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Georgia McRae

Surnames: CURRY & IVEANS

Query: I would like to find the parents of my great grand father, Elijah Iveans. He was married 13 Aug. 1871 to Lucinda Frances Curry. They were married in Barry Co., MO. I would also like to know who Lucinda's parents were. Thank you, Georgia McRae

Louise Orique


Query: My great-grandmother was Lucritia Sarah Jones, sometimes referred to by Sarah, Sallie. She was a full-blood Cherokee I was told by my father. Toy Young Eidson. She died in Purdy MO. I cannot find the place of her death, 01 July1893. I know she married Joseph Burchett sometimes spelled different. She married my great-grandfather in Arkansas and had all her children there. Her daughter Cynthia Ann Patton married my grandfather, William Smith Eidson They are buried in Zion cemetery Springdale Arkansas I need to prove my Indian blood. Would appreciate any help.

Louise Orique


Query: I want to prove my Indian blood. My great-grandmother was said to be of Cherokee full-blood. My grandmother Cynthia Ann Patton married Toy Young Eidson. Cynthia Ann Patton's mother was Lucritia Sarah Jones and married Paschal Patton who died in the civil war. Lucritia remarried Joseph Burchett in Barry CO. MO. I believe my great-grandmother was a widow, because Joseph Burchett died before she did. Perhaps she went by the name Jones again or Patton. I don't know if MO. was Indian Territory when she lived there, later becoming part of what is now known as OK.

Dorothy Loraas


Query: Mary (nee Windham) Miller died in Barry Co., MO, 11 March 1881. Mary married Jacob Miller about 1800. I would like to know if she was married in Barry Co., MO, and who her parents are.

Joyce Snell


Query: My grandfather was Robert Pearl Williams. According to his death certificate, his mother was Honor Harmon. I'm seeking any sort of information on her. I know nothing about her other than her name. Robert's father was also Robert. My grandfather was born in McDonald Co, MO in 1880 and died in Barry Co, MO in 1950 and is buried at Simsberry Cemetery next to my grandmother, Delpha Woodard Williams. Thank you.

Vikki Wolslau

Surnames: PHILLIPS

Query: Millie Ann Phillips died in Barry Co., MO on 17 Oct 1901. She was married to William Anderson Phillips. I am looking for any information on where she is buried. I am also trying to find out her maiden name. Any help would be appreciated.

Darla Marbut

Surnames: BLACK

Query: Was William M. Black born September 25, 1804 died Jan 1, 1892 buried in Pilant Cemetery related to Joseph Black born 1801 married Nancy Nichols, children: Joseph Callaway, Robert Sneed, John Toliver, Mary Ann, Catharine, Lucinda and Francis Black? William M. Black was the father of Jacob Black and wife Mary J. Kirpatrick Black who were the parents of Benjamin Jacob Black from whom we believe the Black School was named. Benjamin Jacob Black's death certificate lists his wife as Alberta and he was born Feb 18, 1865 died May 5, 1934.

Tony Brown

Surnames: EDENS

Query: Looking for information on Susanna Edens, born 1876, Hancock County, TN. Died ?. Married. ?. Daughter of Daniel Edens and Louise Ellen "Vica" Lyons. Who did she marry if she did. What happen to her?

Mary Douglass


Query: Searching for family of Narsissus Hays Wallen Goodwin. Narsissus, last name unknown, married 1st John Hays, probably in Alabama. He died and she married Thomas Wallen/Walden in 1866. Thirdly she married William Goodwin 22 May 1871 in Barry County Missouri.

Becky Grothe


Query: Seeking the burial place of Francis M. Breazeale who died in Joplin 20 Oct 1937. Death certificate states that he was buried at Wheaton, MO on 21 Oct 1937.

Neal Oglesbee


Query: This is my grandmother. I believe she was born near Exeter during the 1880's. Her family worked in the white lead mines of that area. I would like to know her exact date and place of birth. Did she have any siblings, who were her parents? I know that the original family name was Taleferro, but her family took the American form of it at sometime. There were also Dan and Grace Tolliver. I believe them to have been Ada's aunt and uncle. Any additional information you can share with me will be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Tammy West

Surnames: MOORE

Query: Trying to build family tree for Betty Lou Moore - her father Clarence Porter Moore, DOB thought to be 1899 and DOD thought to be approx 1977 to 1979.

