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DILLINGHAM, EDWARDS, HOLLINGSWORTH posted by Crol Carroll on Saturday, October 6, 2001
Pendleton G. EDWARDS (Found In Fulton Co. Ar 1870 Census) wife Margaret DILLINGHAM EDWARDS, Ch: Mary 20 yrs, Emily 15, William 10, twin Robert must have died as a child. 1917 Carroll Co. AR aunt Lucinda DILLINGHAM HOLLINGSWORTH left 1/3 her estate to W. F. EDWARDS. Anyone have W.(prob. William) F. in their line.Any idea who the girls married. Carol

AMOS, CLARK, HENLEY, HIBNER, TATE, WORMSLEY posted by Valorie K Bussard on Wednesday, October 10, 2001
...Amos married Lucinda? in Tennessee in? Their son, Marshall Tuly AMOS B 1830 in Ill. married Mary Ann TATE B 12-10-1832 in Tenn. and D 7-19-1900 in Barry County. They had Matilda Josephine AMOS B 1860 D 1923, married Wm Henry CLARK on 2-15-1880. He was born in 1857 died 1948. Their daughter Malinda Cordelia Clark B1880 D1958 married George William Moore HENLEY B3-14-1964. Their daughter Cora Leone Henley B 2-4-1902 D 1969 married Clarence Robert HIBNER in 1929 in Kingston Mo. He was born 1889 and Died 1957. Their daughter, my mother, Verla Maxine HIBNER married my Father, Kenneth West WORMSLEY 7-4-1951. Any information that can be given I would appreciate. I do know that there was a Tennessee CLARK, Theora 1882, Leora 1882, Simon 1889, Horace L 1885, & Athellia, It has been passed through my family that Marshall and Mary Ann were Native American and that they were in the Old Settlers as they left before the trail of Tears. There is a pillow in the family that has been passed down that would substanciate the claim as it is beaded and has been linked to the Woodland Indians of the East Coast. It was in my grandmothers possesssion and I heard many stories of the Native origins but it was a hushed subject as Natives were not allowed to own land in the State of Missouri.It was the lowest form on the face of the Nation to have native blood so it was ferverently hid. Any info on this would be appreciated. Valorie Bussard.

SIMPSON, WALKER posted by Pj Sisseck on Tuesday, October 16, 2001
Searching for any information on Martha Jane WALKER, born in Monet @1850-1860. She was the second wife of Andrew Baker SIMPSON, and bore him at least eight children. The youngest, my grandmother, was born in Milsap, Parker CO, TX 1 July 1896. Would appreciate any leads.

GROSS, LEONARD, MARTIN posted by Vicky Linke on Wednesday, October 17, 2001
I continue to look for information on William LEONARD that was born in Indiana, married in Barry County, (?) to Susan last name may have been GROSS. Found on the 1900 census. Has son George still living at home. This William might be the brother to Isaac LEONARD also born in Indiana. They would have been the sons of Elisha and Rachel MARTIN. Found living in Monroe Co., Indiana in 1840. Any help would be appreciated.

HICKMAN posted by Terry J. Hickman on Thursday, October 18, 2001
I am looking for information on the following three brothers who resided in Barry County from 1880's to 1920's: Daniel W. HICKMAN, James J. HICKMAN and Oliver P. HICKMAN and their nephew Charles T. HICKMAN

FONDOBLE posted by Robert Lawrence on Saturday, October 20, 2001
Charles Loren Fondoble passed away at Washburn, MO on 29 Oct 1996. I am very interested in learning anything that I can about Loren Fondoble including what his obituary says about him.

