Thomas Coleman, First Child of Robert Coleman and Elizabeth Grizzell of Mobjack Bay, Gloucester County, Virginia

First Known, Surviving Child of Robert Coleman and Elizabeth Grizzell
Of Mobjack Bay Virginia


From Robert Coleman/Elizabeth Grizzel


(1) THOMAS COLEMAN        b.  bef.  1654 Gloucester Co. VA

                    d.  aft.  1705

                    m.  ca. 1676-78 Rebecca Unknown

Thomas was a landowner in Abingdon Parish, Gloucester Co. VA.  He was listed on the 1704/5 Rent Rolls with 250 acres.  (<I>Records of Colonial Gloucester Co. Pt. I, p. 87, Polly Cary Mason\)

Thomas was named as Godson of Thomas Ray in Rayís will dated 25 Aug 1654.  From VA Colonial Abstracts, York County, 1648-1657, p. 128: No.  1, p. 293.  Will of Thomas Ray./a> dtd. 25 Aug 1654, proved 24 Jun 1655.  To son Thomas Ray (underage) all land at the New Poquoson, and all at Mobjack Bay.  He failing in heirs, the land to go to Christmas Ray, and he failing in heirs, to Mary Ray.  Also personal property to son Thomas Ray.  Residue of estate to wife, son Christmas Ray and dau.  Mary Ray --- to be equally divided.  A hhd.  of tobo for a Sermon to be preached in the New Poquoson Church some Sabbath Day, to God-son Thomas Coleman a cow calf.  To my dau.  Anne Skipworth a cow calf to be delivered within 2 months after death.  Overseers: Mr. Thomas Kirby, Peter Starkey./a> and Henry FreemanSigned his mark.  Thomas R. Ray.  Wit: Henry Freeman, Thomas Kirby, Peter Starkey.  Probated on oaths of Freeman & Starkey & recorded.  Thomas Ballard, ClCur.

14 Apr 1705, Thomas Coleman was a witness for John Boswell in an Indenture\(Found in the Booth-Taliaferro family papers, Records of Colonial Gloucester Co. VA, by Polly Cary Mason.\)




From (1) Thomas Coleman/Rebecca Unknown


(1) 2    ANN COLEMAN    bap.  3 Jul 1680 Abingdon Parish

(1) 3    GRIZZELL COLEMAN    bap.  30 Apr 1682 Abingdon Parish

(1) 4    REBECCA COLEMAN    bap.  20 Jan 1684/85 Abingdon Parish

(1) 5    SARAH COLEMAN        bap.  6 Jun 1687 Abingdon Parish

(1) 6    THOMAS COLEMAN    b.  7 Feb 1688 Abingdon Parish

                    d.  August 1781

                    m.  3 Jan 1713 Elizabeth Unknown

                    (b.  10 May 1695, d.  12 May 1751)

Information on Thomasí family was found in the Abingdon Parish Register and the Thomas Coleman Bible.

(1) 7    MARY COLEMAN        bap.  10 Oct 1689 Abingdon Parish

(1) 8    JOHN COLEMAN        bap.  3 Mar 1699/1700 Abingdon Parish

                    d.  before 1757

                    m.  Grace Unknown (d.  19 Jan 1758 Abingdon Par.\)


    This may be the John Coleman who witnessed a transfer of land

    on 11 Nov 1754: "Bannister How of Abingdon to John Thruston of the same, Mercht., for 119 lbs....Bannister How transfers tract    of 450 acres on Sarahs Creek....Witness: Edward Cary, Mikel How,    John Coleman, Francis Stubbs".

    John died before 1757 because Grace is mentioned in a deed between             Richard & Rebecca Pipen to John Thruston.  Rebecca was married first to

    Bannister How & after he died in 1755, she married Richard Pipen.          Land sold to pay debt of Bannister How was described as " Catherine         Colemanís and Grace Colemanís land to the Severne River to the             Bridge...." (Records of Colonial Gloucester Co. VA by Polly Cary Mason\)

(1) 9    ROBERT COLEMAN    bap.  20 Feb 1701 Abingdon Parish




From (1)6 Thomas Coleman/Elizabeth Unknown


(1)10    ROBERT COLEMAN    bap.  6 Dec 1713 Abingdon Parish

d.  before 6 Apr 1785 Gloucester Co. VA

                    m.  30 Dec 1745 Elizabeth Unknown

    Robert was mentioned in a 1748 Gloucester Co. survey, along with Ellis and

    Joseph Coleman. 

(1)11    JOSEPH COLEMAN        b.  16 Feb 1715/16 bap.  3 Mar 1715/16

                    Abingdon Parish

    1. 6 Nov 1739 Grace Cluverious, dau.  Of

Benjamin Cluverious and Grace Holt of

                    Gloucester Co. VA

The marriage date of Joseph and his wife Grace is in the Thomas Coleman Bible (surname not listed).  Grace Cluverious was bap.  17 Aug 1718 (Abingdon Parish Register) and d.  30 Nov 1757.

The earliest mention of a Cluverious in VA occurred in York Co. when RevJohn Cluverious married Anne Stafford, widow of William Stafford.  Their grandson, Benjamin Cluverious, was bap.  in 1686 and married Grace Holt (1684-1731) about 1710.  She was a dau.  of Jeremiah Holt of Abingdon Parish, Gloucester Co. Jeremiah Holt was on the 1704 Rent Rolls in that parish with 350 acres and his son, Jeremiah Holt Jr. was listed with 150 acres.

(1)12    REBECCA COLEMAN    bap.  5 Mar 1718/19 Abingdon Parish

                    m.  3 Aug 1745 John Hall of Ware Parish

(1)13    ELIZABETH COLEMAN    b.  3 Apr 1721 bap.  20 Apr 1721 Abingdon Parish

                    m.  1 Dec 1737 William Robbins of Lunenburg Co.

                    and had: Ann Robbins d.  1748

                    William Robbins b.  11 Sep 1749

(1)14    THOMAS COLEMAN    b.  5 Jul 1722 bap.  20 Jul 1722 Abingdon Parish

        This may be the Thomas Coleman referred to in Gloucester Co. 1782

        as the "Thomas Coleman estate, 1 negro Sam, 20 yrs.  old, proved by

        Joseph Coleman".  (Tidewater VA Families Vol. I No.  2, Aug/Sep 1992)

(1)15    SARAH COLEMAN        b.  2 Feb 1726 bap.  19 Feb 1726 Abingdon Parish

                    m.  23 Feb 1743/4 Josiah Ryland of Lunenburg Co.

(1)16    ANN COLEMAN        b.  2 Feb 1728

(1)17    MARY COLEMAN        b.  5 Aug 1729 bap.  31 Aug 1729 Abingdon Parish

            \(The family Bible lists her birth year as 1726 but the

                Parish Register says 1729.)

(1)18    RACHEL COLEMAN    b.  24 May 1731 Abingdon Parish

                    d.  21 Mar 1780 Halifax Co. VA

                    m.  12 Jun 1749 William Thompson

(1)19    DIANNA COLEMAN    b.  5 Feb 1733/34 bap.  18 Feb 1733/34

                    Abingdon Parish

                    Dianna may have married John William\(s\).

(1)20    SUSANNAH COLEMAN    b.  16 Jan 1735/36 bap.  22 Feb 1735/36

                    Abingdon Parish

                    m.  1756 Armistead Watlington

        Armistead was a Colonel in the American Revolution.  He was

        b.  27 Dec 1730 and d.  1807 Halifax Co. VAHe was a son of

        Paul Watlington and Elizabeth Armistead.

(1)21    JOHN COLEMAN    b.  15 Oct 1738 bap.  29 Oct 1738 Abingdon Parish

                d.  by 4 Feb 1797

    1. Mary Embry, dau.  of Henry Embry Jr. and

Patricia Wilkerson of Lunenburg Co.

