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The History of

Barry County, Missouri

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In the month of Feb in the year of 1835, Barry County began operation as a political subdivision of Missouri. The newly formed county contained the present counties of Barry, Lawrence, Dade, McDonald, Newton, Jasper, Barton and a part of Cedar County and came into being as the result of action by the 1834 state legislature. It was a newly formed county and was named in honor of Thomas Barry, who at one time was the Postmaster General in the cabinet of President Andrew Jackson.

Its first county seat was located at Mount Pleasant and was located on Clear Creek just west of present day Pierce City.

By 1845 Lawrence County was formed and so the county seat was no longer in the geographic center of Barry County, so the new seat was formed in what is now Cassville and housed in the William Kerr residence. William Kerr owned the 50 acres which encompassed the town of Cassville in 1845.

Barry County, MO Books

A lot of these are out of print

  • Butterfield Community, Then and Now, 2000, by Ted Roller et. al. - Barry County Genealogical & Historical Society, PO Box 291, Cassville, MO

  • The First Century of Seligman, MO - 1881 - 1981, by Fanschon Mitchell, Zelda Relethford, and Gwen Hilburn [Can call Seligman Bank and find out more about this one]

  • The First 100 years in Exeter, by the Exeter Centennial Committee Members [out of print]

  • Exeter, Centennial Celebration in Picture - 1980, by the Exeter Centennial Committee Members [out of print]

  • Our Heritage in Story and Picture, Purdy, MO - 1881 -1981, by the Historical Book Committee [out of print]

  • Roaring River Realities, pub. 1962, by Wanda Eva Brewer [out of print]

  • History of Fairview School 75, Barry County, Missouri 1897 to 1963, by Mr. and Mrs. Loren Roden

  • Goodspeed's History of Southwest Missouri, Pub 1888 - includes Newton, Lawrence, McDonald and Barry Counties [out of print] (Reprint available, Barry Co. Museum - $80.00)

  • Goodspeed's Reprint of Barry County, pub. 1995, reprinted by Litho Printers, Cassville, MO - by Barry County Genealogical & Historical Society, PO Box 291, Cassville, MO

  • Hanged by the Neck Until Dead, pub. 1985, by Emory Melton

  • Shell Knob Sesqui-Centennial 1985, by Mildred Roden

  • My Growing Up Days, pub. 1980, by Winford Davis [out of print]

  • Roaring River Heritage, pub. 1978, by Irene Horner

  • The First 150 Years in Cassville, Missouri, pub. 1995, by Senator Emory Melton

  • Barry County Pioneers, by Donna Haddock Cooper - [out of print]

  • Traces of Silver, pub. 1982 by Artie Ayers - Has some information about Stone and some Barry County families [Schell families]

  • Funeral Home Records, pub. 1994, by T & I Enterprises -1920-1974

  • Cemetery Records, Volume I - IV , by Joan Kunkel

  • Historical Spots in Old Barry County, by Nellie Alice Mills, pub. 1952 [out of print]

  • Roden and Related Families of Fly, Swiger, Pipkin, Sapp, Sooter, Reeves, Johnson, Solomon , by John W. and Melissa J. Roden, pub 1990 by John and Melissa J. Roden

  • Roden and Related Lines of Fly, Swiger, Pipkin, Sapp, Sooter, Reeves, Johnson, Solomon, by Roden, Loren, Mrs., 1914 - By: Daughters of the American Revolution; Missouri Society. Publication, Pub. 1990

  • Haddock Heritage, [Edition 1, Edition 2, Edition 3, Edition 6], by Donna Haddock Cooper

  • Mills Heritage, [Edition 1, Edition 2], by Donna Haddock Cooper

  • Barry County Pioneers and Beyond, pub. 2002, by Barry County Genealogical & Historical Society, PO Box 291, Cassville, MO

  • Our Easleys, by Darla (Ball) Easley and Faye (Maloney) Ball, pub. 1972 [out of print]

  • Legends of the Haddock Family, by Hugh Ransom and Orpha (Vaughan) Haddock, pub 1976

  • Callaway Funeral Home Records, by Lawrence Co., MO Genealogical Society [Includes a lot of Barry County people]

  • Descendants of John Champ Carlin, by Frankie Meyer

  • History of Barry County, Missouri, Volume 1 - Back To Barry - ISBN - 0-88107-131-5 - Copyright - Curtis Media Corporation, 1989

  • Monett, The Centennial Salute 1887-1987, Litho Printers, Cassville, MO

  • Wheaton Echoes, Wheaton Centennial, compiled by Ralph and Betty Lamberson, Litho Printers, Cassville, MO

  • Family Maps, Barry Co., MO, by Gregory A. Boyd, J. D., by Front Page Books, Oak Forest, IL

  • Lifetime of Memories - Voices of Barry County, Barry County Museum

Most of these below are historical fiction books and were written by people who grow up in Barry County, MO

My Heart Returns Home, by Margaret Hancock Montgomery, Litho Printers & Bindery, Cassville, MO, ISBN #978-69643-917-3

House Upon The Hill, A summer to Grow On, by Montez Roller Smith, Tate Publishing, Mustang, OK 73064

Libbie's Journal, by Jennie Mooney Bass, ISBN: 1-4137-0847-1, WWW.publihamerica.com

Buried By Table Rock Lake, By Tom Koob, ISBN 0-9744763-1-5

A Second Home, Missouri's Early Schools, by Sue Thomas, University of Missouri Press

Jakie Creek, by J. K. Phillips, ISBN-0-978-0-978830-8-0, Litho Printers, Cassville, MO

Barry County, MO Libraries

Cassville Branch Library - 301 W. 17th St., Cassville, MO 65625

Barry-Lawrence Regional Library - 213 6th Street, Monett, Missouri

Barry County was formed in January, 1835, from Greene County. In 1872 fire destroyed some of the circuit court clerk's records.

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