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When you don't find what you want in the house of Barry - go to yard!

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When you don't find what you want in the house of Barry go to yard!

Barry County's Link Yard
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ODDS AND ENDS - Genealogy is not just names and dates, like some folks might have you to believe. To be a real genealogist you need have an understanding of what your ancestors did for a living and where they lived.

To know a little bit about the things that Great Grandma used and how she cooked or maybe how Great Great Grandpa used a cross bow saw. Knowing something about them might help you in your understanding of who your ancestors really were.
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We reserve the right to reject items that could be in violation of the US Copyright laws or that may have undesirable language used in the content of text.

If you are quoting something that might add to the content of the data that you are submitting, then please include title, publication date, and properly reference your material. Don't forget to credit people for their work.

We are not responsible for error in content nor omission of data. We will do our best to be accurate.

Please remember that we are all volunteers and that we are trying to help you with your genealogy.

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