    This is probably the John Coleman who appears in Halifax Co. 7 Oct 1760 as

    a grantee in a deed from William Thompson \(DB3, p. 27, Halifax Co.\). 

    Thompson was his brother-in-law.  In a deed dated 14 Jul 1762, John was

    referred to as "John Coleman & Company".  \(DB4, p. 38, Halifax Co.\) John

    bought a large estate in the county near the small town of Clover and called

    his plantation "Woodlawn"He was a member of the House of Delegates

    1779-87 and a member of the State Senate 1787-90.  On 26 Jan 1789, he

    conveyed 480 acres of land on the Stanton River to his son Henry\(DB14,

    p. 372, Halifax Co.\) His son, as heir-at-law and administrator of the estate

    of ColJohn Coleman, decd., settled a claim against the estate in Feb 1797.

    The claim was a result of a breach of contract of marriage.  \(DB17, p. 264,

    Halifax Co.\)


From The Thomas Coleman Bible and Abingdon Parish Register

Baskerville Genealogy, p. 118 and Additional Baskerville Genealogy,

<P>p. 143 by P. Hamilton Baskerville (1917)




From (1)8 John Coleman/Grace Unknown


(1)22    RICHARD COLEMAN    bap.  1 Sep 1723 Abingdon Parish

                    d.  before 1770

                    m.  Johannah Unknown

        Johannah Coleman was on the 1770 Gloucester Co. tithe list with

        her dower of 200 acres charged to her son Thomasí estate.  The

        estate of Thomas Coleman, Gloucester Co. 1770, was 566 acres,

        200 of which were his motherís.  Richard would have been on the

        tithe list if he had been alive in 1770.


(1)23    JOSEPH COLEMAN    bap.  12 Sep 1725 Abingdon Parish

        This may be the Joseph Coleman on the 1770 & 1771 Gloucester Co.

        tithe list with one tithe. 


(1)24    JOHN COLEMAN    bap.  17 Sep 1727 Abingdon Parish

                d.  23 Sep 1734 Abingdon Parish


(1)25    JAMES COLEMAN    bap.  3 Dec 1732 Abingdon Parish

                m.  Sarah Unknown




From (1)10 Robert Coleman/Elizabeth Unknown



        By power of attorney on 6 Apr 1785, William Coleman of

        Spotsylvania Co. gave "my friend William Robbins of Gloucester

        County" power to dispose of "my share of estate of my father

        Robert Coleman, decd." Judge S.B. Coleman said this power

        states Robert Colemanís will had been probated in Gloucester

        Co. \(DB K, p. 424, Spotsylvania Co. Records\)


(1)27    ROBERT COLEMAN    b.  1 Nov 1746 Abingdon Parish


(1)28    ELIZABETH COLEMAN    b.  25 Oct 1749 Abingdon Parish


(1)29    WHILEY COLEMAN    b.  8 Nov 1751 Abingdon Parish

                    d.  11 Dec 1751 Abingdon Parish



From (1)11 Joseph Coleman/Grace Cluverious

There may have been other children in this family.  Sarah is the only child listed in the Abingdon Parish Register as a child "of Joseph and Grace".  The parish register does not have any listings for the year 1740 which may explain why the birth of Cluverious Coleman does not appear in any records.


(1)30    CLUVERIOUS COLEMAN    b.  1740/1 Gloucester Co. VA

    1. Will dtd. 14 Sep 1799, admitted to

probate 14 Oct 1799 Mecklenburg Co.

                        \(WB4, p. 148, Mecklenburg Co.\)   

                        m.  Massey Unknown

(1)31    ELIZABETH COLEMAN        bap.  10 May 1743 Abingdon Parish

(1)32    REBECCA COLEMAN        bap.  14 Oct 1744 Abingdon Parish

(1)33    THOMAS COLEMAN        bap.  4 May 1746 Abingdon Parish

(1)34    SARAH COLEMAN             b.  19 May 1757 Abingdon Parish

                        d.  Oct 1759 \(From Judge S.B. Coleman\)

(1)35    SAMUEL COLEMAN        b.  1759 \(From Judge S.B. Coleman\)


NOTE: Cluverious went first to Lunenburg Co. and then Mecklenburg Co. where he eventually owned 1200 acres of land and 50 slaves.  His acreage was on both sides of the Meherrin River and Latonís Creek, in the north central portion of Mecklenburg Co. that borders Lunenburg.  Cluverious first acquired Lunenburg Co. land on 7 Apr 1761 from Thomas Brown of Gloucester Co. \(DB 7, p. 13 Lunenburg Co. Records\) He then began to acquire other land in the area.  Cluverious was in business with William Green and Benjamin Whitehead whose daughter Sarah married James Coleman, son of Cluverious and Massey.

Cluverious was a purchaser at an estate sale of James Cunningham in Lunenburg Co. on 21 Mar 1765.  His known purchases of Mecklenburg Co. land occurred 8 Aug 1768, 12 Nov 1770, 28 Sep 1774 and 11 Aug 1796.  The 1782 Mecklenburg Co. census listed Cluverious Coleman with 10 whites, 16 blacks; Richard Coleman with 7 whites, 7 blacks; John Boswell with 4 whites; James Coleman with 1 white, 5 blacks (son of Cluverious and Massey\) and Thomas Massey with 7 whites.

A Thomas Massey was named Burgess in New Kent Co. in 1722 and 1723.  He was born in 1675, m.  (1) Mary Walker on 23 Mar 1698 and had a son Peter Massey b.  14 Apr 1700.  Thomas Massey m.  (2) in 1703 Martha Macon \(New Kent Co.\) and had Mary (d.  young), James, Thomas, William, Mary and John.  The surviving daughter named Mary was b.  Jan 1719/20 and would be of the generation to be Massey Colemanís mother.  Maryís brother, Thomas, was b.  2 Aug 1716 and may have been the Thomas Massey on the 1782 Mecklenburg Co. census with 7 whites.

Cluverious and Masseyís daughter Mary was the first wife of John Iverson Boswell.  The Boswell and Coleman families also had other ties.  From the Booth-Taliaferro Papers, Records of Colonial Gloucester Co. VA, Polly Cary Mason 1946, (1) Thomas Coleman was a witness for John Boswell in an indenture at Gloucester Court on 16 May 1705.

Cluverious Coleman donated a wagon, team and driver, and a dark bay horse to the Revolutionary cause for 35 days.  He gave the Continental Army 110 lbs.  F flour.  Cluverious was a member of the Committee of Safety-Gentlemen of Justice 1775/6 which, with his donations to the Revolutionary cause, qualified him as a Patriot.

When his son James Coleman died in 1797, Cluverious was named guardian of Jamesí children.  In his will, Cluverious mentioned "beloved wife Massey", plus his surviving children and grandchildren.

According to an index note found in Gloucester Co. Records abstracted by Beverley Fleet, the name "Cluverious" was pronounced "Cluvers"An interesting item was found in Tidewater VA Families, Vol. 1 No.  2 in Aug/Sep 1992, "Losses Sustained From The British Depredations Within The Commonwealth of VA, Gloucester Co. 1782", p. 93: Judith and Massey "Cleaver" lost a negro woman Philis 55 years old, Rachel 25, Nanny 10 and two small ones 5 or 6 years old.  Benjamin, Gibson and John Cluverious also lost negroes to the British, plus sheep, tobacco, corn, oats and fowl.  The name "Massey", appearing first as the wife of Cluverious Coleman, thereafter given to a member of the Gloucester Co. Cluverious family, is interesting.


Information on Cluverious Coleman provided by Virginia N. James of Irvine CA





From (1)15 Sarah Coleman/Josiah Ryland


(1)36    ELIZABETH RYLAND    b.  5 Aug 1745 Abingdon Parish, Gloucester Co.


