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Historical Information - On Oct. 17, 1835 Henry Schell and Elizabeth Yoachum were married and then established a trading post at the foot of a mountain, known today as Shell Knob, MO. This trading post is said to have been attached to the living quarters of Henry and Elizabeth Schell. Four of the Schell children are thought to have been born here. They had 12 - others are said to have been born in McDonald Co., MO in Mountain Twp., before 1863 when Henry was killed by bushwhackers.

Henry Schell was killed July 11, 1863 by bushwhackers in McDonald Co., MO. He was buried in his own yard by family and a neighbor woman. When Elizabeth died, she was buried in the Old Antioch Cemetery, up on the hill from the banks of Big Sugar in McDonald County.

Phyllis Long shared the two above grave stone photos and had this to say, "This is the grave of Henry Schell, Sr. He is now in the back yard of the Bill Gundel residence on Big Sugar Creek. Many say he died in 1863 but the tombstone looks to be 1865. It is very worn and could very well be a 3. I only had a magic marker and filled it in as best as I could. Bill is no longer with us but his wife Sarah, is a very nice person and would let any descendant visit the grave."
Shell Knob Book - Shell Knob Sequi-Centennial, 1985, by: Mildred Roden - BCH&GS may have this book for sale.

Shell Knob Book - Big Sugar Creek County - by: Joe Schell, 1969 - McDonald Co., MO, but has some Schell family information.
Early Shell Knob Families were the Schell families. Henry and his group are among the most remembered; however below are some names of other families who arived here early.

Henry Schell & Elizabeth (Yoachum) Schell, Sr.

James W. James - Died in 1896 and buried in Painter Cemetery. He came in 1843. He bought land in 1874.

Peter Sanders - Came about 1842.

William Blythe - He was married to Martha Bayless and she is buried in Doty Cemetery. Their son James lived in the Shell Knob area.

John Brock & William Brock - The Brock family came to the area in 1840. John was married to Elizabeth Horner. William Jefferson Brock was a post master at Shell Knob and he also taught school. Brock School bears the name of this Brock family.

William Ledgerwood - Another Photo

Not in the area until the 1870's.

Samuel Ledgerwood - Cousin of Billy Ledgerwood.

James Waddell - A school teacher from the Shell Knob area. He is buried in Corinth Cemetery.

John M. Smith - Purchased land in 1856 in Sections 14 and 29, Twp. 22, R. 25. He may be the same John Smith who was operating the Butterfield Stage Stop.

Elisha Painter - He bought land in 1856 and is buried in Painter Cemetery.

William Wilcox - Bushwhackers killed him in 1861. His wife, Mariah (Hilton) Wilcox died in Shell Knob in 1892.

John Cooper - From Sparta, White Co., TN, died 1918, in Shell Knob area, buried Painter Cemetery.

John Wilson - Bought land in 1841 - Grantors of the deed were heirs of Don Joseph Vallier.
Among some of the area Cemeteries is a very old one - Painter Cemetery
Shell Knob Road Crew
Shell Knob People - July 9, 1914, Thursday, Cassville Republican, Barry Co., MO

Mano News: Lloyd Holman was shot and killed at Shell Knob Saturday night, July the 4th. He leaves three brothers and four sisters, W. H. and James of Mano, Thomas of Harrison, Ark., and Mrs. Effie Davis of Joplin, Mrs. Della Bridges and Miss Edna of Kansas City and Mrs. Jessie Minsminger of Chicago, Ill. All came in Monday morning except Mrs. Minsminger who got here Tuesday morning. The remains were held over until Tuesday, July 7th, and laid to rest in the Mano Cemetery, at 12 o'clock. Rev. E. Chappell conducted the funeral services. The bereaved have the sympathy of the entire community.

Lloyd Holman Killed: Tragedy occurred at Shell Knob Saturday Night. Joel Whisman Accused: At the picnic grounds one mile of Shell Knob, Saturday night about 8:30, Lloyd Holman of Rock Creek was shot and killed. Joel Whisman, who resides near Shell Knob, is charged of the crime.

