1957

                                m.  Emmett R. Overstreet

(6)4191 THOMAS PICTON COLEMAN            b.  1887

                                m.  Fannie Belle Foutz

(6)4192 CHARLES GIDEON COLEMAN            b.  1898    d.  1959

                                m.  Anne Saunders


From Jacqueline C. Field of Bedford, VA






From (6)4118 James A. Coleman/Susan V. Unknown















From (6)4133 Charles E. Coleman/Mabel O. Browning



(6)4201 CHARLES EDWARDS COLEMAN Jr.        b.  3 Sep 1909 Curtin, WV

                                d.  17 Apr 1962 Willard, OH

                                m.  20 Mar 1943 Fairfax, VA

                                Letitia Ferguson

    Letitia was born 19 May 1912 Holcomb, WV, a daughter of Richard Cromwell

    Ferguson and Sue Carr Strother.  Charles and Letitia had Charles Edwards

Coleman III, born 22 Apr 1948.


(6)4202 PATTY LOUISE COLEMAN            b.  16 Sep 1913 Curtin, WV

                                d.  9 Nov 1975 Buffalo, NY

                                m.  1 Jan 1940 Bridgeville, PA

                                Percy Embrose Martin Jr.

    Percy was born 6 Aug 1913 PA and died Jul 1976.



(6)4203 LEE BROWNING COLEMAN            b.  17 Jun 1917 Curtin, WV

                                d.  9 Apr 1984 Clarksburg, WV

                                m.  23 Jun 1943 Lost Creek, WV

                                Cora Mae Stout

    Cora Mae was born 1 Oct 1919 in Lost Creek, WV.



(6)4204 RICHARD R. COLEMAN                b.  17 Jun 1928

                                m.  2 Aug 1959 Cameron Co. TX

                                Dixie Pearl Denson

    Dixie was born 16 Feb 1931.  She and Richard divorced.



A Coleman Family of Buckingham and Cumberland Counties, Virginia, 1997, by James C. Coleman of Pensacola, FL






From (6)4136 Edward F. Coleman/Camilla V. Craig,


(6)4205 JAMES CRAIG COLEMAN        b.  10 Jun 1914 Richwood, WV

                            m.  11 Sep 1940 Plymouth, NC

                            Tacy Irene Snyder

    Irene was born 15 Jan 1917 in Richwood, WV, a daughter of George Monroe

    Snyder and Tacy Warner Robinson.


(6)4206 SARAH FRANCES COLEMAN        b.  21 Jun 1916 Richwood, WV

                            m.  21 Feb 1946 Washington D.C.

                            George Clarence Bottoms

    George was born 1 Feb 1909 Fall River, MA and died 1 May 1996 Portland,

    ORHe and Sarah had George Edward Bottoms, born 2 Feb 1950.


(6)4207 EDWARD ANDERSON COLEMAN    b.  10 Apr 1920 St. Petersburg, FL

                            d.  3 Nov 1992 Greenwich, CT

                            m.  8 May 1945 Richwood, WV

                            Esther Caroline McKenzie

                            (b.  8 Mar 1921 Richwood, WV\)


(6)4208 CAMILLA PEARL COLEMAN        b.  4 Aug 1922 Richwood, WV

                            d.  15 Oct 1984 Richwood, WV

                            m.  18 Apr 1953 Richwood, WV

                            Ralph Dunn (11 Sep 1925 WV\)



A Coleman Family of Buckingham and Cumberland Counties, Virginia, 1997, by James C. Coleman of Pensacola, FL






From (6)4139 Lucy L. Coleman/Richard B. Rosen


(6)4209 CARL COLEMAN ROSEN        b.  1 Mar 1920 Alcoma, VA

                            m.  13 Sep 1946 Lynchburg, VA

                            Virginia Estelle Elcan

    Virginia was born 3 Mar 1924 Buckingham Co. VA, a daughter of George

    Hannah Elcan and Margaret Virginia Gilliam.