(1)37    MARY RYLAND        bap.  7 Sep 1747 Abingdon Parish, Gloucester Co.


(1)38    THOMAS RYLAND        b.  22 Aug 1750 Abingdon Parish, Gloucester Co.

                    bap.  9 Sep 1750


(1)39    SALLY RYLAND        b.  17 Jan 1761 Abingdon Parish, Gloucester Co.

                    bap.  15 Feb 1761




From (1)18 Rachel Coleman/William Thompson


(1)40    MARY THOMPSON        b.  16 May 1751 Abingdon Parish, Gloucester Co.

                    d.  1798 Pittsylvania Co. VA

                    m.  27 Oct 1774 Halifax Co. VA

                Haynes Morgan b.  1751/55 Wales

            Will proved 20 Apr 1795, Pittsylvania Co.

Haynes and his sister came to America from Wales as children.  After their parents died, they were raised by an uncle.  Haynes was in the 80th British Regmt.  under Montague Wilmot.  During the American Revolution, he was on GenGreeneís staff.  Haynes settled in Pittsylvania Co. on the Banister River below Riceville.  In 1777, he was chosen by the House of Delegates to command all Virginia infantry from 1776-1779.  Haynes also cleared Thomas Jefferson of a misconduct charge.  He and Mary had: Haynes Morgan, Mary Thompson Morgan and Elizabeth Lawrence Morgan.

(1)41    WILLIAM "Billy" THOMPSON   


(1)42    SUSANNAH THOMPSON        m.  William Terry


(1)43    REBECCA THOMPSON        m.  Unknown Cocke


(1)44    ANN THOMPSON            m.  Nathaniel Terry II




From Pat Searight of Amarillo, TX

Names of the children were taken from the will of their father, proved 1781




From (1)20 Susannah Coleman/Armistead Watlington


(1)46    PAUL WATLINGTON    Captain, Halifax Co. Militia 1779-80

                    mrd.  and had:

            John Armistead Watlington

            Thompson Watlington

            Henry Watlington


(1)47    JOHN WATLINGTON    d.  1813

                    m.  23 Dec 1781 Elizabeth Allen

        John was a Captain in the American Revolution.




(1)49    ELIZABETH WATLINGTON    b.  1763 Gloucester Co. VA

                        d.  before 1818 Halifax Co. VA

                        m.  17 Jan 1781 Peter Barksdale

                    (b.  4 Aug 1760, d.  15 Jan 1826)

Peter was a son of Nathanial Barksdale & Mourning Dickerson.  Peter was mrd.  1st to Nancy Sydnor Logan, a widow.  Peter and Nancy had no children.


(1)50    FANNY WATLINGTON        m.  Joshua Boyd


(1)51    POLLY WATLINGTON        m.  (1) William Thompson

                        (2) William Terry

        Children: John Thompson, William Thompson & Elizabeth Thompson


From Morrison J. Bennett of Thonotosassa, FL





From (1)21 John Coleman/Mary Embry


1(52)    HENRY EMBRY COLEMAN    b.  27 Apr 1758 Halifax Co.

                        Will admitted to probate 23 Dec 1837

                        \(WB 18, p. 291, Halifax Co.\)

                        m.  13 Jun 1795 Halifax Co.

                        Ann \(Nancy\) Gordon, dau.  of

                        Thomas Gordon & Margaret Murray

    Ann was born 13 Jul 1766 and died 7 Jun 1821.

    Henry represented Halifax Co. in the House of Delegates 1789-90.  From Hening

    Statutes at Large, p. 553, Henry was part of a committee to determine whether

    Irvins or Boyds Ferry was more acceptable as a tobacco inspection warehouse

    (13 Oct 1792).




From (1)22 Richard Coleman/Johannah Unknown


(1)53    GEORGE COLEMAN    b.  28 Sep 1743 Abingdon Parish

        Nothing further is known about George.


(1)54    THOMAS COLEMAN    b.  10 Nov 1745 Abingdon Parish

                    bap.  20 Nov 1745 Abingdon Parish

                    d.  ca. 1770

        On the 1770 Gloucester Co. tithe list, the "Thomas Coleman

        Estate" consisted of 566 acres, 200 of which were his motherís





From (1) 25 James Coleman/Sarah Unknown


(1)55    MARY COLEMAN        bap.  25 Dec 1754 Abingdon Parish, Gloucester Co.


(1)56    JOHN COLEMAN        b.  7 Apr 1758 Abingdon Parish, Gloucester Co.

        This may be the John Coleman who married Dorothy Wyatt

        in Gloucester Co. 12 Jan 1782.


(1)57    RICHARD COLEMAN    bap.  18 Jan 1761 Abingdon Parish, Gloucester Co.

                    m.  Ann \(Nancy\) Stubbs





From (1)30 Cluverious Coleman/Massey Unknown


(1)58    JAMES COLEMAN        d.  by 11 Sep 1797 when his father was named

                    guardian of his children

    1. 14 Nov 1785 Sarah Whitehead, dau.  of

Benjamin Whitehead \(Mecklenburg Co.\)

    James was on the 1782 Mecklenburg Co. census with 1 white, 5 blacks.

(1)59    ELIZABETH COLEMAN    m.  6 Mar 1788 Mecklenburg Co.

                    Swepson Jeffries, Jr.

    Elizabeth and Swepson had: Mary Elizabeth, Massey, Robert and James.

    From her father, Elizabeth inherited a negro woman named PhebeHer

    children each received L30 from their grandfather, as they came of age.

(1)60    REBEKAH COLEMAN    m.  6 Mar 1788 Pettus Phillips

    Rebekah inherited from her father a negro woman, a negro boy named

    Moses and L100 cash.

(1)61    MARY COLEMAN        d.  by 27 Oct 1797

                    m.  16 Feb 1784//Mar 1784

                    John Iverson Boswell, his 1st wife

    John Boswell was b.  5 Apr 1761 Gloucester Co., son of Joseph Colgate Boswell

    (d.  1794) of Gloucester Co., and Elizabeth Elliott of Amelia Co..  \(John Boswell

    m.  2nd on 27 Oct 1797, Barbara Walker, with whom he had 6 children.) John

    was on the 1782 Mecklenburg Co. census with 4 whites.

(1)62    GRACE COLEMAN        m.  22 Jun 1789 Mecklenburg Co.

                    John Hicks (bond by Pettus Phillips\)

    Grace inherited from her father a negro boy Edmund, a negro woman Rachel

    And L100.  Grace and Johnís daughter, Martha Hicks, m.  Thomas Daws.

(1)63    JOHN COLEMAN        m.  11 Dec 1799 Mecklenburg Co.

                    Martha Pettus, dau.  of Thomas Pettus

    From his father, John inherited L100, 2 cows and 2 calves.


(1)64    ANNE COLEMAN        m.  14 Mar 1799 Mecklenburg Co.

                    Abraham Green

    From her father, Anne inherited negroes Molly, Aggy, Jude, Mike and Sam,

    1 young mare unbroke, 2 cows & calves and L200 cash.


(1)65    WILLIAM COLEMAN    m.  27 Feb 1797 Lunenburg Co.

                    Martha Allen

    From his father, William inherited L500 cash, 313-1/4 acres of land and his fatherís

    homeplace, after his mother Massey died.


(1)66    THOMAS COLEMAN    d.  Will probated 21 Sep 1827 Lunenburg Co.

                    m.  10 Jan 1799 Sally Rowlett (d.  1826)

                    dau.  of William Rowlett

    Thomas inherited his fatherís land on both sides of the Meherrin River, including the

    MillAt the time of his death, Thomas owned 52 slaves.  The bulk of his property

    (plantation home, contents, crops, land and slaves) was left to his wife Sally, but she

    predeceased him by a year.  Their oldest daughter, Eliza, inherited.  Each of the boys

    were left a parcel of land a slave.  The girls received a feather bed and accompanying

    furniture, and a slave.