Reports are to the effect that Holman had been very disorderly during the two days picnic. On Friday he and Arthur Henbest had some words and an altercation followed. This seemed to widen the stream of enmity and he became very quarrelsome, keeping the local officers on their post of duty at all hours. It is claimed he tried to start a number of disturbances with different parties up to the time of his death.

Joel Whisman, who is charge with taking his life, was a peace officer. From reliable reports it seems late Saturday evening Holman called Whisman out from a crowd and challenged him for a fight. Whisman undertook to talk Holman out of the notion and insisted that he be more orderly. Holman was not pacified and within a few moments he charged with a knife towards Wiley Whisman, a brother of Joel who was standing near. Wiley received the blow, the knife cutting his clothing on the right breast but making no wound. Holman then started for Officer Whisman at which incident a shot was fired, taking its effect near the heart. Holman died instantly.

Squire Willis had an inquest and the jury reported Holman to have met death by a shot from a revolver by an unknown party. Sheriff Brixey was notified and Whisman was placed under arrest. We understand he is non-committal about the affair. He gave bond for his preliminary hearing which will be held Thursday, July 9, before Justice Willis. Whisman came to Cassville Monday evening and employed attorneys J. S. Davis and James Talbert to defend him.

Holman was a young man about 25 years of age, unmarried. He was a son of the late Ap Holman and was born and reared on Rock Creek. He was a brother of Jim and Will Holman who reside in that vicinity. He is also survived by another brother, four sisters, and a number of immediate relatives. Interment of his body was made at the Mano Cemetery, Tuesday.

Whisman is a man of a family and is a prominent farmer. He is about 46 years of age. He has lived in the vicinity of Shell Knob for a number of years and is known to be a quite and highly respected citizen.

The families are well known and the affair is indeed a sad one.
Shell Knob People - Mildred Roden's husband's death, see obit below:

Mildred wrote the above mentioned book on Shell Knob.

Obit - Glenn Loren Roden, 82, of Shell Knob, died January 20 at the Missouri Rehabilitation Center in Mt. Vernon.

Mr. Roden was born June 13, 1918, in Shell Knob, the son of Ethol H. and Myrtle Lavilla Henson Roden. He attended Fairview School. He was a farmer, a road commissioner, a member of the Shell Knob Saddle Club, and was a Republican committeeman. He served a grand marshal in Shell Knob's Fourth of July parades.

He married Mildred Lander on January 7, 1939, in Exeter. Monett Times Jan 21, 2002

Uncle Billy Ledgerwood Celebrates 88th Birthday

Some Early Shell Knob Businesses - link for: Ledgerwood Store

Shell Knob Items: Sam Frost has his boat in readiness to stem the tide. It is to remain at the Smith's Ford to be used as a ferryboat. March 20, 1890, Cassville Republican, Weekly Paper, Cassville, MO

Shell Knob News: S. T. Ledgerwood has let his mail carrying business to Evert Brock unit July first. March 7, 1912, Thursday, Cassville Republican, Barry Co., MO

Shell Knob News: B. F. Pierce who died at his home last Friday night on the Shell Knob and Cassville road was prosecutor of the Taylor brothers who murdered the Meeks family in Sullivan County several years ago. January 13, 1916, Thursday, Cassville Republican, Barry Co., MO
School Days in Shell Knob


Brock School - School Book

Shell Knob School - School Book

Shell Knob School: Dec 29, 1898, Thursday, Cassville Republican, Barry Co., MO

In the monthly examination, for the month closing Dec. 23, the following persons made an average above 90 percent.

Myrtle Dabney, 98;

Iva Dabney, 95 1/2;

Alta Kimball, 95;

Willie Epperley, 96;

Susan Epperley, 91;

Isaac Epperley, 90 1/2;

Paul Bartley, 96;

Chas. Venable, 95;

Willie Blythe, 95;

Elmer Blythe, 95;

Nellie Blythe, 90 1/2;

Grover Ledgerwood, 94;

Maggie Brock, 90;

Addie Brock, 90;

Edward Brantly 98;

Minty Barnes, 92.

C. H. Wilson, teacher
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