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Research Note This newspaper clipping was submitted by Randy Vaughan who found it among his mother's things. The man on the far right, is Randy's great-grandfather, Grover Ledgerwood.
The caption beneath the photograph reads: "The above photo furnished to the Republican by city mail carrier Gene Ledgerwood shows the S.T. Ledgerwood grocery store at Shell Knob as it appeared in 1915. Shown left to right are: Arthur Cawhorn, Sam Applegate, Morton Brock, Ed Blankenship, Anson Harrell, Evert Brock, Chas. Ledgerwood, W. A. Ledgerwood, S.T. Ledgerwood, Body Ledgerwood, Grandma Fields, Walter Ledgerwood, Grandma Pound Bessie Ledgerwood, Mamie Brock, Body Harrell, Bill Ledgerwood, and Grover Ledgerwood."
The two below photos are the same as the one above but with different salutation and hue.
Silva Stockton Blankenship, Face Book, Barry County Places And Things Remembered, Feb. 2014, said, "My great grandma, Catherine Fields is in it. She is the first woman from the left with the dark skirt. The next is Grandma, Bessie Pound, with the white apron."
In Feb. 2014, Linda Stephens McCormick mentioned that Body is probably Bodie or Bodey.
Date Taken not dated
Resource A newspaper item about the S. T. Ledgerwood Store, Shell Knob, MO
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