From Virginia N. James of Irvine CA





From (1)40 Mary Thompson/Haynes Morgan



        b.  18 Sep 1777 Williamsburg, James City Co. VA

    1. 18 Aug 1826 Rowan Co. NC
    1. 23 Dec 1802 Pittsylvania Co. VA

Elizabeth Shelton, dau.  of Vincent Shelton & Susannah Robertson

    Haynes and his family moved to NC in 1818.  Elizabeth was b.  28 Dec 1778 in

    Pittsylvania Co. and d.  12 Aug 1839 Smyth Co. VA


From Pat Seawright of Amarillo TX




From (1)49 Elizabeth Watlington/Peter Barksdale

Peter Barksdaleís first wife was Nancy Sydnor Logan, widow of John Logan.  Nancy and John Logan had a daughter Elizabeth and a son, John Sydnor Logan, who married his stepsister Polly Barksdale.  Peter Barksdale & Nancy Logan had no issue.

(1)68    NATHANIEL BARKSDALE        b.  12 Oct 1781 d.  4 Mar 1839

    1. 16 Nov 1803 Martha "Patsy" Hurt,

daughter of Philemon Hurt

        CaptBarksdale was a planter in Halifax Co. until 1827 when he migrated to

        Carroll Co. TN.

(1)69    ARMISTEAD BARKSDALE    b.  27 Jul 1783 d.  bef.  27 Mar 1848

                            m.  (1) 25 Jun 1805 Judith Williams Sydnor

    1. Alice Sydnor

        Both wives were sisters of Nancy Sydnor Logan, his fatherís first wife.  They were

        daughters of William Sydnor and Judith Armistead Williams.

(1)70    SUSANNAH BARKSDALE        b.  27 Jul 1785 d.  26 Jun 1864

    1. 29 Dec 1803 William Sydnor

(1)71    POLLY BARKSDALE        b.  30 May 1787

    1. 27 Dec 1809 John Sydnor Logan

(1)72    FRANCIN BARKSDALE        b.  31 May 1791 d.  bef.  5 May 1823

"Fanny"             m.  28 Mar 1809 William Williams

(1)73    ELISHA BARKSDALE        b.  8 May 1793 d.  16 Jun 1850 Halifax Co.

\(Colonel\)            m.  (1) 4 Dec 1817 Elizabeth Logan (d.  1818)

    1. Rebecca F. Spragins, dau.  of

Melchezideck Spragins/Frances Lanier

    1. 1 Apr 1797
    1. 12 Dec 1816 Elijah Baker

(1)75    WILLIAM PETER BARKSDALE    b.  28 Mar 1799 d.  30 Oct 1854

                            m.  20 Mar 1824 Elvira Morton


From Morrison J. Bennett of Thonotosassa FL




From (1)52 Henry E. Coleman/Ann Gordon

(1)76    ELIZABETH ANN COLEMAN    d.  29 Aug 1821

    1. 29 Sep 1813 Halifax Co.

Charles Baskerville

Charles died 22 Mar 1821.  Their children were William, Henry R., Mary A.E. and Charles Baskerville.


(1)77    MARY MARGARET COLEMAN    b.  1800

    1. 14 May 1821 Halifax Co.

Richard Logan

(1)78    THOMAS GORDON COLEMAN    b.  23 Mar 1802 d.  4 Aug 1862 @ 5:00am

                            m.  6 May 1828 Ann Sims Clark


        Ann was born 27 Jan 1807 and died in Jan 1899.  Their son, T. Gordon Coleman

        Jr. m.  Isabella Rives of Albemarle Co. on 12 Dec 1856.


(1)79    SARAH E. COLEMAN        m.  27 Nov 1826 Halifax Co.

                        David Chalmers


(1)80    JOHN COLEMAN            m.  (1) 25 Jul 1825 Elizabeth S. Clark

    1. Mary Love

        Johnís only daughter, Ann G. Coleman, married Mack/Mark Alexander Jr. on

        26 Apr 1847 in Halifax Co.


(1)81    OLIVER C. COLEMAN        b.  1808


(1)82    HENRIETTA MARIA COLEMAN    b.  1810

                            m.  15 Oct 1833 Halifax Co.

RevJohn T. Clark


    1. ETHELBERT ALGERNON COLEMAN    b.  12 Feb 1812

\(Doctor\)         m.  (1) 16 Oct 1833 Elizabeth Sims

    1. 1 Apr 1839 Martha Ragsdale

        Ethelbert and Elizabeth had a daughter, Bettie Sims Coleman, who married John

        Clarke of Halifax Co. on 13 Nov 1857.


(1)84    JANE COLEMAN            b.  1814

    1. Patrick (or Charles E.\) Hamilton


(1)85    HENRY E. COLEMAN, Jr.        b.  1816

    1. (1) Unknown Turner

(2) Unknown Bester or Hamilton


(1)86    CHARLES B. COLEMAN        b.  1818

                            d.  Estate inventory ordered 15 Nov 1849,

                            WB22, p. 376 Halifax Co.

                            m.  (1) Sarah Eaton

                    (2) 26 Apr 1846, Halifax Co.

                        Alice Ann Sydnor

Charles and Sarah had one child, Colonel Henry Eaton Coleman.  Charles and Alice had Judith L. Coleman and Henrietta Carrie Coleman.




From (1)57 Richard Coleman/Ann Stubbs


(1)87    WILLIAM COLEMAN        Nothing further known of him.


(1)88    CLAIBORN COLEMAN        m.  Johanna Hall


(1)89    CARTER COLEMAN        m.  Lucinthia Puller

        Carter became the ward of his niece, Lily Ann Coleman, until her marriage to

        Richard Burke in 1837.  Lily Ann was a daughter of Carterís brother Richard.


(1)90    RICHARD COLEMAN**        b.  ca. 1792        d.  before 1835

                            m.  ca. 1815 Elizabeth Hall (d.  bef.  1835)    


(1)91    THOMAS COLEMAN        m.  Harriett Stubbs


(1)92    JAMES COLEMAN            m.  (1) Mildred Wright

                            (2) Unknown Medelot


(1)93    ELIZABETH COLEMAN        m.  John Wilson


(1)94    LOUISA COLEMAN            m.  William \(Billy\) Lawson



** Some information from Libby Walgamott of Bellevue, WA

Although Gloucester Co. records were burned in 1821, and again during the War Between the States, some marriage licenses were retained by RevJames Baytop of the Methodist Episcopal Church.  They were found in the Stubbs family papers in the College of William and Mary Library in Williamsburg, VA.  For more information on this line, see Descendants of John Stubbs of Cappohasic, Gloucester Co. VA, p. 37 et seq.





From (1)58 James Coleman/Sarah Whitehead


(1)95    ELIZABETH COLEMAN        m.  23 Oct 1804 Mecklenburg Co. VA

                            Thomas Neal, son of Francis Moore Neal

                            \(Bond: William Coleman\)


(1)96    BENJAMIN WHITEHEAD COLEMAN    m.  22 Jan 1814 Mary C. Coleman

                                \(Bond: Thomas Neal\)

                                Consent: her Guardian, Willam Pettus


(1)97    JANE SWEPSON COLEMAN    m.  12 Dec 1808 Mecklenburg Co. VA

                            Benjamin Jones

                            Bond: William Coleman


(1)98    MARY ANN "Polly" COLEMAN    m.  15 Jan 1809 Robert Speed

                            Bond: William Coleman


In their grandfather Cluverious Colemanís will, these children were referred to as "orphans of my son James Coleman".  Cluverious left them each L5, as they came of age.

