How English Beauties Keep Faces Youthful

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Source: Scrapbook bought at the estate sale of Vivian Roller by Ted W. Roller

How English Beauties Keep Faces Youthful

Christian Miller, F.C.I., noted English health expert, attributes the early aging of American women mainly to the "national nervousness."  The women of England, she says, can teach us the inestimable lesson of repose.

Another valuable lesson to be learned from the English woman is that she does not go in much for cosmetics, the continual use of which must ruin any complexion.  The beauty devotees of King George's realm have the mercolized wax habit, a more wholesome method of keeping the face girlish-looking and healthy.  Ordinary mercolized wax used like a cold cream, rejuvenates the worst complexion.  American women may easily acquire the habit, this wax being obtainable at drug stores generally in the United States.  It is applied at night and washed off in the morning.  One ounce is sufficient to completely renovate a bad complexion.  It has a peculiar action in keeping the face free from the particles of dead and devitalized scarf skin, which are constantly appearing. ---- Woman's Herald. -- Advertisement.

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