MCCOY, SEARLES posted by Diana Townsley on Tuesday, October 23, 2001
I am trying to find out if William SEARLES, b. Sept. 17, 1913, d. Oct. 1993, married to Hazel (Ford?) who was b. 1908, d. 1981 is the son of Bert SEARLES and the grandosn of John and Nannie MCCOY SEARLES. John SEARLES would have been my gguncle and we are trying to find members of his family to finish our family tree. I do know that John and Nannie McCoy Searles both died and are buried in Lawrence, Kansas, but here we hit a dead end. Any help would be appreciated. Diana Townsley

DECKER, MCKENZIE posted by Richelle Buckles on Wednesday, October 24, 2001
I am researching my great grandfather Amos L. DECKER born in Liberty, Barry County, MO. He is son to Charles Decker and Virginia ? My grandmother Ruby Erma (Decker) McKenzie is still alive and I am trying to help her find more information on her line of the Decker family. She thought that some of the Decker children remained in MO. Any help you can send my way would be greatfully appreciated. Richelle Buckles

HAILEY, LENORE posted by Georgia Aeverman on Thursday, October 25, 2001
Hi Folks, I am a researcher with a genealogy society in North Little Rock AR. One of our members found a photo that she would like to re-unite with a family member. The photo is of a 5 month old boy, named Harry Albert LENORE. Also written on the photo is the name Miss Mamie Phillips HAILEY. The photographers name, on the front of the photo frame is J W Baker Monett, MO. She found the photo in a flea market in Lamar, MO (Barton Co) Let me know if you are interested in the photo. Georgia Aeverman

HAYES, HAZE posted by Cheryl McWilliams on Friday, November 2, 2001
I am searching for the family of John Hayes/Haze who was born abt. 1847 in Alabama and died January 25, 1920 in Morris, Okmulgee County, Oklahoma. John married Delila Jane Tow/Towe in 1876 in Missouri. They had 15 children, their 14th is my Grandmother, Maude Frances (Hayes)McWilliams. Anyone that has any information on John Hayes/Haze's family, I would love to hear from you! Thank you.

BAIZE, BASE, BAZE, BLACK, ROSS, WALKER, WILLOUGHBY posted by Debra McBride/Cheater on Sunday, November 4, 2001
I am searching for any info.or any connections to a Sara Jane ROSS, who married a man by the surname of WILLOUGHBY. Sarah was born abt.1847/48 to James ROSS and Charity(Charlotte) BAZE at Barry Co. Mo. Im sure at Flatcreek this was the homeplace for 1850 and 1860 census for Barry Co. Mo. James died in 1850(her father) and her mother remarried to Abel BLACK on May 30,1852 at Barry Co. at Cassville. I have all the info.on the Ross children on down except for Sarah Jane ROSS. I found her as Sarah Jane WILLOUGHBY on a war document that she signed for her mother along with a signature of Madison WALKER. He could be related as well, but not for sure. Sarah did show an address in 1868 at Vernon Co.Mo with Madison WALKER, but have no idea who he is. As the affidavits were signed by Sarah Jane WILLOUGHBY and Madison WALKER. It shows her again as her residence was at Van Buren, Crawford Co. Feb.1883 signing another affidavit with her brother John Alexander ROSS. If anyone has any information on the whereabouts of Sarah and her offspring, or what happened to her, please email me. I will share info.all that I have about her Ross Family as well as her Willougby Family. Thanks Already Debra Cheater

WHITE posted by Jack Glasgow on Thursday, November 8, 2001
Julia A. WHITE appears on page 672 of the 1870 Census for Barry Co.,(per index). Could someone interested in this person advise me of her age and place of birth & names of any other parties on said census with her. Thank you Jack

LANGLEY posted by Bev Mitchell on Friday, November 9, 2001
Mary Ann Langley Born: 10 Apr 1851 in Cassville, Barry, Missouri. Father: James I am trying to find any and all information about this family.

