This photograph was taken at the old apple drying plant in Exeter, Missouri. The only people who are identified are Lillis (Miller) Gurley and Elsie (Miller) Holland, first two on left side.

Last winter Blanche (Haddock) Snook's family sent me a large box of photos and papers that were used for the Exeter publication, The First 100 Years in Exeter.This photo was in among the box contents.

In the Exeter publication, Blanche mentioned the photo, stating that it was taken in 1915 and it was listed on page 51. The photo caption reads that those pictured from left to right were Lillis (Miller) Gurley, Elsie (Miller) Vaught, the next 2 ladies were Reed sisters and the sixth lady from the left was Mrs. John (Powell) Laney, then May Sanders and Lizzie Pitts. The man on the far right wearing a necktie was owner Dave Marshall. She stated that others in the picture were unknown.Donna Cooper
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