Robert Coleman II, Second Child of Robert Coleman and Elizabeth Grizzell, of Mobjack Bay, Gloucester County, Virginia

Second Known, Surviving Child of Robert Coleman and Elizabeth Grizzell
Of Mobjack Bay Virginia


    Although Judge Coleman did not give a reason for placing James Coleman, who married Eleanor Madison, as a son of Daniel Coleman2, I suspect it had something to do with the friendship between Daniel Coleman and John Madison II. Both men lived in New Kent Co. at one time.  Madison, whose father was in New Kent Co. as early as 1657, was a signer of the New Kent Petition in 1688, as was Robert Coleman2, , brother of Daniel2.  The purpose of the New Kent Petition was to remove the vestrymen of St. Stephenís Parish and replace them with vestrymen of the signersí choice.  The fact that Daniel2 did not sign the petition may be due to his not living in St. Stephenís Parish, or he had not yet settled in the county at the time the petition was written.  In 1714, Daniel Coleman2 and John Madison II, both of King & Queen Co., were granted as joint tenants, 2000 acres of land in King William Co. There was an obvious friendship between Daniel Coleman2and John Madison II, but their New Kent and King William Co. connection is not enough evidence to determine whether or not their children married.

    Other evidence has been found to support the theory that James Coleman, whose wife was Eleanor Madison, was a grandson of Robert Coleman2, signer of the New Kent Petition with John Madison II.

    In a letter from Germantown, PA dated 24 Jan 1884 from Eliza E. Coleman, widow of RevReuben Lindsey Coleman: ."The first Coleman came to this country from England about the middle of the 17th century.  I have not ascertained his first name.  One of his sons had seven sons and seven daughters." (Descendants of Francis Morgan, p. 110 et seq)

    From The ĎBelfieldí Fitzpatricks and ĎElimí Colemans by Reba Fitzpatrick Lea, 1958: in a letter to Aylett B. Coleman from his cousin, Samuella Hawes Coleman Fitzpatrick, 8 Mar 1917: "My grandfatherís father \(John Coleman4 who married Eunice Hawes\) had six brothers and seven sisters." Samuella also mentioned great-aunts Rebecca and Frances

    In the 1839 manuscript of Hawes Coleman, he said Robert Coleman3 and his wife, Mary Clayton, had seven sons and several daughters.  Hawes named Wyatt Coleman as a son of this couple, when in fact Wyatt was a grandsonThat left a missing son of Robert Coleman3 and Mary Clayton, and evidence points strongly to the fact he was the James Coleman4 who married Eleanor Madison.  \(For years, it was thought that Robert3 married a Mary Wyatt which may explain why it was believed Robert had a son named Wyatt.  However, an old vellum notebook belonging to Robert Coleman3 was found, in which he had written his marriage date to Mary Clayton.\)

    In 1732, James Coleman4 was living next door to Ambrose Madison, brother of EleanorHis land was in that portion of Spotsylvania Co. which later became Orange Co. The descendants of Daniel Coleman2 did not settle in this area.  The descendants of Robert Coleman2 did.  The heirs mentioned in Jamesí will were daughters Betty Scott and Mary Holland, sons James and Ambrose, and a niece Mary Coleman Ellis.  In Hawesí manuscript, he said Robert and Mary had "several daughters", but only three had previously been identified: Ann, Susannah and Elizabeth.  From the will of James Coleman4, evidence is offered of another daughter, Mary Coleman, who married an Ellis.  Their daughter, Mary Coleman Ellis, would have been the niece mentioned in her uncleís will.

    A William Ellis was in Orange Co. VA in 1756: "Accounts paid by William Ellis, apparently the estate account of Thomas Marye, to James Madison, Edward Coleman, Nicholas Jones and Robert Gaines."

    After Mary Ellis was widowed, she married on 3 Nov 1770 in Amherst Co. VA, widower John Sorrells\(The Sorrells Family of the Shenandoah Valley of VA" by Dorothy L. Weaver, 1990) Mary Coleman Ellis, called Molly, died after 1783 in Nelson Co. VA (previously Amherst Co.\).  There was a marriage contract dated 3 Nov 1770 \(Amherst Co. VA DB C-146) between John Sorrells and widow Mary Coleman Ellis witnessed by Caleb Coleman, John Dawson and Samuel Gay.  Caleb Coleman5 was a son of Robert Coleman4 and Elizabeth Lindsay, and would have been a nephew of Mary4 and James4

    Two entries were found in Essex Co. records for a James Coleman who was granted a license to keep an Ordinary in 1729 and 1730.  His birth year would have been at least by 1708.  The only known James Coleman of that approximate age was the one who married Eleanor Madison and was living in Spotsylvania Co. in 1732.  Spotsylvania Co. was formed in 1721 from Esex, King & Queen and King William.  It is very possible that the James Coleman in Essex Co. in 1729 and 1730 was the James of Spotsylvania Co. in 1732.

    For this record, and until evidence proves otherwise, Robert Coleman3 and Mary Clayton had: Samuel, James, Spilsbe, Robert, John, Thomas, Richard, Ann, Susannah, Mary, Elizabeth, Rebecca and Frances\(A seventh daughter, Susannah, died in infancy and a subsequent daughter was also named Susannah.\)

    Although many county records have been lost or destroyed, it does not mean there are no records in existence.  Angie Bird of Carterville, IL visited a small library in the southern part of that state and sent information that identified a previously unknown son of Robert Spilsbe Coleman4\(Spilsbe3 Robert2 Robert1)

    In Merchant Accounts Book of King & Queen Co. VA, 1749-52 , a John Coleman was named a son of Robert Spilsbe Coleman4Although nothing further is known of this John Coleman, at least his existence has been established.  The account books belonged to a man named Ninian Boog, a factor for Buchanan & Hamilton, Liverpool merchants.  There are currently three known ledger books and one daybook.  The ledger books were used to record credit sales made by King & Queen Co. residents.  The daybook was used to record credit sales until they could be entered into the ledger books.  In addition to John Coleman, a Thomas Coleman was also listed as a son of Robert Spilsbe Coleman4\(Swem Library at the College of William & Mary has Ledger Books A&B. The Virginia State Archives in Richmond has Ledger Book C, accession #28893.)

    As explained in the preface to the ledger books, a barter and exchange method of acquiring household goods was often used in the early Virginia colonies.  Although tobacco was the most favored form of payment, chickens, eggs, butter, honey, beans, cabbage, watermelons, turkeys, apples, onions and peaches were also used.  The names of tobacco warehouses were also mentioned in the ledger books, and indicated the area in which a planter lived.




From Robert Coleman/Elizabeth Grizzell


(2)    ROBERT COLEMAN    b.  1656, known from a deposition given on

                        11 Jul 1712, will of Major James Boughan,

                        D&WB 13, p. 76, Essex Co. Records

                        d.  Will probated 13 Aug 1713 Essex Co. VA

                        m.  1678 Ann Spilsbe (1659-1717)

Ann married 2nd, between Apr and Nov 1715, John Hunter who died 1721.  Her will was dated 30 Nov 1715 and proved 20 Aug 1717.

As an adult, Robert lived first in New Kent Co., then the part of Old Rappahannock that became Essex Co. He, along with John Madison, was a signer of the 1688 New Kent Petition, the purpose of which was to remove the vestrymen of St. Stephenís Parish\(VA Magazine of History & Biography, Vol. 41, p. 196)

A deed dated 22 Jan 1688 states that Robert and Leonard Chamberlain, as joint tenants, acquired 900 acres in Old Rappahannock Co. This tract is now in Essex Co. \(Old Rappahannock Co. VA DB 9, p. 70)

Robert was licensed to keep an Ordinary at Hobbs Hole (now Tappahannock\) on 10 Apr 1693, and operated the Ordinary until his death in 1717.  \(Essex Co. VA OB 1, p. 176) From The History of Essex Co. VA 1608-1984 by James B. Slaughter 1985, p. 36: "Robert Coleman, a Tappahannock merchant planter around 1700, owned a plantation extending from present day Colemanís Island through the St. Margaretís School campus.  Coleman, an Essex Co. justice and sheriff, owned a tavern at the northwest corner of Prince & Water Lane, and built a wharf at the end of Marsh St."

Essex Co. OB 1695-1699, p. 301: At a court held for Essex County ye 10th of September 1696, Katherine Payne appearíd and freely and voluntarily relinquished her right of Dower of in & to a parcell of land sold by her Husband, Robert Payne, to Leonard Chamberline, Ann & Robert Coleman, which is admitted to record".

On 11 Apr 1700, Robert was appointed a member of the County Court \(Essex Co. VA D&WB 10, p. 46) and kept that position until he was appointed Sheriff of Essex Co. on 27 Apr 1710 \(Essex Co. D&WB 13, p. 314).

Robert was listed on the 1704 Essex Co. Quit Rent Rolls with 450 acres.  This is interesting because at a court held for Essex Co. the 10th day of Mar 1701, Robert Coleman was granted 1150 acres of land for the importation of 23 persons into the colony: Anne Spilsby, Elizabeth Yeates, Katherine Philips, Elizabeth Love, Anne Coleman, Robert Coleman, Mary Dealon, Michael Kelley, Patrick Carol, Samuel Platt, Hannah Huett, John Hudson, Brian Kagon, Mary Pursell, Robert Coleman, Reuben Shafton, Anne Coleman, William Dawson, Thomas Dawson, Marjery Sanders, Rebecca Moore & John Pasons.  GentJustices of the Peace were John Catlett, Thomas Edmundson, Robert Brooke, Richard Covington & Robert Coleman.  \(This is the same list of headrights used by Thomas Meriwether in 1703, with variant spellings.  Both lists contained only 22 names.)

After 1704, Robert Coleman was referred to in the records as Captain.  While a member of the County Court, an order was entered on 10 Feb 1704 that states "on motion of Capt.  Robert Coleman it is considered that the old prison at Hobbs Hole be appropriated to use as a schoolhouse and to no other use whatsoever." \(OB 3, 147, Essex Co. Records\)

11 Jul 1708: A note by Robert Coleman of Essex Co. to MessrsMicajah Perry & Co., London merchants, directed payment of L10 to George Ward.  \(Essex Co. VA Deeds & Wills No.  13 1707-1711, John F. Dorman\)

On 11 Feb 1709, Robert bought land in the Burgh of Tappahannock for 170 lbs.  of tobacco, paid to John Catlett and Richard Covington \(Essex Co. VA Deeds & Wills No.  13, p. 223, Dorman\)

Records of Essex Co. VA Originals at Tappahannock, VA Deeds & Wills No.  14, pp. 43-44.  Lease and Release.  8<SUP>th & 11th Apr 1712.  Thomas Pettit of St. Stephenís Parish of King & Queen Co. sells Robert Coleman of S. Farnham Parish, Essex Co. 486 acres of land in Essex Co. Adjoins land of John Pleas and that of CaptRichard Wyatt and being part of a patent granted Mr. George Morris and John Long 29 Sep 1667.  Also borders land of Katherine Long, now the wife of Capt.  Richard Wyatt, and was given by deed of gift made by Mr. George Morris, to Thomas Pettit and Katherine Long (now Katherine Wyatt\).  Signed Tho.  Pettit.  Wit: Richard Buckner, Will Young.

Robertís will was undated, but admitted to probate on 13 Aug 1713 by Elizabeth Faulconer.  The will was witnessed by Elizabeth Faulconer, Edward Faulconer and Samuel Dry.  "Unto my son Thomas, my son Robert and my daughter Elizabeth each of them 20 shillings Unto my son Edward Coleman half that tract of land that I purchased of CaptThomas Pettet, the whole tract being 488 (486) acres, that part next and adjoyning to Botemís line.  Unto my daughter Grisell Chamberline the other half of that land I purchased of Capt.  Thomas Pettet and for want of issue, to my daughter Anne.  To my loving wife Ann Coleman./a>, all that my tract or seat of land that I have in possession at the place where I now live during her natural life and at her death my son Spilsbee Coleman have the land.  All the rest of my lands unto my daughter Ann Coleman.  All the rest of my estate to my loving wife Ann Coleman who I do appoint Executrix." \(WB 13, p. 439, Essex Co. Records\)


On 5 Apr 1715, widow Ann Coleman and her intended husband, John Hunter, made an agreement with her son Thomas Coleman to divide his fatherís estate in two parts.  One would go to Ann, the other to her children by Robert.  In the agreement, Ann was allowed to dispose of "any negroes and any of the plate weighing 74 oz.  and a half" without John Hunterís approval.  It was also agreed that "no disposal or disfruction" take place upon the plantation.  After Annís death, everything was to be divided among Robertís children.  \(Records of Essex Co. VA No.  14, p. 358)

    From Essex Co. Deeds p. 437, 21 Sep 1708.  Edward Ellis, mariner, now in Virginia, but forthwith intended on my voyage for England, appoint Francis Meriwether of Essex Co. my attorney to demand of CaptRobert Coleman of Essex Co. the steel whip saw, box, tiller, set & file to the value of L5 sterling which I lent Coleman the beginning of this month & never received them again from him, and also the 8 water casks marked PA which I left on shore at Mr. Andrew Hardings landing.  Signed, Edward Ellis, Wit: William Oliver, John Davis, Joseph Lodge.  Proved 14 Sep 1711 by Joseph Lodge.


From Records of Colonial Gloucester Co. VA, by Polly Cary Mason, 1946:

Power of Attorney: Mary Moore to Robert Coleman, 1690.  Mary, wife of Joseph Moore of Abingdon Parish in Gloucester Co. appoints Mr. Robert Coleman of Rappahannock Co. her lawful attorney to acknowledge sale of dowerey of land sold to Henry Baker.  2 Nov 1690.  \(Rappahannock Co. Deeds 1688-1691)

Power of Attorney: Katherine Langford./a> (wife of Nicholas Langford of Gloucester Co.\) appoints Mr. Robert Coleman to acknowledge sale of her dowerey.  Part of land sold to Watkins.  10 Nov 1690.  Mr. Coleman, when acknowledged, demanded 20 shillings for yr friends & servant: Katherine Langford.  \(Old Rappahannock Deeds 1688-1691 p. 272)

Power of Attorney: Robert Yard to Robert Coleman 1692: Robert Yard of Gloucester Co. appoints Robert Coleman of Essex Co. his true & lawful attorney.  (Orders 1692-1695 p. 154, Essex Co. Records\)

From VA Colonial Abstracts, Essex Co. Records 1703-1706, p. 249, attachment against estate of Henry Hawkins for debt due to Francis Shackelford of L18.19.4 sterling.  Order signed James Boughan & executed 5 Mar 1705/6 upon 13 hhd.  tobacco at CaptRobert Coleman./a>ís by AbrAyrton S.S.E.C. Order that the tobacco be appraised by Edward Faulkner, John Daingerfield, Henry Reeves & Leonard Chamberlain or any three of them.  The valuation of L18.19.4 sworn by above appraisers before Robert Coleman.

VA Colonial Abstracts, p. 239.  A Commission of the Peace for Essex Co. dated Williamsburg 16 May 1706.  Signed Edw.  Nott, Lt.  and GovGenl., etc.  addressed to John Catlett, Robert Brooks, John Taliaferro, James Boughan, Francis Gouldman, Francis Meriweather, Richard Covington, Thomas Meriwether, William Tomlin, Benjamin Moseley, Samuel Thacker, Robert Coleman, Edward Gouldman, Thomas Harwar, John Lomax, Gentlemen.

VA Colonial Abstracts, p. 257.  Deed 15 Jun 1706.  John Catlett & Richard Covington./a> two of the Feoffees for Port sell Robert Coleman for 130 lbs.  tobacco, Ĺ acre at Hobbs Hole, the 2nd lot upon the River, no.  8.  Sign.  John Catlett, Richard Covington.  Wit: John Catlett Jr., John Aken.  Ack.  & rec.  10 Jul 1706.  Also deed for lot No.  32.  Dated 10 Jul 1706 and wit.  by William Johnson and William Ogilvie.

On 20 Mar 1716/7, John Hunter./a> brought suit against Edward Coleman and Ann his wife, Spilsby Coleman and Mary his wife, John Chamberlain and Grizell his wife, Daniel Brown and Elizabeth his wife, William Covington and Ann his wife, and Miles Short and Katherine his wife.  \(Essex Co. VA OB 1716-23, p. 31) It is unknown why Miles and Catherine Short were included in the lawsuit against the children of Robert and Ann Coleman.  Catherine Short was a witness to the will of Ann Hunter, and both Miles and Catherine witnessed the marriage contract between Ann Coleman and John Hunter.





From (2) Robert Coleman/Ann Spilsbe


(2)283    THOMAS COLEMAN    of Essex Co.& King & Queen Co. VA

                        b.  ca. 1679 New Kent Co. VA

                        d.  Will proved 14 Mar 1748

                        m.  Mary Lort

Thomas was named sole executor and "beloved friend and brother-in-law" in John Chamberlainís will dated 8 Dec 1724/5. 

Thomas was of both Essex Co. & St. Stephenís Parish, King & Queen Co. On the King & Queen Co. Rent Rolls of 1704, he was charged with 300 acres.  On 19 Jun 1716, Thomas bought 542 acres in Essex Co. adjoining Gilliamís Swamp from James Boughan of Essex Co. \(D & WB 14, p. 598, Essex Co. Records\) This land was patented by Boughan on 16 Dec 1714.

On 17 Apr 1722, Thomas bought 150 acres from John Tatum, son of Abel Tatum.  He also bought 150 acres from Stephen Benbridge.  On 5 Sep 1723 \(Pat. Bk. 11, p. 234) Thomas was granted 540 acres of land in the Parish of S. Farnham, Essex Co. By deed of 16 Oct 1760, Thomasí son Robert and wife Sarah of Culpeper Co. and son Thomas and wife Milly of King & Queen Co. conveyed 540 acres in Essex Co. to Richard Hill.  The deed says it is the land on which Thomas Coleman of Essex Co. lived.  \(D & WB 13, p. 598, Essex Co. Records\)

The will of Thomas Coleman of King & Queen Co. was dated 10 Feb 1748 and proved 14 Mar 1748: Wife Mary to receive half of stock and negroes Pye and Phillis, half of corn and tobacco crop, household goods, two-wheeled chair and harness, and loan of negroes Ben and SarySon Richard Lort Coleman to receive King & Queen plantation and one-half livestock.  Son Thomas Coleman./a> to receive tract of land purchased of James Boughan in Essex Co., 540 acres where Thomas "now lives".  Daughter Ann Clayton to receive L10Daughter Lucy Perkins L15 and four head of cattle, six hogs and loan of tract bought from John Tatum, and negroes George and AliceAt Lucyís death, her daughters Elizabeth and Tabitha to receive their motherís legacy.  Daughter Dolly Hoskins to receive negroes Comomby and BettyDaughter Grissell Smith to receive negro JennyEx: Sons Richard L. Coleman and Thomas Coleman.  Wit: G. Braxton, John Page, George Kauffman.  (Tidewater VA Families, Vol. 2, No.  2, 1993)


(2)284    ROBERT COLEMAN    of King & Queen Co. and Caroline Co. VA

                        b.  1680 New Kent Co. VA

                        d.  Will probated 13 May 1748 Caroline Co. VA

                        (OB 1746-55, p. 81)

                        m.  26 Jan 1702/3 Mary Clayton

Mary Clayton was a daughter of Samuel and Susannah Clayton.  \(Susannah Clayton died 6 Nov 1710.)

Robert Coleman lived first in Drysdale Parish, King & Queen Co. which became Caroline Co. On 2 Dec 1723 \\(Pat. Bk. 22, p. 226) Robert Coleman of King & Queen Co. received a patent for 1500 acres of land in Spotsylvania Co., St. George Parish, on the south side of the middle river of the Mattaponi.  On 16 Jun 1727 (Pat. Bk. 13, p. 90) he also acquired an additional 688 acres in that same county.  On 9 Aug 1745, Robert made a Deed of Gift to son Thomas of 346 acres of these two parcels on the north side of Robinson Run.  Witnesses were Thomas James, Richard Coleman and Joseph Ray.  Deed was recorded 1 Oct 1745, Book D, p. 238, Spots.  Co.

On 28 Sep 1732 \\\(Pat. Bk. 13, p. 529) Robert was granted 400 acres in St. Margaretís Parish, SpotsCo. On 4 May 1734 (Pat. Bk. 15, p. 209) he acquired 400 acres in St. Markís Parish in the Great Forks of the Rappahannock River.  On 30 Aug 1744 (Pat. Bk. 23, p. 723) he was granted 400 acres of Spots.  Co. land.

After Mary died, probably ca. 1735 because she no longer appears in land records, Robert was living in Caroline Co. in a home he named "Piccadilly"He gave his son Robert 440 acres in Spots.  Co. in 1741 \(DB C, p. 155, Spots.  Co. Records\) On 4 Feb 1745 he gave 316 acres to his son John \(DB D, p. 172, Spots.  Co. Records\), part of the 1727 patent of 688 acres.

Robertís marriage date to Mary Clayton, and the birth dates of several of his children, were found in an old vellum pocket notebook marked "Robert Coleman, His Book" (VA Historical Magazine, Vol. 54, 1946, p. 258)


(2)285    GRIZZELL COLEMAN    b.  1683 New Kent Co. VA

                        m.  (1) bef.  13 Aug 1713 John Chamberlain (b.  1691)

                        (2) bef.  21 Sep 1725 Thomas Hardy

John was the only son of Leonard Chamberlain.  Leonard received a grant of land in Gloucester Co. 1653 \(Pat. Bk. 3, p. 21) He came to Old Rappahannock Co. in 1688.  Johnís will \(WB 4, p. 110, Essex Co. Records.) was proved 21 Sep 1725, by which time Grizzell had married her 2nd husband, Thomas Hardy.  John Chamberlain bequeathed 30 shillings to his Goddaughter Grizzell, daughter of his brother-in-law and estate executor Thomas Coleman.  Johnís birth date is known from a deposition regarding the will of Major James Boughan \(D & WB 13, p. 77) 11 Jul 1712, Essex Co. Records.  Thomas and Grizzell Hardy eventually moved to Beaufort Co. NCThomas Hardy died in NC before 13 Apr 1754.


(2)286    ELIZABETH COLEMAN        b.  ca. 1685/6 New Kent Co. VA

                            m.  ca. 1704 Daniel Brown

Elizabeth was still living on 26 Mar 1747 when she declined to be co-executor of her husbandís will.  Daniel Brown was a son of Francis Brown Jr. of Essex Co. VA.  Daniel was born by 2 May 1687 because he was co-executor of his fatherís will which was dated May 1708.  Danielís will was dated 11 Mar 1745 and admitted to probate 26 Mar 1747 in Orange Co. VA.  \(WB 2, p. 105, Orange Co. Records\) Daniel settled in that part of Essex Co. which in 1722 became Spotsylvania Co. and later Culpeper Co. Daniel was mentioned frequently in the vestry book of St. Markís ParishHe and Elizabeth lived near the dividing line of Orange and Culpeper Cos.


(2)287    EDWARD COLEMAN        b.  ca. 1688 Essex Co. VA

                            d.  after 1725

                            m.  between 4 May 1709 & 14 Feb 1711

                            Ann Reeves

Ann Reeves was a daughter of James & Elizabeth Reeves.  Ann was unmarried at the time her mother wrote her will on 4 May 1709.  The will, probated 14 Feb 1711, names Ann as "my whole and sole executor".  She was married to Edward Coleman by the time Mrs.  Reevesí will was proved.  "Know all men by these presents that we, Edward Coleman and Ann, his wife, Robert Coleman and Thomas Munday are holden and firmly bound unto Samuel Thacker of the county of Essex, Gent., in behalf of the Court of the aforesaid county of Essex in the sum of L200 sterling this 14th day of Feb 1711 the above bound Edward Coleman and Ann his wife, late Ann Reeves, etc." \(Essex Co. Wills & Deeds 1711-1714)

From Captain Thomas Graves & Some of His Descendants by William Montgomery Sweeney, 1935: "James Reeves (d.  1707, D & WB 13, p. 153) and his wife Elizabeth (d.  1712, D & WB 14, p. 17) had among other children, a daughter Ann who married Edward, a son of Robert Coleman \(D & WB 13, p. 439)."

By deed of 5 May 1717, Edward as son and devisee of Robert Coleman, conveyed to William Fogg a tract of land, 244 acres, devised to him by his father \(D & WB 15, p. 39, Essex Co. Records\).  No wife was joined in this deed.


(2)288 ANN COLEMAN        b.  ca. 1690 Essex Co. VA

                        d.  before 22 Apr 1762, the date of her husbandís will

                        in which she was not mentioned

                        m.  13 May 1714 William Covington III in Essex Co.

William was a son of Colonel William Covington II and his wife Rosamund.  Williamís will was probated 20 Dec 1762, Essex Co. VA \(WB 12, p. 24, Essex Co. Records\).  In Essex Co. VA DB 1733-1738, pp. 76-83, dtd. 18 May 1734, William Covingtonís wife was named Ann, daughter of Robert Coleman.


(2)289 SPILSBE COLEMAN    b.  ca. 1692 Essex Co. VA

                        d.  intestate before 21 Sept 1727

                        \(Essex Co. WB 4, p. 242)

                        m.  before 30 Nov 1715 Mary Crow

Mary was a daughter of John and Elizabeth Crow.  Johnís will was dtd. 20 Jan 1717/18, Essex Co. VA Records 1717-22, p. 42, J. F. Dorman.

In 1717, Spilsbe inherited from his father, Robert Coleman, the property (900 acres) purchased jointly by Robert Coleman and Leonard Chamberlain on 22 Jan 1688, Old Rappahannock.  This land later became part of Essex Co.

Spilsbe married Mary Crow prior to 30 Nov 1715, the date of his motherís will in which Mary was referred to as Ďdaughter Mary, the wife of son Spilsbe".

Essex Co. Records:

On 22 Mar 1715/6 Spilsbe witnessed a Power of Attorney between William Evered of Liverpool, England, mariner, and William Daingerfield of Essex Co. VA, planter.  Evered, a sea captain, wanted Daingerfield to represent his business interests in Virginia.  (VA Colonial Abstracts, Beverley Fleet, Vol. II, p. 71 from Essex Co. Deeds & Wills 1714-17, p. 543)   

19 Feb 1722: Spilsbe put up a bond of 10,000 lbs.  tobacco to keep an Ordinary in Tappahannock Town.  Securities were brother-in-law Daniel Brown and John Farguson, father of Daniel Brownís son-in-law.

21 Jun 1726: Spilsbe Coleman was granted a license to operate an Ordinary for one year in Tappahannock Town "who with Thomas Hardy his security acknowledged their bond for the same which is admitted to record".  \(Essex Co. VA OB 1725-29, Pt. I\)

21 Sep 1727: "Mary Coleman came into court and made oath that Spilsbe Coleman died without making any will so far as she knows or believes and having performed what the law in such cases requires, certificate is granted her for obtaining Letters of Administration of ye sd Deceedts Estate.  James Griffin, Henry Reeves, Thomas Crittenden and Benjamin Waggoner were directed to appraise Spilsbeís estate.  \(OB7, p. 193, Essex Co. Records\) William and Richard Covington were appointed guardians of Spilsbeís two sons, Robert Spilsbe Coleman and Richard Coleman.  (OB 1729-33, p. 108 & 110, Essex Co. Records\)"

21 Sep 1727: "License was granted to Mary Coleman to keep an Ordinary at her house in Tappa Town, she having with her security acknowledged their bond for ye same."

Court 19 Mar 1728: "The action upon the case brot by Mary Coleman against John Townshend is dismist."

Essex Co. OB 1725ó27, Pt. II, Jul 1728: "On the complaint of Mary Coleman against John McGuier and William McIntosh for abusing her and breaking her door in the night.  On hearing the parties and evidences, the sd McGuier is dismist.  And it is ordered that the Sheriff take the sd McIntosh into custody til he gave bond and security for his good behavior in L20 currt.  money and also for his appearance at next Court to answer the sd complaint."

19 Nov 1728: "On the Petition of Mary Coleman for License to keep an Ordinary at Tappahannock, liberty is granted to keep the same.  Mary Coleman, Thomas Coleman and William Covington (brother-in-law) acknowledged their bond for the sd Maryís keeping an Ordinary according to Law."

Court, 19th day of Jun 1728: "On the petition of Thomas Hardy, License is granted him to keep a Ferry from his house over Hoskinís Creek to MrsColemanís Long Point.  And the Court doth rate the Ferriage over the same for a man 3 pence and for a horse 3 pence." \(Thomas Hardy was married to Grizzell, Spilsbeís sister.)

"It is ordered that Benjamin Waggoner be Surveyor of the Highways with the male laboring tithables in his precinct clear a road from the Landing on MrsColemanís Long Point to Tappahannock Town and keep the same in repair according to Law."

"It is ordered that Richard Gatewood be Surveyor of the Highways with the male laboring tithables in his precincts clear a Road from Piscattaway Ferry the best and most direct way to Thomas Hardyís Ferry Landing on Hoskinís Creek and keep the same in repair according to Law."

5 Aug 1730, pp. 293-94; Spilsbe Coleman inventory made pursuant to order of 22 Jul 1730.  Total valuation L106.16.6-1/2 including 2 negroes valued at L48Signed by William Covington, Richard Covington, James Griffing, Benjamin Waggoner, John Armstrong, Returned 20 Oct 1730.

In 1730, Mary married Francis Crane./a>, but their marriage was not successful.  On 15 Jun 1731 she sued Francis Crane for separate maintenance on the grounds that "he beat and abused her so unmercifully that she could not live with him".  The court agreed with her and awarded her separate maintenance of one-half the rents belonging to Francis Crane.  (OB 1729-33, p. 158, Essex Co. Records\) The rents were to be paid to William Covington "for just support of the aforesaid Mary Crane".

VA Colonial Abstracts, King & Queen Co., p. 126, 20 May 1747.  Dispositions of Thomas Coleman Sr.  and John Farguson of Essex Co. Ages not shown.  Regarding a house and lot in TappahannockThat Robert Coleman, father of Thomas Coleman Sr.  and Spilsbe Coleman, owned it and left it to Spilsbe Coleman, now deceased.  That Spilsbe rented it several years to Joannah Smith at L3 per annum.  Farguson agrees with Thomas Coleman Sr.  in his statements regarding his father and brother and signs the disposition.





From (2)283 Thomas Coleman/Mary Lort


(2)290 GRIZZELL COLEMAN        b.  ca. 1701

                            m.  Unknown Smith

Grizzell inherited 30 shillings from her Godfather, John Chamberlain, in 1725.  \(WB 4, p. 110, Essex Co. Records\)


(2)291 ANN COLEMAN            b.  1703

                            m.  Philip Clayton (1702-1786)

Philipís will admitted to probate 21 Mar 1786.  \(WB C, p. 245, Culpeper Co. Records\) He was a Major in the Colonial Wars, a son of Samuel Clayton and Elizabeth Pendleton.  His home in Culpeper Co. was called "Catalpa"Legend says his home was named for a species of tree Philip brought from Essex co.  (Slaughterís History of St. Markís Parish, Pt. II, p. 6) (The Pendleton Family by MrsKatherine Cox Gattschalk, Washington D.C., and Major John B. C. Nicklin, Chattanooga, TN\)


(2)292 ELIZABETH COLEMAN        b.  1704

                            d.  Will dtd. 31 Aug 1769, presented at court

                            on 21 Sep 1769

                            m.  James Pendleton (1702-1763)

.P>James Pendleton was a cousin of Philip Clayton, above, who married Ann Coleman.  James was a son of Henry Pendleton (1683-1721) and Mary Taylor (b.  1688).  Mary Taylor was a daughter of James Taylor (d.  30 Apr 1698) of King & Queen Co. and his 2nd wife Mary Gregory (1665-1747).  (Southern Sojourners., p. 287, by Rosemary Corley Neal\)


(2)293 RICHARD LORT COLEMAN    b.  ca. 1706

No wife or children have been identified with this RichardHe was living in Culpeper Co. in 1746.  In 1748, Richard inherited his fatherís "old plantation in this county \(King & Queen\) with all the land thereunto".  Richard was living in St. Stephenís Parish, King & Queen Co., on 20 Nov 1752 when he sold to his cousin Robert Spilsbe Coleman of Drysdale Parish, 300 acres in Culpeper Co. The Culpeper land was part of a tract patented by Robert Coleman on 29 Sep 1732 and conveyed to Richard Lort Coleman on 24 Sep 1746.


(2)294 ROBERT COLEMAN        of Spotsylvania & Culpeper Cos.

                            b.  1710

                            d.  Will dtd. 5 or 25 Sep 1793, admitted to

                            probate 16 Dec 1793 in Culpeper Co.

                            WB D, p. 99, Culpeper Co. Records

                            m.  Sarah Ann Saunders

Sarah may have predeceased her husband, as she was not mentioned in his will.  Robert lived first in Spotsylvania Co. and then in that portion of Orange Co. that became Culpeper Co. On 4 Jun 1745, he conveyed a tract of land on Gladys Run in Spotsylvania Co. to Henry Gatewood \(DB D, p. 169, Spotsylvania Co. Records\).

\(DB 11, p. 240, Orange Co. Records\) "Whereas Robert Coleman and Sarah, his wife, by indenture, 25 September 1741, unto Richard Lort Coleman, a fee simple estate of 300 acres formerly in Orange County and now (in) Culpeper , in Gourd Vine fork...Sarah cannot conveniently travel...please examine and certify." /s/ GeoTaylor

<P>24 June 1750: To Commissioners: Robert Slaughter, Philip Clayton and James Madison, GentsUnknown By virtue of the Commission...did on 20 Sept.  go to Sarah and examined her...she freely acknowledged conveyance 20 Sept.  1751.  /s/ P. Clayton & J. Pendleton

On 30 Aug 1760, Robert and his wife, along with Thomas Coleman and his wife Milly of King & Queen Co., conveyed a tract of land in Essex Co. to Richard Hill \(DB 29, p. 12, Essex Co. Records\).  The deed said that the land conveyed was that on which Thomas Coleman, late of Essex Co., had resided.

Robertís will named only the following children: Frances Crutcher, Ann Clayton, Sarah Slaughter, Lucy Strother and Susanna Yancy.

The town of Fairfax (now Culpeper\) was established on 50 acres of this Robert Coleman./a>ís land in 1759.  (VII Henning Statutes at Large, p. 306, 1759) His land adjoined that of Daniel Brown who married Elizabeth Coleman, daughter of Robert Coleman and Ann Spilsbe.  (VII Henning Statutes at Large, p. 326) From Essex Co. Deed Bk. 1728-33, pp. 277-278: 15 Feb 1731/2 Thomas Coleman of King & Queen to his son Robert Coleman.


(2)295 THOMAS COLEMAN        of King & Queen Co. VA

\(Colonel\)            b.  ca. 1715

                            d.  after 1784

                            m.  before 25 Mar 1741 Mildred Richards

Mildred was a daughter of William Bird Richards and his wife Elizabeth of King & Queen Co. VA.  Thomas Coleman, "Pilot of Liberty", was a member of the Committee of Safety for King & Queen Co. VA.  In 1775, he was a member of the General Assembly of VA 1776-83, and in 1782 was a Colonel of Militia.

.P>In 1784, Thomas served as High Sheriff of King & Queen Co., and as Magistrate.  (History of K&Q Co., p. 384, BagbyRegister, General Assembly of VA, Swem & Williams.  VA Colonial Abstracts, p. 45 Fleet)


(2)296 LUCY COLEMAN            m.  Griffing Perkins and, by 1748, had:

                            Elizabeth Perkins and Tabitha Perkins.


(2)297 DOLLY COLEMAN            m.  Samuel Hoskins (1715-1772)

                    of St. Stephenís Parish,

                            King & Queen Co. VA






From (2)284 Robert Coleman/Mary Clayton


(2)298    SAMUEL COLEMAN    b.  27 Apr 1704*

                        d.  Will admitted to probate 10 Jun 1748,

                        Caroline Co. \(Exec: wife Elizabeth and

                    brother-in-law Edward Wyatt\)

                        m.  Elizabeth Wyatt

                        Will probated 15 Jun 1771, Caroline Co. VA**

Elizabeth "Betty" was a daughter of Francis Wyatt of Gloucester and Spotsylvania Co.nties.  She married 2nd, in 1749, Captain William Johnston of Spotsylvania Co. and Caroline Co. Captain Johnstonís first wife was Ann Chew, daughter of Larkin Chew.  With Captain Johnston, Betty had: Catherine (m.  Robert Forsyth\) and Philip (m.  1771 Elizabeth Taylor\).

On 20 Jul 1738 \(Pat. Bk. 18, p. 36) Samuel was granted 100 acres of land in Caroline Co. He was a merchant and kept an Ordinary in 1733 until his death.

In 1744, the Caroline Co. Court acquired 2 acres of land from Samuel on which the courthouse and jail were built.  \(Order Bk. 1740-46, pp. 466 & 495, Caroline Co. Records\)

From Colonial Caroline Ė A History of Caroline Co. VA, by.  T. E. Campbell: Samuel Coleman opened a tavern and store at the courthouse.  He secured contracts to service public buildings and feed prisoners.  He was undersheriff of the county, and developed a large trade with people attending the court.  He went into the money lending business and became one of the largest bankers in the county.


(2)299 ANN COLEMAN            b.  18 Feb 1707*


(2)300    SUSANNAH COLEMAN        b.  24 Oct 1709*, died as an infant


(2)301    SUSANNAH COLEMAN        b.  18 Oct 1710*


*From an "old vellum pocket notebook" marked "Robert Coleman, His Book" (Virginia Historical Magazine, Vol. 54, 1946, p. 258)

**From William "Ed" Kutz of Concord CA


(2)302 JAMES COLEMAN        of Essex, Spotsylvania and Orange Cos.  VA

                        b.  ca. 1705

                        d.  Will dtd. 13 Oct 1764, prov.  22 Nov 1764

                        \(St. Thomas Parish, Orange Co. VA\)

                        m.  bef.  31 Jul 1732 Eleanor/Ellender Madison

                        Spotsylvania Co. VA

                        (daughter of John Madison II of King & Queen

                        Co. and Isabella Todd\)


No evidence has been found to indicate Isabella Todd was a MinorShe may even have been the widow of a Todd.  Eleanor was a sister of Ambrose Madison whose will, dated 31 Jul 1732 devised to James Coleman./a> and his wife 600 acres adjoining the plantaion then owned by James Coleman.  \(Spotsylvania Co. Records, Will Bk. 3, p. 172)

Eleanor was still alive in May of 1751.  From Orange Co. VA Deed Bk. 12, p. 1, May 1751: "James Coleman of St. Thomas Parish, Orange Co., Gentleman, and Eleanor, his wife, Deed to Elizabeth Willis./a>, Orange Co. VA, 18 acres-corner to Mr. Richard Todd & John Minor Ė beginning at a pine in a branch, etc., west to the main road." Signed, James Coleman, Eleanor Coleman, Elizabeth Willis.  Wit: ThosScott, James Scott, George Merrill.

James Coleman and Colonel George Taylor were godfathers to Ambrose Madison, born 27 Jan 1755.  Ambrose was a brother of President James Madison.  James Coleman was a Justice in Orange Co. 1737, and Churchwarden and Vestryman of St. Thomasí Parish in 1757.  Among other church duties, James insured that no one except doctors rode a horse on Sunday other than to church, punished the use of profane language, arrested the rector if he drank too much on court day, and jailed Baptists for preaching without a license.

At the time James married Eleanor (date unknown), he lived in Spotsylvania Co. His land became part of Orange Co. \(St. Thomas Parish\) in 1734.  Deed records of Orange Co. VA \(Deed Bk 9, p.52, 1734) show this James Coleman in the county.  "Elijah Daniel of Caroline Co. and Mary, his wife, and Edward Spencer and James Coleman, Gentlemen, Church Wardens of the Parish of St. Thomas, 200 acres purchased by the vestry, also 307 acres for the use of the Parish, for 20,000 lbs.  of tobacco...deed to the above men, Churchwardens aforesaid." Signed: Elijah Daniels.  Witness: Thomas Scott.   

Orange Co.VA Order Bk. 6, p. 192, 1755: "James Coleman qualified as Deputy Sheriff".  In 1757 (p. 367) "James Coleman qualified as Sheriff".

His will was dtd. 13 Oct 1764 and was admitted to probate 22 Nov 1764.  Jamesí will does not name a wife, evidence she predeceased him.  Named in his will were children Betty Scott, Ambrose Coleman, Mary Holland, James Coleman and a niece, Mary Coleman Ellis.     

From Orange Co. WB 2, pp. 353-355, 1744-1778: Ex: Thomas Scott, Wit: James Madison, Philip Eastin: "Unto my niece Mary Coleman Ellis, 15 lbs.  current money, also one old bed and furniture & chest which she has the use of and one spinning wheel".  Daughter Betty Scott received 2 negroes.  Son Ambrose received negroes Sampson & Jacob and Orange Co. land.  Daughter Mary Holland received negroes Harry & Sarah.  Son James received 200 acres from a patent of Henry Bailey, 200 acres from a patent of William Ogilvie, 300 acres from "my own patent" 20 Sep 1745, 133 acre patent, all in the county of Albemarle.

From part of Essex Co. came Spotsylvania.  From parts of Spotsylvania came Orange Co. It is evident that the James Coleman in Essex Co. in 1729 and 1730 was the James who was living in Spotsylvania Co. by 1732 and in Orange Co. in 1734:

Essex Co. DB 19, p. 79: James Coleman and Nathaniel Sanders, "tenn" thousand pounds of tobacco 16 Dec 1729.  Above bound James Coleman hath obtained a license to keep an ordinary at Sandersí ordinary.  One whole year from the day of the date hereof....16 Dec 1729.

Essex Co. DB 19, p. 169: James Coleman, Richard Willshire and Robert Greaves, ten thousand pounds of tobacco 15 Dec 1730.  Above bound James Coleman hath obtained a license to keep an ordinary at Sandersí ordinary.  One whole year from the day of the date hereof....15 Dec 1730.

"Therefore the sd James Coleman doth constantly provide in his said ordinary good wholesom and cleanly lodgeing and diet for Travellers and Stableage, fodder & provender or pasturage and provender as the season shall require for their Horses, for the term of one whole year from the date hereof, and shall not suffer any unlawfull gameing in his house nor on the Sabbath day permit any to Tipple or drink more then is necessary that then the above obligation to be Void else to remain in force."

In a 1737/8 petition Orange Co. VA: George Eastham sheweth he is overseer from James Cowardís to Hanover line, which is very ill convenient for one overseer.  He prays it may be divided at the second bridge about Mr. Colemanís and that Col.  Grymesí, MrsMadisonís and Mr. Minorís tithables work on the lower part of the road, and the tithables at Mr. Toddís two quarters, at Capt.  Toddís quarter and at Mr. Colemanís work on the upper part of the road, and that John Botts or his brother Aaron Botts be appointed overseer of the upper part.

Orange Co. DBís 3 & 4, 1738-41, James Coleman witnessed a deed on 22 Mar 1738 between Richard Phillips of St. Georgeís Parish, Spotsylvania Co. to John Cook of St. Markís Parish, Orange Co. On the same date, he witnessed a deed between Richard Phillips and Moses Harris of St. Mark's Parish, Orange Co.


(2)303 RICHARD COLEMAN    of St. George Parish, Spotsylvania Co. VA

                        b.  ca. 1714

                        d.  Will dtd. 25 Mar 1785, admitted to probate

                        on 2 Dec 1788 \(WB E, p. 914, SpotsCo. Records\)

                        m.  1 June 1742 Ann Wooten, Pittsylvania Co.

In 1742, Richard acquired 200 acres of Spotsylvania Co. land from Philip Sanders \(DB D, p. 159, Spotsylvania Co. Records.).  See also DB E, p. 213, Spotsylvania Co. Records.

Richard qualified as Executor of his brother Johnís will and was appointed Guardian of Johnís son, Samuel\(WB D, p. 47, Spotsylvania Co. Records\) Richard was a member of the Vestry of Berkley Parish 17 May 1770 (OB 1768-74, p. 98, Spotsylvania Co. Records\).  In 1754, he bought 100 acres of Spotsylvania Co. land on the Pamunkey River.  On 1 Jun 1761, Richard Coleman and Ann, his wife, sold to James Coleman of Essex Co. 30 lbs.  currency, parcel of land said Richard purchased of Richard Couzens as by Deeds, 5 Nov 1754, in Spotsylvania Co. on Pigeon Run.  No witnesses.  \(DB E, 1751-1761, Spotsylvania Co. VA\)

11 November 1760.  Robert Spilsby Coleman & Sarah, his wife of S. Farnham Parish, Essex Co. to Richard Coleman of St. George Parish, Spotsylvania Co. for L300 , 200 acres in St. George Parish, Spotsylvania Co. on Plentiful Run, also 87 acres on Plentiful Run in St. George Parish; also 47 acres in St. George Parish, Spotsylvania Co. Archibald Ritchie, Andrew Crawford, Robinson Dangerfield.  June 1 1761 \(DB E, 1751-1761), Crozier, p. 221.

(2)304    THOMAS COLEMAN    b.  ca. 1716

                        d.  1795 Caroline Co. VA \(Minute Bk. 1795,

                        p. 158, Caroline Co. Records\)

                        m.  1745 Sarah Farish

Sarah Farish (d.  1793) was a daughter of Robert & Judith Farish of Caroline Co. VA.  In addition to owning land in Caroline Co., Thomas owned more than 2,000 acres in Spotsylvania Co. On 1 Oct 1745, perhaps the date of his marriage to Sarah, he was given 346 acres of land in Spotsylvania Co. by his father \(DB C, p. 171, Spotsylvania Co. Records\).

On 25 Sep 1762 \(Pat. Bk. 34, p. 1077) Thomas was granted 170 acres in Spotsylvania Co. See also Order Bk. 1785-87, p. 87, Caroline Co. Records, DB M, p. 49, Spotsylvania Co. Records./a>, and DB M, p. 457, Spotsylvania Co. Records.  Thomas was reimbursed for provisions furnished the Continental Army \(Minute Bk. 1774-82, p. 188, Spotsylvania Co. Records\).


(2)305 MARY " Molly" COLEMAN    m.  (1) UnknownEllis (may have been William Ellis\)

                            (2) 3 Nov 1770 John Sorrells, Amherst Co.

Orange Co. VA estate account of Thomas Marye on 1 Jul 1756 included payments made to, among others, James Madison, John Estes, William Ellis, Edward Coleman and John PendletonReceipts were collected from, among others, John Pendleton, Henry Pendleton, James Massey and Richard Coleman.  23 Nov 1758, returned.  (Orange Co. VA WB 2, 1744-1778, abstracted and compiled by John Frederick Dorman\)

After her first husband died, Mary married John Sorrells at the Ellis home in Amherst County.  Mary Coleman Ellis and John Sorrells signed a marriage contract \(Amherst Co. VA DB C-146) witnessed by Caleb Coleman (her nephew), John Dawson and Samuel Gay.  \(From The Sorrells Family of the Shenandoah Valley of VA by Dorothy L. Weaver, 1990).


(2)306 ROBERT COLEMAN        b.  1720 Spotsylvania Co. VA

        \(Robin\)            d.  Will dtd. 3 Aug 1794, admitted to probate

                            28 Dec 1795 in Orange Co. VA \(WB 3, p.

                            p. 346) Orange Co. Records

                            m.  Elizabeth Lindsay

Elizabeth Lindsay was born 29 Mar 1724, the daughter of Colonel James Lindsay (1700-1782) and Sarah Daniel.  Elizabeth had brothers Caleb and Reuben Lindsay, among others.

In 1741, Robert was given 440 acres of Spotsylvania Co. land by his father, probably on the occasion of his marriage to Elizabeth Lindsay.  \(DB C, p. 155, Spotsylvania Co. Records\) In 1759, Robert bought 2680 acres of Spotsylvania Co. land from the estate of Humphrey Bell.  From Spotsylvania Co. DB E, 1751-1761: 4 May 1761: Robert Coleman and Elizabeth, his wife, of Spotsylvania Co. sold to Thomas Poole of same county, 140 lbs.  currency, 560 acres.  No witnesses.  \(From Va County Records, Vol. 1, Spotsylvania Co. 1721-1800, p. 221, edited by William Armstrong Crozier, Baltimore 1978)


(2)307    JOHN COLEMAN        of Spotsylvania Co. VA

                        b.  1723, according to his son, Hawes, who

                        said his father was 40 yrs.  old when he died

                        d.  15 Feb 1763 \(WB D, p. 47, Spotsylvania Co.\)

                        m.  1745 Eunice Hawes (b.  1725 d.  8 Feb 1806)

Eunice \(U-nice-ee\) was a daughter of Samuel Hawes and Elizabeth Ann Spencer (from the Blaydes Bible\).  In 1745, the year of his marriage, John Coleman was deeded 316 acres of

Spotsylvania Co. land by his father.  \(DB D, p. 172, Spotsylvania Co. Records\) Eunice was paid for provisions furnished the Continental Army \(Minute Bk. 1774-82, p. 185 Spotsylvania Co. Records\).

On 6 Nov 1769, Joseph Graves, with Richard Coleman and John Carthrae, paid a L1,000 bond as guardians of "John Colemanís orphans": John, Mary Ann, Haws and Spencer\(Frances Coleman, oldest child of John and Eunice, was already married to Joseph Graves.\)


(2)308    SPILSBE COLEMAN    d.  unmarried 23 Mar 1757, killed by lightning

                    Will adm.  to prob.  3 May 1757 \(WB B. p. 310/1

                        Spotsylvania Co. Records\)

Spilsbe left the bulk of his property to brothers Richard, Thomas, Robert and John, and to brother-in-law William Daniel.  Spilsbe was commissioned a 2nd Lt.  of Militia on 4 May 1756 (OB 1755-56, Spotsylvania Co. Records\).  From Spilsbeís will: "The lease bought of Zachary Taliaferro to be sold & proceeds distributed amongst the poor of this parish".


(2)309    ELIZABETH COLEMAN    m.  Captain William Daniel

Captain William Daniel died in 1764 in Caroline Co. VA.  He and Elizabeth had at least two sons, William Daniel and Thomas Coleman Daniel, executors of their fatherís will.  There may have been other children.  (OB 1763-65, p. 325, Caroline Co. Records\) A Supplement to Pamunkey Neighbors, The Daniel Family, by Ruth and Sam Sparacio, lists their children as William, James, Harrison and Tabitha Ann Daniel who married Philip Buchner.


(2)310    REBECCA COLEMAN    Unmarried


(2)311    FRANCES COLEMAN    Unmarried`    \(Note: New evidence suggests that this                            Frances Coleman m.  John Payne.\)





From (2)285 Grizzell Coleman/John Chamberlain



Under 21 yrs.  of age on 8 Dec 1724 when his father made his will.

        17 Feb 1740, Essex Co. DB 22, 1738-1742: Indenture between Leonard

        Chamberlain of South Farnham Parish in the County of Essex, eldest son and

        heir at law of John Chamberlain, deceased, sold to Griffith Perkins the reserva-

        tion and inheritance which of right belongs to him after the death of his mother,

        Grissell, now the wife of Thomas Hardy, as heir at law to his late father, John

        Chamberlain, deceased, and his brother Spilsby Chamberlain, deceased.

        6 Jun 1741, Essex Co. DB 22, 1738-1742: Indenture between Leonard

        Chamberlain and John Chamberlain regarding four negroes investing all his

        fatherís estate in John Chamberlain until his decrease or day of Leonard

        Chamberlainís marriage, provided Leonard Chamberlain does not dispose of

        the four negroes except to his own lawful issue.



        Under 21 yrs.  of age on 8 Dec 1724 when his father made his will.  John inherited

his fatherís land called "Light Wood Neck" adjoining Colonel Page.

        21 Sep 1742, Essex Co. DB 22, 1738-1742: Thomas Hardy of Beauford Co. in

        Province of North Caroline (sic) put his Trusty Son in Law, John Chamberlain,

        his Attorney in all things in the Law.


(2)314 SPILSBE CHAMBERLAIN        died by 17 Feb 1740   

Under 21 yrs.  of age when his father made his will 8 Dec 1724.  Spilsbe inherited

the plantation and land where his father lived.


Some information from William "Ed" Kutz of Concord CA





From (2)286 Elizabeth Coleman/Daniel Brown


(2)315 ANNE BROWN        b.  ca. 1705        d.  1735

                        m.  1722 Samuel Fargeson, (1698-1772 Essex Co.\)

                        son of John Fargeson and Ann Stubbleson

In Feb 1722, Anne and Samuel were given 100 acres in Essex Co. VA by her father.  Samuel Farguson served on an Essex Co. jury on 19 Mar 1728 with Benjamin Winslow, James Jones, WmNorvel, Benj.  Rennolds, Jonathon Jones, Rice Jones, Mark Boulware, David Scott, John Farguson, Thomas Hoard and Anthony Samuel Jr. The case was Michael Pearson against Andrew Harrison.

(2)316 ELIZABETH BROWN    b.  ca. 1707

            m.  cousin John Brown, son of Abraham Brown and

            Mary Unknown                

(2)317 MARY BROWN        b.  ca. 1709 Essex Co.

                        d.  after 1783 Culpeper, VA

                        m.  John Nalle b.  ca. 1703, son of Martin Nalle and

                        Mary Alden


John Nalle was born in Essex Co. VA and died before 19 Aug 1782 in St. Markís Parish, Culpeper, VA.



