Loren & Mildred Isabel (Edwards) Blankenship
Mildred Isabel (Edwards) Blankenship
Dante F. & Christine (Edwards) Bodoria
Fred Hayse & Rosa Jane (Lowery) Boswell
Boswell Children - Opal Catherine, Clifford Everett & Ova Belle
Don Dwight Davis, III & David Samuel Pakulak - In Uniform
Bert Edwards - In Uniform
Bert & Ellen Irene (Mulliken) Edwards
Bert & Helen Louise (Persons) Edwards
Billy Joe Edwards - In Uniform
Carl Robert Edwards - In Uniform
Christopher Edwards - In Uniform
Donald Maurice Edwards - In Uniform
Edward Harold Edwards - In Uniform
Edward Harold Edwards - Frances Elizabeth (Frazee) and Edward Harold Edwards
Elizabeth "Eliza" (Thornhill) Edwards
Edwards Children - Viola J., Lenore Opal & Flossie Glenn
Edwards Family - Donald Maurice, Mildred Isabel, Billy Joe, Bert, Carl Robert & Gerald Ross
Edwards Family - Billy Joe, Bert, Judith Ann, Mildred Isabel, Carl Robert, Donald Maurice & Gerald Ross
Edwards Family - Edward Harold, Flossie Glenn & Hubert Roland Edwards
Edwards Family - Judith Ann (Edwards) (Porter) Patrick, Billy Joe Edwards, Carl Robert Edwards, Gerald Ross Edwards, Cora Dove (Terry) Edwards, Bert Edwards & Mildred Isabel (Edwards) Blankenship
Edwards Family
Edwards Family - Billy Joe, Carl Robert, Gerald Ross & Donald Maurice Edwards - Mildred Isabel (Edwards) Blankenship and Cora Dove (Terry) Edwards
Edwards Ladies - Dorothy Lucille (Edwards) Oplatka, Mary Permelia (Henderson) Edwards & Lenore Opal Edwards
Edwards Ladies - Demah Carolyn (Schwartze) Towery, Dorothy Lucille (Edwards) Oplataka, Ruth Evalena (Edwards) Hall & Christine Edwards) Bodoria
Edwards Ladies - Christine (Edwards) Bodoria, Dorothy Lucille (Edwards) Oplatka, Ruth Evalena (Edwards) Hall & Demah Carolyn (Edwards) (Schwartze) Towery
Edwards Men - Frederick, Marvin, Christopher & George Robert
Edwards Men - James Harmon, Hubert Roland & Edward Harold Edwards
Edwards Military Men - Billy Joe, Edward Harold & Hubert Roland Edwards - In Uniform
Frederick Edwards
Frederick Edwards - New Car to Deliver Mail
Frederick & Cora (Terry) Edwards
George Robert Edwards - In Uniform
George Westwood Edwards Family
Hattie (Nickle) Edwards
Hosea Henderson Edwards
Hosea Henderson Edwards
Hosea Henderson Edwards
Hosea Henderson Edwards & Family
Hosea Henderson Edwards & Family - Edward Harold, Hosea Henderson, Frances Elizabeth (Frazee), Michael Anthony & Patricia Louise Edwards
Hosea Henderson & Jessie (Burgess) Edwards
Hosea Henderson Edwards & Michael Anthony Edwards, John Edwards Patton
Hubert Roland Edwards - In Uniform
James Harmon Edwards - In Uniform
James Harmon Edwards - James Harmon & Jacqueline Yvonne (Mitchell) Edwards
Mary Permelia (Henderson) Edwards
Marvin & George Edwards
Mary Isabella "Belle" Edwards
Patricia Louise & Michael Anthony Edwards
Ronald Dene Edwards - In Uniform
Harvey & Elizabeth Etter - Evelyn Elizabeth (Edwards) (Patton) & Harvey Elize Etter
Harvey Etter Family - Harvey Etter, Evelyn Elizabeth (Edwards) (Patton) Etter, John Edwards Patton & Max Harvey Etter
Gilbert Lowery & Family - Gilbert Howard Lowery, William Vernon Lowery & Sarah "Susan" Lowery
Henderson & Amanda (Edwards) Lowery
Dayton Lee Mackey - In Uniform
Dayton L. & Mary M. (Marbut) Mackey
Mayme Marie (Edwards) & Brit Olda Marbut
Stanley Edwards Marbut - In Uniform
Stanley E. Marbut Family - Patsy Ann (Miller), Stanley Edwards Marbut & Edwards Scott Marbut
Lavern McQueen - In Uniform - Lavern Anderson McQueen, Betty Lou (Marbut) McQueen, Eddie Laverne, Donald Lee, Rebecca Lynn McQueen
James Wilson Nickle
James Wilson & Hattie Alciry (Jones) Nickle
James Wilson & Hattie (Jones) Nickle
Nickle Family
Nickle Girls - Minnie B. and Jennie E. Nickle
Nickle Girls - Addie May (Nickle) Terry & Hattie (Nickle) Edwards
Don Dwight Davis, III & David Samuel Pakulak - In Uniform
Hurshel W. Patton - In Uniform
Patton Family Photo - Evelyn Elizabeth (Edwards) Patton and John Edwards Patton
Lewis Pilant - In Uniform
Pilant & Hankins Photo - Albert Lewis Pilant and Margaret Anna (Pilant) (Black) Hankins
Manerva Ann (Edwards) Pilant
Ursula Catherine (Edwards) Pilant
Florence Daisy Roller
Perry Alphonso Roller & Frederick Edwards - First Cousins
Samuel Marion Roller Family
Herbert Edgar Schaeffer - In Uniform
Francis Marion Schwartze, Jr. - In Uniform
Michael Christopher Schwartze- In Uniform
Phillip Raymond Schwartze - In Uniform
Jimmy Rex & Rose Marie (Marbut) Terry
Vernie Orville Towery - In Uniform
Submitted in 2006 by: Larry E. Edwards
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