(6)4210 RUBY LEE ROSEN            b.  10 May 1922 Alcoma, VA

                            m.  19 Nov 1941 Buckingham Co. VA

                            Morris Taliaferro Thompson

    Morris was born 4 Sep 1919 Amherst Co. VA and died 27 Feb 1976 in

    Lynchburg, VA.


(6)4211 JULIUS CULLEN ROSEN            b.  4 Mar 1936 Alcoma, VA

                            m.  13 Sep 1963 Sarah Ruth Sykes

    Sarah was born 1941.  She and Julius had Jeffrey Cullen Rosen. 



A Coleman Family of Buckingham and Cumberland Counties, Virginia, 1997, by James C. Coleman of Pensacola, FL






From (6)4142 Frank R. Coleman/Margaret R. McManus


(6)4212 FRANK ROYAL COLEMAN Jr.        b.  28 Mar 1942 Toledo, OH

                            m.  17 Aug 1989 New York, NY

                            Lucy Ann Bell

    Lucy ws born 15 Nov 1942 in Austin, MN.


(6)4213 MARGARET HELEN COLEMAN    b.  8 Apr 1943

                            m.  Stephen Lazarus (divorced)


(6)4214 KATHLEEN ROSE COLEMAN        b.  19 Oct 1948

                            m.  Patrick Lowenthal




A Coleman Family of Buckingham and Cumberland Counties, Virginia, 1997, by James C. Coleman of Pensacola, FL






From (6)4153 Joseph B. Coleman/Eleanor M. Schultz


(6)4215 ELEANOR LEE COLEMAN        b.  10 Oct 1932 Baltimore, MD

                            m.  14 Feb 1952

                            Rudolfo Roland Duran

    Rudolfo was born 24 Oct 1929 in New Mexico.


(6)4216 JOANN COLEMAN            b.  5 Feb 1939

                            m.  Nov 1959 Richard Snador



A Coleman Family of Buckingham and Cumberland Counties, Virginia, 1997, by James C. Coleman of Pensacola, FL






From (6)4157 Evan L. Coleman/Annie C. Robison


(6)4217 LORENA ROSE COLEMAN        b.  8 Sep 1891 Johnstown, MO

                            d.  18 Jan 1977 Kansas City, MO

                            m.  26 Apr 1914 Henry Co. MO

                            Paul Goode Brumback

    Paul was born 12 Oct 1890 and died 20 Apr 1962, a son of John William

    Brumback and Emma Ada Goode.


(6)4218 ORVILLE MARION COLEMAN        b.  27 Apr 1892 Henry Co. MO

                            d.  30 Nov 1953

                            m.  (1) 4 Jan 1914 Emaline Cook


                            (2) 26 Feb 1919

                            Anna Ermine Houchins



(6)4219 VIOLA HELEN COLEMAN        b.  13 Jan 1895 Henry Co. MO

                            d.  20 Feb 19Unknown

                            m.  26 Aug 1919

                            George Floyd Garrison (1895-1961)


(6)4220 MARTIE ORION COLEMAN        b.  6 Sep 1896 Henry Co. MO

                            d.  1 May 1968 Yuma, AZ

                            m.  2 May 1925 Ruby Violet Porter



(6)4221 ARIA GOLDA COLEMAN        b.  11 Oct 1898 Henry Co. MO

                            d.  7 Oct 1971

                            m.  14 Sep 1919 Raymond J. DeBow



(6)4222 RUBY COLEMAN                b.  17 Jul 1912 Henry Co. MO

                            d.  at birth




From (6)4162 John S. Ragsdale/Catherine B. Arterberry/Sarah E.H. Balch


Issue with Catherine B. Arterberry:

(6)4223 THOMAS EDWARD RAGSDALE    b.  10 Aug 1876 IL

                            d.  5 Jun 1948 Norman, OK

                            m.  (1) 26 Sep 1897

                            Lebanon, Indian Territory

                            Maudie Ollie Teters

                            (2) 21 Sep 1912 Norman,OK

                                Hattie Florentine \(Meckley\) Keen


(6)4224 ELIZABETH RAGSDALE            b.  3 Dec 1877 TX

        "Lizzie"                d.  19 Jul 1957 Bronte, TX

                            m.  20 Sep 1900 Russett, Indian Territory

                            Davis Jackson Corley


(6)4225 ANNIE R. RAGSDALE            b.  6 Sep 1879 TX

                            d.  24 May 1883


(6)4226 NANCY JANE RAGSDALE        b.  20 May 1881 Lebanon, Indian Terr.