(2)320 COLEMAN BROWN    m.  Catherine Nalle

(2)321 THOMAS BROWN        d.  1758 Culpeper Co. VA

                        m.  (1) Sarah Unknown

                        (2) MrsEleanor Stubblefield, had Eleanor Brown

        Issue with Sarah: Mary (m.  William Spillman\), John, Evan, Thomas, James

        (m.  Elizabeth Unknown\), Gideon, and Sally Brown (m.  Mr. Kenadyton\)


(2)322 WILLIAM BROWN        m.  cousin Lucy Brown


William "Ed" Kutz, Concord CA

Benjamin F. Dake III, Keizer, OR

RevDaniel Brown of Culpeper Co. VA & Allied Families, Finnell, ColWoolsey Sr.,

Tuscaloosa, AL 1954, pp. 3-5

The Pendleton Family by MrsKatherine C. Gattschalk, Washington DC & Major John B.C.

Nicklin, Chattanooga, TN (additions & corrections section)






From (2)287 Edward Coleman/Ann Reeves


(2)323 EDWARD COLEMAN JR.        b.  ca. 1720

                            d.  Will dtd. 28 Nov 1794, admitted to

                            probate 6 Jan 1795 \(WB E, p. 1402,

                            Spotsylvania Co. Records\)

                            m.  (1) 15 Nov 1744 in Spotsylvania Co. VA

                            Lucretia Waggoner, daughter of Samuel

                            Waggoner of Essex Co. VA   

                        (2) 17 Aug 1754 in Spotsylvania Co. VA

                            Sarah Hutchinson/Hutcherson


Edward was, for some time, keeper of the poorhouse and farm in Spotsylvania Co. VA.  He was paid for provisions furnished the Continental Army.  \(Minute Bk. 1774-82, p. 197, Spotsylvania Co. Records\)

On 15 Nov 1744, Edward and Lucretia conveyed a tract of land in Spotsylvania Co. \(DB D, p. 182, Spotsylvania Co. Records\)   





From (2)288 Ann Coleman/William Covington


(2)324 THOMAS COVINGTON    d.  Will proved 15 Jan 1767 in Culpeper Co.VA

                        m.  (1) Jael Kavanaugh

                        (2) Elizabeth Kavanaugh

        Jael and Elizabeth were daughters of Philemon Kavanaugh \(Cavanaugh\) and possibly

        Sarah Ann Williams, daughter of William Williams and Jael Harrison.

(2)325 LUKE COVINGTON    d.  Will proved 17 Feb 1783 Essex Co. VA

                        m.  Sarah Unknown


(2)327 ANN COVINGTON        b.  1716

                        d.  Will proved 4 Oct 1796 KY

                        m.  Charles Kavanaugh Sr.  and moved to

                        Madison Co. KY in 1780ís

        Issue: Jael (m.  Peter Woods\), Philemon (m.  Elizabeth Woods\), Mary (b.  ca.

        1756 m.  1787 Joseph Ellison\), William (1758-1829) of Madison Co. KY

        (m.  Hannah Woods in 1784), Charles b.  ca. 1760 (m.  6 Mar 1786 Frances Powell\)

        and Sarah Ann Kavanaugh (m.  James Mills Moore and lived in Madison Co. KY\).

(2)328 ROBERT COVINGTON    d.  Will proved 18 Sep 1766 Culpeper Co. VA

                        m.  Margaret Strother (1725-1815 Culpeper)

                        daughter of Francis Strother (1700-1752) and

                        Susanne Dabney (b.  1698 VA)

(2)329 MARY COVINGTON    d.  8 Feb 1779

                        m.  William Brown (d.  1 Oct 1793)

(2)330 WILLIAM COVINGTON    d.  Will dated 11 Feb 1783 Culpeper Co. VA,

                        and proved 18 Aug 1783

                        m.  1755 Mary Francis Kavanaugh (b.  1739)

        Issue: Robert, Eleanor (m.  Robert Hensley\), Grizzell (m.  Mr. Coper\) Elizabeth

        and Lucy Covington.

(2)331 GRIZZELL COVINGTON    m.  UnknownSmith



From Elizabeth Tomlinson of McHenry, IL and William "Ed" Kutz of Concord, CA




From (2)289 Spilsbe Coleman/Mary Crow


(2)332 ROBERT SPILSBE COLEMAN    d.  Will Probated 19 May 1761 \(WB 11,

                            p. 304, Essex Co. Records\)

                            m.  Sarah Whitehead (d.  by 20 Dec 1762;

                            son-in-law, John Richards, gave

                            bond as her administrator)

Robert Spilsbe Coleman wrote his will on 8 Dec 1760.  His executors were wife Sarah, Andrew Crawford, brother Richard Coleman, Robert Brooking and Charles Mortimer. 

On 5 Jan 1761, Robert added a codicil to his will stating he wanted his son James and Jamesí heirs to have 50 acres of land that Robert had purchased from Joseph Evans on 15 Dec 1760.

Robert added a second codicil to his will on 14 Feb 1761, after his son Richard died.  He said his son Whitehead became the heir-at-law but would receive too great a share of Robertís estate.  The codicil then stated that son James receive all his lands in Spotsylvania, Orange and Culpeper Cos.

Robert operated an Ordinary in Tappahannock inherited from his father at the corner of Prince and Water, and a wharf at the end of Marsh St. built by his grandfather.  He also operated a ferry over the Rappahannock River, operated plantations in both Essex and King & Queen Co., and owned land in Spotsylvania and Culpeper Cos.  In 1753, Robert promised his daughter, Susannah, property in King & Queen Co. known as McGrathís Tavern which she inherited in 1761.  Robert bought 200 acres of Spotsylvania Co. land on Pleantiful Run in 1741, part of a 1732 patent to Thomas Allen and George Musick.  Robert sold this 200 acres to his cousin (2)277 Richard Coleman in 1760.

While living in Essex Co., he bought 100 acres on the Pamunkey River from William Dyer on 6 Oct 1740.  In 1747, he bought 420 acres of Spotsylvania Co. land.  On 10 Sept 1760 \(Patent Bk. 33, p. 909) he was granted 77 acres of Essex Co. land.

In 1743, William Bird Richards./a> of King & Queen Co. was a Justice of the Peace & took the personal acknowledgment of MrsElizabeth Taylor, wife of Francis Taylor of Drysdale Parish, to a deed for land sold by her husband to Robert Spilsbe Coleman of South Farnham Parish, Essex Co. VA.  In 1754, Robertís daughter, Susannah, married CaptJohn Richards, son of William Bird Richards.

VA Colonial Abstracts King & Queen Co. 21-22 Dec 1750, p. 178, Fleet: Hugh Wilson & Catherine his wife of S. Farnham Parish, Essex Co. sell Robert Spilsbe Coleman of Drisdel (sic) Parish King & Queen Co. for L56., 112 acres in S. Farnham Parish, Essex Co. being part of 340 acres left by the will of James Taylor, late of King & Queen Co. to Ann his daughter...

In 1749, Robert Spilsbe and Sarah were living in Drysdale Parish, King & Queen Co. On 20 Nov 1752, Robert bought 300 acres of Culpeper Co. land from his cousin Richard Lort ColemanThis land was part of a tract patented by Robert Coleman on 28 Sep 1732 and conveyed to Richard Lort Coleman on 24 Sep 1746.  Robert Spilsbe Colemanís home in Tappahannock is still standing, part of a building known as the Anderton House on the campus of St. Margaretís School, built on land originally called Colemanís Island.

Seventeen acres of Robertís land was included within the boundaries of the town of Tappahannock (Hennings Statutes at Large, p. 304, 305, 1744) Robertís name can be found in a King & Queen Co. Merchantís Account Book, Ledgers A,B,C from the period 25 Feb 1749-4 Aug 1752.  Swem Library at the College of William and Mary has Ledgers A&B, the Virginia State Archives has Ledger C, accession #28893.  \(Index to these account books compiled by Richard Slatten, Edgar MacDonald and Franklin Minor\) These ledgers were used to note credit sales, and came from the store of Ninian Boog, factor for Buchanan & Hamilton, Liverpool merchants.  Boogís King & Queen store "was located at Todds on the Mattaponi about a mile above Aylett where state road 628 now ends".  See Magazine of VA Genealogy, Vol. 28, No.  1 \(Slatten\) & Vol.29, No.1 \(MacDonald\)Robert Spilsbe Coleman was listed, as were his sons John and Thomas.

Among other items, the Ledger Books show that Robert Spilsbe Coleman purchased "a boyís fine hat, a pair of girlís shoes, ĺ yards of Flanders lace, Piscattaway books, and a pair of womenís shoes", paid on account with 3hhd.  tobacco at Toddís warehouse (on the King & Queen Co. side of the Mattaponi River\).  Other entries show he purchased material, clothing, nails, gilt buttons, tools, cutlery, sugar, salt, and a Japanned tea waiter.  Items also offered for sale were pewter dishes, rum, cheese, saddles, bridles, furniture, spectacles, powder, shott, cinnamon, pipes, ivory combs, thinbles, needles, thread, paper, penknives, an iron compass, a scarlet cloak, soap, ink pots and razors.  These account books offer a fascinating glimpse of life in colonial Virginia.

(2)333 RICHARD COLEMAN        of Essex Co. VA

                            d.  intestate by 15 May 1783

                            m.  10 Aug 1748 Ann Covington

                            (23 Tylerís Quarterly Mag., p. 63)

Ann was the daughter of Richard Covington of Essex Co. VA.  Richard Coleman was a Captain in the American Revolution.  The records of Spotsylvania Co. designate Richard as Ďcarpenterí.  A tract of land devised to Ann by her father was conveyed by her and Richard to James Grey on 16 Oct 1762 \(DB 29, p. 142, Essex Co. Records\).  DB J, 14, p. 153, dtd. 18 Oct 1775, recorded 18 Apr 1776: Richard and Ann made a deed of gift of a 110.5 acre tract bought in 1760 on the east side of Arseformost Run to their son, Francis Coleman (Southern Sojourners, p. 299, Rosemary C. Neal\).  Francis sold this property in 1800.  Richard was paid for provisions given the Continental Army \(Minute Bk. 1774-82, p. 185, Spotsylvania Co. Records\) Papers in White v.  Coleman, file 128 (1829) Spotsylvania Co. Records name the children of Richard and Ann.






From (2)291 Ann Coleman/Philip Clayton


(2)334 SAMUEL CLAYTON        m.  cousin Ann Coleman (2)344

(2)335 LUCY CLAYTON            m.  William Williams **

(2)336 SUSANNAH CLAYTON        m.  Colonel James Slaughter

They had: Ann Slaughter

        Cadwallader Slaughter

                Robert Slaughter who married Margaret Pendleton

(2)337 ELIZABETH CLAYTON        m.  cousin Nathaniel Pendleton

"Betty"            (d.  1794 Culpeper Co. VA\)


**The Colemans of Early America by Edwin Tandy Coleman and his sister, Charlotte

Coleman Burt of Knoxville, TN





From (2)292 Elizabeth Coleman/James Pendleton


(2)338 HENRY PENDLETON        b.  1733    d.  1798

                            m.  Anne Thomas


(2)339 JAMES PENDLETON        b.  1735    d.1793

                            m.  Catherine Bowie, daughter of John Bowie

                            and Judith Catlett


(2)340 ANN PENDLETON            m.  cousin James Taylor (1738-1808) one

                            of ten brothers who served in the

                            American Revolution


(2)341 PHILIP PENDLETON        b.  1745    d.  1811

                            m.  Martha Awbrey



The Pendleton Family by MrsKatherine C. Gattschalk, Washington, DC and

Major John B.C. Nicklin, Chattanooga, TN





From (2)294 Robert Coleman/Sarah Ann Saunders


(2)342 MILDRED COLEMAN        m.  ca. 1754 Colonel John Slaughter, his 1st wife

John (b.  1732) was a brother of Colonel Francis Slaughter who married Mildredís sister Sarah.  John, of Culpeper Co., and Mildred had Robert C. (m.  Nancy Hynes\), Cadwalder, Thomas K., Francis and John S. Slaughter.

(2)343 SARAH COLEMAN            m.  Colonel Francis Slaughter (1730-1805)

Francis was a son of Francis Slaughter Sr.  and Anne Lightfoot.  Sarah and Francis emigrated to Hardin Co. KY in 1785.  They had Frances (m.  12 Jan 1796 Samuel Ball Hackley/Mercer Co. KY\), Henry, and Elizabeth "Betsy" Slaughter b.  1776 (m.  1796 Daniel Foushee\).

(2)344 ANN COLEMAN            m.  cousin Samuel Clayton (2)334 of

                            Culpeper Co. VA

Samuel was a son of Ann Coleman and Philip Clayton.  He was a Major in the American Revolution.  He and Ann had Philip and Nancy Clayton.

(2)345 ROSA COLEMAN            b.  20 Dec 1742 Culpeper Co. VA

                            d.  5 Aug 1816 Logan Co. KY

                            m.  29 Jan 1760, Culpeper Co. VA,

                            Anthony Foster Jr.

Rosa and Anthony lived in Tennessee where he was a U.S. SenatorThey had Anthony, Robert, Sarah (m.  Edmund A. Compton\), Elizabeth (m.  John S. Long\), Hannah (m.  Mr. Stubblefield\), William Reed, and two other daughters.

(2)346 ROBERT COLEMAN        d.  Will probated 5 Nov 1822 Jefferson Co. KY

                            m.  Elizabeth "Betty" Lightfoot Howison

Betty was born 2 Dec 1747 Orange Co. VA and died 8 Sept.  1822 in Jefferson Co. KY.  She was the widow of DrThomas Howison, a wealthy Scottish physician who died in Culpeper Co. VA in 1769.  Betty and Thomas had one child, Elizabeth Howison, who married John Thompson and had 11 children.

Robert was not mentioned in his fatherís will.  Robert and Betty moved to Kentucky in 1793 with Bettyís father, William Lightfoot, and most of his children and their families, among others.  On 9 Mar 1790, Robert Coleman Jr. and Betty his wife, and John Thompson and Elizabeth his wife conveyed property to John Gemlum.  \(DB F, p. 342, Culpeper Co. Records\)

23 Oct 1793: Philip Slaughter of Culpeper Co. VA gives power of attorney to friend Robert Coleman "now going to Kentucky", to transact his business in Kentucky, etc...

In an estate settlement \(Jefferson Co. KY\) recorded 2 April 1827, land boundaries mention Robert Colemanís 12,231 acre survey.

Elizabethís sister, Anne Lightfoot, married Henry Field of Culpeper Co. Anne died giving birth to their 2nd daughter, Judith Field, in 1774.  Henry, a Lieutenant in the American Revolution, died early in 1778 after drinking from a spring poisoned by the British.  In his will, Henry named his wifeís brother-in-law Robert Coleman executor of his estate.  British Mercantile Claims, 1775-1803, p. 121, indicate that Robert and Betty raised her orphaned nieces, Elizabeth and Judith Field, after the death of their father.  (The Virginia Genealogist, XXXI, 3 Jul-Sep 1987, 214)

Robert and his family lived near Louisville, KY about 7 to 9 miles up Beargrass Creek from its mouth at Louisville, just above the Falls of the Ohio River.  Robert may have died as early as 1817, although his will wasnít probated until after Bettyís death in 1822.  Betty inherited her husbandís property "both real and personal", and bequeathed it all to her grandchildren.  Although Robert and Betty had no issue, he was obviously held in great affection by Bettyís family.  A grandson was named Robert Coleman Thompson, and a great-grandson was named Robert Coleman Strother.

Sources: Lightfoot Family Association Newsletter, Vol. 3 No.  2 (15 Apr 1980), pp. 1-3, Early Kentucky Settlers: The Records of Jefferson Co., Kentucky.  From The Filson Club Quarterly, Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1988, 267, 293, 442.  Also: Barbara Marvin, Washington DC, a Lightfoot descendant.

(2)347 GRIZZELL COLEMAN        b.  1746

"Gilly"            d.  4 Dec 1820 Co. VA

                            m.  General Edward Stevens, Culpeper Co.

General Stevens was b.  1744, d.  17 Aug 1820.  Issue: Edward (b.  1773 d.  14 Mar 1795), John (b.  1765 d.  8 Feb1820 m.  Mary "Polly" Williams (b.  1765 d.  11 May 1828, daughter of William Williams\) and Elizabeth (1778-1780).

(2)348 SUSANNAH COLEMAN        m.  Lewis Davis Yancy

(2)349 LUCY COLEMAN            m.  HonFrench Strother (d.  3 Jul 1799)

                            of Culpeper Co. VA

French was a son of James Strother and Margaret French of King George Co. VA.  French was a vestryman of St. Markís Parish in Culpeper Co. in 1772 and warden of the church in 1780.  He was county Lieutenant and served as Chief Justice of the County Court.  He was a member of the Virginia Legislature for 27 years.


(2)350 FRANCES COLEMAN        m.  Hugh Crutcher (d.  1779)

Hugh was a son of Thomas Crutcher (d.  June 1786) and wife Sarah (d.  1801 Nelson Co. KY\) of Drysdale Parish, Caroline Co. VA.  Hugh was a landowner in Spotsylvania Co. (Copies of Extant Wills From Counties Whose Records Have Been Destroyed by George H.S. King, p. 736/7)

        Frances and Hugh had:    Lucy Crutcher m.  Charles Foushee

                        Susannah Crutcher m.  Benjamin Ficklin

                Sarah Crutcher m.  John Foushee

            Elizabeth Crutcher m.  Fielding Sneed (1st cousins)

            Coleman Crutcher

            William Crutcher

            Robert Crutcher

(2)351 ELIZABETH COLEMAN *        d.  22 Apr 1778 Culpeper Co. VA in childbirth

                            m.  (1) Richard Pollard, will probated 15 Oct

            or 19 Nov 1770

            \(WB B, p.10 Culpeper Co. Records\)

                            (2) John Estes, a planter

Richard Pollard was born in King & Queen Co., moved to Culpeper and settled on land acquired from Robert Coleman, his father-in-law.  Elizabeth and Richard had Robert, Milly, Sarah (m.  John Camp\), Richard Coleman, and Elizabeth (m.  Thomas Camp\).  In the will of Richard Pollard, executors were William Williams, Samuel Clayton.Jr. and Edward Watkins.  Witnesses were John Pollard, Zachary Taylor, Ann Pollard and Samuel Clayton.  Inventory, Philip Pendleton, Joseph James, Samuel Clayton.  Administratorís account of estate made by French Strother.  Estate audited by James Slaughter.  Elizabeth Coleman Pollard Estes predeceased her father by 15 years.

John Estes died after a fall from a horse on 18 Apr 1778, four days before his wife gave birth to their son Coleman Estes on 22 Apr 1778.  John Estes (b.  1725) was a son of Thomas and Ann Estes.  He lived in Orange Co. NC in 1773 and returned to Caroline Co. VA by 1766 when he married Elizabeth who was already a grandmother.  By his first wife, Mary Marshall (d.  1772) he had nine children.  Coleman Estes (the only child of John and Elizabeth\) survived to adulthood, married twice and had four children: Robert, Susan, Francis and Jacob.  An account of the settlement of Elizabethís estate was made 20 Sep 1779 WB B, p. 335-6, Culpeper Co. Records.



*Some information on Elizabeth from Glynda Fletcher, St. Ann, MO





From (2)295 Thomas Coleman/Mildred Richards


(2)352 WILLIAM COLEMAN        b.  1755

                            d.  29 Nov 1819 Williamsburg, VA

                            m.  25 Dec 1785 Elizabeth Holt,

                            daughter of William Holt/Mary Edloe

Elizabeth was born 4 May 1762 and died 8 Feb 1832.  William settled first in Petersburg, VA and then in WilliamsburgHe was Sheriff of James City County in 1801 and Mayor of the City of Williamsburg in 1807.


(2)353 ELIZABETH COLEMAN        b.  1756 Essex Co. VA

                            d.  29 May 1830 King & Queen Co. VA

                            m.  1772 Robert McClandish

Robert was born 1740, emigrated from Wigton Shire, Scotland ca. 1760 and settled in Essex Co. VA where he died in 1830.  He taught school in King & Queen Co.


(2)354 FRANCES COLEMAN        m.  James Holt (d.  before 1831)



(2)355 MARTHA COLEMAN        m.  Eppa DeBries



(2)356 RICHARD COLEMAN        d.  unmarried


(2)357 SARAH COLEMAN            d.  unmarried



(2)358 PHILIP COLEMAN            d.  unmarried



From Frank M. Richey, Coleman World, 94-3, p.3





From (2)297 Dolly Coleman/Samuel Hoskins


(2)359 SAMUEL HOSKINS III        American Revolution

                            d.  by 1797

                            Had: Sarah, Benjamin, Samuel


(2)360 COLJOHN HOSKINS        b.  22 Mar 1751

                            d.  1813

                            m.  1773 Elizabeth Chaney, Essex Co. VA




(2)362 MARY HOSKINS            m.  Joseph Minor




(2)364 ROBERT HOSKINS            m.  Judith Bird




From (2)298 Samuel Coleman/Elizabeth Wyatt


This family was known as the "Courthouse Family, Gentleman Colemans".  Part of a letter Samuel wrote to Francis Wiatt, Isle of Thanet, Kent, England, dated 11 Sep 1738: "I have issue by my wife two sons & two daughters, the eldest a boy of 8 or 9...christened Wiatt".  (Coleman World 89-1, p. 6) Information on the children of Samuel and Elizabeth from Caroline Co. Order Books.  \(Letter from Samuel to Francis Wiatt was reprinted in Coleman World, 89-9, p. 6)


(2)365 WYATT COLEMAN        of Culpeper Co.

    b.  1729/30

                        d.  after 1795

                        m.  Sarah Lindsay (b.  15 June 1735)

Sarah was a daughter of James Lindsay and Sarah Daniel, and sister of Elizabeth Lindsay who married Robert Coleman (2)306.  Wyatt was a dancing instructor.  About 1788, he moved to Richmond and from 1793-95, was "Keeper of the Capitol".  On 3 Aug 1765, he conveyed a tract of land in Culpeper Co. to his brother-in-law William Green.  \(DB E, p. 202, Culpeper Co. Records\)

From Abstracts of Wills of Augusta Co. Will Book I    , p. 492, Culpeper Co., letter from Wiatt Coleman to Mr. Sampson Mathews, 21 Nov 1771.  "Kind sir; I received yours a few days ago wherein you let me know you were a little uneasy at my long stay.  I am sorry I could not be over before now.  If CaptPeter Hog will bind my son, Samuel, to you, shall take it a favor of him.  I expect to be up between this and the 25th of next month and, if possible, will bring you some cash, if you desire.  ...My son should be bound before I come up.  This is to empower Capt.  Peter Hog to do it according to your request.  I am with Sincerety, your ever Well Wisher, Wiat Coleman.  P.S. ...My compliments to Mrs.  Mathews and all other Friends." To Mr. Sampson Mathews.


(2)366 ROBERT COLEMAN        Was under guardianship to his stepfather

                            William Johnston in Feb 1750

                            d.  ca. 1795

                            m.  wife unknown


(2)367 ELIZABETH COLEMAN        m.  John Triplett, Jr. Culpeper Co. VA

Elizabeth was still single in 1771, but called Elizabeth Triplett in her sister Annís will in 1804.


(2)368 ANN COLEMAN        of Culpeper Co. VA

                        Will dtd. 20 Sep 1804, probated 15 Oct 1804

                        m.  Colonel William Green whose will was dated

                        24 Aug 1768 and probated 15 Oct 1770


(2)369 FRANCIS COLEMAN    b.  before 1740 at the courthouse where his

                        parents ran a tavern and trading post

                        d.  Will probated 14 Nov 1771 (OB 1770-72,

                        p. 363, Caroline Co. Records\)

                        m.  Hannah Johnston, his step-sister, daughter

                        of CaptWilliam Johnston/Ann Chew

Hannahís will was probated Feb 1783 (OB 1781-83, p. 212, Caroline Co. Records\).  Francis was a close friend of Patrick Henry and the leader of the revolutionary movement in Caroline Co. Francis was licensed to keep an Ordinary on 8 Feb 1759 \(Caroline Co. Records\).  On 9 Feb 1769, he appeared before the County Court and was certified as a fit person to practice law.  He was elected to the House of Burgesses in 1769.  Francis was also engaged in a mercantile business under the name "Coleman & Johnston".  At the time, he owned the land on which the County Courthouse was located.  A copy of Francisí will can be found in a lawsuit "Dickinson v.  Upshaw", File 83, City of Fredericksburg Records.


(2)370 SPILSBE COLEMAN    Unmarried.  Will probated 11 Oct 1764 (OB 1763-65,

                        p. 317, Caroline Co. Records\)

Spilsbeís will was presented in court by Richard Woolfolk and Francis Coleman, executors.  Wiat Coleman, the heir-at-law, had no objections to offer against proving the will.  \(Wiatt was Spilsbeís brother.)


(2)371 THOMAS COLEMAN    b.  after 1738 (still under guardianship in 1759)

                        Caroline Co. Guardian: Edmund Pendleton.

                        d.  by 7 Mar 1778, American Revolution.  His

                        brothers-in-law, Bartelott and William Smith

                        were guardians of his children.

                        m.  Sarah "Sally" Smith of Hanover Co., daughter

                        of John Smith and Frances Anderson.

It is important to note that this is not the Thomas Coleman who was married to Mary Woolfolk.  \(See Missing Links, p. 46) Evidence shows that (2)371 Thomas Coleman died while serving his country during the American Revolution.

From Louisa County VA 1743-1814: Where Have All The Children Gone?, abstracted and compiled by Rosalie Edith Davis, Manchester, MO 1980:

p. 172, 11 Aug 1777.  "Ordered that Archelaus Harris be paid at the rate of L6.10 per annum for providing for and taking care of a poor child of Thomas Coleman who is in the service of this country.  Directed by sd.  Ct.  that sd.  Archelaus make application to the Treasurer of the Commonwealth for the same."

p. 179, 13 Oct 1777.  "Ordered that Archelaus Harris be paid at the rate of L6.10 per annum for providing for a poor child of Thomas Coleman who is in the service of this country."

p. 179, 13 Oct 1777 ĎĎBartelot Smith be allowed as above for the support of another child of Thomas Coleman."

p. 182, 8 Dec 1777.  " Ordered that William Smith be paid at the rate of L6.10 per annum for providing for and taking care of Thomas, a poor child of Thomas Coleman, who is in the service of his country."

7 Mar 1778.  "Bartelot Smith appointed Gdn.  to Wyat, Salley & Aylett Coleman, children of Thomas Coleman."

7 Mar 1778.  "William Smith appointed Gdn.  to Thomas and Betsy Coleman, children of Thomas Coleman."

p. 74, Guardian Bond.  " Bartelott Smith Gdn.  to Wiatt Coleman, Salley Coleman & Aylett Coleman, children of Thomas Coleman; L1000 current money; SecGeorge Lumsden & Nathan Smith; obligation is such that above bound to deliver such Estate or Estates as now are or hereafter shall become due and payable to sd.  children.  9 Mar 1778"

p. 75, Guardian Bond.  "William Smith Gdn.  to Thomas and Betsey Coleman Orphans of Thomas Coleman Decíd; L1000 current money; SecJohn Lea and William Hughes.  9 Mar 1778"

p. 223.  14 Sep 1778.  "Ordered that Archelaus Harris be allowed at the rate of L10 per year for providing for a poor child of Thomas Coleman a Continental soldier.  Ordered that the Treas.  pay L10."

p. 223, 14 Sep 1778.  "Ordered the State Treas.  pay William Smith L30 for providing for three small children of Thomas Coleman."

p.131, Guardian Bond: "Bartelott Smith guardian to Thomas Coleman Orphan of Thomas Coleman decíd.; L200 current money; SecGarrett Minor Gent., 13 Dec 1784."

p. 138-139, "Account of Ellest \(Aylett\) Coleman with BartSmith Guardian---sundries; Account of Thomas Coleman in acct.  with Bart.  Smith Guardian board and sundries; 1784 to boarding Sally Coleman from this time till Augst.  1785 L4.15.4; by interest on her money 4.15.4, Ret.  8 Aug 1785."

On 17 Jan 1792, Wyatt Coleman and Salley Coleman plus several of the Smith family sold 100 acres of Hanover Co. land devised to them by Frances Smith in her will (Wyattís grandmother).  \(VA Land Records 1982, GPC, pp. 116 & 145).



(2)372 MARY ELIZABETH COLEMAN    m.  Richard Woolfolk of Caroline Co. son of

                            Robert Woolfolk and Frances Lee.

            Mary and Richard had:

                Richard Allen Woolfolk

                Spilsbe Woolfolk

                Charles Woolfolk

                John Woolfolk

                Samuel Woolfolk

                Sarah Maria Woolfolk




From (2)302 James Coleman/Eleanor Madison


(2)373 ELIZABETH COLEMAN        d.  before 29 Aug 1814

"Betty"            m.  6 June 1752 Orange Co. VA

                            Thomas Scott

        Betty and Thomas had:

            Robert C. Scott

            John Scott who married Hannah Early and had

                Joel Scott who married Rebecca Wilmot

        Elizabeth Coleman inherited two negroes from her father.


(2)374 AMBROSE COLEMAN        d.  1813 Culpeper (from WB Index\)

                            m.  Mar 1761 Orange Co. VA

                            Elizabeth Lucas

Ambrose was living in Orange Co. in 1761 where the line between Louisa Co. and Albermarle Co. intersect with the Orange Co. line.  (VII Henning Statutes at Large, p. 420 Ambrose inherited the Orange Co. land of his father, and two slaves.

Ambrose was named Guardian of John Lucasí orphans on 24 Oct 1765 \(Orange Co. VA WB 2 1744-1850, p. 357, abstracted by John Frederick Dorman p. 71).  Elizabethís name appeared in a deed recorded 20 Jun 1767 between Ambrose Coleman and William Cave in Orange Co. \(DB 14, p. 188). 

Ambrose appears to have had financial problems.  From The Virginia Genealogist, Oct-Dec 1983, Vo.  27, No.  4, pp 254, 255, 257: From British Mercantile Claims 1775-1803, pp 69,70: "Mr. Coleman has been generally reputed solvent ever since I could recollect, but about 2 or 3 yrs.  past, a brother of his \(James\) placed in the hands of Col.  James Madison of Orange Co. a sum of money for the use of Ambrose Coleman to be appropriated as his necessities required.  Mr. Coleman has always supported the character of a very honest man." At Court held March 1798, James Robb & Co. against Ambrose Coleman, in debt: "Plaintiff agreed to deduct 8 yrs.  interest, if defendant paid L10.1.1." The money was paid and the court action dropped.


(2)375 JAMES COLEMAN            Will probated 23 Jul 1814, WB 9, p. 450

                            Halifax Co. VA


James inherited 833 acres of Albermarle Co. land from his father, but settled in Halifax Co. He first appeared in Halifax Co. as grantee in a deed from Benjamin Ecols dated 20 Sep 1769.  \(DB 7, p. 457, Halifax Co.\) James left his estate to sister Mary Holland and to the children of his deceased brother Ambrose and deceased sister Elizabeth Scott.


(2)376 MARY COLEMAN        m.  21 Mar 1757 \(Orange Co. MB 1747-50, p.68)

                        DrGeorge Holland.


Mary Coleman inherited 2 negroes from her father.


DrGeorge Holland was born ca. 1725*, a son of Michael and Judith \(Anderson\) Holland.  George Hollandís will was proved at July Court 1802, county not named.  George Holland and his first wife, Sarah Ford, may have had the following children (unproven):

        George Holland Jr.

        Elizabeth Holland

        Mary Holland

        Ambrose Holland


Elizabeth Holland was named as "Elizabeth Basham" in her fatherís will, written 22 Jun 1802 and proved in July 1802.  Mary was named in her fatherís will as "Mary Holland", although she reportedly married Nathaniel Cawley in Louisa Co. VA on 8 Apr 1789. 

Mary Coleman and DrGeorge Holland had:

        Richard Anderson Holland

        Sarah "Sally" Holland

        Frances Holland

        Martha "Dolly" Holland

        Judith "Judah" Holland

        Polly B. Holland

        William Holland

        Agatha Holland

They may also have had: Ann Holland, Michael Holland, John Meador Holland, Thomas Scott Holland.


*William "Ed" Kutz of Concord CA





From (2)303 Richard Coleman/Ann Wooten


(2)377 RICHARD COLEMAN        d.  intestate prior to 3 Dec 1793

                            \(WB E, p. 1064, Spotsylvania Co. Records\)

                            m.  Frances \(Fanny\) Connor, Caroline Co. VA

See Coleman v.  Coleman, File 70, City of Fredericksburg, VA Records for information on this family.  Richard, of Spotsylvania Co., died young, beset by ill fortune.  He was in poor health, his wife predeceased him, and most of his slaves died from an infectious disease.

(2)378 ROBERT SPILSBE COLEMAN    b.  ca. 1755

                            d.  prior to 7 May 1818

                            \(DB V, p. 185, Spotsylvania Co.\)

                            m.  Mary Littlepage (b.  1764)

Mary was a daughter of James Littlepage (b.  14 Jul 1714, d.  Nov 1766) and Elizabeth "Betty" Lewis, daughter of Zachary Lewis and Mary Waller.  Mary Littlepage had a brother, Lewis born 1762, who was a General during the American Revolution.

Relations between Mary and her mother Betty became strained at the time of her motherís marriage to her 2nd husband, Waller HolladayHe was 19 years younger than Betty, closer to Maryís age.  Waller resented Bettyís execution of a deed conveying property to her daughter Mary before the marriage of Waller and Betty.  Holladay filed suit to set the deed aside since it occurred during his engagement to Betty, and constituted a "constructive fraud on him".  The court sustained his case.

The will of Maryís brother, Lewis Littlepage, was written 21 Jun 1802 in Fredericksburg, VAHis principal heir was their half-brother Waller Holladay, but Lewis also left bequests of thousands of dollars to their other half-siblings.  The interesting part of his will read, "It is also my will in case of the death of that shame and plague of our family, Robert Spilsbe Coleman, Waller Holladay shall pay to our unhappy, deluded sister, Mary Coleman, one hundred dollars per annum during her natural life".  A clue to General Littlepageís animosity toward Robert Spilsbe Coleman may be found on page 176 of Gordon A. Cottonís Carrie Mildren Lee Cotton Ė Her Kith and Her Kin: General Littlepage had gone to Europe on a government assignment in 1786 and didnít contact his family for many years.  Assuming Lewis was "dead beyond the seas", Robert Spilsbe Coleman and his wife Mary sued to have her fatherís estate settled and her brother Lewisí portion divided among the heirs.  When General Littlepage got word of their action, he wrote to Thomas Jefferson that "Mr. Colemanís conduct is unjustifiable and he may repent it.  I will never forgive disrespect to my mother from any one---but such sordid views, such insolent and unmanly proceedings against her, originating from the husband of her child, deserves not only contempt, but punishment".


(2) 379 WILLIAM COLEMAN        of Spotsylvania Co. VA

                            d.  before 1824

                            m.  Mary Unknown

From 18th Century Virginia Newspapers, p. 70: "COLEMAN, William of Spotsylvania Co. advertised that his wife, Mary Coleman, absconded on the 28th of Dec last and refused to return home, he will not be answerable for any of her debts." \(VHFFA 4 Mar 96) On Feb 1809, Richard Chiles and Aylett Coleman reported to County Court that William and Mary were both insane and Committees were appointed for them.  William filed suit when Mary was taken from him and got her back.  \(WB G, p. 398, Spotsylvania Co. Records\) Mary died and William apparently regained his sanity because he subsequently executed several deeds.  \(DB U, p. 427, Spotsylvania Co. Records\) By deed of 10 May 1821, he conveyed property to his daughter, Ann W. Coleman, which he had inherited from his deceased son, Stokely Coleman.


(2)380 LUCY COLEMAN            m.  20 May 1784 John Chiles (d.  27 Jan 1796)

After John died, Lucy moved from Caroline Co. back to Spotsylvania Co. Lucy was his second wife.  By his first wife, Mary Winston, he had Samuel, Lucy and Tarleton Chiles.  With Lucy, he had:

        Richard Coleman Chiles    b.  11 Oct 1785 VA

                        d.  2 Oct 1853 KY

                        m.  1810 Sarah "Sally" Johnston,

                        daughter of Aquila Johnston

        John G. Chiles            b.  27 Jan 1794

                        d.  4 Mar 1862 KY

                        m.  21 Jan 1823 Unknown Morgan





(2)382 ANN COLEMAN        m.  cousin Farish Coleman (2)386

        After Ann died, Farish married second, ca. 1790, Catherine Rogers.   






From (2)304 Thomas Coleman/Sarah Farish


(2)383 THOMAS COLEMAN    Will probated 7 May 1805 Spotsylvania Co. VA

                        \(WB 6, p. 77)

                        m.  Rebecca Kay of Caroline Co. VA

                        (d.  12 Jan 1835)

Thomas was paid for provisions furnished the Continental Army.  \(Minute Bk. 1774-82, p. 191, Spotsylvania Co. Records\) In Thomasí will: Thomas Coleman of Orange Co. "my friend, whose wife is also a Kay"\(Thomas of Orange would be (2)527.) Thomas and Rebecca lived on the 1000 acre Spotsylvania Co. land where his father once lived.  \(DB M, p. 49 Spotsylvania Co. Records\)

(2)384 SARAH COLEMAN        m.  Anthony Samuel of Caroline Co. VA

Anthony died in 1816 \(WB 19, p. 22, Caroline Co. Records\).  They had Josiah, Lucy, Nancy (m.  Thomas Wilson\), Elizabeth and Polly (m.  William Coghill\).

(2)385 SPILSBE COLEMAN    b.  Caroline Co. VA

                        d.  Will probated 5 Jul 1813, Spotsylvania Co.

                        \(WB H, p. 291)

                        m.  Mary Chandler \(Will probated 3 May 1821,

                        WB K, p. 63, Spotsylvania Co.\)

Spilsbe attended "Robertsonís School" in King & Queen Co. (34 Virginia Magazine of History & Biography, p. 142).  His home was called "Altavista", still in the family.  In 1778 \\(DB M, p. 427 Spotsylvania Co. Records\) Spilsbe acquired 504 acres from James Crane.  In 1793, he was given 600 acres by his father (DB M, p. 437, Spotsylvania Co. Records\).  Spilsbe was reimbursed for provisions provided the Continental Army.  \(Minute Book 1774-82, p. 187, Spotsylvania Co.\)

(2)386 FARISH COLEMAN    d.  1811 Caroline Co. VA \(WB A, p. 11)

                        m.  (1) cousin Ann Coleman (2)382

                        (2) ca. 1790, Catherine Rogers (b.  1768)

Catherine Rogers was a daughter of William Rogers (d.  1779) and Lucy Farish (d.  1787).


2)387 ELIZABETH COLEMAN    d.  Will admitted to probate 23 Sep 1833

                    \(WB 7, p. 601, Orange Co. VA\)

                        m.  cousin James Coleman (2)389 of

                        Orange Co. VA




From (2)305 Mary Coleman/UnknownEllis



In 1764, Mary inherited from her uncle James Coleman (2)302, L15 current money, one old bed, furniture, chest and a spinning wheel.

Mary appears to have been the only child born to Mary "Molly" Coleman and Mr. Ellis.





From (2)306 Robert Coleman/Elizabeth Lindsay


(2)389 JAMES COLEMAN        of Orange Co. VA \(" Orange Springs"\)

                        d.  1796, WB 3, p. 111, appraisement of his

                        estate ordered 24 Dec 1796, Orange Co.

                        VA Records

                        m.  cousin Elizabeth Coleman (2)387

James was an Ensign in the American Revolution and also furnished supplies to the Continental Army, for which he was reimbursed.  (History of Orange Co. Virginia, p. 74, Scott\).  James operated an OrdinaryElizabethís will was dated 10 Jun 1833, admitted to probate 23 Sep 1833.  \(WB 7, p. 601, Orange Co. Records\) After James died, Elizabeth was appointed guardian of her infant children.  Her brothers Thomas and Spilsbe Coleman were her sureties.  Farish Coleman and Spilsbe Coleman witnessed a power of attorney dated 1797 for John Waller of South Carolina to represent the children of James Coleman in the estate settlement of his brother Reuben Coleman who had died in Richmond Co. GA.


(2)390 REUBEN COLEMAN    d.  11 Nov 1795 in Augusta, GA

                        From Augusta Chronicle, 14 Nov 1795

                        m.  Lucinda "Lucy" Scott, daughter of Captain James

                        Scott of Prince Edward Co. VA & Frances Collier

Lucy was born ca. 1751.  Reuben Coleman fought in the American Revolution, and was financially ruined.  After living first in Prince Edward Co. VA, he and Lucy moved to Richmond Co. GA.  While in Georgia, Reuben recovered financially, returned to Virginia and paid off his debts.  He then convinced his brother Caleb to move to Georgia.  Reuben and Lucy had no children.  After his brother Caleb was killed, Reuben adopted Calebís daughter, Eliza Ann Coleman, who married General John Scott, younger brother of Reubenís wife Lucy.  John Scott was also adopted by Reuben and Lucy.  Reubenís estate passed to his surviving brothers and sisters, and descendants of those who had died.  After Reubenís death, Lucy married John Catlett.


(2)391 LINDSAY COLEMAN    Living in Amherst Co. VA as early as 1776

                        Will probated 16 May 1809

                        \(WB 4, p. 593, Amherst Co. VA\)

                        m.  Lucy Penn

In 1776, Lindsay was one of the petitioners of Amherst Co. for equality of religious sects (18 Virginia Magazine Of History and Biography, p. 143).  He was 2nd Lt.  of Militia on 6 Jul 1778 and 1st Lt.  of Militia in Jun 1780.  (Amherst Co. in the Revolution, pp. 33,35, Sweeney\)

Lindsay acquired a lot of property in Amherst Co. and the City of Lynchburg.


(2)392 CALEB COLEMAN            of Spotsylvania Co. VA

                            d.  Richmond Co. GA 6 Jan 1788

                            m.  Anner Wortham, daughter of DrSamuel

                            Wortham (1708-1774) and Margaret Elliott

Anner "Anna" was born 27 Oct 1753.  Her mother, Margaret Elliott Wortham died 27 Mar 1788.  On 17 Mar 1762, Caleb was a witness to a will for John Coleman.  (Virginia County Records, Spotsylvania Co. Virginia 1720-1800, WmCrozier, p. 20) 21 Sep 1780, DB J, 1774-1782, Caleb brought 262 acres Spotsylvania Co. land \(Berkley Parish\) from Willliam Childs.  This land was sold to Edward Brasfield in 1786.  \(DB L 1755-1788 Spotsylvania Co.\)

From Spotsylvania Co. Public Service Claims, "court held Apr 1782, claim of Caleb Coleman was allowed, for having furnished 1250 lbs.  of hay during the war.  (Spotsylvania County Court Booklet, Reel 4, p. 5) In 1783, Caleb was on a list of slave owners in Spotsylvania Co. with 15 slaves.  Part of Calebís estate in Georgia included 19 slaves.

Caleb and Anna moved to Georgia in 1786 at the urging of his brother Reuben.  On 6 Jan 1788, Caleb died from an injury received from Robert FarishAccording to the Coronerís Inquest, Caleb had been suffering from insanity for several weeks prior to the incident with Robert Farish.  In the afternoon of 4 Jan 1788, Caleb harrassed Farish and another person, and threw a wooden stake at them.  Farish picked up the stake and carried it with him until that evening, when he was again accosted by Caleb.  At that time, Caleb threatened Robert Farish with a thorn bush and a pole.  Farish hit Caleb on the shoulder with the wooden stake, and then struck a violent blow to Calebís head, which felled him.  Caleb died two days later.  Robert Farish was indicted for the murder of Caleb Coleman, was tried and found guilty of manslaughter.  The jury decided that under the strict letter of the law, Farish was guilty of manslaughter, but because of "so many alleviating circumstances" every "lenity" the law can allow should be exercised in Farishís favor.  (Marriages & Deaths 1763-1820, abstracted from Extant Georgia Newspapers, by Mary B. Warner, 1968, p. 23, Georgia State Gazette, Augusta GA, 12 Jan 1788.  Also Proceedings of the House of Assembly, Augusta, GA, 17 Jan 1788.)

Caleb left a wife and three small children.  His son, Samuel Nathaniel Coleman, was born after Calebís death. 

Anna married her second husband, Nathaniel Pearre, on 22 Dec 1789.  (Augusta Chronicle, Vol I, 1786-1789, p. 85) Nathanielís will was probated 20 Dec 1802.  Annaís third husband was James E. Todd of Columbia Co. GA.

*Information on Caleb Coleman was provided by Louis M. Finlay Jr.of Jackson, AL and Charlotte G. Boykin of Jackson, MS.


(2)393 CLAYTON COLEMAN        Will probated 2 Dec 1788 \(WB E, p. 892,

                            Spotsylvania Co. Records\)

                            m.  Mary Baptist, York Co. VA, (d.  26 Jan

                            1827) daughter of Edward Baptist.

Written in the margin of DB 16, pp. 229-231, Orange Co. VA Records: "1797 Nov.  Executed and delivered to Thomas Coleman.  Indenture 26 May 1774 between Richard Graves and Susannah of Orange County and Clayton Coleman of Spotsylvania County... for L270...sell 435 acres on Terryís Run bounded by John Vivion; Battaile...signed Richard Graves and Susann Graves.  Richard Crittenden Webb witnessed payment.  Recorded Orange County 26 May 1774. 

Clayton and Mary lived at "Cedar Creek", Spotsylvania Co. VA Clayton was reimbursed for provisions furnished to the Continental Army.  \(Minute Bk. 1774-82, pp. 185-186, Spotsylvania Co. Records\) After Clayton died, Mary m.  2nd ca. 1793, William Threlkeld.


(2)394 SARAH COLEMAN            d.  before 4 Jul 1797

"Sally"                m.  before 1785 cousin Samuel Coleman (2)402

                        of Caroline Co. VA

(2)395 MARY COLEMAN            b.  1753

"Molly"                d.  before 4 Jul 1797 Caroline Co. VA

                            m.  cousin John Coleman (2)400

(2)396 GEORGE COLEMAN        Will probated 4 Feb 1788, WB 3, p. 67

                            Amherst Co. VA Records

                            m.  Judith Harris

Judith, daughter of William Harris and Mary Netherland, m.  2nd Daniel Tucker on 15 Sept 1792, Amherst Co. She had two children by him: St. George Tucker and Mary Tucker (from The Woolfolk and Harris Families\).

From The N005684">N005679">N005658">Deeds of Amherst Co. VA 1761-1807, by RevBailey F. Davis: Job Carter and wife Sarah to George Coleman, 86 acres Pedlar Creek, p.227.  21 Nov 1774, George Coleman and Lindsay Coleman witness in Amherst Co. to JosCabell and wife Mary, p. 280.  30 Jan 1778, George Coleman to ThosWaught, 86 acres where George Coleman lives, bank of Pedlar Creek, p. 376.  Dudley Gatewood to George Coleman for 370 acres N. side Buffalo, p. 504.  GablPenn to George Coleman 562 acres N. side joining Rutledge Creek, p. 332.  4 May 1782, George Coleman and wife Judith to Gabl.  Penn 370 acres N. side of Buffalo Creek where Coleman now lives, p. 333. 


(2)397 JOSEPH COLEMAN        b.  3 Mar 1770

                            Will probated 2 Jun 1846, Albermarle Co.

                            \(WB 17, p. 338)

                            m.  17 Dec 1789 Elizabeth Lee Harris,

                        Amherst Co. VA

Joseph was the youngest child in the family, by many years.  Elizabeth was a daughter of Matthew Harris and Elizabeth Tate, and a niece of William Harris and Mary Netherland.  Elizabeth was a cousin of Judith Harris who m.  (2)396 George Coleman, brother of Joseph.




Note: In a letter from Germantown PA, 24 Jan 1884, from Eliza E. Coleman, widow of RevReuben Lindsay Coleman: "Robinís \(Robert (2)306) sons were James, Lindsay, George, Reuben, Clayton and JosephTwo daughters were named Mollie and SallieThere were, it is thought, two other sons, Caleb and Charles." In a letter dated 1 Mar 1884, Eliza writes "I think 3 sons of Robert Coleman went to Georgia: Reuben who left no children, Caleb & Charles".  (Descendants of Francis Morgan, p. 110 et seq)





From (2)307 John Coleman/Eunice Hawes


(2)398 FRANCES COLEMAN        d.  Dec 1844 Fayette Co. KY \(WB Q, p. 279,

                            will dated 1840, probated June 1845)

                            m.  Joseph Thomas Graves

            (b.  1725, will probated 5 Dec 1786

                            WB E, p. 798, Spotsylvania Co. Records\)

Joseph Graves was married first to a Sarah, but there was apparently no issue.  In 1791, Frankey moved to Kentucky with all her children except son Joseph.

Much more information on the family and descendants of Joseph and Francis Coleman Graves is found on this Graves Family Website

(2)399 MARY ANN HAWES COLEMAN        b.  ca. 1751

                                d.  2 Feb 1806

                                m.  5 Feb 1770 William Blaydes

                                Caroline Co. VA \(He d.  4 Oct 1785

                                WB E, p. 704, SpotsCo. Records


(2)400 JOHN COLEMAN            b.  16 May 1753 Caroline Co. VA

                            d.  24 Nov 1837 Fayette Co. KY

                            m.  (1) cousin Molly Coleman (2)395

                            (2) Lucy Chiles (b.  19 Aug 1778

                            d.  10 Aug 1848)

For verification of Johnís marriage to Molly, and the names of their children, see DB O, p. 498, Spotsylvania Co. Records.  In 1783, John was paid for building a bridge over Suttonís Creek.  (OB 1781-83, p. 223, Caroline Co. Records\) Lucy Chiles was a daughter of Captain John Chiles (d.  27 Jan 1796) and Mary Ellen Winston.  Captain Chilesí second wife was Lucy Coleman (2)380.  John got in trouble with the Quakers regarding his second wife Lucy.  On 9 Apr 1791 she was dismissed from the Society of Friends due to "disorder by marriage" John and Lucyís first child, Polly Winston Coleman, was born 24 Oct 1791, apparently conceived before her parents were married.  John moved his family to Kentucky in 1809.  He and Francis Coleman each contributed L200 for the purchase of Kentucky land, and John was designated to make the purchase.  \(DB L, p. 156, Spotsylvania Co. Records\)

(2)401     HAWES COLEMAN    of Amherst Co., later became Nelson Co. VA

                        b.  1 Jan 1757 Spotsylvania Co. VA

                        d.  1840 \(Will probated 25 Jan 1841)

                        WB F, p. 138, Nelson Co. Records


This is the Hawes Coleman who wrote Coleman Records in 1839.  Hawes lived in Rockfish Valley, Nelson Co. VA.  \(American Revolution Pension #S16732\) Contd.  next page.

Hawes married three times.  His first wife was a Miss Goodwin by whom he had no issue.  She was a daughter of Peter Goodwin and Ann Coleman (5)2222.  His second wife, whom he married on 25 Mar 1786, was Nancy Ann Harris born 20 Jan 1756, died 13 Dec 1809.  She was the tenth child of William Harris and Mary Netherland and sister of Judith Harris who married George Coleman (2)396.  Hawesí third wife was Nancy Overton whom he married on 24 Aug 1814, no issue.  She died 1 Jan 1828.  Nancy was the seventh daughter of CaptJames Overton and Mary Waller.


(2)402     SAMUEL COLEMAN    b.  1762 Caroline Co. VA

                        d.  ca. 1830

                        m.  before 1785, cousin Sarah Coleman (2)394

On 4 Nov 1766, Richard Coleman (probably his uncle) was named guardian of Samuel, "orphan of John Coleman", with Edward Herndon.  L800 bond (<I>VA County Records, Spotsylvania Co. 1721-1800, Crozier, Vol. I, Guardian Bonds WB D\).

Samuel was appointed Lieutenant of Militia of Caroline Co. VA in Dec 1777, and Captain of Militia in Jan 1779.  (OB 1777-80, pp. 40, 145, Caroline Co. Records.) In April 1778, he was named Deputy Sheriff of Caroline Co. (OB 1788-89, p. 40, Caroline Co. Records\).  The names of his children were found in Minute Book 1796-97, p. 259, Caroline Co. Records.


(2)403     SPENCER COLEMAN    b.  4 May 1765 "Pine Forest" Spotsylvania Co. VA

                        d.  Will probated 6 Sep 1830 Spotsylvania Co. VA

                        \(WB N, p. 33, Spotsylvania Co. Records\)

            m.  (1) 19 May 1787 Elizabeth Garland Goodwin , b.  4 May 1768 in

                Louisa Co. VA, daughter of Robert Goodwin/Jane Tulloch

            (2) Sarah "Sallie" Lewis, no issue.  Sallie was a daughter of DrJohn

                Lewis and sister of Dolly Lewis who was the 2nd wife of Hawes

                Netherland Coleman

Spencer was a farmer, a Democrat and a BaptistAfter his mother died, Spencer acquired his fatherís plantation "Pine Forest" from his sisters and brothers.  Spencer and his 2nd wife, Sallie, died on the same day, her death preceeding his by eleven hours.  They had been visiting his brother Samuel in Caroline Co. and after arriving home, took a fever and died a few days later.  Spencer and Sallie were buried in the old Coleman graveyard, in the same grave.  Sallieís estate of $80,000 became part of Spencerís, she having died first.  One of her nephews, Lewis Littlepage, said at the burial, "Just to think that eleven hours difference in that old womanís death has cheated me out of $80,000".  The marriage date of Spencer and Elizabeth G. Goodwin was found in Louisa Co. VA Marriage Register 1766-1861, p. 35



The ĎBelfieldí Fitzpatricks and ĎElimí Colemans, by Reba Fitzpatrick Lea, 1958, p. 318





From (2)315 Anne Brown/Samuel Fargeson


(2)404    FRANCIS FARGESON        d.  Will dtd. 17 Dec 1767, probated

            \(Planter\)            21 Jan 1768 Culpeper Co. VA

                            \(WB A, 1749-70)

                            m.  Elizabeth Pendleton


(2)405    BENJAMIN FARGESON        d.  before 18 Mar 1762 Culpeper Co. VA

                            m.  Sarah Ann Unknown

        They had a daughter Elizabeth who married William Pendleton (b.  1748).