Amanda Wichern


Query: Peter Wichern died May 15, 1899 in Hannibal, Marion Co., MO. He immigrated with his wife Anna Margaret Ficken and family from Germany. I would like to know if he has a death certificate and if possible where in Germany he and his family immigrated from. Thanks so much.

Kathleen Howell


Query: I am searching for information on Elizabeth Peevey who married David F. McBride in 1843 in AR. They lived in Sugar Creek twp., Barry Co., MO. David died in 1855 and Elizabeth died before 1860. Johnson King and his wife Elizabeth were taking care of the McBride children in the 1860 census. I would like to know who Elizabeth Peevey's parents were. Thank you for any information you can give on the David F. McBride family.

George Richard Neeley

Surnames: NEELEY

Query: I would like information regarding the descendants of William and Nellie Neeley of Cassville, MO. Appreciate your help.

Donna Carlo


Query: Looking for a Roscoe Stansberry who lived around Corsicana, MO back in 1920's or 1930's.He could have possibly gone by the nickname "Cokie". I would appreciate any information concerning this name. Thanks!

Gary Shepherd


Query: Looking for information on descendants of William and Martha (Hoog) McQuillin. William born 1859. 1880 Census shows them living in Ash Twp, Barry Co. MO and the 1920 Census shows them in Richwood Twp, McDonald Co. MO. Parents of William are George and Mary Ann McQuillin. George died in 1881 and is buried in Washburn Prairie Cemetery. Any information will be helpful.

Wiley Pitts

Surnames: PITTS

Query: I am hoping someone may know the ancestry of one William Pitts whom is listed on the 1850 Barry Co, MO Census in household 220. His wife's name is Sarah.

Bonnie Liles


Query: Barry Co., MO Federal Census of 1860 lists Arnold Longley age 29, born in TN and Fanny J age 27, born in TN. Do you have access to records that give Fanny J's maiden name and where they settled in Barry County?

Georgia McRae

Surnames: IVEANS

Query: I would like to know the names of Elijah Iveans parents. He was born about 1850.

Delbert Roberts

Surnames: ROBERTS & McQueen

Query: My great grandfather was married to Virginia Mabel McQueen in Cassville, Missouri in 1893. They lived in Corsicana at that time. I have very little knowledge of him or his life. My great grandmother's grandfather was O. R. McQueen and buried west of Purdy and south of Corsicana. I believe Thomas had a sister named Sarah of whom a Martha Burr inquired in 2003 through your query column. I tried to contact her but to no avail. If anyone has any information of Thomas J. Roberts I would dearly appreciate you getting in contact with me. I live in northeast Oklahoma and have made trips to Barry county at times. Thank you, Buzz Roberts



Query: Can anyone tell me where I can buy the cemetery books for Barry County, MO. Also would like a history book on this county searching for information on John L Sullivan, he died in Barry Co., MO. Thank you

Joe Thurstenson


Query: Looking for Pleasant Henry TROWER who divorced in 1859 his wife, Nancy SAFFEL. They had a daughter Amanda Clementine (TROWER) HUNT. At one time they lived in Flat Creek, MO. Pleasant supposedly died in 1868 in Arkansas and assume it to have been in Carroll County. Our notes indicate he may be buried near Kirtland in Carroll County, Arkansas but we find only Kirkland in southern Arkansas that doesn't seem right. Any clues would be appreciated.

Yonna Stewart

Surnames: BRADLEY

Query: Prior Bradley is listed in the Flat Creek Twp., Barry County, MO Federal Census for years 1860;1870;1880. I can't find any information after that. I would appreciate any information that someone might have on this family. Thank you, Yonna Stewart

Leora Cunningham


Query: I am looking for any information about a Bill Robertson and his family who lived in or around Cassville/Barry County, MO around 1956 - 1959. Thank you for any help you can give.

Sandi Sorensen


Query: John Edward died in Barry Co. in 1906. He married Martha Jane Pendergraft in 1886 or sometime there about. I would like to know where they are buried and when they were married. All help appreciated. Sandi Sorensen

Sandi Sorensen


Query: John Edward married Teresa Baronner sometime about 1863 or so. I would like to know what happened to her and when she died. Also where she is buried. John Edward's son John Thomas married Adda Reland Morris. I would like more information on when they were married apprx. 1909. All help would be appreciated. Sandi Sorenssn

Linda Watt

Surnames: FALIN

Query: Lewis Shafer married Mary Lucy Falin in 1893 in Barry Co. I want to know where Lewis Shafer lived.