                            d.  30 Aug 1946 Ravia, OK

                            m.  1899 Indian Territory

                            William Matthew Dewbre


(6)4227 MARY RAGSDALE            b.  19 Jul 1882 TX    d.  before 1900


(6)4228 SUSIE ANNA RAGSDALE        b.  18 Aug 1883 Grayson Co. TX

                            d.  21 Nov 1957 Wagoner, OK

                            m.  8 Jan 1902 Ardmore, Indian Terr.

                            Laney Lafayette Dockrey


(6)4229 KATIE BELLE RAGSDALE        b.  24 May 1886 Lebanon, Indian Terr.

                            d.  24 Jul 1959 Ardmore, OK

                            m.  30 Jul 1905 Teller, Indian Territory

                            Clarence Levi Lemons



(6)4230 ROSETTA RAGSDALE            b.  16 Jan 1887 Chickasaw Nation,

                            Indian Territory

                            d.  5 Aug 1889 Lebanon, Indian Terr.


(6)4231 LILLIE LEE RAGSDALE            b.  18 Aug 1889 Chickasaw Nation,

                            Indian Territory

                            d.  6 Dec 1889 Lebanon, Indian Terr.



Issue with Sarah E.H. Balch:

(6)4232 LEONA JEWELL RAGSDALE        b.  1 Feb 1905 Russett, Indian Territory                            d.  15 Apr 1988 Sherman, TX

                            m.  1922 Grayson Co. TX

                            Joe Bailey Gentry

(6)4233 RUBY JOHNIE/JEAN RAGSDALE    b.  19 Nov 1907 Celina, TX

                            d.  22 Sep 1980 Grayson Co. TX

                            m.  1924 Sherman, TX

                            Eugene Thomas Bodovsky



From Nova A. Lemons of Dallas, TX






From (6)4166 Thomas D. Coleman/Mary A. Phelp


(6)4234 WESLEY LEE COLEMAN        b.  13 Aug 1896 Appomattox Co. VA

                            d.  16 Oct 1963 Lynchburg, VA

                            m.  23 Dec 1919

                            Dora Edna Wooldridge

    Dora was born 19 May 1889 and died 6 May 1979.






From (6)4175 Carl F. Coleman/Ethel B. White


(6)4235 GRACE EVELYN COLEMAN        b.  11 Dec 1904 Pueblo, CO

                            m.  20 Nov 1924

                            Herbert B. Rhodes


(6)4236 HAROLD FRANKLIN COLEMAN    b.  19 Jun 1906 Denver, CO

                            d.  5 Feb 1941

                            m.  20 Apr 1930

                            Veda Douglas


(6)4237 ETHEL BERNICE COLEMAN        b.  12 Nov 1911 Salt Lake City, UT

                            m.  20 Dec 1930

                            Alvin John McCown


(6)4238 ROBERT GEORGE COLEMAN        b.  9 Jul 1918 Salt Lake City, UT

                            m.  11 Oct 1940

                            Katherine Dana


From Ronald D. Coleman of Salt Lake City, UT





From (6)4189 Samuel W. Coleman/Cornelia L. Hancock


(6)4239 VERNA BLANCH COLEMAN            b.  20 Aug 1907

                                d.  4 May 1926

(6)4240 MARY RUTH COLEMAN            b.  13 Aug 1909

                                m.  Elmo J. Wright

(6)4241 RAYMOND PAUL COLEMAN            b.  17 Jul 1911

                                d.  4 Mar 1944

                                m.  Lollie Fuqua

(6)4242 BEULAH SAMMIE COLEMAN            b.  6 Aug 1913

                                m.  Frank M. Johnson

(6)4243 ALMIRA VIRGINIA COLEMAN            b.  24 Aug 1916

                                m.  W.R. Dooley

(6)4244 GARNETT EDWARD COLEMAN        b.  2 Dec 1918

                                m.  20 Dec 1941

                                Florence Lee Stanford

    Florence was a daughter of Dante Stanford and Florence Sydnor Lee.

