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Research Note The below photo was taken from a slice of the Pioneer Canning Factory photo that is posted on the "Focus on Pioneer" page. It was taken about 1924. Gertrude Addington Haddock is pictured behind the man. It was first thought that he was part of the Haddock family, but was later identified as a McMillen family member.
Samuel Sanders Haddock was born July 4, 1867 born Barry Co., MO, and died Mar. 7, 1935 Nr. Purdy, Barry Co., MO

Gertrude Mae Addington was born April 9, 1892 Nr. Purdy, Barry Co., MO, and died April 21, 1974 in Monett, Barry Co., MO
They are both buried in King's Prairie Cemetery, near Monett, MO, near her mother, Carrie Long and her last husband, Asher Smith.
They were my paternal grandparents.
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