Town of Wheaton, MO

North of Wheaton - Muncie Chapel Church

The latitude of Wheaton is 36.762N. The longitude is 94.055W.

The population, at the time of the 2000 census was 721.

1909 Plat Map Wheaton, MO

Wheaton, MO Profile

Wheaton, MO News
Cemeteries - In and Around Wheaton




Hog Eye

Muncie Chapel



Chenoweth & Frazier Store, Wheaton, MO

Photo may be used for personal use only. Submitted by: Ralph & Betty Lamberson
Photos & Data of Some of the Early Day Wheaton Families

John Milton & Mary Jane (Huff) Gardner

Dock & Pearl Wells

Joel Chitwood

Andrew Duncan

The Davidson Family

The Gardner Family

Chenoweth Family

Luther Cartwright Family

Thomas Albert & Lucy Mae (Sass) Warner

Rev. Andrew Jackson & Mary Ellen (DeWitt) Cooper

Henry & Lula Emaline (Nichols) Utter

James Elbert McQueen George & Jane (McCary) Packwood

J. R. & Rebecca (Turner) Harrell

Noah & Harriett (Crumley) Haddock

Henry & Mary Adeline (Haddock) McCary
Wheaton School Photos

Wheaton 1928 - Submitted by: Donald Warner, Deceased

Wheaton High School - Class of 1931 - Submitted by: Ellen Grabber Cook

Wheaton Red Birds - 1930-1931 - Submitted by: Ellen Grabber Cook

Proceeds from the Wheaton Centennial book as well as funds collected from the sales of the Wheaton Newspaper disc go into a non-profit fund for the refurbishment of the Wheaton Depot. Betty and Ralph Lamberson can tell you more about the project.

Ralph & Betty Lamberson

Wheaton Depot

Wheaton Depot - Wheaton, Barry County, MO

Photo, Submitted by: Clydene Reed Bernier

From Left to Right: Everet, Clyde and Jonathan Reed

Evert and Clyde Read were brothers and Clyde was the father of Clydene.

Jonathan Ellsworth Reed was her grandfather. He was the father of Evert and Clyde.

Wheaton Echoes - Wheaton Centennial Book 1907 - 2007

Ralph & Betty Lamberson
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