(2)408    SUSANNA FARGESON        m.  Robert Daniel


(2)409    ANN FARGESON            m.  Francis Strother


(2)410    LUCY FARGESON            m.  John Graves


(2)411    DAUGHTER FARGESON         m.  John Clayton, son of Samuel Clayton

                            (1689-1735) and Elizabeth Pendleton



From Carol Hauk, Haukís Data Services

And Richard Ward of Bradenton, FL





From (2)316 Elizabeth Brown/John Brown


(2)412    DANIEL BROWN                b.  1 Jun 1755


(2)413    JOHN BROWN                m.  (1) Sallie Gibb

                                (2) 7 Aug 1787 Culpeper Co. VA

                        Phoebia Brown


(2)414    MARY "Polly" BROWN            b.  4 Feb 1767


(2)415    THOMAS BROWN                m.  Susan Powell






(2)418    ANN BROWN


(2)419    ELIZABETH BROWN            m.  Unknown Dickerson




From Carol Hauk, Haukís Data Services





From (2)317 Mary Brown/John Nalle







(2)426 ANN NALLE

(2)427 ELIZABETH NALLE            d.  after 18 Feb 1802

                                m.  James Sims of Culpeper Co. VA

                                b.  ca. 1728 d.  before 1802, son of

                            Thomas Sims and Rebecca Petty


(2)429 GRISSELL NALLE                b.  1742 Orange Co. VA

                                d.  after 1799 Washington Co. KY





From Benjamin F. Dake III of Keizer OR





From (2)322 William Brown/Lucy Brown


(2)433 ANN BROWN

(2)434 DANIEL BROWN                b.  Jun 1755

(2)435 LUCY BROWN                b.  26 Feb 1768

(2)436 WILLIAM COVINGTON BROWN        m.  Nancy Pendleton

        Nancy was a daughter of James Pendleton and Catherine Brown.


From Carol Hauk, Haukís Data Service





From (2)323 Edward Coleman/Lucretia Waggoner/Sarah Hutchinson


1st Marriage:

(2)437 HENRY COLEMAN         b.  12 Dec 1744

                            d.  29 Feb 1808 Harrison Co. KY WB A, p. 95

                            m.  Mary Ann Hutchinson before 1771

Mary Ann was born 22 Jan 1748 (will dated 26 Jan 1826) a daughter of William and Ruth Hutchinson.  She and Henry moved to Kentucky ca. 1788.  Henry was paid for furnishing provisions to the Continental Army.  \(Minute Book 1774-82, p. 204, Spotsylvania Co. Records\)

(2)438 ROBERT EDWARD COLEMAN    b.  1748 Spotsylvania Co. VA (pension appl.)

                            d..  7 Jan 1834 Mercer Co. KY (pension appl.)

                            m.  Feb 1774 Catherine \(Caty\) Robinson

                            (1753-1836), in Botetourt Co. VA

Robert served in the American Revolution under the command of his cousin Captain Francis "Frank" Coleman (2)369.  Robert was paid for provisions furnished the Continental Army.  \(Minute Bk. 1774-82, p. 213, Spots.  Co. Records\) Pension #S19255.  Robert moved to Mercer Co. KY ca. 1800, returned to Virginia and settled permanently in Mercer Co. in 1804.

(2)439 JAMES C. COLEMAN    b.  1749 Caroline Co. VA

                        d.  1825 KY \(WB G, p. 312, Woodford Co. KY )

                        Will dtd. 14 Nov 1825, presented at Dec court.

                        m.  17 April 1780 Sarah Taylor, Orange Co. VA

Sarah was born in 1758, a daughter of Richard Taylor of Orange Co. Va.  (1735-1779) and Sarah Chapman.  James was in the American Revolution.  He moved his family from Orange Co. VA to Woodford Co. KY in 1793. 

(2)440 THOMAS COLEMAN    of Madison Co. VA

                        b.  1754 Spotsylvania Co. VA

                        d.  11 Sep 1811 Allen Co. KY* (*William "Ed" Kutz\)

            m.  (1) 3 Dec 1780 Ann \(Nancy\) Pemberton, daughter of William Pemberton

            and Elizabeth Vaughn \(Spotsylvania Co.\)

        m.  (2) Mary Ballard, no issue.  (ca. 1762-1823)

Thomas and Ann were living in Madison Co. VA when his brother James conveyed a part of their fatherís land to Thomas on 13 Mar 1804.  \(DB Q, p. 373, Spotsylvania Co. Records\) At the time the deed was written, James and Sarah were living in Woodford Co. KY.

Contd.  from (2)323 Edward Coleman/Lucretia Waggoner/Sarah Hutchinson, p. 132



2nd Marriage:


(2)441 JOHN COLEMAN        d.  by 17 Jul 1795 Harrison Co. KY

                        m.  Hannah Hutchinson

Hannah was a sister of Mary Ann Hutchinson who married Henry Coleman (2)437.  John and Hannah had a daughter, Caty Waggoner Coleman born 15 Mar 1781.  John and Hannah witnessed the will of Nathaniel Dickinson, Oct 1775, Spotsylvania Co.



(2)442 WILLIAM COLEMAN        Will probated Spotsylvania Co. 1763. 

                            Nothing further known of him.



(2)443 CATHERINE COLEMAN        m.  ca. 1780 Reuben Waggoner


Caty and Reuben moved to Adair Co. KY.  He was b.  1755 VA, d.  1818 KY. 



(2)444 PHOEBE COLEMAN        m.  Robert Beverly Hutchinson

Phoebe and Robert lived in Caroline Co. VA, evidenced by a deed dated 4 Apr 1788 \(DB L, Spotsylvania Co. Records\)





From (2)328 Robert Covington/Margaret Strother


(2)445 ANNE COVINGTON            b.  21 Oct 1747

                            N. Farnham Parish.  Richmond

                                d.  1829 Clark Co. OH

                                m.  LeRoy Hill ca. 1772 Culpeper Co. VA

LeRoy Hill died 1829 Clark Co. OHHe was a son of John Hill (baptized 29 Mar 1749) and Betty Hammond.


(2)446 FRANCIS STROTHER COVINGTON    b.  July 1754

                                d.  21 Jul 1823 Culpeper Co. VA

                                m.  Nov 1774 Lucy Strother (she d.

                                14 Jun 1836)


(2)447 WILLIAM COVINGTON            b.  1758

                                d.  21 Oct 1810 Culpeper Co. VA

                                m.  Mildred Strother

                            (b.  1760 d.  20 Oct 1823

Culpeper Co. VA\)


(2)448 SUSANNAH COVINGTON        b.  1762

                                m.  Anthony Hughes



From Wilma Hill of Witchita KS





From (2)332 Robert Spilsbe Coleman/Sarah Whitehead


Thomas and Richard predeceased their father.  John was not mentioned in his fatherís will, probated 19 May 1761 \(Essex Co. Records\), but he was named a son of Robert Spilsbe Coleman in the King and Queen Co. Merchant Account Books of Ninian Boog.


(2)449 JOHN COLEMAN            \(See link Spencer Coleman From VA to TN\).


(2)450 SUSANNAH COLEMAN        d.  15 April 1778

                            m.  1 Jan 1754 Captain John Richards

John Richards, a son of William Bird Richards and wife Elizabeth, was born 27 Jan 1734 in England, died 13 Feb 1785 Stafford Co. VA.  Johnís sister Mildred married Colonel Thomas Coleman (2)295.  The full dates on Susannah and John were taken from their Family Bible \(Mrs.  John F. Scott of Fredericksburg, VA\).  John owned land in King and Queen, Essex, King George and Stafford Cos.  where he and Susannah lived, just west of FalmouthTheir plantation was called "Richards Hill".  Susannah was given a lot in Tappahannock by her grandmother, Mary Crow Coleman, and her great uncle Thomas Coleman sold her Tappahannock lot #76 on 17 Oct 1749 \(DB 24, p. 372, Essex Co. Records\).  She also inherited McGrathís Tavern (200 acres) in King and Queen Co. under her fatherís will \(WB 11, p. 304, Essex Co. Records\).


(2)451 THOMAS COLEMAN        d.  by 8 Dec 1760, unmarried

                            predeceased his father

Thomas was given a piece of land in Tappahannock on 17 Oct 1749 by his godfather, John Upshaw: \(Essex Co. DB 24, p. 374): "John Upshaw, for the love and affection I do owe and bear to my Godson, Thomas Coleman, son of Robert Spilsbe Coleman and Sarah, his wife, of the County of King and Queen, conveys to the said Thomas Coleman one lot No.  74, on the riverside in the Borough or Town of Tappahannock as by the plan and survey made by Robert Brooke, Gent., Surveyor"Wit: Thomas Coleman, Thomas Waggener.

Thomasí name was found in a King and Queen Merchantís Account Book, Ledger B and a Daybook, from the period of 23 May 1750 to 16 Mar 1751 \(Ledger\) and 22 May 1750 to 2 Jul 1751 \(Daybook\).  The ledgers came from the store of Ninian Boog, factor for Buchanon and Hamilton, Liverpool merchants.  Boogís King and Queen store was located "at Toddís on the Mattaponi about a mile above Aylett where state road 628 now ends".  See Magazine of Virginia Genealogy, Vol 28, No.  1 \(Slatten\) and Vol. 29, No.  1 \(MacDonald\).


(2)452 RICHARD COLEMAN        d.  between 5 Jan 1761 and 14 Feb 1761


                            predeceased his father


In his fatherís will dated 8 Dec 1760, Richard was left "all the land left me by my grandfather" \(Robert Coleman II\) on Hoskinís Creek and the parcel of the south side of Hoskinís Creek called Chamberlaine "which I bought of Col.  Edmund Pendleton".


(2)453 WHITEHEAD COLEMAN        d.  Will probated 17 Jun 1799 \(WB 15, p.

                            43, Essex Co. Records\)

                            m.  Anne Baylor, daughter of Gregory Baylor

                            of King and Queen Co.

Whitehead attended Robertsonís School in King and Queen Co. VA (34 Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, p. 142).  He was in the American Revolution and received 300 acres of Kentucky land for his service.  \(BLWT.467-300-Capt.)

Whitehead and Anne had one child, Mary Ann "Polly" Coleman, who married 3 Mar 1812 in Essex Co. VA.  James Muse.  They had a son, Lawrence Muse.  Jamesí will was probated 17 Jul 1815, and referred to his wife as "Polly".  She may have remarried after Jamesí death.

Whitehead inherited all his fatherís land in Spotsylvania, Orange and Culpeper Counties.

In a second codicil to his will dated 14 Feb 1761, Robert Spilsbe Coleman said "whereas my son Richard...dyed in my lifetime...heir to my Estate at Hobbís Hole, by which means my son Whitehead becomes Heir at law together with my lands in Spotsylvania, Orange and Culpeper Cos.  which is too great a proportion of my is my will and desire that my son James shall have all lands in Spotsylvania, Orange and Culpeper Cos.".



From her father, she inherited four negroes, Humphrey, Bess and her children, and four lots in the Town of Tappahannock (nos.  37, 38, 43 and 44), one bed and furniture, one gold ring and one horse and saddle.  Nothing further is known of Elizabeth.




Died without issue by 1775.  From her father, she inherited four lots in the Town of Tappahannock (nos.  39, 40, 41 and 42) "which I bought of my brother Richard Coleman", one gold ring, one horse and saddle, one bed and furniture and one negro girl Lusender.



(2)456 JAMES COLEMAN        b.  4 July 1754

                        d.  by 1784, unmarried


Brother-in-law John Richards./a> was named guardian of James in 1762, and on 15 Feb 1770, James was apprenticed to John Richards.  By 1784, James had died because his inherited lands in Spotsylvania Co. were then owned by brother Whitehead\(See DB K, p. 387, DB L, p. 192, Spotsylvania Co. Records regarding land to brother Whitehead as the heir of James.\)

In his fatherís will, James was to receive land by the Church (about 500 acres) bought of Francis Taylor, Nathaniel Pendleton and Hugh Wilson.  In a codicil dated 5 Jan 1761, James was given 50 acres of land bought from Joseph Evans.



For more information on the will of Robert Spilsbe Coleman, see Southern Sojourners,

pp. 296-298, by Rosemary Corley Neal.





From (2)333 Richard Coleman/Ann Covington


(2)457 FRANCIS COLEMAN    d.  by 14 Jan 1813, Harrison Co. KY

                    \(Record Bk. B, Harrison Co. KY\)

                        m.  (1) 7 Jan 1786 Orange Co. VA

                        Elizabeth Davis, daughter of

                            Joseph and Elizabeth Davis

                        (2) 7 July 1794 Orange Co. VA

                            Elizabeth R. Gordon

Francis was a Captain of Militia, American Revolution (OB 1774-82, p. 523, Spotsylvania Co. Records\).  He lived in Spotsylvania Co. until he sold his property ca. 1800 and moved to KentuckyWarrant 457 for 200 acres was issued 17 Jan 1800 to James Taylor, assignee of Francis Coleman, heir for the service of Richard Coleman as Lieutenant in the Revolution.  Recorded under BLWT.457-200-Lieut.  and BLWT.2711.


(2)458 ROBERT SPILSBE COLEMAN    d.  unmarried


(2)459 RICHARD COLEMAN        d.  1783, unmarried

On 14 May 1783, his brother Francis and brother-in-law John Nelson qualified as administrators of his estate.  \(WB E, p. 553, Spotsylvania Co. Records\)


(2)460 SUSANNA COLEMAN        d.  before 1829

                            m.  1784 (Douglas Register)

                            John Nelson (d.  ca. 1813) and

                            moved to Campbell Co. KY

John and Susannah had:    Covington Nelson

                    Elizabeth Nelson m.  Joel Hampton (b.  1768)

                    Harriett Nelson

                    Frances Nelson

                    Mary Nelson

                    Richard Nelson

                    Robert Nelson


(2)461 MARY COLEMAN            d.  before 1828

                            m.  William Plunkett and had Ann Plunkett

                            who m.  John White   





From (2)349 Lucy Coleman/French Strother


(2)462 GEORGE FRENCH STROTHER        d.  1840

                                m.  (1) Sarah Green Williams

                                (2) Theodosia Hunt



                                d.  1795

                                m.  CaptPhilip Slaughter


(2)464 DANIEL FRENCH STROTHER        m.  1 Jun 1813 Fanny Thompson



(2)465 LUCY STROTHER                d.  in infancy



(2)466 GILLY COLEMAN STROTHER        m.  20 Nov 1800 John Evans



(2)467 ELIZABETH FRENCH STROTHER    m.  29 Dec 1801 Nimrod Evans



(2)468 MARY STROTHER                m.  Daniel Gray, cousin



Early Families of Eastern & Southern Kentucky sent by Lavelle McLaughlin of Goldsboro, NC.





From (2)352 William Coleman/Elizabeth Holt


(2)469 MARY COLEMAN            m.  RevJames Wilson




(2)470 THOMAS COLEMAN        b.  1788

                            d.  21 Jun 1834, buried in Bruton Parish Church

                            Williamsburg, VA

                            m.  Frances Catherine Hill

Thomas was killed while taking refuge in a house that collapsed during a tornado near WilliamsburgHe was a Captain of Militia, War of 1812.  Frances, born 1796 Norfolk VA, died 27 Apr 1867 in Williamsburg, is buried in Bruton Parish Church, Williamsburg VA.  She was a daughter of Baylor Hill (1757-1805) and Mary Brooke (d.  1798).


(2)471 ELIZABETH COLEMAN        b.  1800

                            d.  1850

                            m.  30 Sep 1818 Preston Trotter





From (2) 353 Elizabeth Coleman/Robert McClandish


(2)472 GEORGE McCLANDISH            b.  1775

                                d.  1794 in a duel


(2)473 THOMAS COLEMAN McCLANDISH    b.  1779

                                d.  14 Aug 1832 Norfolk Co. VA

                                m.  9 Apr 1808 Mary Corprew Peters


(2)474 WILLIAM McCLANDISH            b.  1781 Williamsburg, VA

                                m.  1805 Mary Taliaferro (1786-1865)

                                daughter of ColRichard Taliaferro

                                and Rebecca Cocke





(2)476 MARY HUNTER McCLANDISH        m.  UnknownBowers






(2)478 ELIZABETH TUNSTALL McCLANDISH        b.  1787

                                    m.  ColJames Robinson Nimo




From Frank M. Richey, Coleman World 94-3, p. 3, and 95-1, p. 2





From (2)365 Wyatt Coleman/Sarah Lindsay


(2)479 SAMUEL COLEMAN        b.  21 Jul 1755, probably Culpeper Co.

                            d.  10 Mar 1811

                            m.  3 Jul 1783 Susannah Pleasant Storrs

                            Richmond City, Henrico Co. VA

Samuel was a Lieutenant in the American Revolution, wounded at Eutaw Springs.



(2)480 WYATT COLEMAN            d.  Dec 1797 Richmond City, VA

\(Major\)                m.  19 May 1784 York Co. VA

                            Mary M. Shields   

From Burned County Data 1809-1848, p. 53, will of James Shields of James City Co. "Executors are to sell my island adjacent to Piney Point and my York Co. land, providing suit of Tarpleyís heirs goes against me.  Executors are to give title to Thomas Lawson and John Ratcliffe, for land I sold them.  Lend to wife Rebecca for life, six of her choice of negroes, livestock and her choice of Piney Point lands and lands purchased of Cole Digges, also items.  At her death land to be sold and money divided among children.  Rest of estate to: Mary Coleman, Susanna Allen, John Page Shields, Page Shields, Ann Taylor, Christian Brown Shields, Esther Shields, David Minge Shields, Henry Shields, Juda Bray English Shields, Matthew Wyatt Shields and Thomas Lawson Shields.  If any die underage, survivors to have their share.  To son James, 5 shillings, as I have given him his portion." Executors: sons John Paige Shields and James Shields and my friends Benjamin Waller and John Pierce.  Dated 11 Sep 1794.  Wit: John Graves, Edward Power, Jr., Daniel Lawson.  /s/James Shields

13 Jul 1795: John Pierce refused to qualify as executor.  Previous to probate, James Shields, Julius Allen in right of his wife Christian Brown, Richardson Taylor in right of his wife Ann, Wyatt Coleman in right of his wife Mary, all legatees under the will, petition the court that John P. Shields give bond.  Court finds it not necessary.



There may have been other children.


The ĎBelfield" Fitzpatricks and ĎElimí Colemans, by Reba Fitzpatrick Lea, 1958, p. 332





From (2)366 Robert Coleman/wife unknown


(2)481 ROBERT COLEMAN    of "Chantilly", Hanover Co.

                        b.  19 Jun 1780

                        d.  29 Apr 1854

                        m.  24 Dec 1807 Matilda Minor, daughter of Capt.

                        Vivion Minor and Elizabeth Dick of "Springfield"

                        Caroline Co.


Some Prominent Virginia Families by Louise Pecquet du Bellet \(Virginia Book Company, Berryville VA 22611, p. 407





From (2)368 Ann Coleman/William Green



(2)483 ANN GREEN                     m.  John Poindexter

(2)484 ELLINOR GREEN                    m.  Peter Marye


(2)485 ELIZABETH GREEN                m.  Henry Camp

(2)486 MARY GREEN                    m.  George Thomas

(2)487 FRANCIS WYATT GREEN             m.  Lucy Strother

(2)488 LUCY GREEN                     m.  Nathaniel Pinkard

(2)489 MILLY GREEN                     m.  Daniel Stringer






From (2)369 Francis Coleman/Hannah Johnston


(2)490 WILLIAM J. COLEMAN    Will probated 23 Jun 1806 WB A, p. 316

                        \(City of Fredericksburg Records\)

                        m.  cousin Nancy Johnston


(2)491 ANN COLEMAN        b.  29 Oct 1756 d.  25 Aug 1798

                        m.  24 Nov 1774 David Dickinson                                     (b.  29 May 1756 d.  1812)

                        Will probated 14 Sep 1812


(2)492 SAMUEL COLEMAN    b.  1761 (known from his deposition 23 Mar 1790)

                        m.  (1) 18 Nov 1778 Elizabeth Harris (d.  10 Jul 1784)

                            daughter of John Harris

                        (2) Sarah McClean, daughter of John McClean


(2)493 FRANCIS COLEMAN**    b.  ca. 1763

                        d.  Nov 1821 Pendleton Co. KY

Francis was living in Pendleton Co. KY in 1810.  His wife had apparently died, but his son Ambrose and five of his daughters were still living at home.  At the time of his death, Francis owned 756 acres of land on the Licking River in Pendleton Co. and had six slaves.

**Information on Francis and his descendants from Kathy Anderson of Los Angeles, CA.




(2)495 FRANCES "Fanny" COLEMAN    d.  Aug 1795

                            m.  Captain William Taylor/Fredericksburg, VA

William was a son of William Taylor Sr.  (d.  1789) and Hannah (d.  1808).  William resided in Westmoreland Co. VA at the time of the Revolution, serving in the company of Captain William Payne.  Captain William Taylor died 29 Sep 1809.  His will is recorded in Spotsylvania Courthouse.  He and Fanny had two sons: Archibald Ritchie Taylor and Philip Taylor.


(2)496 LUCY COLEMAN        d.  by 1806

                        m.  William Dickinson and had:

                        Francis, Samuel D. and Festus Dickinson           

(2)497 JANE ROY COLEMAN    m.  (1) 19 Sep 1789 Caroline Co.

                            John Garland Duke, son of

                        Cosby Duke and Elizabeth Garland

                            of Louisa Co.

                        (2) Samuel White, no issue

                            (died before 9 Sep 1816)



Copies of Extant Wills From Counties Whose Records Have Been Destroyed, by George H. S. King, pp. 620-623.

A Contribution to the Duke-Moss Genealogy, by Irene M. and Ward C. Sumpter, regarding A Genealogy of the Duke Shepherd-Van Metre Family by Samuel G. Smyth \(Lancaster PA, 1909, pp 271-273).





From (2) 371 Thomas Coleman/Sarah Smith


(2)498 WYATT S. COLEMAN    b.  1757-63

                        m.  cousin Sarah "Sally" Coleman (5)2360



            Wyatt and Sally lived in Hanover Co. VA.



(2)500 AYLETT COLEMAN    He was called Ellis in grandmother Frances Smithís

                        will, and the 1784 will of his grandfather John Smith.





These children were placed under guardianship in 1778 and by 1785, had come of age.  Their guardians were uncles Bartelot and William Smith.




From (2)374 Ambrose Coleman/Elizabeth Lucas


The will of Ambrose Coleman was probated in 1813, Culpeper Co. VA, but the Will Book in which it was recorded has been lost.  From the will of his brother, James Coleman, it was established that Ambrose left children, probably:


(2)503 JAMES COLEMAN        b.  1750-60 (census) of Orange Co. VA

                        d.  Will dated 11 Aug 1831, admitted to probate on

                        24 Oct 1831 Orange Co. \(WB 7, p. 377-379)

                        m.  Sarah "Sally" Wiglesworth, daughter of

                        James Wiglesworth and Mary Durrett, of

                        Spotsylvania Co. VA

Jamesí will was witnessed by James Graves, John Graves and George Scott.

James was in Orange Co. in 1782 with 9 whites and 14 blacks.  An apprasial of his estate on 28 May 1832 shows he owned 225 acres and 14 slaves.  James gave supplies to the Orange Co. Militia during the Revolutionary War.  (The History of Orange Co. VA by Scott, 1907, p. 74.) From Orange Co. VA DB 21, p. 17: "James Coleman to George Faulconer (son-in-law), a sale of 2 negroes, William and Sall, 5 head of horses, 3 mares, 2 colts, 8 head of cattle.  For the consideration of $50.00 money of Virginia"Acknowledged 22 Feb 1796.  \(See Probate Book 7, pp 462-464, Administration Account of Jamesí estate.)


(2)504 MADISON COLEMAN       

The year Madison moved to Kentucky is unknown, but he was on the 1800 KY Tax List and census in Harrison Co. KY.


(2)505 ELEANOR COLEMAN    m.  13 Apr 1782 Orange Co. VA

"Nelly"            Benjamin Adams, Jr. of Orange Co. VA

Nellie and Benjamin had a daughter, Mary, who married Richard Richards.  Other children of Nelly are unknown.

<P>DB 18, p. 213-214: On Margin: "Delivered to P. Sanford Apr 1798" Indenture 24 July 1783, between Benjamin Adams Junior and Elinor, his wife and William Pecher (sic Peacher\) for L100 sell 119 acres corner to James Coleman, John Crittenden Webb, David Chevis, Daniel Davis.  /s/ Benjamin \(X\) Adams.  Witnesses: Richard C. Webb, William Wright, Philemon Richards.  Recorded Orange Co. 26 July 1783.


(2)506 THOMAS COLEMAN    b.  1752 Orange Co. VA \(Pens.  Appl.  S.16345)

                    d..  Sep 1823 or 1828 Woodford Co. KY                             m.  28 Jun 1781 Orange Co. VA

                    widow Susannah Strother Hawkins

Susannah was born ca. 1752 in Orange Co. VA and died 1830 KY.  She was the widow of Captain Moses Hawkins, and the daughter of William Strother and Sarah Bayley Pannill.  Captain Moses Hawkins was born 1748, Culpeper Co. VA, married Susannah Strother on 3 Mar 1770.  Moses and Susannah had: Sarah Bayley Hawkins, William Strother Hawkins, Moses Strother Hawkins and Lucy Hawkins.  Captain Hawkins was killed at the Battle of Germantown, PA on 4 Oct 1777 (14th VA Regmt.\).  Thomas Coleman was a neighbor and friend of Moses Hawkins, and was a Corporal in Moses Hawkinsí company during the Revolution.

DB 18, p. 512-514 On Margin: "Executed and delivered to James Coleman July 1791" Indenture 10 Mar 1786 between William Strother and Ann (second wife Ann Kavanaugh\) his wife, and Thomas Coleman...for L300...sell 626 acres on Black Walnut Run bounded by Joseph Hilman, John Mitchell, Thomas Gibson, Robinsonís old line corner to Jonathan Gibson, Arthur Morson, Gardnerís Neck Road.  Signed William Strother (no other signatures).  Witnesses: James Newman, Andrew Shepherd, George Shepherd.  Recorded Orange Co. 27 July 1786.


(2)507    JUDITH COLEMAN        m.  Jeremiah Morton


        Judith and Jeremiah lived in Mortonsville, Woodford Co. KY.  Judithís brother

        Thomas and his wife Susannah also settled near Mortonsville "adjacent his sister




Forks of Elkhorn Church, by Ermina Jett Darnell, p. 104 \(Clearfield Co.\)


William Strother Society, Inc King George, VA, p. 31, Vol. I, Lloyd F. Oliver manuscript





From (2) 376 Mary Coleman/George Holland

The issue of how many children Mary and George had is questionable.  Each researcher who submitted names had a slightly different list.  The 1802 will of George Holland mentioned his wife Mary and seven children: Elizabeth Basham, William Holland, Agatha Brewer, Fanny Hatfield, Sarah Cope, Judah Vaughn and Mary Holland.  Elizabeth was a daughter of Georgeís first marriage to Sarah Ford.  Mary was also a daughter of this first marriage.  She reportedly married Nathaniel Cawley in Louisa Co. VA on 8 Apr 1789.  However, in her fatherís will, she was called Mary Holland.

On 7 Jun 1817 \(Wilson Co. TN DB U, p. 98), Mary Holland mentions son Richard A. Holland and daughter "Dolly" Barnfield.  One of the witnesses was Ambrose Holland.

For purposes of this record, based on available evidence, the following were children of Mary Coleman and George Holland: \(Sources for dates not cited by submitters.)


(2)508 RICHARD ANDERSON HOLLAND    b.  15 Feb 1762

                m.  23 Jun 1802 Halifax Co.

                Nancy Chappell


        Richard may have had a previous wife.


(2)509 SARAH "Sally" HOLLAND            b.  26 Apr 1764

                                m.  UnknownCope


(2)510 FRANCES HOLLAND            b.  8 Feb 1766

"Fanny/Frankie"                d.  21 Nov 1862

                                m.  (1) 24 Oct 1787 Louisa Co.

                                Elijah Lacy

                                (2) Unknown Hatfield


(2)511 MARTHA "Dolly" HOLLAND        b.  ca. 1781

                                m.  1 Oct 1806 John Barnesfield


(2)512 JUDITH "Judah" HOLLAND        m.  UnknownVaughn


        Judith may have married (1) George Goodloe 10 Jan 1788.


(2)513 POLLY B. HOLLAND    m.  27 Aug 1795 Stephen Lacy


(2)514 WILLIAM HOLLAND    b.  1766


(2)515 AGATHA HOLLAND    b.  30 Mar 1768 in Austin Ford, VA

                        d.  21 Nov 1862 Grayson Co. VA

                        m.  1787 Elk Creek, Grayson Co. VA

                            Lewis Brewer, son of Lanier Brewer Jr.



The following children are also said to belong to Mary Coleman and George Holland:

(2)516 ANN HOLLAND        m.  15 Apr 1781 Isaac Jenkins


(2)517 MICHAEL HOLLAND    d.  6 Sep 1840 Goochland Co. VA

                        m.  14 Apr 1788 Isabella Goodloe


(2)518 JOHN MEADOR HOLLAND    b.  30 Jan 1788 Bedford Co. VA

                            d.  6 May 1845 Franklin Co. VA







From (2)377 Richard Coleman/Fanny Connor


(2)520 FRANCES COLEMAN            m.  John/James Johnston and moved to

    "Fanny"                Tennessee in 1815.


(2)521 RICHARD COLEMAN            d.  unmarried before 1815


(2)522 THOMAS WOOTEN COLEMAN        m.  14 Jun 1814 Amherst Co. VA

                                Mary B. Morrison

    Thomas and Mary moved to Kentucky before 1824.                 

(2)523 RICE COLEMAN               


        Rice probably moved to Kentucky after 1813 with a brother or sister.                               




From (2)378 Robert S. Coleman/Mary Littlepage


(2)524 LEWIS LITTLEPAGE COLEMAN        b.  25 Sep 1783 d.  1 Apr 1825

(of Caroline & Spotsylvania Cos.\)        m.  2 May 1810 Betsy Bumpus

                                (b.  15 Mar 1790 d.  28 Jun 1828)

From the Bible of Lewis Littlepage Coleman: "This Bible I wish and desire to be retained in my family from one Generation to another, as it contains my Family Register as well as the Holy Scriptures Ė the best guide for fallen and depraved man in this uncertain and sinful world." Also: "This Book belongs to the estate of Lewis L. Coleman deceased and is to be delivered to any of his sons after arriving at the age of twenty-one." Signed November 8 1828 Ė John Bumpus, Administrator.


(2)525 ROBERT S. COLEMAN        b.  12 Sep 1785 d.  17 Apr 1866 SpotsCo.

"Robin"            m.  1819 cousin Ann W. Coleman (2)533

Robert acquired the property his father lived on, from his brothers and sisters.  \(Spotsylvania Co. Records, DB 5, p. 137) In 1831 he bought "Stanfield" from Robert Crutchfield \(DB DD, p. 99 Spotsylvania Co. Records\)


(2)526 ANN "Nancy" COLEMAN        b.  17 Nov 1786 Will probated 30 Oct 1847

                        \(WB S, p. 410, Spotsylvania Co. Records\)

                            m.  9 Oct 1821 Spotsylvania Co.

                            Atwell Wiglesworth and had son Robert S.


(2)527 DOROTHEA W. COLEMAN    b.  16 Nov 1793 \(Family Bible\)

                            m.  Dr, James Littlepage (moved to KY\) dau.

                            Mary m.  Richard Towkes/Anderson Co. KY


(2)528 RICHARD CHAMBERLAIN COLEMAN b.  11 Dec 1795 Spotsylvania Co.

Married 22 Apr 1824 Sarah L. C. Harris, daughter of William L. Harris and Elizabeth Coleman (2)572.  Richard and Sarah had Lee W. H. Coleman (m.  Mary D. Thomas on 9 Jan 1849 in Nelson Co. VA\), Mary (m.  William McKee\), Jane (m.  Reuben Samuels\), Lewis Littlepage, Robert Spilsbe (m.  Mary V. Harris and had Emma who m.  James Stucker\) and Sarah Ann Coleman (m.  William Burton\).


Birth and death dates are from their Family Bible Record.

See also Coleman v.  Coleman file 139, Spotsylvania Co. Records.





From (2)379 William Coleman /Mary Unknown


(2)529 WILLIAM D. COLEMAN        of Caroline Co. VA

                            m.  cousin Sarah F. Coleman Jerroll (2)552,

                            a widow, daughter of Farish Coleman

                            and Catherine Rogers


(2)530 HORACE COLEMAN        b.  1790 of Spotsylvania Co. VA

                            d.  Friday, 18 Dec 1846 (or 23 Dec)   

                            m.  Nancy Littlepage Thompson, widow

                            \(MrsAnna E. Thompson\)

The dates on Horace are from Vital Statistics from Kentucky Newspapers, Kentucky Obituaries 1787-1854 (Kentucky Observer and Reporter\).  Horace and Nancy lived in Fayette Co. KY in 1831.  They had at least two children: Marquis Coleman (1828-1895) who married cousin Margaret Hayes (2)1013, and Colonel Cicero Coleman.  Nancy had at least one child by her first marriage, Pike M. Thompson, who married Elizabeth Goodwin (2)1512.


(2)531 ELIZABETH COLEMAN        m.  cousin Richard Coleman (2)548                                    26 Mar 1814 in Spotsylvania Co.


Richard was the only child of Farish and Ann Coleman.  He and Elizabeth had no children.  Around the time of Elizabethís death, Richard was widely known as a drunkard.


(2)532 STOKELY COLEMAN        d.  unmarried by 10 May 1821

                        \(DB W, p. 430, Spotsylvania Co. Records\)


(2)533 ANN W. COLEMAN        b.  1800       

                    d.  14 Aug 1882

                    m.  26 Dec 1821 cousin Robert S. Coleman (2)525                             son of Robert S. Coleman and Mary Littlepage

    \(The birth and death dates for Ann were taken from the Family Bible Record

    of her husband, Robert S. Coleman.\)





From (2)383 Thomas Coleman/Rebecca Kay


(2)534 ROBERT COLEMAN        m.  Sarah Unknown


(2)535 FARISH COLEMAN        m.  29 Mar 1798 Culpeper Co.

                    Elizabeth Camp

    Elizabeth was a daughter of John Camp of Culpeper Co. who died 1801.


(2)536 NANCY COLEMAN        m.  William Chandler and had:

    "Ann"            Thomas Coleman Chandler


(2)537 PEGGY COLEMAN        d.  1846

                    m.  cousin Robert Spilsbe Coleman (2)546


(2)538 THOMAS COLEMAN        d.  ca. before 1829 Adair Co. KY

                        m.  27 Dec 1804 Spotsylvania Co. VA

                    Nancy Shirley

Nancy was a daughter of John Shirley and Frances Yates of Caroline Co. Thomas and

Nancy moved to Kentucky ca. 1810/12.  Thomas was a wealthy farmer and slaveholder.


(2)539 PAMELIA COLEMAN        d.  1828

                        m.  18 Dec 1809 George Yates Shirley

                        brother of Nancy above.

    Pamelia and George settled in Adair Co. KY and had Rebecca Shirley who

    married Ingram Nunn.


(2)540 SALLY COLEMAN        m.  cousin Francis Coleman (2)545


    Sally was his first wife.  They had no children.   



(2)541 REBECCA K. COLEMAN        d.  prior to 4 Feb 1846 \(WB R, p. 506,

                        Spotsylvania Co. Records\)

                        m.  13 June 1810 Guilelmus Smith

                        No issue                       

Guilelmus Smith owned a considerable amount of property and was well-known in his community as a good businessman.  Unfortunately, he became heavily indebted around 1840.  On 3 Feb 1843, he assigned his holdings to his brother-in-law James Coleman and his friend Stapleton Crutchfield.  \(DB KK, p. 279, Spotsylvania Co. Records\) The property was sold and the proceeds used to pay off creditors.  \(WB R, p. 111 Spotsylvania Co. Records\)


(2)542 JAMES COLEMAN        Will probated 3 May 1875 \(WB Y, p. 519

                        Spotsylvania Co. Records\)

                        m.  Lucy Stewart (d.  30 Jul 1832)

                        daughter of John and Lucy Stewart

                        of Spotsylvania Co.


(2)543 NELLIE COLEMAN        Will probated 4 May 1857 \(WB V, p. 182

                        Spotsylvania Co. Records\)

                        m.  John Duerson (will probated 6 Mar 1848

                        WB S, p. 275, Spotsylvania Co. Records\)

        Nellie left her entire estate to daughter Salina who had not married.


Note: Robert and Farish did not receive an inheritance from their father because Thomas had provided for them during his lifetime.  \(WB G, p. 77, Spotsylvania Co. Records\)

Some dates are from a Family Bible.




From (2)385 Spilsbe Coleman/Mary Chandler


(2)544 BENJAMIN COLEMAN        d.  Will probated 10 Apr 1854 \(WB 29,

                            p. 61 Caroline Co. Records\)

                            m.  23 Oct 1809 Caroline Co.

                            Elizabeth D. Chandler

                            \(Will probated 13 Nov 1781, WB 34,

                            p. 164 Caroline Co.\)

Benjamin is on the 1850 VA Census with Elizabeth (age 57).  He was a farmer ($11,580) and 65 yrs.  old.  From Caroline Co. VA Historical Papers Box 2, Mutual Assurance Policies: 18 Apr 1816.  Benjamin Coleman./a> insures his house on his land situated between Samuel Coleman, William Burrus and John Taylor \(Caroline Co. VA Court Records 1742-1833, Hopkins\).  9 Dec 1821, Caroline Co. VA Court Records Box 1 #26675 Folder #3 1809-1823: John Halley and Polly Halley his wife to Benjamin Coleman, 2 acres and a water grist mill bought from Timothy Chandler and adjoining the said Chandler and Thomas Meaux.  Wit: William Chandler, Merriday Haley and Matthew Campbell.  From Folder #4, Deeds 1823-1846, 8 Nov 1829: Benjamin Coleman and Elizabeth Coleman his wife to Hugh Chandler 373-3/4 acres bounded by the lands of Hawes Coleman and the estate of Samuel Chiles.  20 Jan 1832: Benjamin Coleman and Elizabeth D. Coleman his wife to Therit Towles of Spotsylvania Co. one half of the grist mill on Black Rock Run formerly owned by John Smith and James Smith.  From Caroline Co. VA Chancery Suits, Box 4, Ca-Cu, 13 May 1834: Madison B. Smith states that he has sold his land and mill in Spotsylvania Co. to his father-in-law, Benjamin Coleman.


(2)545 FRANCIS COLEMAN        d.  A partial settlement of his estate was re-

            corded on 2 Sep 1839 \(WB Q, pp. 26, 29)

            m.  (1) cousin Sally Coleman (2)540, no issue

            (2) 8 Nov 1810 Spotsylvania Co.

                Sally Goodloe, dau.  of George Goodloe


(2)546 ROBERT SPILSBE COLEMAN    d.  7 Dec 1835 \(DB H, p.311 Spotsylvania Co.\)                            m.  ca 1806 cousin Peggy Coleman (2)537                        

(2)547 EDMUND COLEMAN        d.  unmarried 1817       



Some information on Benjamin Coleman from William "Ed" Kutz of Concord CA





From (2)386 Farish Coleman/Ann Coleman/Catherine Rogers


1st Marriage:


(2)548 RICHARD COLEMAN        m.  cousin Elizabeth Coleman (2)531

                            26 Mar 1814, no issue.

        By the time Elizabeth died, Richard was widely known as a drunkard.



2nd Marriage:


(2)549 LUCY COLEMAN            m.  14 Apr 1817 Caroline Co.

                            Henry Wright



(2)550 ELIZABETH R. COLEMAN    m.  14 Apr 1811 Caroline Co.

                            Benjamin Marshall and had:

                                Ann Maria Marshall

                                Susan Margaret Marshall

                                Benjamin F. Marshall


(2)551 THERESA COLEMAN        m.  1 Feb 1815 Caroline Co.

                            Ira Wright



(2)552 SARAH FRANCES COLEMAN    m.  (1) 10 Jan 1810 James Jerroll and had:

                                John Coleman Jerroll

                            (2) cousin William D. Coleman (2)529

                            (3) Robert Wood       




From (2)389 James Coleman/Elizabeth Coleman


(2)553 THOMAS COLEMAN    b.  ca. 1775 of Orange Co. VA

                        d.  ca. 1 Oct 1856

                        m.  27 Oct 1796 Caroline Co. VA

                        Elizabeth Kay

(2)554 JAMES COLEMAN        Will dated 10 Apr 1825, probated 25 Jul 1825

                        Orange Co. VA \(WB 6, p. 265)

                        m.  cousin Elizabeth L. Coleman, (2)584                        

Jamesí will: Executors: wife Elizabeth, John W. Sale, William Stevens.  Witnesses: Joseph Coleman, Jr., John Humphreys, John T. Moore, one child, Elizabeth F. Coleman.  (A Digest of Orange Co. VA Will Books 1734-1838, Ruth and Sam Sparacio 1987)


(2)555 WILSON COLEMAN    d.  1818 Orange Co. VA, estate account with

                        Thomas Coleman Administrator, settled 27

                        Oct 1819, recorded 22 Nov 1819

                        m.  11 Mar 1806 Amherst Co. VA

                        cousin Lucy Coleman (2)564


Wilson died intestate.  On 28 Sep 1818, letters of administration were granted on his estate to his brother Thomas Co.eman \(WB 5, p. 277 Orange Co.\) Brother James Coleman and his wife Elizabeth conveyed property on 20 Feb 1825 to Thomas Coleman as Administrator of Wilsonís estate for the benefit of Wilsonís children.  The names of his children appear in the deed, and James is named a brother.  \(DB 31, p. 134 Orange Co\) DB 27, p. 37 Orange Co., shows Wilson acquiring control of his fatherís plantation "Orange Springs" on 6 Aug 1816 from his brothers and sisters and their spouses: Thomas Coleman, Catherine Sale, James Coleman and Elizabeth Grasty.

(2)556 ELIZABETH COLEMAN    m.  (1) 25 Sep 1797 Orange Co. VA

                            George Morton, Jr. (d.  1802)

                        m.  (2) 26 Mar 1804 Goodrich Lightfoot Grasty                                 (b.  1773, will proved 24 Jul 1824, Orange Co.

                            WB 8, pp. 25-32)

(2)557 SARAH COLEMAN        b.  27 Nov 1782 (Douglas Register\)

        "Sally"            m.  24 Nov 1800 Orange Co. VA

                        cousin Robert L. Coleman (2)562


        Robert and Sally lived in Amherst Co. VA.


(2)558 NANCY COLEMAN            b.  after 1783       

Nancy Coleman died unmarried on 16 Jan 1808.  Her sister and brother-in-law, Sarah and Robert L. Coleman, conveyed to Wilson Coleman a 1/6th interest in "Orange Springs", the portion allotted to Nancy in the settlement of her fatherís estate.  \(DB 24, p. 286, Orange Co. VA\)

Supplement to Pamunkey Neighbors, p. 6, says Nancy was under 14 in 1797.


(2)559 POLLY COLEMAN            b.  after 1783


Polly Coleman died intestate and unmarried in 1815.  Her brother James and his wife Elizabeth conveyed their interest in Pollyís estate to Wilson Coleman on 22 Aug 1815.  \(DB 27, p. 317, Orange Co. VA\)

(2)560 CATHERINE COLEMAN        b.  after 1783

                            m.  13 June 1814 John W. Sale (d.1864)                       

Johnís will, probated 22 Apr 1864, did not mention Catherine\(WB 12, p. 531, Orange Co.\)

            Issue: Robert C. Sale

            John S. Sale

            Catherine E. Sale.




From (2)391 Lindsay Coleman/Lucy Penn


(2)561 JOHN COLEMAN        b.  1777 (83 yrs.  old on 1860 Amherst Co. Census\)

                        d.  after 1860

                        m.  30 Apr 1803 Amherst Co. VA

                        Sarah "Sally" Powell (1785-1852)

From his father, John inherited 570 acres "where he lives".  Sallyís will was dated 19 Feb 1851.  A codicil was added on 15 Apr 1851 and the will was proved 19 Jul 1852.


(2)562 ROBERT L. COLEMAN    b.  1779

                        m.  24 Nov 1800 cousin Sarah Coleman (2)557

Robert inherited 729 acres under Buffalo Ridge from his father.  He and Sarah lived in Amherst Co. Va.  \(See WB 4, p. 593 Amherst Co.\)


(2)563 EDMUND T. COLEMAN    Will probated 20 May 1817

                        \(WB 5, p. 648, Amherst Co. VA\)

                        m.  Mildred Unknown

After Edmund died, Mildred married John B. Duncan on 9 Nov 1819 Amherst Co.

John was guardian to her two children by Edmund T. Coleman.


(2)564 LUCY COLEMAN        m.  11 Mar 1806 Amherst Co. VA

                        cousin Wilson Coleman (2) 555


        Wilson and Lucy lived in Caroline and Orange Cos.


(2)565 POLLY C. COLEMAN    m.  19 Dec 1809 Amherst Co. VA

                        Robert Moore

Polly inherited slaves, a house and a lot in Lynchburg VA from her father.  \(WB 4, p. 593 Amherst Co.\)


(2)566 GEORGE L. COLEMAN    Nothing further known of him.





From (2)392 Caleb Coleman/Anner Wortham


(2)567 LINDSAY COLEMAN        b.  1776 Spotsylvania Co. VA

                            d.  4 Oct 1821 Richmond Co. GA

                            m.  ca. 1797 in Georgia, Sarah Stubbs


Sarah was born 1778 GA and died 31 Jul 1835 Richmond Co. GA, a daughter of Captain James Stubbs and Mary Eliza Scott.  On 3 January 1801: John Scott and Lindsey Coleman acknowledge receipt of their share of the estate of Caleb Coleman, deceased.  (Minutes 1791-1818, Richmond Co. GA, p. 257, Historical Collections of the GA DAR, p. 324, Vol. II, 1929.)

(2)568 ELIZA ANN COLEMAN        b.  22 Nov 1779 Spotsylvania Co. VA

                            m.  3 May 1795 Bedford, Richmond Co. GA

                            General John Scott                            

John Scott was born 6 Jan 1773 VA and died 26 Nov 1839 ALEliza and John were both adopted by her uncle Reuben Coleman and his wife LucyAfter their marriage, Eliza and John moved to Scottsboro, GA when he was commissioned to build the new capitol building at nearby Milledgeville, GA.  In 1818 Eliza and John moved to Cahaba, Dallas Co. AL.  In 1828, John moved his family to Lowndes Co. AL where he became one of the founders of Montgomery, AL.  John and Eliza are buried in their family graveyard on Pintlala Creek in Lowndes Co.

(2)569 ELLIOTT COLEMAN        b.  ca. 1786

        \(Major\)                d.  4 Feb 1814 Milledgeville, GA

                            m.  Sophia Clayton

Elliottís death date is from the Georgia Journal, Milledgeville, GA 9 Feb 1814.  He and Sophia both died young, leaving one child, Eliza Elliott Coleman who was then raised by her Aunt Eliza and Uncle John Scott.  On 21 Nov 1829 in Savannah GA, Eliza married Joseph B. Greene of Columbus, GA.


Samuel was born after his fatherís death on 6 Jan 1788.  He was mentioned in the will of his stepfather, Nathaniel Pearre, probated 20 Dec 1802: "to receive property of his father Caleb Coleman, which I hold in trust, as well as his Uncle Reuben Colemanís estate." Columbia Co. GA Early Wills & Abstracts, by Joseph Maddox and Mary Carter.  Nothing further is known of Samuel.   


Coleman World, 96-1, p. 5 Charlotte Gore Boykin, Jackson MS

and Louis M. Finlay Jr. of Jackson, AL





From (2)393 Clayton Coleman/Mary Baptist



                b.  31 Mar 1776 Spotsylvania Co. (gravestone)

                d.  13 Jan 1827 Spotsylvania    Co. (gravestone)

                m.  2 June 1803 Mecklenburg Co. VA

                Matilda Baptist, daughter of William Glanville Baptist

        Matilda was b.  3 Jun 1780, d.  26 Aug 1825 (gravestone).       


(2)572 ELIZABETH HARRIS COLEMAN        m.  William Lee Harris of

                                Albermarle Co., son of

                                Lee and Elizabeth Harris

Issue: Lee H. Harris, Carter B. Harris (m.  Elizabeth Shelton\), Nancy Harris, Sarah L. Harris and Mary Harris who died young (from Kentucky Historical Magazine, Vol. 10, p. 30).


(2)573 MARY HARRIS COLEMAN    m.  John Harris (Kentucky Historical Magazine

            "Molly"    Vol 10, p. 107)

        They had three sons and four daughters.


(2)574 SALLY LINDSEY COLEMAN b.  after 1779

                        m.  5 Aug 1805 Spotsylvania Co.

                            William James Cropp

        Sally and James moved to Kentucky.


(2)575 NANCY COLEMAN        m.  Mathew Harris (Kentucky Historical Magazine

                        Vol. 10, p. 30)

        Nancy and Mathew "went south early", and had a family.




From (2)396 George Coleman/Judith Harris


(2)576 WILLIAM COLEMAN        d.  by 1840 Amherst Co. VA

                            Pedlar District


This may be the William Coleman./a> who married Dolly East on 19 Feb 1829 in Amherst Co. VA.  From Amherst Co. VA Courthouse Miniatures compiled by Bailey F. Davis, 1964: 10:390 Land division recorded 20 Sep 1841.  At September Court 1840, motion of Lindsey Coleman, administrator of William Coleman, deceased, to divide land owned jointly by Richard S. Ellis./a> and William Coleman.  Commissioners: Robert H. Carter, William B. Rucker, Pitt Woodruff, John Davis, Samuel C. Gibson.  Plat: both sides of PedlarLines of William Pryor, John Davis, Amos Bryant, et al, 594 Ĺ acres surveyed by agreement on 6 Nov 1840 for division between Richard S. Ellis and legatees of Colonel William Coleman, deceased.  2661/2 acres to Coleman heirs, and 328 to Richard S. Ellis.  \(Richard Ellis d.  ca. Apr 1846.)


(2)577 REUBEN COLEMAN        m.  14 Jul 1804 in Amherst Co. VA

                            Belinda Taliaferro

A division of Reubenís estate was made among his children on 16 Jan 1826.  \(WB 6, p. 647 Amherst Co.\) On 23 May 1832, Francis R. Coleman qualified as guardian of Reubenís two daughters, Mary and Margaret, called orphans.  His other two children, Robert L. and Lucy Caroline, were said to be "of full age" by 17 Sep 1832.


(2)578 ROBERT H. COLEMAN        Nothing further known of him.



(2)579 LINDSEY COLEMAN        b.  1787 (63 yrs.  old on 1850

                            Amherst Co. Census\)

                            d.  Will probated 19 Jun 1876

                            \(WB 19, p. 198 Amherst Co.\)

                            m.  (1) 18 Oct 1809 Amherst Co. VA

                                Nancy Taliaferro

                            (2) 27 May 1830 Isabella G. Read

                                (b.  1787 d.  by 1870)

        Lindsey was on the Amherst Co. VA Census from 1810-1870.




From (2)397 Joseph Coleman/Elizabeth L. Harris


(2)580 JOHN HARRIS COLEMAN            b.  1798 Albermarle Co. VA

                                d.  1870 Albermarle Co. VA

                                m.  1 May 1820 Albermarle Co. VA

                                Sarah Nicholas

(2)581 REUBEN LINDSEY COLEMAN        b.  13 May 1807

            \(Reverend\)                d.  Will probated 5 Dec 1882 \(WB 29,

                                p. 433 Albermarle Co.\)

                                m.  17 Jul 1846 Albermarle Co. VA

                                Eliza Elliott Hart

Reuben and Eliza had: Reuben L. Coleman and Marian Coleman.  Rev.  Coleman and his wife were the letter writers found in Descendants of Francis Morgan concerning the Coleman family.