(6)4245 THURMAN JAMES COLEMAN            b.  19 Jan 1921

                                m.  20 Dec 1941

                                Aldine Adele Stanford

    Aldine was a daughter of Dante Stanford and Florence Sydnor Lee, and

    sister of Florence above.

(6)4246 BERTA MAY COLEMAN                b.  1 Jun 1923    d.  2 Mar 1925

(6)4247 FREDRICK ALONZA COLEMAN        b.  13 Jan 1926

                                d.  21 Jun 1971

                                m.  Zella Unknown

(6)4248 CALVIN HOMER COLEMAN            b.  20 May 1928

                                m.  Deane Unknown



From Jacqueline C. Field of Bedford, VA






From (6)4205 James C. Coleman/T. Irene Snyder


(6)4249 SARAH ANNE COLEMAN        b.  29 Jul 1942 Pensacola, FL


(6)4250 BRUCE WARNER COLEMAN        b.  9 Aug 1948 Toledo, OH

                            m.  9 Dec 1981 Springfield, MO

                            Diane Lynn \(Layne\) Cunningham


    Bruce and Diane had Stephanie Ann Coleman, born 25 Jul 1983.



A Coleman Family of Buckingham and Cumberland Counties, Virginia, 1997, by James C. Coleman of Pensacola, FL






From (6)4207 Edward A. Coleman/Esther C. McKenzie


(6)4251 KAY ROBIN COLEMAN            b.  18 Oct 1946 Toledo, OH

                            m.  (1) 4 Jan 1969 Riverside, CT

                            Timothy Edward Whelan


                            (2) 16 Sep 1989 Riverside, CT

                            James Joseph Grout

(6)4252 EDWARD ANDERSON COLEMAN Jr.    b.  22 May 1949 Toledo, OH

                            m.  18 Sep 1976 Greenwich, CT

                            Barbara Alexandra Bejarano

(6)4253 JODY COLEMAN                b.  30 May 1951 (twin) Toledo, OH

                            m.  27 Jan 1973 Riverside, CT

                            Richard Bruce Sloat

(6)4254 JUDY COLEMAN                b.  30 May 1951 (twin) Toledo, OH

                            24 Apr 1976 Old Greenwich, CT

                            Lawrence Anthony Burick


(6)4255 ANN COLEMAN                b.  2 Dec 1953 Toledo, OH

                            m.  28 May 1977 San Jose, CA

                            David Koss Ogden


A Coleman Family of Buckingham and Cumberland Counties, Virginia, 1997, by James C. Coleman of Pensacola, FL






From (6)4209 Carl C. Rosen/Virginia E. Elcan


(6)4256 MARGARET LEE ROSEN        b.  28 Aug 1947 Farmville, VA

                            m.  24 Feb 1967 Westminster, MD

                            Glenn Spangler Bair


(6)4257 CARL COLEMAN ROSEN Jr.        b.  31 Jul 1948 Farmville, VA

                            m.  19 Aug 1972 Westminster, MD

                            Susan Lynn Grier


A Coleman Family of Buckingham and Cumberland Counties, Virginia, 1997, by James C. Coleman of Pensacola, FL






From (6)4215 Eleanor L. Coleman/Rudolfo R. Duran


(6)4258 STEPHEN JOSEPH DURAN        b.  13 Aug 1953 Alamagordo, NM


(6)4259 GERALD LEE DURAN            b.  19 Sep 1954 Alamagordo, NM


(6)4260 LORETTA ANN DURAN            b.  1 Feb 1956 Alamagordo, NM

                            m.  18 Apr 1980 CA

                            Jeffrey Fero


(6)4261 GINA MARIE DURAN            b.  12 Mar 1958 Alamagordo, NM

                            m.  8 Apr 1981 Las Vegas, NV

                            Neil Thomas Schober


(6)4262 JOANN MARGUERITE DURAN        b.  10 Oct 1960 Alamagordo, NM

                            m.  4 Aug 1979 Albequerque, NM

                            Ronald Peter Ortegel



A Coleman Family of Buckingham and Cumberland Counties, Virginia, 1997, by James C. Coleman of Pensacola, FL






