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Research Note Exact date unknown, but may be circa 1900 so. All the young people are from the Purdy area.

Top Row: (L to R) Fred Lowery - Rilda Lowery - Wesley Selemuel Henderson Front Row: (L to R) Mary Permelia Henderson - Calvin Emory Henderson - Myrtle Lowery
Linda shared this: Calvin was my maternal grandfather, and Wesley and Mary his older brother and sister. Apparently the band, comprising the Hendersons and the Lowerys, played often at local entertainments and get-togethers.

Great-Aunt Mary was born 1877, Great-Uncle Wes was born in 1880, My Paw-Paw, Calvin, was born in 1884.

As the two older ones appear to be about 20-ish, and Paw-Paw, Calvin, about 16 or so, I'm guessing the picture was taken circa 1900 or thereabouts.
Date Taken About 1900
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