From Virginia N. James of Irvine CA




From (1)61 Mary Coleman/John Iverson Boswell


(1)99     ELIZABETH BOSWELL        b.  28 Nov 1784

                            m.  Unknown Pettus


(1)100 JOSEPH BOSWELL            b.  3 Sep 1786

                            Married and had DrJoseph Boswell of

                            Charles City, VA

(1)101 THOMAS BOSWELL        b.  20 Apr 1790

                            d.  15 Sep 1791


(1)102 NANCY ANN BOSWELL        b.  11 Mar 1792

                            m.  Unknown Ragsdale


(1)103 JOHN IVERSON BOSWELL Jr.    b.  23 Jan 1796

                            d.  15 Dec 1846

                            m.  (1) cousin (1)112 Nancy D. Coleman,

                                dau.  of Thomas Coleman/Sally Rowlett

                            (2) Ellen J. Somerville, dau.  of John

                                Somerville & Elizabeth Ann Colget


(1)104 MARY "Polly BOSWELL



Each child inherited from their grandfather, Cluverious Coleman, L35 cash as they came of age.

From Virginia N. James of Irvine CA




From (1)66 Thomas Coleman/Sally Rowlett


(1)105    ELIZA B. COLEMAN        Will dtd. 24 Jun 1851 Lunenburg Co. VA

(1)106    CLUVERIOUS R. COLEMAN    m.  18 Jan 1826 Lunenburg Co. VA

                            Susan Lanier

(1)107    WILLIAM G. COLEMAN        m.  5 Dec 1826 Lunenburg Co. VA

                            Cicily J. Ragsdale

(1)108    JAMES A. COLEMAN        Married and had:

                            Lucellus P. Coleman b.  1840

                            Leonidas Coleman b.  1842

                            Julius Coleman b.  1849 Choctaw Co. AL

                            Augustus & Augusta Coleman b.  1851

(1)109    JOHN L. COLEMAN        m.  11 Dec 1837 Lunenburg Co. VA

                            Mary Ann Zella Almond

(1)110    PETER WADKIN COLEMAN    b.  1819 Mecklenburg Co. VA

                            d.  1883 Pemiscott Co. MO

                            m.  (1) 12 Jan 1839 Martha L.C. Almond

                            (2) 18 Aug 1845 Sarah Ann Barnard

        Martha Almond died in 1845.  She was a granddaughter of Barbara Boswell who

        left Peter six slaves for "the better comfort & support of her granddaughter" (1839)

(1)111    WHITEHEAD M. COLEMAN    m.  14 Feb 1848 Halifax Co. VA

                            Mary H. Marble

(1)112    NANCY D. COLEMAN        b.  7 Feb 1801 d.  29 May 1834

                        m.  24 Nov 1818 cousin (1)103

                            John I. Boswell Jr.

(1)113    SALLY NEAL COLEMAN        b.  3 Nov 1803 d.  10 Oct 1843 Greene Co. AL

                            m.  20 Apr 1824 Lunenburg Co. VA

                            John Richardson and moved to Alabama

(1)114    JANNETTE N. COLEMAN        m.  4 Dec 1829 William P. Ryland

(1)115    MARY E. COLEMAN        m.  11 Sep 1834 Mecklenburg Co. VA

                            William A. Hicks

                            Bond and consent by William G. Coleman,

                            Maryís brother and guardian




From (1)67 Haynes L. Morgan II/Elizabeth Shelton


(1)116    MARY MORGAN            b.  11 Nov 1804 Pittsylvania Co. VA

                            d.  9 Dec 1845 Smyth Co. VA

                            m.  27 Mar 1823 Smyth Co. VA

                            Joseph Thomas

        Joseph was born 9 Jul 1796/99, son of Thomas Thomas and Freelove Cole.

        Joseph died 11 Jul 1840 Washington/Smyth Co. VA.

(1)117    SUSANNA B. MORGAN        b.  15 Mar 1806 Pittsylvania Co. VA


(1)118    HAYNES LAWRENCE MORGAN III    b.  5 Oct 1807/8 Pittsylvania Co. VA

                                m.  Mary Unknown

(1)119    JOHN B. MORGAN            b.  6 Aug 1810 Pittsylvania Co. VA

                            d.  1910 Texas

                            m.  Cassandra Hector

(1)120    ELIZABETH SHELTON MORGAN    b.  20 Aug 1811 Pittsylvania Co. VA

                                d.  Aug 1897 Tazewell Co. VA

                                m.  14 Apr 1831 Rowan Co. NC

                                John Thomas

        Elizabeth and John had a daughter, Letitia Payne Thomas.

(1)121    WILLIAM BLACKSTONE MORGAN    b.  27 Feb 1816 Pittsylvania Co. VA


(1)122    VINCENT SHELTON MORGAN        b.  23 Mar 1818 Pittsylvania Co. VA

                                d.  23 Aug 1894

                                m.  Mary Jane Thomas Blessing


(1)123    SUSAN CATHERINE MORGAN        b.  22 May 1821

                                m.  Reese B. Thompson


From Pat Searight of Amarillo TX




From (1)68 Nathaniel Barksdale/Martha Hurt


(1)124    PETER BARKSDALE        b.  9 Sep 1805

(1)125    ROBERT ARMISTEAD BARKSDALE    b.  28 Dec 1807

                                d.  Feb 1826 unmarried

(1)126    SUSANNAH BARKSDALE    b.  ca. 1809

                            m.  28 Aug 1828 in Tennessee

                            David Marshall

        They had William Marshall b.  ca. 1838, CaptCSAHe reared a large family

        in Trezevant, TN, most of whom were dead by 1929.

(1)127    ARMISTEAD BARKSDALE    b.  28 Dec 1810

(1)128    ELISHA BARKSDALE        b.  28 Apr 1812

(1)129    JAMES HURT BARKSDALE    b.  ca. 1814 d.  1 Aug 1838, unmarried


                                        m.  28 Feb 1833 TN

                                    Jonathan Breckenridge Stovall

        Jonathan B. Stovall was a son of Teresa Stovall and Sallie Bailey.  Elizabeth and

        Jonathan returned to Halifax Co. VA on horseback.  They had Nathaniel Barksdale

        Stovall, Jonathan B. Stovall Jr., Lewis Stovall, Sarah Frances Stovall and William T.


(1)131    RANDOLPH VAUGHN BARKSDALE    b.  1817

(1)132    SARAH FRANCES BARKSDALE        b.  ca. 1819

                                m.  24 Jul 1843 Halifax Co. VA

                                Armistead M. Lacy

(1)133    WILLIAM PETER BARKSDALE        b.  ca. 1822



From Morrison J. Bennett of Thonotosassa FL




From (1)73 Elisha Barksdale/Rebekah F. Spragins


(1)134    CORNELIA MARION BARKSDALE    b.  26 Mar 1822

                                d.  22 Feb 1902 Lenning, VA

                                m.  30 Oct 1846

                                John Winston Quarles

        John W. Quarles was a son of Samuel Quarles and Susan Thweatt.  Shortly after

        the marriage of Cornelia and John, they moved to Memphis, TN where John owned

        a mercantile store.  They then returned to Virginia, settling in Bedford Co.

        According to letters Cornelia wrote, they had a son while living in Memphis, but

    the child was not mentioned again in subsequent letters.  It is believed the child         died shortly after birth, as Cornelia herself was recovering from a fever and

    mentioned that the child was weakly.

(1)135    FRANCES BARKSDALE            Died unmarried.

