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Research Note Curtis Fletcher Marbut, b. 19 July 1863, Barry Co., MO, d. 25 Aug 1935 in Harbin, Manchukuo from the effects of pneumonia. The picture is from the oil painting at U of MO-Columbia. Curtis Fletcher Marbut attended the University of Missouri 1881-1885 and then attended Harvard University until 1894. He was offered a job at MU and returned before writing the PhD thesis. Dr. Marbut was Professor of Geology, 1895-1910 at University of Missouri, Soil Scientist, 1910-1935, U.S.D.A., Bureau of Chemistry & Soils. He was on an official trip to Manchuria to help classify the soils there when he became ill and died. Dr. Marbut's scientific publications started in 1895 and continued thru 1936. One very notable publication was: 1910: soils of the Ozark Region: a preliminary report on the general character of the soils and agriculture of the Missouri Ozarks. MO Ag. Expt. Stat. Bull. 3:151-273, map.

Dr. Marbut's research and publications were recognized internationally. His picture (oil painting) was hanging in the Soils Department, Mumford Hall, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO, but is now in the University Archives.
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