BEAVER, CORNELISON, SKELTON, WOMACK posted by Penny Boatright on Wednesday, November 14, 2001
I have worked my way back to working on my Skelton/Cornelison line: My GGGrandparents: Ruben SKELTON b. 23 Oct 1838 TN d. 22 Mar 1915 Barry Co? Nancy CORNELISON b. 14 Feb 1842 d. 1 Mar 1908 m. 23 Nov 1865 in Benton Co. Ar My question is, Nancy's parents, James H. CORNELISON and Cealy WOMACK are listed on Barry Co 1850 census James H. 37 (m) Ky Cealy 23 (f) TN Then we have Melvina 16 (f) Tn Thomas 15 (m) Tn Orlena 13 (f) Tn she married John SKELTON Mary A 10 (f) MO she married Jason BEAVER Spisa 8 (f) MO I have seen her as Spicey Elizabeth Nancy 6 (f) MO my line Simon 5 (m) MO Margaret3 (f) MO Celay 3mo(f) MO I have seen Celey listed as being born abt 1827 and married abt 1833, if so and her age is right on census than most of these children can't be hers unless she started at age 7. Does anyone know who these children belong to? Maybe a brother to James' children. James' parents Jesse and Mary "Polly" are also listed in 1850 census, in the 60's with two children 23 and 19. Thanks for any help on this one.

BROWN, FRANCIS posted by Jeff Metzler on Thursday, November 22, 2001
Looking for information for Ethan Brown and Julia Ann Francis. They are believed to be the parents of Virgina Belle, who was born in Cassville, Missouri. Ethan was born in Barry County July 1847. I am trying to determine if they are also the parents of Cornelia Brown born in Carthage MO in October 13, 1881 or 1882. Please respond if you have any leads. Thank you.

LOCK, STUDY posted by George Eyler on Tuesday, November 27, 2001
Anyone knowing the birthdate, birth location, death date,and death & burial location of John S. STUDY who married Sarah LOCK on Feb. 27, 1851 in Barry County, MO plese contact George EYLER at >

SIMPSON, WALKER posted by Pj Sisseck on Thursday, December 6, 2001
Does anyone have any idea who the family of Martha Jane WALKER, born 3 December 1855 in Monet, Barry CO, MO, could possibly have been? She married @ 1875 to Andrew Baker SIMPSON, and lived for a while near Sedalia, Pettis CO, MO, before moving to Milsap, Parker CO, TX.

SIMPSON, WALKER posted by Pj Sisseck on Thursday, December 6, 2001
Does anyone have any idea who the family of Martha Jane WALKER, born 3 December 1855 in Monet, Barry CO, MO, could possibly have been? She married @ 1875 to Andrew Baker SIMPSON, and lived for a while near Sedalia, Pettis CO, MO, before moving to Milsap, Parker CO, TX.

BLUNK posted by John Fuester on Saturday, December 8, 2001
Looking for information on William H. Blunk. Specifically, I'm trying to find out who his parents were and where/when exactly he was born. He was living in Barry County in 1880 (according to that year's Census. It indicates he was born in Missouri. He was born around 1841. His wife was Ellen Carman.

BLUNK posted by John Fuester on Saturday, December 8, 2001
Looking for information on William H. Blunk. Specifically, I'm trying to find out who his parents were and where/when exactly he was born. He was living in Barry County in 1880 (according to that year's Census. It indicates he was born in Missouri. He was born around 1841. His wife was Ellen Carman.

ARMSTRONG, FINLEY, FOSTER, HAMMER posted by Sally Hain on Thursday, December 13, 2001
Floyd Armstrong

ENOS, LAYMAN posted by Thelma Chandler on Sunday, December 16, 2001
I am looking for a birth record for my grandmother Barbara Ellen Enos born in Seligma, Mo. Dec. 9, 1882. Her parents were Thomas Renaldo Enos and Elizabeth Layman Enos. Information on any of these people would be appreciated. Thank,you. Thelma Chandler

BURNETT, GENTRY posted by Anisah Haynes on Tuesday, December 25, 2001
I am searching for more information on my ancestor, Benajah GENTRY. I am trying to determine if he is the same one buried in Corsicana Cemetery in Barry Co, MO. My ancestor was born January 12, 1811 in Dickson Co, MO. He went to Dade Co, MO bet. 1850-1860. He was in the 1860 Census in Dade County, MO but I did not find him in any later census. I found information on the Benajah GENTRY who is buried in Corsicana Cemetery, but I do not know if this is the same one. I am descended from Benajah's dau, Anna GENTRY, through Anna's 2nd husband, William Lavender BURNETT, Jr.

