A Woman

Barry County Missouri Odds N Ends

Source: Scrapbook bought at the estate sale of Vivian Roller by Ted W. Roller

A Woman

Christian Endeavor World.
Take the suppleness of the serpent and the grace of a willow, the white brow of a lily and the slender neck of a swan, two bewitching pink shells from the ocean depths, and two dashes of blue from an azure sky;  take two crimson rose petals from Paradise, and two rows of pure pearls, the circle of the horizon, the velvet touch of the warmest fur, a sheaf of shining gold, two soft caresses;  take these, with some sunlight and the soft ripple of the rivulet, and the sparkle and reflection of divine intelligence and grace, and mix them well together with the life and love of God, and lo, that mysterious marvel, a woman!

But take.
A dachshund waist or the waist of a spider, a strait-jacket, a flower garden in bloom set on straw, a dash of darkness, vermillion blood and some enamel from a charnel-house, thread spun by worms, some silver and gold, the skin of dead animals, a double portion of unique attractions, and of the lust of possession and display;  take these, mix well together, and lo, a woman as a milliner and fashion and vanity have made her!

Look on this picture and on that.  Young women that are deceived by the gaudy dash of the milliner and man-made women are mislead indeed.  For what the true man wants to-day is a woman as God has made her, with the light and purity of divide beauty on her bow and all graciousness distilling from her lips.

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