(1)136    ELISHA SPRAGINS BARKSDALE    d.  bef.  23 Feb 1885

                            m.  22 Nov 1835

                            Judith Williams Barksdale, cousin,

                            dau.  of ColElisha Barksdale and

                            Judith Armistead Barksdale

(1)137    ANTHONY SYDNOR BARKSDALE    m.  Elizabeth Hancock

(1)138    EDWARD BARKSDALE            d.  bef.  2 Jan 1851

(1)139    ALBERT WASHINGTON BARKSDALE    b.  24 Aug 1828

                            d.  Apr 1878 Halifax Co. VA

                            m.  (1) Elizabeth Wade

                            (2) Amelia Foote

(1)140    MELCHOIR SPRAGINS BARKSDALE    m.  Margaret LeFavour Thompson


(1)141    ADDISON M. BARKSDALE        n.  1837 d.  1899

                            m.  Katherine Ellis

(1)142    REBEKAH BARKSDALE            m.  22 Nov 1854 William Wimbish


From Morrison J. Bennett of Thonotosassa FL




From (1)88 Claiborn Coleman/Johanna Hall


(1)143    JOHN W. COLEMAN












(1)149    OCIE COLEMAN





From (1)89 Carter Coleman/Lucinthia Puller


(1)150 REBECCA COLEMAN       


(1)151 JAMES R. COLEMAN            b.  1837 Gloucester Co. VA

                                m.  5 Sep 1860 Pidgeon Hill,

                            Gloucester Co. VA

                                Emily J. Williams

        James was an oysterman.  Emily, born 1842, ws a daughter of Augustine

        Williams and Elizabeth Coleman.



Marriages of Gloucester Co. VA, Book I, 1853-1895

From Libby Walgamott of Bellevue, WA





From (1)90 Richard Coleman/Elizabeth Hall


(1)152 LUCY COLEMAN                b.  ca. 1817 Gloucester Co. VA


(1)153 LILY ANN COLEMAN            b.  1820 Gloucester Co. VA**

                                d.  by 1885 Gloucester Co. VA

                                m.  (1) 2 Oct 1837 Gloucester Co.

                                Richard Burke

                                (2) ca. 1844 Gloucester Co.

                                Nathan F. Wilkins

                                (3) 15 Dec 1857 Gloucester Co.***

                                Henry C. Shackelford

        Lily Ann and Richard were married in the Methodist Episcopal Church.  Nathan F.

        Wilkins, a farmer, was born in 1784.  Henry, a harness maker, was born in 1822

        and died by 1885.


From Libby Walgamott of Bellevue, WA

**Gloucester Co. Va census records

***Marriages of Gloucester Co. VA, Book I, 1853-1895





From (1)91 Thomas Coleman/Harriet Stubbs


(1)154    JOHN F. COLEMAN            m.  Mildred B. Unknown






(1)157    JANE A. COLEMAN









From (1)92 James Coleman/Mildred Wright,






(1)164    EDNA E. COLEMAN



(1)167    ETHEL L. COLEMAN

(1)168    ALICE B. COLEMAN

(1)169    MAUDE A. COLEMAN





From (1)103 John I. Boswell Jr./Nancy D. Coleman/Ellen J. Somerville


1st Marriage:

(1)170    ELLIOTT BOSWELL        m.  Henrietta Yates

(1)171    SARAH ANNE BOSWELL        b.  3 Dec 1819 d.  12 Mar 1887

                            m.  25 Sep 1844 John Covington Hardy,

                            his second wife

(1)172    JOSEPH C. BOSWELL        b.  1820

                            m.  Hester A.C. Smith

(1)173    MARY L. BOSWELL        b.  1821 d.  1821

(1)174    EDWIN S. BOSWELL        b.  1824 d.  1826

(1)175    HENRY I. BOSWELL        b.  1826

(1)176    JOHN IVERSON BOSWELL III    b.  18 Sep 1829 d.  9 May 1895

        \(Doctor\)            m.  5 Dec 1855 Mary L. Robertson

(1)177    LLEWELLYN BOSWELL       

(1)178    LOUIS A. BOSWELL        b.  1834

                            m.  Elizabeth Liddell


2nd Marriage:

(1)179    MARY E. BOSWELL





From Virginia N. James of Irvine CA




From (1)110 Peter W. Coleman/Martha Almond/Sarah Barnard


1st Marriage:

(1)183    GEORGE COLEMAN        became a Sheriff in Pemiscott Co. MO



2nd Marriage:

(1)184    R.A. COLEMAN

(1)185    J.W. COLEMAN            became a Sheriff

(1)186    T.W. COLEMAN


(1)188    PETER A. COLEMAN

(1)189    HENRY PARKER COLEMAN    b.  2 Jul 1856 Dyer Co. TN

                            d.  1 Mar 1928 Sierra Madre, CA

                            m.  26 Mar 1882 Cora Ophelia Michie

        Cora was born 20 Oct 1866 in Holly Springs, MSShe died 12 Aug 1942 in

        Sierra Madre, CA.

(1)190    B.B. COLEMAN

(1)191    L.B. COLEMAN

(1)192    A.B. COLEMAN


From Virginia N. James of Irvine CA




From (1)116 Mary Morgan/Joseph Thomas


(1)193    FREELOVE ELIZABETH THOMAS    b.  24 Oct 1827 Smyth Co. VA

                                d.  22 Jan 1874 Smyth Co. VA

                                m.  15 Dec 1846/7

                                Thomas Kennerly Sexton

        Thomas K. Sexton was a son of Aaron Sexton and Margaret Ann Feely.

        Thomas was born 11 Apr 1821 Winchester, VA and d.  21 Nov 1891 in

        Pittsylvania Co. VA.

(1)194    SUSAN COLUMBIA THOMAS        b.  27 Oct 1829 VA d.  28 Jul 1902

                                m.  19 Feb 1862 Memphis, TN

                                Nathan Loomis Look


(1)195    MARY CATHERINE THOMAS        b.  1831 VA d.  19 Dec 1862

                                m.  9 Nov 1859 C.W. Beattie


(1)196    EVELINA M. THOMAS            b.  1833 VA

                                m.  26 Dec 1860 W.W. Schoolfield


(1)197    JOHN V. THOMAS                b.  10 May 1836 Smyth Co. VA

        \(C.S.A.\)                d.  8 Aug 1906 Smyth Co. VA

                                m.  Virginia C. Moore in Guadalupe TX


(1)198    JOSEPH M. THOMAS            b.  24 Dec 1838 VA

                                m.  Lucy L. Schoolfield in Memphis, TN

        C.S.A./Stonewall Brigade


From Pat Searight of Amarillo TX




From (1)134 Cornelia Barksdale/John W. Quarles


(1)199    REBECCA QUARLES        b.  12 Jan 1851 d.  23 Feb 1925

                            m.  Hiram G. Crews


(1)200    HENRY WINSTON QUARLES    b.  1853 d.  1910

                            m.  Georgia Turpin


(1)201    EDWARD BARKSDALE QUARLES    b.  17 Dec 1854

                                d.  20 Jan 1902 bur.  Nathalie, VA

                                m.  1 Oct 1886 Minnie Morrison Young

        Minnie was born 11 Nov 1865 and died 19 Dec 1962 in Meherrin, VAShe was a

        daughter of Captain Edward Rush Young, M.D., and Sina Eugenia Wynne Bonner,

        widow of Williamson Bonner of Dinwiddie Co. VA.  After Edward died, Minnie

        married Joseph Garland Vaughn on 25 Sep 1905 and had Kathryn Vaughn (1906-

        1987) and Randolph Vaughn (1908-1966).

(1)202    FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE QUARLES        b.  28 Dec 1856

                                    d.  7 Sep 1936, unmarried


(1)203    ELLEN QUARLES                b.  28 Nov 1859

                                d.  23 Oct 1896, unmarried


(1)204    ELIZABETH "Betty" QUARLES        b.  ca. 7 Dec 1860

                                d.  7 Sep 1949

                                m.  Robert T. Edwards


(1)205    JOHN TRIGG QUARLES            b.  6 Sep 1865

                                d.  14 Feb 1934

                                m.  Fannie Lee Baldwin

From Morrison J. Bennett of Thonotosassa FL




From (1)153 Lily A. Coleman/Richard Burke/Nathan F. Wilkins/Henry C. Shackelford


2nd Marriage:

(1)206 NATHANIEL F. WILKINS            b.  1845 VA        d.  1875-80

                                m.  16 Nov 1865 Gloucester Co. VA

                                Frances A. Moore

        Frances, born 1851, was a daughter of Zack and Elizabeth A. Moore.