HARMAN, MOFFATT posted by Paul Creech on Friday, December 28, 2001
Looking for Francis (nee Harman)Moffatt. She lived in Barry County a very short time. She was b. 9/25/1899 She died shortly after the 1920 census (listed as living in Washburn TWP with Pliny Moffatt as Dau in Law. She was born in Nebraska, married Loyd (Boyd) Moffatt-son of Pliny (would like to find marriage date and where she's buried.She is supposed to be buried in Barry County-probably close to to Washburn. Was there a local Newspaper that could be checked for an obituary? She was my Grandmother's sister.Thank you for your consideration

AKINS, ALLEY, EOFF, FARMER, KOONS, MCCLANAHAN, MCCLENNAHAN, NOBLES, PARKS posted by Jinnye McClanahan Koons on Saturday, December 29, 2001
I'm searching for info on John F. McClanahan b. abt. 1858 in Carroll Co., Ar. and d. 2-10-1920 in Newark, Independence Co., Ar. m. Elizabeth C. Alley 1880-1881 in either Ar. or Mo., daughter of Isaac Alley and Eady Cane We believe that the parents of John F. McClanahan were John and Peny McClanahan/McClennahan who were residing in 1860 in Carroll Co., Ar. in the household of Wiliam Isabella Hawk Eoff. The Eoffs in 1850 had a daughter, Martha A. who had been born in Tn. abr. 1839, this would make her the same age and place of birth as Peny. I also think that other McClanahan/McClennahan children were by a previous wife because of their ages and place of birth. We know that John F. had a brother named Jeff and wonder if Job could have ben part of his brother, Thomas' name, because the ages are similar and there was a Thomas J. McClanahan, age 22 married Eliza Green age 16 in Newton Cp., Ar. on 12-24-1876. On John F. McClanahan's death certificate says that he was born in 1863 in Tn. but the two census we find him on has ages and places of birth tat are inconsistent with each other and those of the death certifocate. John moved to Barry Co., Mo.

CASE, CHEEK posted by Jerry Forman on Monday, December 31, 2001
Desperately searching for data on my grandmother who is shown on the 1860 federal census, Capps Creek Township, Barry Co. Her name is (Julia) Catherine CHEEK and she is 9 years old enumerated with John and Mary Ann CASE (relationship?). Also indicated after her name is what appears to be Cherokee Nation. Would this indicate she was born in Cherokee Nation? Any shared assistance most greatly appreciated.

BRATTIN, BROWN, MCGLOTHLIN posted by Mike Freels on Saturday, January 12, 2002
I'm researching the McGlothlin family. I'm particularly interested in learning more about William McGlothlin, b. ca 1845, in Barry Co., MO., son of Isaac McGlothlin and Sarah Brattin. I believe he is the same William who married Frances Brown in Arkansas, and if he is, he died in 1912 in Western Oklahoma. Any help would be appreciated.

BURKETT, DAVIDSON, EDENS, GERMAN, KEELIN, KEELING, MURRAY, PAINTER, WILKERSON posted by Beverly Matthews on Wednesday, January 23, 2002
I'm searching for the parents of G."Mourow" BURKETT, born February 22, 1850, deceased January 22, 1902, buried at the Vineyard Cemetery, Barry County, Missouri. He married Missouri Bell Keeling in 1881, Barry County, Missouri. Have no other BURKETT in Barry County, Missouri. Several in Ashe County, North Carolina.