(2)582 GEORGE W. COLEMAN            m.  5 Jan 1841 Orange Co. VA

                                Mary Ann Grasty


(2)584 ELIZABETH LINDSEY COLEMAN    m.  cousin James Coleman (2)554







From (1)398 Frances Coleman/Joseph Graves


(2)586 NANCY GRAVES            b.  27 May 1765

                            d.  12 Aug 1844

                            m.  6 Sep 1782 James Coleman Goodwin son

                            of Peter Goodwin/Ann Coleman (5)2222

                            James b.  29 Mar 1761, d.  7 Feb 1814

(2)587 JOHN C. GRAVES            b.  13 Apr 1767

                            d.  14 Apr 1840 KY

                            m.  Elizabeth Parrish

                            had John Coleman Graves

(2)588 JOSEPH THOMAS GRAVES         b.  10 Jul 1769

                                d.  6 Jul 1826

                                m.  26 Oct 1790 Mary Goodwin

                                b.  28 Sep 1772 d.  11 Jan 1815

(2)589 BENJAMIN FRANKLIN GRAVES        b.  1771


Benjamin was killed at the massacre after the Battle of the River Raisin in January 1813.  He married (1) Mary Boxley, daughter of Thomas Boxley.  Mary died Spotsylvania Co. 1803 \(WB F, p. 362).  Benjamin married (2) Polly Dudley and had a daughter, Elizabeth Graves, who married a Mr. Chambers and lived in Missouri.  By 1805, Benjamin was married to Polly Dudley and living in Fayette Co. KY.  Graves Co. Ky was named for him.


(2)590 SALLY GRAVES            b.  ca. 1774

                            d.  12 Feb 1832

                            m.  William Ball Chinn

                            b.  14 Feb 1770 d.  17 Feb 1830

(2)591 POLLY GRAVES            b.  1776

                            d.  by Dec 1843

                            m.  Joseph Chinn, brother of William Ball Chinn


(2)592 EUNICE HAWES GRAVES        b.  1778

                            d.  18 Apr 1857 unmarried


(2)593 GEORGE GRAVES            b.  21 Mar 1780

                            d.  6 Sep 1831

                    m.  (1) 14 Aug 1800

                    cousin Mary A. Blaydes (2)601

                            Mary died 14 Jun 1813

                            (2) 16 Aug 1813

                            cousin Polly Winston Coleman (2)607



(2)594 HAWES GRAVES            b.  1782    d.  Tennessee

                            m.  (1) cousin Eunice Hawes Blaydes (2)602                                (2) Ann Bibb White (d.  24 Nov 1830, 32

                                yrs.  old, dau of John White/Martha Key.


(2)595 THOMAS COLEMAN GRAVES    b.  1785

        Killed after the Battle of the River Raisin in January 1813, never married.



Some Lines of the Graves Family in the Blue Grass Region of Kentucky and Their Connections, by MrsSarah Graves Clark, CaptJohn McKinley Chapter, DAR Lexington, Kentucky

Much more information on the family and descendants of Joseph and Francis Coleman Graves is found on this Graves Family Website




From (1)399 Mary Ann Coleman/William Blaydes


(2)596 FRANCES BLAYDES        b.  Monday, 5 Nov 1770

                            m.  Schyler Harris of Albermarle Co.


(2)597 ELIZABETH BLAYDES        b.  25 Jan 1773

                            m.  22 Dec 1789, Spotsylvania Co. VA

                            Hugh Goodwin

                            (b.  27 Feb 1770 of Louisa Co. VA\)


(2)598 JOHN COLEMAN BLAYDES    b.  23 May 1775

        "Uncle Jack"            d.  1860   

                            m.  Polly Bibb Key

                            (b.  7 Aug 1779 d.  1867)


(2)599 WILLIAM HAWES BLAYDES    b.  8 Feb 1777

                            d.  Clark Co. KY (will admitted to probate in

                            April 1834)

                            m.  Elizabeth Chiles (d.  1843) Clark Co. KY

Elizabeth was a daughter of Henry Chiles and Sarah Cheadle.  William and Elizabeth lived in Fayette Co. KY in 1810.


(2)600 NANCY BLAYDES            b.  27 Nov 1778

                            m.  Matthew Harris of Nelson Co. VA


(2)601 MARY ANN BLAYDES        b.  15 Dec 1781

                            m.  cousin, George Graves (1)593

                            in Fayette Co. KY.

Georgeís second wife was cousin Polly Winston Coleman (2)607.                                


(2)602 EUNICE HAWES BLAYDES    b.  1783

"Nicey"            m.  cousin Hawes Graves (2)594

                            in Fayette Co. KY





From (2)400 John Coleman/Molly Coleman/Lucy Chiles


1st Marriage:

(2)603 GEORGE COLEMAN George m.  Nancy Woodson Chiles, dau.  of Henry Chiles

                    of Caroline Co. George emigrated to Kentucky and

                    lived in Bath, Montgomery and Clark Counties.

[Editor's Note: For Children of George Coleman, see Warren Coleman's data at:]

(2)604 LINDSEY COLEMAN Died in Kentucky.

(2)605 HAWES COLEMAN     d.  by 23 Nov 1838 \(DB 40, p. 351 Caroline Co. VA\)

                m.  2 Jan 1809 Caroline Co. Maria Woolfolk,

                daughter of John G. Woolfolk

(2)606 JOHN WINSTON COLEMAN    b.  1801 d.  1832 or 1850

                    m.  22 May 1822 Louisa Sutton (1806-1829)

                    daughter of David Sutton

2nd Marriage:

(2)607 POLLY WINSTON COLEMAN b.  24 Oct 1791 d.  7 Dec 1864 Lexington KY

                m.  16 Aug 1813 cousin George Graves (2)593

(2)608 SAMUEL L. COLEMAN    b.  7 Nov 1804 d.  16 Nov 1884 Fayette Co. KY

                        m.  22 Nov 1825 his 2nd cousin, Elizabeth Chapman

                        Graves** (2)922


(2)609 MARY ANN COLEMAN    b.  24 Dec 1807    d.  4 May 1867 MtSterling, KY

                m.  Nelson Prewitt

(2)610 NANCY COLEMAN     b.  28 May 1810 d.  18 Jun 1885 Fayette Co. KY

                            m.  Thomas Tabb Hayes b.  16 Aug 1805 d.  15 Feb 1891

(2)611 J. CHILES COLEMAN    m.  Mary Montgomery Preston

(2)612 SARAH E.E. COLEMAN    b.  31 Oct 1818 d.  7 Nov 1823


**Some Lines of The Graves Family in The Blue Grass Region of Ky and Their Connections, by MrsSara Graves Clark, CaptJohn McKinley Chapter, DAR Lexington KY.





From (2)401 Hawes Coleman/Nancy "Ann" Harris



                b.  1787 Nelson Co.         d.  1842

                m.  30 May 1811 cousin Ann Hawes (1793-1852) daughter of

                Richard Hawes, and sister of Governor Hawes of Kentucky.

                (Register of The KY Historical Society, Vol. 10, p. 107


            b.  22 Aug 1788, will probated 23 Sep 1867 Nelson Co. WB M, p.441

            m.  (1) 6 Oct 1816 Sarah Woods, no issue.

            (2) by 1823 Dorothy "Dolly" Lewis* dau.  of DrJohn Lewis and

            sister of Sallie Lewis (2nd wife of Spencer Coleman (2)403)

            Issue: Waller Lewis Coleman b.  6 Jun 1827, d.  8 Jun 1828

            (3) 14 Dec 1842 Mary Crouch (aunt to 4th wife), no issue.

                Mary died ca. 6 Sep 1855.**

            (4) 26 Sep 1856 Sallie Virginia Sneed, had Sally Royal Coleman.

                Sallie m.  2nd Robert H. Vaughn of Richmond VA \(DB 23,

                p. 196 Nelson Co.\)   

Hawes inherited "Valley Mont" in Rockfish Valley, Nelson Co., from his father. 

(2)615 MARY HAWES COLEMAN    b.  20 May 1790    d.  1824

                        m.  1811 John Warner Harris

                (d.  24 Aug 1828**)

Mary and John Harris had William W. Harris, Mary Elizabeth Ann Harris (m.  cousin Hawes

Harris Coleman (2)1025) and Ann Harris (d.  24 Aug 1828).

(2)616 JOHN JAY COLEMAN    b.  11 Apr 1797 "Wintergreen" Nelson Co. VA

                    d.  Will prob.  25 Jul 1870 \(WB N, p. 110, Nelson Co.\)

                    m.  17 Jun 1819 Catherine "Kitty" Walker Hawes

                    (1800-1876) sister of Ann Hawes who m.  William

                    Coleman above

John inherited "Wintergreen" in Rockfish Valley, Nelson Co. from his father.  On 10 Nov

1827, he moved his family and negroes to KY where he lived for 5 years before returning to

VirginiaJohn was a planter.


*Notes from an account book of James Brent of Nelson Co. VA and parts of the diary of his son Landon

Haines Brent.  \(Susy Martin\)

**Obituary Notices in The Religious Herald, Richmond VA 1828-1838 With Dates of Publication sent by William "Ed" Kutz of Concord CA





From (2)402 Samuel Coleman/Sarah Coleman


(2)617 ROBERT COLEMAN        Unmarried


(2)618 CLAYTON COLEMAN         d.  1848 Caroline Co. VA

                        m.  Elizabeth B. Cross (d.  1 Mar 1867, WB 34,

                        p. 398, Caroline Co.\) daughter of Oliver

                        Cross and Sarah Harris of Hanover Co. VA

Lived at "Crowís Nest", inherited from his father \(DB 40, p. 112, Caroline Co.\) Claytonís will was probated in 1848 Caroline Co., but destroyed with other court records by Federal troops during the War Between The States.  A copy of his will, with depositions and a petition, was re-probated in 1867.  The petition listed the names of his children and some of his grandchildren.  \(WB 34, p. 398 Caroline Co.\)


(2)619 REBECCA COLEMAN         m.  12 May 1824 Caroline Co. VA

                        Thomas Bosher

After her husband died, Rebecca gave her property to her nephews Samuel C. Gatewood and John N. Gatewood with the stipulation that they take care of her during her life.  22 Dec 1838 \(DB 40, p. 342 Caroline Co.\)


(2)620 NANCY COLEMAN        Unmarried


(2)621 FRANCES COLEMAN        d.  1853

    "Frankey"            m.  ca. 1800 John Gatewood, Caroline Co. VA

                        (d.  1846-1851 DB NN p. 472 Spots.  Co.\)


(2)622 EUNICE HAWES COLEMAN    d.  1879

"Little Nicie"    m.  1800, Major William Harris Diggs, son of

        John Diggs of Nelson Co. VA

Eunice and William had: William S. (m.  Sarah E. Coleman (2)1050), Robert, Rebecca Coleman (m.  Spencer Coleman (2)627), Mary J. (m.  1st John C. Durrett, 2nd W.M. Tomkins\), Eunice Hawes.  (m.  Albert G. Chewning\), Lucettia and Sarah S. Diggs (m.  George Washington Carter\).


(2)623 SAMUEL COLEMAN    d.  1862, lived at "Marl Hill", Caroline Co. VA

                    m.  (1) 16 Dec 1804 Caroline Co. VA

                        Ann DeJarnette, daughter of

                        Joseph DeJarnette and Mary Hampton

                    (2) Mary D. Withers, daughter of    Edward Withers

                        and Mary De Jarnette \(Mary D. Withers was a

                        niece of Ann DeJarnette, Samuelís first wife.)   

After the wife of Samuelís father died in 1797, the senior Samuel may have married again, to a woman named Susannah, surname unknown:

From <I>Virginia Revolutionary War Land Grant Claims 1783-1850 \(Rejected\): Deed Samuel Coleman of Caroline Co., possessed of 664 acres and slaves Joe, Ned, Tener, Charlotte, Caesar, James, Eliza, Robert, Tom, Rose, Hannah, Washington, Moses, Mercer, George, Polly and her child George, Farsee, Richard, Esther, Tansy, John, Albert, Atera and Lucy, and various items, vested in the tract adjoining part I am in possession of, expectant on life estate of my mother Susannah Coleman, 213 acres and Ĺ of a tract called "Crowís Nest" 175 acres purchased by my father, the late Samuel Coleman, from John Sutton 3 Mar 1827.  I, as part of 1st part, Edward Wethers (sic) of Stafford Co. as party of 2nd part, and Mary D. Coleman, now wife of said Samuel, and Samuel, Reuben S., Robert E. and John W. Coleman, children of said Samuel and Mary of 3rd part, for love and affection.  3 May 1827.  /s/ Samuel Coleman, Mary D. Coleman. 



These children are also mentioned in The ĎBelfieldí Fitzpatricks and ĎElimí Colemans by Reba Fitzpatrick Lea, 1958, p. 319




From (2)403 Spencer Coleman/Elizabeth Goodwin


(2)624 ROBERT GOODWIN COLEMAN        b.  24 Apr 1788

        \(Reverend\)                d.  13 Sep 1840

                                m.  Caroline Rebecca Jane Harris


Caroline, born 11 Jan 1789, died 4 Jun 1839, was a daughter of William Harris and Elizabeth Tate.  Robert and Caroline settled near St. Louis, MOSee The Colemans, Fitzpatricks & Their Kin, p. 310, Reba Fitzpatrick Lea.  Dates are from gravestones in Babler Park Cemetery, St. Louis Co. MO.  Robert was a Baptist preacher, large landowner and slaveholder.


(2)625 JANE T. COLEMAN        b.  16 May 1790

                            d.  22 Mar 1815

                            m.  25 Dec 1808 Caroline Co. VA.

                            T. Daniel DeJarnette

T. Daniel was a son of Joseph DeJarnette and Mary Hampton.  Jane was his first wife.  T. Daniel was the only brother of Elliott DeJarnette who married Janeís sister Elizabeth.


(2)626 HULDAH HAWES COLEMAN    b.  17 Sep 1793 Spotsylvania Co. VA

                            d.  1 July 1861   

                            m.  21 Dec 1817 T. Daniel DeJarnette

                            (d.  20 Sep 1850) She was his 2nd wife.


(2)627 SPENCER COLEMAN, JR.        b.  7 Aug 1796        d.  1871

                            m.  1823 Rebecca Coleman Diggs

                            Nelson Co. See (2)622

Rebecca was born 1806 in Nelson Co. and died 1880 at "Elim", the Coleman home.  At that time, "Elim" consisted of 900 acres.  It was located 1-1/2 miles from Lewiston.  Rebeccaís will was probated 5 Apr 1880.  She was a daughter of William Harris Diggs and Nicie Hawes Coleman. 


(2)628 ELIZABETH GARLAND COLEMAN    b.  8 Jan 1796     d.  25 Aug 1863

        "Betsy"                m.  Elliott Hawes DeJarnette

Elliott was born 9 Dec 1788 and died 7 Sep 1857.  He was the only brother of T. Daniel DeJarnette who married two of Elizabethís sisters.  Elliott and Betsy lived at "Pine Forest" adjacent to "Elim", home of Spencer Coleman.


(2)629 LUCINDA COLEMAN        b.  26 Oct 1800

                            d.  1864

                            m.  1816 Henry Tyler

Henry and Lucinda lived at "Blenheim", Caroline Co. VA which they gave to their eldest son, George, before moving to Missouri.  From an article in the 16 Oct 1989 St. Louis Missouri Dispatch: Henry Tyler, his wife Lucinda Coleman, along with other Colemans moved to St. Louis Co. MO from Spotsylvania Co. VA in 1837.  The Tylers established a plantation that extended to the Missouri River and the Colemans bought adjacent land.  The plantations raised hemp, sheep, swine, wheat and corn.  By 1850, the Tyler holdings had dwindled to 853 acres and 42 slaves, but the property was still worth $10,000, an astronomical amount for that period.  The plantation prospered until the War Between the States.  The Tylers never recovered financially from the war and most of the family returned to Virginia.  In 1879, a map shows the house as L-shaped and was grand enough to have a ballroom.  The house has since burned down.  The map also showed two cemeteries, one of which was most likely for slaves.


(2)630 EUNICE ANN COLEMAN        m.  6 Jul 1824 Louisa Co. VA

            "Nicie"            Hugh Goodwin II (2)962 (b.  21 Dec 1800)

                            son of Hugh Goodwin and Elizabeth

                            Blaydes of Spotsylvania Co. VA

Eunice and Hugh resided at White Walnut, Louisa Co. VA and Hugh twice represented Louisa Co. in the State Legislature.


Tidewater Virginia Families Ė A Social History, by Virginia Lee Hutcheson Davis, Urbanna VA, 1989

Some information from The ĎBelfieldí Fitzpatricks and ĎElim" Colemans by Reba Fitzpatrick Lea, 1958




From (2)404 Francis Fargeson/Elizabeth Pendleton


(2)631 BENJAMIN FARGESON        b.  between 1760-1770 VA

                            d.  will probated 20 Aug 1832

                            Culpeper Co.

                            m.  1791 Lucy Pendleton (1767-1838)

                            Culpeper Co.

Benjamin and Lucy had 15 children.  Five moved to Illinois with Lucy after Benjaminís death.



(2)632 ANN FARGESON                m.  James Gaines Broaddus



(2)633 SUSANNAH FARGESON            m.  (1) 3 Mar 1792 Thomas Broaddus

                                (2) Henry White


From Richard Ward of Bradenton, FL





From (2)427 Elizabeth Nalle/James Sims


(2)634 MARY SIMS        d.  ca. 1820 Madison Co. VA

                    m.  1800 Charles Major, Madison Co. VA

                    son of Lodowick J. Major and Miss Jones                           


    Charles was born 3 Dec 1775 in Culpeper VA and died 25 Jun 1857 in Christian Co.




From Benjamin F. Dake III of Keizer, OR





From (2)437 Henry Coleman/Mary Ann Hutchinson


(2)635 SALLIE COLEMAN            d.  before 10 Feb 1817

                            m.  9 Jul 1808 James Thompson

(2)636 LUCY COLEMAN            b.  15 May 1775 Bourbon Co. KY

                            m.  William Moore of Harrison Co. KY

(2)637 MARY COLEMAN            m.  (1) 14 Apr 1797 Thomas Green

        "Polly"                (2) 22 Oct 1809 John Cason

                                (d.  21 Jan 1845)

(2)638 CATHERINE "Caty" COLEMAN        d.  1829

                                m.  26 May 1801 John Miller

(2)639 MARGARET COLEMAN        d.  22 Oct 1824

            "Peggy"            m.  24 Sep 1811 Kenady/Kennedy McMillan

Margaret was not yet married at the time her fatherís will was written on 14 Nov 1807.  Her death date is from the Harrison Co. KY Record, Book D, p. 276: "Body of Margaret McMillan was taken in the house of Kennedy McMillan in Harrison Co. on 22 Oct 1824.  An inquest was held and the verdict was Ďmurderí".  Margaretís family always believed that her husband had one of the negroes murder her, then helped him get away.  From the will of Margaretís mother, Mary Ann Hutchinson Coleman, dated 26 Jan 1826 \(Harrison Co. KY Court House, WB B, p. 457): "It is my will and desire that the 1/6 part of the estate left to my disposal is hereby given to the children of my daughter Margaret McMillan, deceased, for their entire benefit and to be left in the hands of my executors, Edward Coleman and William Moore, until they become of age.  My further will should either of the above heirs die, his or her portion shall go to the other children and in case all shall die before they become of age, it is to return to the heirs of Henry Coleman, deceased."

(2)640 SUCKY COLEMAN           

In her fatherís will dated 14 Nov 1807: "I have devised more property to my daughter Sucky than any of my other children and my reason for doing so is because she labors under a natural Infirmity and is not nor will she be capable of providing for herself."

(2)641 WILLIAM COLEMAN        b.  5 Dec 1786

                            m.  Ann Wood in Mason Co. KY

(2)642 EDWARD COLEMAN         Will dated 31 Oct 1850 probated 14 Jan 1851

                            m.  (1) Elizabeth "Betsy" Long

                            (2) Mary Long

Some information from Fred Westcott of Budd Lake, NJ





From (2)438 Robert Edward Coleman/Catherine Robinson


(2)643 JAMES COLEMAN            b.  6 Oct 1776 Spotsylvania Co. VA

                            d.  5 Jan 1844 Mercer Co. KY

                            m.  15 Feb 1799 Mary "Molly" Penny

                            She was b.  11 Mar 1783 Spotsylvania Co.

                            and d.  15 Aug 1854.

James and Mary moved to Mercer Co. KY in 1822.  At the time of his death, he owned a lot of land and about 100 slaves.


(2)644 MARTHA COLEMAN        Bap.  13 May 1781 Spotsylvania Co. VA

                            d.  1847 Mercer Co. KY

                            m.  1812 Andrew McFatridge (1775-1840)


(2)645 LUCRETIA COLEMAN        Bap.  20 Jul 1783 Spotsylvania Co. VA   

                            d.  as a small child


(2)646 SARAH ANN REEVES COLEMAN Bap.  13 Aug 1786 Spotsylvania Co. VA

                            m.  1809 Gabriel Alexander/Mercer Co. KY


(2)647 THOMAS COLEMAN        b.  ca. 1788 Spotsylvania Co.



(2)648 CATHERINE COLEMAN        m.  (1) 1816 George Talbot

                            (2) James Alexander


(2)649 GEORGE COLEMAN        b.  Spotsylvania Co. VA, no record of him in



(2)650 MARY COLEMAN            m.  3 Jan 1820 Matthew Gilkerson





From (2)439 James Coleman/Sarah Taylor


(2)651 MARY WADE COLEMAN        b.  1782

            "Polly"                d.  by 14 Nov 1825 (her fatherís will)

                            m.  1807 cousin John Sutton III (5)2590

                            (1780-1830) of Woodford Co. KY


(2)652 EDWARD SPILSBE COLEMAN    b.  1786        d.  1860

                            m.  Margaret Vaughn Blanton (1788-1860)

        Edward and his family lived at Colemanís Spring, S. Frankfort, KY in 1806.


(2)653 JAMES COLEMAN, JR.        d.  Oldham Co. KY

                            m.  (1) 3 Mar 1828 Sarah Taylor

                                Woodford Co. KY

                            (2) Mary \(Polly\) Taylor

                            (3) 1836 Mrs.  Martha Lawless Harris

                                of Jefferson Co. KY

(2)654 LUCINDA COLEMAN        m.  Geoffrey Bondurant in Woodford Co. KY

                            had: Coleman Bondurant (m.  Mary C.

                            Woolfolk (5)3335) and Joseph Bondurant


(2)655 CHAPMAN COLEMAN        b.  17 May 1793 d.  21 Jul 1850 KY

                            m.  Nov 1830 Mary Ann Crittenden, dau.  of

                            GovJohn J. Crittenden and Sarah O. Lee

        Chapman was with Andrew Jackson at the Battle of New Orleans.  Mary Ann was born

        5 May 1813 in Logan Co. KY and died 13 Feb 1891 in Jefferson Co. KY.  Chapman and

        Mary Ann lived in Louisville, KY.


(2)656 SARAH COLEMAN            m.  DrJohn James Thomasson, son of

                            Poindexter Thomasson and Sarah Dupuy

(2)657 CATHERINE COLEMAN        m.  1815 William Woods Woodford Co. KY

                            and had: Sarah Ann, James Henry and

                            William Coleman Woods (went to Missouri\)



Descendants of John Sutton and His Wife Temperance Lane, compiled by Goldsborough and Fisher, 1941.

Forks of Elkhorn Church, Ermina Jett Darnell




From (2)440 Thomas Coleman/Ann Pemberton

(2)658 WILLIAM COLEMAN        b.  ca. 1783 VA

                            m.  27 Jul 1813 Nancy Webb \(Wells\)

                            Warren Co. KY

        Issue: Thomas, Mary, Lucy (m.  Mr. Gassard\), Nancy (m.  Alvah Jackson\) and John Coleman

    1. Catherine Witherspoon 3 Nov 1834 and had Thomas E. (m.  Mahala Perkins\), William

Hardy (m.  Stella Pearson\) and James Larkin Coleman (m.  Sarah H. Moody\).

(2)659 BENJAMIN COLEMAN        b.  1785 VA    Married and went to Indiana

(2)660 JOHN W. COLEMAN        b.  1787 VA    d.  22 Jul 1847 Warren Co. KY

                            m.  12 Feb 1823 Mary Randell, Warren Co. KY               

(2)661 ELIZABETH COLEMAN        b.  1789 or 1792 VA

            "Betsy"            m.  9 or 10 Sep 1813 Michael Fraker in KY

(2)662 MARGARET COLEMAN        b.  1791 or 1800 VA

        "Peggy"            d.  before 4 Jan 1825 Warren Co. KY

                            m.  20 Aug 1816 Thales Morrison in KY

(2)663 NANCY COLEMAN            b.  ca. 1794 VA

                            m.  27/29 Oct 1821 James Witherspoon in KY

(2)664 MARY ANN COLEMAN        b.  1796 VA

"Polly" m.  15 Dec 1825 Enos Allen in KY

(2)665 DANIEL COLEMAN        b.  1798 VA

                            d.  ca. 8 Dec 1881 Warren Co. KY

                            m.  (1) Mary A. Hopkins

                            (2) 11 Nov 1841 Harriet Kirby

                                and had: George W., Julia and Fanny

(2)666 LARKIN P. COLEMAN        b.  19 Oct 1800 VA

                            d.  7 Nov 1861 Warren Co. KY

                            m.  10 Jun/26 Aug 1824 Jane Breedlove

                            (b.  18 May 1808 d.  4 Jul 1877 KY\)

                            daughter of William Breedlove/Mary Watts


(2)667 THOMAS COLEMAN, JR.        b.  ca. 1803 VA

                            m.  Elizabeth C. Cage

(2)668 SALLY COLEMAN                                                   

From Charlotte Coleman Burt and Elizabeth Tomlinson





From (2)443 Catherine Coleman/Reuben Waggoner


(2)669 ELIZABETH WAGGONER     m.  John Ingram and had:

                            Elijah Ingram

                            John Ingram m.  Elizabeth Price

                            Esther Ingram m.  Thomas Colley

(2)670 ANDREW WAGGONER        m.  Frances Unknown and had:

                            Elizabeth Waggoner m.  1830 James Creel

                            There were other children, unknown.

(2)671 EDMUND M. WAGGONER    m.  Jane Montgomery and had:

                            Mary Waggoner m.  1827 Timoleon Cravens

                            There were other children, unknown.

(2)672 MATILDA WAGGONER        m.  1806 Simeon Creel and had:

                            Mariah Creel m.  1827 John Holladay

                            There were 13 other children.

(2)673 MARY H. WAGGONER        m.  1810 Jeremiah Hatcher and had:

                            Catherine Hatcher m.  1833

                            James S. Cowherd and had:

                                Drucella Cowherd m.  1863 Felix Blakey

                                Lucretia Cowherd m.  Caswell Kinnaird


        In addition to Catherine, there were 10 other children.


(2)674 MALINDA WAGGONER        m.  1814 Elijah Creel and had:

                            Reuben W. Creel m.  1837 Mary J. Howe

                            Charles E. H. Creel

                            Ermine Catherine Creel m.  Mr. Peters

(2)675 BENJAMIN F. WAGGONER    m.  1826 Julia Ann Allen



(2)676 GREENSBY WAGGONER        d.  1837 Adair Co. KY   




From (2) 444 Phoebe Coleman/Robert Hutchinson






(2)681 FRANCES HUTCHINSON            m.  James White

(2)682 CATY HUTCHINSON            m.  Joseph Keen

(2)683 SALLY HUTCHINSON             m.  John Marsh


Sally and Johnís daughter, Phoebe Marsh, was born about 1798 in KY and died after 1870 in Gallatin Co. KY.  Phoebe married 3 Dec 1812 William Gilbert in Harrison Co. KY


(2)685 LUCRETIA "Lucy" HUTCHINSON    b.  1764        d.  1840

                                m.  John Kersey






From (2)445 Anne Covington/LeRoy Hill


(2)687 WILLIAM HARRISON HILL    b.  23 Jun 1775 Culpeper Co. VA

                            d.  25 Apr 1849 Pickaway Co. OH

                            m.  1799 Margaret Florence

                            \(Hampshire Co.WV\)

                            b.  21 Oct 1770 Fauquier Co. VA

                            d.  9 Nov 1844 Pickaway Co. OH

                            Daughter of William Florence/Mary Nash

(2)688 LeROY HILL                b.  1777 Culpeper Co. VA

                            m.  1810 Sara Hutchinson

                            \(Hampshire Co. WV\)

(2)689 ROBERT C. HILL            b.  1779 Culpeper Co. VA

                            d.  1838 Clark Co. OH

                            m.  1810 Margaret Unknown \(Hampshire Co. WV\)

(2)690 CATHERINE HILL            b.  1783 Culpeper Co. VA

                            m.  15 Oct 1822 William Coleman

(2)691 THOMAS HILL            b.  1785 Culpeper Co. VA


(2)692 MARGARET HILL            b.  1788 Culpeper Co. VA

                            d.  1858 Clark Co. OH

                            m.  Thomas Franklin Florence

(2)693 FRANCIS C. HILL            b.  11 Sep 1791 Hampshire Co. WV

                            d.  31 Oct 1837 Pickaway Co. OH

                            m.  22 Dec 1816 Nancy Florence

                            in Pickaway Co. OH

(2)694 SUSAN HILL            b.  1792 Hampshire Co. WV

                            d.  1868 Clark Co. OH



From Wilma C. Hill of Wichita KS   





From (2)450 Susanna Coleman/John Richards


(2)695 PATSY RICHARDS            b.  9 Nov 1755   

                            m.  27 Jul 1777 John Horner

                            (d.  25 Mar 1819 Culpeper Co. VA\)

(2)696 WILLIAM RICHARDS        b.  Dec 1765    d.  1815 Stafford Co. VA

                            m.  16 Feb 1787 Ann Blackwell (d.  1835)

(2)697 JAMES RICHARDS            b.  Oct 1758   

                            d.  before 15 Mar 1785, no issue

(2)698 MILDRED RICHARDS        b.  17 Dec 1767 Falmouth, VA d.  Apr 1830

"Milly"                m.  10 Nov 1787 William Scandrett Stone

                            b.  1765 d.  1820 Fredericksburg

                            d.  23 May 1827

(2)699 ELIZABETH RICHARDS        b.  22 May 1760     d.  24 Sep 1826

                            m.  1 Jan 1777 Daniel Triplett (d.  May 1818)

(2)700 FRANCES RICHARDS        b.  28 Mar 1770 d.  14 Aug 1841                "Fanny"            m.  General Moses Green (1770-1857)

                            of Fauquier and Culpeper and had a son:

                            Thomas Green (1798-1882) an attorney

(2)701 SUSANNA RICHARDS        b.  21 Feb 1762    d.  20 Jul 1795

                            m.  11 Apr 1779 Captain William Payne

                            (b.  31 Mar 1755 d.  19 Sep 1837)

                            Susannah was his first wife.

(2)702 SARAH RICHARDS            b.  4 May 1763

                            d.  28 Nov 1837 Caroline Co. VA   

                            m.  Walter Graham

                            (b.  18 Dec 1759 Prince William Co. VA\)

(2)703 CATHERINE RICHARDS        b.  3 Sep 1771

            "Kitty"                d.  26 Jul 1796 Culpeper Co., unmarried

(2)704 JOHN RICHARDS            b.  17 Aug 1764

                            d.  before 15 Mar 1785, no issue           






From (2)457 Francis Coleman/Elizabeth Davis/Elizabeth Gordon


1st marriage:

(2)705 RICHARD M. COLEMAN        War of 1812, was also a doctor.


(2)707 COVINGTON COLEMAN        b.  12 May 1792 Spotsylvania Co. VA

    \(War of 1812)            d.  25 Feb 1870 Harrison Co. KY

                            m.  28 May 1814, Harrison Co. KY

                            Lucy Gamble Day, daughter

                            of Lewis Day and Ann \(Nancy\) Taylor


2nd marriage:

(2)708 WHITEHEAD COLEMAN        b.  17 May 1795    d.  1854

        \(Colonel\)            m.  1823 Elizabeth Powell in Spotsylvania Co.

                            (b.  1800, d.  1836 in childbirth)


        In 1829, they moved to Colemansville, Harrison Co. KY. 


(2)709 FRANCIS STERNE COLEMAN    m.  Ann Elizabeth Bedford

(2)710 MARY COLEMAN            m.  16 Apr 1812, Harrison Co. KY

        "Polly"                David Humphries

(2)711 AMERICA COLEMAN         m.  Thomas L. Garrard/Gerrard

(2)712 HARRIET COLEMAN         m.  John T. Henry

(2)713 ELIZABETH G. COLEMAN    m.  16 Apr 1817, Harrison Co. KY

                            Samuel Huey.



Note: All of the above children (plus a Sam G/C Coleman\) received their share of the proceeds from the sale of their fatherís slaves on 8 Mar 1813.  \(Record Book B, Harrison Co. KY.\) On 14 Jan 1813, it was determined that Elizabeth R. Colemanís dower or 1/3rd share of her husbandís slaves was $2838.  Tombstone dates found by Ramona Honan of Dallas TX.





From (2)470 Thomas Coleman/Francis Hill


(2)714 WILLIAM COLEMAN        b.  1815, died in infancy \(Family Record\)


(2)715 THOMAS COLEMAN        b.  1817, died in infancy \(Family Record\)


(2)716 MARY ELIZABETH COLEMAN**    b.  31 Jan 1819 d.  23 Feb 1844 **

                                m.  8 Feb 1838 Halifax Co. VA

                                Edward Coles Carrington

        Mary and Edward had a son, Thomas Carrington b.  19 Feb 1839, d.  1863 C.S.A.

        Edward was the son of Walter Coles Carrington and Alice Cabell. 


(2)717 GEORGE PRESTON COLEMAN        b.  1821    d.  1840

    George was unmarried when he died as a student at the College of William and

    Mary\(Family Record\)   


(2)718 CATHERINE COLEMAN            b.  ca. 1824, d.  in infancy.


(2)719 CHARLES WASHINGTON COLEMAN    b.  18 July 1826    d.  15 Sep 1894

Charles was educated at the College of William and Mary and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania 3 Apr 1847.  He was a surgeon for the Confederate States.  On 29 Oct 1861 he married Cynthia Beverly Tucker, born 18 Jan 1832, Saline Co. MO and died 24 Oct 1908 Williamsburg VA** Her 1st husband was Henry A. Washington, no issue.


(2)720 HELEN MATILDA COLEMAN        b.  3 Jan 1832        d.  1908 **

                            m.  Benjamin Watkins Leigh of Halifax

                            and Mecklenburg Cos.  They had no




From a chart by Granville B. Coleman Descendants of Captain Robert Coleman of Essex Co.   

** Buried Bruton Parish Church Cemetery Williamsburg VA





From (2)473 Thomas C. McClandish/Mary C. Peters


(2)721 ROBERT JOHN McCLANDISH        m.  14 May 1822 York Co. VA

                            Anne W. Shield, had 6 children

(2)722 JAMES MILNOR McCLANDISH        m.  Susan Sawyer Hayward


(2)723 WILLIAM AUGUSTINE McCLANDISH    b.  3 Aug 1811

                            m.  Mary Saunders, had one child


(2)724 MARY ELIZABETH McCLANDISH    b.  26 Apr 1813

                            d.  7 Jan 1871 Norfolk Co. VA

                            m.  John C. Saunders Jr.

                            b.  11 Nov 1810

                            d.  7 Jan 1871 Norfolk Co. VA

(2)725 ANNE MARIE McCLANDISH        b.  1 Jun 1815

(2)726 INDIANA McCLANDISH            b.  27 Jun 1828




From (2)474 William McClandish/Mary Taliaferro



(2)728 THOMAS McCLANDISH                    b.  1811




(2)732 SARAH McCLANDISH            b.  25 Dec 1819

                            died in infancy

(2)733 ROBERT McCLANDISH            b.  25 Dec 1819 Williamsburg VA

                            d.  19 Mar 1894 Williamsburg VA

                            m.  24 Jun 1851 Richmond, VA

                            Virginia Olive Taylor

                            daughter of RevStephen Taylor


(2)734 MASURA McCLANDISH            b.  25 Dec 1819

                            died in childhood


From Frank Richey, Coleman World, 94-3, p. 3           





From (2)479 Samuel Coleman/Susannah Storrs


(2)735 SARAH STORRS COLEMAN        d.  unmarried

(2)736 ELIZABETH WYATT COLEMAN    m.  16 May 1807 John Woodson

                            Pleasants son of Archibald Pleasants

                            and Jane Woodson.  They had:

                                Indiani Pleasants

                                Emeline Pleasants

                                Dorothy Pleasants

                                Matilda Pleasants

(2)737 SAMUEL G. COLEMAN            m.  Dianna Bragg





(2)741 AMELIA MADISON COLEMAN        Will probated 15 Aug 1888, Henrico

                            Co. VA

(2)742 ARAMINTA J. COLEMAN            m.  (1) Richard Woolfolk

                            (2) Joseph Kennie/Rennie


(2)743 LOUISIANA COLEMAN            b.  1804 d.  1883

                            m.  13 Mar 1823

                            John Newton Gordon

John was born 15 Feb 1793 and died 2 Oct 1870.  He was born "Newton Gordon", but added "John" to his name after his brotherís death \(John Gordon b.  6 Mar 1791, d.  14 Dec 1802).  Louisiana and John had a son, James Gordon.




From (2)481 Robert Coleman/Matilda Minor


(2)744 MARY ORRELL COLEMAN    b.  1 Oct 1808 \(Judge S.B.Coleman\)

                        m.  (1) cousin Thomas B. Coleman, Jr. (5)2642

                        (d.  1 Apr 1831**)

                        (2) 8 Nov 1832 Goochland Co. VA

                            DrGeorge W. Fleming


    Georgeís will was admitted to probate 19 Sep 1883 \(WB 6, p. 20 Hanover Co.\)


    1st Marriage:     See page 631 in (5) Daniel section.

    With Thomas, Mary had:

    Lewis Minor Coleman (1827-1863)

    Matilda Elizabeth Coleman (1828-1899)

    DrRobert Thomas Coleman (1830-1884)



    2nd Marriage:


    With DrFleming, Mary had:

        Mary E. Fleming

        Sally J. Fleming

        Malcolm N. Fleming

        George W. Fleming

        Vivion M. Fleming

        William Fleming


**Obituary Notices in The Religious Herald, Richmond, VA 1828-1838 With Dates of Publication sent by William "Ed" Kutz of Concord CA





From (2)490 William J. Coleman/Nancy Johnston


(2)745 JOHN W. COLEMAN        d.  10 Aug 1857

                        m.  Elizabeth Unknown

John was a merchant in Fredericksburg, but owned an estate in Stafford Co. called "Lockloman", where he was buried.







From (2)491 Ann Coleman/David Dickinson


(2)747 FRANCIS COLEMAN DICKINSON    b.  31 Aug 1775, went to Kentucky

(2)748 ELIZABETH WYATT DICKINSON    b.  10 Jun 1777

"Betty"            m.  Francis Jackson

(2)749 LUCY DICKINSON            b.  10 Dec 1778    d.  before 1794

(2)750 LUCY DICKINSON             b.  14 Feb 1794    d.  before 1812

(2)751 THOMAS DICKINSON            b.  9 Aug 1780

(2)752 ANN DICKINSON                 b.  26 Oct 1782

    "Nancy"                    m.  John Richardson, lived in Amherst Co.

(2)753 FRANCES DICKINSON            b.  30 Jun 1784

        "Fanny"                d.  1857 Caroline Co. VA

                        m.  5 Oct 1812 William Dickenson                                 (his second wife)

                        Will proved 20 Mar 1826

                        \(Essex Co. WB 20, pp. 363-64)                

(2)754 DAVID DICKINSON            b.  1 Sep 1785    d.  1827

                            m.  Mary Unknown

(2)755 SAMUEL C. DICKINSON            b.  6 Oct 1787   

    (Sheriff 1808/Caroline Co.\)            m.  6 Jan 1818 Evalina Pendleton

(2)756 JOHN GARDINER DICKINSON        b.  22 Oct 1789

                            m.  25 May 1820 Jane Hipkins Dickenson

(2)757 WILLIAM DICKINSON            b.  23 Feb 1792, moved to Kentucky

(2)758 JAMESKELLY DICKINSON        b.  25 Mar 1796    d.  before 1812



The family name was spelled "Dickinson"Fanny (2)753 married a "Dickenson".

Names and dates are from a family Bible, reprinted in an article The Family of David Dickinson of Caroline County, from Some Notes on the Coleman Family of Caroline Co. VA by George H.S. King, pp. 286-290.





From (2)492 Samuel Coleman/Elizabeth Harris/Sarah McClean


1st Marriage:








2nd Marriage:




Names of these children were taken from the family Bible, from a copy in the possession of Judge S. B. Coleman.





From (2)493 Francis Coleman/wife unknown


(2)766    AMBROSE COLEMAN        b.  4 Mar 1783 KY               

                            d.  23 Feb 1867 Sonoma Co. CA

                            m.  8 Sep 1814 Scott Co. KY

                            Sarah Isles, dau.  of Samuel Isles


        Sarah was born in Maryland and died Dec 1884 Ellensburg, WAAmbrose was a

        private in the KY Militia, War of 1812, and drew a pension until his death.  In 1849,

        Ambrose and Sarah migrated to CaliforniaHe mined for gold on the Feather River

        \(CA\) for two years before moving to Sonoma Co. There, he farmed and raised stock

        until his death.


(2)768 FANNY COLEMAN            m.  William Kenyon

(2)769 LUCY COLEMAN            m.  UnknownWhite

(2)770 MARIAH COLEMAN        m.  John Val Lindsey

(2)771 LYDIA COLEMAN            m.  Wilson Kenyon


(2)773 NANCY COLEMAN         m.  John Hume

(2)774 ELIZABETH COLEMAN         m.  Patrick Hume

(2)775 MILDRED COLEMAN        d.  by 1821

                        m.  UnknownKnox


    Mildred and John had: Joseph Andrew Knox, Emeline Knox (m.  Patrick George

    OíRiley\) and Leland Knox.   


From Kathy Anderson of Los Angeles, CA





From (2)497 Jane Roy Coleman/John Garland Duke


(2)776    ELIZABETH COLEMAN DUKE        b.  4 Jan 1794

                                m.  9 Mar 1813 Green Co. KY

                                Benjamin F. Moss


(2)777    LUCY CHEW DUKE            m.  William Aylett Buckner

                                (b.  1791)


(2)779    ELEANOR JENNINGS DUKE        b.  ca. 1797

                                m.  Frederick Moss




From William "Ed" Kutz of Concord, CA





From (2)503 James Coleman/Sarah Wiglesworth


(2)781 MARY COLEMAN        b.  ca. 1774        d.  by 11 Aug 1831

        "Molly"            m.  10 Jun 1793/Orange Co. VA

                        Reubin Morris, lived in Kentucky


(2)782 NANCY ANN COLEMAN        b.  1777 d.  Will dated 10 Feb 1835, proved

                            25 May 1835 \(Orange Co. VA\)

                            m.  8 Jun 1793 Orange Co. VA

                            George Faulconer/b.  1770, d.  27 Mar 1815

        Nancy was his 2nd wife.  George was the son of Thomas Faulconer (b.  1748) and

        Elizabeth Hawkins.

(2)783 ELIZABETH COLEMAN        b.  ca. 1779

            "Betsy"            m.  3 Sep 1799 Orange Co. VA

                            James Hawkins/CaptAm Rev/b.  ca. 1779


(2)784 AMBROSE COLEMAN b.  28 Jul 1781/Orange Co. d.  1851 \(WB 11 p. 310)

        \(Farmer\)    m.  24 Apr 1810 Orange Co. VA

                            Fanny Hillman, daughter of Joseph Hillman

                            and Ester Witherspoon.

(2)785 JAMES COLEMAN        b.  Mar 1782 Orange Co. VA

                        d.  2 Sep 1858 Kenton Co. KY

                        m.  (1) 18 Dec 1802 Spotsylvania Co. VA

                    Elizabeth/Betsy Webber, grandaughter of

                        James Wiglesworth.  Betsy d.  31 July 1819*

                        (2) Mary Cluff

                            (b.  16 Jan 1790, d.  1880 Kenton Co. KY*)

(2)786 FRANCES COLEMAN*    b.  ca. 1784 Orange Co. VA

        "Fanny"        d.  14 Dec 1830 Orange Co. VA

                        m.  19 Nov 1803 Orange Co. VA

                        William Peacher \(Pitcher\) Jr., (b.  ca. 1780

                        d.  by August 1828, son of William

                        Peacher Sr.  and Frances Schimmelphenneg\)




*From Susy Martin of Belvedere, SC





From (2)506 Thomas Coleman/Susannah Strother Hawkins


(2)787 NANCY COLEMAN            b.  2 May 1782 Orange Co. VA

                            m.  2 Mar 1798 Joseph George son of

                            Isaac and Catherine George


        Joseph was killed in the War of 1812.


(2)788 AMBROSE COLEMAN        b.  1785 VA \(LDS\)

                            d.  unmarried


(2)789 STROTHER COLEMAN        d.  unmarried


(2)790 SUSANNAH COLEMAN        b.  1792

                            d.  Aug 1834 Woodford Co. KY

                            m.  1808 Lewis Sublette IV, son of

                        Lewis Sublette and Mary Trabue


(2)791 JOHN COLEMAN            Killed in the Indian Wars





From (2) 524 Lewis L. Coleman/Betsy Bumpus


(2)792 ANN ELIZABETH PHILIPS COLEMAN    b.  25 Mar 1812

                                d.  25 June 1860 Spotsylvania Co.

                                m.  25 Nov 1833 Caroline Co.

                                Edmund Newton

(2)793 ZACHARY LEWIS COLEMAN        b.  2 May 1813

                                d.  Monday, 23 Sep 1839

                                Shelby Co. TN

(2)794 MARY LITTLEPAGE COLEMAN        b.  20 Nov 1815

                                d.  24 Dec 1871 \(Family Bible\)

                                m.  9 Mar 1830 Caroline Co. VA

                                Henry W. Newton

(2)795 WALLER LEWIS COLEMAN        b.  9 Jan 1818

                                d.  Saturday, 30 Jun 1855 about 11:00




                                b.  24 Feb 1820

                                d.  14 Feb 1865

                                m.  13 Jan 1848 Josephus Gatewood

(2)797 MARTHA WOOTEN COLEMAN        b.  26 Apr 1822

                                m.  22 Nov 1848 Caroline Co.

                                Stanfield Wright

(2)798 LEWIS LITTLEPAGE COLEMAN        b.  14 May 1825 Caroline Co.

                                d.  13 Dec 1908 Tennessee

                                m.  24 Jun 18Unknown Elvira Partlow

                                (b.  26 Jun 1839 d.  11 Dec 1915)

Moved to Huntsville, Alabama and then to Jackson, TennesseeChildren: Charles,

Ira and Elizabeth.





From (2)525 Robert Coleman/Ann Coleman


(2)799 MARY ELIZABETH COLEMAN        b.  1822 Spotsylvania Co. VA

                                d.  1 Feb 1913 \(Family Bible\)

                                m.  5 Aug 1850 Spotsylvania Co.

                                Hugh F. Blaydes of Kentucky


Hugh was a son of William H. Blaydes and Elizabeth Chiles.  Mary and Hugh lived at the Coleman ancestral home in Spotsylvania Co., VA.  Hugh was in Co. E, 30th VA Regt.  C.S.A. and was killed in a battle around Dinwiddie Courthouse on 31 Mar 1865.





From (2)535 Farish Coleman/Elizabeth Camp




(2)802 THOMAS POLLARD COLEMAN         b.  1804

                                m.  6 Feb.  1826 Mason Co. KY

                            Angelina Norris (b.  1810)



There may have been other children.




From (2)538 Thomas Coleman/Nancy Shirley










(2)807 BENJAMIN S. COLEMAN    m.  Lydia C. Wheat

Benjamin was born and reared near Edmunton, Barren Co. KY.  He was a farmer and

tanner.  Lydia, a daughter of Basil Wheat and Frances Overstreet, was born and reared

in Adair Co. KY.  Benjamin and Lydia had four sons and three daughters.  Their second

child, James B. Coleman, was born 15 Aug 1842 near Edmunton, KY.  In August 1863,

James enlisted in Co. G, 37th Mounted Infantry, and was taken prisoner in Saltville, VA.

He was discharged in February 1865 and returned home where he farmed for a short while.

In 1867, James resumed studying medicine and eventually became a doctor.  In September

1871, he married Mary E.M. Hodges of Metcalfe Co. KY.  She was a daughter of Samuel

H. and Margaret Hodges.  \(Samuel H. Hodges was a minister in the Methodist Episcopal

Church.\) James and Mary had five children: Lydia C., Benjamin S. James C., Leona C.

and Basil D. Coleman. 



Kentucky: A History of the State, Battle, Perrin & Kniffen, 3rd edition, 1886, Metcalfe Co.





From (2)542 James Coleman/Lucy Stewart




(2)809 JOHN THOMAS COLEMAN    d.  11 Nov 1892

                    \(WB AA, p. 367 Spotsylvania Co. Records\)

                    m.  13 Mar 1843 Spotsylvania Co. VA

                    Emily L. Andrews

                    (b.  6 Jun 1824 d.  2 Nov 1882)

(2)810 MARY FRANCES COLEMAN    b.  26 Feb 1824

                    m.  16 Feb 1858 Spotsylvania Co. VA

                    Austin Crismond



Dates are from their family Bible.





From (2)543 Nellie Coleman/John Duerson


(2)811 REBECCA K. DUERSON        m.  cousin Ruffin H. Coleman (2)823



(2)814 SALINA M. DUERSON        Unmarried, inherited her motherís entire estate







From (2)544 Benjamin Coleman/Elizabeth Chandler


(2)817 ADDISON L. COLEMAN        b.  1811 (on 1850 VA Census\)

                    m.  Ann Maria Redd (b.  1818)



(2)818 LUCY ANN COLEMAN        m.  26 Nov 1836 Caroline Co. VA

                    John Chandler (b.  Nov 1801)


They had Betty Ann Chandler and Algernon Bertrand Chandler.



(2)819 MARY W. COLEMAN        m.  22 Feb 1831 \(Caroline Co. Court Record

                    1742-1833, Hopkins\)

                    Madison B. Smith, youngest brother of

                    Guilelmus Smith who m.  Rebecca K.

                    Coleman (2)541

Madison (b.  Aug 1809) was a son of James Smith of Spotsylvania Co. and his second wife Elizabeth (d.  1819).  James Smithís will was proved 1 Oct 1819 in Spotsylvania Co. \(Caroline Co. VA Court Records, Box 2, Folder #7, Wills 1808-1830)

Guilelmus Smith was guardian of his brother Madison until Madisonís marriage to Mary W. ColemanThere was a bitter controversy between the brothers over Madisonís guardianship account.  Madison took the insolvent debtors oath on 27 Aug 1832 \(Hopkins\).  Maryís father, Benjamin Coleman, sided with his son-in-law against Guilelmus and his friend, Robert Crutchfield.  \(Smith et als vs.  Coleman et als.  Caroline Co. Records, VA State Library, Archives Division\)





From (2)545 Francis Coleman/Sally Goodloe


(2)820 EDWARD S. COLEMAN        b.  6 Aug 1816 Caroline Co. \(Family Bible\)

                    d.  28 Jul 1859 unmarried

                    \(WB 30, p. 338, Caroline Co. Records\)



(2)821 CATHERINE R. COLEMAN    m.  25 Nov 1829 Spotsylvania Co. VA

                    James Duerson


(2)822 GEORGE F. COLEMAN        m.  Ann Maria Duerson


(2)823 RUFFIN H. COLEMAN        m.  (1) cousin Rebecca K. Duerson (2)811

                    (2) 23 Jun 1837 Spotsylvania Co. VA

                        Betty Goodloe




From (2)546 Robert S. Coleman/Peggy Coleman


(2)824 THOMAS STOKELY COLEMAN b.  8 Mar 1810 at home "Altavista"

                        \(Family Bible\)

                    m.  11 Dec 1837 Angelina Hawes Gatewood


Angelina was born 8 Sep 1814 in Caroline Co. VA and died 21 Jan 1899 \(Family Bible\).  She was the daughter of John Gatewood and Frances Coleman.

In a letter to MrsReba Fitzpatrick Lea dated 13 Nov 1950, Judge S. B. Coleman said his great-grandmother, Angelina H. G. Coleman, was a lady of definite opinions which she never hesitated to express.  "Angie" was said to have a fiery temper.  The slaves could tell when "Old Miss" had her "dander up" because their "Old Master" would get his horse and ride around the plantation for an hour or two until she calmed down.


(2)825 HARRISON COLEMAN        m.  6 May 1848 Spotsylvania Co.

            Jane F. Wiglesworth (Marriage

                            Records of the City of Fredericksburg

After their fatherís death, Thomas and Harrison divided the home plantation between them.  Thomas acquired the portion south of the Mat River, and Harrison received the portion north of the river.  \(DB HH, p. 311, Spotsylvania Co.\)





From (2)553 Thomas Coleman/Elizabeth Kay


(2)826 JAMES KAY COLEMAN            b.  1797

                                d.  1825 \(WB 6, p. 265 Orange Co.\)

                                m.  Elizabeth Ely

        They had daughter Elizabeth F., under 21 when her father died.