From (6)4229 Katie B. Ragsdale/Clarence L. Lemons


(6)4263 CLARA BEATRICE LEMONS        b.  23 Nov 1906 Pettijohn Springs,

                            Indian Territory

                            d.  27 Jan 1989 Chickasaw, OK

                            m.  26 Dec 1923 OH Easter Willis

(6)4264 HOBART JOHN LEMONS        b.  2 Sep 1908 Marshall Co. OK

                            d.  29 May 1959 Marshall Co. OK

                            m.  26 Oct 1941 Las Vegas, NV

                            Ester Ruth Wheeler

(6)4265 LARANCE EDWARD LEMONS        b.  12 Nov 1911 Madill, OK

                            m.  8 Aug 1933 Madill, OK

                            Lindle Lee James

(6)4266 CLIFFORD RAYMOND LEMONS    b.  25 Aug 1913 Russett, OK

                            d.  11 Sep 1991 McAllen, TX

                            m.  15 Jun 1940 Tishomingo, OK

                            Pernie Frances Beam

(6)4267 LEONA EDNA LEMONS            b.  3 Aug 1915 Marshall Co. OK

                            d.  28 Feb 1990 Blackwell, OK

                            m.  19 May 1934 Madill, OK

                            Angel Jewell James

(6)4268 GOLDIA RUBY IRENE LEMONS    b.  21 Oct 1917 Marshall Co. OK

                            m.  5 Mar 1936 Russett, OK

                            Hubert James Ayers

(6)4269 NOLAN LEMONS    (twin)            b.  17 Oct 1921 Marshall Co. OK

                            m.  18 Dec 1939 Madill, OK

                            Malacha Alene Pryor

(6)4270 NOVA A. LEMONS (twin)        b.  17 Oct 1921 Marshall Co. OK

                            m.  24 Dec 1941 Madill, OK

                            DrJohn Lee McDaniel

(6)4271 GERALDINE CATHERINE LEMONS    b.  5 Dec 1924 Marshall Co. OK

                            m.  25 Nov 1942 Blackwell, OK

                            Preston Lee Horstman


From Nova A. Lemons of Dallas, TX





From (6)4234 Wesley L. Coleman/Dora E. Wooldridge


(6)4272 HAZEL LEE COLEMAN            b.  15 Aug 1921 Appomattox, VA

                            m.  2 Jul 1940

                            Otho Wesley Martin Jr.



From Ronald D. Coleman of Salt Lake City, UT





From (6)4236 Harold F. Coleman/Veda Douglas


(6)4273 DONALD DOUGLAS COLEMAN        b.  3 Nov 1930 Monrovia, CA

                                d.  5 Nov 1930 Monrovia, CA


(6)4274 RONALD DOUGLAS COLEMAN        b.  31 Oct 1931 Monrovia, CA

                                m.  (1) 27 Mar 1964

                            Phill Ann Fruchey

                                (2) 6 Feb 1988

                                Marlene M. Marino


(6)4275 NEIL KEITH COLEMAN                b.  31 Oct 1935 Monrovia, CA

                                m.  15 Dec 1961

                                Jeani Nadolski


From Ronald D. Coleman of Salt Lake City, UT






From (6)4274 Ronald D. Coleman/Phill A. Fruchey/Marlene M. Marino


1st Marriage:

(6)4276 KEVIN DOUGLAS COLEMAN            b.  20 Sep 1967

                                Granada Hills, CA


(6)4277 ALLISON COLEMAN                b.  3 Sep 1969

                                Canoga Park, CA



From Ronald D. Coleman of Salt Lake City, UT