CAMPBELL, PREWETT posted by Tim Campbell on Saturday, January 26, 2002
I'm looking for information on Austin A Campbell, born in exeter MO. around1875-1879. He was married to Josephine A. Prewett or Adeline J. Prewett. They had five children Uela b.7-4-1904,Elva b. 11-23-1901 in Exeter MO-Vaughan Lee b.6-28-1906,Jess b.1908 in Joplin MO--Lester b.3-31-1911,in Walla,Walla WA. Austin and Josephine are my great Grandparents and I would like any information on there parents and syblings.Vaughan Campbell is my GrandFather,I don't know if the spelling of his first name is correct, no one seems to know how it was spelled.If anybody has any info please email. --------------------------------------------------

BENNETT, BROCK, DOUGHERTY, FERGUSON, HEWLETT, SCHRUM posted by Jerry W. Ferguson on Sunday, January 27, 2002
I am looking for information on my ggrandmother Jane M. Brock that resided in Barry County, Missouri. When she died she was living in Oronogo, Mo. and is buried there in Weaver Cemetery. She was married to John Motley Hewlett and a D. J. Bennett and possibly to an Alonso Schrum. As far as I can determine she was born around 1859. She may have had a sister by the name of Sarah that married a Dougherty. I know she had some connection to the Daugherty's.

GOODING posted by Russell Miller on Saturday, February 2, 2002
1880 Federal Census Mountain, Barry Co. MO James W. GOODING, self,Male,Married,White,44, born TN Francis S. GOODING,wife,Female,M,W,31,MO Joseph GOODING,son,M,Single,W,18,AR Amanda S. GOODING,dau,F,S,W,16,AR Abraham B. GOODING,son,M,S,W,14,MO Albert J. GOODING,son,M,S,W,11,MO Nora A. GOODING,dau,F,S,W,9,MO Susan F. GOODING,dau,F,S,W,7,MO Alice D. GOODING,dau,F,S,W,4,MO Rosy DALLIS,SDau,F,S,W,8,MO Always seeking more informtion on this family. My connection is Amanda GOODING. I thought middle name was Isabel but about list says "S". Russell Miller, Chelan WA

KEELING posted by Russell Miller on Saturday, February 2, 2002
1880 Federal Census Liberty, Barry Co. MO W.C. KEELING, self,Male,Married,White,35,born TN Saminah C. KEELING,wife,Female,M,W,32,TN Albert M. KEELING,son,M,Single,W,13,TN Susan A. KEELING,dau,F,S,W,10,TN Adline KEELING,dau,F,S,W,8, MO Casey KEELING,son,M,S,W,6,MO Lorrsy C. KEELING,dau,F,S,W,4,MO Dorey J. KEELING,dau,F,S,W,3,MO Joseph KEELING,son,M,S,W,5 months, MO Always seeking more information on this family. My connection Carroll Jackson KEELING was not born until 1882 so is not on the above list. Russell Miller, Chelan WA

BOUCHER, HOLT, JOHNSON posted by Carolyn Johnson on Tuesday, February 5, 2002
Looking for descendants of John Thomas and Mary Jane (HOLT) JOHNSON. They were residnets of Barry County in the late 1880 thru their deaths in 1920's. he was a harness maker. They had 11 children and took in a nephew (Robert Boucher) after his mother died. The children of JT and Mary Jane Johnson were:James A.,Albert, Charles F.,Walter B, Grover C, Clara, Lela and Robert A.. Robert and Lela died 1912-3. JT and Mary Jane are buried in the Cassville Cemetery. Any assistance in locating family information will be appreciated...Who were the parents of JT and Mary Jane? We believe JT's parents were from KY. There was a group of settlers in Monroe county who migrated to Grayson county Texas in 1859. Why did they go? JT served in the Confederate Army but after the war he returned to MO and started his family. He and Mary Jane were married in TX

GURNEE posted by V. Calvin on Saturday, February 9, 2002
George Gurnee was born in Barry Co., & was married in Washington, D.C. Late 1800's, early 1900's. HELP!!!!!!!!!!! Does anyone know anything more about him?

SHOEMAKER posted by Rema Cole on Saturday, February 9, 2002
I am looking for information on Joseph (Joe) Shoemaker who dide in March 1956 in Exeter Missouri. Joseph is my great-grandfather. Any information is gretly appreciated.