(2)827 SARAH K. COLEMAN            b.  18 Apr 1800 Orange Co. VA

                                m.  20 Sep 1820 Orange Co. VA

                                William Thornwell Twyman


(2)828 JOHN MONROE COLEMAN        b.  11 Apr 1803

                                d.  1885 unmarried


(2)829 ROBERT LINDSEY COLEMAN        b.  6 June 1806


(2)830 REUBEN LINDSEY COLEMAN        b.  26 Jun 1807, will dated 18 Apr 1899

                                \(Spotsylvania Co. WB AA, p. 365)

                                m.  19 Dec 1827 Mary Byrd Waller

                                (b.  20 Oct 1804 d.  23 May 1879)                                                   

        Mary was the daughter of Bowker Waller and Philadelphia Chew.


(2)831 MARY COLEMAN                b.  16 May 1809 Orange Co. VA


(2)832 ELIZABETH JANE COLEMAN        b.  12 Dec 1810 Orange Co. VA

                                m.  22 Jan 1827 Robert Terrell Jr.


(2)833 THOMAS FRAZIER COLEMAN        b.  10 Nov 1812

                                d.  6 Aug 1879

                                m.  5 Feb 1840 Sarah Dillard

                                (d.  27 Mar 1874)


(2)834 FRANCES MARIE COLEMAN        b.  27 Jul 1815

                                d.  11 Nov 1854

                                m.  16 Nov 1839

                                cousin John Penn Coleman (2)839


(2)835 JOSEPH WILSON COLEMAN        b.  8 Feb 1813 Orange Co. VA


(2)836 ROBERT MORTON COLEMAN        b.  26 Jul 1819 Orange Co. VA

                                d.  13 Jul 1889

                                m.  (1) 20 May 1849 Jane Payne Kelly

                                    b.  19 May 1827 d.  11 Jan 1854

                            (2) 13 Dec 1855

                                Margaret Morris Stone


(2)837 WILSON ALFRED COLEMAN        b.  27 Jan 1822 Orange Co. VA

                            d.  unmarried




Dates are from a family Bible.




From (2)555 Wilson Coleman/Lucy Coleman


(2)838 JAMES LINDSEY COLEMAN    b.  28 Oct 1806 Caroline Co. VA

                            d.  13 Jun 1849

                            m.  19 Sep 1839 Orange Co. VA

                            Elizabeth P. F. Davis (d.  1851)


The bond was signed by Thomas Davis.  Elizabeth was the daughter of William

Davis of Orange Co. There was no issue from this marriage.


(2)839 JOHN PENN COLEMAN        b.  20 Oct 1808 Orange Co. VA

                            Will probated 22 Nov 1858

                            WB 12, p. 331 Orange Co.

                            m.  16 Nov 1839

                            cousin Frances M. Coleman (2)834


(2)840 ROBERT COLEMAN        b.  26 Sep 1810

                            d.  unmarried

                            Will probated 27 Oct 1873

                            \(WB 15, p. 327 Orange Co. VA\)


(2)841 ELIZABETH JANE COLEMAN        b.  15 Nov 1812 Orange Co. VA

                                m.  20 May 1840 Thomas Davis

                                and had a son, James S. Davis.


(2)842 GEORGE WILSON COLEMAN        b.  17 Aug 1817 Orange Co. VA

    \(Reverend\)                d.  unmarried

Georgeís will was probated 28 Jul 1902, Orange Co. VA



Dates are from a family Bible.





From (2)556 Elizabeth Coleman/George Morton/Goodrich Grasty


1st Marriage:






2nd Marriage:




(2)849 ANN L. GRASTY






From (2)561 John Coleman/Sarah Powell


(2)851 LUCY W. COLEMAN        b.  1807

                            m.  15 Jan 1833 Amherst Co.

                            Jonathan Stout.

Lucy was given control of her brother Jamesí children after he died, and put in charge

of their education.  Lucy had a daughter, Maria Stout.  In 1860 she lived in Amherst

Co. with her father, John Coleman, her uncle, Robert L. Coleman and the two

children of her deceased brother James: Bettie F. and John R.

(2)852 ROBERT L. COLEMAN        b.  1808    Was a farmer and qualified as

                            executor of brother Jamesí will.

(2)853 SARAH A. W. COLEMAN        b.  1810

(2)854 JAMES P. COLEMAN        b.  1812

                            d.  Amherst Co. will dated 4 July 1861,

                            proved 16 Oct 1865

                            m.  9 Mar 1847/26 Mar 1847 at ĎStrawberry

                            Hill" Amherst Co. VA

                            Elizabeth "Betsy" Ann Coleman (5)2640


Betsyís first husband was Daniel L. Coleman (2)862.  James and Betsy had: Bettie

Floyd Coleman b.  1849, m.  UnknownHiteJames may have married again after Betsyís

        death, because his two children, Bettie and John R. (b.  1851) were living with his

    sister Lucy Stout in 1860.

(2)855 MARY M. COLEMAN        m.  4 April 1836 Amherst Co. VA

            Edward C. Moore

(2)856 ELIZABETH F. COLEMAN        m.  25 June 1838 Amherst Co. VA

"Eliza"                Lewis A. Alderson   

(2)857 CORNELIA P. COLEMAN        m.  4 Jun 1844 Amherst Co. VA

                            John M. Alderson

(2)858 MILDRED J. COLEMAN        b.  1827/9        d.  1874

        She was probably the Mildred Coleman who was the second wife of Judge Thomas Penn

        FitzpatrickThey had Cordelia Tommie (1862-1938) m.  21 Dec 1886 Arthur Campbell






From (2)562 Robert L. Coleman/Sarah Coleman


(2)859 LUCY C. COLEMAN        b.  ca. 1802 Amherst Co. VA

                            m.  25 Jan 1825 Amherst Co. VA

                            Robert A. Penn


(2)860 LINDSEY COLEMAN        b.  1814 Amherst Co. VA

\(Farmer\)            d.  after 1880 Amherst Co. VA

                            m.  1 Mar 1837 Amherst Co. VA

                            Permelia Stinnett

        Lindsey was on the 1860, 1870 and 1880 Amherst Co. VA census,

        Pedlar District.


(2)861 JAMES L. COLEMAN        b.  1821 Amherst Co. VA

                            m.  3 Mar 1847 Amherst Co. VA

                            Rebecca Ann Bunch (b.  1825)

            Issue, among others: Elizabeth (b.  1847)

                Emily (b.  1849)



There were probably other children of Robert and Sarah Coleman.




From (2)563 Edmund T. Coleman/Mildred Unknown


(2)862 DANIEL L. COLEMAN    d.  by 19 Aug 1845 Amherst Co. VA

                        m.  8 Dec 1840 Caroline Co VA

                        Elizabeth "Betsy" Ann Coleman (5)2640

        Betsy was named guardian of their son after Daniel died.  She m.  2nd James P.

        Coleman (2)854, son of John Coleman and Sarah Powell.  Betsyís will was probated

        17 Sep 1849 \(WB 12, p. 221, Amherst Co. Records\).

Daniel and Betsy had: Thomas Taylor Daniel Co.eman b.  1844 Amherst Co., will

probated 16 Sep 1872 \(WB 18, p. 219 Amherst Co.\) m.  Lucie W. Montiply,

daughter of Nathaniel Montiply.  Thomas left all his property to his wife, and

did not mention any children.

Betsy apparently feared for the future of her son, Thomas Taylor Daniel Coleman.  In Amherst Co. VA, on 13 Aug 1849, in handwriting attested to by her 2nd husband, James P. Coleman and C. A. Penn, she wrote: "Samuel M. Garland has promised to be guardian of my son, Thomas Taylor Daniel Coleman until 21; want no one to serve who is so closely related as to be interested in his death Ė this excludes his uncles by blood or marriage.  He is to be placed at Captain John Colemanís, Amherst Co., so as to live with his sister, Betty Floyd Coleman.  Sarah W. Coleman (sister-in-law) and my husband, James P. Coleman, will be in charge until eight (years of age).  Then my husband is to take him to Hanover and place him with DrGeorge Fleming and wife, Mary, and pray that they will be guardians.  I object to his being educated at Concord for I donít wish my brothers to control him.  He is a delicate child and I hope that Dr.  Fleming will send him to the Springs or some watering place.  When not in school, I hope that my children can be together and that they may love one another.  If Dr.  Fleming dies, I want Edward Morris and wife, Matilda E-- she is my niece to be guardians.  I want the girl, Harry Ann to attend to him as she is a trustworthy servant." She then refers to the estate of her sonís grandmother and divisions, and trusts that Samuel Garland will attend to same.  Robert Tinsley./a> is to act as trustee for the children.  Speaks of "child or children" by the last marriage and if children are without heirs, Lewis Alderson of Green Briar is my husbandís brother-in-law and is to be trustee for husband.  My son, Thomas, gets nothing for he is wealthy and my last child or children are poor.  Exrs: James P. Coleman and Robert Tinsley.  (Amherst County VA Courthouse Minatures, compiled by Bailey Fulton Davis, 1964)








From (2)567 Lindsay Coleman/Sarah Stubbs


(2)864 FRANCES COLEMAN        b.  1 Dec 1798 Richmond Co. GA

                            d.  13 Nov 1849 Tuskegee, AL

                            m.  11 Apr 1816 Greene Berry Marshall

        Greene was born 17 Oct 1792 SC and died 9 May 1853 Tuskegee, ALHe was a

son of William and Elizabeth Lee Marshall. 


(2)865 MARY ANN COLEMAN        b.  11 Feb 1801

                            d.  14 Feb 1870

                            m.  23 Dec 1818 Benjamin Holmes Warren

        Benjamin was born 12 Feb 1797 and died 31 Mar 1870.             


(2)866 CLARISSA COLEMAN        b.  ca. 1804

                            d.  before 1850 AL

                            m.  27 Oct 1825 Augusta, GA

                            Robert Dawson Ware

    Robert died 3 Oct 1883 in Montgomery, ALHe was a son of Joseph and Elizabeth

Ware.  About 1838, Robert moved his family to Montgomery, AL.


(2)867 JAMES LINDSAY COLEMAN    b.  1810    d.  20 Dec 1830

                            m.  (1) 12 May 1829 Lucy G.W. Bacon

                            (2) 17 Oct 1832 Emmeline Ruth Twiggs

    Emmeline died in 1884 and is buried in Augusta, GAShe was a daughter of

    George and Sarah Twiggs.     


All the children were born in GeorgiaAt the time of their fatherís death in 1821,

Clarissa and James were underage, and their sisters had married.

Historical Collections of Georgia Chapter of DAR, p. 83

and Louis M. Finlay Jr. of Jackson, AL





From (2)568 Eliza Ann Coleman/John Scott


(1)868 FRANCES ANN SCOTT        b.  17 Feb 1796

(2)869 MARY ELIZA SCOTT        b.  15 Dec 1797

                            m.  (1) UnknownNasworthy, had three children

                            (2) 1829 RevElisha Coleman

Reverend Coleman (b.  2 Apr 1789 Burke Co. Ga d.  30 Oct 1860) and his first wife,

Miss Whitfield, had ten children.  She died in 1828.

(2)870 EMILY SCOTT            b.  3 Mar 1799

(2)871 THOMAS BAYTOP SCOTT    b.  6 Oct 1800        d.  14 Oct 1854

                            m.  17 Sept 1823 Martha G. Marks

(2)872 ALFRED VERNON SCOTT        b.  5 Aug 1803    d.  26 May 1860

                            m.  (1) Mary William Bibb

                            m.  (2) Rebecca Nixon

Mary was the daughter of William Wyatt Bibb, first Governor of Alabama 1824. 

(2)873 JOHN SCOTT            b.  26 Nov 1805

                            d.  in childhood

(2)874 ELLIOTT SCOTT            b.  17 Oct 1807

                            d.  unmarried

(2)875 JAMES EDWARD SCOTT        b.  14 Oct 1809

"Rev."             m.  (1) Milly DeJarnett Hall

                            (2) Mrs.  M. M. Lewis

(2)876 ELIZA ANN WORTHAM SCOTT        b.  17 Sep 1811    d.  15 Sep 1873

                                m.  17 May 1827 Lorenzo James           

(2)877 CLEMENTINA R. SCOTT            b.  27 Jan 1814

                                m.  Jan 1832 Thomas James

(2)878 ROBERT SCOTT                b.  23 Jan 1818 (twin)

                                d.  childhood


(2)879 VIRGINIA SCOTT                b.  23 Jan 1818 (twin)

                                d.  10 Feb.  1904

                                m.  5 Nov 1835 Charles Tinder Pollard

(2)880 ROBERT LINDSEY SCOTT        b.  5 Aug 1820    d.  28 Nov 1852

                                m.  25 May 1841 Laura Ann Lewis

(2)881 WILLIAM BIBB SCOTT            b.  23 Jul 1823

                                m.  Betsy H. Murphy


Information sent from Charlotte Gore Boykin of Jackson MS.  Family record compiled from Daniel E. Cramís Scott Genealogy, Bible records, letters of Miss Lizzie R. Benagh of Nashville TN and old letters of RevJames E. Scott (2)875.




From (2)571 William B. B. Coleman/Matilda Baptist


(2)882 MARGARET LUCINDA COLEMAN    b.  20 Nov 1805 d.  8 Sep 1827

                                m.  12 Jan 1825 Spotsylvania Co.

                                John W. Harris of Tennessee

            They had Mary M. and William C. Harris.


(2)883 MARY BAPTIST COLEMAN        b.  21 Oct 1809 d.  22 Oct 1842

                                m.  4 Nov 1828 Culpeper Co. VA

                                John N. Moss of Culpeper Co.

            They had Margaret, Mary N. (m.  John S. Cooke\), Marie and Sally F. Moss.


(2)884 WILLIAM BAPTIST BURWELL COLEMAN, JR.        b.  16 Jun 1811

                                        d.  9 Jan 1856 unmarried


(2)885 MARIA ANN GLANVILLE COLEMAN    b.  20 Dec 1812    d.  25 Dec 1833

                                m.  William Jerdone, no issue


(2)886 CLAYTON G. B. COLEMAN        b.  1803 d.  1872

                                m.  8 Oct 1832 Louisa Co. VA

                                Sarah Jerdone

            Claytonís birth and death dates are from the inscription under his portrait

            which hangs in the courtroom at Louisa Courthouse.  Sarah was born 10 Feb

            1808 and died 15 Feb 1863, a daughter of Francis Jerdone and Mary Bayers.


(2)887 JOHN G. B. COLEMAN            Unmarried


Tombstone Inscriptions From The Family Cemetery at "Jerdone Castle", Louisa Co. Va., copied by George H. S. King, p. 291.





From (2) 577 Reuben Coleman/Belinda Taliaferro


(2)888 ROBERT LANDON COLEMAN        m.  6 Oct 1813 Bedford Co. VA*

                                Mary T. Manson.

Lived in Bedford Co. after his marriage.  Maryís will was probated 29 Jan 1856

\(Bedford Co. WB 16, p. 72).  She left her property to her husband for life, and

then to her nieces.


(2)889 LUCY CAROLINE PENN COLEMAN    m.  28 Jun 1832 Amherst Co. VA

                                William H. Harris


(2)890 MARGARET H. R. COLEMAN        m.  1 Jan 1840 Nelson Co. VA

                                John C. Carter

                                Bond: William T. Higgenbotham


(2)891 MARY FRANCES COLEMAN        m.  16 Aug 1839/6 Sep 1839**

                                Nelson Co. VA

                                William Thomas Higgenbotham

                                of Petersburg


*Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, Vol. 6, Virginia, Hinshaw, Marriage Bonds of Bedford Co. VA, p. 90

**From Index to Marriage Notices in The Southern Churchman 1835-1941 by The Historical Records Survey of VA, May 1942.




From (2)579 Lindsey Coleman/Nancy Taliaferro


(2)892 WILLIAM E. COLEMAN        b.  1814

                            m.  26 Mar 1836 Amherst Co. VA

                            Jane Carr Brown (b.  1818)

Jane was the youngest daughter of Benjamin Brown, Esq.  From Lewises,

Merriweathers & Their Kin, p. 101

(2)893 CHARLES T. COLEMAN        b.  1815    d.  after 1870 Amherst Co. VA

            \(Doctor\)            m.  29 Jun 1842 Amherst Co. VA

                            Mary Elizabeth Sampson (d.  1846)

        They had a daughter, Jenetta E., b.  1843 who married George Gibson.


(2)894 JOSEPH COLEMAN            b.  1816.

Died by the time his father wrote a codicil to his will on 13 Apr 1879.  Joseph

lived at the eastern foot of Mobleyís Mountain.

(2)895 MARY L. COLEMAN        b.  1819    d.  after 1870

                            m.  7 Jul 1841 Amherst Co. VA

                            Charles H. Massie (b.  1815 d.  by 1870)

They had John L. (b.  1841) and Richard (b.  1849). 

(2)896 LUCY ELLEN COLEMAN        b.  1821

        "Ellen"            m.  (1) UnknownSmith

                            (2) Thomas B. Royster

(2)897 RICHARD M. COLEMAN        b.  10 Dec 1828    d.  12 Oct 1875

            \(Doctor\)            m.  Mary Blair Rice

Mary was born 16 Aug 1831, daughter of RevSamuel Blair Rice and Lucinda

    Walton Leftwich.  Richard and Mary had: Annie Walton Coleman (b.  18 Mar 1852,

    d.  unmarried 20 Sep 1870) and Joseph Clifton Coleman (b.  11 May 1856, d.  21

Nov 1856).

(2)898 BELINDA T. COLEMAN        m.  23 October 1837 Amherst Co. VA

                            John H. Roberts, and had:

                            Alvin Prince Roberts, b.  1843





From (2)580 John H. Coleman/Sarah Nicholas




(2)900 FRANCES E. COLEMAN            m.  James E. Tompkins


(2)901 ANN CAROLINE "Cary" COLEMAN    m.  James Nicholas Moon

                                (b.  11 Dec 1836 Mount Ayr, VA\)




From (2)586 Nancy Graves/James Goodwin


(2)902 SARAH COLEMAN GOODWIN    b.  23 Feb.  1785 Pendleton Co. KY

                            d.  28 Jan 1858

                            m.  25 Feb 1800

                            Francis Flournoy, son of Matthew F.

                            FlournoyFrancis was b.  18 Jan 1775,

                            d.  29 Jan 1835.


(2)903 JOSEPH GRAVES GOODWIN    b.  26 Feb.  1789 Pendleton Co. KY

                            d.  23 Jun 1872 Lexington KY.

                            m.  (1) 25 Dec 1810 cousin (2)916

                            Frances Coleman Graves

                            (2) 10 Jun 1831

                                Rachael Downey, daughter of

                                William Downey

        Frances was born 26 Oct 1793 Spotsylvania Co. VA and d.  25 Sept 1823.  She was

        a daughter of Joseph Graves Jr. and Mary Goodwin.


(2)904 LLOYD KING GOODWIN        b.  17 Nov 1791 Pendleton Co. KY                                    d.  9 Jan 1878

                            m.  cousin Mary Jane Graves (2)917, daughter

                            of Joseph Graves Jr. and Mary Goodwin.

                            Mary Jane b.  14 Jan 1796 d.  9 Sep 1880


(2)905 POLLY C. GOODWIN        b.  1 Jun 1802

"Mary"             m.  6 Sep 1822 Lewis Barber/Barbee


Some Lines of the Graves Family in the Blue Grass Region of Kentucky and Their Connections by MrsSarah Graves Clark, Captain John McKinley Chapter DAR, Lexington KY




From (2)587 John C. Graves/Elizabeth Parrish


(2)906 MALINDA GRAVES        m.  15 Sep 1819

                            cousin Zachariah Graves


(2)907 POLLY GRAVES            m.  15 Dec 1814

                            cousin Asa Graves (brother of Zachariah\)


(2)908 MARIAH GRAVES            m.  1819 John D. Thomas


(2)909 HANNAH FRANCES GRAVES    m.  13 Jan 1828

                            Hamlet Henslow/Hansboro/Hansber


(2)910 JOSEPH K. GRAVES        m.  10 Mar 1842 Susan G. Price


(2)911 BENJAMIN F. GRAVES        b.  1802 d.  unmarried

Benjamin was a county judge in Fayette Co. Kentucky.


(2)912 JAMES P. GRAVES           


(2)913 BARBARA P. GRAVES        m.  (1) 10 Mar 1824 cousin David D. Chinn


                    (2) 9 Sep 1832 Fayette Co. KY

                            David Hemmingway


(2)914 ELIZA ANN GRAVES        m.  UnknownFord





From (2)588 Joseph T. Graves/Mary Goodwin


(2)915 ELIZA TULLOCH GRAVES    b.  18 Dec 1791    d.  15 May 1853/5

                            m.  (1) 18 Dec 1809 Jesse Bibb Key

                                (d.  15 Dec 1830)

                            (2) Mr. Garrett


(2)916 FRANCES COLEMAN GRAVES    b.  26 Oct 1793    d.  25 Sep 1823

                            m.  25 Dec 1810

                            cousin Joseph Graves Goodwin (2)903

Frances was buried on her son Benjaminís farm in KentuckyJosephís second

wife was Rachel Downey.

(2)917 MARY JANE GRAVES        b.  14 Jan 1796    d.  9 Sep 1880

                            m.  cousin Lloyd King Goodwin (2)904


(2)918 ADELINE GRAVES            b.  15 Apr 1798

                            m.  15 April 1817 James A. Cartwright

                            b.  3 Feb 1788, son of Justinian and

                    Frances Cartwright


(2)919 GEORGE L. GRAVES        b.  7 Mar 1800, died young


(2)920 BARBARA GARLAND GRAVES    b.  14 Sep 1802    d.  14 Mar 1849

                            m.  1 Jan 1821

                            cousin DrJoseph Graves Chinn (2)935

Joseph married second Juretta Sheppard on 22 Sep 1850, and third in 1877 Mrs.

        Katherine Lawson.


(2)921 ELEANOR BURNLEY GRAVES    b.  28 Nov 1804 d.  22 Apr 1873

                            m.  7 Feb 1822 RevBuford Early Allen

                            (b.  19 Jun 1801 d.  9 Dec 1861)


(2)922 ELIZABETH CHAPMAN GRAVES    b.  28 Jan 1806    d.  7 Feb 1893

                        m.  22 Nov 1825

                        Samuel L. Coleman (2)608

                                (b.  7 Nov 1804 d.  16 Nov 1884)


(2)923 JOSEPH THOMAS GRAVES        b.  7 Mar 1809 Spotsylvania Co. VA

                                d.  23 Mar 1855 Fayette Co. KY

                                m.  11 Feb 1831 Margaret Hayes

                                (b.  11 Feb 1813 d.  22 July 1887)


(2)924 ROBERT BENJAMIN GRAVES        b.  13 Apr 1813    d.  7 Sep 1887

                                m.  19 Dec 1844 Jane Rachel Hughes

                                (b.  27 Aug 1821 d.  1 Jan 1903)



Some Lines Of The Graves Family In The Blue Grass Region Of Kentucky and Their Connections, by MrsSara Graves Clark, CaptJohn McKinley Chapter, DAR Lexington KY





From (2)589 Benjamin F. Graves/Polly Dudley




(2)926 ELIZABETH M. GRAVES                d.  in Missouri

                                    m.  Mr. Chambers





From Fayette Co. KY, WB I, p. 23, Aug 1825.





From (2)590 Sally Graves/William B. Chinn


(2)929 MATILDA CHINN            m.  E.R. Wilmot

(2)930 FRANCES CHINN            m.  Richard Harcourt

(2)931 POLLY CHINN            m.  Major William Burton

(2)932 SUSAN CHINN            m.  J.H. McHatton

(2)933 DAVID D. CHINN            d.  before 1832

                            m.  cousin Barbara P. Graves (2)913

(2)934 WILLIAM CHINN            d.  infancy

(2)935 JOSEPH GRAVES CHINN        b.  1 Apr 1797 d.  6 Sep 1891

    \(Doctor\)            m.  1 Jan 1821

                            cousin Barbara Garland Graves (2)920



From William "Ed" Kutz of Concord, CA





From (2)591 Polly Graves/Joseph Chinn


(2)936 ALEXANDER CHINN            m.  Polly Hardin

(2)937 COLEMAN CHINN                m.  Penelope Chinn

(2)938 MILTON CHINN                m.  Unknown Chinn

(2)939 RICHARD CHINN                m.  Unknown Burton of Bourbon Co. KY

(2)940 BENJAMIN CHINN                d.  unmarried

(2)941 MARGARET CHINN            d.  unmarried

(2)942 ELOISE CHINN                m.  DrCarson

(2)943 MATILDA CHINN                m.  Silas Corbin

(2)944 SALLY CHINN                m.  Unknown Hawkins



From William "Ed" Kutz of Concord, CA





From (2)593 George Graves/Mary Blaydes/Polly W. Coleman


1st Marriage:

(2)945 BENJAMIN HAWES GRAVES        b.  14 Feb 1802

                                m.  Julia Owings

(2)946 SPENCER COLEMAN GRAVES        b.  15 Feb 1803

                                m.  7 Apr 1842 Martha Ellis

        Martha died ca. 1843.  They had no issue, and Spencer never remarried.


(2)947 MARTIA ANN GRAVES            b.  26 Jan 1810

                                m.  9 Dec 1831 Samuel Carrington

(2)948 FRANCES GRAVES                b.  15 Nov 1811



2nd Marriage:

(2)949 THOMAS C. GRAVES            b.  10 Jul 1815        d.  18 Jun 1836


(2)950 LUCY COLEMAN GRAVES        b.  9 Sep 1817        d.  21 May 1850

                                m.  28 Oct 1837

                                cousin Joseph J. Goodwin (2)1500


(2)951 ARMAZINDA GRAVES            b.  30 Jan 1820

"Ormasinda"                m.  22 Oct 1835 Samuel T. Hayes


(2)952 JOHN W. GRAVES                b.  9 Sep 1822        d.  26 Dec 1850




Some Lines Of The Graves Family In The Blue Grass Region Of Kentucky and Their Connections, by MrsSara Graves Clark, CaptJohn McKinley Chapter, DAR Lexington, KY.




From (2)594 Hawes Graves/Eunice H. Blaydes/Ann B. White


1st Marriage:

(2)953 MARY ANN GRAVES        b.  17 Mar 1803 d.  22 Mar 1829

                            m.  11 Aug 1823 Jefferson Graves

                            (b.  6 Aug 1803 d.  30 Mar 1880) son of

                            ColJohn and Lydia Graves


(2)954 COLEMAN GRAVES        b.  24 Apr 1806    d.  21 Apr 1874

                            m.  12 Nov 1830 Elizabeth Virginia Chiles

                            (b.  18 Dec 1813 d.  3 Jun 1876)

                            daughter of Tarleton and Nancy Chiles


(2)955 CASWELL GRAVES       


(2)956 FRANCES GRAVES         m.  Mr. Botts



2ND Marriage:

(2)957 LOU GRAVES            m.  Mr. McClain


(2)958 MARTHA GRAVES         m.  1838 near Nashville, TN

                        Mr. Ewing of Davidson Co. TN

Some Lines Of The Graves Family In The Blue Grass Region Of Kentucky and Their Connections, by MrsSara Graves Clark, CaptJohn McKinley Chapter, DAR Lexington, KY.

Much more information on the family and descendants of Hawes and Eunice 'Nicey' H. Blaydes Graves is found on this Graves Family Website





From (2)597 Elizabeth Blaydes/Hugh Goodwin


(2)959 WILLIAM GOODWIN            b.  21 Jan 1791

                                m.  Frances Jane Goodwin


(2)960 JANE GOODWIN                b.  30 Jun 1793

                                m.  RevWilliam Y. Hiter           


(2)961 EUNICE HAWES GOODWIN        b.  22 Jul 1797

            "Nicie"                 m.  Benjamin Boxley


(2)962 HUGH GOODWIN II            b.  21 Dec 1800

                            m.  cousin Nicie Ann Coleman (2)630



(2)963 ELIZABETH GOODWIN            b.  29 Mar 1803 d.  in infancy


(2)964 ROBERT GOODWIN            b.  29 Jul 1804 d.  in infancy


(2)965 MARY ANN GOODWIN            b.  14 Aug 1808

                                m.  William P. Anderson


(2)966 FRANCIS GOODWIN            b.  18 Sep 1810 d.  in infancy


(2)967 BARBARA GARLAND GOODWIN    b.  2 Aug 1812

                            m.  (1) Henry Booten

                            (2) CaptUnknown Jones

                            (3) Joshua Tinsley


(2)968 NANCY GOODWIN                b.  28 Oct 1815 d.  in infancy





From (2)598 John C. Blaydes/Polly B. Key


(2)969 WILLIAM B. BLAYDES            b.  12 Mar 1797    d.  15 Oct 1837


(2)970 NANNY FORD BLAYDES            b.  3 Aug 1798        d.  1866

                                m.  Unknown Futcher


(2)971 JOHN KEY BLAYDES            b.  19 Dec 1800


(2)972 SAMUEL HAWES BLAYDES         b.  20 May 1803    d.  31 Oct 1820


(2)973 MARY ELIZABETH BLAYDES        b.  ca. 7 Mar 1805    d.  1846

                                m.  23 Jul 1844 John Duerson


(2)974 JAMES STROTHER BLAYDES        b.  25 Mar 1807


(2)975 NICEY HAWES BLAYDES    b.  20 Nov 1808    d.  1870

                            m.  (1) 10 Aug 1834 Thomas B. Hewlett

                            (2) 30 Mar 1838/58 Edward G. Shipp


(2)976 MARTHA FRANCES BLAYDES        b.  28 Mar 1810


(2)977 JESSIE BILL BLAYDES            b.  2 Dec 1811

                                m.  4 Feb 1840 Lucy Ann Coleman


(2)978 BARBARA MATILDA BLAYDES        b.  15 Feb 1813

                                m.  26 Aug 1839/59 Fendol Carpenter


(2)979 LUCINDA SAMUEL BLAYDES        b.  9 Nov 1827        d.  1904

                                m.  (1)

                                (2) 17 Jan 1856

                                John Albert Hill of Nelson Co.

From William "Ed" Kutz of Concord, CA





From (2)599 William H. Blaydes/Elizabeth Chiles


(2)980 NANCY C. BLAYDES            m.  G. Moore

(2)981 HENRY CHILES BLAYDES        m.  Unknown McDaniel

(2)982 JOHN BLAYDES                d.  unmarried

(2)983 HUGH F. BLAYDES            d.  31 Mar 1865 C.S.A.

                                Co. E, 30th Virginia Regmt.

                                m.  Mary Elizabeth Coleman (2)799

(2)984 EDNA C. BLAYDES            m.  Roger Jones of Clark Co. KY

(2)985 LUCIE WOODSON BLAYDES        d.  12 Mar 1885

                                m.  8 Nov 1842 Edwin C. Browning

                                (b.  24 Apr 1819 d.  4 Jul 1895)



From William"Ed" Kutz of Concord, CA





From (2)605 Hawes Coleman/Maria Woolfolk


(2)986 JOHN GEORGE COLEMAN        Will probated 11 Sep 1893 \(WB 37,

                                p. 52, Caroline Co.\) Mentions no

                                children, but does mention a niece,

                                Betty S. Goodwin.

                                m.  (1) 20 Nov 1834 Patsy Green

                                (2) 20 Nov 1849 Mary E. Wyatt

(2)987 MARIA H. COLEMAN            m.  2 Sep 1844 Caroline Co. VA

                                Addison G. Goodwin and had:

                                Betty S. and Ellen Goodwin

(2)988 BENJAMIN F. COLEMAN            d.  estate appraised 23 Nov 1865,

                                \(WB 6, p. 248, Charles City Co.\)

                                m.  22 Jan 1841 Caroline Co.

                                Sarah E. Smith

Benjamin moved to Charles City Co. on 1 Jan 1859.  He and John Smith bought

a 1500 acre plantation "Farmington" from William S. Harrison and wife.  \(DB 11,

        p. 221, Charles City Co.\)

    Benjamin and Sarah had:   

                Richard Coleman

                Clarence Coleman

                Janie Coleman

                Annie Coleman

                Hawes Coleman m.  Isabella Graves

                Murray Coleman







See DB 40, p. 351, Caroline Co.





From (2)606 John W. Coleman/Louisa Sutton


(2)993 DAVID SUTTON COLEMAN        b.  10 Oct 1823/8

                                d.  3 Mar 1891

                                m.  27 Sep 1848 Judith A. Chiles

                                (b.  22 May 1832/8 d.  24 Jan 1912)


(2)994 GEORGE W.P. COLEMAN            b.  1827    d.  1828



From William "Ed" Kutz of Concord, CA





From (2)608 Samuel L. Coleman/Elizabeth C. Graves


(2)995 MARY ELLEN COLEMAN        b.  13 May 1828    d.  15 Jul 1894

                            m.  23 Oct 1845 Levi Prewitt

                            b.  5 Nov 1819 d.  11 Nov 1892

                            son of William Prewitt and Margaret



(2)996 JOHN GEORGE COLEMAN    b.  30 Sep 1829    d.  28 Jul 1840


(2)997 JOSEPH HAWES COLEMAN    b.  28 Jul 1831        d.  10 May 1833


(2)998 S. WOODSON COLEMAN        of Oldham Co. KY

            \(Doctor\)            m.  17Jan 1857 Mattie Calloway, sister of

                            Thomas Calloway


(2)999 LUCY HAWES COLEMAN        b.  22 Aug 1840    d.  9 Apr 1909

                            m.  Thomas Calloway of Henry Co. KY

                            (b.  15 Jun 1834 d.  29 Nov 1900)


(2)1000 ADDIE COLEMAN            b.  March 1842    d.  April 1911

                            m.  Willard Davis (b.  1838 d.  7 Dec 1885)


(2)1001 ANNA COLEMAN            b.  31 Jul 1844        d.  20 Jun 1908

                            m.  Samuel W. Willis

                            (b.  2 Jul 1838 d.  17 May 1908)


(2)1002 BENJAMIN LINDSEY COLEMAN    b.  16 Jun 1847 d.  14 Sep 1915

                                m.  10 Jun 1873 Isabella R. Milligan

                                (b.  9 Feb 1847 d.  13 May 1918)

                                daughter of Robert Milligan, b.  in

                                Ireland 25 Jul 1814



Some Lines Of The Graves Family In The Blue Grass Region Of KY and Their Connections, by MrsSara Graves Clark, CapainJohn McKinley Chapter, DAR Lexington KY.   





From (2)609 Mary A. Coleman/Nelson Prewitt


(2)1003 MARTHA C. PREWITT            b.  6 Jul 1830

                                m.  Solomon Van Meter (d.  1859)


(2)1004 LUCY C. PREWITT            b.  12 Oct 1832    d.  1921

                                m.  James Dunlop Gay



(2)1005 JOHN WINSTON PREWITT        b.  1835        d.  1891

                                m.  6 Feb 1861

                                Margaret Ann Goff (1837-1924)


(2)1006 ANNA B. PREWITT            b.  22 Jul 1838 (twin)

                                m.  Benjamin Goff


(2)1007 ELIZABETH PREWITT            b.  22 Jul 1838 (twin)

                                d.  less than a year old


(2)1008 HENRIETTA C. PREWITT        b.  1844        d.  1908

            "Nettie"                m.  6 Apr 1868 Josiah Davis Reid


(2)1009 CHILES COLEMAN PREWITT        b.  11 Dec 1846

                                d.  8 Jun 1856 (drowned)

From William "Ed" Kutz of Concord, CA





From (2)610 Nancy Coleman/Thomas T. Hayes


(2)1010 ROBERT HAYES        m.  Lou Hodges


(2)1011 LUCY HAYES        b.  24 Jan 1829    d.  9 Sep 1879

                        m.  9 Feb 1852 James Grant Kinnaird (b 10 Sep 1827)

                        son of DrJoseph M. Kinnaird and Sarah E. Grant


        Issue: Joseph M. (b.  27 Dec 1852, d.  13 Feb 1894), Sallie (b.  25 Dec 1856, 14 Apr

        1884 from childbirth complications, m.  James C. Shropshire and had surviving twin

    b.  10 Apr 1884, d.  1 Feb 1930, m.  Nell Shirley\), John H. (b.  16 Jan 1863, d.  31 Aug

    1864), and DrThomas H. Kinnaird (d.  unmarried).


(2)1012 JOHN W. HAYES        b.  9 Jun 1831

                        d.  16 Aug 1872 unmarried


(2)1013 MARGARET HAYES    b.  Oct 1833        d.  12 Nov 1856

                        m.  Marquis Coleman b 2 Nov 1828 d.  18 Feb 1895

son of Horace Coleman (2)530 and Nancy Ann

                Littlepage Thompson.  Marquis was a brother of

                ColCicero Coleman.


(2)1014 SALLIE HAYES        b.  5 Aug 1836        d.  19 Jun 1924

                        m.  Oct 1866 James Dudley

                        son of Abraham Dudley and Ann Maria Russell


(2)1015 THOMAS G. HAYES    b.  22 Apr 1839    d.  10 Feb 1872


(2)1016 SAMUEL G. HAYES    b.  16 Jun 1842    d.  23 Feb 1848


(2)1017 COLEMAN HAYES    b.  16 Aug 1851

                        d.  20 Aug 1878 unmarried   





From (2)611 J. Chiles Coleman/Mary M. Preston


(2)1018 JOHN COLEMAN            d.  Tennessee, no issue

(2)1019 WALTER COLEMAN        d.  Tennessee, left a lot of children

(2)1020 JAMES D. COLEMAN        d.  Unmarried

(2)1021 NANCY H. COLEMAN        m.  John J. James

        Had Dr.  Robert Coleman James, born 11 Nov 1865, died Nov 1925.

(2)1022 ELLEN COLEMAN            d.  Unmarried


(2)1024 SARAH E. W. COLEMAN        b.  31 Oct 1818    d.  7 Nov 1823   





From (2)613 William H. Coleman/Ann Hawes


(2)1025 HAWES HARRIS COLEMAN    b.  1812 Nelson Co. VA    d.  1901

                            m.  4 Apr 1836

                            cousin Mary Elizabeth Ann Harris

        Hawes was a judge, a Baptist minister and a doctor.  Mary Elizabeth Ann Harris

    (1820-1900) was a daughter of John Warner Harris and Mary Coleman (2)615.

(2)1026 RICHARD HAWES COLEMAN        b.  1814 Christian Co. KY

                                d.  Mississippi

(2)1027 CLARA WALKER COLEMAN        b.  1816

                                m.  21 Feb 1832 John Brown

(2)1028 OSCAR COLEMAN            b.  1818    d.  young in Mississippi

(2)1029 WILLIAM PITT COLEMAN        b.  1819    Killed in a duel

(2)1030 EDWIN COLEMAN            b.  1821    d.  1880 Mississippi

                                m.  23 Dec 1841 Tipton Co. TN

                            Amanda Malvina Pope

(2)1031 AYLETT L. COLEMAN            b.  1823 Christian Co. KY       

                                m.  22 Jul 1852 Fannie I. Simmons

(2)1032 ANN W. COLEMAN            b.  1823

                                m.  12 Jan 1843 Charles I. Humphreys

(2)1033 MARY BYRD COLEMAN            b.  1825 Christian Co. KY

                                m.  27 Sep 1846

                            DrJohn M. Ruffin

(2)1034 SUSAN COLEMAN            b.  1827, died young

(2)1035 WALLER LEWIS COLEMAN        b.  1830 Hardeman Co. TN

                                d.  Arkedelphia, AR

(2)1036 JOHN ALBERT COLEMAN         b.  1831 Hardeman Co. TN


(2)1037 EUGENE COLEMAN            b.  1833 Hardeman Co. TN






From (2)616 John Jay Coleman/Catherine Hawes


(2)1039 RICHARD HAWES COLEMAN        b.  8 Apr 1820        d.  1895

        Richard was a judge and in 1840 was Sheriff of Nelson Co. VA for two years.

He went to Victoria, Texas in 1858.


(2)1040 WALKER COLEMAN            b.  26 Jan 1822

                                Will prob.  22 May 1889

                                \(WB N, p. 386 Nelson Co. VA\)

In Walkerís will, he leaves bequests to "his little friends" (named them) and the

rest of his estate went to his brothers John J. and Samuel in trust for his brother

WilliamWalker never married.           


(2)1041 CLARA HAWES COLEMAN        b.  12 Nov 1823    d.  1901

                                m.  1846 Frederick Mortimer Cabell

Clara and Frederick had: Kate, F. Ivanhoe, Waller R., Coleman J., Richard H.,

Aylett F., Susan T. and Clara P. Cabell.


(2)1042 HAWES NICHOLAS COLEMAN        b.  19 Sep.  1825 at "Wintergreen"

\(Doctor\)                Nelson Co. VA

                                d.  21 Jul 1877 , 52 years old, will

                                probated 24 Sep 1877 \(WB N, p.

                    176, Nelson Co. VA\)

                                m.  (1) Sallie Ann Eliza Tinsley

                                (2) 1863 Nannie Elizabeth Watson

Hawes was a member of the House of Delegates, 1861-63.  By his first wife Sallie,

    Hawes had a son, Tinsley Coleman.  Nannie was the daughter of DrDaniel E.

Watson of Albermarle Co. VA.


(2)1043 WILLIAM ALBERT COLEMAN        b.  6 Apr 1828        d.  1900

                                m.  1852 Crawford Reid, no issue



(2)1044 KATHERINE MARY COLEMAN        b.  1 Jan 1831        d.  1900

                                m.  DrCharles Everett \(Judge SBC\)

                        or John W. Harris


(2)1045 JOHN JAY COLEMAN JR.        b.  20 Sep 1833

                                d.  21 Sep 1888 Nelson Co. VA

                                m.  1860 Jacyntha Virginia Rodes

                                (d.  Aug 1892)

John and Jacyntha had: John R. (d.  1949 m.  Loula Martin\), Bessie Blackstone and

        Irene Coleman.   


(2)1046 SAMUEL EDWARD COLEMAN        b.  8 Dec 1838        d.  1904

                                m.  (1) Mary Hughes

                                (2) Eliza Ann McComb

        Samuel had, among other children, Samuel Walton Coleman, a lawyer in

Gate City, VA.


(2)1047 AYLETT BRECKENRIDGE COLEMAN        b.  1844

                                    d.  12 Jan 1865 C.S.A.**

Aylett died from wounds suffered at Fisherís Hill in the Valley of Virginia.



**Obituary Notices in the Religious Herald, Richmond, VA, 1828-1838 With Dates of Publication, sent by William "Ed" Kutz of Concord, CA

Notes from diary of Landon Newton Brent, Sr.  of Nelson Co. VA, \(Susy Martin\)

History of Texas, Judge R. H. Hawes, p. 282

The ĎBelfieldí Fitzpatricks and ĎElimí Colemans, by Reba Fitzpatrick Lea, 1958, pp.

321,334, 335.





From (2)618 Clayton Coleman/Elizabeth B. Cross


(2)1048 ANN COLEMAN            m.  15 May 1834 Caroline Co. VA

                            George Todd Collins

        George was a son of James Collins and Clarissa Todd.  Ann and George had

        James C., Margaret, Jenetta, Catherine, George R., Osenia, Welford, Joseph,

        Julian, Charles, Chastine and Edgar Collins.

(2)1049 ELIZABETH H. COLEMAN    d.  Aug 1861 WB 34, p. 398 Caroline Co. VA

                            m.  1 Dec 1842 Caroline Co. VA

                            Henry C. Sutton

Elizabeth and Henry had Bettie H., Clayton C., Susan M., Francis D. and John M.

(2)1050 SARAH E. COLEMAN        m.  3 Sep 1843 Caroline Co. VA

                        William S. Diggs (see (2)622)

(2)1051 CLAYTON S. COLEMAN        d.  27 Apr 1861

                        \(WB 34, p. 398 Caroline Co. VA\)

The name of Claytonís wife is unknown, but they had a son William Joseph.

(2)1052 JOSEPH C. COLEMAN        d.  before 13 May 1767

                        \(WB 34, p. 398, Caroline Co. VA\)

The name of Josephís wife is unknown, but they had a daughter Josephine Ella.

(2)1053 HARDENIA F. COLEMAN       


(2)1054 CHASTINE F. COLEMAN        m.  11 Jun 1883 Caroline Co. VA

                    V. B. Gouldin b.  1836


(2)1056 JAMES L. COLEMAN        m.  20 Jun 1876 Caroline Co. VA

                            Alice McKinney (no issue)

                            daughter of Edgar McKinney






From (2)621 Frances Coleman/John Gatewood


(2)1058 ELIZABETH GATEWOOD        m.  4 Aug 1818 Caroline Co. VA

                                Henry Cross

(2)1059 ELIZA ELZIRA GATEWOOD        m.  12 Feb 1821

                                Joseph D. Withers




(2)1062 ANGELINA HAWES GATEWOOD    b.  8 Sep 1814 Caroline Co. VA

                                d.  21 Jan 1899

                                m.  1 Dec 1837 Caroline Co. VA

                                cousin Thomas Stokely Coleman





From (2)623 Samuel Coleman/Ann DeJarnette/Mary Withers


1st Marriage:

(2)1063 SAMUEL COLEMAN            m.  Emma Jordan

(2)1064 REBECCA L. COLEMAN            m.  George Keith Taylor, his 1st wife


(2)1065 MARY A. COLEMAN            b.  22 May 1836    d.  29 Sep 1916

                                m.  22 Feb 1853

                            John Harold Ware, Captain CSA

                            (b.  22 Jan 1837) Lived in Caroline Co.

(2)1066 OTTAWA A. COLEMAN            m.  James Wright



2nd Marriage:

(2)1067 CORNELIA COLEMAN            m.  Arthur Lewis

(2)1068 CHARLES COLEMAN            d.  unmarried

(2)1069 ROBERT E. COLEMAN            d.  unmarried

(2)1070 EDWARD W. COLEMAN            d.  unmarried

(2)1071 SUSAN WITHERS COLEMAN         m.  Luther Wright, Captain C.S.A

Children: Willard Wright (1860-1910 m.  Susan Henderson\), Mary Ann

Wright (1863-1931 m.  Charles Throckmorton\), Lillian Wright (b.  1865 m.  1887

Henry H. George Jr.\), Susan Wright (1868-1933 m.  1887 Thomas J. Noble Jr.\)

(2)1072 HULDAH V. COLEMAN            m.  Boyd Brooks

(2)1073 ELIZABETH HAWES COLEMAN    m.  George Keith Taylor, his 2nd wife


(2)1075 JAMES WALLER COLEMAN        m.  Sarah "Sallie" Duerson





From (2)624 Robert G. Coleman/Caroline Harris


(2)1076 WILLIAM HARRIS COLEMAN    b.  25 Apr 1815    d.  27 Feb 1895

                            m.  24 Apr 1838 Fayette Co. KY

                            Hardenia Burnley Goodwin (2)1511

                            (b.  2 Sep 1819 d.  15 Feb.  1905)

William was a farmer, a Democrat and a Baptist



(2)1077 ROBERT G. COLEMAN        m.  cousin Elizabeth Tyler* (2)1115



Robert was a Missouri State Senator 1858-62 and 1878-82.



(2)1078 SPENCER G. COLEMAN        m.  Elizabeth Wright of Calloway Co. MO



(2)1079 JOHN M. COLEMAN        b.  30 May 1818    d.  16 May 1849

                            m.  Maria Lipscomb


*Buried in Babler Park Coleman Cemetery, St. Louis Co. MO

The ĎBelfieldí Fitzpatricks and ĎElimí Colemans, Reba Fitzpatrick Lea, 1958, pp. 310,311

Coleman World 97-3, pp. 4,5





From (2)625 Jane Coleman (2)626 Huldah Coleman/T. Daniel DeJarnette


Jane and Danielís issue:

(2)1080 ELIZABETH GOODWIN DeJARNETTE    b.  27 Apr 1810

"Betsy"            m.  RevWilliam S. Quisenberry

Elizabeth and William had Betty, Jane, Nannie and DrWilliam Coleman


(2)1081 ROBERT E. DeJARNETTE        b.  20 Sep 1812

                                m.  (1) Cordelia Burke

                                (2) Margaret Burke


(2)1082 JOSEPH DeJARNETTE             b.  30 Oct 1814    d.  20 Aug 1815



Huldah and Danielís issue:

(2)1083 JOHN HAMPTON DeJARNETTE        b.  24 Sep 1818

                                m.  cousin Caroline DeJarnette (2)1107


(2)1084 JANE T. GOODWIN DeJARNETTE    b.  26 Dec 1820    d.  6 Jan 1841

                                m.  cousin George Tyler (2)1113

Jane was Georgeís first wife.  They had one child who died in infancy.  George was

the eldest son of Lucinda Coleman and Henry Tyler.

(2)1085 DANIEL COLEMAN DeJARNETTE    b.  18 Oct 1822    d.  1881

                                m.  cousin Louisa DeJarnette (2)1108


    Daniel was a member of the U.S. and Confederate Congresses.

(2)1086 NICEY HAWES DeJARNETTE         b.  27 Aug 1824

"Annie"                m.  Daniel Howe Hoge


(2)1087 HULDA ANN DeJARNETTE        b.  18 Nov 1825

                                d.  13 Jan 1827           


(2)1088 LUCINDA DeJARNETTE            b.  9 Mar 1827

                                d.  unmarried


(2)1089 VIRGINIA DeJARNETTE            b.  16 Nov 1828

                                d.  14 Sep 1829


(2)1090 MARY VIRGINIA DeJARNETTE        b.  12 Sep 1830

                                d.  25 July 1832


(2)1091 CAROLINE HARRIS DeJARNETTE    b.  4 Mar 1833

                                m.  Judge Samuel G. Staples



Tidewater Virginia Families Ė A Social History by Virginia Lee Hutcheson Davis, Urbanna

VA, 1989





From (2)627 Spencer Coleman/Rebecca Diggs


(2)1092 NICIE COLEMAN            b.  5 Mar 1824        d.  22 Nov 1840

(2)1093 ELIZABETH COLEMAN        b.  1 Sep 1826        d.  1908

                            m.  Captain Edmund Taylor \(C.S.A.\)

                            son of Captain John Taylor \(War of 1812)

Elizabeth and Edmund had: John, Edmund, William Coleman, Mary (m.  Thomas

Arnold\), Livie, Sally L., Rebecca*, Spencer* and Fannie Taylor.


(2)1094 SALLIE LEWIS COLEMAN    b.  6 Feb 1829        d.  1914*

                        m.  24 Sep 1850 Professor John Hart, Jr.


John was the son of John Hart and Betsy Harris.  Sallie and John had: Henry,

John, Harris and Sallie Hart.   

(2)1095 SPENCER COLEMAN III        b.  10 Jul 1831        d.  1896 unmarried

<P> Spencer served with A. P. Hill \(C.S.A.\), was wounded at Sharpsburg, and

"brevetted on the field of battle for bravery".

(2)1096 WILLIAM HARRIS COLEMAN    b.  27 Nov 1833

                            d.  1862 \(C.S.A.\) Killed at Fredericksburg

(2)1097 REBECCA DIGGS COLEMAN    b.  8 Jul 1836        d.  1903 unmarried

(2)1098 ROBERT GARLAND COLEMAN        b.  6 Nov 1838        d.  unmarried

Robert was in the home guard \(C.S.A.\)After being captured by the Yankees,

        he was confined in the prison at Point Lookout.  Robert developed measles

and typhoid fever.  The officer in charge ordered the Confederate soldiers to

        take him outside and hold him upright in the hot sun.  Robert was stricken with

        sunstroke which caused paralysis and damaged the valves of his heart.

(2)1099 LUCY M. C. COLEMAN        b.  17 Feb 1841

(2)1100 HULDA J. COLEMAN        b.  10 Jan 1844



*From William "Ed" Kutz of Concord, CA


(2)1101 LOUISA A. COLEMAN        b.  7 or 22 May 1846        d.  21 June 1896 "Nannie"            m.  CaptJohn Sinclair Lipscomb

Louisa and John had: Maude S., Anna, J.S. Jr., Hugh T., Minnie,

Ruby DeJarnette* and Byrd Booten* Lipscomb.


(2)1102 SAMUELLA HAWES COLEMAN    b.  3 May 1850    d.  24 Mar 1926

                                m.  Judge Thomas Penn Fitzpatrick

                                of Nelson Co. VA

                                \(Samuella was his third wife.)


Samuella and Thomas had: Reba (b.  1881), Eunice L., Mary H., and Hethie F.




From William "Ed" Kutz of Concord, CA

For more information on these children, see The ĎBelfieldí Fitzpatricks and ĎElimí Colemans by Reba Fitzpatrick Lea, 1958.  \(Reba was a daughter of (2)1065 above.)





From (2)628 Elizabeth G. Coleman/Elliott H. DeJarnette


(2)1103 LUCY ANN DeJARNETTE        m.  Philip Dew, lived at "Windsor"

                                Caroline Co. VA

        Issue: Thomas Roderick "Captain Tom" (m.  Minnie Perkins\), DrPhillip of "Marl

Hill" Caroline Co. (m.  Fannie McCoy\) and Lucy (m.  Judge Welsh, no issue).       

(2)1104 JAMES C. DeJARNETTE            m.  Lucy Mary Herndon

(2)1105 ELIZABETH GOODWIN DeJARNETTE        b.  1819 d.  1892

                "Betty"                m.  William Duncan Hart

                    (1807-1876) of "Sunny

                                    Bank" Albemarle Co. VA


(2)1106 MARY HAMPTON DeJARNETTE    m.  DrNelson Waller of "Wildwood"

(2)1107 CAROLINE DeJARNETTE        m.  cousin (2)1083

                                John Hampton DeJarnette

(2)1108 LOUISA DeJARNETTE            m.  cousin (2)1085

                                Daniel Coleman DeJarnette


(2)1109 HULDAH C. DeJARNETTE        m.  cousin RevJames D. Coleman (5)2637


        Huldah and James had: James D.Coleman, Jr., Alice and Lucy Coleman.


