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Research Note WW1 Military Photos and files from the personal records of Milford Sherdan Johnson Born Feb 18, 1895 in Aurora, Lawrence Co., MO

Died Aug 16, 1965 in Ellsinore, Carter Co., MO

Married Janetta Gale Hemphill

Registered for Draft - Card showing that Milford has registered for the board (military service) in Barry Co., MO.

Qualified for Military Service / Back of postcard - Postcard letting Milford know that he has been deemed qualified for military service. (02/21/1918)

Draft Letter - Letter sent to Milford notifying him that he had been drafted and needed to report for duty. (02/1918)

Postcard Photo 1 / Postcard Photo 2 - Milford in uniform.

Postcard Photo - Milford on the left and Wm. Thompson on right, (1918-1919)

Postcard Photo - #1 is Milford #2 is Wm. Thompson. Written on the photo in white is "E. H. 11 M. O. T. C. Sect. D, Ft. Riley Kas., Waiting for chow" (Mar 4, 1918 to June 12, 1918)

Postcard Photo - Milford is the sixteenth soldier from the right, he has on dark colored boots. Written on the photo "Retreat E. H., M. O. T. C., Ft. Riley Kans. (Mar 4, 1918 to June 12, 1918)

Postcard Photo - "The Boys of Barry Co. in E. H. 11" Seven men from the Barry Co. area all served together in the same unit. They are pictured here. Back row, left to right, Earl C. Thomas, John A. Wallace, Alfred Balmas, John C. Blythe. Front, left to right, Benjamin Thomas, Milford S. Johnson (holding sign), Wm. Thompson. (Alfred Balmas and John C. Blythe are cooks the rest first class privates.) (07/29/1918) The same group of guys are also shown on this page.

Postcard Photo - Milford on the right, middle may be Earl C. Thomas and standing on left may be Alfred Balmas. (07/29/1918)

Postcard Photo - Charles A. Reece (of Goodman, MO) in Passanant, France, (01/13/1919)

Postcard Photo - Standing is possibly Wm. Thompson and seated may be John C. Blythe, (01/13/1919)
Military Roster - I don't know if Milford requested this or not, but he was mailed a roster of men that served in his military unit from "War Department, Evac Hosp #1 A. E. F. A. P. O. #62".

Hand-written in the lower left corner of the envelope is "Censored by Capt. J. M. Dunn, US Army"

Inside of the envelope were five 8-1/2 x 14-inch long pages listing all the of people at Evacuation Hospital #11. The people are broken up into the following groups: Officers, American Red Cross, Master Hosp Sgt, Hospital Sgts, Sgts 1cl, Sgts, Cpls, Other Grades and Replacements. The seven men in the photo from Barry Co. are all listed under the "Other Grades" section.

In pencil to the left of each name, the men are numbered. I assume Milford did this. I am only showing the parts of the pages where the men from Barry County are shown. They are underlined in red and also, the information is transcribed below.

Header of Roster on First Page

Roster Page 3
77 Thomas, Benjamin, Verona, MO
115 Thompson, William H., RFD #3, Cassville, MO
119 Balmas, Alfred, Monett, MO.
122 Blythe, John C., RFD #1, Grandview, Ark.

Roster Page 4
151 Wallace, John R., Cassville, MO
155 Tomas, Earl C., RFD #2, Cassville, MO
160 Johnson, Milford S., RFD #1, Crane, MO
Research Note Group Photo - Photo of entire military group at Camp Crane, Allentown, PA, copyright J. F. A. LA Tour German Town, Phila. PA. I am assuming the seven Barry Co. boys are all a part of this picture. (07/24/1918)

Cover Photo

Dates Photo

Milford kept a pocket-sized notebook for notes in during his time in service. The cover reads "Cook, Milford Johnson, E. H. #11 Feb 24-10 Lemans, France". Inside, across two pages is a list of places and dates that his army group traveled to. (1918-1919)
Fort Riley, Kansas Mar 4, 1918 Left June 12
Camp Crane, Pennsylvania Jun 12, 1918 Aug 14
New York, USA Aug 15, 1918 Aug 15
Liverpool, England Aug 28, 1918 Aug 28
Brockfront, England Aug 29, 1918 Aug 31
Southampton, England Sep 1, 1918 Sep 1
Cherbourg, France Sep 2, 1918 Sep 4
? Rumecore, France Sep 12, 1918 Sep 17
Sorcy, France Field H #11 Sep 17, 1918 Sep 21
Passavant, France Sep 21, 1918 Jan 4, 1919
?Qemans, France Jan 6, 1919 Jan 25
Belgan Camp Jan 26, 1919 Mar 28
Lemans, France Mar 28, 1919 Apr 1
Sable, France Apr 1, 1919 Apr 4
Noyen, France Apr 4, 1919 Apr 5
Fercé, France Apr 5, 1919 Apr 5
La Suze, France Apr 5, 1919 Apr 5
Brest, France Apr 18, 1919 Apr 24
New York, USA May 6, 1919 May 15
Taylor, Kentucky May 17, 1919
Date Taken WWI
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