Virginia Hall

Surnames: ROACH

Query: Does anyone know what happened to James W. Roach and his brother Charles Roach. Their parents were Henry and Gemima Roach?

Connie Simonson

Surnames: BRYANT & DOTY

Query: I am looking for a couple of obituaries that are not in the obituary section of website. I was wondering if there is anyone who does look-ups and if someone could try to find them for me. I am looking for Henry Clay Bryant b. 5 Aug 1872 d. 3 Jun 1965 in Monett, Barry Co., Mo and Josephine Doty (Bryant) b. 7 Mar 1897 d. 13 Apr 1980 I am not sure where she died, I am guessing Barry Co. She is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery. Henry Bryant is also buried in the Oak Hill Cemetery. Thanks so much. Connie

Karen Utter Jennings


Query: Victoria Danley was the sister of my great-grandmother, Laura Ellen Laney. I would appreciate any family information. Karen Utter Jennings

Donna Cooper


Query: I would like to hear from anyone related to Elijah Bailey who married America Malinda Simpson in Barry County, MO. And also anyone related to George Simpson and John Wilkerson, former spouses of America Malinda Simpson's. She died in Leflore Co., OK after 1910 and before 1920, maybe around 1911. After America died, Elijah may have moved to Missouri to be near his daughter, Dovey Louise Bailey Payton, who was living in McDonald Co., MO. There is a marriage record there for someone named Elijah Bailey to Delilah Easter in 1911. Could this be the same Elijah who was married to America and who lived in Leflore Co., OK? Would like to hear from any descendants or researchers working on any of these lines. Donna Cooper

Marleta Bellows

Surnames: PAUL

Query: Joseph Thomas Paul and wife Elvira living in Sugar Creek, Barry Co., MO in 1880 census. Looking for additional information on this family.

Joe McNally


Query: I am looking for the descendants of Peter McNally (1839-1908) of Barry Co., Mo.

John B. Hargrave

Surnames: REED

Query: I am looking for information about my ancestors Alfred Reed, and Thomas E. Reed if you can help me I would greatly appreciate it very much and it will help me with my family research. thank you very much for this site and your work. John B. Hargrave.

Jim Heady

Surnames: PARKER

Query: Charles W Parker was born in Barry co., Mo. 02 Jan 1868. His parents Thomas Louis Parker was born in 1830 in TN and his mother Mary Carolina Skelton was born in 1844, Illinois. In 1860 Thomas was enumerated on the census in Maries co., Mo. After the death of his first wife in 1862 he remarried. Charles W Parker was the eldest son of this marriage. Thomas and Mary Carolina married in 1867 in Maries Co., Mo. In 1880 Thomas L Parker and family are enumerated in Washington co., Arkansas. I am trying to fill in the pieces from this migration. His brother Dozier F Parker is already enumerated in Washington co., Arkansas in 1870. I think they may not have taken the journey from Missouri together. There are so many Parkers in Arkansas from Cannon Co., TN., but, I have not been able to make a relationship.

Charlotte Roberson

Surnames: HOPKINS

Query: I am searching for information on my g-g-grandma that married a man whose name was Hopkins, no first name do I know. She first married Paschal Patton. Her name was Lucretia Jones. He died in 1862 from the measles he had contacted during the civil war. The we find the record of her marrying a Joseph Burchett in 1877. But in the 1880 census it shows him and her living and it shows two children that are listed as his step children. We are trying to find out who she married between 1862 and 1877. There is a 15 year span there. Thanks for all your help. Joseph and Lucretia are listed in Barry county census.

Brandon Ivey


Query: I am looking for information on James Curtis Ivey (Ivy). He married Eliza Longley. They are found in the Flat Creek Twp area in the 1880 census. Thank you. Brandon Ivey

Ruth Geouge


Query: I am looking for the obituary for Robert Franklin Brown, Born 1850 He married Nancy America Gouge. Their children were: James, George, John B. and Myrtle A.

John Maes


Query: I would like to know about the name of any school in modern Butler Hollow along the Missouri and North Arkansas Railroad between Seligman and Beaver, AR. The school is approximately 4 miles east from Seligman, adjacent to land owned at one time by Greenaugh.

Becky Hudson Moyer


Query: Looking for information about James Clark who married Mary A Ellis around 1907 they had a son named Olaf, in 1910 I show them living in Monett, Barry, Missouri, in 1920 they lived in Pleasant Ridge, Barry, Missouri.

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