(2)1110 JOSEPH SPENCER DeJARNETTE    of "MtComfort" SpotsylvaniaCo.VA.

            \(Doctor\)                m.  Nannie \(Anne\) Quisenberry,

                            daughter of (2)1080

(2)1111 ELLIOTT HAWES DeJARNETTE        b.  6 Jun 1837 or 1839

                                d.  27 Apr 1913 or 1914

                                m.  Evelyn \(Eva\) May Magruder


Elliott was a Captain, Co. I, 30th VA Regiment, CSA, and lived at "Pine Forest"

    Caroline Co. VA.

(2)1112 SALLIE DeJARNETTE             d.  young


From Elizabeth Tomlinson of McHenry, IL and Judge S.B.Coleman





From (2)629 Lucinda Coleman/Henry Tyler


(2)1113 GEORGE TYLER        m.  (1) Jane DeJarnette (2)1084 of Caroline Co. VA

                        Had one child who died in infancy.

                        (2) Eliza Hoge, daughter of General James Hoge.

                        (3) Jane Quisenberry of Caroline Co. VA,

                        daughter of (2)1080

                        (4) Julia Magruder of Albermarle Co. VA

Eliza and George had Virgie (m.  Unknown Miller\) and James Hoge Tyler (m.  Sue

Montgomery Hammet\).  He served in the State Senate and was LtGovernor and

Governor of VirginiaEliza d.  11 Aug 1846, giving birth to son JamesGeorge

and Jane had George William Tyler (m.  Mary Stuart Carter\) and Nannie Brown

Tyler (m.  John Washington\).  George and Julia had: Henry Magruder Tyler (m.

Mary Adams Taylor\), Julia Magruder Tyler (m.  James Armistead Otey\), Lucinda

Coleman Tyler, (unmarried), Evelyn Tyler (m.  John J. Miller\), John Tyler

(unmarried), and William Elliott Tyler (m.  Burnley Redd\).


(2)1114 SPENCER COLEMAN TYLER    m.  1 May 1847 cousin Barbara Goodwin


Issue: George G., Lucien L., Hardinia, Lucinda, Huldah Ann and Spencer C. Tyler.   


(2)1115 ELIZABETH TYLER        m.  cousin Robert G. Coleman (2)1077

        Elizabeth and Robert had John (m.  Mary Orr\), Mollie H. (m.  cousin DrRobert G.

Coleman\), Elizabeth J. (m.  Paul Lynds\), Robert G., Eugene, and Julia Coleman.


(2)1116 JOHN TYLER            Died after crossing the Platte River to rescue

                    a friend.




(2)1118 ROBERT H. TYLER        m.  Mary Larrimore of Calloway Co. MO

Robert and Mary had twins, William and Henry, John Johnson,

Robert H. Jr., Spencer, Mary and Lucy Tyler.


(2)1119 HULDAH ANN TYLER        d.  1901

                            m.  HonEdmund A. Nickerson of                                    Baltimore, and lived in Warrensburg MO

Huldah and Edmund had: Bettie (unmarried), Lucie d.  Sep 1940 (m.  Stephen N.

Wilson of Lexington MO\), Kitty (unmarried), Edmunda (m.  Paul Brohaw of

St. Louis MO\), and William Elliott Nickerson (d.  serving the C.S.A.\).   


(2)1120 HENRY P. TYLER            m.  cousin Ophelia Stevens in Saline Co. MO

Henry and Ophelia had: William, Lucy and Georgie Tyler.





From (2)630 Eunice Coleman/Hugh Goodwin II


(2)1121 SPENCER COLEMAN GOODWIN    b.  4 May 1825    d.  17 Jul 1826


(2)1122 ROBERT COLEMAN GOODWIN        b.  15 Aug 1827    d.  21 Nov 1844


(2)1123 HULDAH ANN GOODWIN        b.  22 Jul 1829

                                m.  (1) DrJohn Meredith

                                (2) William Henry Harris    


(2)1124 WILLIAM HAWES GOODWIN        b.  17 Jul 1831

                                m.  MrsMary Little Harris


(2)1125 HUGH GOODWIN III            b.  23 Feb 1833

                                d.  1909 Delta Co. TX

                                m.  Mary Allen Farley (d.  1919)


(2)1126 ANDREW JACKSON GOODWIN        b.  2 Mar 1835

                                m.  Harriet Jones


(2)1127 JOHN COLEMAN BLAYDES GOODWIN    b.  29 Jun 1837

                                m.  Elizabeth Evalina Moody


(2)1128 COLEMAN SPENCER GOODWIN    b.  12 Nov 1839

                                d.  15 May 1862 C.S.A.


(2)1129 ARCHIBALD TULLOCH GOODWIN    b.  21 Mar 1842

                                m.  Candace L. Barret


(2)1130 ELIZABETH BLAYDES GOODWIN    b.  22 Apr 1844 d.  unmarried


(2)1131 CHAPMAN HITER GOODWIN        b.  29 Sep 1846 d.  unmarried





From (2)631 Benjamin Fargeson/Lucy Pendleton


Note: The spelling of ĎFargesoní changed to ĎFergusoní with this generation.


(2)1132 WILLIAM H. FERGUSON        b.  Feb 1798 Culpeper Co. VA

\(Clergyman\)            d.  Mar 1863 Sangamon Co. IL

                            m.  1818 VA Lucy Broaddus (d.  1871)


        Lucy was the daughter of Thomas Broaddus and Susannah Ferguson.


(2)1133 LUCY C. FERGUSON        b.  VA        d.  1850 Sangamon Co. IL

                            m.  Isaac Haines (d.  1838)


(2)1134 ELLEN FERGUSON        b.  1812 Culpeper Co. VA    d.  1841

                            m.  1838 Daniel Johnson

                            Sangamon Co. IL       


(2)1135 PHILIP C. FERGUSON        b.  Jun 1815 Culpeper Co. VA d.  1862

                            m.  1836 Culpeper Co. VA

                            Mary Haines


(2)1136 JAMES C. FERGUSON        b.  11 Mar 1817 Culpeper Co. VA

                            m.  21 Mar 1838 Sangamon Co. IL

                            Mary J. Young (b.  1824 d.  20 Oct 1875)


Other children may have been: Benjamin, Thomas, Mary A. M. (m.  1812 William Baskerville\), Polly O. (m.  1815 James Horner\), Ann P., Mary E. and Frances Ferguson..


From Richard Ward of Bradenton, FL




From (2)634 Mary Sims/Charles Major


(2)1137 SARAH BEA MAJOR    b.  14 August 1801 Madison Co. VA

                        d.  22 Sep 1879

                        LaFayette Pct., Christian Co. KY

                        m.  29 Jul 1824 Madison Co. VA

                        Jeremiah Weaver

                        b.  18 May 1801 Madison Co. VA

                        d.  30 May 1834 Longview Pct. 

                            Christian Co. KY

Jeremiah was the son of Elias Weaver and Hannah Clore.



From Benjamin F. Dake II of Keizer OR





From (2)636 Lucy Coleman/William Moore



(2)1139 SAMUEL MOORE            m.  Isabella Unknown in California

(2)1140 MARY MOORE             m.  William B. Boswell


(2)1141 HENRY C. MOORE        m.  19 Oct 1820

                        cousin Candice Green (2)1150

(2)1142 JAMES MOORE       

(2)1143 JANE ELIZABETH MOORE     m.  John Beaseman








From (2)637 Mary Coleman/Thomas Green


(2)1147 JAMES GREEN            m.  11 Jun 1827

                        Nancy Hutcherson



(2)1150 CANDICE GREEN            m.  19 Oct 1820

                        cousin Henry C. Moore (2)1141








From (2)638 Catherine Coleman/John Miller



(2)1154 ANN MILLER









From (2)639 Margaret Coleman/Kenady McMillan





(2)1162 ESTHER McMILLAN        m.  before 11 Jan 1832

"Hester"            UnknownElliott

The marriage date is the date of a codicil to Esther McMillanís will (her









From (2)641 William Coleman/Ann Wood



                    b.  11 Jul 1799 Mason Co. KY

                    d.  11 Aug 1833 Harrison Co. KY

                    m.  (1) Cynthia Davis Chinn, dau.of John and Mildred Chinn

                    (2) MrsUnknown




From (2)642 Edward Coleman/Elizabeth Long/Mary Long


1st Marriage:

(2)1166 EMILY COLEMAN         m.  UnknownFisher


    They had John Fisher and Samuel Fisher.



(2)1169 ELIZA COLEMAN            m.  (1) Pierson M. Bryant

                            (2) UnknownLyons


        Eliza and Pierson had Mary E. Bryant (m.  1850/51 George Dills\), Emily

        Bryant and George Bryant.   




From (2)643 James Coleman/Mary Penny


(2)1170 MERIDITH R. COLEMAN            b.  27 Jan 1801    d.  16 May 1871

            \(Farmer\)                m.  Susan Dedman

                                (b.  2 May 1815 d.  16 Nov 1893)


(2)1171 JOHN LIGHTFOOT COLEMAN        b.  2 Oct 1803   

                                m.  1835 Rosella Thompson


(2)1172 BASIL WHITE COLEMAN        b.  23 Nov 1806    d.  10 Dec 1875

                                m.  1832 Mary Dedman

                                (b.  1 May 1818 d.  6 Sep 1879)


(2)1173 MARIAH S. A. COLEMAN        b.  7 Jul 1807        d.  1881   

                                m.  John Phillip Dedman

                                (b.  2 Feb 1813 d.  26 Feb 1881)




                        b.  6 Oct 1809     d.  22 Jan 1876

                        m.  8 Oct 1833 Martha Ann Lewis

                        (b.  19 Nov 1817, dau.  of Henry L. Lewis\)           

(2)1175 THOMAS CLELLAND COLEMAN    b.  20 Jun 1822

            \(Farmer\)                d.  1901 Mercer Co. KY

                                m.  (1) Mary Prather (1835-1854)

    (2) 1856 Anna Dudley Jordan


(2)1176 ROBERT EDWARD COLEMAN        b.  27 Dec 1804    d.  6 Jul 1832

                                Murdered by slaves


(2)1177 SARAH ANN COLEMAN            b.  14 Feb 1814    d.  14 Jan 1815


(2)1178 MARY R. COLEMAN            b.  21 Nov 1815    d.  1858

                                m.  1836 John S. Daniel


(2)1179 GEORGE D. COLEMAN            b.  10 May 1818 Fredericksburg VA

            \(Farmer\)                m.  1845 Sarah M. Hahn

                                (b.  1826 KY)


(2)1180 WILLIAM LINSFIELD COLEMAN    b.  5 Sep 1820        d.  1857                                    m.  (1) Mary McAfee (1826-1850)

                        (2) 1853 Lucy Foster               

(2)1181 JANE AMANDA COLEMAN        b.  8 Jan 1824

                        m.  UnknownSorrell


From the original Family Register of James Coleman and his wife, Mary Penny Coleman, who m.  15 Feb 1799, in possession of MrsT. H. Coleman of Harrodsburg, KY, copied by Annetta Coleman Smith.




From (2)652 Edward S. Coleman/Margaret Blanton


(2)1182 JAMES CARTER COLEMAN        b.  27 Jan 1808 Frankfort KY

                                d.  18 Aug 1889

                                m.  Sep 1832

                                Ann Elizabeth Mills

                                daughter of Charles Mills and

                                Tabitha Buckner Daniel

James was Deputy U. S. Marshall under his uncle Chapman Coleman.


(2)1183 SUSAN COLEMAN            m.  Thomas Torian, and went to Texas

Susan and Thomas had: Coleman, Frank and Thomas Torian. 




(2)1185 RICHARD TAYLOR COLEMAN        m.  Catherine Samuel


(2)1186 WILLIAM BURDETTE COLEMAN    m.  1845 Scott Co. KY

                                Jane Gayle

(2)1187 MARGARET AMERICA COLEMAN    m.  Grandison Owen


(2)1188 SARAH TAYLOR COLEMAN        m.  John G. Sneed

Sarah and John had Margaret (m.  1878 Albert Edgar\), Susan (m.  UnknownJohnson\),

and Coleman Sneed (m.  1880 Bina Guthrie\).


(2)1189 EDWARD CHAPMAN COLEMAN    m.  in Missouri







From (2)653 James Coleman/Sarah Taylor/Mary Taylor/Martha Harris


1st Marriage:

(2)1191 SARAH TAYLOR COLEMAN        m.  1853 Woodford Co. KY

                                William or R. Giltner


2nd Marriage:

(2)1192 MARY COLEMAN                b.  1832 d.  1892   

                                m.  (1) 1852 John T. Finch

                                (2) Thomas Allen

                                (3) Warren Viley

3rd Marriage:



(2)1195 JOHN MANNING COLEMAN        m.  Arminda Herndon   

(2)1196 CHARLES COLEMAN            m.  Jennie Copp

(2)1197 LUCINDA COLEMAN            m.  James Crutcher Herndon

                            of Henry Co. TN




From (2)655 Chapman Coleman/Mary Ann Crittenden


(2)1198 FLORENCE COLEMAN            m.  Patrick Joyes

(2)1199 JOHN CRITTENDEN COLEMAN*    b.  20 Mar 1837

                        d.  25 Aug 1861

(2)1200 CHAPMAN COLEMAN Jr.*        b.  17 Feb 1843

                            d.  10 Jan 1917

                            m.  Jane Swigert Hendrick

Jane was the daughter of RevJohn R. Hendrick of Frankfort KY.

(2)1201 EUGENIA CRITTENDEN COLEMAN* b.  28 Apr 1839

                            d.  16 Dec 1916 unmarried       

(2)1202 JUDITH COLEMAN            m.  Charles H. Adams

(2)1203 SARAH LEE COLEMAN*        b.  14 Feb 1847

                            d.  15 Apr 1903

                            m.  Henry Gassaway

(2)1204 CORNELIA COLEMAN*            b.  5 May 1841

                            d.  4 Apr 1873

                            m.  John M. Marriott

*Buried in Frankfort Cemetery, Franklin Co. KY

From Coleman World, 97-4 p. 5, Ellen C. Forrest of Morton, WA




From (2)660 John W. Coleman/Mary Randall





(2)1208 JOHN W. COLEMAN, JR.


(2)1210 MARGARET COLEMAN            m.  LeGrand Doyle





From (2)666 Larkin P. Coleman/Jane Breedlove


(2)1211 JOSEPH E. COLEMAN        b.  18 Jun 1825    d.  21 Jun 1826*

(2)1212 JAMES PEMBERTON COLEMAN    b.  8 Dec 1826*

                                d.  1888 Springfield, IL

                                m.  13 Jan 1855

                            Frances Elizabeth Reese

Frances was the daughter of Isaac B. Reese and Angelina Fanny Roberts.

(2)1213 MARY M. COLEMAN        b.  22 Oct 1828*    d.  13 May 1875

                            m.  18 Sep 1849* Daniel R. Witherspoon

(2)1214 WILLIAM COLEMAN        b.  4 Dec 1830*    d.  8 Sep 1832*

(2)1215 ANALIZA COLEMAN        b.  11 Jun 1833*    d.  8 Aug 1835 KY

(2)1216 MELCENA COLEMAN        b.  30 May 1835     d.  21 Jun 1858

                            m.  9 Feb 1851 James R. Dempsey

(2)1217 THOMAS COLEMAN        b.  10 Jul 1837 d.  19 Feb 1870

                            m.  18 Apr 1861 Ellen D. Hough

(2)1218 ELIZABETH COLEMAN        b.  11 Nov 1839     d.  after 1880

                            m.  3 Oct 1860 John M. Lively

(2)1219 DRUCILLA COLEMAN        b.  11 Oct 1842

                            m.  7 Jan 1863 James M. Lively   

(2)1220 CHARLES H. COLEMAN        b.  13 Sep 1844*

                            m.  16 Nov 1871 Kate A. Martine

(2)1221 ROBERT COLEMAN        b.  28 Sep 1846*    d.  after 1870   

(2)1222 LUCY ANN COLEMAN        b.  21 Sep 1849*    d.  7 Aug 1853*

(2)1223 TULA FRANCES COLEMAN    b.  18 May 1852*    d.  after 1910 TN

                            m.  2 Nov 1876 William A. Wray


*Warren Co. KY

From Elizabeth Tomlinson of McHenry, IL




From (2)667 Thomas Coleman Jr./Elizabeth Cage


(2)1224 MELCENA COLEMAN                    m.  Henry Barrow


Twins, died young

(2)1226 JAMES C. COLEMAN                    m.  Anna J. Burgin



(2)1229 LAFAYETTE W. COLEMAN                 m.  Irene A. Gilsham

(2)1230 JENNIE ELIZABETH COLEMAN            m.  George Baxter


(2)1232 WILLIAM THOMAS COLEMAN            m.  Christine J. King





From (2) 687 William H. Hill/Margaret Florence


(2)1233 WILLIAM LeROY HILL        b.  23 Jun 1800 Hampshire Co. WV

                        d.  19 Apr 1881 Pickaway Co. OH

                        m.  1 Apr 1833 Pickaway Co. OH

                        Susan Gilliland

                        b.  5 Oct 1816 Pickaway Co. OH

                        d.  9 Apr 1906 Pickaway Co. OH

Susan was the daughter of John Gilliland and Elizabeth Thomas.   

(2)1234 ELLEN HILL            b.  1803 Hampshire Co. WV

                        m.  Samuel Kinnear


(2)1235 COLEMAN HILL            b.  16 Aug 1804 Hampshire Co. WV

                        d.  15 May 1865 Pickaway Co. OH

(2)1236 THOMAS HILL            b.  21 Feb 1807 Hampshire Co. WV

                        d.  10 Sep 1885 OH

                        m.  28 May 1834 Pickaway Co. OH

                        Julia Ann Sharp

(2)1237 ROBERT HILL            b.  17 Jul 1808 Hampshire Co. WV

                        d.  15 Jan 1893 Clark Co. OH

                        m.  8 Sep 1839 Pickaway Co. OH

                        Mercedes \(Mary\) Shawhan

(2)1238 ELIZABETH HILL            b.  5 Oct 1810 Hampshire Co. WV

                        d.  1888

                        m.  Thomas Hamilton

(2)1239 MARGARET HILL            b.  1813

                        d.  8 Sep 1821

(2)1240 SARAH ANN HILL            b.  24 May 1815

                        d.  3 Apr 1849


From Wilma C. Hill of Wichita KS




From (2)707 Covington Coleman/Lucy Gamble Day


(2)1241 JAMES MADISON COLEMAN    b.  1816 Harrison Co. KY

                        d.  4 Jan 1865 Nashville TN

                        m.  25 Oct 1840 Athens TN

                        Elizabeth Grace Walker           

(2)1242 CHAPMAN S. COLEMAN        b.  1818 Harrison Co. KY

                        d.  23 Jun 1854 Lincoln Co. KY

                        m.  Mary Ann Carter Lincoln Co. KY

(2)1243 ANN ELIZA COLEMAN        b.  8 Sep 1821 Cynthiana, Harrison Co. KY

                        d.  22 Nov 1895 Athens TN

                        m.  William Monroe Sehorn

(2)1244 MARY JANE COLEMAN        b.  1822 Harrison Co. KY

                        d.  23 Jun 1854 Lincoln Co. KY

                        m.  Charles (?) H. Carter

(2)1245 RICHARD M. COLEMAN        b.  1828 Harrison Co. KY

                        d.  ca. 1887 Harrison Co. KY

                        m.  20 Jul 1876 Harrison Co. KY

                        Susan Stump (b.  1829)

(2)1246 HARRIET COLEMAN        b.  12 Feb 1833 Harrison Co. KY

                        d.  20 May 1913 Athens TN

                        m.  13 Nov 1849 Athens TN

                        James Henry Hornsby

(2)1247 JOSEPHINE COLEMAN        b.  1836 Harrison Co. KY

                        d.  before 1887 Harrison Co. KY

(2)1248 LAURA COLEMAN        b.  1839 Harrison Co. KY

                        d.  before 1887 Harrison Co. KY

(2)1249 ROBERT COLEMAN        b.  1840 Harrison Co. KY

                        d.  after 1910 Harrison Co. KY

                        m.  21 Mar 1883 Harrison Co. KY

                        Sallie Burgess (later divorced)



From Ramona Honan of Dallas TX





From (2)708 Whitehead Coleman/Elizabeth Powell


(2)1250 ROBERT LAFAYETTE COLEMAN    b.  25 Aug 1824 Spotsylvania Co. VA

                            m.  25 Sep 1856 Spotsylvania Co. VA

Nannie Smith Powell

(b.  21 Aug 1832)

    They lived in Boone Co. Missouri.

(2)1251 EMELINE COLEMAN            b.  22 Apr 1828 VA

                            d.  13 Feb 1916

                            m.  28 Oct 1852

                            Captain Joseph I. Sterne


(2)1252 ELIZABETH SIDNEY COLEMAN    b.  4 Jul 1830 KY

                            d.  17 Feb 1914

                            m.  1848 DrThomas Therit Towles

                            (b.  20 Apr 1818 d.  26 Apr 1872)

(2)1253 WILLIAM WHITEHEAD COLEMAN    b.  12 Apr 1832 KY

                            d.  28 Oct 1925

                            m.  23 Aug 1864

Anna Mary \(Braun\) Tabor

    (b.  1841 d.  1905 Old Mexico\)

(2)1254 JOSEPHINE COLEMAN            b.  20 Dec 1834 KY

                            m.  28 Nov 1876

                        William P. Withers

    William was born in 1827.  He was a widower with four children.

(2)1255 CAROLINE P. COLEMAN        b.  29 Sep 1836 KY

                            d.  27 Mar 1908

                            m.  6 Feb 1873

                            George P. Clark

    George was born 1835 in Ohio and died 8 Aug 1911.  He was a widower

    whose first wife was Sarah Ralston.




From (2)709 Francis S. Coleman/Ann Elizabeth Bedford



(2)1257 GEORGE MICHAEL COLEMAN    m.  Laura Willis

    They had Frank, Robert, Gus and Lois Coleman.



(2)1260 SARAH KEEN COLEMAN        m.  Benjamin Parr

(2)1261 RICHARD BENJAMIN COLEMAN    m.  Eva Withers

    They had Richard, Ida, Betty, Nettie, Alice and Willie Norma Coleman.

(2)1262 MARY AMERICA COLEMAN        m.  John A. Withers

    They had Edgar, Harry, Beneva, Sue and Georgia Withers.


(2)1264 HENRIETTA EMMA COLEMAN    m.  1879 Richard Cobbs

(2)1265 STEPHEN WHITEHEAD COLEMAN    m.  Neale Smith

(2)1266 HARRIET OLIVIA COLEMAN        m.  William Price Withers

They had Edna (m.  Charles Francis\) and Lillie Clay Withers.




From (2)719 Charles W. Coleman/Cynthia B. Tucker


(2)1267 CHARLES WASHINGTON COLEMAN, JR.    b.  22 Nov 1862

                                d.  24 Apr 1932**

Unmarried, Charles was a writer and poet living in Williamsburg, VA.


(2)1268 ELIZABETH BEVERLY COLEMAN        b.  3 Jun 1866

                                d.  1948** unmarried


(2)1269 NATHANIEL B. TUCKER COLEMAN        b.  8 Mar 1868


(2)1270 GEORGE PRESTON COLEMAN        b.  4 May 1870 Williamsburg VA

                            d.  1948**

                            m.  21 Feb 1900 Mary Haldane Begg

Mary was the daughter of James B. Begg of Campbell Co. VA.  George was

educated at the College of William and MaryHe was Mayor of Williamsburg

    and a State Highway Commissioner.  The York River Bridge, completed in 1954,

    was named for him.  He and Mary had Janet Haldane Coleman (m.  Raymond

    Kimbrough\) and Cynthia Beverly Tucker Coleman (m.  Singleton Peabody

    Moorehead who died in 1964).                   


(2)1271 CATHERINE BROOKE COLEMAN    b.  25 Dec 1871    d.  27 Sep 1883


(2)1272 GILES BLAND COLEMAN        b.  5 Jul 1873        d.  the same day


**Buried in Bruton Parish Church Cemetery, Williamsburg VA.





From (2)737 Samuel G. Coleman/Dianna Bragg


(2)1273 TALBOT BRAGG COLEMAN        m.  25 Dec 1866

                            cousin Maria Armstrong Gordon


(2)1274 LOUISA S. COLEMAN            m.  UnknownDuprey \(Dupuy\)







From (2)743 Louisiana Coleman/John Gordon


(2)1276 SUSANNA COLEMAN GORDON    b.  17 Apr 1824

                            m.  7 Aug 1844

                            cousin RevJames Addison Waddell

(2)1277 JAMES COLEMAN GORDON        b.  18 Mar 1826

                            m.  26 Nov 1856 Mary St. Clair Cooke

    James and his brothers-in-law were Ruling Elders of the Presbyterian Church.

(2)1278 AMELIA COLEMAN GORDON        b.  18 Jun 1829

                            m.  24 Dec 1847

DrSamuel P. Christian


(2)1279 MARY CASKIE GORDON        b.  1 May 1831

                            m.  14 Feb 1865 Hugh Blair


(2)1280 MARIA ARMSTRONG GORDON    b.  11 Dec 1834

                            m.  25 Dec 1866

Talbot Bragg Coleman (2)1273


(2)1281 ANN WEBSTER GORDON        b.  17 Apr 1837

                            m.  5 Dec 1867

                            Judge Isaac Hill Christian


(2)1282 JOHN NEWTON GORDON, JR.        b.  10 Oct 1840

                            m.  18 Dec 1873 Florine Staples


(2)1283 EDWARD CLIFTON GORDON        b.  1 Sep 1842

\(Reverend\)                m.  12 Nov 1873 Mary Bell



From (2)745 John W. Coleman/Elizabeth Unknown


(2)1284 ELLA T. COLEMAN            m.  Unknown Rohr

(2)1285 EMMA L. COLEMAN            m.  Unknown Fernehew

(2)1286 WILLIAM J. COLEMAN            d.  6 Jun 1870 Alexandria, VA

                            m.  16 Jan 1849 Caroline Co. VA

                            Mary Willis Battaile

William and Mary had Frank W., Griffin B. and William W. Coleman.   

(2)1287 HENRY L. COLEMAN            d.  by 1885


Henry and his unknown wife had Richard, Lucy R., Belle and John H. Coleman.

(2)1288 W. RAY COLEMAN

Ray served with the 30th VA Inf.  RegmtCo. F, C.S.A.

(2)1289 ANN E. COLEMAN            b.  1834

                            m.  20 Dec 1859 Fredericksburg, VA

                            James M. Taliaferro (his 2nd wife)   

(2)1290 CHARLES J. COLEMAN       

Charles died unmarried and predeceased his father.  He is buried in the Masonic

Cemetery in Fredericksburg VA.

(2)1291 ROBERT F. COLEMAN                   

Robert married and had Robertine Coleman.





From (2)753 Frances Dickinson/William Dickenson


(2)1292 CATHERINE DICKENSON        m.  1835 Essex Co. VA

                            William Bentley


(2)1293 FRANCES M. DICKENSON        m.  30 Nov 1835

                            Mordecai L. Spindle


(2)1294 LUCY ANN DICKENSON        d.  1834

                            m.  14 Mar 1833 John S. Quisenberry


        Issue: Lucy A. Quisenberry b.  1834





From William "Ed" Kutz of Concord, CA





From (2)766 Ambrose Coleman/Sarah Iles


(2)1296 WILLIAM MADISON COLEMAN    b.  4 Mar 1822 Pendleton Co. KY

                            d.  7 Apr 1888 Ellensburg, WA

                            m.  Mary Ann Bearden

(2)1297 ELIZABETH COLEMAN            m.  Unknown McCauley




(2)1301 MALE CHILD

(2)1302 MALE CHILD

(2)1303 MALE CHILD

(2)1304 HESTER ANN COLEMAN         b.  ca. 1837 IN

                            m.  Joseph Wright in CA

Joseph was Sheriff of Sonoma Co. CA.

(2)1305 LYSANDER COLEMAN            b.  1838 Rushville IN

                            m.  1 Jan 1864 Sonoma Co. CA

                            Frances S. Epperly

Frances was the daughter of Thomas Epperly and Elizabeth Lingo.  Lysander

farmed 480 acres four miles southeast of Bickleton, WashingtonWell-respected

in his community, Lysander was a Presbyterian and a Democrat.


From Kathy Anderson of Los Angeles, CA




From (2)776 Elizabeth C. Duke/Benjamin F. Moss


(2)1306 ULYSSES MOSS                b.  19 Dec 1813


(2)1307 MARY JANE MOSS            b.  11 Feb 1816


(2)1308 CATHERINE C. MOSS            b.  25 Feb 1818


(2)1309 DAVID JOHN MOSS            b.  8 Nov 1820


(2)1310 ELIZABETH JANE MOSS            b.  3 Apr 1823

                            m.  Josiah Bagby

(2)1311 LUCY ELLEN MOSS            b.  25 Oct 1825


(2)1312 BENJAMIN F. MOSS            b.  18 Dec 1827


(2)1313 SAMUEL COLEMAN MOSS        b.  3 Feb 1830


(2)1314 HENRY CLAY MOSS            b.  29 Oct 1832


(2)1315 THOMAS P. MOSS                b.  2 Oct 1835


(2)1316 WILLIAM F. MOSS            b.  31 July 1838



From William "Ed" Kutz of Concord CA




From (2)777 Lucy C. Duke/William A. Buckner


(2)1317 WILLIAM STANTON BUCKNER    b.  8 Feb 1824

                            d.  1898 Greene Co. KY

                            m.  Mary Wood Edwards (1825-1874)


(2)1319 LOU BUCKNER                m.  George Edwards

(2)1320 ELEANOR BUCKNER            m.  John Edwards


(2)1322 CATHERINE BUCKNER            m.  Guinn Cobb


From William "Ed" Kutz of Concord CA





From (2)779 Eleanor J. Duke/Frederick Moss






(2)1328 LUCY MOSS

(2)1329 DAVID MOSS

(2)1330 CARRIE MOSS                m.  John Edwards



From William "Ed" Kutz of Concord CA




From (2)781 Mary Coleman/Reubin Morris





(2)1334 MARY "Polly" MORRIS            m.  UnknownDennis

Mary and her husband had Madison, Fanny and James Dennis.


Robert inherited $50 from his grandfather James Coleman who died in 1831, but

his brother and sisters were disinherited: "In regard to the children of my deceased

daughter Mary Morris of Kentucky, as they have all except Robert Morris,

which I have given a legacy, joined a religious society called the Shaking Quakers

of that state and it being a fixed rule of that Society to make all the members give to

the head of the society all their property, I do not wish any of my estate to go to

them.  Therefore I give to my grandchildren who have joined the Shaking Quakers





From (2)782 Nancy A. Coleman/George Faulconer


Marriage of George Faulconer and his first wife:

THOMAS M. FAULCONER    b.  ca. 1794

                        d.  29 Nov 1846 Fayette Co. KY

                        m.  7 Sep 1815 Spotsylvania Co. VA

                        Harriett Chevis

Thomas moved to Fayette Co. Kentucky where he became active in the Barton-

Stone-Alexander Campbell movement affiliated with the Disciples of Christ.  In

George Faulconerís will, he expressed the hope that Thomas would share equally

in James Colemanís estate with his half-brothers and half-sisters.  In Nancy

Coleman Faulconerís will, there was no mention of Thomas Faulconer. 


Marriage of George Faulconer and Nancy A. Coleman:


(2)1336 KEMP \(CAMP\) FAULCONER        d.  Vinton Co. OH

                            m.  1 Apr 1819 Orange Co. VA

                            Elizabeth H. Perry

Kemp served in the War of 1812.  By the 1850ís he was living in Vinton Co. OH. 

(2)1337 WILLIAM TRIM FAULCONER    m.  2 Jun 1818 Orange Co. VA

                        Elizabeth Jacobs   

(2)1338 RICHARD FAULCONER        m.  28 Nov 1826 Orange Co. VA

                        Juliann Wright

(2)1339 ELIZABETH FAULCONER    d.  by 10 Feb 1835

                        m.  22 Mar 1816 Hugh Morrison Faulconer

Hugh was the son of John and Margaret Morris Faulconer.  Elizabeth and Hugh

had Martha Ann, Margaret Elizabeth and Mary Jane Faulconer.   




(2)1342 AMBROSE FAULCONER        b.  ca. 1805

d.  19 May 1885 Kenton Co. KY

                        m.  2 Mar 1831 Orange Co. VA

                        Lucy/Louisa Tinder


(2)1343 NANCY ANN FAULCONER    m.  19 Jul 1828 Orange Co. VA

                        John Faulconer

(2)1344 JOHN C. FAULCONER        d.  Lewis Co. MO

                        m.  (1) 26 Nov 1832 Orange Co. VA

                        Mary Ann Quisenberry

                        (2) 11 April 1837 in Missouri

                            Martha Ann Lamberton

(2)1345 SPENCER F. FAULCONER    b.  ca. 1811 Orange Co. VA

                        d.  6 Apr 1877 Kenton Co. KY

                        m.  9 Jan 1838 Campbell Co. KY

                        Susan McKinsey, daughter of

                        David and Ann Reese McKinsey

(2)1346 MARY ANN FAULCONER    m.  9 Dec 1833 Orange Co. VA

                        Thomas R. Wright

(2)1347 LUCY FAULCONER        b.  Jan 1815

                        m.  30 Jan 1832 Orange Co. VA

                    William R. Highlander

William was the son of Jacob Highlander and Fanny Pettis.  Lucy and William

moved to Warren Co. MS in 1835, where he bought a 320 acre plantation near

Antioch Baptist Church on Fisher Ferry Road, named Poplar Hall.  William

owned 47 slaves.  He made his will on 2 Apr 1852 and died four days later.

Lucy was arrested by Yankee soldiers in 1864 and accused of smuggling for the

ConfederacyShe was confined for several days in Jail #3, a military prison for

women in VicksburgDuring the war, Lucy lost everything but her land.  A court

ruling at the end of the war allowed her to rent the land for $500.  During

Reconstruction, Lucy moved into Vicksburg and operated a boarding house.


From Carrie Mildred Lee Cotton, Her Kith and Her Kin by Gordon A. Cotton,

Vicksburg MS 1993, pp. 161-164





From (2)784 Ambrose Coleman/Fanny Hillman


(2)1348 WILSON COLEMAN    Went to Missouri before 1861.



\(Captain Jimmy\)


(2)1350 THOMAS COLEMAN    Wounded in Pickettís Charge at Gettysburg.


(2)1351 JOSEPH COLEMAN    Wounded in Pickettís Charge at Gettysburg.


(2)1352 JOHN COLEMAN        Died in Richmond while in service.  His son

                    Frazier Coleman took his place in the regiment.


(2)1353 BURWELL COLEMAN    b.  23 Oct 1819 Orange Co. VA     d.  16 Feb 1898

    \(Blacksmith\)        m.  4 Mar 1864 Orange Co. VA

                    Sarah Lee Smith (b.  1843 d.  15 Oct 1913)

Burwell and Sarah had 12 children.  He was a large landowner/slaveholder.

When John Brown went to the scaffold, Burwell was part of the military guard.

    Sarah was a daughter of John Smith and Sarah A. Hawkins of Fauquier Co. VA. 


(2)1354 ELIZABETH COLEMAN        m.  CaptJames Herndon, C.S.A.


(2)1355 ANN \(Nancy\) COLEMAN        m.  24 Feb 1849 Champ Hillman










From (2)785 James Coleman/Elizabeth Webber


(2)1359 JOHN COLEMAN            m.  Fanny Stone

Moved to Kansas City, Missouri.

(2)1360 BERKLEY COLEMAN        m.  Susan Clendenon


(2)1361 NANCY COLEMAN        b.  1 Jan 1808 d.  3 Apr 1883

                        m.  John Benton Stevens

                        b.  4 Oct 1804 d.  24 Mar 1876

    John was the son of John R. (1772-1857) and Elizabeth (1770-1845) Stevens.       


From Susy Martin of Belvedere, SC





From (2)786 Frances Coleman/William Peacher


(2)1362 JAMES COLEMAN PEACHER        b.  10 May 1804 Orange Co. VA

                            d.  5 Jun 1877 Jasper Co. MO

                            m.  26 Jun 1826 Orange Co. Va.

                        Judith Abigail Brent


Judith (b.  20 Oct 1805 d.  2 Dec 1855 Kenton Co. KY\) was the daughter of Martin Brent and Anne Chilton of Lancaster Co. VA.  After Judith died, James moved to Missouri.

(2)1363 JOHN WILLIAM PEACHER        b.  1806 Orange Co. VA

                            m.  Hulda Shrader Orange Co. VA

(2)1364 HULDA PEACHER                m.  28 Feb 1831 Orange Co. VA

                            Anthony Tinder, Jr.


(2)1365 MARY ANN DURRETT PEACHER    m.  22 Dec 1823 Orange Co. VA

                            Holcomb R. King





(2)1369 JOSEPH WIGLESWORTH PEACHER        b.  1810 Orange Co. VA

                                d.  26 Sept 1868 Clarksville, TN

                                m.  23 Nov 1829 Orange Co. VA

                                Elizabeth Brock

(2)1370 SARAH WIGLESWORTH PEACHER        b.  24 Jan 1811 Orange Co. VA

                                d.  21 Jun 1883 Clarke Co. TN

                                m.  25 Nov 1827 Orange Co. VA

    Peter M. Peacher

(2)1371 QUENTIN PEACHER                b.  1818

(2)1372 JANE FRANCES PEACHER                           

From Susy Martin of Belvedere, SC    





From (2)787 Nancy Coleman/Joseph George


(2)1373 SALLY GEORGE            b.  2 May 1800

                        m.  William Fry

Sally and William had William Fry, Jr. and John Fry.


(2)1374 WILLIAM GEORGE        b.  20 Feb 1802


(2)1375 LUCY GEORGE            b.  15 Apr 1803

                        m.  Taylor Tolliver

Lucy and Taylor left no issue.


From William "Ed" Kutz of Concord, CA




From (2)790 Susannah Coleman/Lewis Sublette IV


(2)1376 MARY SUBLETTE            b.  12 Jul 1810 Woodford Co. KY

                        d.  20 Jan 1897 St. Joseph MO

                        m.  1828 James Huggins


(2)1377 THOMAS SUBLETTE        b.  1812 Woodford Co. KY

                        d.  1872 Versailles, KY

                        m.  Katherine Morton


(2)1378 SUSAN SUBLETTE        d.  unmarried


(2)1379 JOHN SUBLETTE            d.  unmarried


(2)1380 FRANCES SUBLETTE        b.  7 Feb 1818 Woodford Co. KY

                        d.  7 Mar 1906 St. Joseph MO

                        m.  (1) 18 Mar 1834 Thomas Logan

                        (2) 10 Sep 1841 James LawrenceNeill                   

Thomas was the son of John Logan and Jane Shannon.




(2)1382 WILLIAM SUBLETTE        m.  Irene Brown

William and Irene had William Jr., Lewis and Jennie Sublette.


(2)1383 JOEL DuPUY SUBLETTE        d.  unmarried in Pueblo, Mexico

\(Doctor\)            of typhoid fever


From William "Ed" Kutz of Concord, CA




From (2) 794 Mary L. Coleman/Henry W. Newton


(2)1384 JOHNSON C. NEWTON                b.  16 Jul 1834

(2)1385 ANN E. NEWTON                    b.  10 Aug 1837

(2)1386 MARY E. NEWTON                b.  28 Jul 1839

(2)1387 JOHN Z. NEWTON                    b.  26 Jul 1840

(2)1388 MARIA E. NEWTON                b.  28 Jun 1842

(2)1389 FRANCES L. NEWTON                b.  19 May 1845

(2)1390 HENRY W. NEWTON                b.  1 Oct 1850





From (2)799 Mary E. Coleman/Hugh F. Blaydes


(2)1391 SAMUEL CHILES BLAYDES        m.  Ida Blackley


(2)1392 ROBERT COLEMAN BLAYDES        m.  (1) Ora W. Wilson

                            (2) Cara Lee Wilson


(2)1393 NANCY ELIZABETH BLAYDES    b.  1851        d.  1934

"Nannie Bettie"            m.  Solon T. Coleman (2)1429


(2)1394 EDNA FAWNEY BLAYDES        b.  15 Feb 1855    d.  20 Apr 1920

                            m.  Robert Wesley Coleman (2)1428


(2)1395 WILLIAM HAWES BLAYDES        d.  infancy





From (2)802 Thomas P. Coleman/Angelina Norris


(2)1396 NANCY COLEMAN            b.  ca. 1830        d.  1847

                            m.  J. D. Black


(2)1397 MARY FRANCES COLEMAN        b.  12 Mar 1831    d.  2 Nov 1918

                            m.  18 Mar 1846 Decatur Co IL

                            Allen Wiley Daily (1825-1903)


(2)1398 WILLIAM B. COLEMAN            b.  1835

                            m.  Elizabeth Looney   

(2)1399 MARTHA A. COLEMAN            b.  1836        d.  1858

(2)1400 HARRIETT COLEMAN            b.  1839

                            m.  Harrison Eckert

(2)1401 JOSEPH R. COLEMAN            b.  6 May 1841

                            m.  3 Jun 1870 Rush Co. IN

                        Emily F. Kennedy

(2)1402 JOHN COLEMAN                b.  1844

(2)1403 JAMES WOODSON COLEMAN        b.  1848





From (2)809 John T. Coleman/Emily L. Andrews


(2)1404 SALLIE B. COLEMAN        b.  1851

    m.  17 Oct 1871 Spotsylvania Co. VA

                        Thomas T. Jones (b.  1846 Fauquier Co.\)

                        and had John B. Jones

(2)1405 EMMA L. COLEMAN        b.  13 May 1853**

                        m.  22 Dec 1875 Richard T. Goodwin

                        Had John, Callie and Cary Goodwin.

(2)1406 BETTIE K. COLEMAN        b.  26 Sep 1854**

                        m.  3 Mar 1875 Horace F. Crismond

                        Had Horace F.J. Crismond.


(2)1407 WILLIAM J. COLEMAN        b.  27 Jul 1856**

\(Doctor\)            m.  14 Apr 1880 Elizabeth E. Bailey

Louisa Co. VA

Issue: Chancellor B., Ella S., Lewis A., Willliam E., Gladys and James C.

(2)1408 JOHN THOMAS COLEMAN    b.  1858 Spotsylvania Co. d.  1935

\(Farmer\)            m.  (1) 7 Dec 1880 Carrie Overton Harris

                        (2) Jenie Chandler (d.  1935)

John was born at "Hickory Point" plantation, Spotsylvania Co. VA.

He and Jenie were murdered at their home by two robbers in 1935.

John had one child, Mary Lynn Coleman, but by which wife is unknown.   

(2)1409 CARY W. COLEMAN            b.  31 Jul 1863**

(2)1410 HONEYMAN ANDREWS COLEMAN    b.  11 Sep 1868

\(Druggist in Richmond\)        m.  Nannie L. Gravitt

                            Had Gravitt Coleman.

(2)1411 ELLA L. COLEMAN            d.  infancy**

(2)1412 EDWARD E. COLEMAN            d.  infancy**

(2)1413 EARLY W. COLEMAN            d.  infancy**


**From Family Bible





From (2)817 Addison L. Coleman/Ann Maria Redd


(2)1414 ROBERT COLEMAN            b.  1837

                            m.  30 Nov 1881 Spotsylvania Co. VA

                            Elizabeth Hart (b.  1856)

Issue: John L. and Charles W. Coleman.  Robert served in Co. E, 30th VA Inf.

Regiment, C.S.A.


(2)1415 WILLIAM C. COLEMAN            b.  1839

                            m.  1 Oct 1867 Fredericksburg VA

                            Mildred S. Stone (b.  1842)


William served in Co. E, 30th VA Inf.  Regiment, C.S.A. Mildred was a daughter

of W. H. Stone of Stafford Co. VA.


(2)1416 WALTER L. COLEMAN            b.  1843

                            m.  23 Nov 1872 Caroline Co. VA

                            Ellen C. Goodwin

Ellen was the daughter of Addison G. Goodwin and Mariah H. Coleman.  Ellen and

Walter had Douglas (m.  Lucy Hargrove\) Temple (m.  UnknownLumpkins\), and Vera

Coleman (m.  Leonard Allen\).


(2)1417 BENJAMIN T. COLEMAN        b.  1845


(2)1418 MARY E. COLEMAN            b.  1848


(2)1419 SANFORD A. COLEMAN            b.  1853

                            m.  21 May 1880 Spotsylvania Co. VA

    cousin Julia Coleman (2)1431

Julia was the daughter of Harrison Coleman and Jane Wiglesworth.  Sanford

and Julia lived in Richmond VA.  They had Palmer and Lawrence Coleman.





From (2)822 George F. Coleman/Ann M. Duerson


(2)1420 HENRY F. COLEMAN        b.  7 Apr 1843 Caroline Co. VA

                        d.  13 Jan 1919

                        m.  Jennie M. Patrick

                        b.  18 Jun 1845 d.  23 Oct 1931

Henry was in Co. F, 9th VA Cavalry, C.S.A.


(2)1421 GEORGE COLEMAN        Nothing further known of him.



All dates are from gravestones, Bethany Church Cemetery, Caroline Co. VA





From (2)823 Ruffin H. Coleman/Rebecca K. Duerson/Betty Goodloe


1st Marriage:

(2)1422 JAMES EDWARD COLEMAN            Unmarried

(2)1423 REBECCA COLEMAN            m.  28 Sep 1869 Caroline Co.VA

                            George Robert Collins


2nd Marriage:

(2)1424 SALLIE B. COLEMAN            b.  1854

                            m.  25 Nov 1878 John C. Willis

John was the son of RevJohn C. Willis of Orange Co. VA.  Sallie and John

had Mason H. Willis and Nora Willis.

(2)1425 RENA COLEMAN                m.  (1) Thomas E. Crittenden

                            (2) Joseph Coghill

Rena and Thomas had Max and Kate Crittenden.  Rena and Joseph had

Joselyn Coghill.

(2)1426 ADELAIDE COLEMAN            b.  1861

                            m.  2 Feb 1881 Caroline Co. VA

                            Henry O. Duerson

Henry was the son of Henry and Emily Duerson.

(2)1427 LILLIAN COLEMAN            m.  20 Jul 1891 Caroline Co. VA

                            George M. Adams




From (2)824 Thomas S. Coleman/Angelina H. Gatewood


(2)1428 ROBERT WESLEY COLEMAN        b.  18 Sep 1838 Spotsylvania Co. VA

                            d.  5 Apr 1906

                            m.  Edna F. Blaydes (2)1394



(2)1429 SOLON T. COLEMAN            b.  8 Jun 1843 at ĎAltavista",

                            Spotsylvania Co. VA

                            d.  23 Dec 1894

                            m.  16 Dec 1869

Nancy Elizabeth Blaydes (2)1393

Solon was a farmer and active in the Democratic Party.  He was elected to the

House of Delegates in 1893 but died before his term was completed.


From Family Bible.





From (2)825 Harrison Coleman/Jane F. Wiglesworth


(2)1430 WINGFIELD COLEMAN            Died young in an accident

m.  Annie Sutton, no issue


Annie was a native of West Virginia and after Wingfieldís death, she moved back

to her home state.



(2)1431 JULIA COLEMAN            b.  1864

                        m.  21 May 1880 Spotsylvania Co. VA

                        cousin Sanford A. Coleman (2)1419

Julia and Sanford lived in Richmond City, VA.




From (2)830 Reuben L. Coleman/Mary Byrd Waller


(2)1432 ADRIAN WALLER COLEMAN        b.  28 Sep 1828    d.  7 Feb 1848

(2)1433 JOHN CHEW COLEMAN            Unmarried, C.S.A.

(2)1434 JAMES T. COLEMAN            b.  11 Dec 1829    d.  1 Sep 1905

(2)1435 BOWKER W. COLEMAN            b.  23 Feb 1833    d.  24 Aug 1869

(2)1436 HENRY CLAY COLEMAN        b.  25 Mar 1840    d.  31 May 1870

(2)1437 WILLIAM BYRD COLEMAN        b.  31 Jul 1834        d.  15 Aug 1864

(2)1438 REUBEN LINDSEY COLEMAN    b.  20 Oct 1838

                        m.  26 Feb 1867 Orange Co. VA

                        Adeline Cornelia \(Samuel\) Brockman

    Reuben was her second husband.  Adeline was born in 1841 Orange Co. VA, daughter of

Trenton V. Samuel and Bettie Coleman.  She was sister to Carrie V. Samuel who married

Littleton Coleman.

(2)1439 LITTLETON L. COLEMAN        b.  25 Sep 1841    d.  29 Jan 1929

        \(Private, C.S.A.\)            m.  20 Dec 1866 Carrie V. Samuel

                            and had Betty Byrd Coleman

(2)1440 ELIZABETH KAY COLEMAN        b.  11 Jan 1836    d.  10 Mar 1911

                            m.  15 Jan 1863 Spotsylvania Co. VA

James Willis of Culpeper Co. VA

(2)1441 JULIA WOOD COLEMAN         b.  20 Nov 1844    d.  19 Sep 1924

                            m.  22 Dec 1868 Spotsylvania Co. VA

    William Christian Dickinson

(2)1442 ELEANOR V. COLEMAN            b.  11 Aug 1831

                            m.  Luther Duke, lived in KY in 1894

(2)1443 ELLA FRAZER COLEMAN    b.  11 Apr 1837        d.  26 Sep 1892



Some information from William Dickinson of Concord, CA





From (2)833 Thomas F. Coleman/Sarah Dillard


(2)1444 MARY ELIZABETH COLEMAN        b.  18 Jan 1841    d.  30 Sep 1906

        "Marie"                m.  11 Mar 1874

                            William Penn Taylor Farish



(2)1445 EDMUND MOORE COLEMAN        b.  4 Nov 1844

                            m.  Evalina Woolfolk


(2)1446 THOMAS COLEMAN            b.  4 Oct 1853

        d.  18 Mar 1897 of tuberculosis


From William Dickinson of Concord, CA, a chart by Granville B. Coleman, Archives Division, Virginia

State Library   





From (2)834 Frances M. Coleman/John Penn Coleman


(2)1447 NICHOLAS P. COLEMAN        b.  8 Aug 1847 "Orange Springs"

                        Orange Co. VA

                        d.  16 May 1876

                        m.  6 Nov 1872 Hulda\(h\) Frazier


Hulda (b.  1851 Spotsylvania Co.\) was the daughter of RevHerndon Frazier.   

Nicholas and Hulda lived at "Orange Springs", Orange Co. VA.



Frances Penn Coleman married William Green.  They lived at "Orange

Springsí and had one child, Kathleen Green, who married Alfred Burrus.

Martha "Mattie" T. Coleman married William Norton/Morton/Moxton

and had William Jr. who married Frances Gooch.


From Family Bible





From (2)836 Robert M. Coleman/Jayne P. Kelly/Margaret Stone


1st Marriage:


(2)1448 GRANVILLE ROBERT COLEMAN    b.  11 Jul 1851        d.  26 Jun 1925

                            m.  23 Oct 1873 Sarah Alice Wine

                            (b.  12 Jun 1854 d.  9 May 1925)

Sarah was the daughter of Daniel Wine of Culpeper Co. VA.


(2)1449 DAVID JAMES COLEMAN        b.  2 Jan 1854        d.  June 1922

                            m.  8 Jan 1880 Sally Chichester

Sally was the daughter of Doderidge Chichester. 


2nd Marriage:

(2)1450 JANE COLEMAN                b.  1856

                            m.  16 Oct 1875 Thomas G. Walker


(2)1451 PETER CONWAY COLEMAN        b.  1861

                            m.  Susan Pepper


From Family Bible





From (2)860 Lindsey Coleman/Permelia Stinnett


(2)1452 ROSETTA COLEMAN            b.  1837 Amherst Co. VA

                            m.  8 Feb 1874 Alfred Cooper

    Rosetta had Josiah Coleman b.  1866 and John Coleman b.  1869.

(2)1453 JOHN D. COLEMAN            b.  1840 Amherst Co. VA

(2)1454 JOSIAH COLEMAN            b.  1843 (twin) Amherst Co. VA

(2)1455 SUSAN COLEMAN            b.  1843 (twin) Amherst Co. VA

(2)1456 SAMUEL MYERS COLEMAN        b.  1846 Amherst Co. VA

                            m.  1867 Mary E. Duff (b.  1852)

(2)1457 EVALINA COLEMAN            b.  Apr 1849 Amherst Co. VA

                            m.  17 Apr 1876 William G. Sorrells

                            (b.  Jan 1837 d.  after 1900)

                            son of Jacob Pointer/Betsy Sorrells

(2)1458 LUCY COLEMAN                b.  1850 Amherst Co. VA

                            Was living with brother Samuelís

                            family in 1870.