PARVIN, THOMAS posted by Pauline Huffman on Thursday, February 21, 2002
Seeking burial place and date of burial for Tennessee C. Thomas Parvin and husband Benjamin R. Parvin. She is the daughter of William F. Thomas of Barry Co and was born in Barry Co 28 March 1869. I do not find her in Leann Cemetery where Wm F. Thomas and wife are buried. Pauline Williams Huffman

COCHRAN, FLY, STONE, WALKER posted by Leon Smith on Sunday, February 24, 2002
Looking for the family of William B. Stone/Mary S. Fly. William B. shows up on the 1850 Barry Co. Mo. census and the 1860 Ozark Co. Mo. census. Mary and several of her children show up on the 1870 Barry Co. Mo. census. It is believed that William B. was killed by a bushwacker sometime during the decade of the 1860's. Their children were Jefferson, Mary, Nicholas, Jeremiah, John Thomas, Hester A., Artemenia, Susannah, George M, and Susan J. Susan was listed as two years old on the 1870 census which means that William B. must have died sometime between 1867 and 1870. Any information concerning any of these individuals would be greatly appreciated. Leon Smith -

FERGUSON, HEWLETT, MCNALLY posted by Joe on Thursday, February 28, 2002
I am looking for any information on Peter McNally, son of Patrick McNally, and his descendants. Peter McNally lived in Barry County. His father and siblings lived in Rock County, Wisconsin.

WALLACE posted by Ken Wallace on Friday, March 1, 2002
Looking for imfo on father or mother of Stephen Wallace born Va. abt. 1808 son is Thomas Benton Wallace from Capps Creek Mo. in 1880. Help :)

HENDERSON, TABER posted by John L. Shumaker on Friday, March 1, 2002
Taber/Henderson- Am seeking where my great grandfather William Enoch Taber or Enoch William Tabe may be buried. Where his wife who was still alive in 1900 at age 48 may be buried, also. They were married December 12, 1871 in Flat Creek Township. In the 1880 Federal Census they were farming in Exeter, and my grandmother was about 1 year old. She had two older children, a sister Alice and a brother. In the 1900 Census she had a younger sister Gertrude, who died in California, years later, and her youngest brother, Leslie Edgar Taber aged 9., but Martha Henderson ot Mattie as she was called, her mother, is no longer shown. Mattie had a brother John Henderson married with three children, shown on the 1880 and he too, disappeared by the 1900. Also my great-great grand-father Mike Henderson, who turned 75 in 1880, from Tennessee, Henry County, was also on the 1880, and not on the 1900. Since I am visiting the Newton County, Missouri area later this year, thought I would like to pay my respects. Also I would appreciate a listing of the where abouts of the various cemeteries in that area. Thank you to all that peruse this site.r

DOTY, EDEN, ETHEDRIDGE, MOORE, MULHOLLEN, SNIDER, WILLSON, WILSON posted by Teresa on Wednesday, March 6, 2002
I am looking for information on the WILSON / WILLSON family of Barry County, Missouri. Leroy S. Willson married Louisianna MULHOLLEN in 1857 and had children, William H. WILSON and Mary Ann WILSON. Leroy is believed to be the son of George WILSON and wife Mary (Moore?) of Barry County. George also had children: Samuel M. WILSON who m. Mary DOTY, David Daniel WILSON who m. Sarah EDEN, Sarah WILSON who m. Christopher SNIDER, Nancy WILSON, ?Missouri WILSON m. James ETHEDRIDGE. George had a brother, Hugh L. WILSON (wife Maranda). Hugh's children include: James E. WILSON, Sarah WILSON, Samuel J. WILSON, Daniel J. WILSON, Rebecca C. WILSON (m.Samuel MOORE), John T. WILSON, Ezekiel S. WILSON,Thomas C. (Clark)WILSON,Martha Ann WILSON. Leroy S. WILSON and wife Louisianna MULHOLLEN both died during the Civil War. Family story states Leroy's father was Scottish and his mother was American Indian. Any information will be appreciated. Please email me at or

BENNETT, BOUCHER posted by Rita Ficht on Wednesday, March 13, 2002
I am looking for any information on Arthur Herbert Bennett, who married Sarah Frances Boucher.

