Deadly Cleaning Method's

Barry County Missouri Odds N Ends

Lets call this one.... Deadly Cleaning
Source: "How to Cook"  by Marion Holmes published 1880
Submitted by Lowell <>

Recipe for Cleaning Clothes -- mix and shake well -- for one gallon
Choloroform - 2 oz.
Aqua Ammonia - 2 oz.
Pure Alcohol - 4 oz.
Sulph Ether - 1 1/2 oz.
Tinct Canthardides - 1 1/4 oz.
Pulv. Borax - 1/2 dram
Gasoline 74 proof - 1 gallon

Use a dry sponge for cleaning.

Note:  The members of the MoBarry mailing list guarantee that if you try this... it will either explode,  the fumes will knock you out, or when ironing your clean items they and you will burst into flames.

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