1892 Cure For Lice

Barry County Missouri Odds N Ends

Submitted by Carol Hattrup <chatt39@msn.com>, given to ber by Edna Clack

The Cure For Lice

Postcard  -  return address Kings Creek, 3-28-1892, addressed to Mr. H.B. Clack, Roddy, Tenn, Rhea Co.

Baxter, if you will put one table spoonful of crude carbolic acid in a quart of butter milk and rub on your colts with a cob it will kill every louse.  Tell Jack S. if he will a half pint of juniper berries and pour one quart of boiling water over them, when cool take 2 tablespoonsful 3 times a day - will relieve him.  will find them at Spring store.
Yours, S.G.  Clack


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