STAFFER, WHISMAN posted by Penny Cooper Bailey on Friday, March 29, 2002
I am looking for information on Eliza Staffer. She was born May 14, 1879 and died March 11, 1892. She is buried at the Viola Cemetery. She was married to my Grandfather Joel Whisman at the time of her death. The only other info I have is that she had a brother named George.

ELKINS, MCGEHEE, ROGERS posted by Warren Finch on Monday, April 1, 2002
Seeking info on William Thomas Johnson, b. 1823. Married Nancy E. Pate. Lived in Barry Ct. between 1860-1870 in Flat Creek. Moved to Greene Ct. by 1870. Children are Doolen C., Robert W., Jesse, Nancy, Mary, Sedila, Segal,Bud, Virginia, Elizabeth, and Lily.

GALYEN, MOLDER, MOULDER, POTTS, VANZANDT posted by Sharolyn McCoy on Monday, April 8, 2002
I am looking for an Elizabeth Molder/Moulder who lived in the Washburn area ca. 1911. Can someone do a 1910 census lookup for me? Elizabeth would have been 58/59 years old. Thanks

BROWN, EDWARDS, SCHOOLER posted by Betty Slovinski on Thursday, April 11, 2002
Nathan SCHOOLER is in the Barry County 1870 census. His wife Susannah and 3 daughters are also there. His daughter Ariminta Jane Schooler is my great grandmother and was born in 1840 in Alabama. I am looking for connections to her and this family. Julia EDWARDS is also living in the home. Ariminta married William P. BROWN(date unknown).

ELLIS, SMITH posted by Judy Dundas on Monday, April 15, 2002
Ellis, Smith Am looking for information on a Caroline Ellis, born 10 Sept 1850, possibly before the founding of Lawrence county. She married Frank A. Smith, born 30 Dec, also born in or around Aurora, 30 Dec 1852. Of their children, I know only of the birth of a daugther, Amanda Lucinda Smith, born 24 Jan 1881. Of course there may have been more. The only mention I can find of their existence is in a family Bible. They don't show up on census records, or anything...thus I can't find who their parents are. Would appreciate any help. I can't track this family either up,or down! Judy Dundas

FRY, TILLMAN, TILMON posted by Cyndi Hutchens on Sunday, April 21, 2002
I am researching John B Tillman / Tilmon and Louisa E Fry married Sept 5 1875 in Barry Co MO. Johns family may be from ILL. Louisa is from Scott and Yell County Arkansas.

BRATTIN, GRIFFITH, JONES, ROACH posted by Frances Griffith Albert on Thursday, April 25, 2002
Roach, Martha married one Samuel P. Jones, need her parents names, or any info on her you might have. She was born Feb. 10, 1848 buried in Roach Cemeter, Barry Co., Mo.

HENSLEY, MARTIN, SCHLITT, SCHLITZ posted by Louise Todd on Saturday, April 27, 2002
I am looking for information on Henry SCHLITZ/SCHLITT last name was changed when he came over from Prussia. He married Permelia J. Martin. I show that they married 12/01/1878 in Barry county. Was looking for any type of information at all on this family. Thanks Louise

BROWN, COCHRAN, FUNK, MURPHY, OSBORN, PENDERGRAFT, PHILLIPS, SCHOONER posted by Betty Slovinski on Saturday, April 27, 2002
George PENDERGRAFT married Lucy FUNK and was listed in Barry County Sugar Creek township in 1900 with children including; son Floyd, b. 1886, daughter Lillie b. 1889, daughter Ada b. 1892, son Charley and daughter Stella. I would like to know about Lucy FUNK she was an orphan. I think she is related to my SCHOONER family.

MEANS, MULKEY posted by Randy Arrick on Tuesday, April 30, 2002
Looking for info on Dr.T.J.B Means lived in purdy Mo.son of T.J. MEANS and Mary MULKEY,would like to know were he is buried [died 1889]also would like to know who the rest of his children were.Thanks Randyi

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