(1)207 SUSAN WILKINS                b.  1849 VA


(1)208 ALBERT JEFFERSON WILKINS        b.  1851 VA        d.  ca. 1885

                                m.  13 Mar 1873 Gloucester Co. VA

                                Susan \(Hurst\) Robins, widow

        Susan was born in 1847 Mathews Co. VA and died 2 Jul 1880.


Gloucester Co. VA census records

Marriages of Gloucester Co. VA, Book I, 1853-1895

From Libby Walgamott of Bellevue, WA




From (1)154 John F. Coleman/Mildred B. Unknown


(1)209 ELIZA R. COLEMAN            m.  15 Apr 1858 Gloucester Co. VA

                                Thomas B. Blake

        Thomas, a farmer, was born in 1829.  He was a son of Thomas and Elizabeth



(1)210 ALBERT F. COLEMAN            b.  1848

                                m.  14 Dec 1871 Gloucester Co. VA

                                Mary Louisa Gaskins

        Albert was a farmer.  Mary Louisa was born 1852 in Norfolk, VA, a daughter

        of J.W. and Louisa Gaskins.


Marriages of Gloucester Co. VA, Book I, 1853-1895




From (1)189 Henry P. Coleman/Cora Michie


(1)211    PETER WADKIN COLEMAN    b.  8 Jan 1889 Steele, MO

                            d.  1 Nov 1963 Memphis, TN

                            m.  26 Jun 1924 Long Beach, CA

                            Beulah Elizabeth Hubbell

        Beulah was b.  8 Apr 1901 in Perry, IowaShe died 30 Sep 1985 in Demopolis,

        AlabamaBeulah was a teacher, and daughter of Samuel Baker Hubbell and Edna

        GillPeter Coleman was a farmer and a Methodist.


(1)212    ARTIE MAE COLEMAN        b.  19 Jun 1890 Steele, MO

                            m.  Bass Steele


(1)213    HENRY PARKER COLEMAN Jr    b.  8 Jun 1899 Steele, MO

                            m.  14 Jan 1921 Long Beach, CA

                            Olive L. Bursell

From Virginia N. James of Irvine CA




From (1)193 Freelove E. Thomas/Thomas K. Sexton


(1)214    MARY MARGARET SEXTON    b.  26 Oct 1848 SC

                            d.  3 Sep 1929 Salem, VA

                            m.  24 Oct 1866 Washington Co. VA

                            Francis \(Frank\) White Kelly

        Francis Kelly, born 25 Jul 1838 VA, died 27 May 1914 VA, was a son of Vincent

        Howell Kelly and Ann Simmons Alexander.  Family legend says the first wife of

        Francis Kelly, Letitia, was pregnant when killed by Union soldiers as she tried to

        escape them.  Francisí Co. C was captured in Feb 1862 at Fort Donelson, put in the

        Kentucky army , later exchanged and sent to West Virginia.

(1)215    SUSAN COLUMBIA SEXTON    b.  29 Oct 1850

                            d.  14 Nov 1888

                            m.  Jan 1875 E.L. Roberts

(1)216    JOSEPH THOMAS SEXTON    b.  21 Jan 1853

                            d.  10 Oct 1877

(1)217    MINNIE ELIZABETH SEXTON    b.  4 Jan 1856

                            d.  25 Dec 1891

                            m.  16 Jun 1881 Joseph B. Cole

(1)218    IDA VIRGINIA SEXTON        b.  10 May 1859

                            d.  20 Jun 1892

                            m.  5 Sep 1882 C.W. Grayson

(1)219    KATE FREELOVE SEXTON    b.  13 Feb 1862

                            d.  1 Jan 1863

(1)220    NANNIE LOOK SEXTON        b.  1 Dec 1865

(1)221    VINCENT LEGRAND SEXTON    b.  1 Sep 1868 Smyth Co. VA

                            d.  Tazewell Co. VA

                            m.  27 Apr 1895 Leola Anderson


From Pat Searight of Amarillo TX




From (1)201 Edward B. Quarles/Minnie M. Young


(1)222    WINSTON EDWARD QUARLES        b.  3 Jul 1887

                                d.  13 Oct 1961, unmarried

(1)223    EUGENIA B. QUARLES            d.  25 Dec 1918

                                m.  Carl Petrini

(1)224    MAY LOVING QUARLES            b.  22 Jun 1891

                                d.  6 Nov 1962

                                m.  DrWalter Simmerman

(1)225    CLARENCE YOUNG QUARLES        b.  13 Jan 1894

                                d.  21 Sep 1972, unmarried

(1)226    PRESTON W. QUARLES            d.  14 Oct 1974

                                m.  (1) Sallie Owen

                                (2) Kate Kincaid

(1)227    ROBERT QUARLES            b.  14 Apr 1898 (twin)

                                South Boston, VA

                                d.  9 Jun 1973

                                m.  Nancy Morton

(1)228    ANNIE FLORENCE QUARLES        b.  14 Apr 1898 (twin)

                        South Boston, VA

                                d.  6 Dec 1982 Tampa, FL

                                m.  18 Jan 1918

                                Eugene Rudolph Brickman


Eugene was a son of John H. Brickman and Josephine Langenzaal of Cleveland, Ohio.



From Morrison J. Bennett of Thonotosassa FL




From (1)206 Nathaniel F. Wilkins/Frances A. Moore


(1)229 ANN ELIZABETH WILKINS        b.  ca. 1869

                                m.  20 May 1886 William T. Sheppard


(1)230 SUSAN M. WILKINS            b.  ca. 1871

                                m.  22 Jun 1893 William R. Walker


(1)231 LAURA D. WILKINS            b.  ca. 1873

                                m.  6 May 1894 John R. Howlett


(1)232 MAGGIE M. WILKINS            b.  ca. 1875



From Libby Walgamott of Bellevue, WA





From (1)208 Albert J. Wilkins/Susan H. Robins


(1)233 JAMES EDWARD WILKINS        b.  20 Sep 1874

                                d.  6 Mar 1956 Albemarle Co. VA

                                m.  25 Sep 1898 York Co. VA

                                Elizabeth Waters Hovey

        James was orphaned at the age of 11.  Elizabeth was born 13 Mar 1872 in York Co.

        VA and died 1 Dec 1936 in Newport News, VA.


(1)234 HUBBARD WILKINS            b.  1878        d.  before 1885



1880 Gloucester Co. VA census

From Libby Walgamott of Bellevue, WA




From (1)214 Mary M. Sexton/Francis W. Kelly


(1)235    MINNIE KELLY                b.  22 Oct 1867

(1)236    SIDNEY FRANCIS KELLY        b.  5 May 1869

                                d.  4 Jan 1943

(1)237    THOMAS SEXTON KELLY        b.  13 Dec 1871 Pittsylvania Co. VA

                                d.  25 Oct 1943 Gaston Co. NC

                                m.  30 Oct 1900 Cooke Co. TX

                                Mary Queen Edwards

        Mary, daughter of Charles E. Edwards and Medora B. Oldham, was born 30 Aug

        1877 in Texas, and died 29 May 1919 in Texas.