(2)1459 CHARLES COLEMAN            b.  1857 Amherst Co. VA

(2)1460 ELIZA ANN COLEMAN            b.  1854 Amherst Co. VA

                            m.  27 Nov 1881 Charles Coleman,

                            b.  1858 son of Alexander Coleman

Issue: Oscar Lee Coleman b.  1883 and his wife Frances Unknown

Eva Coleman b.  1891

(2)1461 NANCY "Nannie" COLEMAN        b.  1857 Amherst Co. VA


    In 1884, Nancy gave birth to Charlie Golden Coleman who married 15 Mar 1905

    Nettie Jerome Sorrells b.  27 Apr 1888, Amherst Co., daughter of John J. Sorrells

    and Mary M. Jarvis.

(2)1462 MARIE/MARY/MILLY COLEMAN    b.  1859

                            m.  20 Jan 1884 Marcellus H. Taylor

                        (b.  1853)

From Dorothy L. Weaver of Fredericksburg, VA





From (2)864 Frances Coleman/Greene B. Marshall


(2)1463 EDWARD LINDSEY MARSHALL    b.  11 May 1822 Augusta, GA

                            d.  6 Nov 1899 Clarke Co. AL

                            m.  8 Jan 1850 Sarah Elizabeth Hagerty

    Sarah was born 12 May 1832 in Montgomery Co. AL, and died 25 Nov 1896 in

    Gainestown, ALShe was a daughter of Blasingame Hagerty and Elizabeth



From Louis M. Finlay Jr. of Jackson, AL





From (2)872 Alfred V. Scott/Mary W. Bibb/Rebecca Nixon


1st Marriage:

(2)1464 MARY SOPHIA SCOTT        b.  19 May 1825

d.  11 Dec 1826 Elmore Co. AL

(2)1465 ELIZA ANN SCOTT        b.  24 Mar 1827 d.  26 Mar 1894 Tilden AL

                        m.  23 Mar 1847 James Boykin of Macon AL

                        and had eight children

(2)1466 JOHN RANDOLPH SCOTT    b.  1829        d.  1862

In 1860, John was living with his sister Eliza Ann Boykin and her family.

(2)1467 ELLEN VERNON SCOTT        b.  14 Mar 1832    d.  13 Aug 1872

                        m.  11 May 1852 Robert Darrington Boykin

                        and had five children

(2)1468 FANNIE SCOTT            b.  5 Jan 1834    d.  13 June 1834

(2)1469 THOMAS JAMES SCOTT        b.  1835        d.  1862

Thomas was killed in the War Between the States and buried in Virginia.

In 1850, he lived with his sister Eliza Ann Boykin and her family


2nd Marriage:

(2)1470 HENRY ELLIOTT SCOTT        b.  15 Jan 1842    d.  9 Jun 1843

(2)1471 ALICE EVELYN SCOTT        b.  14 Aug 1843

                        m.  31 Oct 1861 Algernon Garnett

                        and had four children

(2)1472 ALFRED VERNON SCOTT    b.  29 Aug 1846    d.  22 Jun 1863

(2)1473 WILLIAM OWEN SCOTT        b.  24 Feb 1850    d.  29 Jan 1917

                        m.  15 Dec 1886 Caroline Margaret Kenochan

                        and had three children

From Charlotte Gore Boykin of Jackson, MS





From (2)886 Clayton G. B. Coleman/Sarah Jerdone


(2)1474 CLAYTON G. B. COLEMAN, JR.        m.  Ann Breeden

Clayton graduated from the Virginia Military Institute in 1859. 


(2)1475 JOHN JAMES COLEMAN        d.  11 Aug 1914, unmarried


John graduated from the Virginia Military Institute on 25 Aug 1862.


(2)1476 CLARENCE COLEMAN            m.  Levinia Randolph


<P>(2)1477 MARY I. COLEMAN            m.  O. H. P. Terrell

Issue: Frank, Julia, Glanville, Mary C., C. Vivian and Sallie I. Terrell.


(2)1478 JULIA DOUGLAS COLEMAN        m.  18 June 1867 McHenry Howard

McHenry was born in Baltimore City, MD on 26 Dec 1838.






From (2)892 William E. Coleman/Jane C. Brown



(2)1481 WILLIAM A. COLEMAN                b.  1843

(2)1482 JOHN T. COLEMAN                b.  1845

(2)1483 ALFRED L. COLEMAN                b.  1847

(2)1484 LINDSAY T. COLEMAN                b.  1849

                                m.  Fannie Holliday (b.  1853)

Fannie was the daughter of John M. and Margaret Holliday of Amherst Co. VA.

(2)1485 NANCY T. COLEMAN                b.  1853

(2)1486 BENJAMIN BROWN COLEMAN            b.  1856





From (2)901 Ann C. Coleman/James N. Moon


(2)1487 ORIE LEWIS MOON            m.  Judge Robert G. Dickerson

(2)1488 MARY BARCLAY MOON        m.  John Aylett Nicol


(2)1490 FRANK RUSSELL MOON        b.  2 Feb 1875

                            d.  5 Feb 1955 Charlottesville, VA

                            m.  Annie Dunscomb Horsley (d.  1949)

    Issue: daughter, m.  John W. Wheeler, Jr.

    Channing H. Moon

        Frank Russell Moon, Jr.

(2)1491 FRANCES NICHOLAS MOON        b.  ca. 1877

        \(Doctor\)                d.  May 1953

                            m.  DrCharles Shannon Butts

    Issue: Charles Shannon Butts, Jr. of Washington, DC

        Cary Nelson Butts m.  Florence Fue

        Anna Maylin Butts of Winter Haven, FL m.  (1) Sam Duncan

                                (2) H.T. Schlater

From William "Ed" Kutz of Concord CA





From (2)902 Sarah C. Goodwin/Francis Flournoy


(2)1492 JAMES FLOURNOY        Unmarried

(2)1493 GIDEON FLOURNOY       








From Elizabeth Tomlinson of McHenry, IL





From (2)903 Joseph G. Goodwin/Frances C. Graves/Rachel Downey


1st Marriage:

(2)1500 JOSEPH J. GOODWIN            b.  25 Mar 1816    d.  14 Feb 1863

                            m.  25 Oct 1837

Lucy Coleman Graves (2)950

(2)1501 BENJAMIN G. GOODWIN        b.  25 Oct 1818    d.  7 Feb 1888

    \(Doctor\)                unmarried

(2)1502 JOHN T. GOODWIN**            b.  24 Nov 1820

                            m.  Serena Cartwright, no issue

(2)1503 MARY FRANCES GOODWIN        b.  28 Dec 1822

"Polly"                m.  William Bowman, no issue

2nd Marriage:

(2)1504 WILLIAM MONTGOMERY GOODWIN        b.  Aug 1833         d.  1849

(2)1505 BRECKENRIDGE PAYNE GOODWIN        b.  1836        d.  1841

(2)1506 MARTHA MONTGOMERY GOODWIN        b.  9 Mar 1838

                                m.  DrJoseph Marshall

(2)1507 RACHEL JOSEPHINE GOODWIN        b.  5 May 1840

                                m.  John W. Muir

(2)1508 ELLA JANE GOODWIN                b.  Dec 1842, died young



**His name is given as John "J." Goodwin and his wifeís name as "Susannah" in

Some Lines Of The Graves Family In The Blue Grass Region Of Kentucky and Their Connections by MrsSara Graves Clark, Captain John McKinley Chapter, DAR Lexington, Kentucky.

Some of the above information from Elizabeth Tomlinson of McHenry, IL





From (2)904 Lloyd K. Goodwin/Mary J. Graves


(2)1509 MARY ANN GOODWIN        b.  17 Oct 1814 Fayette Co. KY

                        m.  11 Feb 1830

                        William Hayes, Jr. (b.  12 Mar 1807)

(2)1510 FRANCES JANE GOODWIN    b.  1 Mar 1817 Fayette Co. KY

                        m.  5 Nov 1835 Francis Brown

(2)1511 HARDENIA BURNLEY GOODWIN    b.  2 Sep 1819 Fayette Co. KY

                            d.  15 Feb 1905

                            m.  24 Apr 1835

                            William Harris Coleman (2)1076

(2)1512 ELIZABETH GOODWIN        b.  17 Mar 1822 Fayette Co. KY

                        m.  15 Oct 1843 Pike M. Thompson,

                        half-brother to Colonel Cicero Coleman

                        (see (2)530)

(2)1513 BARBARA GOODWIN        b.  27 Apr 1825 Fayette Co. KY

                        m.  1 May 1847

    Spencer Coleman Tyler (2)1114

(2)1514 GEORGE JOSEPH GOODWIN    b.  8 Nov 1826 d.  13 Apr 1899

                        m.  13 Dec 1849

                        Elizabeth M. Jamison** (b.  4 Nov 1829)

                        dau.  of Milton Jamison and Sarah Badger   

(2)1515 NANCY GOODWIN        b.  29 May 1830

                        m.  2 Dec 1847

                        DrJoseph L. Cartwright (b.  15 Oct 1824)

                        son of James Cartwright/Adeline Graves

(2)1516 JAMES LUCIEN GOODWIN    b.  5 April 1832 d.  Jan 1902, unmarried


(2)1517 BENJAMIN LLOYD GOODWIN    b.  29 Sep 1836 d.  Feb 1902

                        m.  Dec 1898 Florence McCauley

(2)1518 LUCINDA VICTORIA GOODWIN b.  20 Sep 1838 d.  1 Oct 1924

                        m.  5 Apr 1860 John Thompson Hildreth

                        son of Joseph Hildreth/Sally Milton Findley

**The name "Jamison" has also been spelled "Jameson".

Some Lines Of The Graves Family In The Blue Grass Region Of Kentucky and Their Connections by MrsSara Graves Clark, CaptJohn McKinley Chapter, DAR Lexington KY.





From (2)920 Barbara G. Graves/Joseph G. Chinn


(2)1519 MARY ELIZABETH CHINN    b.  2 Nov 1821 d.  25 Feb 1904

                        m.  25 Sep 1837

                        John Parker Bowman

(2)1520 JOSEPH G. CHINN            m.  1850

                        Nannie E. Shelby

(2)1521 WILLIAM CHINN            b.  13 Feb 1825 d.  7 Jul 1855

                        m.  Fannie Waddell

(2)1522 BENJAMIN CHINN        b.  14 Aug 1826 d.  11 Jan 1886

                        m.  Bettie A. Buford

(2)1523 DAVID CHINN            b.  9 Mar 1828

                        m.  Martha Short           

(2)1524 LEWIS HENRY CHINN        b.  15 Jan 1830 d.  14 Jul 1831


(2)1525 PENELOPE ELLEN CHINN    b.  15 Jul 1831 d.  20 Jan 1883

                        m.  DrFrank Cooley

(2)1526 ADDISON BALL CHINN        b.  21 Feb 1833 d.  11 Oct 1902

                        m.  Lucy Howard

(2)1527 JOHN CHINN            b.  1 Mar 1836 d.  21 Apr 1837


(2)1528 SUSAN ANN/ANNA CHINN    b.  15 Jul 1838 d.  15 May 1872

                        m.  Shelby Kirtley

(2)1529 HESTER CHINN            b.  3 Apr 1840 d.  29 Apr 1901

                        m.  Joseph Trapp

b.  9 Apr 1839 d.  22 Nov 1877

(2)1530 CLAUDE CHINN            b.  14 Aug 1841

                        m.  Nannie Petit/Pettit


From William "Ed" Kutz of Concord, CA





From (2)979 Lucinda S. Blaydes/John Albert Hill


(2)1531 SUE HILL                    m.  Ernest Quisenberry

                            Spotsylvania Co. VA

(2)1532 LAURA J. HILL                b.  15 Feb 1860 Adail, VA (twin)

                            d.  before 1936

                            m.  John Tinsley Coleman, Sr.  (2)1556


(2)1533 LILLIE HAWES HILL            b.  15 Feb 1860 Adail, VA (twin)

                            d.  after 1952

                            m.  Henry Tate Harris (d.  1933) of

                            Nelson Co. VA


(2)1534 WILLIAM J. HILL                b.  ca. 1867 Nelson Co. VA

                            d.  after 1952

                            m.  ca. Oct 1889 Estelle Boyce

                            (b.  ca. 1868)



From William "Ed" Kutz of Concord, CA





From (2)985 Lucie W. Blaydes/Edwin C. Browning


(2)1535 LIZZIE B. BROWNING            m.  Jacob Embry


(2)1536 HUGH BLAYDES BROWNING        m.  Lucy Buckner Woodford


(2)1537 WOODSON BROWNING            m.  Emma Goff


(2)1538 PERRY BROWNING            m.  Dixie Woodford


(2)1539 EDWIN BROWNING            m.  Elizabeth Armstrong


(2)1540 EDNA BROWNING           


(2)1541 ANNA BROWNING            d.  infancy


(2)1542 WILLIAM BLAYDES BROWNING    d.  unmarried


(2)1543 LUCIE BROWNING            d.  unmarried



From William "Ed" Kutz of Concord, CA





From (2)993 David S. Coleman/Judith A. Chiles


(2)1544 HENRY COLEMAN            buried Lexington Cemetery

                            aged 4 years, 4 months.


(2)1545 GEORGE COLEMAN            buried Lexington Cemetery

                            aged 19 years, 6 months


(2)1546 MARY COLEMAN                b.  1850 d.  1918

                            m.  William Harrison Gentry


                            had: David Gentry

                            Lawrence Gentry (b.  1878)


(2)1547 JOHN WINSTON COLEMAN        b.  1852 d.  1929

                            m.  20 May 1897 Mary Shelby Payne

                            (b.  19 May 1867 d.  6 Jul 1932)

                            had: John W. Coleman, Jr.

                            b.  5 Nov 1898

                            m.  15 Oct 1929/30

                                Bernette Zumwait

b.  1 Jan 1897   

Walter Payne Coleman

                                b.  15 Jan 1901

                            m.  Virginia May

                                b.  16 May 1900

From William "Ed" Kutz of Concord, CA





From (2)1025 Hawes H. Coleman/Mary E. A. Harris


(2)1548 CALA COLEMAN                    d.  1852


(2)1550 EDWIN GALLATIN COLEMAN            b.  1848     d.  1884

\(Doctor\)                    m.  1877

Molly \(Mamie\) Boddie

(2)1551 MARY HAWES COLEMAN            b.  1850     d.  1938

"Molly"                    m.  1867

                                CaptDaniel McCallum

(2)1552 WILLIAM HAWES HARRIS COLEMAN    b.  1854 d.  1878 pneumonia

\(Lawyer\)                m.  1877

                                cousin Ada Coleman

                                had: Edward H. Coleman


(2)1553 ALBERT RUFFIN COLEMAN           

(2)1554 Unnamed Child, may be MOSLEY COLEMAN

(2)1555 RICHARD HAWES COLEMAN            b.  1857    d.  1933

        "Rickey"                    m.  17 Jan 1887

                                Mattie Lee Cooke


Richard and Mattie had four children.**

*The "Belfield" Fitzpatricks & "Elim" Colemans by Reba Fitzpatrick Lea, 1958, p. 323




From (2)1042 Hawes N. Coleman/Sallie A.E. Tinsley/Nannie E. Watson


1ST Marriage:

(2)1556 J. TINSLEY COLEMAN        b.  29 Aug 1857 Nelson Co. VA

        "John"            m.  22 Mar 1879 Laura J. Hill (2)1532


Johnís will was admitted to probate 5 Sep 1916.  \(WB K, p. 196,

Lynchburg City Records\) John was a lawyer and a member of the

House of Delegates 1899-1900.


2nd Marriage:

(2)1557 AYLETT B. COLEMAN        b.  29 Sep 1870

d.  1937 \(WB 4, p. 376 City of Roanoke\)   

m.  (1) 1895 Norma Randolph Caskie

                        (2) Elizabeth T. Dabney.


Aylett represented Roanoke City in the House of Delegates 1904-1908.

(2)1558 DANIEL EDWARD COLEMAN        b.  1874    d.  1899

    (Merchant in Lynchburg)            m.  Ida Lee Anthony

(2)1559 NANNIE NOBEL COLEMAN    b.  18 Oct 1875    d.  21 Feb 1922

                        m.  25 Sep 1867 Arthur T. Ewing

(d.  23 Jan 1939)

                        Lived at "Elk Hill", Nelson Co. VA   


(2)1560 MARY KATHERINE COLEMAN        b.  1876

                            m.  DrJames Fulton Williams

                            of Charlottesville VA

(2)1561 MAURY JOY COLEMAN        d.  1898 Roanoke, VA (unmarried)


(2)1562 CHARLES O. COLEMAN        m.  Myra Unknown, lived on Long Island, NY

He was an official with the Pennsylvania Railway Co.,




From (2)1076 William H. Coleman/Hardenia B. Goodwin

(2)1563 CAROLINE COLEMAN            m.  (1) James Monroe in KY

(died War Between the States\)

                            (2) Thomas Locker   

(2)1564 ELIZABETH COLEMAN            d.  unmarried

(2)1565 ELLEN COLEMAN            d.  young**

(2)1566 BELLE COLEMAN                m.  Henry Lay

(2)1567 HARDINIA COLEMAN            m.  Joseph Blakesly

(2)1568 ANN COLEMAN                m.  Frank Terry


(2)1569 VIRGINIA HAWES COLEMAN        m.  Henry Fields

(2)1570 MARY E. COLEMAN            b.  24 Jan 1841

    d.  12 Jul 1909**

(2)1571 DINAH COLEMAN   


(2)1573 LILLY COLEMAN                b.  1859     d.  Feb 1951

                        m.  cousin DrRobert G. Coleman (2)1585

Lilly was Robertís second wife.  They had a son DrWilliam G. Coleman of St. Louis, Missouri.*


*From William "Ed" Kutz of Concord, CA

**Buried in Babler Park Coleman Cemetery, St. Louis Co., MO with her parents

The ĎBelfieldí Fitzpatricks and ĎElimí Colemans by Reba Fitzpatrick Lea, 1958, p. 308




From (2)1077 Robert G. Coleman/Elizabeth Tyler


(2)1574 ELIZABETH J. COLEMAN        m.  Paul Lynds

(2)1575 JULIA COLEMAN                m.  Matthew Gilbert

(2)1576 MOLLY COLEMAN        m.  cousin DrRobert Coleman (2)1585

Molly was his first wife.  She died young, leaving a large family. 


(2)1578 ROBERT COLEMAN            m.  Della Sandfos

(2)1579 JOHN COLEMAN                m.  Mary Orr

Although John died young, he left a large family.


The "Belfield" Fitzpatricks and "Elim" Colemans, Reba Fitzpatrick Lea, 1958, p. 311





From (2)1078 Spencer G. Coleman/Elizabeth Wright


(2)1580 ELIZA/ELLA COLEMAN            Never married

(2)1581 REBECCA COLEMAN            m.  Unknown Groff

Rebecca and her husband had Ursula and Spencer Groff.

(2)1582 ROBERT COLEMAN            Never married

(2)1583 CLARA COLEMAN            Died young

(2)1584 WILLIAM COLEMAN            m.Unknown

William and his wife had Josie, who never married, and John Coleman who

    married and lived near St. Louis MO.


The "Belfield" Fitzpatricks and "Elim" Colemans, Reba Fitzpatrick Lea, 1958, p. 311





From (2)1079 John M. Coleman/Maria Lipscomb


(2)1585 ROBERT G. COLEMAN            m.  (1) cousin Molly Coleman (2)1576

        \(Doctor\)                (2) cousin Lilly Coleman (2)1573


(2)1586 ANN COLEMAN                m.  Unknown Lessing/Lassing

Ann and her husband lived in Kentucky.




The "Belfield" Fitzpatricks and "Elim" Colemans, Reba Fitzpatrick Lea, 1958, p. 311





From (2)1111 Elliott H. DeJarnette/Evelyn M. Magruder


(2)1588 CAROLINE HAMPTON DeJARNETTE        m.  William L. Keyser


(2)1589 JOSEPH SPENCER DeJARNETTE        m.  Chertsy Hopkins


Joseph was Supertendent of Western State Hospital.


(2)1590 MARIA MINOR DeJARNETTE            m.  15 Jun 1904

James Markham Marshall

    (b.  23 Jan 1857 d.  1941)                       

(2)1591 HENRY MAGRUDER DeJARNETTE        d.  1946, unmarried                                         Fredericksburg, VA

(2)1592 EVELYN MAGRUDER DeJARNETTE        d.  unmarried


(2)1593 ELLIOTT HAWES DeJARNETTE            m.  Margaret Averill

    \(Lawyer\)                 Lived in Orange Co. VA


(2)1594 SALLIE WATSON DeJARNETTE            m.  John D. Micks

Issue: Clara, Katherine, Evelyn Magruder, Jack and Henry Micks.


(2)1595 HORATIO ERSKINE DeJARNETTE         of Princeton, West Virginia

        m.  Bessie Beckwith


From Elizabeth Tomlinson of McHenry, IL




From (2)1132 William H. Ferguson/Lucy Broaddus


(2)1596 JAMES H. FERGUSON        b.  26 Mar 1823 Culpeper Co. VA

        \(Engineer\)            d.  14 Dec 1897

                        m.  18 Dec 1850 Christian Co. IL

                        Mary E. Taff (b.  1831)

James enlisted in the Mexican War on 7 Sep 1847 at Springfield IL.

    He enlisted in Illinois 14th Infantry Co. L on 18 Feb 1865 at age 41.

    John was 5í5" and had blue eyes, light hair and a light complexion.

(2)1597 FRANCES C. FERGUSON            b.  1830 VA

(2)1598 MARY E. FERGUSON            b.  1832 OH

(2)1599 MARTHA FERGUSON            b.  1842 IL

(2)1600 WILLIAM E. FERGUSON            b.  1845 IL



From Richard Ward of Bradenton FL





From (2)1137 Sarah B. Major/Jeremiah Weaver


(2)1601 EMILY BEA WEAVER        b.  26 Jun 1825 Madison Co. VA

                        d.  Feb 1892 Christian Co. KY

                        m.  10 Aug 1841 Christian Co. KY

                        John Richard Dowell



John, born 3 Jul 1814 in Virginia and died 14 Dec 1861 in Christian Co. KY,

was the son of Richard Dowell and Mildred A. Hall.



From Benjamin F. Dake III of Keizer OR




From (2)1165 Napoleon B. Coleman/Cynthia D. Chinn


(2)1602 WILLIAM TELL COLEMAN        b.  29 Feb 1824 Harrison Co. KY

                            d.  22 Nov 1893

                            m.  Aug 1852

                            Carrie M. Page

Carrie was the daughter of Daniel Page and Deborah Young.  Carrie was born

25 Feb 1828 in St. Louis, MO and died 12 May 1896 Oakland CA.  William Tell

Coleman went to California in 1849 and became known as "Lion of the

    Vigilantes", the subject of a book by James A. B. Scherer, published 1939 by

    Bobbs-MerrillHe was a leading member of the Vigilante Committee which

    hanged a hundred men before bringing law and order to San Francisco.  William

    Tell Coleman did not prospect for gold, choosing instead to supply the minersí

    needs.  His business was called the William T. Coleman & Company.  His ships,

    carrying passengers and supplies, opened up the commercial trade between

San Francisco and the eastern seaboard.  William founded the Harmony

    Borax Works in Death Valley California near Furnace Creek.







See William Tell Coleman from Magazine of American History, Vol. 26, p. 202

See Coleman World, 96-1, p. 7 and 96-2, p. 6.





From (2)1170 Meridith R. Coleman/Susan Dedman


(2)1606 LUCY JANE COLEMAN            b.  1837**

                                m.  James Bronaugh

(2)1607 JAMES PHILLIP COLEMAN            b.  1842**


(2)1608 MARY ANN "Molly" COLEMAN        b.  1844**

                                m.  Edward G. Lewis

(2)1609 CHAPMAN COLEMAN                b.  1846**

                                m.  Mary Ann Carter

(2)1610 JOHN HENRY COLEMAN            b.  1851     d.  1852

(2)1611 BASIL F. COLEMAN                b.  1853     d.  1901

                                m.  Sarah Sanders (d.  1904)

(2)1612 W. EDWARD COLEMAN            b.  1855

        d.  1938, unmarried


**1850 Mercer Co. KY census





From (2)1171 John L. Coleman/Rosella Thompson


(2)1613 MARY E. COLEMAN            b.  1835     d.  1865

                            m.  John C. Smock

(2)1614 JOHN D. COLEMAN            b.  1844     d.  1919

                            m.  Laura Burke (1845-1919)

(2)1615 MARIAH L. COLEMAN            b.  1852


(2)1616 MARTHA A. COLEMAN            b.  1855


(2)1617 ROSELLA COLEMAN             b.  1866     d.  1947

                            m.  Samuel Brown (1863-1917)

(2)1618 LILLIAN COLEMAN            b.  1871     d.  1905


(2)1619 ADA COLEMAN                b.  1873

    d.  1950, unmarried

(2)1620 RICHARD A. T. COLEMAN        d.  1854





From (2)1172 Basil W. Coleman/Mary Dedman,


(2)1621 SUSAN A. COLEMAN            b.  1839     d.  1874

                            m.  John H. Lewis

Susan and John had a daughter, Ida Lewis.

(2)1622 MEREDITH COLEMAN            b.  1842

Meredith lived in Indiana.

(2)1623 PRISCILLA COLEMAN            b.  Henry Chestman

(2)1624 WALTER COLEMAN            b.  1852     d.  1856

(2)1625 FOSTER COLEMAN            b.  4 Apr 1856 d.  5 Mar 1860

(2)1626 ADDISON COLEMAN            b.  1860

                            m.  Annie Parker

(2)1627 JOHN SILAS COLEMAN            b.  ca. 1868

John lived in Kansas.




From (2)1173 Mariah S.A. Coleman/John P. Dedman


(2)1628 MINERVA J. DEDMAN            b.  13 Jan 1834

d.  13 Feb 1876

(2)1629 LUCY ANN DEDMAN            b.  1 Feb 1836

                            m.  Cyrus Bowman

(2)1630 W. L. DEDMAN                b.  1843

d.  1910


(2)1631 SUSAN DEDMAN                b.  1845

d.  29 Apr 1864






From (2)1174 James H. L. Coleman/Martha Ann Lewis


2)1632 THOMAS HENRY COLEMAN        b.  1837 KY**

        \(Doctor\)                d.  1912

                    m.  Quentilla B. Jones (b.  1847)

(2)1633 ROBERT E. COLEMAN            b.  14 Jul 1836 KY**

d.  1914

                            m.  Margaret Alexander Hughes

                            (d.  1907)

(2)1634 SALLY ANN COLEMAN            b.  20 Feb 1840 KY

d.  20 Dec 1852

(2)1635 MALINDA L. COLEMAN        b.  1844 KY**

                            m.  James E. Conrad

(2)1636 JAMES M. COLEMAN            b.  1846 KY**


(2)1637 SIMON BURTON COLEMAN        b.  1848

d.  1932

                            m.  Hattie Jones Eddleman

(2)1638 SUSAN ELIZABETH COLEMAN     m.  UnknownSimpson


(2)1640 ELLA B. COLEMAN            m.  Julius Burke Nelson Co. KY



**Birth years from 1850 Mercer Co. KY census





From (2)1175 Thomas C. Coleman/Anna D. Jordan


(2)1641 ABRAHAM JORDAN COLEMAN    b.  1857

d.  1928

                            m.  Carrie Taylor



d.  1859


(2)1643 SUSAN M. COLEMAN            b.  1861

d.  1864


(2)1644 LEONIDAS EUCLID COLEMAN    b.  1862

d.  1942

                            m.  1882 Dora Terhune (1866-1947)


(2)1645 ELLA ATWOOD COLEMAN        b.  1864

d.  1866


(2)1646 THOMAS CLELLAND COLEMAN    b.  1868

d.  1937

                            m.  1887

                            Lucy Monday Walker (1866-1939)


(2)1647 WILLIE ROBERT COLEMAN        b.  1871

d.  1876


(2)1648 MARY COLEMAN            b.  1874

d.  1876




From (2)1179 George D. Coleman/Sarah M. Hahn


(2)1649 WILLIS L. COLEMAN                b.  1845 KY**

(2)1650 ANN E. COLEMAN                b.  1848 KY**







**1850 Mercer Co. KY census




From (2)1182 James C. Coleman/Ann E. Mills



(2)1656 EDWARD JAMES COLEMAN            m.  Laura Perkins

(2)1657 JOHN MILTON COLEMAN            m.  Emily Woodson

(2)1658 SARAH ELLEN COLEMAN            m.  William W. Jett of Jett KY


(2)1660 LANDON SNEED COLEMAN            m.  Fanny Fox

(2)1661 LUCRETIA TAYLOR COLEMAN        m.  Lawrence Kohnle






(2)1666 EMMA ERMINA COLEMAN            m.  John M. Jamerson/Jameson






From (2)1185 Richard T. Coleman/Catherine Samuel


(2)1667 ELIZABETH SAMUEL COLEMAN        m.  UnknownMcDonald









(2)1676 MARY TAYLOR COLEMAN            m.  UnknownStaten





From (2)1186 William B. Coleman/Jane Gayle


(2)1677 LUCRETIA KATHERINE COLEMAN        m.  1866 William B. Perry

(2)1678 MARGARET WISTER COLEMAN        m.  Calvin Brumer

(2)1679 JOHN MILTON COLEMAN            m.  Celestine Ford


(2)1681 WILLIAM EDWARD COLEMAN        m.  (1) Mary Penn

                                (2) Leona Ford

(2)1682 LUCY TEMPLE COLEMAN       



(2)1684 ROBERT SPILSBE COLEMAN            m.  (1) 1844 Lucy Calvert

                                (2) 1901 Elizabeth Brooks

(2)1685 ELLEN HENRY COLEMAN            m.  John W. Lawrence





From (2)1187 Margaret A. Coleman/Grandison Owen



(2)1688 ANNA M. OWEN




(2)1692 KATE OWEN


(2)1694 LEE ASA OWEN







From (2)1189 Edward C. Coleman/wife unknown












From (2)1195 John M. Coleman/Arminda Herndon



(2)1705 JAMES CHAPMAN COLEMAN            m.  Anna Collins

(2)1706 JOHN WHITE COLEMAN            m.  Laura McNally





From (2)1196 Charles Coleman/Jennie Copp



(2)1709 ANTOINETTE COLEMAN            m.  Thomas Pettis


(2)1711 CAROLINE COLEMAN                m.  Arthur Frankel

(2)1712 MARTHA COLEMAN                m.  W. A. Vivion

(2)1713 KENNETH COLEMAN                m.  Lillian Stamm


(2)1715 MANNING COLEMAN                m.  UnknownCarroll





From (2)1197 Lucinda Coleman/James C. Herndon


(2)1716 MARTHA HERNDON            m.  Charles Moss

(2)1717 RHODA T. HERNDON            m.  Richard B. Ellis

(2)1718 JOHN GANO HERNDON            m.  Martha F. Crabb

(2)1719 JAMES HERNDON            m.  Eliza Magruder

(2)1720 and possibly HENRIETTA HERNDON




From (2)1212 James P. Coleman/Frances E. Reese


(2)1721 IDA MAY COLEMAN        b.  27 Oct 1855 Warren Co. KY

                        d.  18 Dec 1943 Lyons IL

                        m.  1874 Charles Adolph Munkle


(2)1722 FRANK C. COLEMAN        b.  ca. 1857 Warren Co. KY

                        d.  ca 1938 El Paso TX

                        m.  1887 Ida Coleman


(2)1723 HARRY R. COLEMAN        b.  ca. 1861 Warren KY

                        d.  ca. 1939 Indianapolis IN

                        m.  Ada Coleman


(2)1724 HALLIE JANE COLEMAN    b.  ca. 1863 Warren Co. KY

                        d.  1935 Nashville TN

                        m.  18 Oct 1888 Frank Slemons


(2)1725 FLORENCE C. COLEMAN    b.  29 Jan 1865 Warren Co. KY

                        d.  30 Jan 1961 Louisville KY

                        m.  17 Dec 1885 James Mitchell Garrison


(2)1726 WILLIE COLEMAN        b.  1867


(2)1727 WILSON E. COLEMAN        b.  18 Aug 1873 Warren Co. KY

                        d.  1 Nov 1961 Springfield IL

                        m.  Louise Coleman


(2)1728 MARY COLEMAN            d.  14 Mar 1940 Miami FL

                        m.  ca 1900 Olney David Gregory


From Elizabeth Tomlinson of McHenry, IL





From (2)1233 William L. Hill/Susan Gilliland


(2)1729 ALBERT E. HILL            b.  26 Mar 1834 Pickaway Co. OH

                        d.  22 Jan 1917 Summer Co. KS

                        m.  11 Feb 1858 Pickaway Co. OH

                        Emily Gilliland

                        b.  13 Nov 1838 Pickaway Co. OH

                        d.  20 Aug 1923 Sumner Co. KS

                        dau.  of Samuel Gilliland/Malinda Alkire

(2)1730 SARAH HILL            b.  16 Feb 1836 Pickaway Co. OH

                        d.  1921 Ross Co. OH

                        m.  3 Sep 1861 Pickaway Co. OH

                        Norville R. Hankins

(2)1731 CATHERINE HILL            b.  23 Jul 1838 Pickaway Co. OH

                        d.  28 Oct 1915 Pickaway Co. OH

                        m.  31 Dec 1857 Pickaway Co. OH

                        Joseph H. McKinley

(2)1732 COLEMAN HILL            b.  16 May 1841 Pickaway Co. OH

                        d.  8 Apr 1864 Belle Isle Prison, Richmond VA

(2)1733 HENRY HILL            b.  12 Mar 1843 Pickaway Co. OH

                        d.  Sep 1910 Pickaway Co. OH

(2)1734 ANNIE HILL            b.  16 Jul 1849 Pickaway Co. OH d.  1928

                        m.  7 Nov 1886 George Litten

(2)1735 ELIZABETH HILL            b.  10 Sep 1852 Pickaway Co. OH d.  1938

                        m.  11 Apr 1871 Pickaway Co. OH

Jacob A. Hotts

(2)1736 BENJAMIN FRANKLIN HILL    b.  12 Mar 1856 Pickaway Co. OH d.1921

                        m.  10 Feb 1910 Pickaway Co. OH

                        Sarah Jane Bennett

(2)1737 MARGARET HILL            b.  15 Mar 1859 Pickaway Co. OH

                        m.  22 Oct 1887 Pickaway Co. OH

                        John H. Goss


From Wilma C. Hill of Wichita KS





From (2)1241 James M. Coleman/Elizabeth G. Walker


(2)1738 ELNORA COLEMAN            m.  (1) James Owens

                            (2) Stephen Miles

                            (3) Andrew Jackson Fortner

                        (4) Martin V. Beadle


(2)1739 WILLIE COLEMAN            d.  9 Jun 1865 Harrison Co. KY

(2)1740 BERENICE MEIGS COLEMAN        b.  7 Oct 1841 Athens TN

                            d.  1931 Muskogee, OK

                            m.  eloped 25 Oct 1862 Cincinnati, OH

    Stephen Florence Wade

                            b.  30 Dec 1831 Ďof Canadaí

                        (divorced 30 Nov 1880)

(2)1741 ROBERT M. COLEMAN            b.  1844 Harrison Co. KY

                            m.  unknown wife

Robert lived in Memphis after the War Between the States.

(2)1742 JAMES ALBERT COLEMAN        b.  24 Mar 1846 Harrison Co. KY

                            d.  14 June 1941

                            m.  Nancy Adair Walker

(2)1743 MARY EMILY COLEMAN        b.  1849 Harrison Co. KY

d.  24 Sep 1877

                            m.  Wiley Powell

(2)1744 LORELLA COLEMAN            b.  14 Mar 1853 Harrison Co. KY

                            d.  5 Apr 1950

                            m.  Joseph Thomas Smith

(2)1745 LIZIE COLEMAN                b.  Dec 1859 Harrison Co. KY

                            d.  5 Apr 1865 Nashville TN

(2)1746 ADELINE COLEMAN            b.  1861 Harrison Co. KY

                            m.  Benjamin F. Fleming


From Ramona Honan of Dallas TX





From (2)1249 Robert Coleman/Sallie Burgess


(2)1747 CLAY COLEMAN            b.  Aug 1892 Harrison Co. KY

                        d.  Los Angeles CA

                        m.  Bertha Unknown













From (2)1250 Robert L. Coleman/Nannie S. Powell


(2)1756 WILLIAM COLEMAN                b.  2 Aug 1857

                                d.  Unmarried


(2)1757 ELIZABETH WHITEHEAD COLEMAN        b.  22 Sep 1860, Boone Co. MO

                                d.  10 Jul 1888, unmarried


(2)1758 MAMIE PRESTON COLEMAN            b.  31 Mar 1862, Boone Co. MO

                                d.  23 Oct 1952, unmarried


(2)1759 MARTHA TEASDALE COLEMAN        b.  16 May 1866

                                d.  23 May 1954, unmarried


(2)1760 NANNIE STERN COLEMAN            b.  5 Aug 1870

                                d.  Feb 1852

                        m.  22 Jan 1895

Charles Stumberg


(2)1761 ROBERT LAFAYETTE COLEMAN        b.  5 May 1872

                                d.  20 Nov 1932

                                m.  11 Jun 1903

                                Marie Marguretha Beyer

    Marie was born 31 May 1880 in Lake Charles, LA and died 29 Jun 1947.


(2)1762 AUGUSTA CAROLINE COLEMAN        b.  12 Oct 1874

                                d.  1 Oct 1970 Columbia, MO


From William Dickinson of Concord, CA




From (2)1253 William W. Coleman/Anna M. B. Tabor


(2)1763 MARGARET ANNA COLEMAN            b.  31 May 1865 KY

                                d.  19 Aug 1938 MO

                                m.  Gentry Clark, Boone Co. MO


(2)1764 THOMAS WHITEHEAD COLEMAN        b.  24 Feb 1867 KY

                                d.  8 Sep 1938 MO

                                m.  (1) Fanny Fortney

                                (2) Liza Crane


(2)1765 TOLBERT E. COLEMAN                b.  16 Jun 1868 KY


(2)1766 ELIZABETH COLEMAN                b.  1871 KY

    Went to Oklahoma to "attend the Tabor children".


(2)1767 WORTLEY H. COLEMAN            b.  27 Feb 1874 Pendleton Co. KY

                            d.  18 Jun 1956 Boone Co. MO

                            m.  5 Aug 1896 Una M. Wiglesworth

                            (b.  3 Sep 1874 d.  8 Oct 1962)


(2)1768 HARRY WHITEHEAD COLEMAN        b.  15 Aug 1879 KY

    Married and had five or six children.  The family lived in Oklahoma, then Kansas.


From William S. Dickinson of Concord, CA





From (2)1296 William M. Coleman/Mary Ann Bearden


(2)1769 ANGELINE COLEMAN        b.  8 Aug 1844 Laurence Co. MO

                        d.  before 1904

                        m.  2 Oct 1859 Sonoma Co. CA

                        Thomas David Brown,

                        son of Harris and Elizabeth M. Brown


(2)1770 ANGUS COLEMAN                b.  ca. 1846 Missouri

(2)1771 JAMES POLK COLEMAN             b.  28 Apr 1847 Missouri

(2)1772 AMANDA JANE COLEMAN             b.  2 Oct 1851 CA

                                m.  Miram S. Epperly in CA

(2)1773 ELIAS SEALS COLEMAN                b.  14 Dec 1854 CA

                                m.  1 Jun 1887 Elllensburg, WA

        Had: Earnest Earl Coleman            Marietta "Mary" Taylor

        Blanche Coleman (b.  1867 in Minnesota\)


(2)1774 ORANGE SYLVESTER COLEMAN    b.  10 Oct 1856 Santa Rosa, CA

                            d.  19 May 1933 Forest Grove, OR

                            m.  1881 Thresa Ann Catherine Luper

Thresa was the daughter of James Luper and Mary Taylor.  Orange was called

"Jess" and Thresa was called Catherine Anne.  Orange was a farmer in the Coquille

    Valley (poultry, horses, cattle, dairying, fruit).  He was a Seventh Day Adventist

and director of Gravelford Academy.

(2)1775 KATINKA ANN COLEMAN        b.  14 Oct 1857 CA

    "Aunt Tink"                m.  16 Dec 1880 Kittitas WA

                            Henry Toner

Henry was the son of Henry Toner and Mary McCartan.  Henry farmed 280 acres

of wheat, owned 1440 acres of grazing land, 100 head of horses and cattle, and

3,000 head of sheep.  Henry and Katinka had one child, Elsie J. Toner, d.  7

    Sep 1886 at 1 year 10 months 25 days.



From Kathy Anderson of Los Angeles, CA




From (2)1304 Hester A. Coleman/Joseph Wright


(2)1776 WILLIAM WRIGHT        b.  ca. 1851 Sonoma Co. CA


(2)1777 MARY J. WRIGHT            b.  ca. 1856 Sonoma Co. CA


(2)1778 FRANCES J. WRIGHT        b.  ca. 1858 Sonoma Co. CA


(2)1779 RACHAEL J. WRIGHT        b.  ca. 1860 Sonoma Co. CA

From Kathy Anderson of Los Angeles, CA





From (2)1305 Lysander Coleman/Frances S. Epperly


(2)1780 SARAH EMMA COLEMAN        m.  1885 Klickitat Co. WA

                            George W. McCredy

George was the son of William McCredy.  Sarah and George had Clarence

R. McCredy, born about 1888.


(2)1781 WILLIAM THOMAS COLEMAN        b.  Jun 1868 CA

                            m.  Florence Shattuck

                            (b.  Sep 1875 CA)

William and Florence had Verta E., born 1892 in Washington, and Vinnie W. Coleman, born 1895 in Washington.


(2)1782 JOHN CALVIN COLEMAN        b.  22 May 1869 Sonoma Co. CA

                            m.  1896 Klickitat Co. WA

                            Lavelle Kays

Lavelle was the daughter of William Kays and Olive Price.  John was a farmer

and cattleman.  John and Lavelle had Leo C., born 19 Feb 1898 and Emma

Coleman, born 17 Sep 1899.   


(2)1783 HIRAM I. COLEMAN            m.  22 Jan 1900 Ellensburg WA





From Kathy Anderson of Los Angeles, CA





From (2)1317 William S. Buckner/Mary W. Edwards


(2)1785 JULIA LEVERT BUCKNER        b.  1874 KY

                            d.  22 Aug 1905 KY

                            m.  William Maston Clark

Julia and William had Horace Stanton Clark born 7 May 1898 Exie KY, died 5 Mar

1955 Jacksonville IL, married 10 Jan 1918 Edmundton IL, Mary Lulu Hamilton,

born 5 Dec 1898 Nell KY and died 19 Jan 1991 Jacksonville IL.


(2)1787 VELOTTIE BELL BUCKNER        m.  George Rogers Clark




From William "Ed" Kutz of Concord, CA





From (2)1330 Carrie Moss/John Edwards


(2)1791 ELEANOR LOUISE EDWARDS            b.  1855

(2)1792 ROMULUS B. EDWARDS                b.  1857

(2)1793 LEILA ROY EDWARDS                b.  1859

(2)1794 WILLIAM E. EDWARDS                b.  1865

(2)1795 DAVID C. EDWARDS                b.  1867





From (2)1347 Lucy Faulconer/William R. Highlander


(2)1796 FRANCES LUCY HIGHLANDER        b.  1837 VA         d.  20 Mar 1873

                            m.  17 Nov 1853 Eaton Lee

                            b.  Feb 1828 AL d.  30 Mar 1910

                            son of Peter Lee/Amy Caudle, NC

(2)1797 MILDRED ANN HIGHLANDER        b.  1836 VA         d.  1 Aug 1859

                            m.  21 May 1852 Hatton Middleton

(2)1798 STROTHER HIGHLANDER        b.  1839 MS         d.  18 Feb 1851

(2)1799 HORACE HIGHLANDER            b.  1841         d.  1842

(2)1800 WILLIAM HIGHLANDER            b.  ca. 1842

    William served in the Vicksburg Artillery.  On 13 Nov 1861, he joined Co. L

    of Woodís Confederate Cavalry for the duration of the war.

(2)1801 JOHN HIGHLANDER            b.  1846 MS

                            No mention of him after 1860.

(2)1802 GEORGE HIGHLANDER            b.  1848 MS

                            No mention of him after 1860.

(2)1803 JAMES KEMP HIGHLANDER        b.  5 May 1850

                            m.  (1) 3 May 1876 Ammie Hamer

(died in childbirth, as did the baby)

                            (2) Ella Price

(2)1804 CHARLES HIGHLANDER        b.  8 May 1852     d.  24 Feb 1854

(2)1805 CHILD HIGHLANDER            Died in infancy


Carrie Mildred Lee Cotton, Her Kith & Her Kin, by Gordon A. Cotton, Vicksburg MS 1993, p. 115-136.





From (2)1353 Burwell Coleman/Sarah L. Smith


(2)1806 FRANCES JAMES COLEMAN            m.  Robert Faulconer


(2)1807 ANNIE BELLE COLEMAN            m.  William Hume


(2)1808 MARY LEWIS COLEMAN            m.  Granville Waugh


(2)1809 STANTON BURWELL COLEMAN        m.  Louise Fritsch

(2)1810 JOHN BRUCE COLEMAN            m.  cousin UnknownSisson


(2)1811 WILLIAM AMBROSE COLEMAN        m.  Mary Frances Hurlock


(2)1812 MARGARET GENEVA COLEMAN        m.  Elliott Weaver


(2)1813 ADA BRYANT COLEMAN            m.  Andrew Beeler


(2)1814 ALICE IRENE WILLSON COLEMAN        m.  Albert Sylvester Lewis


(2)1815 ANDREW JACKSON COLEMAN            m.  Carrie Richardson


(2)1816 CAMERON CALHOUN COLEMAN        m.  Unknown Ester Davis (widow)


(2)1817 CASSIE LEE COLEMAN                Died in infancy





From (2)1361 Nancy Coleman/John B. Stevens


(2)1818 MILTON STEVENS            Died without issue

(2)1819 WOODFORD STEVENS            m.  Elizabeth Ragan

(2)1820 CLIFTON STEVENS       

(2)1821 JOHN JAMES STEVENS            m.  Elizabeth Stephens, no issue

(2)1822 JANNY STEVENS                 m.  Perry Overjack

Janny and Perry had one child, Bertie who married William Lindley.

(2)1823 WILLIAM STEVENS            Died young

(2)1824 THOMAS BENTON STEVENS        b.  27 Jul 1843     d.  1924 (?)

                            m.  Minerva Webster Bagby

Thomas and Minerva had Anabel and Mary Catherine Stevens.







From (2)1362 James C. Peacher/Judith A. Brent


(2)1827 WILLIAM MARTIN PEACHER        b.  30 Apr 1827 Orange Co. VA

                            d.  18 Dec 1909 Campbell Co. KY

                            m.  (1) Susan Griffing Campbell Co. KY

                            (2) 16 Feb 1858 Campbell Co. KY

                            M. M. Henrietta Kirtley

                            b.  24 Feb 1839 d.  25 Dec 1919

                            Campbell Co. KY


(2)1828 FRANKLIN PEACHER            b.  11 Oct 1828 Campbell Co. KY

                            d.  Missouri or Kansas

(2)1829 ANNE SHELTON PEACHER        b.  30 Nov 1830 Campbell Co. KY

                            m.  18 Sep 1849 Campbell Co. KY

                        Henry Cyrus Birge

(2)1830 FRANCES JANE PEACHER        b.  1 Apr 1832 d.  5 Aug 1838 KY


(2)1831 FLORINDA VIRGINIA PEACHER    b.  9 Feb 1835 KY

                            m.  ca. 1855 DrKendall/Kendal

Either Florinda or her sister Judith Ann married DrKendall/Kendal and removed to

Washington State.

(2)1832 CAROLINE MATILDA PEACHER    b.  15 Apr 1837 d.  5 Aug 1839

(2)1833 JUDITH ANNE PEACHER            b.  1 Jul 1838

(2)1834 MARIAH OLIVE PEACHER        b.  15 Jun 1839 d.  10 Aug 1841 KY

(2)1835 JAMES ROBERT PEACHER        b.  31 Mar 1842 d.  Missouri

(2)1836 JOHN JOSEPH PEACHER            b.  9 Sep 1844 d.  Missouri

                            m.  Mattie Unknown

(2)1837 HUGH BRENT PEACHER            b.  15 Apr 1846 d.  10 Feb 1851 KY

(2)1838 CHARLES BEMENT PEACHER        b.  25 Jan 1850 KY


From Susy Martin of Belvedere, SC





From (2)1376 Mary Sublette/ James Huggins







(2)1844 LEWIS HUGGINS                b.  1 Feb 1842

(2)1845 WILLIAM HUGGINS            b.  26 Jun 1844



From William "Ed" Kutz of Concord, CA





From (2)1377 Thomas Sublette/Katherine Morton









From William "Ed" Kutz of Concord, CA




From (2)1380 Frances Sublette/Thomas Logan/James L.Neill


1ST Marriage:

(2)1852 JOHN SUBLETTE LOGAN        b.  25 Jun 1836 Shelbyville KY

        \(Doctor\)                m.  20 Nov 1862

                            Emma Puryear Cotton

(2)1853 MARY LOGAN                b.  7 Sep 1838 Shelbyville KY

                            d.  22 Feb 1867 St. Joseph, MO

                            m.  27 Oct 1859

                            William Richardson Lykins

    Issue: MaryNeill Lykins born 5 Aug 1860, died 9 Jan 1861

    William Logan Lykins born 19 Oct 1861


2nd Marriage:

(2)1854 ALICENEILL                b.  16 Jun 1842 Shelbyville KY

                            m.  1867 William G. Fairleigh

(2)1855 CATHERINENEILL            b.  6 Jun 1844 Shelbyville KY

                            m.  Jan 1866 Milton Tootle

(2)1856 VIRGINIANEILL            b.  28 May 1846

                            m.  4 Apr 1863 Thomas B. Weakley

(2)1857 SUSANNEILL                b.  1848

                            d.  12 May 1851 Shelbyville KY

(2)1858 JAMES LAURENCENEILL, JR.     b.  10 Aug 1852 Shelbyville KY
                            d.  1872 St. Joseph MO


From William "Ed" Kutz of Concord, CA





From (2)1420 Henry F. Coleman/Jennie M. Patrick


(2)1859 CLAUD C. COLEMAN        m.  (1) Julia Langhorne

    \(Neurosurgeon\)            (2) Ruth Threadcrafty, no issue

                        (3) Constance Gooding, no issue

(2)1860 CLYDE H. COLEMAN        m.  Joselyn Coghill, daughter of

                        Joseph Coghill and Rena Coleman (2)1381

        Issue: Hawes C. Coleman

        Loyd Coleman


(2)1861 FRANK COLEMAN        d.  ca. 1938 unmarried


(2)1862 EMMETT COLEMAN        m.  Catherine Campbell

They lived in Penola, Caroline Co. VA.  Emmett was a merchant, and also in the

lumber business.  He was killed when an automobile in which he was riding was

struck by a train in Penola.


(2)1863 PEARL COLEMAN        Died in infancy


(2)1864 G. KEMP COLEMAN         m.  Pearl Cobb


(2)1865 CUSTIS COLEMAN        Owned a drugstore in Lexington, VA.

                        Died unmarried.


(2)1866 REECE COLEMAN        m.  Elizabeth M. Hoffman,

    \(Doctor\)                lived in Rockbridge Co. VA


(2)1867 GERTRUDE COLEMAN        d.  18 Apr 1956 Richmond VA

                        m.  Walter S. Hart, lived Illinois and

                        had a daughter, Jane Hart


(2)1868 HOPE COLEMAN            m.  Joseph Lee Potter, and had a daughter:

                        Lorene Potter





From (2)1428 Robert W. Coleman/Edna F. Blaydes


(2)1869 HUGH K. COLEMAN            b.  18 Jul 1876

    \(Spencer\)                d.  25 Apr 1946 Fredericksburg VA

Blind from birth, he never married.


(2)1870 FREDERICK W. COLEMAN        b.  24 Apr 1878 Caroline Co. VA

    \(Lawyer, Judge\)            d.  17 Feb 1941 unmarried


(2)1871 SOLON T. COLEMAN            b.  18 Feb 1880 Caroline Co. VA

                            d.  1 Apr 1936 unmarried


(2)1872 ROBERT S. COLEMAN            b.  22 Jun 1882 Caroline Co. VA

"Robin"                d.  7 Sep 1925 unmarried


(2)1873 ISA BYRD COLEMAN            b.  Caroline Co. VA

                            m.  Clarence A. Jones (d.  ca. 1938)

                            (later divorced)

Clarence was a dairy farmer near FredericksburgHe was a member of the House

of Delegates 1924-28.  Isa and Clarence had one child, Frederick W. Jones.




From (2)1429 Solon T. Coleman/Nancy E. Blaydes



(2)1874 C. RICHELIEU COLEMAN            b.  19 Nov 1878 d by 1935

        \(Farmer\)                    m.  Oct 1900 Washington DC

                            Sallie W. Davis

                            b.  2 Nov 1877

Caroline Co. VA

Sally was the daughter of Abram W. Davis and Julia F. Collins.  Richeliue was

elected to the Virginia House of Delegates 1909-1914.  He retained the ancestral

homeplace "Altavista".




(2)1875 THOMAS STOKELY COLEMAN        b.  10 Feb 1883

    \(Lawyer\)                d.  22 Jul 1913

                        m.  Alice T. Graves

Alice was the daughter of Lee J. Graves and his first wife, Miss Brockman of

Orange Co. VA.  Thomas and Alice lived at Spotsylvania Courthouse. 




