Cassville Democrat, 1928

The Cassville Democrat, Barry Co., Mo., is dated July 21, 1928, #31.

Established 1872 by Dr. John Ray. Dr. John Ray from 1872 to 1888, Charles Ray from 1888 to 1926.

Mrs. Charles Ray was Owner and Publisher with John P. Ray Editor.

Subscription Rates were 1 year $1.50, Six Months .90 cents.

Submitted by: Darla Marbut


Munsey Items

"Over The County, Munsey" Uncle Bud Brewer has harvested a fine crop of Hay.

Mr. Luther James and wife visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tobe James and spent Saturday night and Sunday on the river.

Quite a few from here went to the picnic at Exeter.

Those that visited E.W. German were Mr. and Mrs. Tobe James and daughter, Josie; Mr. and Mrs. Bob Tucker and son; Mr. and Mrs. Everet Tucker and family and Roy Reese.

Dona Cornell has been on the sick list.

Mr. John Prier and family visited Eldon Ball Sunday.

Mr. Frank Tucker and family were Sunday guests of Bob Tucker.

Lois Haddock is working for Clark Cornell.


Singing at Eagle Rock every Sunday night. Everybody come.

Mary Black has returned home from a two weeks' visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tobe James.


Washburn Items:

Health is unusually good in and around town.

Mr. Goldsberry of the Missouri Southern Public Service Co., was here last week in interest of a light and power line to the city.

Chester Cargile has accepted a position in Kansas City.

Prof. Glenn Berry is in the Kansas harvest fields during his vacation.

Floyd Fox and family have been visiting relatives and friends here. His mother returned with them for a visit.

Deputy Sheriff and other officers captured a distillery west of town last Thursday and arrested a man and a woman in connection with the still.

John Gardener has installed a new switchboard.

L. N. Henbest attended a Swift & Co., meeting at St. Louis last Friday and Saturday.

Mrs. Morris Campbell and little daughter of Eureka, Kans., visited relatives here recently.


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