(1)238    FRANCIS JOSEPH KELLY        b.  4 Jan 1874

(1)239    GEORGE RHUDY KELLY            b.  8 May 1876

                                d.  21 Sep 1914

(1)240    MARY MAUDE KELLY            b.  6 Nov 1878

                                d.  17 Mar 1964

(1)241    IDA FREELOVE KELLY            b.  7 Mar 1881

                                d.  11 Sep 1945

(1)242    LOOMIS LOOK KELLY            b.  26 Apr 1883

                                d.  29 Oct 1930

                                m.  MrsJohn Sexton

(1)243    SUSAN ROBERTS KELLY        b.  16 Nov 1885

(1)244    VINCENT LEGRAND KELLY        b.  7 Feb 1888

                                d.  8 Nov 1913

(1)245    NANCY COLUMBIA KELLY        b.  10 Jul 1891



From Pat Searight of Amarillo, TX




From (1)228 Annie F. Quarles/Eugene R. Brickman


(1)246    ANNA ROSLYN BRICKMAN        b.  14 Apr 1920

                                d.  27 Oct 1923

(1)247    JEAN MARIE BRICKMAN        b.  14 Apr 1922

                                m.  Julius Brenner

(1)248    MARYBETH CECEILIA BRICKMAN    b.  20 May 1926

                                m.  Thomas Coolican

(1)249    CONRAD THOMAS BRICKMAN        b.  5 May 1928

                                m.  Ruth Pat Dwyer

(1)250    MORRISON JOSEPHINE BRICKMAN    b.  13 Mar 1931

                                m.  (1) William Moore

                                (2) Unknown Bennett

(1)251    ELLADEAN PATRICIA BRICKMAN    b.  29 Jun 1935

                                m.  George Dunn


From Morrison J. Bennett of Thonotosassa, FL




From (1)233 James E. Wilkins/Elizabeth W. Hovey


(1)252 JAMES EDWARD WILKINS Jr.        b.  4 Sep 1899 York Co. VA

                                d.  14 Aug 1956 Newport News, VA                                m.  Margaret Unknown


(1)253 MARIE HOVEY WILKINS            b.  6 Dec 1900 Newport News, VA

                                d.  Jul 1990 Newport News, VA

                                m.  Harry Robertson, no issue


(1)254 JOHN ALBERT WILKINS            b.  4 Jan 1902 Newport News, VA

                                d.  ca. 1939/41


        John married and had Kay Wilkins born ca. 1936 and John Wilkins born ca. 1939.


(1)255 MARIUS MILNER WILKINS        b.  15 Nov 1904

                                d.  ca. 1932 Newport News, VA

        Marius married and had Janice Wilkins.


(1)256 MASON HOLMAN WILKINS        b.  26 Jan 1913 Newport News, VA

                                m.  14 Apr 1945 Seattle, WA

                                Carolyn Louise Conover

        Carolyn was born 9 Apr 1914 in Seattle, WA and died 9 Sep 1988 in Bellevue, WA.       

rom Libby Walgamott of Bellevue, WA




From (1)247 Jean M. Brickman/Julius Brenner


(1)257    MICHAEL JULIUS BRENNER        b.  1 Aug 1951

                                m.  Karen Bukolt

        They had Gretchen Bukolt (step-daughter) b.  22 Jan 1972, and Amy Marie

        Brenner b.  3 Aug 1980.


(1)258    MARK EUGENE BRENNER        b.  30 Jul 1953

                                m.  Marcia Mount Bratten

        They had Brian Bratten (step-son), Laura Jean Brenner b.  29 Jan 1984, and

        Zachary Daniel Brenner b.  12 Apr 1988.


(1)259    MARILYN ANNE BRENNER        b.  1 Mar 19Unknown

                                m.  Joseph McLaughlin

        They had Kate Marie McLaughlin b.  6 Aug 1981 and Michael Patrick McLaughlin.

From Morrison J. Bennett of Thonotosassa, FL




From (1)248 Marybeth C. Brickman/Thomas Coolican


(1)260    CHRISTOPHER COOLICAN        b.  13 Jan 1956

                                m.  Linda Vollmer

        They had Lindsey Brickman Coolican and Kristen Coolican b.  19 Oct 1985.

(1)261    AMY ELIZABETH COOLICAN        b.  22 Jan 1958


(1)262    JOSEPH THOMAS COOLICAN        b.  5 Sep 1959


(1)263    MATTHEW EUGENE COOLICAN    b.  22 Dec 1960


(1)264    PAULINE ANNE COOLICAN        b.  28 Jul 1964


From Morrison J. Bennett of Thonotosassa, FL





From (1)249 Conrad T. Brickman/Ruth P. Dwyer


(1)265    PETER DWYER BRICKMAN        b.  27 Jun 1960 (twin)


(1)266    CAROL PATRICIA BRICKMAN        b.  27 Jun 1960 (twin)

                                m.  Michael Forsey


(1)267    GRETCHEN MARIE BRICKMAN        b.  24 Nov 1962


From Morrison J. Bennett of Thonotosassa, FL




From (1)250 Morrison J. Brickman/William Moore


(1)268    ROBERT EUGENE MOORE        b.  26 Jun 1951


(1)269    FREDERICK IVEY MOORE        b.  17 Oct 1953

                                m.  Denise Croteau

        They had Rachel Moore born 18 May 1980 and Sarah Elizabeth Moore born

        17 Feb 1984.


(1)270    PEGGY ANN MOORE            b.  16 Sep 1955

                                m.  George Bartke

        They had Lauren Kasey Bartke born 27 Jun 1984.


From Morrison J. Bennett of Thonotosassa, FL




From (1)251 Elladean P. Brickman/George Dunn


(1)271    STEPHEN RAYMOND DUNN        b.  5 May 1954

                                m,.  Andrea Skaal

        They had Holly Patrice Dunn b.  15 Aug 1978 and Ian Benjamin Dunn b.  10 Sep



(1)272    MARYBETH ANN DUNN            b.  13 Aug 1955

                                m.  Joseph Napoli


(1)273    GEORGE EUGENE DUNN        b.  13 Jun 1958

                                m.  Sue Tanghe

        They had Andrew Dunn b.  May 1984 and Adam Winston Dunn b.  5 Dec 1987.

(1)274    EDWARD ARTHUR DUNN        b.  19 Mar 1960

                                m.  Cyndi Patkard


(1)275    EUGENIA MARIE DUNN            b.  7 Feb 1963

                                m.  Gary Rosenthal


(1)276    MAUREEN PATRICE DUNN        b.  3 Sep 1966



From Morrison J. Bennett of Thonotosassa, FL




From (1)256 Mason H. Wilkins/Carolyn L. Conover


(1)277 ELIZABETH "Libby" WILKINS        b.  23 Sep 1946 Seattle, WA

                                m.  3 Jun 1967

                                John C. Walgamott

        John was born 4 Nov 1945 in Pasadena, CA.



(1)278 CAROL MARIE WILKINS            b.  2 May 1951 Seattle, WA

                                m.  Oct 1975 Bellevue, WA

                                George Busse

        Carol and George had Shannon Busse born 10 May 1978 and Michael Busse

        born 24 Oct 1979.

From Libby Walgamott of Bellevue, WA





From (1)277 Elizabeth Wilkins/John C. Walgamott


(1)279 SHEILA RAE WALGAMOTT        b.  11 May 1968 Tacoma, WA

                                m.  3 Jul 1992 Poipu Beach, Kaui

                                Lawrence Killeen

        Lawrence was born 4 Jun 1967 in Washington, D.C. He and Sheila had

        Nathan Lawrence Killeen born 21 Dec 1996.


(1)280 LISA MARIE WALGAMOTT        b.  29 May 1969 Pasadena, CA


(1)281 MARY CAROLYN WALGAMOTT    b.  19 Apr 1977 Bellevue, WA


(1)282 SARAH MICHELLE WALGAMOTT    b.  30 Aug 1978 Bellevue, WA


From Libby Walgamott of Bellevue, WA