From (2)1441 Julia W. Coleman/William C. Dickinson


(2)1876 ANN GREY DICKINSON            b.  9 Sep 1869

                            d.  21 Mar 1965 Culpeper Co. VA


(2)1877 MERCER CLAY DICKINSON        b.  29 Jun 1871    d.  1 Dec 1947

                            m.  Caroline Belle Frazier

                            had one child, died at birth

(2)1878 FLORENCE MAY DICKINSON        b.  24 May 1874

                            d.  5 Apr 1879 of severe burns

(2)1879 JAMES KAY DICKINSON        b.  5 Jan 1877        d.  29 Jan 1964

                            m.  20 Jun 1899

                            Elizabeth Winston Cave

                            (b.  11 Jun 1880 d.  27 Nov 1981)

(2)1880 LINDSEY BYRD DICKINSON        b.  28 Apr 1879

                            d.  25 Nov 1963 Spotsylvania Co. VA

                            m.  Susan Harris Willis (b.  27 Oct 1881)

(2)1881 MARY WALLER DICKINSON        b.  29 Apr 1881

                            d.  19 Aug 1967 Culpeper Co. VA



(2)1882 MARTHA TEASDALE DICKINSON    b.  15 Feb 1883

                            d.  15 Feb 1968 Culpeper Co. VA


(2)1883 HUGH QUARLES DICKINSON        b.  2 Nov 1884    d.  5 Apr 1972

                            m.  cousin Mabel Baker

    Issue: Julia Coleman Dickinson

    Hugh Quarles Dickinson Jr.

(2)1884 WILLIAM STREIT DICKINSON        b.  9 Jan 1886

                            d.  28 Jul 1964 Spotsylvania Co. VA

                            m.  20 Jun 1914

                            Maria Christine Duvall


From William S. Dickinson of Concord, CA





From (2)1448 Granville R. Coleman/Sarah Wine


(2)1885 JOHN LEONARD COLEMAN        b.  13 Sep 1874

                            m.  23 Apr 1907 Elizabeth Spindle

(2)1886 LETA JANE COLEMAN            b.  19 Oct 1876

                            m.  22 Jan 1902 Milton Warner Spindle

(2)1887 DAVID JAMES COLEMAN        b.  1 Feb 1879

                            m.  7 Jun 1910 Mary Gilkeson

David and Mary had Francis Gilkeson Coleman born 1911, and David James

Coleman, Jr.

(2)1888 ROBERT DANIEL COLEMAN        b.  16 Mar 1881

                            m.  18 Jul 1905 Rowan Co. NC

                            Ella Morris

Ella was a daughter of Joscan Buxter Morris and Ella Flack.  Robert was

Mayor of Gold Hill, NC 1904-1906.  He later served in the NC House of

    Representatives from Rowan Co.

(2)1889 ANNA/ANITA WINE COLEMAN        b.  21 Mar 1883

                            m.  31 Dec 1912 Bruce Sterlington

                        or Bruce W. Stringfellow

(2)1890 ALICE LENORE COLEMAN        b.  11 Aug 1885

                            m.  4 Jun 1912

Pembroke Thomas Fitzhugh

(2)1891 FRANCES MALINDA COLEMAN    b.  23 Feb 1887 d.  11 Jul 1887

(2)1892 GRANVILLE M. COLEMAN        b.  24 Jun 1891

                            m.  29 Jun 1915 Sarah M. Anderson

                            of Savannah GA

(2)1893 THOMAS PENN COLEMAN        b.  23 Apr 1894

                            m.  21 Jan 1919 Otey R. Tinsley

(2)1894 WILSON A. COLEMAN            b.  22 Feb 1897

                            m.  (1) 24 June 1920 Ann V. Mitchell

                            (2) 14 Nov 1929 Elizabeth Dempsey





From (2)1449 David J. Coleman/Sally Chichester


(2)1895 WELLINGTON COLEMAN        b.  1881


(2)1896 WILLIAM COLEMAN            b.  16 Oct 1883

d.  Sep 1926


(2)1897 ALICE COLEMAN                m.  William Copeland

                            of Clark Hill NY


(2)1898 LUCY COLEMAN                d.  30 Oct 1963

                            m.  9 Sep 1812 DrSteel Forsythe

Lucy and Steel had no issue.


(2)1899 GRANVILLE N. COLEMAN        b.  ca. 1890


(2)1900 BERTHA COLEMAN            b.  20 Aug 1892

d.  8 Mar 1919




From (2)1456 Samuel M. Coleman/Mary E. Duff,


(2)1901 ARTHUR F. COLEMAN        b.  1868 Amherst Co. VA

                        m.  17 Jul 1892 Josephine F. Mason

                            (b.  21 Feb 1871) daughter of

                            Valentine D. Mason/Eliza Wheeler    Issue: N.B. Coleman (son)

    Harman Taliaferro Coleman b.  1906

Bertha Coleman b.  1907 m.  27 Jun 1923

Orie Floyd (b.1901) son of Robert Floyd and Susie Sorrells

James W. Coleman b.  1893

Edward D. Coleman b.  1896 m.  28 May 1915 Mamie Sorrells,

    daughter of Andrew Sorrells

Volney C. Coleman b.  1903

    Callie B. Coleman b.  1909

(2)1902 MARY E. COLEMAN            b.  1869 Amherst Co. VA


(2)1903 PAULINA ELLEN COLEMAN        b.  15 Aug 1870

                    m.  Jacob "Jake" Mason

                            b.  30 Aug 1868, son of

                            Valentine D. Mason/Eliza Wheeler

(2)1904 LINDSEY DANIEL COLEMAN        b.  17 Aug 1873 d.  2 Mar 1953

                            m.  (1) 23 Mar 1898 Eliza Jane Sorrells                                b.  24 Mar 1877 d.  16 Nov 1916

daughter of John Joseph Sorrells

                            (2) 25 Sep 1918 Lucy Pearl Curry

                                daughter of Daniel W. and

                                Sally J. Curry

(2)1905 MILLIE A. COLEMAN            b.  1875 Amherst Co. VA


(2)1906 CHARLES P. COLEMAN            b.  1879 Amherst Co. VA

                            m.  Sarah "Sandy" Margaret Mason

                            daughter of Valentine D. Mason

                            and Eliza Wheeler                                                                   


From (2)1463 Edward L. Marshall/Sarah E. Hagerty


(2)1907 SARAH ANNA MARSHALL        b.  4 Jun 1867 Clarke Co. AL

                            d.  6 Sep 1939 Wilcox Co. AL

                            m.  11 Apr 1889

                            Malcolm Washington Smith

    Malcolm, born 18 Jun 1858 in Wilcox Co. AL and died 10 Nov 1928 in

    Wilcox Co. AL, was a son of Daniel Smith and Amelia James Irvin.



From Louis M. Finlay Jr. of Jackson, AL





From (2)1474 Clayton G.B. Coleman Jr./Ann Breedon


(2)1908 SHERRARD COLEMAN            m.  Mary Griswold

Sherrard was a retired Army Colonel.  He is buried at Arlington National


Sherrard and Mary had:

Francis Jerdone Coleman

John Coleman

a daughter who married Lee Grant

        a daughter who married Dotlow Marthinson.


(2)1909 ROBERT STUART COLEMAN        d.  18 Aug 1928 St Paul MN**


(2)1910 CAROLINE COLEMAN            b.  F. W. Duke

They lived in Richmond, VA.


(2)1911 LUCY SINGLETON COLEMAN        of Richmond, VA

died unmarried.

**History of Louisa County, p. 123, Harris





From (2)1550 Edwin G. Coleman/Mamie Boddie


(2)1912 GODFREY COLEMAN                    b.  1878


(2)1913 FREDERICK WARNER COLEMAN            b.  1880


(2)1914 MARY GILDA COLEMAN                b.  1882





From (2)1551 Mary H. Coleman/Daniel McCallum


(2)1915 HAWES McCALLUM            Drowned in Arkansas, no issue

(2)1916 MAMIE McCALLUM            m.  Clarence Roberts

(2)1917 CARRIE McCALLUM            m.  Samuel J. Hill

(2)1918 EDWARD McCALLUM            Died without issue.

(2)1919 JOHN McCALLUM            m.  Mary Daughtery

(2)1920 ADA McCALLUM                m.  DrBoaz


(2)1921 ANNA McCALLUM            m.  DrHambrick




From (2)1556 J. Tinsley Coleman/Laura J. Hill


(2)1922 CHANNING M. COLEMAN        b.  1880     d.  1890

(2)1923 HAWES N. COLEMAN            d.  1956

                            m.  Ann Rudisill, no issue       

(2)1924 LUCYE COLEMAN            m.  Claude M. Smith, had:

                            Laura Jane who died in infancy

(2)1925 J. TINSLEY COLEMAN Jr.         m.  (1) Annie Kidd, and had:

                            John Tinsley Coleman III

                            (2) Virginia McKinney, and had:

                                Virginia and Dorothy K.

John Jr. was a lawyer and represented Nelson the Virginia General Assembly

1932-1940.  His will was probated 18 Dec 1953 \(WB Q, p. 266 Nelson Co.\)

(2)1926 RANDALL C. COLEMAN            m.  (1) Clara M. Smith and had:

                            Randall C. Jr. and Claudius S.

                            (2) Lillian Roberts

(2)1927 SALLIE KIMBROUGH COLEMAN    m.  Isaac Tunstan Adams, and had:

                            Tinsley D., Isaac T., Hawes N. and

                        Kate L. Adams


(2)1928 MINOR LYLE COLEMAN            m.  UnknownVickery, and had:

                            Anna and Mary

(2)1929 LAURA JANE COLEMAN            m.  Hugh M. Figgatt, and had:

                            Hugh M. Jr. and Laura J. Figgatt


(2)1930 MAURY JOY COLEMAN            m.  DrWylie J. Rollins Jr., and had:

                            Polly Kay and Wylie J. Rollins III

(2)1931 PAUL HILL COLEMAN            Died young

m.  Margaret Barker, and had:

                        Margaret B. and Laura H.

Paul graduated from the University of Virginia Law School. 

(2)1932 ENID EVANGELINE COLEMAN        b.  1892 d.  1915 unmarried





From (2)1557 Aylett B. Coleman/Norma R. Caskie/Elizabeth T. Dabney


1st Marriage:


He lived in Tucson, ArizonaRandolph wrote a family history which is in the

Archives Division of the Alderman Library, University of Virginia.

(2)1934 AYLETT B. COLEMAN, JR.        m.  Ann Byrd

Aylettís will was probated 23 Feb 1935 \(WB 3, p. 493, City of Roanoke\).

He and Ann had one child, Aylett B. Coleman III.



2nd Marriage:







From (2)1596 James H. Ferguson/Mary E. Taff


(2)1937 EUGENA M. FERGUSON            b.  1851 IL


(2)1938 ISABELL CAROLINE FERGUSON    b.  Nov 1856 IL

                            d.  4 June 1902 FtWayne IN

                            m.  1879 Joseph Ferguson Bennett

                b.  4 Aug 1854

                            d.  12 Dec 1919


(2)1939 WILLIAM W. FERGUSON        b.  1857 IL


From Richard Ward of Bradenton FL.






From (2)1601 Emily B. Weaver/John R. Dowell


(2)1940 SARAH MILDRED DOWELL    b.  7 Sep 1844 Christian Co. KY

                        d.  5 Mar 1922 Hopkinsville,

Christian Co. KY

m.  20 Dec 1863 Christian Co. KY

                        James Thomas Fleming

                        b.  20 Aug 1883 Christian Co. KY

                        d.  20 Mar 1907

James was the son of John Fleming and Mary Ann Brame.


From Benjamin F. Dake III of Keizer OR.




From (2)1602 William T. Coleman/Carrie M. Page


(2)1941 CLARK PAGE COLEMAN        b.  29 May 1853 St. Louis MO


(2)1942 JULIA M. COLEMAN            b.  16 Oct 1854 Metropolitan Hotel, NY

                            d.  27 Aug 1862 Saratoga, of diptheria


(2)1943 WILLIAM TELL COLEMAN JR.        b.  12 Sep 1856


(2)1944 LILLIE CARRIE COLEMAN        b.  14 Mar 1858

d.  1862 of diptheria


(2)1945 CARLTON CHINN COLEMAN        b.  18 Oct 1859


(2)1946 CARRIE BIRD COLEMAN        b.  17 Mar 1864 NY


(2)1947 ROBERT LEWIS COLEMAN        b.  3 Jul 1869 Yonkers NY

                            d.  6 Apr 1924 (shot to death)

                            m.  24 Apr 1895

                            Alice Ritchie Simpkins (1871-1915)




From (2)1633 Robert E. Coleman/Margaret A. Hughes


(2)1948 CLARA COLEMAN            m.  (1) Edward Rosser

                            (2) W. H. Dennis

    of Washington DC

Clara and Edward had two children.


(2)1949 THOMAS HENRY COLEMAN        b.  1861     d.  1936

                            m.  1884 Dixie Cohen (1863-1938)

Thomas and Dixie had two sons.


(2)1950 STEVE ANNA COLEMAN        m.  L. W. Cardwell


(2)1951 ROBERTA COLEMAN            b.  1872 (twin)

                            m.  UnknownBrowning


(2)1952 ROBERT COLEMAN            b.  1872 (twin)

                            d.  1876


(2)1953 MAMIE COLEMAN            m.  John M. Moberly

Mamie and John had two children.


(2)1954 JAMES COLEMAN            m.  Emmarine Unknown

James and Emmarine had two daughters.




From (2)1721 Ida M. Coleman/Charles A. Munkle


(2)1955 JAMES MUNKLE            b.  May 1874 Warren Co. KY

                        d.  1934 Jefferson Co. KY

                        m.  Frances C. Ducker (d.  1943)


(2)1956 FRANCES REESE MUNKLE    b.  9 Apr 1876 Warren Co. KY

                        d.  12 Aug 1946 Cooke Co. IL



(2)1957 CARL FITZHUGH MUNKLE    b.  Dec 1882 Warren Co. KY

                        d.  7 Feb 1961 Floyd Co. KY

                        m.  before 1930 Henrietta Unknown


(2)1958 CORINNE MARY MUNKLE    b.  6 Nov 1891 Warren Co. KY

                        d.  24 Jun 1953 Berwyn IL

                        m.  ca. 1921 Edgar F. \(Stephen\) Brown


From Elizabeth Tomlinson of McHenry, IL





From (2)1729 Albert E. Hill/Emily Gilliland


(2)1959 SUSAN MALINDA HILL         b.  1 Feb 1859 Pickaway Co. OH

                        d.  27 Feb 1936 Pekin, IL

                        m.  18 Sep 1879 George Bliss Lott


(2)1960 WILLIAM EDGAR HILL        b.  5 Jan 1861 Pickaway Co. OH

                        d.  2 Aug 1943 Enid OK

                        m.  24 Dec 1884 Harriett Frances Neff


(2)1961 SAMUEL HOUSTON HILL    b.  30 Mar 1863 Pickaway Co. OH

                        d.  17 Sep 1947 Urbana IL

                        m.  27 Dec 1892 Mary Durheim \(Paxton IL\)

(2)1962 ALFRED TERRY HILL        b.  3 Jul 1866 Pickaway Co. OH

                        d.  19 Jul 1953 Medford OK

                        m.  28 Mar 1888 Meade Co. KS

                        Elizabeth Baxter (b.  6 Jul 1865 Edgar Co.

                    IL, d.  19 Feb 1939 Medford OK\)

Elizabeth was the daughter of Samuel Boone Baxter and Mary E. Thompson.

(2)1963 ANNA LAURA HILL        b.  24 Aug 1868 Pickaway Co. OK

                        d.  25 Apr 1955 Sumner Co. KS

                        m.  1 Sep 1886 Meade KS Wilson McMulin

(2)1964 CLINTON HILL            b.  11 Apr 1872 Urbana IL (twin)

                        d.  28 Jul 1872 Urbana IL

(2)1965 VINTON HILL            b.  11 Apr 1872 Urbana IL (twin)

                        d.  29 Jul 1872 Urbana IL

(2)1966 ELTA DORA HILL            b.  15 Mar 1874 Urbana IL

                        d.  30 May 1961 Wichita KS

                        m.  18 Mar 1896 Stephen Decater Elliott


From Wilma C. Hill of Wichita KS





From\(2)1740 Berenice M. Coleman/Stephen F. Wade


(2)1967 BERNICE ELIZABETH WADE        b.  29 May 1863

                            d.  18 June 1865 Nashville TN


(2)1968 FLORENCE WADE            b.  10 Feb 1866 Davidson Co. TN

                            d.  11 Jan 1952 Muskogee OK

                            m.  (1) Albert Pike McKellop

                            (2) Edwin P. White


(2)1969 ANNA ELIZA WADE            b.  1 Mar 1869 Christian Co. KY

                            d.  after 1920 Canadian OK

                            m.  ca. 1891 Freeman Randolph Smith

                            of Choctaw heritage


(2)1970 MINERVA WADE                b.  17 Oct 1871 Cherokee Nation OK

                            d.  after 1920, probably Missouri

                            m.  13 Jun 1889 Muskogee, OK

                            George Seals Yarborough, a

                            Baptist preacher, Cherokee heritage


(2)1971 CLARA WADE                b.  9 Apr 1875 Cherokee Nation, OK


(2)1972 JAMES MEIGS WADE            b.  4 Mar 1878 FtGibson OK

                            d.  21 June 1923 Muskogee OK

                            m.  26 Jun 1901 Crawford Co. AR

                        Rachael Arminta \(Minnie\) Marshall


From Ramona Honan of Dallas TX






From (2)1761 Robert L. Coleman/Marie M. Beyer


(2)1973 MARJORIE ROBERTA COLEMAN        b.  14 Nov 1905

                                m.  11 Jun 1926

                                William Buford Reynolds

    William was born 9 Dec 1895 and died in Nov 1960.


(2)1974 ROBERT LEON COLEMAN            b.  24 Nov 1907

                                m.  Hermine Kline

                                (b.  1 Nov 1907 LA\)

                                No issue


(2)1975 VEVA MARIE COLEMAN            b.  17 Jan 1909 Lake Charles LA

                                m.  Maurice Beckam

                                (drowned ca. 1960)


(2)1976 WILLIAM BEYER COLEMAN            b.  5 Nov 1911

                                m.  6 Jun 1939 Emily Coyle

                                (b.  7 Dec 1918)


From William "Ed" Kutz of Concord, CA




From (2)1769 Angeline Coleman/Thomas D. Brown


(2)1977 LAURA J. BROWN            b.  1858 Guinoc, CA

                        m.  UnknownBallard

    Laura and her husband had Clarence born ca. 1880, Florence born ca. 1882

and Lena Ballard born ca. 1884.

(2)1978 WILLIAM HARRIS BROWN     b.  1860 Santa Rosa, CA

                        m.  (1) Addie Denny

                        (2) Caroline Catherine Mohn

William and Addie had Mabel Brown, born 8 Nov 1889.  William and Caroline

had Thomas Ornie Brown born 2 Nov 1911, Pullman, WA, who married

    Helen Donella Startup. 


(2)1979 EDWIN JEFFERSON BROWN    b.  ca. 1862 Santa Rosa CA

                        m.  Florence Desvoines

(2)1980 ORNIA SEALS BROWN        b.  28 Dec 1867 Santa Rosa CA

                        m.  Sadie Evans

(2)1981 MARCUS ARTHUR BROWN    b.  8 Mar 1869 Santa Rosa CA

                        m.  Anna Elnor Evans

(2)1982 EMMA MAE BROWN        b.  22 Feb 1870 Guinoc, CA

                        m.  Thomas Henry Persons

(2)1983 PETER BROWN            b.  ca. 1873 Lake Co. CA


(2)1984 ISABELLA BROWN        b.  ca. 1875 Lake Co. CA



From Kathy Anderson of Los Angeles, CA




From (2)1774 Orange S. Coleman/Thresa A.C. Lupe


(2)1985 FLORENCE DELL COLEMAN    b.  14 Jul 1882 Pullman WA

                        d.  19 Jun 1968 Azusa CA

                        m.  25 Dec 1906 Myrtle Point OR

                        James Tichenor Guerin

(2)1986 WILL COLEMAN            b.  ca. 1885

                        m.  Minnie Unknown


(2)1987 MYRTLE COLEMAN        b.  1888 WA

                        m.  James Hall

Myrtle and James had Gloyd Hall, born ca. 1911 OR, and Oliver S. Hall born ca.

1914 OR.


(2)1988 ARTHUR COLEMAN        b.  1894 OR

                        m.  Lula Robinson

Arthur and Lula had Betty Lou Coleman.  Arthur and Lula adopted Fred and

Bernice, children of Lulaís sister.



(2)1989 LESTER COLEMAN        b.  1903 OR


From Kathy Anderson of Los Angeles, CA




From (2)1796 Frances L. Highlander/Eaton Le4


(2)1990 ALICE DRUCILLA LEE        b.  1854     d.  1892

                        m.  20 Dec 1871 John Chilton Luckett


(2)1991 CHARLES LEE            b.  1856 d.  before 1870


(2)1992 MARY INDEPENDENCE LEE    b.  4 Jul 1857

                        m.  8 Oct 1874 cousin W. C. Middleton

They may have died from yellow fever in 1878, leaving two small children.


(2)1993 WILLIAM EATON LEE        b.  2 Apr 1858 d.  6 Jun 1931

                        m.  27 Feb 1883 Julia G. Jett

                        b.  14 Jul 1857 d.  28 Mar 1931

(2)1994 JOHN BEAUREGARD LEE    b.  14 Jun 1861 d.  5 Mar 1916

                        m.  27 Feb 1883 Sarah B. Jett

                    b.  1 Apr 1861 d.  13 Jan 1940

John died when the taxi he was driving blew a tire, rolled over and landed on him.


(2)1995 JAMES SEXTON LEE        b.  Feb 1864 d.  6 Oct 1920 of pneumonia



(2)1996 GEORGE HUBBARD LEE        b.  1866 d.  10 Apr 1884

had epilepsy.


(2)1997 CARRIE MILDRED LEE        b.  28 Mar 1868 d.  15 Mar 1961

                        m.  13 Mar 1889

William Wade "Hoaker" Cotton



Some interesting family stories can be found in the book Carrie Mildred Lee Cotton, Her Kith and Her Kin by Gordon A. Cotton, Vicksburg MS, 1993




From (2)1827 William M. Peacher/M. M. Henrietta Kirtley


(2)1998 CHARLES BRENT PEACHER    b.  11 Dec 1858 Campbell Co. KY

                        d.  31 Aug 1938 Campbell Co. KY

                        m.  18 Mar 1884 Martha Parrizade Ferguson

Martha was the daughter of Charles D. Ferguson, C.S.A. and Lydia A. Beckner.

Her father served under GenGeoPickett, Ďwent up the hill with his troup, came

down with a bullet hole in his hat and jacket and a definite attitude about



(2)1999 IDA PEACHER            b.  10 Apr 1860 d.  1930

                        m.  12 Nov 1889 Solon Fletcher


(2)2000 ROBERT E. LEE PEACHER    b.  27 Oct 1865 Campbell Co. KY

                        d.  1953 Cincinnati, OH

                        m.  Minnie True Miller (no issue)


(2)2001 ALBERT MARTIN PEACHER    b.  11 Jun 1867 Campbell Co. KY

                        m.  3 July 1895 Fannie McCormick


(2)2002 HULDA PEACHER            b.  8 Feb 1869 Campbell Co. KY

                        d.  19 Jun 1926 Campbell Co. KY


From Susy Martin of Belvedere, SC




From (2)1852 John S. Logan/Emma P. Cotton


(2)2003 CHARLES COTTON LOGAN        b.  25 Feb 1864 Louisville, KY

    \(Doctor\)                m.  9 Feb 1900

                            Edith Pearl Campbell

                            of Atchison Co. MO


(2)2004 THOMAS TRABUE LOGAN        b.  15 Jun 1866 Buchanon Co. MO


(2)2005 JOHN SUBLETTE LOGAN Jr.        b.  1 Nov 1869 St. Joseph, MO

                            m.  20 Nov 1889

                            Carrie Ashton Sheridan


(2)2006 FRANK PURYEAR LOGAN        b.  7 Dec 1872 Andrew Co. MO

                            m.  11 Apr 1894 Margaret Croysdale

                            (b.  25 Dec 1872)


(2)2007 LOUIS SUBLETTE LOGAN        b.  10 Aug 1876 Louisville, KY


(2)2008 MILTON TOOTLE LOGAN        b.  14 Feb 1883 St. Joseph, MO


From William "Ed" Kutz of Concord, CA




From (2)1859 Claud C. Coleman/Julia Langhorne


(2)2009 JANE PATRICK COLEMAN        m.  James T. Sloan, Jr.


(2)2010 CLAUD C. COLEMAN, JR        m.  Jean Whroe


Claud was a Plastic Surgeon.









From (2)1862 Emmett Coleman/Catherine Campbell


(2)2013 JULIAN COLEMAN            m.  Margaret Edmunds

Julian and Margaret had Julian, Richard H. and John P. Coleman.


(2)2014 EMMETT COLEMAN            m.  Christine Vaughn

                        had a son, Emmett III                       

(2)2015 CLARICE COLEMAN            m.  Alvin Vaughn

Alvin was a dairy farmer in Caroline Co. VA.  He was the son of John Vaughn.

Clarice and Alvin had a daughter, Juanita Vaughn.


(2)2016 VIRGINIA COLEMAN            m.  Arthur L. Beasley

        had a son, Arthur Lee Beasley


(2)2017 JENNIE COLEMAN            d.  unmarried




From (2) 1866 Reece Coleman/Elizabeth M. Hoffman



(2)2019 CUSTIS COLEMAN            m.  Jeannett Fisher of NC

\(Doctor\)                lived in Richmond, VA

(2)2020 PATRICK COLEMAN            m.  Eloise Johnson


(2)2021 ADELAIDE COLEMAN            m.  Unknown Johnson

(2)2022 NANCY COLEMAN            m.  Elmer Messic

                    lived in Williamsburg VA

(2)2023 REECE COLEMAN            m.  Virginia Hightower


(2)2024 PHILIP COLEMAN                m.  Judith Van Sickel

\(Surgeon\)            lived in Richmond VA




From (2)1874 C. Richelieu Coleman/Sallie W. Davis


(2)2025 SOLON BERNARD COLEMAN        b.  17 Dec 1901 Spotsylvania Co.

        \(Lawyer, Judge\)            d.  6 Nov 1974 Fredericksburg VA

                            m.  14 Jun 1928 Washington DC

                            Mary P. Hoxie

Judge S. B. Coleman graduated from the Virginia Military Institute in June 1923.

He graduated from the University of Virginia Law School on 12 Jun 1928.  He was

a member of the Virginia State Senate 1936-1940.  Mary, born 4 Jun 1903 in

Rhode Island, was the daughter of Presbary Hoxie and Etta G. Richardson


(2)2026 LORENE W. COLEMAN        m.  (1) Charles Bullock

                        (2) Franklin Saunders/Sanders

                            no issue




From (2)1875 Thomas S. Coleman/Alice T. Graves


(2)2027 T. STOKELY COLEMAN, JR.        b.  10 Oct 1910 Spotsylvania Co. VA

                            m.  15 Oct 1938 Evelyn Massey


Evelyn was the daughter of J. Wallace Massey of Spotsylvania Co. T. Stokely

graduated from VMI and the University of Virginia Law School.  He and

Evelyn had:

            Ann L. Coleman

            Carroll \(Carol\) L. Coleman

            Thomas Stokely Coleman III

            John Richelieu Coleman


(2)2028 LEE RICHELIEU COLEMAN        b.  1913     d.  1935 unmarried




From (2)1879 James K. Dickinson/Elizabeth W. Cave










From William S. Dickinson of Concord, CA





From (2)1880 Lindsey B. Dickinson/Susan H. Willis










From William S. Dickinson of Concord, CA





From (2)1884 William S. Dickinson/Maria C. Duvall


(2)2044 MARGARET DUVALL DICKINSON        b.  11 Mar 1915

                                m.  John M. Garnett III


(2)2045 WILLIAM STREIT DICKINSON Jr.    b.  11 Mar 1918

                            m.  (1) Elizabeth Watson Thompson

                            (2) Margaret Catherine Hendry

    Issue: Sharon Jean Dickinson m.  (1) John Blankenship

            and had Sharon Elizabeth Blankenship

        m.  (2) Steven Harris

            and had Christopher Harris


(2)2046 ROBERT DUVALL DICKINSON            b.  5 May 1921

                                m.  Ann Dawedeit


(2)2047 MERCY CLAY DICKINSON            b.  23 Nov 1924

                                d.  4 Apr 1941 Roanoke, VA


From William S. Dickinson of Concord, CA





From (2)1888 Robert D. Coleman/Ella Morris


(2)2048 GRANVILLE BAXTER COLEMAN        b.  8 May 1906

                                m.  22 Dec 1924 Richmond, VA

                                Mary Minge Moncure

    Mary was born 12 Apr 1910.  Granville compiled the Coleman Chart which

    is in the Virginia State Library.


(2)2049 ROBERT DANIEL COLEMAN Jr.        b.  26 Nov 1907

                                m.  22 Jun 1935

                            Sarah Ruth Kirkpatrick


From William "Ed" Kutz of Concord, CA





From (2)1907 Sarah A. Marshall/Malcolm W. Smith


(2)2050 SALLY IRVIN SMITH            b.  30 Oct 1902 Wilcox Co. AL

                            d.  19 Jan 1987 Mobile, AL

                            m.  8 May 1926

                            Louis Malone Finlay

    Louis, born 24 Nov 1891 in Escambia Co. AL and died 29 Dec 1963 in

    Montgomery, AL, was a son of William Archibald Finlay and Elizabeth

    Ann Curtis.


From Louis M. Finlay Jr. of Jackson, AL





From (2)1938 Isabell C. Ferguson/Joseph F. Bennett


(2)2051 BENJAMIN FERGUSON BENNETT    b.  14 Jul 1880 TN

\(Grocer\)            d.  6 Aug 1955 FtWayne IN

                            m.  6 Sep 1905 FtWayne IN

                            Ruth Dell Mellott

Ruth was the daughter of Mason Mellott and Almira E. Crouse.  Ruth was

    born 14 Jan 1884 Indiana and died 13 Jun 1963 in IowaBenjamin was 5í6" tall,

had red hair and smoked cigars.  He walked with a limp, possibly from polio

or menengitis as a child.  He was a member of the City Council from 1917-1952,

and president for 3 terms. 

(2)2052 HARRY W. BENNETT            b.  Aug 1883 IN

        \(Butcher\)                d.  13 Apr 1957 FtWayne IN

                            m.  Ellen Unknown

Harry became a Christian Scientist in 1932.  He and Ellen had Millard and

Beryle Bennett.

(2)2053 MAE LEORA BENNETT            b.  30 Dec 1885 IN

                            d.  17 Mar 1931 FtWayne IN

                            m.  Victor Miller

    Mae and Victor had Louisa, Isabelle and Noble Bennett.  Mae had black hair

    and blue eyes.  She fired her housekeeper for using a swear word.

(2)2054 JAMES EARLE BENNETT        b.  May 1888 IN

                            m.  Gladys Unknown

    James and Gladys had a daughter, Jeanne Bennett.  James had red hair and

    blue eyes.

(2)2055 GRACE BERTELL BENNETT        b.  June 1890 d.  unmarried

                            Grace had red hair and blue eyes.

(2)2056 GEORGE WASHINGTON BENNETT    b.  Feb 1893 IN d.  4 Jul 1949 IN

                            Unmarried, he had black hair and

                        blue eyes.


From Dorothy Bennett Ward (niece of above children) and Richard Ward of Bradenton FL





From (2)1940 Sarah M. Dowell/James T. Fleming


(2)2057 JOHN DOWELL FLEMING        b.  14 Jan 1865 Christian Co. KY

                            d.  10 Jul 1951 Los Angeles CA

                            m.  3 May 1892 Shelby Co. TN

                            Jeanne Caroline Durand

                            b.  7 Nov 1871                             d.  12 Oct 1963 Los Angeles CA


Jeanne was the daughter of Andre Durand and Louise Josephine Ferrin.



From Benjamin F. Dake III of Keizer OR





From (2)1958 Corinne M. Munkle/Edgar F. Brown


(2)2058 ROBERT EDGAR F. BROWN            b.  15 Jul 1922


(2)2059 ELIZABETH BROWN                b.  21 Oct 1924 Cook Co. IL

                                m.  22 Mar 1947 Cook Co. IL

                                Lloyd Vernon Tomlinson

    Lloyd was born 24 Jun 1920 in Cook Co. IL and died 23 Feb 1983 in McHenry,



From Elizabeth Tomlinson of McHenry, IL





From (2)1962 Alfred T. Hill/Elizabeth Baxter


(2)2060 LULA ELIZABETH HILL        b.  16 Dec 1888 Meade Co. KS

                        d.  13 Aug 1917 Weld Co. CO

                        m.  10 Jan 1916 Denver Co. CO

                        Ulysses Grant Hamm


(2)2061 RAY WINFREY HILL        b.  26 Jul 1890 Sumner Co. KS

                        m.  Anita Louise Waldie

                        b.  31 Oct 1901 Medford OK

                        d.  10 Aug 1981 Wichita KS

                        daughter of Robert Waldie/Isabetta Torbett


(2)2062 LAURA BELLE HILL        b.  1 Sep 1892 Sumner Co. KS

                        d.  5 Jun 1968 Tonkawa OK

                        m.  9 Aug 1914 Clarence William Rosebery


(2)2063 MYRTLE MAY HILL        b.  26 Jul 1894 Medford OK

                        d.  5 Nov 1989 Medford OK


(2)2064 NAOMI LOUISE HILL        b.  28 Aug 1899 Medford OK

                        d.  6 Mar 1982 Stillwater OK

                        m.  13 Oct 1920 Medford OK

                        Nathan Garringer


(2)2065 MARY FAYE HILL        b.  21 May 1897 Medford OK

                        d.  17 Mar 1985 Sand Springs OK

                        m.  12 Jan 1925 Glenn Thomas Randall

(2)2066 ERMA EMILY HILL        b.  18 Jan 1904 Medford OK

                        m.  1926 Clifford T. Stout


From Wilma C. Hill of Wichita KS





From (2)1979 Edwin J. Brown/Florence Desvoines


(2)2067 PERCIVAL CLARENCE BROWN        b.  1894


(2)2068 CLAUDE JEFFERSON BROWN            b.  28 Sep 1896


(2)2069 JOSEPH ISLES BROWN                b.  28 Nov1898


(2)2070 ROY EDWIN BROWN                b.  28 Feb 1900





From (2)1982 Emma M. Brown/Thomas H. Persons


(2)2071 ANGELINE EMILY PERSONS            b.  19 Jun 1886

(2)2072 CLARENCE HENRY PERSONS            b.  ca. 1888

(2)2073 GEORGE BENTON PERSONS            b.  ca. 1890

(2)2074 ANNA ZELLA PERSONS                b.  5 Sep 1897

(2)2075 EDGAR LESLIE PERSONS            b.  30 Aug 1899





From (2)1985 Florence D. Coleman/James T. Guerin


(2)2076 CRYSTLE ANN GUERIN            b.  7 Oct 1908 Myrtle Point OR

                            d.  19 May 1990 Glendale CA

                            m.  (1) Raymond Andreas Jensen

                            (2) 31 May 1956 Glenn D. Bronner



(2)2077 ESTHER KATHERINE GUERIN        b.  23 Nov 1912 Myrtle Point OR

"Katie"                d.  7 Jun 1989 Newport Beach CA

                            m.  Clarence Gustav Schulze



(2)2078 RAY JASPER GUERIN            b.  23 July 1916 Myrtle Point OR

                            m.  (1) 12 Aug 1938 OR

                        Barbara Aileen Miller, daughter of

                        Victor Miller and Edna Maupin

                            (2) Mabel Zappia, daughter of

                            Angelina Zappia

From Kathy Anderson of Los Angeles, CA





From (2)1997 Carrie M. Lee/William W. Cotton


(2)2079 WILLIAM EATON COTTON        b.  22 Jan 1890

                            d.  21 Jun 1946 Dallas, TX

                            (hotel explosion)

                            m.  7 Jan 1922 Montgomery, AL

                            Maude F. Rhody

                            d.  Jan 1990 Duncanville, TX

(2)2080 WADE SEXTON COTTON        b.  9 Jan 1894 d.  21 Jul 1899



(2)2081 EDWARD BEAUREGARD COTTON    b.  10 Aug 1892 d.  20 Mar 1963

                            m.  Julia Foster Faulk, widow of

                            Alfred Faulk

(2)2082 SOPHIE MALENA COTTON        b.  17 Oct 1895 d.  Dec 1989

                            m.  12 May 1926 John Walne Foster


(2)2083 GEORGE ALFRED COTTON        b.  18 Feb 1902 Warren Co. MS

                            d.  2 Feb 1971 Warren Co. MS

                            m.  6 Feb 1928 FtWorth TX

                            Eva Bernice Morgan

(d.  20 Jan 1973)   


Carrie Mildred Lee Cotton, Her Kith and Her Kin, by Gordon A. Cotton, Vicksburg, MS, 1993





From (2)1998 Charles B. Peacher/Martha P. Ferguson


(2)2084 IONA PEACHER                b.  12 Jun 1885 Campbell Co. KY

                    d.  1911 Campbell Co. KY

                    never married

(2)2085 BIRD PEACHER                b.  22 Feb 1887 Campbell Co. KY

                    never married

(2)2086 ELENA FERGUSON PEACHER        b.  17 Feb 1889 Campbell Co. KY

                    m.  John George Landwehr

Elena and John had John G. Landwehr, Jr. and Janet Peacher Landwehr.   

(2)2087 GEORGE BRENT PEACHER        b.  15 Jun 1893 Campbell Co. KY

"Brent"                m.  21 September 1921

                    Luella Schneider

George and Luella had Brent Ferguson, Natalie Louise, Rhea June and Sonia



(2)2088 ZORA PEACHER                b.  28 Aug 1895 Campbell Co. KY

"Wiggle"                    m.  Claude Burton

Zora and Claude had Charles Davis and Virginia Lee Burton.  "Wiggle" was

always conscious of not having a middle name.  Once, when asked, replied

"Itís Darling."

(2)2089 LYDIA VIRGINIA PEACHER        b.  13 Jun 1902 Campbell Co. KY

"Peggy"                d.  31 Dec 1981 Pinellas Co. FL

                    m.  31 Jan 1925 Dade Co. FL

                    Leland Phelps Anderson

                    (b.  15 Dec 1899 d.  13 Dec 1982)

Leland "Lee" was the son of Charles H. Anderson and Caroline Phelps.


From Susy Martin of Belvedere, SC




From (2)2025 S. Bernard Coleman/Mary P. Hoxie


(2)2090 POLLY DAVIS COLEMAN        b.  3 Oct 1929

                    m.  5 Jun 1948 DrPhilip B. Peters

                    son of RevHarold B. Peters of

                    England and Dorothy Durrett of

                    Spotsylvania Co. VA

Polly and Philip had:

        Mary Beverly Peters

        Philip Barton Peters

        Susan Peters




(2)2091 PHILIP HOXIE COLEMAN        b.  11 May 1933

\(Veternarian\)            m.  20 June 1953 Barbara Ann English

                    daughter of Lewis A. English and

                    Clara Green.



From (2)2050 Sally I. Smith/Louis M. Finlay


(2)2092 LOUIS MALONE FINLAY, Jr.        b.  31 Jan 1932 Mobile, AL

                    m.  31 Jan 1969 Laura Croom Rivers


From Louis M. Finlay Jr. of Jackson, AL





From (2)2051 Benjamin F. Bennet/Ruth D. Mellott


(2)2093 DOROTHY ELAINE BENNETT        b.  30 Jun 1906 FtWayne IN

                    d.  16 Jan 1993 Oakland Co. MI

                    m.  28 Jun 1936 FtWayne IN

                    Thomas Emmons Ward

                    b.  29 Apr 1908 Washington IA

                    d.  17 Mar 1987 Oakland Co. MI

Dorothy was an elementary school teacher.  Thomas was a real estate salesman,

and the son of Lee R. G. Ward and Carrie A. Emmons.



(2)2094 MABLE BERNADINE FAYNE BENNETT    b.  17 Apr 1909 FtWayne IN

                        d.  1991 Ames IA

                        m.  (1) 25 Aug 1935

                        Clinton Beach Julian

                        (2) Howard Nickey

                        b.  25 Nov 1907 IN

                        d.  3 Oct 1993 IA

                            (mortgage banker)


From Richard Ward of Bradenton, FL




From (2)2057 John D. Fleming/Jeanne C. Durand


(2)2095 MARTHA MILDRED LOUISE FLEMING    b.  23 Apr 1894 Shelby Co. TN                        d.  8 Sep 1973 Marion Co. OR

                        m.  31 Aug 1918 Riverside CA

                        Benjamin F. Dake, Jr.

                        b.  15 Dec 1885

                        Allegheny Co. PA

                        d.  5 Jun 1952 Los Angeles


Benjamin was the son of Benjamin F. Dake and Anna Mary McCague.



From Benjamin F. Dake III of Keizer, OR       





From (2)2059 Elizabeth Brown/Lloyd V. Tomlinson


(2)2096 THOMAS CHARLES TOMLINSON        b.  4 Jan 1948 Cook Co. IL

                        m.  23 Nov 1968 McHenry, IL

                        Linda Lee Pearson


(2)2097 RICHARD DONALD TOMLINSON        b.  26 Jul 1949 Cook Co. IL

                        m.  19 Jun 1971 McHenry, IL

                        Judy Ann Kollenkark


(2)2098 SHIRLEY JEAN TOMLINSON            b.  11 Sep 1950 Cook Co. IL

                        d.  23 Oct 1991 Las Vegas, NV

                        m.  10 Sep 1970 in

                        Basil, Switzerland

                        Gerald Ewig


(2)2099 PEGGY LYNN TOMLINSON            b.  21 Apr 1952 Cook Co. IL

                        m.  26 May 1974 McHenry, IL

                        John Conrad Rupp


(2)2100 KAREN LEE TOMLINSON            b.  5 Apr 1953 Cook Co. IL

                        m.  (1) Michael Hodges

                        (2) John Eugene Karolczak


From Elizabeth Tomlinson of McHenry, IL




From (2)2061 Ray W. Hill/Anita L. Waldie


(2)2101 BETTY JEAN HILL        b.  14 Dec 1924 Medford OK

                m.  26 Jun 1944 Ralph Jacob Rapp


(2)2102 DONALD RAY HILL        b.  19 Mar 1926 Medford OK

                m.  3 May 1952 Lane Co. KS

            Wilma Ina Conner

            (b.  16 Jun 1931 Lane Co. KS, daughter of

        Paul Lee Conner/Hazel Garlean Lawrence\)


(2)2103 WANDA LEE HILL        b.  23 Sep 1929 Enid, OK

                m.  1 Jan 1949 Wichita KS

        Fred Pennington Cook


(2)2104 BEVERLY JOYCE HILL        b.  19 Jan 1933 Enid OK

                m.  29 Jun 1958 Wichita KS

        Clifford K. Earnst


From Wilma C. Hill of Wichita, KS





From (2)2076 Crystle A. Guerin/Raymond A. Jensen


(2)2105 RICHARD ANDREAS JENSEN        b.  22 Jun 1935 Los Angeles, CA

                    m.  Caroline Godfrey

Issue: Richard Andreas Jensen, Jr.

b.  5 Apr 1966   



(2)2106 JULIE ANNE JENSEN            b.  8 Apr 1947 Los Angeles, CA

                    m.  23 Jun 1968 Glendale CA

                    Joseph Michael Caruso, son of

                    Thomas Sr.  and Letha Caruso

Issue: Michael Andreas Caruso

b.  24 Jul 1973

Christopher Sebastian Caruso

b.  10 Aug 1977   


From Kathy Anderson of Los Angeles, CA




From (2)2077 Esther K. Guerin/Clarence G. Schulze


(2)2107 SUSAN KAY SCHULZE        b.  7 Jun 1942

                m.  1 Jul 1991 Mendocino, CA

                Robert M. Oller



(2)2108 JAMES GUERIN SCHULZE    b.  6 Mar 1947

                m.  6 Jul 1969 Los Angeles, CA

                Lahoma Jeanne Hartman, daughter of

                David Hartman

Issue: Jonathan Scott Schulze

Jeffrey Ryan Schulze


From Kathy Anderson of Los Angeles CA





From (2)2078 Ray J. Guerin/Barbara A. Miller/Mabel Zappia


1st Marriage:

(2)2109 VICKI LEE GUERIN        b.  10 Nov 1938 Gold Beach OR

                m.  6 Sep 1959 Burbank CA

                Robert Newburn Brown, Jr. son of Robert

                Brown and Lucille Terry



(2)2110 KATHRYN ANNE GUERIN    b.  16 Dec 1941 Gold Beach OR

                m.  22 Dec 1963 Glendale CA

                Charles Peter Anderson, son of

                George Anderson and Olive Belknap



2nd Marriage:

(2)2111 JAMES MICHAEL GUERIN    b.  4 Sep 1954 Glendale, CA




From Kathy Anderson of Los Angeles, CA




From (2)2079 William E. Cotton/Maude F. Rhody


(2)2112 WILLIAM EATON COTTON, JR.        b.  22 Jan 1927

                    d.  17 May 1963 Galveston TX

                    m.  5 Jun 1948 Peggy James

Issue: Mary Colleen Cotton

b.  Nov 1954

m.  Mar 1990 Unknown Fitzgerald



Carrie Mildred Lee Cotton Her Kith and Her Kin by Gordon A. Cotton Vicksburg MS 1993





From (2)2081 Edward B. Cotton/Julia Foster Faulk


(2)2113 EDWARD FOSTER COTTON    b.  14 May 1919 Warren Co. MS

                m.  (1) 24 Dec 1941 Laura Worley (divorced)

                (2) 30 June 1947 Vicksburg MS

                    Jane Cole

Foster and Jane have one son, Charles Edward Cotton born in Vicksburg, 20 Jun

1957.  Charles married Emily Clay and with her had a daughter, Charlene Cotton.


(2)2114 ANNIE MILDRED COTTON    b.  14 Oct 1920 Warren Co. MS

                m.  (1) 27 Dec 1944 Vicksburg MS

                Curtis James Turner (divorced)

            (2) 28 Dec 1949

                Sterling E. Fancher


(2)2115 DWAIN COTTON            b.  10 Jan 1924

                m.  8 May 1949 Ellen Carter


Carrie Mildred Lee Cotton Her Kith and Her Kin by Gordon A. Cotton, Vicksburg MS 1993




From (2)2083 George A. Cotton/Eva B. Morgan


(2)2116 MARGUERITE JEAN COTTON        b.  18 Nov 1928 FtWorth TX

                    m.  1 Jun 1946

                    Thomas Butler Forbes, Jr.

                    of Columbia MS


(2)2117 SALLIE JUANICE COTTON        b.  3 Feb 1932 Warren Co. MS

                    d.  23 Aug 1961 (private plane crash

                    near Tylertown\)


(2)2118 GORDON A. COTTON            b.  4 April 1936 Warren Co. MS

Gordon is a former teacher, newspaper reporter and editor.  He is currently

Director of the Old Court House Museum in Vicksburg, MississippiHe lives

in the old Cotton family home on Campbellís Swamp Road south of Vicksburg.


Carrie Mildred Lee Cotton Her Kith and Her Kin by Gordon A. Cotton, Vicksburg MS 1993




From (2)2089 Lydia V. Peacher/Leland P. Anderson


(2)2119 SUSAN PHELPS ANDERSON     b.  20 Jan 1935 Wayne Co. MI

"Susy"                m.  (1) 5 May 1955 La Grange Co. IN

                    Thomas William Cameron

                        (b.  18 Nov 1934 Cook Co. IL\)

                        son of ProfGeorge Glenn Cameron

                        and Frances Ada Thomas

(2) 28 July 1962 Oakland Co. MI

                            Harold Raymond "Ray" Carlson

                        (b.  23 Jan 1929 MI\) son of Henry

                            and Grace Unknown Carlson

                        (3) 10 Dec 1993 Daviess Co. KY

                Robert Newton Martin


From Susy Martin of Belvedere, SC





From (2)2093 Dorothy E. Bennett/Thomas E. Ward,


(2)2120 DOROTHY DIANE WARD    b.  2 May 1937 Denver, CO

                        d.  8 Jun 1937 Denver, CO



(2)2121 RICHARD BENNETT WARD    b.  29 Jul 1939 Denver CO

\(Engineering, Plant Mgmt.\)    m.  30 Jun 1962 Oakland Co. MI

                        Mary Ann Palmberg Halward

                        (b.  12 Sep 1940 MI\) daughter of

                    Chester E. Palmberg and Anna B. Eklund


(2)2122 DOUGLAS KNIGHT WARD    b.  29 Jan 1943 Santa Fe NM

\(Jr. High Teacher, Coach\)         m.  23 Aug 1968 Christine Allison

                        (b.  14 Feb 1946) daughter of L. B. Allison

                        and Jewel Ellefson


(2)2123 JOHN BENNETT WARD        b.  2 Jun 1946 Oakland Co. MI



rom Richard Ward of Bradenton, FL





From (2)2094 Mabel B. F. Bennett/Clinton B. Julian/Howard E. Nickey


1st Marriage:

(2)2124 DONALD BENNETT \(JULIAN\) NICKEY    b.  30 Nov 1938

                            m.  (1) 1958 Charmian Baker

                            (2) 1968

Donna E. Sauerlender

                            (b.  25 Apr 1947)


2nd Marriage:

(2)2125 MICHAEL ALLEN NICKEY    b.  5 Oct 1943 IN

                        m.  (1) 25 Nov 1965 IL Judi McKendrick

                            (divorced 1982)

                        (2) 4 Aug 1984 CA

Carolyn Mattson Ticone b.  9 Aug 1945

(2)2126 KAREN RUTH NICKEY        b.  14 Jan 1945 IN

                        m.  21 Dec 1966 IA

                        David Gross (jeweler)

(2)2127 LINDA ALINE NICKEY        b.  7 Jun 1947 IN

                        m.  26 Aug 1967 IA

                        Kent W. Hildreth (lawyer)

                        (b.  2 June 1946) son of Gross

                        J. Hildreth and Dorothy Wilson

From Richard Ward of Bradenton, FL




From (2)2095 Martha M. L. Fleming/Benjamin F. Dake


(2)2128 BENJAMIN F. DAKE III        b.  27 Jan 1927 Los Angeles CA

    "Frank"            m.  20 Aug 1948 Los Angeles CA

                        Virginia Jean Brenner

    1. 11 Dec 1930 Hancock Co. OH\)

From Benjamin F. Dake of Keizer, OR




From (2)2102 Donald R. Hill/Wilma I. Conner


(2)2129 HARLEY RAY HILL        b.  26 Feb 1957 Witchita KS


(2)2130 DAVID PAUL HILL        b.  23 Aug 1958 Witchita KS

                        m.  10 Jul 1986 Ogden UT

Robin Lynn Hurst

                        daughter of Merlin Hurst/Marilyn Taylor



From Wilma C. Hill of Wichita, KS




From (2)2109 Vicki L. Guerin/Robert N. Brown, Jr.


(2)2131 TAMARA RENAE BROWN    b.  13 Sep 1960 Loma Linda, CA

                        m.  1 Sep 1995 Pasadena, CA

                        Edward John Empero, Jr.



(2)2132 KARI LYN BROWN        b.  26 Feb 1962 Loma Linda, CA

                        m.  3 Sep 1993 Malibu, CA

                        Daniel James Tieman



(2)2133 ROBERT JON BROWN        b.  18 Sep 1964

                        m.  23 Mar 1990 N. Hollywood, CA

                        Desiree Leimomi Miller


From Kathy Anderson of Los Angeles, CA




From (2)2110 Kathryn A. Guerin/Charles P. Anderson


(2)2134 BRIAN SCOTT ANDERSON         b.  19 Nov 1966 Glendale CA

                            m.  Ingren Kizer


(2)2135 KIRSTEN ERIN ANDERSON        b.  1 Oct 1968 Glendale CA



From Kathy Anderson of Los Angeles, CA




From (2)2114 Annie M. Cotton/Curtis J. Turner/Sterling E. Fancher


1ST Marriage:

(2)2136 CLAUD EDWARD TURNER-FANCHER    b.  19 Nov 1946 San Diego CA

            "Eddie"            m.  (1) 6 Aug 1966 Atmore AL

                                Marsh Webb (divorced)

                                (2) 1980 Pollard Al

                                Dorothy White (divorced)

                                (3) Cynthia Curtain Allen

At the age of 21, Eddie changed his surname to Fancher.  Eddie and Dorothy had

Edward Cotton Fancher, born 11 Mar 1981.


(2)2137 WILLIAM LISTER TURNER-FANCHER        b.  19 Jan 1947 Vicksburg MS

                                m.  3 Jun 1967 Laura Phillips

At the age of 21, William changed his surname to Fancher.  William and Laura had

    Laura Alaina, born 1 Jul 1969 Mobile AL, and April Leslie born 4 Apr 1973 in

Mobile AL.


2ND Marriage:

(2)2138 JULIANA FANCHER                b.  27 Nov 1950

                                m.  31 Jul 1971

                                John Bennett Hawkins

                                (divorced Aug 1990)